Law No. 62 Of 24 April 2000 Approving Government Emergency Ordinance Nr. 42/1999 For Completion Of Health Law No. 60/1974

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 62 din 24 aprilie 2000 privind aprobarea Ordonanţei de urgenţă a Guvernului nr. 42/1999 pentru completarea Legii sanitare veterinare nr. 60/1974

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Law No. 62 of 24 April 2000 approving emergency Government Ordinance No. 42/1999 for completion of Health Law No. 60/1974 published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 185 of 28 April 2000, the Romanian Parliament adopts this law.

Article I is approved emergency Ordinance of Government No. 42 of 8 April 1999 in order to complete the Health Law No. 60/1974 published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 151 of 13 April 1999, with the following amendments and supplements: 1. In article I, section 3, paragraph 4 of the article after the 31 paragraphs are inserted 4 ^ 1 ^ 2 and 4 with the following content: "the health Activities of public interest the National Program of surveillance, prevention and control of animal diseases, for the prevention of transmission of disease from animals to humans and environment protection can be lease by veterinarians as free practice on the basis of the concession contract concluded with the Ministry of agriculture and food, in compliance with the provisions of law No. 219/1998 on the regime for concessions.
Veterinary health certificates and those of transport within the territory of the country shall be issued by the official veterinarians. "
2. In article I, section 3, paragraph 6 of article 31 shall read as follows: "for the issuance of permits, approvals and certificates referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be determined fees contained in the appendices. 1-4 forming an integral part of this law, which shall be paid in advance, is constituted as an income from the State budget and will be updated periodically, depending on the inflation rate, the Government's decision. "
3. the annex is replaced by the appendices. 1-4 with the following content: "annex 1 fees for veterinary authorization for the operation of the health goals and activities, annual visas or 2 years, and the veterinary authorization for public transport Nr. crt.
Objective/activity U.M. charge (Euro/U.M.)


1. Stop the incubation, the animal health laboratory, laboratory control of feedingstuffs, and the veterinary cabinet 50,000 2 lens.
Breeding, exhibition, and menagerie of animals from the Petting Zoo, animal and natural service point insemination, fish ponds, fair of animals, animal acquisition goal 100,000 3.
Units of industrial processing of animal cadavers, inedible by-products of animal origin confiscated according to law, pharmacy, veterinary, veterinary clinics, veterinary hospital 200,000 4 lens.
Quarantine farm, veterinary products, disinfection, disinsection and deratization 500,000 5 lens.
Bed and breakfast for pets, dog training school for dogs, pet 500,000 6 lens.
Units producing medications, Biologicals and other veterinary products, specialized units for the production of premixes, feed biostimulators, medicinal and food combined objective 1.000.000 7.
Collection centres and processing of milk, the bandstand, complaining, hot dogs, simigerie, gogoşerie, 50,000 8 goal stand.
Pastry, plăcintărie, food, restaurant "express", C.F.R., caboose ship goal 100,000 9.
Deposit for crude, inedible by-products (skins, wool, feathers, horns and hooves have been removed, spray), Centre cutting, fish collection centres, batracienilor collection, sea fruits, gastropods etc., kiosk for the sale of fish and fish products, restaurant-and/or family-type restaurant on ships, pizzeria, Tearoom, Jimmy Buffet, carvery, bistro, fast food, 300,000 10 goal.
Butchers, up-close, unit for processing of semiconservelor fish, egg collection and storage, collection and storage units of honey and apiculture products, brewery, Brasserie, bar, confectionery, birt, slaughter goal 400,000 11.
Other different units of processing and storage of meat products and inedible by-products, honey and other bee products, pastry, plăcintărie, lacto-vegetarian restaurant and/or dietetic confectionery, 600,000 12 lens laboratory.
Workshop for meat dishes, catering 700,000 13 lens.
Cold storage, factory-ready for culinary dishes and meat and mixed, cold store for fish, ice cream factory, warehouse, restaurant, self-service restaurant, zahana and/or express, Hall for the sale of products of animal origin 800,000 14 lens.
Batracienilor processing unit, sea fruits, gastropods etc. 1.000.000 15 lens.
For meat products factory, a factory for canned meat, meat factory, factory semi-preserves for raw sausage, dried for processing natural membranes (the intestines of cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats), factory for canned fish, fish factory semi-preserves, for dairy, egg collection and processing, collection and processing of honey and other bee products No matter what, specifically, the grocery store mixed 1,200,000 16 lens.
The slaughterhouse, cold store 1,500,000 17 goal.
Combined for 2 million objective means of transport Authorization No. crt.
Means of transport U.M. charge (Euro/U.M.)


1.50,000 2 transport Barge.
Wagon for transporting animals, and refrigerated wagon isotherm for animal products transport 100,000 3.
Ship, aircraft cargo vessel transportation 250,000 4.
Car for carriage of animals, animal products, animal feed, veterinary products and other products subject to health control transportation Note: 300,000 health Clearances for the operation is targeting every year or two years, depending on the activity, percepandu-is half the fee set for their release.

    Annex 2 the fees for issuance health import/export, transit, of the animal health certificate for import of competencies and certificate of registration of medicinal products and other biological products for veterinary use no. crt.
Specification U.M. charge (Euro/U.M./product) 1.
Drugs, biological products, veterinary kits piece/bottle 10 2.
Feed, feed concentrates, premixes, feed additives, protein flours tonne 150 3.
Small and medium-sized animals for breeding small animals for slaughter animals small and medium enterprises for the contest, exhibit, exotic birds head 500 4.
Bee family 1,000 5 families.
Hatching eggs 1,000 1,000 6 pieces.
Poultry for slaughter, breeding birds, birds for the competition, exhibition, other events for 100 heads 2,500 7.
Large animals for slaughter animals for competition, breeding large animals head 2,500 8.
Day-old chicks 1,000 heads 5,000 9.
Food for pet animals and exotic (canned or dried) ton 5,000 10.
Silkworm eggs kg 15,000 11.
Companion animals (dogs, cats, monkeys), menagerie animals, aquatic fauna 15,000 12 head.
Disable import veterinary 30,000 13 piece.
Certificate entitling 250,000 14 piece.
Certificate of registration of medicinal products and other biological products for veterinary use of the indigenous and foreign producers 7 million 15 piece.
Sample, veterinary products, samples up to 100 kg, health transit opinion piece/bottle/means of transport are not charged.
Eggs for consumption 10,000 pieces 5,000 17.
Liquid milk hl 1,000 18.
Raw Bacon, lard, edible fats technical organs, bone glue, horns, toss horns, hooves, nails, 3,000 19 tonne hooves have been removed.
Edible by-products (head, brain, tongue, belly, natural casings, etc.), milk powder, butter, milk by-products (whey, casein, etc.), snail shells, food, protein isolate other ingredients, food additives and emulsifiers, food and technical gelatin, enzymes for food industry, adhesives for food 5,000 20 ton.
Wool, hair, feathers, down, processed hides, skins 7,000 21 ton.
Condensed milk, cheeses, cheese, ice cream, ice cream powder, ingredients for ice-cream, curd 8,000 22 ton.

Meat of any kind, cans, meat semi-preserves, fresh dairy products (yogurt, whipped cream, etc.), egg products (powdered eggs, mayonnaise, melange), honey, bee products (wax, pollen, Royal Jelly, venom, etc.), fish, fresh, chilled, frozen fish products, including eggs, frogs ' legs, snails, mussels, oysters, clams, crawfish, seafood, hunted big game, small cocoons, silk, spices, spice mixture, artificial membranes tonne 10,000 23.
Transit of products of animal origin-no fees 24.
Humanitarian aid, donations of food of animal origin-no charges are 25.
Samples of products of animal origin, up to 100 kilos-charges are No ANNEX No. 3 fees for issuance health concerning the location, design and construction of new controlled targets health fees for issuance health concerning the location, design and construction of new controlled health goals are worth 50% of the fee laid down for the approval of veterinary health of operation.

    ANNEX No. 4 FEES for issuing the health certificate for the transport of animals, veterinary products, animal feedingstuffs and other goods subject to health control and veterinary health certificate for international transport of animals, animal products, fodder and other goods subject to health control no. crt.
Specification U.M. charge (Euro/U.M.)


1. the animal health certificate for the carriage of animals, semen, ova, embryos, animal products, edible and inedible certificate 10,000 2.
Animal health certificate health certificate 5,000 3.
Veterinary health certificate for the transport of feedingstuffs, feed additives, premixtures are certified 10,000 4.
Veterinary health certificate for hunting trophies transport certificate 20,000 5.
Veterinary health certificate for international transport of animals, semen, ova, embryos, animal products, edible and inedible 30,000 certificate article II veterinary health Law No. 64/1974, republished, with subsequent amendments and those made by this Bill, will be republished in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, posing a new texts.
This law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting on 14 September 1999, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
PRESIDENT of the CHAMBER of DEPUTIES ION DIACONESCU this law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 13 March 2000, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. PRESIDENT of the SENATE, DANIELS T — — — — — — — —

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