Law No. 121 Of 7 July 2000 Declaring As Repealed Some Unpublished Legal Acts

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 121 din 7 iulie 2000 privind declararea ca abrogate a unor acte normative nepublicate

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Law No. 121 of 7 July 2000 declaring as repealed some unpublished legal acts published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 325 of 12 July 2000 In application of the provisions of article 7. 73 and 78 of the Constitution of Romania, in order to ensure transparency in the areas covered by the normative acts of the previous Constitution is adopted, unpublished, in order to eliminate the Romanian legislation acts, which contravene provisions of unpublished and constitutional principles, the Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 shall be and remain repealed, the fulfillment of a period of 90 days from publication of this law in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, unpublished, normative acts listed in annex II, which forms an integral part of this law.

Article 2 the other organs and Ministries of the Government or the autonomous administrative authorities will be made, where appropriate, proposals for the replacement and updating of regulations in the field of their activity, within 60 days after the date of publication of this law in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I. This law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting of 8 November 1999 respecting the provisions of article 7. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
PRESIDENT of the CHAMBER of DEPUTIES ION DIACONESCU this law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 6 June 2000, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. Senate PRESIDENT CARLOS VALADON Annex 1 UNPUBLISHED LEGAL ACTS which are and shall remain abrogated i. DECREES of the COUNCIL of State Decree No. 129 of 30 March 1949, Establishing the regime of crops in warehouses-Decree nr. 249 November 15, 1950 to establish forest regime required military interests-Decree nr. 462 of 8 December 1952, approving the regulation concerning the description and manner of wearing of the Medal "the fifth anniversary of the Romanian people's Republic"-Decree nr. 198 of 28 April 1953 reorganisation of military music School-Decree nr. 72 on 8 March 1954, the allocation of the burden of certain goods coming out of service between the Ministry of light industry and UCECOM-Decree nr. 131 of 16 April 1954 amended regulations title of honour "Mother Heroine" and the order "Mother Heroine"-Decree nr. 132 from April 16, 1954 amended regulations "the maternity Medal"-Decree nr. 133 of 16 April 1954 amended regulations on the order of "Maternal Glory"-Decree nr. 205 of 21 April 1956 to establish rights for Romanian citizens and former citizens repatriated on the basis of Decree No. 253/1955 concerning the facilitation of repatriation of some citizens and former Romanian citizens and those repatriated-Amnesty Decree nr. 135 of 3 March 1962 cessation of voluntary Association for supporting homeland defense-Decree nr. 133 of 19 April 1972 Determining the cost-base pension for persons who have held the post of Ambassador or Minister Plenipotentiary, as heads of diplomatic missions-Decree nr. 242 of 21 April 1973 multi-talented group Passage of the Ministry of internal affairs in the Ministry of national defence-Decree nr. 155 of 19 June 1974 on the Coordination Council Technical Organization of production of Military Technique-Decree nr. 169 of 8 July 1974 employment persons work-Decree nr. 177 of 16 august 1974 Supplementing and modifying the organizational structure of industrial trucks and vans-Decree nr. 179 of 20 august 1974 Typing steam boilers, hot water and hot-Decree nr. 229 of 18 December 1974 Supplementing and modifying the organizational structure of industrial trucks and cars Brasov Brasov truck undertaking-Decree nr. 242 of 27 December 1974 Decree No. complex-Exports. 40 of 3 April 1975 creation of the enterprise equipment of Craiova Plant within industrial equipment, energy, metallurgical and machinery of high under the direction and control of the Ministry of industry of construction of heavy machinery and the commencement of preparatory work-Decree nr. 46 of 5 May 1975 to extend to all catering to certain provisions of the Decree nr. 83/1974 modification of the annex. 4 of Decree nr. 410/73 concerning the improvement of the system of contracting and procurement from animals, birds, fish, and eggs, as well as altering retail prices at the meat, meat products, poultry, fish and eggs-Decree nr. 141 of 26 November 1975 Remunerate staff of cult-Decree nr. 31 of February 23, 1976 in Sixmilebridge and steel industrial complex Establishment of construction Enterprise and Calarasi-steel Assembly Decree No.. 39 of 12 March 1976 regulating the financial problems at agricultural production cooperatives-Decree nr. 73 of 23 March 1976 some measures in connection with the payment of coal used in thermal power plants of block of flats from Hobart, Hunedoara County-Decree nr. 83 of 6 April 1976 Approving the rules for the structure and organisational structures for cultural and educational institutions under the Ministry of education and the Education-Decree nr. 85 of 6 April 1976 on the establishment and use of the Fund to the Minister (President), Publisher, editor Fund Fund and the Rector's Decree No.-Fund. 88 of 15 April 1976, the special conditions of work at the enterprise of refractory products "9 may"-Decree nr. 238 of 12 July 1976 establishment of units and subunits within the enterprises under the direction and control of the Ministry of machine-building industry, Decree nr. 268 of 25 august 1976 establishment of the coordinating team of the nuclear energy programme-Decree nr. 402 of 7 December 1976 creation of the enterprise for machine construction and heavy machinery in Giurgiu municipality and unclaimed works investments-Decree nr. 425 of 27 December 1976 Approving the rules concerning rights and obligations of the Romanian citizens employed in joint ventures with its headquarters abroad, as well as delegates of Romanian citizens on the boards and audit committees of ventures based in the country or abroad-Decree nr. 452 of 31 December 1976 approving the establishment and organization of the Association of State and cooperative economic Jimbolia-timis County-Decree nr. 25 of February 9 1977 approving the pipeline routes and the upgrade of the bandwidth required for the establishment of passageways buried metal pipes, construction in the oil and gas branch-Decree nr. 27 of February 9 1977 Granting scholarships and providing international transportation costs for frames sent on a two-year term in Chinese Popular Republic, specialised in the field of Chinese language-Decree nr. 29 of February 9 1977 passage of the enterprise outfits and spare parts Miercurea-Ciuc to Plant industrial tractors and farm machinery Braşov, approval of measures for realization of investment "the machinery and spare parts Gheorgheni" hargita County, as well as the transition of the company hardware for furniture and wood carving Arad under the plant machinery and spare parts-Decree nr. 57 of 19 March 1977 Approving measures for achieving the objective of the joint venture "OLTCIT"-S.A.-Decree nr. 74 of 6 April 1977 some measures for efficient and economical management of the car park belonging to the Ministry of national defense and the Ministry of the Interior-Decree nr. 102 from 22 April 1977 approving the establishment of the classification and organization of economic associations and cooperatives-Decree nr. 135 of 24 May 1977 Organization of investment activities, the mechanical energy and automation units in Central, treated as such and enterprises-Decree nr. 142 of 1 June 1977 passage of the activity of units from retail and catering in some localities from cooperative consumer organizations to commercial undertakings of State-Decree nr. 143 of 1 June 1977 on the regulation of financial problems at agricultural production cooperatives-Decree nr. 145 of 1 June 1977 Supplementing and modifying the organizational structures of organized industrial plants on the structure of enterprises in the construction industry-Decree nr. 180 of 22 June 1977 approving the plan of measures on the organisation of resettlement of the affected households, as well as some works and what benefits and aid granted to those displaced-Decree nr. 244 of 28 July 1977 fixing the net remuneration rights of personnel sent into permanent mission abroad-Decree nr. 345 of 27 September 1977 on the replacement of explosive materials with limited storage term placed in Ministry of national defence and the Ministry of the Interior-Decree nr. 370 of 19 October 1977 certain enterprises subordinated to the Ministry of Interior under the control of industrial plants under the guidance and control of certain ministries-Decree nr. 376 of 19 October 1977 passage of the Export Base Palas-Constant within the central Office economic "Carpathians" at the foreign trade Ministry of Prodexport from agriculture and food industry-Decree nr. 488 of 27 December 1977, granting of credits for agricultural production cooperatives-Decree nr. 182 of 13 May 1978

Some measures regarding the recruitment of unskilled workers for mining and construction-Assembly subordinated to the Ministry of Mines, Geology and Oil-Decree nr. 273 of 24 July 1978, Striking and putting into circulation of a coin of 5 lei made of aluminium-Decree nr. 379 in 2 October 1978, Some measures to improve the work in the field of manufacture of tractors at some units under the direction and control of the Ministry of machine-building industry, Decree nr. 458 of 10 November 1978, regulation of financial problems in agricultural production cooperatives-Decree nr. 485 of 28 November 1978, taking over from the Socialist units incorporating agricultural products of the contribution to the establishment of State funds necessary for the payment of pensions and other social insurance rights of members of agricultural production cooperatives and peasants in zones with individual household necooperativizate-Decree nr. on 26 December 1978 from 525 to provide for measures in connection with the winding-up of the patrimony of the plumbing with payment, as a result of the cessation thereof — Decree No. 528 from December 26 1978 regulating the change of motor vehicles and car tyres in the Ministry of national defense and the Ministry of the Interior-Decree nr. 529 of 26 December 1978 Fund to cover eventual risks that may occur during the transport of fruits and berries edible mushrooms delivered to export-Decree nr. 24 on 18 January 1979 some measures in relation to workers who perform underground hydropower works-Decree nr. 27 on 18 January 1979 Remunerate staff producing steel mill worker from Calarasi-Decree nr. 42 of 26 January 1979 the imposition of exceptional measures against African swine fever imports of soybean fodder meal of Brazilian origin-Decree nr. 62 of 20 February 1979 to amend the name of some untitati of scientific research and engineering-Decree nr. 65 of 20 February 1979 amending Annex-State-Department of agriculture Decree No. 162/73 framing and in degree of organizational units in the agricultural Enterprise "big island of Braila"-Decree nr. 91 of 7 March 1979 granting rights staff worker who performs the work of investment platforms, London and Midia chemical industrial complex Kuala Belait-Decree nr. 117 of 29 March 1979 the organisation of refereeing in the Romanian Bank for foreign trade-Decree nr. 123 of 29 March 1979 Approving the tariff to remunerate certain network workers from synthetic fibers factory Rajpura-Decree nr. 128 of 2 April 1979 Approving tariff network staffing for some skilled workers from petrochemical Teleajen and Enterprise unit Vega-Decree nr. 163 of 28 April 1979 some measures for increasing the production of lignite-Decree nr. 170 of 5 May 1979 Authorizing the Ministry of agriculture and food industry to Exchange ballots for epizootic diseases with countries with which the Socialist Republic of Romania has diplomatic relations-Decree nr. 179 of 12 May 1979 Approving network charging for some workers to remunerate the producing chemical-Decree nr. 204 on 19 May 1979 setting up Trust building and installation for nuclear electric, from the Ministry of electricity and some measures for the realization of construction works and installations at nuclear power plants-electrical-Decree nr. 258 of 6 July 1979 some measures for water-power System and navigation Porţile de Fier II-Decree nr. 318 of 28 august 1979 some measures to improve supply and disposal production ventures in the Socialist Republic of Romania-Decree nr. 337 of 13 September 1979 fuel use for killing Bob in the kitchens of the new blocks of flats-Decree nr. 342 from 1 October 1979, the continued application of the provisions of the 1979 State Council Decree No. 536/1978-Decree nr. 349 of 2 October 1979-load Shifting storage Section within the enterprise from the Thunder Bay Mining electrocentrale Rovinari-Decree nr. 379 of 2 November 1979 some measures to improve the organisation of the production activity of the petrochemical Plant, under industrial and petrochemical refineries, under the direction and control of the Ministry of chemical industry-Decree nr. 409 of 28 November 1979 on the granting of an increase of 25% and 20% of the tariff remuneration for work during the night in some enterprises subordinated to the Ministry of Machine Building Industry, the Ministry of light industry and Chemical Industry-Ministry Decree nr. 427 11 December 1979 how Romanian citizens can provide some services in favor of the Bucharest branch of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., New York-Decree nr. 478 from 29 December 1979 charges applicable for foreign aircraft using civil airports, installations and air navigation services in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Romania, as well as for technical and commercial assistance given to these aircraft, passengers, baggage and transported aboard their mesageriilor-Decree nr. 64 of 5 March 1980 Passage capacity of construction and repair of heavy ships of the Ministry of national defense, the Ministry of machine-building industry, Decree nr. 66 of 5 March 1980 Approval of new conditions for some oil products-Decree nr. 152 of 7 May 1980 the building of roads, expropriation of land and construction, as well as the withdrawal from service and demolition of buildings, in order to systematize the central area of Bucharest-Decree nr. 170 of 20 May 1980 Passage of uzinala research and technological design from scientific research and engineering in machine-building enterprises of the Ministry of machine-building Industry and some measures to improve the work of technological preparation of production at these units-Decree nr. 179 of 2 June 1980 setting up an external trade Department and the international economic cooperation within central economic Office "Carpathians"-Decree nr. 281 of 23 September 1980 Passage of forage protein production fainurilor Timişoara, within the enterprise "Protan" Bucharest steelworks for the production and industrialization of the pork-Decree nr. 282 of 23 September 1980 some measures to improve the organisation of energy groups from Rovinari and Turceni power plants, industrial Plant production subordinated to power and heat-Decree nr. 286 of 23 September 1980 concerning measures to improve the work of saltwater fishing-Decree nr. 300 of 6 October 1980 Crediting current Romanian exports carried out in the Republic of Zaire and unearned-Decree nr. 307 7 October 1980 passage of "Fort Worth Department for productions in cooperation with the national industry" from the establishment of municipal and County public housing household, from the Electroputere Craiova, under industrial Plant machinery and electric pressing-Decree nr. 341 of 3 November 1980, Graduate of the joint venture "Resita reductoare Renk factory" JSC and establishing staffing personnel worker English-Decree No.. 351 21 November 1980 some measures for improvement of the activity of scientific research, technological development and introduction of technical progress in the field of ultrapure materials and semiconductors for the electronics industry, electrical engineering, aerospace and nuclear technique-Decree nr. 356 21 November 1980 Approving the execution of geological works by undertaking economic cooperation with the former Soviet republics in oil and gas field ROMPETROL-Decree nr. 358 Development of 26 November 1980 the construction of dwellings in the area of coal basins, Gorj County, Oltenia and the JIU Valley, Hunedoara County-Decree nr. 401 of 26 December 1980 granting benefits to hardworking staff working materials from clay mines under the Ministry of metallurgical industry-Decree nr. 402 of 26 December 1980 laying down measures for the realization of the cooperation with the Republic of Angola in the field of Popular frameworks aeronautical-Decree No.. 409 of 29 December 1980 Some rights are granted to the staff worker employed at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant-electric-Decree nr. 415 of 30 December 1980 Approving the tariff currency in retributiilor for hardworking staff in the Permanent Mission sent abroad-Decree nr. 14 of 23 January 1981 Some measures for the application of the system of rewarding odds percentage-based staff worker from foreign trade and international economic cooperation-Decree nr. 32 of 21 February 1981 how to calculate retirement benefits after January 1, 1981 for persons whose retributie was raised in cincinalul 1976-1980-Decree nr. 107 of 22 April 1981 of filling units of mineral water in the brewing Plant, starch and alcohol rectificate, mineral waters and bands working in some enterprises, in the context of enterprise under the Ministry of agriculture and food industry-Decree nr. 118 of 13 May 1981, the sale of goods through commercial units abroad

-Decree No. 124 of 13 May 1981, the organisation of motor vehicles and trailers belonging to the undertaking of the car prepared and canned meat Bucharest in a motor Depot-section, by way of derogation from the provisions of Decree No. 377/79-Decree nr. 128 of 13 May 1981, enrolment in grade of organisation of agricultural production cooperatives and associations intercooperatiste-Decree nr. 164 of 20 June 1981 Passage Preventoriului TB Sanpetru, Brasov County, from the Ministry of Health under the people's Council of the County of Braşov-Decree nr. 188 of 9 July 1981 Cover expenses for price differences from external trade activity-Decree nr. 197 of 15 July 1981 Regulating price differences to industrial products intended for fund market and the services rendered to the population resulting from updating and improving prices through Decree No. 392 of 23 December 1980-Decree nr. 210 of 23 July 1981 on the increase of the maximum number of cars for the work of the Council of the popular GETAX County Constanta-Decree nr. 221 from 14 august 1981 Completing the organizational structure of the enterprise "23 August" Bucharest-Decree nr. 247 from 31 august 1981 Some measures to improve the work of the technical assistance service and cars-Decree No.. 304 of 8 October 1981 on some measures for the replacement of some natural gas consumption of petroleum fuels in technological installations and heat production in localities with existing distribution network for natural gas-Decree nr. 331 of 14 November 1981 in Passage of the coal mining company Rosia from swift current swift current from the power generation plants-Decree nr. 390 of 22 December 1981 the participation of Romanian Foreign Trade Bank at the Bank's capital of Anglo-Romanian-Decree nr. 81 of 2 March 1982 Establishing staffing levels for some functions in the machine tools and aggregates from the mechanical and fine-Decree nr. 111 of 22 March 1982 Establishing tariff retributiilor in foreign currency sent staff in Permanent Mission in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the Republic of the popular Polish-Decree nr. 136 of 6 April 1982 some measures to improve the management of mining plants Motru-Rovinari and Decree No. 167 of 23 April 1982 Approving the acquisition by the State Insurance Administration (ADAS) to a rate of participation in the Agency of underwriting insurance UNDERWRITING AGENCIES LIMITED CULLUM-London-Decree nr. 191 of 13 May 1982 approving the plan of action for the realization of stramutarilor in the area affected by the execution of the investment ' reservoirs on Mostistea ", expropriation and removed from agricultural production, land expropriation, buildings and demolition and removal from service of construction, located in County Calarasi-Decree nr. 201 of 19 May 1982 approving the plan of action for the realization of stramutarilor in the area affected by the performance of investment "fitting the Someşul Mic River hydropower plant, downstream of the Evi, as well as expropriation, removal from agricultural production and Forestry Fund, land expropriation, removal and demolition of buildings-Decree nr. 334 of 17 September 1982, Striking and putting into circulation of a coins of 25 money made from aluminium-Decree nr. 354 of 6 October 1982 Some measures to improve the work of the trust construction-Assembly Gorj, subordination of the County Council popular-Decree nr. 390 of 28 October 1982 Approving transport free of charge, to visit the family of staff worker seconded to construction sites for construction-Assembly of the Ministry of electric power-Decree nr. 391 of 28 October 1982 the production of spare parts to establish a Fund of merchandise for export, for the business of service abroad, as well as meeting the demands of the prompt export enterprises of the Ministry of machine-building industry, Decree nr. 434 of 13 December 1982 approving the plan of action for the realization of stramutarilor in the area affected by the performance of investment "Prut River sector Dyke Sculeni-Tutora-Gorbani and arranging the area of Jijia River", Iaşi County, and expropriation, demolition and removal from service of construction-Decree nr. 14 of 15 January 1983 in auto Lending spare parts available-Decree nr. 140 of 27 April 1983 the establishment of a special fund in foreign currency, in order to ensure the financing of the programme to build nuclear power plants in the Socialist Republic of Romania-Decree nr. 151 of 30 April 1983 by Way of granting credits representing the equivalent in lei of exports by the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam under the Government-approved appropriations Decree nr. 242 of 5 July 1983 measures for ensuring labour in some State-owned agricultural enterprises or cooperative-Decree nr. 276 of 29 July 1983 production of combine harvesters and maize intended for agriculture without approval of prototypes-Decree No.. 329 of 10 September 1983 Passage of industrial exploitation of mineral aggregates for construction traffic routes from Brook Pojorata-Ministry of Natural timber and building materials at the Ministry of Mines-Decree nr. 351 of 3 October 1983 Settlement of demurrage paid by 31 December 1981 and the outstanding foreign trade enterprises-Decree nr. 435 of 23 November 1983 establishment of Sector for tracking the achievement of export production, and export of international economic cooperation-Decree nr. 44 of 4 February 1984 to regulate foreign trade deferred credits or reesalonate la plata-Decree nr. 155 may 12, 1984 in Improving enterprise's organization carbunoase Slatina-products Decree nr. 185 of 2 June 1984 laying down measures for enhancing growth businesses and working people in achieving and exceeding the production for export-Decree nr. 264 of 23 July 1984 on modification of the production prices and delivery, for ships and boats, as well as changing the plan's indicators 1984-Decree nr. 281 of 1 august 1984 Increase military retributiei of the Ministry of national defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other units of the particular sector-Decree nr. 302 of 30 august 1984 some measures for the production of stock and lending to mid-sized helicopters and 6-PUMA-Decree No. 30. 322 of 17 September 1984 on the granting of daily free hot meals to a staff worker employed at facilities agglomeration nr. 2, electrolysis of lead No. 2 plant and blast furnace nr. 2 from non-ferrous metal metallurgical Enterprise Copsa Mica from the Ministry of chemical industry-Decree nr. 23 of 24 January 1985, measures for achieving the car town very low volume water heaters-Decree nr. 38 of 6 February 1985 approval of some units of the Ministry of agriculture and food industry, for the production and industrialization of meat intended for export-Decree nr. 61 of 22 February 1985 Measures for achieving nuclear energy programme-Decree nr. 63 of 23 February 1985 some measures for the construction of gas industry of Ussr-Decree nr. 83 of 13 March 1985 founding of construction contracting Enterprise nuclear-electric-Decree No.. 84 of 15 March 1985 passage of nuclear power Cernavoda Enterprise under the State Committee for nuclear energy under the Ministry of electric power-Decree nr. 91 on 30 March 1985, some measures for rational use and saving of some fuels-Decree nr. 101 of 9 April 1985, some measures for the realization of the investments of Bacau-Decree nr. 269 of 27 august 1985 in improving organized units in territorial-Decree nr. 273 of 4 September 1985 Some measures to ensure conditions of realization of the production of electric energy in power plants Rovinari and Turceni-Decree nr. 366 22 November 1985 Sales Activity in the land of the Romanian's convertible currency goods-Decree nr. 28 of 25 January 1986 Some measures to ensure the fulfilment of the conditions for carrying out the programme of production of charcoal-Decree nr. 53 of 8 February 1986 passage of the limestone quarry Okello-Public undertaking County industrial production and services to the mining Undertaking Dobrogea Constanta-Constanta-Decree nr. 150 of 7 May 1986 on improving Enterprise construction and contractor mining Petrosani montages-Decree nr. 163 of 9 May 1986 basis materials production for export-Decree nr. 206 of 12 June 1986 on improving Enterprise Trust General construction-Assembly-Decree nr. 242 of 4 July 1986 adopting the necessary measures for the execution of investment objective of commencement "Danube-Bucharest Canal"-Decree nr. 250 of 12 July 1986 Establishing rules and norms for raw materials, work in progress and finished goods production-Decree nr. 306 of 25 September 1986 on improving foreign trade-Decree nr. 393 of 29 November 1986

Some measures for improving the activity of capital repairs and upgrades of facilities and elements, aggregates of enterprises of electric power generation plants and networks of the Ministry of electric power-Decree nr. 37 of 16 February 1987 Fixing the rules of stock for raw materials, work in progress, finished goods production, as well as the norms of working capital loans to 1000 lei industrial production of goods basis-Decree nr. 166 of 30 June 1987 Remunerate staff intervention band for special works at some plants from non-ferrous metal metallurgical Enterprise Copsa Mica-Decree nr. the 1987 execution of 258 apartments and other places in the municipality of Bucharest (15,000)-Decree nr. 270 of 9 November 1987 on some measures to improve the Organization of the district heating power Plant II Oradea-Decree nr. 320 of 18 December 1987 Establishing indicators of economic and financial plan for the Ministry of mines, Petroleum Ministry and Central-Department of Geology-Decree nr. 282 of 27 September 1988, Harnessing the use, transformation, and removal from service of means of transportation and agricultural machines withdrawn from service, with the length of service normata neexpirata-Decree nr. 350 of 16 November 1988 concerning the establishment of a centralized Fund of raw materials and basic materials-Decree nr. 351 of 16 November 1988 concerning the establishment of a centralized Fund of the State agricultural and food products for the consumer and their liberation-Decree nr. 363 of 1 December 1988 concerning the granting of facilities for handling and storage of goods in sea and river ports, and for the passage of ships through the Danube-Black Sea Canal and moves Edmonton-Midia-Navodari, Decree nr. 67 of 27 March 1989 on improving production, component Trusts industrialisation and delivery of export meat and meat supply of the capital-Decree nr. 258 of 28 October 1989 of the commercial enterprises of State of the Ministry of internal trade under the control of the Executive Committee of the Council of the municipality of Bucharest's Popular. PRESIDENTIAL DECREES-Presidential Decree No. 28 of April 23 1974 establishment of a Commission of the party and the State to ensure rational use of the premises intended for offices in other ministries and central organizations-Presidential Decree No. 44 of 9 May 1974 Establishing the Socialist functions for which you can be given a separate room with an Office destination, as well as the limits of its surface-Presidential Decree No. 183 of 15 July 1978 production pricing and delivery for motonava type Lena 2,100 tonnes exported to the USSR-Presidential Decree No. 100 out of 10 April 1982 approving the Upgrade on the establishment of direct phone number to the Socialist Presidential-Decree units no. 97 of 1 June 1985 Completion annex 1 Decree nr. 106/80 laying down objectives that ensure the military guard of the Ministry of the Interior — — — — — — — — — — — —

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