Law No. 5 Of 6 March 2000 Approving The Plan For The National Landscaping-Section Iii-Protected Areas

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 5 din 6 martie 2000 privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului naţional - Secţiunea a III-a - zone protejate

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Law No. 5 of 6 March 2000 approving the plan for the national landscaping-section III-protected areas published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 152 of 12 April 2000, the Romanian Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 (1) shall be subject to approval of the Plan national landscaping-section III-protected zones, according to annexes II nr. I to IV which are an integral part of this law.

(2) for the purposes of this Act, protected areas are areas of natural or constructed, delimited topographically geographically and/or, which include natural heritage values and cultural and/or are declared as such in order to achieve the specific objectives of preserving heritage values.

Article 2 the law of protected natural areas outlines national interest and identify national cultural heritage values, requiring the establishment of protected areas for the protection of those values.

Article 3 rescue work, protection and enforcement in the heritage protected areas are public utility of national interest.

Article 4 (1) protected natural Areas of national interest and nature monuments, and geographic grouping and location of protected natural areas of national interest are set out in the annex. I of this law.

(2) the regime nature protection areas of national interest are regulated by special law.

Article 5 (1) the values of the cultural heritage of national interest are set out in the annex. III to this law.

(2) local public administration authorities, with the support of the central authorities with powers in this area, will delineate the basis of studies, within 12 months from the date of entry into force of this law, the protection of areas of cultural heritage values, as set out in the annex. III. (3) in order to establish protected areas of local public administration authorities will prepare documentation planning and related regulations, developed and approved according to the law, which shall include the necessary measures of protection and preservation of the national cultural heritage values of the area.

(4) within 60 days after the date of entry into force of this law the Ministry of public works and town and country planning will be prepared the methodology for the compilation of the documentation planning for protected areas constructed, which will be published in the Official Gazette of Romania.

Article 6 appendices. I and III of this law can refresh periodically, as new identification values of natural and cultural heritage, as well as changes of matter. Declaration and demarcation of protected areas related to the new heritage assets are carried out according to the law.

Article 7 the provisions of the plan of the national landscaping-section III-protected zones shall be binding on the authorities of Central and local public administration, which will ensure the takeover those provisions in documents needed for landscaping counties, municipalities, cities and municipalities.

Article 8 (1) the necessary work, research, preservation, protection, restoration and heritage protected areas of national interest will run only on the basis of permits and approvals for a scientific and administrative authorities in this area, as provided by law. These works include the investment annex to main budgets of authorising officers, on the basis of technical and economic documentation developed and approved according to laws, and in addition shall be financed within the limits of the approved funds with this target, the annual budgetary laws.

(2) the total or partial Financing of the work can be done and other investors, individuals or legal entities, from donations or from other funds allocated by international organizations or of the financial resources obtained under bilateral of multilateral conventions, according to the times set by the law.

Article 9 non-compliance with specific measures for the conservation and protection of protected areas, according to the law, civil liability, administrative or criminal liability, as appropriate.

Article 10 (1) until the delimitation through studies of areas for the protection of cultural heritage values, as set out in the annex. Pursuant to article III. 5 para. (2) establish zones for the protection of historical monuments, 100 meters in cities and towns, 200 meters in common and 500 meters apart settlements.

(2) the distances are measured from the outer face of the plots of historical monuments as defined in art. 1 (1). (2) of the Ordinance No. 68/1994 on the protection of the national cultural heritage, which was approved by law No. 41/1995.

Article 11 on the date of entry into force of this law the provisions relating to the approval of the work in the areas of protection of monuments provided for in art. 6 lit. the Government) of the Ordinance. 27/1992 on some measures for the protection of national cultural heritage, was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 215 of 28 august 1992, with subsequent amendments, shall no longer apply in the case of the national cultural heritage values laid down in the annex. III to this law.
This law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on December 28, 1999, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) of the Constitution of Romania.
SENATE CHAIRMAN MIRCEA IONESCU-QUINTUS this law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting on 8 February 2000, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. CHAMBER of DEPUTIES PRESIDENT, VASILE LUPU, Annex I. PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS of NATIONAL INTEREST and NATURAL MONUMENTS) * Note *) Developed on the basis of the data available at the date of 1 October 1998, in accordance with the provisions of law No. 137/1995 on the protection of the environment.

According to the law, the Danube Delta has a biosphere reserve scheme, natural site with world natural heritage value and importance of international wetland (Ramsar site).
Some areas of the perimeter of the Retezat National Park and Rodna have arrangements for a biosphere reserve, according to UNESCO programme man and biosphere.
In point 1.2 of this annex, abbreviations PN, DD will have the following meanings: PN-nature reserves included within national parks or natural;
DD-nature reserves included in the Biosphere Reserve "Danube Delta".
    1.0. Biosphere Reserves, national parks or natural Name Position area (ha) County of Tulcea 580,000.00 Tulcea, Constance B Domogled-Valea Cernei 60,100.00 CARAS-Severin, Mehedinţi, Gorj Hunedoara 38,047.00 D C Saw iron gate 115,655.80 CARAS-Severin, Mehedinti Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa E 37,100.00 CARAS-Severin F Apuseni Mountains, Alba 75,784.00, Bihor, Cluj G Rodna 46,399.00 Bistriţa-Năsăud, Maramureş, Suceava Bucegi, 32,663.00 H, Argeş, Dâmboviţa County Brasov I, Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş 6,575.00 Neamţ, Ceahlău massif 8,396.00 Neamţ Harghita J K 24,041.00 Calimani Bistriţa-Năsăud Mureş, Suceava, L Brady 17,100.00 Valcea 14,800.00 M Park Piatra Craiului, Brasov, Arges and Grădiştea Muncelului-Cioclovina N 10,000.00 Hunedoara Semenic-Cheile Caraşului site a 36,664.80 CARAS-Severin P Măcinului R 11,321.00 Tulcea Mountains Pond of Brăila, Brăila 17,529.00 2.0. Nature reserves and nature monuments No. crt.
The name of the location area (ha) 00 1 2 3 Alba 2.1.
Comuna Bucium detunata Empty 24.00 2.2.
Râpa 25.00 2.3 Red City of Sebes.
Detunata Flocoasă Comuna Bucium 5.00 2.4.
Spurs coast Jinei Şugag Commune, the village of Dobra 1.00 2.5 Egg Arşiţei Comuna, William Pianu commune and village of 0.20 2.6.
Şugag Commune Jidovului table, your village Bistra 0.20 2.7.
Şugag Commune, Grunzii rock your village Bistra 0.20 2.8.
Split stone Roşia Montană Commune 0.20 2.9.
Vânătările Ponor cave Ponor Commune 5.00 2.10.
Scarisoara Glacier Cave NP-F Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.11.
Glacier cave at Vartop PN-F Arieşeni, village of stone house (1.00) 2.12.
Râmeţ Commune Râmeţului Gorge, the monastery's Valley village 40.00 2.13.
The Huda lui Nguyen PN-F Sălciua village under the stone (4.50) 2.14.
Ocoliş Ocoliş Commune, forest village Ocoliş 44.20 2.15.
Bangalore daffodils from Bucium Commune Negrileasa 5.00 2.16.
Molhasurile de Căpăţânei Bistra Commune 5.00 2.17.
Meadows with daffodils from Tecşeşti village of Tecşeşti Township, 2.00 Întregalde 2.18.
Şurianul Cugir City iezerul 20.00 2.19.
1970s at Ampoiţa Commune, put your Ampoiţa 10.00 2.20.
Întregalde Întregalde Commune, Gorge village Modoleşti 25.00 2.21 Keys Vălişoarei Gmina, the village of Vălişoara Orchards 20.00 2.22.
Scarita Belioara turned Craiului Poşaga Commune-village Poşaga top 47.70 2.23.
Orbitoline from the 1970s with Piatra Corbului Township put your 2.00 2.24.
The hill with Snails Otter Township 5.00 2.25.
The municipality of Aiud Bobii, Gârbova de Sus village 1.50 2.26.
1970s from Little Valley town of Zlatna, Valea Mică village 1.00 2.27.
Municipality of Aiud forest Sloboda 20.00 2.28.
The iezerul Ighiel Ighiu Ighiel 20.00 village, 2.29.

Bottomless Lake from Hamid A. 7.40 Băgău New 2.30.
Cheile Gârdişoarei PN-F Arieşeni (15.00) 2.31.
Cheile Ordâncuşei PN-F Gârda de Sus (10.00) 2.32.
Albac PN-F Albac Commune (35.00) 2.33.
Gorge Valley Mills Otter Township, Ponorel village of 30.00 2.34.
Poşaga Commune Poşegii Gorge, the village of 10.00 Poşaga Up 2.35.
Cheile Runcului Ocoliş Commune, village Runc 20.00 2.36.
Ocoliş Commune, Pociovaliştei Gorge village Runc 25.00 2.37.
Almaşu Mare Commune Glodului River Gorge, the village of Glod 20.00 2.38.
Almaşu Mare Commune Cibului keys 15.00 2.39.
The keys of the goat city of Zlatna, Feneş 15.00 2.40.
Put your keys, the village of Ampoiţei Township Ampoiţei Meadow 15.00 2.41.
Keys to the Castle Valley Galda de Jos Commune 10.00 2.42.
Galdiţei keys and Turcului Commune Întregalde 80.00 2.43.
Cascada Vârciorog Arieşeni 5.00 2.44.
Otter Township, Pisoaia village Nemeşi 5.00 2.45.
Stone Mist Întregalde Commune 75.00 2.46.
Luncile Şugag Commune 15.00 2.47.
Bulbuci stone Town, the village of Zlatna Feneş 3.00 2.48.
Piatra Tomii Ceru Băcăinţi Commune Bubbly 1.00 village 2.49.
Commune of Lime stone put your 1.00 2.50.
Piatra Boului Township put your 3.00 2.51.
Piatra Poienii Ighiu Ighiel 1.00, 2.52.
800 M. unfortunatelly Ighiu, stone village Ighiel 5.00 2.53.
Bulzul Gălzii Galda de Jos Commune 3.00 2.54.
Gălzii Gorge Galda de Jos Commune 1.00 2.55 onwards.
Întregalde Commune Tecşeştilor keys 5.00 2.56.
Râmeţ Commune, Pravului Gorge the Cheia village 3.00 2.57.
Râmeţ Commune keys Marsh Stone, Cheia village 2.00 2.58.
Geogelului Ponor Commune keys 5.00 2.59.
The keys From the commune of Orchards 2.00 2.60.
Pothole from Lion Urzicarului PN-F Roşia Montană Commune, village Vârtop (1.00) 2.61.
Coiba Small PN-F Arieşeni, village of stone house (1.00) 2.62.
Coiba Mare PN-F Arieşeni, village of stone house (1.00) 2.63.
Vârtopaşu cave Arieşeni, 1.00 the village stone house 2.64.
Huda Blind PN-F Arieşeni, village of stone house (1.00) 2.65.
Tunnels PN-F Arieşeni, village of Tunnels (1.00) 2.66.
The two-input PN-F Arieşeni, village of Tunnels (1.00) 2.67.
Izbucul Tăuzului PN-F Arieşeni, village of Tunnels (1.00) 2.68.
Lion Water PN-F Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.69.
Pothole from Your PN-F Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.70.
WIP-F Policy measles Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.71.
The şesuri PN-F from Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.72.
Spring Policy PN-F Gârda de Sus (0.20) 2.73.
Dobreştilor-izbucul Henhouse PN F Gârda de Sus (0.20) 2.74.
Zgurăşti cave cave under PN-F Gârda de Sus (1.00) 2.75.
The cave gate of Margarito PN-F Gârda de Sus (0.10) 2.76.
The cave of Dirninii PN-F Habba, Mătişeşti village Commune (1.00) 2.77.
Izbucul Mătişeşti PN-F Habba, Mătişeşti village Commune (1.00) 2.78.
Lucia Sohodol Commune caves 1.00 2.79.
The cave from Thick Sălciua village Under Stone 1.00 2.80.
Scărişoara Commune Mândruţului keys 3.50 2.81.
Rimetea Commune, Silosului Gorge village of Colţeşti 3.00 2.82.
Commune of Râmeţ Monastery Gorge, the monastery's Valley village 15.00 2.83.
Piatra Corbului Roşia Montană Commune, Arad County, v.2.84 5.00.
Mill Valley cave Moneasa 5.00 2.85.
Gurahonţ Commune, Matsudaira village Laurului Zimbru 32.20 2.86.
Baltele Gurahonţ Commune Gurahonţ 2.00 2.87.
Runcu-Comuna 261.80 Thick Bârzava 2.88.
Bangalore City Ineu 0.10 Rovina daffodils 2.89.
Balta town of Ineu Rovina 120.00 2.90.
Şoimoş pond Town Lipova 1.00 2.91.
Forest Township, the village of Sic Cărand Seliştea 17.80 2.92.
Peştera lui Duţu Săvârşin Commune, the village of Deer 0.10 2.93.
Săvârşin Commune Sinesie cave 0.10 2.94.
Place the Bârzava Commune fossil Monorostia 0.10 2.95.
Place the fossil Zăbalţ Dorgoş Township, the villages of Zăbalţ and 2.96 Ususău 5.00.
Oak forest from 2.10 2.97 Cărand Cărand Township.
Soil salt reserve Township Socodor 95.00 2.98.
Rosie Rosie 20.50 stand Commune, Argeş County, 2.99.
Microrelieful Karst at 10.00 2,100 Citizens Township Citizens.
Granite Albeşti Comuna Albesti de Muscel 0.50 2,101.
Mioarele Commune fossil Suslăneşti place, village Suslăneşti 2,102 3.50.
Limestone numulitic Albeşti Commune Albesti de Muscel 1.50 2,103.
Negraşi commune of Poiana Daffodil Negraşi 4.10 2,104.
Karst area-keys-Dâmbovicioara-WIP-M Brusturet Rucăr Communes and Dâmbovicioara (2,000.00) 2,105.
Alpine Mahmud-Goat Communes Arefu and Nutmegs 2,106 5,000.00.
The Cave below the Black Township Arefu 2,107 0.50.
Dâmbovicioara cave Township 0.50 Dobreştilor 2,108.
Cave No. 15 Township Dâmbovicioara 0.50 2,109.
Dâmbovicioara Cave NP-Comuna Dâmbovicioara 2,110 (0.50).
WIP-cave M Feeders Dâmbovicioara Township (0.50) 2,111.
The Rock Cave NP-Comuna Dâmbovicioara 2,112 (0.50).
The Commune from Dâmbovicioara 2,113 Grind 0.50.
Iezer Nucşoara Commune 0.60 2,114.
The Zârna Lake Township Rucăr 2,115 0.50.
Lake Jgheburoasa Comuna Rucar 2.00 2,116.
Lake Hollow I Commune Rucăr 2,117 0.30.
Lake Hollow II Comuna Rucar 0.35 2,118.
Lake Hollow V Gmina Rucăr 2,119 1.00.
Lake Township Rucăr 0.60 2,120 Monastery.
Lake Valley Township Rucăr 2,121 Bad 0.50.
Lake Buda Commune Nucşoara 2,122 0.40.
Spring Lakes-0.30 Muşeteică 2,123 Nucşoara Commune.
Scărişoara Commune Lake Yellow Rucăr 2,124 2.00.
Yellow Lake IV Commune Rucăr 0.20 2,125.
Valley Muşăteşti Communes, Brăduleţ, Arefu, Nucşoara 2,126 10,000.00 Bacău County.
Huruieşti Hill far from Honest 90.00 2,127.
Forest town of Buhusi, Runc Runcu 57.50 2,128.
Izvorul Alb forest town of Dărmăneşti 3.00 2,129.
Comuna Mărgineni forest Burning 34.50 2,130.
Pine forest City Moineşti 2,131 15.00.
Tuful from the Valley town of Dărmăneşti 2,132 0.10.
Tuful of the Falcău River town of Slănic-Moldova 2,133 0.10.
Cineritele of Nutasca-0.10 2,134 Ruseni Cleja Commune.
Dofteana Commune reserve arini Dofteana 0.10 2,135.
"Point to the Sudiţi Commune Runc 2,136 0.10.
Mărgineni Commune fossil point Cârligata 2,137 0.10.
Strategy for "the Pietrosu" Comuna Mărgineni 2,138 0.10.
Fossiliferous in conglomerates and gravel Nicolae Bălcescu Commune 2,139 0.10.
Strategy for "the Supan" Comanesti 2,140 0.10.
1970s with Litothamnius town of Slănic-Moldova, town Medzilaborce 2,141 Cireşoaia 0.10.
The groapa Ruginoasa-Valea Seacă PN-F City Nucet, Baita village of 2,142 (20.40).
WIP-F the Galbena stones Commune Pietroasa (6.30) 2,143.
WIP-F stone Bulzului Pietroasa Commune (1.40) 2,144.
Focul Viu PN-F Pietroasa Commune 2,145 (0.10).
Borţigului pothole PN-F Pietroasa Commune (0.10) 2,146.
The tip of the commune of 2.00 2,147 Buteasa Bailey.
Molhasurile de Valley Izbucelor PN-F Pietroasa Commune (80.00) 2,148.
Fâneaţa Crişul Pietros River Springs PN-F Pietroasa Commune 2,149 (1.00).
Ponor PN-F Pietroasa Commune (14.90) 2,150.
WIP-F the Galbena Valley Township Pietroasa (70.50) 2,151.
The Sighiştel Valley PN-F Township, the village of Campani Sighiştel 2,152 (412.60).
Boga stones PN-F Pietroasa Commune 2,153 (38.40).
WIP-F săritoarea Bohodei Pietroasa Commune (32.90) 2,154.
Fortress Rădesei PN-F Budureasa Commune (20.00) 2,155.
Poiana Florilor PN-F Pietroasa Commune (1.00) 2,156.
Padiş plateau Karst NP-F Pietroasa Commune (39.00) 2,157.
Bălileasa PN-Pietroasa Commune-2,158 F.
The pit of the Bârsa PN-F Pietroasa Commune 2,159 (30.00).
Tip-F Motz Church PN Pietroasa Commune 2,160 (3.00).
Lost world karstic plateau PN-F Pietroasa Commune (39.00) 2,161.
Intermittent spring from 2,162 Cărpinet 14.40 Commune Monks.
Red Valley Fâneaţa Township Cetariu, Săldăbagiu mountain village of 2,163 4.00.
Blessed Plai Bunteşti Commune and Lion 2,164 0.10.
Câmpeneasa pothole with Spring Bafana Vaşcău 1.00 2,165 Town.
Crisul Repede River Gorge Crişului Commune 219.70 2,166 Ford.
Ciurului Ponor cave Roşia Commune 2,167 1.00.
The cave of Ciurului Karst spring Roşia Commune 2,168 0.10.
Cave Township, the village of Osoiu Vârciorog Fâşca 2,169 0.10.
Bears cave-Pietroasa Commune, village Chişcău village Chişcău 2,170 1.00.
Comuna Valea Leşului cave Bailey 2,171 0.10.

Peştera Vântului commune of Şuncuiuş 2,172 0.10.
The cave of Madurai Pietroasa Commune, the village of Giuleşti 0.10 2,173.
Gălăşeni Măgeşti cave, Gălăşeni 0.10 2,174 village.
Crişul Negru Gorge to the village of the commune of falcons, Mengesha Bagaria 12.00 2,175.
Forest with daffodils from Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of 2,176 2.00 Township.
Cârligaţi tip (the southern slopes) PN-F Budureasa Commune 2,177 (10.00).
The commune of Sânmartin Peţea 2,178 4.00.
Păcău Hill Township Falcons 2,179 15.00.
Bangalore daffodils from Goronişte Commune Tinca 1.00 2,180.
Stone Telling (S-E Brăiesei) Gmina Budureasa 2,181 5.00.
The Valley of Iadei with Syringa josichaea Gmina, the village of Pyin Remeţi 2.00 2,182.
Pasture with Corynephorus from Princes Simian 5.00 2,183 Township.
Commune of Valea Rece River basin complex With 2.00 2,184.
Lake Cicoş Township Săcuieni 2,185 10.00.
Lugaşu de Jos Commune gruiul Pietrii bottom 0.40 2,186.
1970s tortoniene from Miheleu Commune Lăzăreni 2,187 0.10.
Place the fossil on the commune of Sânmartin, Şimleu Betfia 2,188 5.00 village.
Tortoniene from the 1970s Tăşad Drăgeşti Commune 0.40 2,189.
"Place in the Lionii-Aleşd Peştiş, village of Peştiş 0.01 2,190.
Cornet-Brusturi lens 204 Aştileu Commune 0.10 2,191.
1970s with hippuriţi from Valea Crişului Commune Bratca 2,192 0.40.
Place the fossil from 0.01 Corniţel 2,193 Borod.
Meziad cave Remetea 2,194 0.10.
Colony of the P L 3.00 2,195 Township.
Mesothermal Springs Răbăgani Răbăgani 0.50 2,196.
Cave Township Rosia Cow 0.10 2,197.
Cave Township Rosia 2,198 Grust 0.10.
Cave Igriţa 2,199 Aştileu Commune 0.10.
Cave Township Farcz Rosia 2,200 0.10.
The cave of Topliţa Commune Dobreşti 0.10 Bistriţa-Năsăud 2,201.
Piatra Corbului Commune, the village Baig top 2,202 5.00.
The salt from the Sărăţel-Şieu Măgheruş Township, the village of 2,203 Sărăţel 5.00.
Muddy Maidens At 2.00 Gloduri 2,204 Township.
Râpa Mărişelu Commune with dolls, village of Domnesti 2.00 2,205.
Uli zăvoaiele 2,206 1.00 Borcutului River Township.
Cave Tăuşoare 2,207 Rebrişoara 71.00 Township.
Glade with daffodils on Turned Mogoşenilor 2,208 Nimigea 6.00.
The Gmina, the village of Plover Sintereag Blăjenii bottom. 2,209 5.00
Glade with daffodils on the Rodna massif, Gmina, the village of Saca Valley Wine 5.00 2,210.
Glade with daffodils on the Township Turned Budacului Valley, the village of Bistritza Orheiu 2,211 6.00.
Piatra Fântânele Prundul Mare Commune Bârgăului 5.00 2,212.
Stone Cuşmei Township, the village Orchards Cuşma 2,213 5.00.
Poşmus forest Commune Sieu-Măgheruş 2,214 2.00.
Bistriţa Bârgăului commune of Valea Repedea 222.00 2,215.
Bistriţa Bârgăului Commune tăul Fairies 2,216 15.00.
Lake Zagra Commune Zagra 2,217 1.00.
"Great place Râpa Commune, the village Baig top 2,218 1.00.
Keys in Transylvania Bistriţa Bârgăului Commune Bistritza 50.00 2,219.
The cave of Cobăşelului Valley Township Ditch 1.00 2,220.
Râpa Green Township, the village Baig top 2,221 1.00.
Comarnic Commune 5.00 2,222 Orchards.
Crovul de la Comuna Lunca Ilvei Neb 250.00 2,223.
Maieru, Mihăiesei Springs Village Anieş 2,224 50.00.
Bistriţa Bârgăului Commune Tătarului cliffs 25.00 2,225.
InEu L PN-G notch, Communes, Rodna Lesu (2,568.00) County of Botosani 2,226.
Cliff Ştefăneşti Commune Ştefăneşti 2,227 1.00.
Dersca Turbăria from the commune of Dersca 10.00 2,228.
Woodland Hills-Woodland Hills Ponds 2.00 2,229 Siret Commune.
Ripiceni rock Comuna Ripiceni 2,230 1.00.
Paul forest Calarasi 76.50 2,231 Township.
Forest Talbot Talbot 117.60 2,232 Township.
Arinişul from Horlăceni Township of Sendriceni 5.00 2,233.
Suharău Commune Făgetul Stuhoasa secular 60.70 2,234 Braşov County.
Bucegi mountains (Flowing Bucşoiu, Mălăeşti, Hole) PN-H town of Rasnov, Bran, Moeciu communes (1,634.00) 2,235.
Place the fossil from the Customs Silvia PN-H Moieciu Commune 2,236 (10.00).
Piatra Craiului PN-Zărneşti (1,459.00) 2,237.
Cheile Zărneşilor PN-Comuna Moieciu (109.80) 2,238.
Basaltic rock from the fortress town of Rupea 2,239 9.00.
Basalt columns Racoş Racoş 1.10 2,240 Township.
Basalt columns of Stone Carved from the Comana Commune, Comana de Jos village 1.00 2,241.
Muddy from Homoródfürdő Homorod Commune 2,242 0.10.
Microcanionul in basalt from Hoghiz Commune Hoghiz 2.00 2,243.
The Dopca Hoghiz Commune keys 4.00 2,244.
Place the fossil Ormeniş Ormeniş 4.00 2,245 Township.
Place the fossil Carhaga 2,246 Racoş 1.60 Township.
Purcăreni Tărlungeni Commune fossil place 0.20 2,247.
The cave bear's Lair the commune Hungarian 2,248 1.00.
Fortress Rasnov Valley Cave 1.00 2,249.
Bat Cave Commune Moeciu 1.00 2,250.
Meadows with daffodils from Darling Vadului Commune, See Şercaia 394.90 2,251.
Castle Hill-Lempes 2,252 274.50 Harman.
Swamp Harman Harman 2,253 2.00.
Postavarul mountains (Mount) Brasov 1,025.50 2,254.
Turzunului Hoghiz Commune elbow 0.20 2,255.
Tampa (Mount) 188.20 2,256 Brasov.
Great Stejerişul Brasov 2,257 16.30.
Forest Wealth Municipalities Măieruş 2,258 8.50 and Mandaluyong City.
Forest and swamps Prejmer eutrophic forests Prejmer 2,259 252.00 Brăila County.
Kamianets-Podilskyi Şuţeşti Commune forest 1.30 2,260.
Lake Jirlău-Vişani Communes Jirlău Vişani, G.m 2,261 930.00 Buzău County.
Big Muddy Pâclele Scorţoasa Commune 15.20 2,262.
Berca muddy Berca Commune 10.20 2,263.
Salt of 0.80 Vipereşti Commune, Buzău 2,264.
The limestone blocks from Bădila Vipereşti Commune 2,265 1.00.
Crivineni forest commune of Pătârlagele 14.10 2,266.
Brădeanu forest Brădeanu Commune 5.80 2,267.
Platoul Meledic Vâlcăneşti 67.50 2,268.
Forest lakes Bisoca "commune of Bisoca 2,269 10.00.
Cernăteşti Commune Bats Hill Cernăteşti 2,270 3.00.
Forest with yew Chiojdu 150.00 2,271 Township.
Balta Albă Comuna Balta Albă 2,272 600.00.
Bitter White Pond Pond Township 900.00 2,273.
Living fire-Fallow commune of Lopătari 0.03 2,274.
The white stone "At Grunj" Vâlcăneşti 0.025 2,275.
Amber Colti 2.52 Buzau CARAS-Severin 2,276.
Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa reserve PN-E Townships Sasca Montană and Şopotul (3,081.30) 2,277.
Valea Ciclovei-PN-E Ilidia Ciclova Română Romanian Commune (1,865.60) 2,278.
Cheile Şuşarei PN-E Sasca Montană Commune (246.00) 2,279.
Izvorul Bigăr PN-E Bozovici Township (176.60) 2,280.
Lisovacea PN-E and Large Municipalities Bozovici Lăpuşnicu Mare (33.00) 2,281.
The ducin PN-E Lăpuşnicu Mare Commune (260.70) 2,282.
Cheile Caraşului PN-a commune of Caraşova (3,028.30) 2,283.
WIP it springs Caraşului Town of Anina 2,284 (578.00).
Izvoarele Nerei PN Prigor Commune-a (5,028.00) 2,285.
Cheile Gârliştei PN-a town of Anina, Gmina Goruia (517.00) 2,286.
Bârzaviţa PN-an Township (3,406.90) 2,287 Nowdays.
Buhui-Marghitaş PN-a town of Anina (979.00) 2,288.
WIP-Cave of a Cebu City commune of Caraşova (0.10) 2,289.
WIP-Cave of a township Popovat St. Caraşova 2,290 (0.10).
The Buhui cave PN-a town of Anina 2,291 (0.10).
Groposu PN-a municipality of Resita 2,292 (883.60).
Rangers reserve PN-B City Baile Herculane (2,382.80) 2,293.
Bedina coronini-PN-B City Baile Herculane, Mehadia 2,294 (3,864.80).
The iauna-Craiova PN-B Cornereva Communes and Mehadia (1,545.10) 2,295.
Iardaşiţa PN-B Township 2,296 Mehadia (501.60).
The belareca PN-B Municipalities Cornereva and Mehadia (1,665.70) 2,297.
The cave of Bârzoni PN-B Cornereva Commune 2,298 (0.10).
Valea Mare PN-D the city of Snohomish 2,299 (1,179.00).
Balta Nera-Danube PN-D commune of Socol (10.00) 2,300.
Fâneaţa Township with Zerveşti daffodils Turnu Ruieni 2,301 40.00.
Place the fossil Ezeriş Commune 2,302 Soceni 0.40.
Iablaniţa garlistei 2,303 225.00 Township.
Comuna Eftimie Murgu keys Rudăriei 2,304 250.00.
"Oven"-Brădişoru of Town Oravita 2,305 0.50.
"Sphinx appointed a" commune of 0.50 2,306 Topleţ area.
"Black Râpa" Comuna Mehadia 2,307 5.00.
The râpa Divici Valley with Mihail Kogălniceanu commune of Pojejena 5.00 2,308.
Petrolea-Hill Township Caron 2,309 5.00 Ovens.
Greaţca Valley Township Mehadia 2,310 9.00.
Ravenna Township Crouri 2,311 Iablaniţa 7.00.

Source Slătinic 2,312 Bozovici 1.00 Township.
170.90 2,313 baziaş Socol Commune.
Ezerişel forest Ezeriş Commune 120.00 2,314.
"Place de la Comuna Brebu Bailey 1.00 2,315.
Place the fossil from 4.00 Delineşti 2,316 Păltiniş Commune.
Place the fossil from Ezeriş Commune Ezeriş 2.00 2,317.
Place the fossil from Iablaniţa Iablaniţa 2.00 2,318 Township.
"Place of the Petroşniţa Bucoşniţa Commune 3.00 2,319.
Place the fossil from 2.00 Târnova 2,320 Târnova Township.
Place the fossil from Tyrol Township Doclin 2,321 0.50.
Place the fossil from the Valley of Pai Commune Ramna 2,322 2.00.
Place the Large fossil Zorlenţu Zorlenţu Mare Commune 3.00 Calarasi 2,323.
Ciornuleasa forest Mitreni Commune, Cluj County 75.20 2,324.
Commune of Gilău Ship career, Someşul Rece 2.00 2,325.
Cave Township Varfurasu 2,326 Mărgău 1.00.
The latter forest hosts Suatu (I and II) Commune Suatu 2,327 9.20.
The latter forest hosts Cluj-Copârşaie Cluj-Napoca 2,328 1.50.
The latter forest hosts Cluj-Valley of Vahagn Cluj-Napoca 1.00 2,329.
Valea Morilor Feleacu Commune 1.00 2,330.
Dumbrava, a village in Ciurila Commune Brook 2,331 0.50.
Cheile Turzii Comuna Mihai Viteazu 104.00 2,332.
Fizeşu Gherlii Commune Lake Ştiucilor 2,333 26.00.
Valley Township and regulated 13.50 2,334 Jacket.
Stufărişurile from Sic Commune Sic 2,335 2.00.
Făgetul Cluj Napoca Cluj-Napoca 2,336 10.00.
Big cave (Firei Valley) PN-F Commune Mărgău 2,337 (2.00).
Peştera Piatra Ponorului PN-F Commune Mărgău 2,338 (2.00).
Successive plasters from Aghireşu 1.00 2,339 Leghia Commune.
Place the fossil Coruş 2,340 Baciu 2.00.
Molhaşul great Karst spring Township Belis 2,341 8.00.
Keys Baciului Baciu 3.00 2,342.
Cheile Turenilor Comuna Tureni 2,343 25.00.
Cooch Behar Municipality and are the old Turda 2,344 10.00.
The Apuseni Mountains Park PN-F Belis Township (6,200.00) County Constanta 2,345.
Vama Veche-may 2 (Acvatoriul litoral) commune of Limanu, satul Vama Veche 2,346 5,000.00.
Hadiah DD chituc Island Township Carnegie (2,300.00) 2,347.
Chituc Island Wolves DD Comuna Mihai Viteazu (2,075.00) 2,348.
Carlos-Nuntaşi-Histria DD communes of Istria and Carlos (1,610.00) 2,349.
Histria Citadel DD commune of Istria (350.00) 2,350.
The Northern limestone walls from Petrosani 4.80 2,351 Deleni Commune.
Place the fossil Abdallah Abdallah 15.00 2,352 Township.
Neojurasic reef from Tait Tait 8.00 2,353 Township.
Cobadin Commune fossil place Faith 2,354 6.00.
Place the fossil Plant Cernavoda Town 2,355 3.00.
"Great place Seimenii 0.50 2,356 Seimeni Township.
Cave Township to Adam Târguşor 5.00 2,357.
The cave Mouth Dobrogea Târguşor 5.00 2,358 Township.
The cave of Limanu commune of Limanu 2,359 1.00.
VALU lui Traian Commune Valu lui Traian 2,360 5.00.
Hagieni Albeşti Commune forest 2,361 392.90.
Dumbrăveni Commune forest Dumbrăveni 345.70 2,362.
Narrow reefs jurasici Key Township Târguşor 170.00 2,363.
Canaraua Fetei Fetii forest Băneasa Commune 168.30 2,364.
The town of Basarabi Murfatlar "fantanita 66.40-2,365.
Esechioi forest Commune 26.00 2,366 Islet.
Marine dunes at Agigea Constanta 25.00 2,367.
Elma Township Cross Hill 10.00 2,368 Bair.
Lake Agigea commune, Constanţa, Agigea Municipality 86.80 2,369.
Canaralele from the port town of Hârsova Hârsova 5.30 2,370.
Movila Banului fossiliferous place far from Mangalia 2,371 4.00.
Great Obanul and the cave of the mounds Mangalia Municipality 2,372 12.00 Covasna County.
Mestecănişul de la Commune 48.20 Cold Cold 2,373 Dâmboviţa County.
The cave of Cocora (including Bear Gorge) Moroeni Commune (307.00) 2,374.
Keys Tătarului Moroeni Commune (144.30) 2,375.
Moroeni Commune Horoaba Valley (5.70) 2,376.
Logan Township-Zănoaga Moroeni 2,377 (841.20).
Zănoaga-Moroeni Commune 2,378 Lucăcilă 259.40.
Stately Township the land reserve Moroeni 2,379 0.50.
Moroeni Commune 1.50 Răteiului cave 2,380.
Moroeni Commune Turbăria 2,381 Lăptici 14.90.
Moroeni Commune Cross Glade 2,382 0.50.
Moroeni Commune Land reserve 0.50 2,383 Thieves.
The fountain of the village in Corbii Mari Commune Ciungi 5.00 2,384 Dolj county.
Peony Pleniţa forest Glade Township Pleniţa 2,385 50.00.
Valea Rea-Radovan Şegarcea Town and commune of Radovan 20.00 2,386.
Dăbuleni dunes ("the fortress"), the commune of Dăbuleni 2,387 8.00.
Lawn halofilă 2,388 Gighera Gighera 4.00 Township.
Lawn (Danube Waterside) Gmina 6.00 2,389 Fortress.
Commune of Gogoşu-lawn Ştefănel Gogoşu 2,390 10.00.
Bucovăţ Commune fossil place 4.00 2,391 Bucovăţ.
Place the fossil Drănic Drănic 6.00 2,392 Township.
Ciuperceni Commune-Desa Calafat 200.00 2,393.
Lake Township of Geormana Adunaţii Bratovoeşti 102.00 2,394.
Preajba-complex Făcăi about the city of Craiova, town Făcăi and Malu Mare Commune, Preajba 28.00 2,395 village.
Romania-City pond Băileşti Băileşti 47.00 2,396.
Lake Alice Township Desa 3.20 2,397.
Black pond Township Desa 2,398 1.20.
Balta Township Wide Calafat 2,399 28.00.
The rivers upstream of the Desnăţui Fântânele and Terpeziţa Commune Teslui, village of Fântânele 80.00 2,400 km.
Bălăşan River upstream of the Teslui Commune, the village of Băileşti Fântânele 36.00 km 2,401.
Caraula Lake Township Caraula 2,402 28.00 Galaţi County.
Sand dunes Conachi Commune at Fundeni H, 199.30 H Carney 2,403 village.
Gârboavele forest Municipality Galati 230.00 2,404.
Evelyn forest-2,405 78.30 Roscani Băneasa Commune.
Place the fossil Tirighina-Barboşi-Galaţi Municipality 2,406 1.00.
Place the fossil Rateş the city of Tecuci 2,407 1.50.
Eme Drăguşeni Commune forest 53.20 2,408.
Talasmani Forest City Bereşti 20.00 2,409.
Buciumeni forest Municipalities Buciumeni Brăhăşeşti 71.20 and 2,410.
Municipality Galati islet Prut 62.00 2,411.
Horseshoe pond Braniştea Commune 49.00 2,412.
Balta Talabasca Tudor Vladimirescu Commune 139.00 2,413.
Place the fossil Bereşti Bereşti 49.00 2,414 Town.
Low meadow of the river Prut Cavadineşti Commune 81.00 2,415.
Lake Pochina Suceveni Commune 74.80 2,416.
Vlăscuţa Lake Township Măstăcani 41.80 2,417.
Pogăneşti Băneasa Commune 33.50 forest County 2,418.
Cripple-commune of Gardeners forest Dodi 248.00 2,419.
Padina Tătarului Comana Commune forest 230.00 2,420.
Forest City Ghimpaţi 2,421 28.00 M.
Tesila reserve Township, the village Schitu Vlaşin 2,422 52.50 Gorj County.
Cloşanilor stone (including Cloşani and Cameron with Shaibu) PN-B Padeş Commune, village 2,423 Cloşani (1,730.00).
Cerna Ciucevele PN-B Padeş Commune, the village of Cerna village (1,166.00) 2,424.
Cave Woman Baia de Fier 19.00 2,425.
The cave of Martel PN-B Padeş Commune (2.00) 2,426.
Cheile Corcoaiei PN-B Padeş Commune, the village of Cerna-Sat 2,427 (34.00).
Sphinx Lainicilor-town of Bumbeşti-Jiu 1.00 2,428.
Billy stone Township Săcelu 2,429 1.00.
Comuna Tismana Andreaua stone, Sohodol 1.00 2,430 village.
The stone Church, the village of the commune of Devils Săcelu Aggregation top 2,431 1.00.
Izvoarele Commune Tismana Izvernei 500.00 2,432.
Izbucul Jaleşului Runcu 2,433 20.00.
The cave Mouth Plaiului Tismana 10.00 2,434 Township.
The cave of the Padeş Commune 2,435 Lazului 2.00.
Iedului cave Baia de Fier 2,436 1.00.
Nut trees bend with the commune of Tismana 25.00 2,437.
Botanical reserve Cioclovina Tismana 12.00 2,438 Township.
Comuna Tismana-Pocruia forest Tismana 51.60 2,439.
Gorganu Padeş Commune, forest village Motru 21.30 2,440 Sec.
Comuna Polovragi pădurea Polovragi 2,441 10.00.
Eocene piece formations from 1.00 2,442 Săcelu Săcelu Township.
Soholodului Comuna Runcu 350.00 2,443.
Mount Oslea Communes and Tismana 280.00 2,444 Padeş.
Olteţului Canyon Gorge and Cave Polovragi Comuna Polovragi 150.00 2,445.
Cornetul Pocruiei Comuna Tismana 70.00 2,446.
Boroştenilor stone Pestişani 28.00 2,447 Township.
Place the fossil Groşera Comuna Aninoasa 2,448 1.00.
Place the fossil Gârbovu Turceni 1.00 2,449 Township.
Place the fossil Crasna Commune 2,450 Buzeşti 1.00.
Place the fossil Săuleşti Săuleşti 1.00 2,451 Township.
Place the fossil Valley commune of Vladimir Desului 1.00


Commune of 2,452. Sodomului Valley Săcelu 2,453 1.00.
Valley Township, the village of Crust Ibanului Badawi 2,454 1.00.
Forest town of Novaci 2,455 Barcului 25.00.
Cheryl rocks the town of Bumbeşti-Jiu 2,456 1.00.
Mineral springs Township Săcelu Săcelu 2,457 1.00.
Gornăcelu Hill, Gornăcel village of the commune of Staging 1.00 2,458 Harghita County.
Mountain Salt Mine Parajd 60.00 2,459 Township.
Geological reserve of la Comuna 2,460 Sâncrăieni Sâncrăieni 10.00.
Rat Lake Township 10.00 2,461 Mugeni.
Dealul Melcului River (Firtuş) Comuna Corund 2,462 8.00.
Muddy at Filiaş Rohtak Town 2,463 1.00.
Cave of the Şugău Suseni Commune 2,464 17.00.
PN-Licaş pothole I Gheorgheni, Lacul Roşu (5.00) 2,465.
Commune of tinovul Luci Sâncrăieni 273.00 2,466.
The swamp After Meadow Township Voşlăbeni 40.00 2,467.
Tinovul Plăieşii de Jos from Plăieşii de Jos Commune 2,468 15.00.
Biokarpet Vlăhiţa Town Vlăhiţa 20.00 2,469.
Joseni Commune Nyeres (Piedmont) 20.00 2,470.
Red stones Tulgheş Commune 2,471 10.00.
The great swamp Remetea 4.00 2,472.
The quagmire of Middle Valley Township, the village of Tuşnad Tuşnadu Nou 2,473 4.00.
Swamp Beneş village of the commune of Tuşnad 4.00 2,474 Sparrow.
The pârâul Dobreanului Comuna Bilbor 4.00 2,475.
Swamp Bu? DOS-Sântimbru Sâncrăieni 3.00 2,476 Township.
Swamp Note, Nadas Tusnad village Township New 4.00 2,477.
Swamp Darling 80,000 Township Electrical 2.00 2,478.
Swamp Borsaros-1.00 2,479 Sâncrăieni Sâncrăieni Township.
Borsec Town Round seat 2,480 40.00.
Călimani mountains Iezer from reserve PN-K city of Topliţa (322.00) 2,481.
Botanical reserve Moise Moise 2.00 2,482 Town.
Red Lake bicaz and PN-I Gheorgheni (2,128.00) 2,483.
Hăşmaşul, Piatra Mare massif Lonely-Hăşmaşul Black PN-I commune of Sândominic (800.00) 2,484.
Piatra Soimilor town of Băile Tuşnad 2,485 1.00.
Vârghişului Gorge and caves of the commune of Mereşti 800.00 2,486 keys.
Lake Sfânta Ana Sânmartin Commune, the village of Lăzăreşti 240.00 2,487.
Commune of Sânmartin tinovul (Mlastina), village of Lăzăreşti 2,488 240.00.
Comuna Corund Firtuş Hill 40.00 2,489.
Stop birds from Sânpaul Commune Martinis 2,490 10.00.
Swamp Nyirkert Tuşnad 4.00 2,491 Township.
Waterfall of thermal water the city of Topliţa 2,492 0.50.
Swamp Sparrow Csemo-commune of Tuşnad 2,493 5.00.
Cârţa Commune Lake Fucking 20.00 2,494 Hunedoara County.
Scientific reserve-Twins PN-C Mills River Township (1,629.40) 2,495.
Cave corals PN-C City Play his village Uricani, Na 2,496 (0.50).
The cave of Zeicului PN-C city of Hallandale Beach, the village of Câmpu lui Neag 2,497 (1.00).
Karst complex Ponorici-PN-Cioclovina N Boşorod Commune (1.50) 2,498.
The city of Petrosani stone 2,499 Crinului 0.50.
Şura Mare Commune Chicken 5.00 2,500.
The cave of Tecuri Township, the village Baru Baru Mare 2,501 2.00.
Place the top on the fossil Lăpugiu de Jos Commune Lăpugiu de Jos bottom 5.00 2,502.
Place the fossil with dinosaurs Sânpetru, Sântămăria-Orlea Commune village of Sânpetru 2,503 5.00.
Bulzeştii de SUS Commune Italy cave Up 2,504 1.00.
Hill and Hill Zănoaga Deva 78.40 2,505.
The latter forest hosts Chicken Chicken 13.00 2,506 Township.
The latter forest hosts with daffodils Nucşoara Commune Sălaşu de Sus 20.00 2,507.
Swamp Township, Peşteana Densus Peşteana 2,508 2.00.
1970s: spot Fetii River Township of 3.00 2,509 Mills.
Glades peak Sălaşu de Sus Commune, the village of Ohaba de sub Piatră 0.80 2,510.
Certeju de SUS Commune Măgurile Săcărâmbului top, Săcărâmb 13.00 2,511 village.
Forest of Chizid Hunedoara Municipality 50.00 2,512.
Forest Babatunde Deva 2,513 70.00.
Place the Ohaba Ponor Commune "-chickens, Ohaba Ponor and villages 2,514 10.00.
Mount Vulcan Buceş Commune 2,515 5.00.
Natural bridge at Grohot Bulzeştii de SUS Commune, the village of 1.00 Up Grohot 2,516.
Slivuţ forest Hateg 2,517 40.00.
1970s Măgura Hill Băiţa, Crăciuneşti 120.00 2,518 village.
Deva Deva Citadel 30.00 2,519.
The măgura Uroiului city of Simeria 2,520 10.00.
Tufurile limestone in the Bobâlna Commune Assuit 2,521 12.50.
Balşa Commune Madei Gorge village Chally 2,522 10.00.
Băniţa Commune, Crivadiei Gorge village 2,523 Crivadia 10.00.
And the Cave Hill Băniţa Commune 10.00 2,524 Disease.
City of Simeria Arboretum Simeria 70.00 2,525.
Ancient forests in the Valley Dobrişoarei and Prisloapei Comuna Old 139.30 2,526.
Forest Township, the village of Paya Paya Seetha 20.00 2,527.
1970s from Godineşti village of the commune of Zam, Godineşti 2,528 6.00.
Jieţului Gorge town of Petrila 2,529 10.00.
The keys Ribicioarei and Uibăreştilor 2,530 Ribiţa Commune 20.00.
Cerna Commune keys Meadow bottom 2,531 Nima 2.00.
Keys Cut the town of Petrila 2,532 2.00.
Geoagiu-Bai mesothermal waters Geoagiu 2,533 8.00.
Şoimuş Boholţ reserve Township, the village of 2,534 Boholţ 1.00.
1970s from Gurasada Commune Boiul top 2,535 50.00.
Reptiliană Paleofauna Ţuştea Gmina, the village of Union Ţuştea 2,536 0.50, Iaşi County.
David Hays, secular Valley Township Leţcani 46.36 2,537.
Sireţel Commune Făgetul Humosu Secular 73.30 2,538.
Forest Township, West hills village Uricani Miroslava 68.00 2,539.
Trifeşti Commune Roscani forest 34.60 2,540.
Greg forest-Cotnari Cotnari Commune 7.60 2,541.
Place the fossil Repedea Bârnova 5.80 2,542.
The Pietrosu Răducăneni Commune-bohotin, Bohotin 0.91 2,543 village.
Poiana Commune with Sheds 9.50 2,544 Hermitage.
Glades-9.20 Cărbunăriei 2,545 Schitu Duca Commune.
Frumuşica Commune forest 97.30 2,546 Mădârjac.
Tătăruşi Commune forest Tătăruşi 2,547 49.90.
Pietrosu Dobrovat 83.00 2,548 Township.
Icuşeni forest Commune 11.60 2,549 Victory.
Meadow Mirceşti Commune (Vasile Alecsandri) 2,550 26.30 Mircesti.
Băiceni Cucuteni Commune "point, the village of 2,551 Băiceni 3.23.
Are in the commune of Ileana Dumeşti 5.90 2,552.
Pruteţul Gawk Probota 24.89 2,553 Township.
Teiva Popricani Commune pond Vişina 6.90 2,554.
Bran's elbow River Prut Commune Golăieşti, Bran village 2,555 10.00.
Sălăgeni bend Township Grozesti 5.81 2,556.
Prut River Communes Bivolari, Trifesti, Golăieşti, Probota, Ţuţora, 4,316.00, Alice 2,557 Prisăcani.
Holboca Commune accumulation Chiriţa 78.00 2,558.
Accumulation of Pârcovaci town of Hârlău 50.00 2,559.
D. forest-Iasi Ilfov Holboca Commune 10.80 2,560.
Lake Snagov near Bucharest 100.00 2,561.
Snagov forest Snagov 10.00 2,562 Maramureş County.
The old spring PN-G Commune Moisei (0.50) 2,563.
Pietrosul Mare PN-G city of Borşa (3,300.00) 2,564.
Blue Lake town of Baia Sprie 2,565 0.50.
Darling Downs reserve City Winnipeg reasonably speculated the Chiuzbaia 50.00 2,566.
Cave Township High Şomcuţei Şomcuţa Prince George 5.00 2,567.
Peştera cu Oase Băiuţ 0.50 2,568 Township.
Lake Morărenilor Ocna Sugatag Commune, Tien 20.00 2,569 village.
Stâncăriile Sâlhoi-Zâmbroslavele city of Borşa 5.00 2,570.
Swamp Trees Glade Săpânţa 2,571 3.00.
Swamps Vlăschinescu Baia Mare 2,572 3.00.
Tăul lui Dumitru Baia Mare, Firiza 3.00 2,573 village.
Forest Township Ronişoara Rona de Sus 2,574 62.00.
Forest Queen of Ocna Sugatag Commune 44.00 2,575.
Bavna forest Township and village Fersig Satulung, Mireşu Mare commune 2,576 26.00 High.
The forest of larch Coştui Rona de Sus Commune 0.70 2,577.
Ridge Township, the village of Deseşti Polyphyllus Mara 50.00 2,578.
The keys of the village of Deseşti Tătarului Commune, Mara 2,579 15.00.
Coroieni Commune, Marissa Gorge village Beba 2,580 15.00.
Cornu Nedeii Bălăşinii-Borşa City Cripples 800.00 2,581.
The stand of castanea sativa from Baia Mare Baia Mare 2,582 500.00.
Blue Spring cave and Iza spring Township Săcel 100.00 2,583.
Keys Lăpuşului (Împreunături and Groapele) the town of Târgu Lăpuş 2,584 25.00 km.
Pine-forest Comja town of Seini 2,585 0.50.
Arcer-Tibles Bran Commune Said top Groşii Ţibleşului village 2,586 150.00.
Tip Fărcău-Vinderelu Lake-Tip Mihăilescu Repedea 100.00 2,587 Township.
Bafana Bafana cave Sea 0.50 2,588 Township High.
Bangalore daffodils Tomnatec Repedea-2,589 100.00 Sehleanu Commune.
Bad stone city of Borşa 50.00 2,590.
Iezerul Mare Commune quagmire Deseşti 5.00


2,591. Columns of Baia Mare at Limpedea 3.00 2,592.
Rosette stone Township, village euro car park Cicârlău 2,593 0.50 euro car park.
Dealul Solovan far from Yaremche 1.02 2,594.
Black swamp Lake Township Strâmbu-Băiuţ, Băiuţ 2,595 1.00 Mehedinti County.
Cave Township, the village of Cireşu Eday Jupâneşti 1.00 2,596.
The source and stâncăriile from Câmana Commune Podeni 2,597 25.00.
Sudiţi-Vârciorova PN-D Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Gura Văii (305.00) 2,598.
Oglănicului Valley Brezniţa-Ocol Commune 150.00 2,599.
Vânjului meadow Vanju Mare 14.00 2,600.
Lilac forest Ponoarele Commune Ponoarele 20.00 2,601.
Mediterranean hedges from Isverna Commune Isverna 2,602 10.00.
Tip to Stan PN-B Township Isverna (120.00) 2,603.
Valley Ţesna PN-B Comuna Balta (160.00) 2,604.
Borovăţ forest Commune Bălvăneşti 30.00 2,605.
Thomas Burila Mare Commune forest 18.20 2,606.
Drăghiceanu forest Commune Birth-Cloşani 60.00 2,607.
Duhovnei Hill Township Iloviţa 2,608 50.00.
Vărănic Hill Township Brezniţa-Ocol 2,609 350.00.
With the great and small Kazan Gorge PN-D Commune Dubova (215.00) 2,610.
Place the fossil Şviniţa PN-D Şviniţa Commune (95.00) 2,611.
Place the fossil Bahna Commune Iloviţa PN-D (10.00) 2,612.
Hinova Commune departed Stirmina forest 100.30 2,613.
Karst complex from 2,614 Ponoarele Commune Ponoarele 0.00.
The Northern limestone walls of Coşuştei Springs Township 60.00 2,615 Pond.
Keys Coşuştei 2,616 50.00 Pond Township.
Cornetul Women and Cerboanei Comuna Balta 2,617 40.00.
Cornetul Stone Încălecată Comuna Isverna 12.00 2,618.
Keys to Realizing and the cave and realizing Cireşu Commune 2,619 60.00.
Cornetul 2,620 30.00 Pond Marsh Township.
Cornetul Valley and the Valley of the monastery town of Baia de Aramă 2,621 40.00.
Malovăţ Commune fossil place Malovăţ 2,622 6.00.
Găioara PN-D cracul Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Gura Văii 2,623 (5.00).
Mediterranean hedges Cornetul Birth-Cloşani Commune Birth-Cloşani 2,624 60.00.
PN-D Cross cracul Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Gura Văii (2.00) 2,625.
Front Virului PN-D Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Vârciorova (6.00) 2,626.
"Place of the Red Stones Husnicioara Commune, Mureş county 2,627 1.00.
The nature reserve of peonies Were plain Township Were plain 2,628 3.10.
Alan forest Commune Solovăstru 48.00 2,629.
Forest Township plain Sabed Ceuaşu de 59.00 2,630.
Reserve with Fritillaria Commune, Mureş Brâncoveneşti Vălenii de Munte 2,631 2.50.
Fărăgău Commune Lake Fărăgău 35.00 2,632.
The oak reserve far from Sighisoara 11.90 2,633.
The spruce sounding board in the Gurghiu Commune 2,634 77.80 Said.
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana stand with the commune of 2,635 Sângiorgiu 5.80 Forest.
Breite ancient oak trees the city of Sighişoara 2,636 70.00.
Bear Lake and trees on the Rangers is the town of Sovata 79.00 2,637.
Gurghiu commune of Poiana Daffodil Gurghiu 3.00 2,638.
Deda-Topliţa Communes Indulge and 2,639 Stânceni 6,000.00.
Defile the municipalities of Quezon and Răstolniţa 7,733.00 2,640.
Oak trees from Sângiorgiu de Mureş Commune Sângiorgiu de Mures Neamt County 2,641 0.10.
Policy with Lilies PN-J Ceahlău Commune (370.00) 2,642.
The Duruitoarea waterfall PN-J Ceahlău Commune (1.00) 2,643.
Cheile Bicazului PN-I Bicaz-Chei Commune (11,600.00) 2,644.
Şerbeşti rock Comuna Ştefan cel Mare 2,645 5.00.
Township forestry reserve Dobreni Dobreni 37.00 2,646.
Piatra Teiului commune of Poiana Teiului 0.20 2,647.
Toşorog Comuna Bicazul Ardelean Abraham 2,648 0.10.
Munticelu cave Township Bicazul Ardelean Abraham 1.00 2,649.
Fox Hill-Botoaia (eye steppe) municipality of Piatra Neamt 2.00 2,650.
Goşman forest Tarcău Commune 2,651 175.00.
Place the fossil Cozla municipality of Piatra Neamt 10.00 2,652.
Şugăului Gorge Bicaz-Chei Commune 90.00 2,653.
Place the fossil Cernegura municipality of Piatra Neamt 198.20 2,654.
Tracy place "far from Piatra-Neamţ 39.50 2,655.
Place the fossil Agircia the city of Piatra Neamt 2,656 1.00.
Freeway Bronze Agapia 2,657 7.00.
Codrii silver Agapia 2,658 2.00.
The nature reserve of Bisons-Neamţ Commune Vânători-Neamţ 2,659 11,500.00.
Forestry reserve Pângăraţi Commune Pângăraţi 2.00 2,660.
The pârâul Borcuţa Comuna Borca 1.20 2,661.
The town of Bicaz Lake Izvorul Muntelui 2,662 150.00.
Brateş Tarcău Commune faunistic review reserve 30.70 2,663.
Faunistic review reserve Borca Commune, Olt County 2,664 357.00 Baek.
Optăşani Dry forest Township, Optăşani village Spineni 135.00 2,665.
Braniştea Mules Forest People and the communes of Ştefan cel Mare 301.30 2,666.
Radomireşti Commune Forest Monk, Ocland 40.00 2,667 village.
Forest Potelu forest home Township Henry 2,668 1.50.
The nature reserve of the peonies 54.90 Stoicăneşti 2,669 Township Academy.
The nature reserve of gârniţă stands of Prahova county Poboru 121.00 2,670.
Slănic Prahova salt mountain town of Slănic 2,671 2.00.
Place the fossil Land Thieves Sinaia 6.00 2,672.
Panday visited Bucegi PN-H Cities logs and 2,673 Sinaia (3,478.00).
His Fangs Barbes mountains PN-H Sinaia (1,513.00) 2,674.
The tigăile Ciucas Măneciu from Cheia village 3.00 2,675.
Arinişul de la Sinaia, Sinaia-Temper 32.10 2,676 Satu Mare County.
Forest Township, Urziceni, Urziceni 2,677 38.00.
Sand dunes Foieni Commune Foieni 10.00 2,678.
Tinoavele from the Oas Cămârzana 1.00 2,679 Township.
Vermeş Sanislău Commune quagmire 10.00 2,680.
The lower course of the river Tour Călineşti-Oaş Commune 43.00 km 2,681.
Runc Forest Trees, the village Borleşti Commune 68.50 Sä 2,682.
Garden Township, the village of dragons Gâlgău Almaşului Bălan 3.00 2,683.
Santa stones and Napradea Township, the village of Baba Somes 1600 2,684 0.20.
Bangalore daffodils from Racâş-Hida Hida Commune, Racâş 1.50 2,685 village.
City of Wisconsin Rapids 1970s Rona Rona 2,686, 0.50.
Balta, Cehei, Gorakhpur Town, Cehei 18.20 2,687.
Meadow with Fritillaria-Valley town of Cehu Silvaniei was after 1960s when 2,688 10.00.
Landscape reserve of Stâna de Cliţului Cliţ, Comuna 16.00 2,689 village.
Sandstones of the cliff Fucking 1.00 2,690 Hida Commune.
Landscape reserve Barcău Commune Tam-Babylon village Tusa 2,691 15.00.
The swamp at the Commune, the village Pond Pond Plopiş 10.00 2,692.
The forest "At Chestnut" Ileanda Commune Gna 7.80 2,693 village.
Hereclean Commune, Stejărişul Panic Panic 2.20 2,694 village.
Stejărişul de baltă Hereclean Commune, the village of Panic Panic 2,695 1.70 Sibiu County.
Bottomless Lake City Lahore Lahore 2,696 0.20.
1970s eocene piece from Decatur-Decatur Township Porceşti 60.00 2,697.
Cisnadioara, cisnadioara with hippuriţi of the town Palace, the village Cisnadioara 1.00 2,698.
Hill Zackel, Sibiu Slimnic 2,699 11.00.
The Saxon town of Tălmaciu Suvara 20.00 2,700.
Mihăileni Commune Canyon Mihăileni 2,701 16.00.
Bâlii Valley Cîrţişoara 180.00 2,702 Township.
Muddy Haşag Gmina, the village of Loamnes Haşag 2,703 1.00.
To Comuna Grumaji Jina 2.00 2,704.
The spur Jinei 2.00 J 2,705 Township.
Iezerele Cindrelului 609.60 river mouth Township 2,706.
Natural Park Dumbrava Sibiu Sibiu 993.00 2,707.
Natural Park Cindrel Jina 9,873.00 2,708 Township.
Jidovului mass Jina 2.00 2,709 Township.
Alpine of Fagaras Mountains between Podragu Arpaşu de Jos Commune-Suru and 6,989.20 Suceava town Avrig 2,710.
Twelve Apostles PN-K Dorna Cândrenilor Commune (200.00) 2,711.
Ball-L reserve PN-G Cârlibaba Commune 2,712 (325.10).
The city of Campulung Moldovenesc moara Dracului 2,713 1.30.
The stone Ţibăului the Cârlibaba Commune 20.30 2,714.
The city of Campulung Moldovenesc stone Buhei 2.00 2,715.
Tinovul Poiana Stampei Commune 681.80 2,716 Highlands.
The latter forest hosts the mountain municipality of Câmpulung Moldovenesc Todirescu 44.30 2,717.
Şarul Township Şarul Dornei tinovul Dornei 36.00 2,718.
The latter forest hosts secular Ponoare Commune Bosanci 24.50 2,719.
The latter forest hosts the beautiful commune of secular 9.50 2,720 Mill.
Chicken-tinovul Lucina 1.00 Moldova-Suliţa Commune


2,721. Forest (Quercetumul) Crujana Comuna Pătrăuţi 2,722 39.40.
Pietrele Doamnei Municipality Radauti 253.00 2,723.
Codrul Secular Slătioara Commune Stulpicani commune, village 1,064.20 2,724 Slătioara.
Codrul Secular Giumalău Pojorâta 309.50 2,725 Township.
Răchitişul Mare Commune in Moldova-Suliţa 116.40 2,726.
Făgetul Mitocul Township 134.80 Dragomirna 2,727 Dragomirna.
Zamostea forest-Meadow Township Zamostea 2,728 107.60.
Zugrenilor Gorge town of Vatra Dornei 150.10 2,729.
Cheile Lucavei Moldova-Suliţa Commune 24.30 2,730.
We had another with Pinus cembra Calimani-PN-K city of Vatra Dornei 2,731 (384.20).
Piatra Soimului Pin and the town of Gura Humorului 2,732 0.50.
Moment of Triassic limestone Pârâul Cailor Breaza. 0.10 2,733
Layers with Aptychus from Pojorâta Kalpakkam Township 2,734 1.00.
The latter forest hosts secular at 17.30 Calafindeşti Calafindeşti Commune 2,735 Timiş county.
Cenad forest Commune Cenad 279.20 2,736.
Lunca Pogănişului and Turkish Municipalities Tormac Sacoşu 75.50 2,737.
Maisy Sisitak Sanpetru Sea 0.50 2,738.
Remetea Mare Arboretum Timişoara; 60.00 2,739.
Place the fossil Rădmăneşti 2,740 4.00 Bar Township.
Commune of Huntington Park Huntington Park marshes 236.00 2,741.
The Bistra Commune Springfield forest 19.90 2,742.
Beba Veche Commune Beba Veche, Pordeanu 2,187.00 village of 2,743.
The marshes, the village of the commune of Marjorie Pişchia Marjorie 200.00 2,744.
Big Island Township Csanád 2,745 Csanád 3.00.
Big Island Igriş Securitate 2,746 3.00.
Peciu NOU Commune (Dinjaš) are New 4.00 2,747.
Meadow with daffodils Făget Town Bateşti 2,748 20.00.
Rush Lake Township Fârdea 362.00 Tulcea 2,749.
DD are Murighiol Murighiol (87.00) 2,750.
Rosca-Buhaiova DD Chilia Veche Commune (9,625.00) 2,751.
Letea forest DD Rosetti Commune (2,825.00) 2,752.
Chituc island and Lake DD Răducu Rosetti Commune (2,500.00) 2,753.
Lake Naci DD Commune Pardina (115.00) 2,754.
Vătafu-complex Lunguleţ DD Town Sulina (1,625.00) 2,755.
Caraorman DD forest Comuna Crisan (2,250.00) 2,756.
Arinişul Erenciuc DD-A commune of Sfântu Gheorghe (50.00) 2,757.
Popina Island DD Sarikioi (98.00) 2,758.
Complex Zătoane DD Sacalin commune of Sfântu Gheorghe (21,410.00) 2,759.
Periteasca complex-Lad DD Communes Jurilovca and 2,760 Murighiol (4,125.00).
Doloşman DD-head of Jurilovca (125.00) 2,761.
Horseshoe Lake DD commune of Sfântu Gheorghe (652.00) 2,762.
Maurie DD Lake commune of Sfântu Gheorghe (110.00) 2,763.
Lake Town Lotus DD Isaccea (228.00) 2,764.
Valea Fagilor forest PN-P Commune Luncaviţa (154.00) 2,765.
Dealul Bujorului nature reserve town of Babadag 50.80 2,766.
Lilac Sheep Valley reserve town of Babadag 2,767 0.35.
Lilac Large Fountain reserve Township, the village of Ciucurova Large Fountain 0.30 2,768.
Tip of the Secarul Gmina, the village of Ciucurova Atmagea 34.50 2,769.
Korum botanical reserve New York City Dave 2,770 2.00.
The fossil Hill place Bujoarele Turcoaia 2,771 8.00.
Geological reserve of Agighiol village Valea Nucarilor Agighiol 9.70 2,772.
Niculiţel forest Niculiţel 2,773 11.00, Vaslui county.
Măluşteni Commune fossil place Măluşteni 2,774 10.00.
Place the fossil Nisipăria Hulubăţ Vaslui Municipality 2.50 2,775.
His mound Adrea Qimiao 12.00 2,776.
Ahmad-Ahmad 6.00 Coast commune of 2,777 Ruptures.
Tutova Commune 126.70 Bădeana forest 2,778.
Hârboanca forest Commune 43.10 2,779 Ştefan cel Mare.
Bălteni forest Commune Bălteni 22.00 2,780.
The Fâneaţa of Glodeni town of Negreşti, Vâlcea County village of Glodeni 2,781 6.00.
The municipality of Râmnicu Vâlcea, Valea Stăncioiului, Goranu 2,782 12.00.
Pyramids from Slătioara Slătioara Stroeşti Communes and 10.50 2,783.
Goat cave city of Băile Olăneşti 2,784 0.50.
The Foot of the ox Câineni Commune 2,785 0.10.
Bat Cave Costeşti 2,786 1.00.
Munteanu-Murgoci cave City Olăneşti 2,787 1.00.
The cave town of Maidenhair Olăneşti 2,788 0.30.
The cave Crayfish Olăneşti City 2,789 0.20.
Bistriţa Valley cave City Olăneşti 2,790 0.25.
The cave with the Lake City Olăneşti 2,791 0.10.
The cave pearls Olăneşti City 0.50 2,792.
Arnăuţilor cave City Olăneşti 2,793 0.40.
Bell cave City Olăneşti 2,794 0.10.
We had another Stricatul Township Voineasa 2,795 15.00.
Swamp town of 0.25 Mosoroasa 2,796 Olanesti.
Lungeşti Commune Yew forest Great 2,797 50.00.
Silea Lungeşti Commune, forest village of Fumureni 25.00 2,798.
Călineşti-Forest City Iraklion Iraklion 2,799 200.00.
The Voineasa Commune 2,800 Gâlcescu 200.00.
Miru-reserve Bora Commune Voineasa 2,801 25.00.
Makati City reserve Lozells 2,802 15.00.
Ashkan reserve-Mânzu Olăneşti City 2,803 10.00.
The iezerul Mare Commune 2,804 Latoriţa 10.00 M.
Mount Stogu Olăneşti City 2,805 10.00.
Comuna Malaia Latoriţa forest 7.10 2,806.
Reserve Rodney-Black Hill Township Voineasa 2,807 5.00.
Cristesti Voineasa Commune reserve 3.00 2,808.
Valea Cheii River Forest City Olăneşti 1.50 2,809.
Goleşti Commune paleontology reserve Goleşti, Vrancea County 2,810 10.00.
The Zârna Mică Zăbalei-boilers-Răoaza Gmina Năruja 350.00 2,811.
Living fire in Andreiaşu de Jos Commune bottom bottom 12.00 2,812 Andreiaşu de Jos.
Mt. Goru Năruja 2,813 388.10 Township.
Black Lake-Nărujei Keys I Nistoreşti Commune 20.00 2,814.
Nărujei-Green Gorges forest II 250.00 2,815 Nistoreşti Commune.
Andreiaşu de Jos Commune Cenaru forest bottom 2,816 383.20.
Forest of Lepşa-Comuna Tulnici village Zboina Lepşa 210.70 2,817.
Schitu-Dălhăuţi forest Commune 2,818 188.20 Hooks.
Nistoreşti Commune Mişina waterfall 183.50 2,819.
Commune of Tulnici dump with Pin 11.10 2,820.
Reghiu-Scruntaru forest Commune Reghiu 95.70 2,821.
Red Mill Hill râpa-Comuna Tulnici 49.60 2,822.
Strâmtura commune of Tulnici-15.00 2,823 Coza.
Vrâncioaia Commune Algheanu reserve 2,824 10.00.
Comuna Tulnici Watercourse waterfall village of Lepşa 10.00 2,825.
The Valea Sării Baguio village Pandan 2,826 5.00.
Tişiţei Valley commune of Tulnici 307.00 2,827.
Siret 388.40 meadow far from Focşani. GEOGRAPHICAL GROUPING and LOCATION of PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS, NATIONAL INTEREST. The Eastern Carpathians and sub-1.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural Designation Symbol G Rodna County Bistriţa-Năsăud, Maramureş, Suceava, Argeş, Dâmboviţa H Bucegi, Prahova, Brasov I Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş Neamţ, Neamţ, Ceahlău Harghita J K Calimani, Mureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Maramures County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Suceava, Harghita, Mures, Neamt, Bacau, Covasna, Braşov, Vrancea, Buzău, Prahova, Dambovita 2.0. The Sub-Carpathians and Getic 2.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks the symbol Name County B Domogled-Valea Cernei Caraş-Severin, Mehedinti and Gorj Hunedoara, C L Brady Saw Vâlcea M Piatra Craiului, Brasov, Arges and Grădiştea Muncelului-Cioclovina N Hunedoara 2.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Argeş County Alba, CARAS-Severin, Mehedinti and Gorj, Hunedoara, Timiş, Sibiu, Vâlcea 3.0. The mountains and hills of the Banat. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural Designation Symbol D iron gates County Caraş-Severin, Mehedinti Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa E CARAS-Severin Semenic-Cheile Caraşului a CARAS-Severin. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Caras-Severin, Mehedinti 4.0. The Apuseni Mountains and hills Crisana 4.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or County Designation Symbol F natural Apuseni Mountains, Alba, Arad, Bihor, Cluj 4.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Alba, Arad, Bihor, Cluj, Sălaj, 5.0. The hills of Cluj. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-not cover 3.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Alba county Mures, Cluj, 6.0. Plateau Sachdev

    6.1. for the biosphere nature reserves and national parks of or do not include natural-6.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Maramures, Salaj 7.0. Suceava plateau and Moldavian plain 7.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-do not include 7.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Botoşani County, Iaşi, Suceava, 8.0. 8.1 Barladului plateau. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-not cover 5.1. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Iaşi County, Galati, Neamt, Vaslui 9.0. The Dobrogea plateau 9.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or County Designation Symbol P Măcinului Tulcea 9.2 Mountains. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Constanţa, Tulcea 10.0. Plain Careilor 10.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-do not include 6.3. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Bihor, Satu Mare County, 11.0. Mures and Timis plain 11.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-not cover 11.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments, Arad County, Timiş 12.0. Campia Vlasiei 12.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or natural-not comprise 12.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Dâmboviţa County, Giurgiu, Ilfov 8.1. Danube 13.1. Biosphere reserves and national parks or County Designation Symbol R Small Pond of Brăila, Brăila 13.2. Areas that include nature reserves and nature monuments Brăila County Dolj, Călăraşi, Galaţi, Giurgiu, Ialomiţa, Olt, Teleorman, 14.0 14.1 Danube Delta. Biosphere reserves and national parks or County Designation Symbol of natural Danube Delta Constanta, Tulcea Note: geographical Grouping of protected natural areas contained in this annex can be found in annex 4. II. Annex II PLANE NATIONAL landscaping SECTION III-PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS of the NATIONAL TERRITORY SECTION III-PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS-AREAS can be found published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 152 of 12 April 2000, at page 22.

Annex III i. VALUES of the CULTURAL HERITAGE of NATIONAL INTEREST (HISTORICAL MONUMENTS of NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE VALUE) 1. Monuments and architectural ensembles) No. Fortresses Name administrative-territorial Unit of the County) 1.
Alba Carolina Citadel of the city of Alba Iulia, Alba) 2.
Câlnic fortress village of the commune of Câlnic, Alba Câlnic) 3.
Gârbova Commune, the village derives fortress village of white) 4 Gârbova.
The fortress of Arad Arad Arad) 5.
The fortress Town of Lipova, Arad Şoimoş) 6.
Poenari Arefu Commune, Argeş Căpăţânenii Ungureni village of) 7.
Oratia fortress village of the commune of Cassation Bridge caught the Argeş) 8.
The fortress of Biharia village Commune, Bihor Fort Fort of) 9.
Keep Cheresig Girişu de Criş Commune, Bihor Cheresig) 10.
Cetatea Oradea Oradea Bihor) 11.
Bran Castle, Bran Brasov village) 12.
Fagaras, Fagaras fortress of Braşov Municipality) 13.
Râşnov Citadel Rasnov Brasov) 14.
The fortress, the fortress city of Rupea Brasov) 15.
Fortified village of the commune of Feldioara, Feldioara Brasov) 16.
City of Negru Vodă commune of Breaza, Lisa, Braşov) 17.
The fortress Under the commune, Under the village of Cluj) Under 18.
The fortress of Bologa Comuna Bologa Poieni, Cluj, village of) 19.
Cetatea Turia village Commune Balvanyos Turia Covasna) 20.
Targoviste Municipality Targoviste city fortifications Dâmboviţa a) 21.
Giurgiu fortress of Giurgiu Gallant) 22.
The Crivaia Băniţa Commune Tower, the village of the Crivadia Hunedoara) 23.
Cetatea Deva Deva Hunedoara) 24.
Mălăieşti fortress Sălaşu de Sus Commune, Hunedoara, a village of Mălăieşti) 25.
The fortress of mills River Township Tusks, the village Suseni, Hunedoara) 26.
The fortress of Chioar Remetea Chioarului Commune, Maramureş Berchez village of) 27.
Severin fortress Drobeta-Turnu Severin Mehedinţi to) 28.
Cetatea Târgu Mureş Târgu Mureş, Mures Municipality) 29.
Saschiz Commune fortress Saschiz, Mures County village of Saschiz) 30.
Neamţ fortress city of Târgu Neamţ, Neamţ-a) 31.
The fortress city of Vizag Tălmaciu, Sibiu has Boiţa village) 32.
Slimnic Slimnicului fortress, Sibiu Slimnic village a) 33.
Fortress of Suceava Suceava Suceava) 34.
Turnu Citadel the municipality of Turnu Măgurele, Teleorman) to 35.
Commune of Enisala Sarichioi, Tulcea b village Enisala) Princely Court Ensembles ruined No. administrative-territorial Unit Name County b) 1.
The Princely Court remains the city of Curtea de Arges Arges b) 2.
The ruins of the Princely Court with Chindia Tower and fortified the city of Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa county precinct b) 3.
The remains of the city of Iasi Iasi Princely Court b) 4.
The remains of the Princely Court Suceava Suceava b) 5.
The ruins of the Old Princely Court Court Bucharest c) fortified churches-castles Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit c County) 1.
The fortress village with church, Harman, Harman Brasov village c) 2.
The fortress village with church, Prejmer, Brasov, Prejmer c) 3.
Village with fortress Church Commune, Braşov Homorod Homorod c) 4.
The fortress village with evangelic Sanpetru, Brasov Romania village c) 5.
The fortress village with evangelic Buneşti, Braşov village of Viscri c) 6.
Citadel fortified village with Evangelical Church Commune, Braşov Caţa Drăuşeni c) 7.
The fortress village with Evangelical Church Commune, Braşov Caţa Caţa c) 8.
Unitarian Church village with fortress Dârjiu, village of Dârjiu Harghita c) 9.
Village with fortress Church Commune, Mureş Archita Hunters c) 10.
Rural fortress with the Evangelical Church, the village of Atel and Atel Commune, Sibiu c) 11.
Evangelical Church with the commune of Biertan, Biertan village Sibiu c) 12.
Church of Biertan, Commune with the village enclosure Richiş Sibiu c) 13.
The fortress Town with rural church Cisnadie Sibiu c) 14.
The fortress village with church, Gmina, the village of Dealu Frumos Merghindeal Sibiu c) 15.
Evangelical Church with fortifications, the village Commune, Sibiu Laslea Mălâncrav c) 16.
Village with fortress Church Commune, Sibiu Moşna Mosna c) 17.
The fortress village with church, the village of Valea Viilor Valea Viilor, Sibiu c) 18.
Citadel fortified village with the Evangelical Church, Bazna Bazna village Sibiu c) 19.
The fortress village with Evangelical Church Commune, Sibiu Brateiu Buzd c) 20.
The fortress village with Evangelical Church Commune, Sibiu Dârlos River or Dârlos c) 21.
Village with fortress city of Mediaş Evangelical Church, village Ighişu vechi New Sibiu c) 22.
Village with fortress City Evangelical Church Dumbrăveni, Sibiu, Tarnava wines village Saroş on d) Castles, mansions, palaces, Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit d County) 1.
Bethlen-Haller Castle, Cetatea de Baltă Township, the village of Cetatea de Baltă Alba d) 2.
Bethlen Castle, Sânmiclăuş Şona Commune village Alba d) 3.
Arad Macea Castle, Macea Commune d) 4.
The fortified ensemble of Manor Township village Goleştilor, Bălileşti Goleşti, Argeş d) 5.
Bánffy Castle, Bontida village of Bontida, Cluj d) 6.
The Castle-Fortress town of Gherla, Cluj d) 7.
Castle Township, the village of Little K Monastery Cluj d) 8.
The Palace ensemble Potlogi Commune Brâncovenesc Potlogi village Dâmboviţa d) 9.
Almăj Commune Coţofenilor mansion, the front village Coţofenii Dolj d) 10.
Stone House Udrişte Township, the village of Watercress Hereşti Gallant d) 11.
The Palace of Drugănescu Commune, Floreşti district-village of Stoenesti Stoenesti Gallant d) 12.
Castle Lăzarea village, Lăzar Commune, Harghita Lăzarea d) 13.
The city of Hunedoara Hunedoara Goodfellas d) 14.
The ruins of the cneziale Court of Cândeştilor with the chapel of mills River Township, Mills River village of Hunedoara d) 15.
Cantacuzino Paşcanu City Iaşi-Paşcani d) 16.
Palace of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Commune Ruginoasa, Iaşi Ruginoasa village d) 17.
The ensemble of Church of the assumption, the mansion Cantacuzino-Dale wall enclosure, Deleni Commune, the village of Deleni Iasi d) 18.
The Palace Ensemble and the commune of Brâncovenesc Mogoşoaia, Ilfov Mogoşoaia village d) 19.
Bethlen Castle, Criş Commune, Mureş Daneş village d) 20.
Gorneşti Commune Palace Tab, Gorneşti, Mureş village d) 21.
Constantin Cantacuzino palace ruins postelnicului Gmina, the village of Calgary Calgary Fair Fair Prahova d) 22.
The mansion of the fair Filipeştii de Târg Commune Filipescu, Calgary village Fair

Prahova d) 23.
Peleş Castle ensemble Sinaia Prahova d) 24.
Lonyai Castle, Medieşu Aurit Commune, Satu Mare Medieşu Aurit Gilt village d) 25.
The castle of Satu Mare and Carei Municipality Karoly d) 26.
Bathory's castle town of Şimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj d) 27.
Rosetti's mansion-Balş Commune Codăeşti, Vaslui d Pribeşti village) 28.
Rosetti's mansion-Dinorah Soleşti Commune, the village of Soleşti, Vaslui s) Sylvie Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit e County) 1.
Brabova Commune, "Izvoranu village Brabova Dolj e) 2.
Stephen Cain Cernăteşti Commune, Dolj Cernăteşti village e) 3.
Stephen Carpenter, town of Bumbeşti Jiu-Gorj Curtişoara village e) 4.
Turcineşti Commune House Ca culă, e.5) village of Gorj Cartiu 5.
Culă House of Glogovenilor Township, the village of Glogova Glogova Gorj e) 6.
Cioabă Slivileşti Commune ", village Şiacu Gorj e) 7.
Abu Dhabi, Crăsnaru Nile Township village of Gorj Groşerea e) 8.
Casa culă Cuţui, Broşteni Commune Brosteni Mehedinţi e) 9.
Tudor Tudor Vladimirescu Commune, Mehedinţi Simian Cerneţi village e) 10.
"Duca Commune, Vâlcea Măldăreşti Măldăreşti e) 11.
Tudor Greceanu Commune, Vâlcea Măldăreşti Măldăreşti f) urban civil Buildings Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit f County) 1.
Princely Palace far from Alba Iulia, Alba) 2.
Baroque palace of Oradea Bihor) 3.
Bihor Oradea City Hall f) 4.
Buildings Ensemble "canonical String" Oradea Bihor) 5.
House of John Zidarul the city of Bistriţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud) 6.
House Silversmith Bistrita Municipality Bistriţa-Năsăud) 7.
The string Şugălete the city of Bistriţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud) 8.
Monastic Sadaf Botosani Botosani f) 9.
Council House Brasov Braşov) 10.
Hirscher Braşov Brasov f) 11.
Romanian school after finishing Brasov Braşov) 12.
Hotel "Aros" Brasov Brasov f) 13.
Old Town Theater Oravita Caraş-Severin) 14.
Matthias Corvinus House Cluj-Napoca Cluj) 15.
Banffy Palace, Cluj-Napoca Cluj) 16.
National Theatre Cluj-Napoca Cluj f) 17.
Korda Toldalagyi Palace-Cluj-Napoca Cluj) 18.
The city of Turda, Cluj House Bathory f) 19.
Hotel "Rex" Constanta-Mamaia Constanta f) 20.
Glogovenilor House far from Craiova Dolj) 21.
Governors of the city of Craiova Dolj House f) 22.
Municipality of Prefecture Dolj Craiova f) 23.
The municipality of Craiova Dolj Mihail Palace f) 24.
The administrative Palace Municipality Galati Galati f) 25.
Palace of Justice far from Galaţi, Galaţi) 26.
Magna Curia in Deva, Hunedoara) 27.
Municipality of Iasi Iasi, Dosoftei House f) 28.
Municipality of Iasi Iasi Başotă House f) 29.
Iasi Iasi Municipality House Balş) 30.
Rosetti-Palace Iasi Iasi Municipality Rahhal f) 31.
Palace of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iasi Iasi Municipality) 32.
The National Theater Iaşi Iaşi Municipality f) 33.
Palace of culture Iasi Iasi Municipality) 34.
Vlad Dracul's House far from Sighişoara Mureş f) 35.
The Deer House far from Sighişoara Mureş f) 36.
National Theatre municipality of Caracal in Olt County) 37.
Hagi Prodan House the city of Ploiesti Prahova f) 38.
The municipality of Ploiesti Prahova Central Hall f) 39.
House of Nicolae Iorga town of Vălenii de Munte, Prahova) 40.
Council Tower Sibiu Sibiu f) 41st.
Casa Thomas Johann Altenberger, Casa Lula forming a whole ancient town halls Sibiu Sibiu f) 42.
The Brukenthal Palace in Sibiu Sibiu) 43.
Hanul Domnesc Suceava Suceava f) 44.
Manuc Bucharest f) 45.
Casa Melik Bucharest f) 46.
The Ghica Palace-Tei, Bucharest) 47.
Casa Şuţu Bucharest f) 48.
Stirbei Palace Bucharest f) 49.
Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest f) 50.
"The buffet"-Bucharest Architect Mincu f) 51.
Central Girls School of Bucharest f) 52.
Justice Palace Bucharest f) 53.
Block "Aros" Bucharest f) 54.
Cotroceni Palace ensemble Bucharest f) 55.
Hotel "Boulevard" Bucharest f) 56.
Casa Vernescu Bucharest f) 57.
C.E.C. Bucharest Palace) 58.
Previous postal Palace Bucharest f) 59.
Cantacuzino Palace Bucharest f) 60.
Obi home Sun Bucharest f) 61.
Minovici Vila Bucharest f) 62.
School of architecture, Bucharest) 63.
Fraga Bucharest f) 64.
Mayoral Bucharest 65 f).
Faculty of law, Bucharest) 66.
Ministry of industries Bucharest f) 67.
Military Academy Bucharest) 68.
The Palace of the Council of Ministers Bucharest f) 69.
House of Ploieşti. Kiseleff nr. Bucharest 49 f) 70.
UCB housing Park Bucharest g) urban Ensembles Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County g) 1.
The urban ensemble fortified the city of Alba Iulia, Alba) 2.
The walled city of urban ensemble Sebes Alba 3 g).
The historic centre of Roşia Montană Commune, Alba village Roşia Montană) 4.
The historic centre of the city of Campulung Arges g) 5.
The historic centre of the city of Curtea de Arges Arges g) 6.
The urban ensemble fortified the city of Bistriţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud) 7.
The historic centre of Botosani Botosani g) 8.
The ensemble urban Brasov Brasov fortress-g) 9.
The historic centre of the city of Brăila, Brăila) 10.
Fortified urban ensemble Cluj-Napoca Cluj g) 11.
The historic centre of the town of Gherla, Cluj) 12.
The historic center of the city of Târgovişte, Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa County) 13.
The monumental ensemble created by Constantin Brancusi Targu Jiu Gorj) 14.
The urban ensemble fortified the city of Sighişoara Mureş g) 15.
The historic centre of the city of Caracal, Olt g) 16.
The urban ensemble Sibiu Sibiu Fortress) 17.
The urban ensemble fortified the city of Mediaş, Sibiu) 18.
The historic centre of the city of Timisoara, Timis 19 g).
Sulina the Sulina Town historical centre of Tulcea g) 20.
The historic center of Bucharest) Church Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County h) 1.
St. Nicholas Church, the village of the commune of Alba Babes Ghirbom h) 2.
Holy Trinity Church, Gmina, the village of Otter Goieşti Alba h) 3.
The Church Saint Archangel Ponor Commune, Alba Geogel village h) 4.
The Church Saint Archangel Vadu Moţilor Commune, Alba village Lăzeşti h) 5.
The old wooden church Saint Archangel Fărău Commune, village White Şilea h) 6.
The wooden church, village Buceava commune of the pines-Şoimuş Arad h) 7.
Church of the descent of the Holy Spirit Commune, Arad Hălmagiu Four h) 8.
Church of the Ascension, the village of Budesti Commune, Arad Pleşcuţa h) 9.
Church of the Ascension of the commune of Coseşti, the village of Arges 10 h Jupâneşti).
The Church of Vovidenia Commune, Bacău, A village of Luna h) 11.
Wooden church of the former monastery Pogleţu Pogleţ Corbasca Commune, Bacău village h) 12.
The Church Saint Archangel Pomezeu Commune, the village of Bihar Campani Pomezeu h) 13.
Church of the assumption Township Saturday, Copăceni commune, Bihor) 14.
Church of St. George the commune of Ţeţchea, Bihor Milestone village h) 15.
Church of Saint Theodore Tiron Commune, Bihor Rieni Rieni h) 16.
St. Nicholas Church, the village Sacalasău Commune, Bihor Derna h) 17.
Church of Ss. Băluşeni Township, the village of Princes Băluşeni Botosani h) 18.
Church of the assumption, Brăeşti Commune, Botoşani Brăeşti village h) 19.
The Church Saint Archangel Cremenea village of Bobâlna Commune, Cluj) 20.
Church of the descent of the Holy Spirit Commune, Cluj Mănăstireni Mănăstireni h) 21.
The Church Saint Archangel Căpuşu Mare Mare Commune, Cluj Păniceni village h) 22.
The Church Saint Archangel "on the Hill" Câţcău Commune, Cluj Sălişca village) 23.
Chinteni Commune wooden church, village Săliştea Veche Cluj h) 24.
The Church Saint Archangel Sic Sic Commune, Cluj) 25.
Bălăneşti Commune "saints" Church Princes, Bălăneşti, Gorj County) 26.
Venerable Paraskeva Church Commune, Glodeni Bălăneşti, Gorj County) 27.

St. Nicholas Church, the village Commune, Gorj Leleşti Leleşti h) 28.
Church of the entrance of the Church "Slăvuţa, Cruşeţ village Commune, Gorj County) 29.
Church of Saint Dumitru Commune, Gorj Scaffold Scaffolding village h) 30.
Sfantu Nicolae Comuna Bilbor, Harghita Bilbor village h) 31.
Church of St. George Township, the village Sândominic, Harghita Sândominic h) 32.
The Church of the former Monastery of St. Elijah from Săuceni town of Topliţa, Harghita) 33.
Venerable Church Paraskeva Mirosloveşti Commune, Iaşi Mirosloveşti village h) 34.
Church of St. George Township, the village of Iasi Dumeşti Păuşeşti h) 35.
Sfantu Nicolae Bogdan Vodă Commune, Maramureş Bogdan Voda village h) 36.
Church of St Nicholas, Budeşti Commune, Maramureş Budesti village h) 37.
Church of Nativity of the Theotokos Călineşti Commune, Maramureş village of Călineşti h) 38.
Church of Nativity of the Theotokos, the village of the commune of Ieud Ieud Maramureş h) 39.
Church of Nativity of the Theotokos ("the Hill"), the commune of Ieud, Maramures village Ieud h) 40.
The Church of St. Paraskeva Commune Jeddah, Jeddah Maramures village h) 41.
The Church Saint Archangel Plopiş Commune, Maramureş Şişeşti village h) 42.
The Church Saint Archangel Commune, Maramureş Şişeşti village Şurdeşti) 43.
The Church Saint Archangel Remetea Chioarului Commune, Maramureş Remetea Chioarului village h) 44.
The Church Saint Archangel the town of Târgu Lăpuş, Maramureş Sedge village h) 45.
The Church Saint Archangel commune of Rozavlea, Maramures village of Rozavlea h) 46.
Venerable Church Paraskeva Ocna Sugatag Commune, the village of Sat-Şugatag Maramureş h) 47.
Church of the assumption of the commune, Maramureş Săcălăşeni Hora h) 48.
St. Nicholas Church, the village of Bârsana Commune Bârsana Maramureş h) 49.
Church of Saint Dumitru town of Baia de Aramă, Mehedinţi Negoeşti village h) 50.
Church of the beheading of St. John the Baptist village Căpăţâneşti Commune, Mehedinţi Brosteni) 51.
St. Nicholas Church, the village Costeşti Commune Mehedinţi) 52.
Church of St. George Tâmna Commune, Mehedinţi Valea Ursului village h) 53.
The Church Saint Archangel Comuna Lunca, Mureş Baita village) 54.
Church of St John the Baptist, Callahan Township village of Porumbeni Mures h) 55.
The Church Saint Archangel Pănet Commune, Mureş Pănet village h) 56.
St. Nicholas Church Reghin, Mureş) 57.
The Church Saint Archangel Sărmaşu Commune, village Sarmasel-Mureş) 58.
The Church Saint Archangel, Cross village Township Găleşti, Mureş) 59.
St. Nicholas Church in Văleni Commune, Mureş Acăţari h) 60.
Wooden church of Holy Cross monastery Cozla-Dear far from Neamt Piatra-Neamţ) 61.
Transfiguration Church municipality of Piatra Neamţ, Neamţ Valeni locality h) 62.
Venerable wooden church Paraskeva Fărcaşa Commune, Neamt village of Fărcaşa h) 63.
Church of the assumption of the Gmina, the village of Olt Leleasca Leleasca h) 64.
The Church Saint Archangel Soconzel Amira Madi village Commune, Satu Mare) 65.
The Church Saint Archangel Hida Commune, Sălaj County village of Malo h) 66.
The Church Saint Archangel Românaşi Commune, village Ciumărna. h) 67.
Descent of the Holy Spirit Church of Fildu de Jos Commune, Sălaj Fildu de SUS village top h) 68.
Church of Nativity of the Theotokos Românaşi Commune, Sălaj Păuşa village) 69.
The Church Saint Archangel Românaşi Commune, Sălaj County was after 1960s when the village Gate h) 70.
St. Mary Township, village in Sălaj Lady Lady h) 71.
Church of the assumption of the Gmina, the village of Sălaj Năpradea Vădurele h) 72.
St. Nicholas Church, the village of Broşteni Commune, Suceava Brosteni) 73.
Church of Saint Spiridon Drăguşeni Commune, Suceava Drăguşeni) 74.
Entrance to the Church after Church Tradition, Putna village Commune, Suceava) 75.
Wooden church of Saint Nicholas monastery Puieşti Commune, Strâmba village Citadel Vaslui) 76.
Church of St. George, the village Commune, Vaslui Lipovăţ Lipovăţ h) 77.
St. Nicholas Church, the village of Soleşti Commune, Vaslui Ştioborăni h) 78.
Venerable wooden church, village in Apateu Commune Paraskeva Marita Vâlcea) 79.
Wooden church of the assumption of Costeşti, Vâlcea Pietreni village) 80.
Venerable Church Paraskeva Rugineşti Commune, Vrancea Rugineşti village h) 81.
Venerable wooden church Paraskeva Valea Sării Valley Salt Vrancea village i) outdoor ethnographic museums Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit i County) 1.
The Museum of viticulture and Horticulture Stefanesti Goleşti Commune, Argeş County, village i) 2.
Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca Cluj i) 3.
Etnographic Museum Curţişoara the city of Norwich, the village of Bumbeşti Curtişoara Gorj i) 4.
Ethnographic Museum of Maramures in Sighet i far from Maramures) 5.
The Museum of traditional folk Civilization Sibiu Sibiu i) 6.
Ethnographic Museum of Sydney, Sydney village Commune, Vâlcea i) 7.
The village Museum, Bucharest) monasteries No. administrative-territorial Unit Name County j) 1.
Hermitage Negru Vodă Commune, Argeş County, the village of Citizens Citizens j) 2.
The stone Crows Ravens Commune, Argeş Gutters village) 3.
The complex of churches and ancient cave village Bozioru Commune, Buzău County Albin j) 4.
The monastic ensemble in rocks: churches, spaces, galleries, city of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale village Constance j) 5.
Cave complex of Independence Township in Constanţa) 6.
Chilia lui Daniil Sihastrul Township, the village of Putna, Suceava) churches and the monastery ensembles Nr. name of administrative-territorial Unit County k) 1.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Michael, Alba Alba Iulia Municipality k) 2.
Holy Trinity Cathedral, the city of Blaj, Alba k) 3.
The former Church of the Orthodox monasteries, village Township Stremţ Geoagiu de Sus Alba k) 4.
Râmeţ monastery of Râmeţ Commune, Alba Râmeţ village 5 k).
St. George's Church, the village of the commune of Alba Lupşa Lupşa k) 6.
Sfantu Nicolae k: Zlatna, Alba City) 7.
The Evangelical Church of the town of Sebes Alba k) 8.
Hodoş Bodrog monastery Pecica, Bodrogu vechi village Commune Old Arad k) 9.
Church of the assumption of the Gmina, the village of Arad Hălmagiu Hălmagiu k) 10.
Church, city of Allepo Radna Radna Arad k) 11.
Church of St. George the city of Piteşti, Argeş) 12.
Negru Voda Monastery ensemble is the city of Campulung Arges k) 13.
St. Nicholas Church (Reign) the city of Curtea de Arges Arges) 14.
Episcopal Church of the Argeş monastery far from Curtea de Arges Arges 15 k).
The ensemble of the former Monasteries, Aninoasa Commune Aninoasa, Argeş Aninoasa k) 16.
The former Convent Băiculeşti Commune, the village of Tutana Tutana Arges 17 k).
The former Monastery Valley, Valley village Ţiţeşti Commune Monastery Arges k) 18.
Ţiţeşti Commune Hârteşti Church, village Bucşeneşti-Argeş Lotaşi k) 19.
Church of the assumption, with the ruins of his court Mareş Băjescu Băjeşti, Bălileşti Commune, Argeş County village of k) 20.
Former monastery church Bradet Brăduleţ Commune, Argeş County, the village of Bradet k) 21.
The Cotmeana monastery church Cotmeana village in Cotmeana commune, Argeş County) 22.
Precista Church Bacau Bacau k) 23.
Church of the assumption of the city of Oneşti, Bacău locality Borzesti) 24.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Oradea Bihor) 25.
The Church "with the Month" Oradea Bihor) 26.
Galaţii Bistriţei Commune Evangelical Church, the village of Bistritza Herina Bistriţa-Năsăud) 27.
St. Nicholas Church-Tower Popăuţi Botosani Botoşani) 28.
Candlemas Church Saints and Kings (Louis) Botosani Botosani k) 29.
Uspenia Church (Assumption), with the belfry Botosani Botoşani) 30.
The princely Church of St. George, with the belfry Botosani Botoşani) 31.
St. Nicholas Church, the Bell Tower with the city of Dorohoi, Botoşani) 32.
Black Church Brasov Brasov k) 33.
St. Bartholomew Church Brasov Braşov) 34.
St. Nicholas Church from Schei Brasov Braşov) 35.
The Church of St. Nicholas the Fagaras brancovan Braşov Municipality) 36.
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Rasnov Braşov) 37.
The monastery church, the village Commune brâncoveneşti Voila voila Up Braşov) 38.
Evangelical Church Commune, Braşov Şercaia Hălmeag k) 39.
The former Convent Măxineni Măxineni Măxineni village Commune in Brăila) 40.
Church of Saint Michael the Archangel municipality of Brăila, Brăila) 41.
The ensemble of the former municipality of Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County monasteries) 42.
The ensemble of former Ewi Tisău Commune Monastery village of Buzău Haleş k) 43.
The former Monastery church Plătăreşti commune of Plătăreşti, Călăraşi Plătăreşti village k) 44.
The Roman Catholic Church Saint Michael

Cluj-Napoca Cluj k) 45.
The Orthodox Cathedral Of Cluj-Napoca Cluj) 46.
Matthias reformed church Cluj-Napoca Cluj k) 47.
The monastery of Franciscans Cluj-Napoca Cluj 48 k).
Church of the assumption of the former Monasteries, Feleac Feleacu Commune Feleacu Cluj) 49.
Armenian Church of the town of Gherla, Cluj) 50.
Church of the bishopric of VAD, Feleac and Commune See village See Cluj) 51.
Mangalia mosque far from Constanţa, Mangalia, 52 k).
The ruins of the Church and the remains of the medieval complex fir tree Township, the village of Filia Covasna) 53.
The reformed church of the city of Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna Chileans village) 54.
The Roman Catholic Church Commune, Ghelinta village Ghelinta Covasna) 55.
Dealu monastery Municipality Targoviste Dâmboviţa) 56.
The princely Church Municipality Targoviste Dâmboviţa) 57.
Church of Holy Friday the city of Târgovişte Dâmboviţa) 58.
Targoviste Municipality Kirin monastery in Dâmboviţa County) 59.
Canton Church Municipality Targoviste Dâmboviţa k) 60.
The former Monastery church Cobia Cobia, Dâmboviţa Monastery village k) 61.
Bucovăţ monastery, far from Craiova Dolj Mofleni k) 62.
The former Monastery church J Podari, Dolj Green Pond village k) 63.
Precista Church municipality of Galati Galati) 64.
Comana monastery Comana Commune, the village of Harrogate) 65.
Comuna Polovragi monastery Polovragi, Gorj village Polovragi) 66.
The Tismana monastery Tismana Township, the village of Tismana, Gorj County) 67.
St. Nicholas Church, the village of the commune of Mugeni, Harghita Porumbenii Mari k) 68.
The remains of the medieval church tower and the commune of Cârţa, Harghita village of Tomeşti k) 69.
Calvini Commune, Harghita Ulieş Daia) 70.
The Roman Catholic Church, the village of the commune of Ciucsângeorgiu Armăşeni Harghita) 71.
Franciscan monastery and chapels of the Şumuleu does Little municipality of Miercurea-Ciuc, Harghita) 72.
Calvini commune of Mugeni, Harghita Mugeni village k) 73.
St. Nicholas Church, the village Commune, Hunedoara Hărău Bârsău k) 74.
Church of the assumption Crişcior Commune, Hunedoara Crişcior village 75 k).
St. Nicholas Church Commune, Hunedoara Densus Densus) 76.
Sfantu Ilie Densus, Peşteana village Commune, Hunedoara) 77.
Church of Saint Michael the Gurasada Commune, Hunedoara Gurasada village k) 78.
St. Nicholas Church, the city of Hunedoara Hunedoara k) 79.
St. Nicholas Church Commune, Hunedoara, Leşnic village Veţel k) 80.
Sfantu Nicolae Ribiţa Commune, Hunedoara Ribiţa village k) 81.
Sfantu Gheorghe Sântămăria-Orlea Commune, Hunedoara, a village of Sânpetru k) 82.
Reformed Church, formerly Orthodox Sântămăria-Orlea Commune, Hunedoara, a village Sântămăria-Orlea) 83.
Church of the assumption of the town of Călan, Hunedoara, Romania) 84.
Church of St. George, the town of Călan, Hunedoara) 85 k Streisângeorgiu.
Church of Santa Maria River Township of cnezilor Mills, the village Suseni, Hunedoara) 86.
The princely Saint Nicholas Church of Iasi Iasi Municipality k) 87.
Golia Monastery church of Iasi Iasi Municipality k) 88.
The Trei Ierarhi Church municipality of Iasi Iasi k) 89.
The Saint Sava church municipality of Iasi Iasi k) 90.
Municipality of Iasi Iasi Barnovschi Church k) 91.
Galata Monastery ensemble Iasi Iasi Municipality k) 92.
Cetăţuia Monastery ensemble Iasi Iasi Municipality) 93.
The beautiful Monastery ensemble far from Iaşi Iaşi) 94.
The ensemble of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina: Candlemas Cathedral, Church of St. George, the Metropolitan Church of the city of Iasi, Iasi, administrative buildings) 95.
Bârnova Monastery ensemble Bârnova, Iaşi Village Woods) 96.
Dobrovat Monastery church of the former Commune, Iaşi Dobrovat village Holy Spirit Descent) 97.
The Church of St. Paraskeva Cotnari Cotnari Commune, Iaşi village k) 98.
Church of St. George City of Iasi, Romania) 99.
Hlincea monastery church of the former commune of Ciurea, Iasi Hlincea village 100 k).
Church of Saint Spiridon (Round) Gmina, the village of Leţcani Leţcani Iasi k) 101.
The great synagogue of Iaşi Iaşi Municipality) 102.
The ensemble of the monastery of Snagov commune of Snagov, Ilfov Snagov village k) 103.
Motrului Monastery ensemble Mouth Butoieşti Commune, Mehedinţi village Gura Motrului k) 104.
The ensemble of the monastery town of Livingston Livingston Mehedinţi) 105.
The Izvoru Bârzii Commune Topolniţa Schitu Realizing Mehedinţi) 106.
Cloister Vodita Drobeta-Turnu Severin Mehedinţi) 107.
Church on the Hill far from Sighişoara Mureş) 108.
Church of St John the Baptist and the municipality of Piatra Neamt Neamţ) 109.
Neamţ Monastery ensemble Vânători-Neamţ Commune, Neamţ, Neamţ Monastery village) 110.
Secu Monastery ensemble Vânători-Neamţ Commune, Neamţ, Neamţ village Hunters-111 k).
Bistriţa Monastery ensemble Viişoara Commune, Bistriţa-Neamţ) 112.
St. Michael's Church, the village of Războieni Commune Războieni Neamţ) 113.
Tazlău Commune Monastery ensemble Tazlău Tazlău Neamt village) 114.
Pângăraţi monastery church Pângăraţi Commune, Neamţ Pângăraţi village 115 k).
The ensemble of the Agapia monastery Agapia, Neamt village of Agapia) 116.
The Armenian Church municipality of Roman Neamt) 117.
Brâncoveni Monastery ensemble Brâncoveni Commune, Olt Brâncoveni k village) 118.
Căluiu Monastery ensemble Commune, Olt Oboga Călui village k) 119.
Brebu Monastery ensemble Comuna Brebu, Prahova Dewi village 120 K).
The ensemble of the former monasteries, Abraham Abraham, the village Commune, Prahova Abraham k) 121.
Sinaia monastery town of Sinaia, Prahova) 122.
Reformed Church of the former commune of Acâş, benedictine monasteries Acâş Satu Mare k) 123.
Evangelical Church of St. Mary Sibiu Sibiu) 124.
Evangelical Church of Saint Margaret, with fortifications the city of Mediaş, Sibiu) 125.
The Church Saint Archangel the town of Ocna Sibiului, Sibiu) 126.
St. Nicholas Church Decatur Township, Sibiu Turnu Rosu) 127.
Evangelical Church Cisnadie fortified enclosure with the city of Sibiu, 128 k).
The former Cistercian Monastery ensemble Cârţa Commune, the village of Cârţa, Sibiu) 129.
The Evangelical Church of the city of Sibiu, Cisnadie Cisnădioara) 130.
Church of St. George Mirăuţi Suceava Suceava) 131.
The Church of the monastery of Saint John the new of Suceava Suceava) 132.
Church of Saint Dumitru Suceava Suceava) 133.
The Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Cocoons) Suceava Suceava) 134.
The monastery ensemble Zamca, Suceava Suceava) 135.
St. Nicholas Church (Bogdana) the municipality Radauti, Suceava) 136.
Holy Trinity Church in Siret, Suceava) 137.
The ruins of the Roman Catholic Church, the village Baia Baia, Suceava) 138.
Church of St. George (Alba), the village Baia Baia, Suceava) 139.
Church of the assumption, the village Baia Baia, Suceava) 140.
St. Nicholas Church, the village Bălineşti Commune, Suceava Grămeşti k) 141.
The ensemble of Putna Monastery of Putna village Commune, Suceava) 142.
The Church of St. Paraskeva Dolheşti, Suceava Dolheştii Large village) 143.
Dragomirna Monastery ensemble Commune Mitocu Mitocu and Suceava village) 144.
Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross village Township Volovăţ Volovăţ, Suceava) 145.
Church of the beheading of St. John the Baptist Udeşti Commune, Reuseni village of Suceava) 146.
All Saints Church, village Părhăuţi Commune, Suceava Todireşti k) 147.
Slatina Monastery ensemble Comuna Slatina, Slatina village of Suceava) 148.
Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross village Commune, Suceava, Pătrăuţi Pătrăuţi) 149.
Voroneţ Monastery church of the town of Gura Humorului, Voronet, Suceava) 150.
Sfantu Ilie, Şcheia Commune village Sfântu Ilie Suceava k) 151.
Church of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, the village of Arbore Commune, Suceava Tree k) 152.
Probota Monastery ensemble Commune Dolhasca, Suceava Probota village) 153.
Ruins of the old Church of St. Nicholas in Poiana Commune Dolhasca, Suceava Probota village) 154.
Humor Monastery ensemble commune of Pietra village Pietra Suceava) 155.
Ruins of the old church, the village of the commune of Pietra Pietra Suceava k) 156.
Moldoviţa Monastery ensemble Vatra Moldoviţei Commune, the village of Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava) 157.
Ruins of the old church village of Vatra Moldoviţei commune of Vatra Moldoviţei, Suceava) 158.
Râşca Commune Monastery ensemble Râşca, Râşca Suceava) 159.
Sucevita Monastery Ensemble

Comuna sucevita monastery, Suceviţa village of Suceava) 160.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Timişoara and Timiş) 161.
Three Holy hierarchs Cathedral, Timişoara and Timiş) 162.
The ensemble of the monastery village of the commune of Banloc Partos Partos Timis) 163.
The Church Saint Archangel Commune, Timiş Banloc Partos) 164.
Church of the Transfiguration monastery Poor Township, the village of Şemlacu Mare Gătaia Small Timis k) 165.
The Basilica with the crypt (martirium), the village of Niculiţel Niculiţel Tulcea) 166.
Church of Saint Athanasius, village of Niculiţel Niculiţel Tulcea) 167.
Ali Gazi Paşa mosque town of Babadag in Tulcea County) 168.
The princely Church St John the Baptist, Vaslui Vaslui Municipality) 169.
Mănăstirea Arnota Bistriţa, Costeşti, Vâlcea village 170 k).
Mănăstirea Bistriţa, Costeşti, Vâlcea Bistritsa village) 171.
The ensemble of the monastery Cozia Călimăneşti Căciulata City, Vâlcea) 172.
Bolniţei Church of the monastery Cozia Călimăneşti Căciulata City, Vâlcea) 173.
Nativity of the Theotokos Church of the town of Călimăneşti, Vâlcea Ostrov Hermitage k) 174.
The ensemble of the monastery from a Commune in Vâlcea County, Dezrobiţi village Frânceşti k) 175.
Fedeleşoiu Dăeşti Commune, Hermitage village Fedeleşoiu, Vâlcea) 176.
Govora Monastery ensemble Mihăeşti Commune, Vâlcea, Govora) 177.
Horezu Monastery Horezu City ensemble, the Romans Down Vâlcea) 178.
Entrance to the Church, St John the Baptist Church, and the town of Horezu, Vâlcea Urşani village k) 179.
Mamul Lungeşti Commune Monastery ensemble, Stăneşti, Vâlcea Meadow village-180 k).
Church of the assumption, Lungeşti Commune Stăneşti, Vâlcea Meadow village-181 k).
Schitu Cornetu Commune Racoviţa, Vâlcea village Tuţuleşti k) 182.
The former monastery Dobruşa Commune, Vovidenia Church, the village of Ştefăneşti, Vâlcea Dobruşa k) 183.
The former Monastery ensemble Mera Mera, Mera village Commune, Vrancea County) 184.
Armenian Church of the city of Focsani, Vrancea County) 185.
Curtea Veche Church Bucharest) 186.
Church Mărcuţa Bucharest) 187.
Mihai Vodă Church Bucharest) 188.
Radu Voda, Bucharest) 189.
View, towards Plumbuita Monastery ensemble Bucharest) 190.
Bucharest Patriarchate Church k) 191.
Moses Church Bucharest) 192.
Fundenii Doamnei Church Bucharest) 193.
Stavropoleos Church Bucharest) 194.
Creţulescu Church Bucharest) 195.
Church Bucharest) 196.
Church Colţei Bucharest) 197.
Synagogue (Museum of the history of the Jewish community) Bucharest l) industrial Architecture; horse facilities of communication No. administrative-territorial Unit Name County l) 1.
Roman mining galleries of auriferous mining of Roşia Montană Commune, Alba village Roşia Montană) 2.
Furnace Municipality of Resita Caraş-Severin) 3.
The bridge "Engineer Anghel Saligny" city of Cernavoda Constance l) 4.
The old Adamul mine Baia de Criş Commune, Hunedoara, Baia de Criş village l) 5.
Old furnace Ghelari Commune, Hunedoara Govăjdia village l) 6.
Mine Gallery "Rungs" operation Stork Coffeeville, mining village of Ruda-Brad, Hunedoara) 7.
Furnace town of Călan, Hunedoara) 8.
Târgu Frumos City station Târgu Frumos Iasi) 9.
Stone Bridge Township village of Ştefan cel Mare, Vaslui, Cănţălăreşti) 10.
Malaxa Bucharest plants l) 11.
Ford subsidiary Bucharest (Bucharest)) 12.
Gara Filaret Bucharest) 13.
Moara lui Asan Bucharest) monuments of folk architecture (housing village) no administrative-territorial Unit Name County m) 1.
Wooden houses-19th century village Township, Otter Goieşti Alba m) 2.
Houses-the 18th century-19th century Roşia Montană Commune, Alba village Roşia Montană m) 3.
Houses-the 18th-century village of Vadu Moţilor Commune and Vadu Moţilor commune, Alba, m) 4.
Markham House Avram Iancu, Avram Iancu, Alba m) 5.
House H Talens Budeasa village Budeasa Mare, Argeş) 6.
Turcineşti Commune House Ca, Cartiu village Gorj m) 7.
Gates Township, the village of Brădeşti szekler people Burhanpur Harghita m) 8.
House of wood Dale Vasile Bogdan Vodă Commune, Santa Village Bogdan Vodă Maramureş m) 9.
Wooden house Inder Township, the village of Deseşti Maramures Harnicesti m) 10.
Şişeşti Commune House, Polina Omir Şişeşti village Mehedinţi) 11.
Wooden house Maria Izvoru Bârzii Commune Mug Schitu Realizing Mehedinţi m) 12.
Casa Pinto Strejeşti Commune, the village of Strejeştii de Sus, Olt) 13.
His Mărcuţ House James Gallegos Călineşti-Oaş Township, the village of Călineşti-Oaş Satu Mare m) 14.
Household Matisievici E Demacuşa village of the commune of Moldoviţa, Suceava) 15.
Complex household with reinforced Veruleac M detour Breaza Breaza de Sus, Suceava) traditional rural Ensembles Nr. name of administrative-territorial Unit n County) 1.
Dârstă with pivă Gmina, the village of Rucăr, Argeş Rucăr n) 2.
Mills and vâltori Prigor Commune, Caraş-Severin Putna village) 3.
Mills Township Ciclova Romanian Caraş-Severin) 4.
Bălăneşti Hill cellars, Glodeni Commune, Gorj County) 5.
Three wooden Mills Ponoarele Commune should remark village Ponoarele Mehedinţi) 6.
His cellar Priseaca Commune, the village of Paws Buiceşti, Olt) 7.
Watermill Ţifeşti Commune, Vrancea Vităneşti village 2. Monuments and archaeological sites of the Paleolithic) Complex No. Name administrative-territorial Unit of the County) 1.
Settlement from the Palaeolithic (in the section "Malu Yellow") village of Mitoc Commune, Botoşani to Mitoc) 2.
Palaeolithic Settlement (the "Fountainhead") Gmina, the village of Botoşani Ripiceni Ripiceni a) 3.
Vestiges of habitation from Neolithic eras: epipaleolitic, eneolithic and bronze (in the "Cave of Thieves") Baile Herculane Caraş-Severin of) 4.
Levels of habitation from middle Paleolithic and postpaleolitic gear especially from quartz (the "Women Cave") Baia de Fier Commune, Gorj County village of Baia de Fier) 5.
Musteriană habitation levels (in the "Cave of the big Board") Gmina, the village of Ohaba Ponor Chicken Hunedoara) 6.
Cave with cave painting from the Upper Paleolithic (the stone quarry), Letca Commune, Sălaj Lady b) Neolithic and eneolithic Settlement Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit b County) 1.
Tell the Neolithic Cucuteni-Precucuteni and cultures (the "Hill of Ali") Gmina, the village of Bridges Bridges 2 Bacau b).
Settlement-Cucuteni Commune, Bacău Zăpodia village b) 3.
Settlement-Cucuteni culture (the "Hill of Paprika") village of Frumuşica Commune, Botoşani Rădeni b) 4.
The Neolithic settlement of Town type tell Hârsova Constance b) 5.
The eponymous settlement of Cucuteni culture (the "Mill City"), the commune of Cucuteni, Iaşi Băiceni village b) 6.
Settlement-Cucuteni culture (in the section "At Silişte") Gmina, the village of Devil's Hăbăşeşti Iasi b) 7.
Settlement-Cucuteni culture (in "Citadel Frumuşica") Township, Bodeştii village Four bottom Neamţ b) 8.
Settlement-Cucuteni culture (in the section "Sandy Hill"), the village of Ghelăieşti Township Bârgăuani Neamţ b) 9.
Settlement-Cucuteni and Dacian fortress Soimului Commune, Neamţ b Soimului) 10.
Settlement-Cucuteni culture (the "Hill of Fountains") Zăneşti Commune, Neamt village of Traian b) 11.
Neolithic Telluri (eponymous Hamangia culture settlement), tumuli funerari village Baia Baia, Tulcea c) settlements and necropolises from the bronze age no. administrative-territorial Unit Name County c) 1.
The fortified settlement, the eponymous settlement of culture (in "Citadel") With the Ottoman village Commune, Bihor, c) 2.
The eponymous settlement to Monteoru culture (Middle Bronze), settlement of Cucuteni, necropolis of cremation; vestiges of habitation (in "Citadel") of Merei Commune, village Sarata Monteoru Buzau c) 3.
Necropolises materialized in the final bronze age-group of the village the village Commune, the village Village Style c) 4.
The eponymous settlement of Said (bronze final) and settlements belonging to top culture Said the Township Said top, top village Said Maramureş c) 5.
The eponymous settlement culture Gârla Mare (Middle Bronze) ("The Gârloasca") village Gârla Mare Commune, Mehedinţi Gârla Mare c) 6.
Settlement-Monteoru culture; Dacian settlement (in "Citadel"), Dumbrăveni Commune, Vrancea Cândeşti d) village Fortifications and settlements from the first iron age (hallstattiene) no administrative-territorial Unit Name County d) 1.
Ciugud Commune, village fortification Teleac Alba d) 2.
Centre Township, the village of Santana Santana, Arad


d) 3.
Fortification (the "Hill of Bade") Mihai Eminescu Commune, Botoşani Stânceşti State d) 4.
Fortification (eponymous settlement for Babadag) town of Babadag in Tulcea County d) 5.
The town of Babadag in Tulcea County getic settlement d) 6.
The Roman fortification town of Babadag in Tulcea County d) 7.
The fortification hallstattiană (in the section "stone's Sava) Gmina Mahmudia, Tulcea Beştepe village d) 8.
Getic Fortress (in "Citadel"), the commune of Mahmudia, Tulcea Beştepe village d) 9.
Beidaud, Ramsel village fortification Beidaud Tulcea Dacian Fortifications e) Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit e County) 1.
Dacian fortification (in "The Citadel") Comuna, Alba Căpâlna e) 2.
Dacian fortification; tumulară necropolis (in "Cetăţuie") the town of Cugir, Alba e) 3.
Dacian fortress Apoulon (in the section "Piatra Craivii") the commune Craiva Cricău village Alba e) 4.
For example, ancient; Archaeological complexes representing successive settlements from Neolithic (Cucuteni-B) and bronze (Monteoru Costişa and culture) ("Zargidava"), village of the commune of Brad Bacău e) 5.
Dava ancient Tamasidava; tumulară necropolis; bronze age fortification, Monteoru culture (in the section "Cetăţuie"), village Horgeşti Commune Răcătău bottom Bacău e) 6.
Dacian sanctuaries the fortification area, Gmina, the village of Augustin Ormeniş Brasov e) 7.
Dacian for example (in the section "Cetăţuie"), the commune of Verneşti, Cârlomâneşti village of Buzău e) 8.
Dacian fortress and settlement (the "Grade"), the commune of Pojejena Divici village of CARAS-Severin e) 9.
For example, DAC (the "Valea lui Voicu") village of Oltina Commune, Constanţa, Satu Nou s) 10.
DAC for example (in the section "Vadul Cows") village of Oltina Commune, Constanţa, Satu Nou s) 11.
Dacian fortification with stone walls (in the "Verele") Sânzieni Caşinu Small Village Covasna e) 12.
Dacian fortification with 3 terraces surrounded with stone walls (in "the Valley of the Fairies ' hill of flowers) the town of Covasna Covasna e) 13.
Dacian fortress Coţofenii Township from Dos, Dos e Coţofenii from Dolj) 14.
Dacian Fortress (in "The Cucuioara"), village Bâzdana Calopăr Commune Dolj e) 15.
Geto-Dacian fortress-settlement; tumulară necropolis (in the section "At Wagga Wagga") the commune of Mihăileşti, Giurgiu village of Popeşti e) 16.
Geto-Dacian fortification; settlement (the "cross of Ursache") City, the village of Gorj Polovragi Polovragi e) 17.
Dacian fortress with a stone wall, 3 grooves and ripples of land (the "Hill of Desag") under the Zetea Commune, Harghita e Fortress village) 18.
Dacian fortification complex wave of Earth, stone walls and towers from ecarisată; sanctuaries of type alignment Orăştioara de SUS Commune de Sus Costeşti village Hunedoara e) 19.
Dacian fortification with walls and towers of stone ecarisată (in the section "High Fortress") Gmina, the village of upper Orăştioara de SUS Costeşti Gulshan-e) 20.
Dacian fortification consists of two enclosures with stone walls and towers from ecarisată (in the section "Bosun") Gmina, the village of upper Orăştioara de SUS Costeşti Gulshan-e) 21.
The capital of the political, cultural and religious concerns of Dacia, Sarmizegetusa (in the section "Grădiştii Hill") top, Orăştioara de SUS Commune gradistea de Munte Gulshan-e) 22.
Dacian fortification with walls and lookout towers from blocks of stone ecarisată (in the section "Tip his Hulpe") top, Orăştioara de SUS Commune gradistea de Munte Gulshan-e) 23.
Dacian settlement fortified with stone blocks ecarisată (in the section "White Faces") top, Orăştioara de SUS Commune gradistea de Munte Gulshan-e) 24.
Dacian fortification with towers of stone and enclosure ecarisată; medieval stone enclosure with Earth Boşorod Commune, Hunedoara Luna e village) 25.
Dacian fortification with walls and towers of stone ecarisată, platforms, Sanctuary (in the section "stone Fortress") Băniţa Commune, Hunedoara Băniţa village e) 26.
Thraco-getic Fortress (in "Greg Hill"), the commune of Cotnari, Cotnari village Iasi e) 27.
Dacian Fortress (the "Hill of Cozla") the city of Piatra Neamţ, Neamţ e) 28.
Dacian fortress-settlement (the "Hill of Batca Doamnei") the city of Piatra Neamţ, Neamţ e) 29.
Dacian fortress with two towers-dwelling (in section "Cătinaş Hill") Gmina, the village of Sibiu Tilisca Tilisca e) 30.
Geto-Dacian fortress town of Zimnicea Teleorman e) 31.
Tumulară necropolis and flat; bronze age necropolis; medieval settlement and necropolis (the "Field of the dead"), the town of Zimnicea Teleorman e) 32.
Getic fortress village of Mahmudia Commune, Tulcea Beştepe e) 33.
Thraco-getic Fortress (in "Citadel Mogoşeşti") burning, Burning village Commune in Vaslui 34 e).
Thraco-getic Fortress (the "Grain Hill") Buneşti-Avereşti, Vaslui Buneşti village e) 35.
Buridava, complex civil settlements placed around the fortified heights with terraces, Palisades and defensive towers (in the section "Cosota") the city of Johannesburg, town Ocnita Vâlcea) burial vaults and sacred areas-the iron age Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit f County) 1.
Tumulară necropolis of cremation of Ferns-type Tigveni (in section "Topliţa") Comuna Poiana Lacului, Argeş Cepari village f) 2.
Tumulară necropolis of cremation (in the section "Bălteni") Gmina, the village of Arges Tigveni Tigveni f) 3.
Funerari tumuli area; grave tumular Cucuteni village of Cucuteni Commune Iasi f) 4.
Sacred area-ritual pits; Dacian settlement (the "Hill City") the city of Sighişoara Mureş) 5.
Ritual pits Dacian area; fortified enclosure with val and ditch (in the section "Măgura Hill") Mirşid Commune, Sălaj Moigrad village f) 6.
Alignments of tumuli funerari tumuli and Valea Nucarilor isolated the village of Agighiol Tulcea f) 7.
Tumulară necropolis of cremation-the eponymous settlement group Ferns-Bârseşti Costeşti, Costeşti, Vâlcea village f) 8.
Tumulară necropolis of cremation-the eponymous settlement group Bârseşti-Ferns (in the section "Dumbăvii vineyard Lake"), the village Commune Vrancea Bârseşti Bârseşti g) and related civil settlements Castra; Romanian-Byzantine fortification Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County g) 1.
The roman camp of Legio XIII Gemina municipality of Alba Iulia, Alba) 2.
Stone castrum Jidava; canabae; Earth camp far from Câmpulung, Argeş County) 3.
Stone castrum; canabae (point "Over walls") the city of Caransebes, village of Jupa Caraş-Severin) 4.
The municipality of roman Timiș River (at the point "Pond") the city of Caransebes Caraş-Severin) 5.
Castra; canabae (in "Citadel") the city of Turda, Cluj) 6.
The roman town of Turda, Cluj Municipality Potaissa) 7.
Castra Gilău commune of Gilău, Cluj Gilau village g) 8.
Castra Căşeiu Commune, Cluj Căşeiu Căşeiu g) 9.
The Roman fortification and the Roman-Byzantine; port reception facilities; civil settlement; roman military camp, the village of Topalu Commune Capidava Constance g) 10.
Sacidava (the "Haarlem") Gmina, the village of Breeding Constance Corey g) 11.
Getic fortress; the early medieval fortress (in the section "Muzait Hill"), the commune, the village Occupying Constance Corey g) 12.
The Roman fortress town of Cernavodă Axiopolis Constance g) 13.
The Roman fortress city of Carsium Hârsova Constance g) 14.
The Roman Fortress of Sucidava Lipniţa Commune, Constanţa Springs Village) 15.
The Roman-Byzantine Canero Township Gârliciu village Gârliciu Constance g) 16.
Camp and civil settlement of Tirighina Municipality Galati Galati Bearded g) 17.
Roman castrum, civil settlement, terme, Amphitheater, temples, necropolises, customs, housing postromană Gmina, the village of Veţel Hunedoara Veţel g) 18.
The ruins of the roman city with the rank of municipality and then colonia Drobeta-Turnu Severin Mehedinţi) 19.
Trajan's bridge, the ruins of the roman castrum of the Kurhaus and the city of Drobeta-Turnu Severin Mehedinţi) 20.
The ruins of the medieval church at Drobeta-Turnu Severin Mehedinţi) 21.
Archaeological ensemble of Porolissum City: two roman Castra, Porolissum, sanctuaries, the Amphitheater; defensive towers of observation (in "Orchard", "Diva Lady", "happiness" Hill, "Poiana") Mirşid Commune, Sălaj County village of Omurtag Moigrad-g) 22.
Castra Buciumi Commune Buciumi, Sălaj village Buciumeni g) 23.
The Roman-Byzantine public baths; civil settlement on the island; medieval fortress (the "small church") Gmina, the village of Tulcea Jijila Garvăn g) 24.
The Roman Fortress of Noviodunum, getic settlement, the medieval settlement (the "Old Pier") the city of Tulcea, Isaccea) 25.
The Roman Fortress Salsovia Gmina, the village of Mahmudia Mahmudia Tulcea) 26.
Halmyris Murighiol of Tulcea, Murighiol village) 27.
The fortress Became the commune of Murghiol, Dunavăţu de Jos village in Tulcea County) 28.
The Roman fortress town of Tulcea Arrubium Măcin g) 29.
The Roman Fortress Beroe (in section "Piatra Frecăţei") Township, the village of Ostrov Guildtown g) 30.
The Roman Fortress and Roman-Byzantine Ibida (Libida); Christian basilica; Monastery (the "Fortress of the girl"), the commune of Slava Cercheză, Slava village in Tulcea County) 31.
The Roman Fortress Aegyssus Municipality of Tulcea Tulcea g) 32.

Thraco-getic fortress; the roman city; two Roman-Byzantine fortresses (in "Igliţa"), village Turcoaia Turcoaia Tulcea) 33.
Castra Arutela (the "Poiana Bivolari") the city Calimanesti Caciulata, Valcea) ancient cities Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County h) 1.
Apulum; Roman towns and Colonia Colonia Nova Apulensis Aurelia Apulensis (in section "Partos") the city of Alba Iulia, Alba) 2.
Vestiges of the ancient city-wall enclosure, housing, neighborhood housing the roman Forum, Cluj-Napoca Cluj h) 3.
The ancient city of Tomis Constanta Constanta h) 4.
Tropaeum Traiani-Roman Fortress and Roman-Byzantine Adamclisi Commune, the village of Adamclisi Constance h) 5.
The city and the civil settlement of the commune of Istria, Histria village Istria Constance h) 6.
The ancient city of Callatis Mangalia Town Constance h) 7.
Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa-the capital of the Roman province Dacia Traiana Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa Commune, Hunedoara) 8.
The ancient city Sucidava, geto-Dacian settlement town of Corabia, Olt) 9.
The roman city of Romula, capital of Dacia Malvensis, on the site of the geto-Dacian fortress village of Reşca, Dobrosloveni Commune, Olt) 10.
The ancient fortress Orgame/Monument-Greek colony and later roman, Byzantine and Roman (the "Cape Dolojman"), village of Jurilovca Village Tulcea i) Buildings No. administrative-territorial Unit Name County i) 1.
Triumphal monument "Tropaeum Traiani" Adamclisi Commune, the village of Adamclisi Constance i) 2.
Tomb with Constanta Constanta painting i) 3.
Mosaic-tiled edifice Tomis Constanta Constanta i) 4.
The complex of Roman baths with thermal water Germisara Geoagiu Hunedoara, Geoagiu village i) 5.
The paleo-Christian basilica with the crypt Niculiţel, village of Niculiţel Tulcea i) 6.
The early medieval church treflată Niculiţel, village of Niculiţel Tulcea) identified on the basis of medieval monuments, Archaeological Researches Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County j) 1.
The remains of the residence of the family Borsa; the monastic complex (in the section "Boţocana Hill") Gmina, the village of Falcons Jersey City of Beius, Bihor) 2.
Fortified church and necropolis (the "Hill of the fortress"), Ciclova Romanian Commune Ilidia Caraş-Severin) 3.
Medieval architectural ensemble: Church Rotunda type; fortified dwelling; necropolis (in the section "Obliţa Hill"), Ciclova Romanian Commune Ilidia Caraş-Severin) 4.
The fortified medieval complex (the "fortress"), Under the village Commune, Cluj Under j) 5.
The Byzantine Fortress (the "Sun Păcuiul") Township, the village of Ostrov Constanta) 6.
Cave complex consisting of 6 bisericuţe, galleries, burial vaults, tombs of Constanta town of Basarabi) 7.
The remains of the medieval town "Fairman fair" ("The monastery") Mirpur, Mirpur village Commune, Ialomiţa) 8.
The ensemble of medieval vestiges from the hearth of the City Municipality of Iasi Iasi) 9.
The foundations of his Church cneziale Dragoş Vodă commune of Giuleşti, Maramureş Giuleşti village j) 10.
The new fortress of the village Commune, Neamţ Sagna Gâdinţi j) 11.
Boyar courtyard with church and necropolis (in the section "Brătuleţ"), village of the commune of Neamţ Grumăzeşti Smooth j) 12.
(In "The Ciugă"), the commune of Ceraşu, Slon village Prahova) 13.
The city in a quiet part of the commune Board It, the village of Slon Prahova) 14.
Şcheia, Suceava Suceava Citadel j) 15.
The ruins of the Church and of the Court ' (in the section "Silişte") Gmina, the village of Suceava Volovăţ Volovăţ k) archaeological sites, nature reserves covering with levels of housing on long periods-settlements and necropolises Nr. Designation of the administrative-territorial Unit County k) 1.
Fortification and geto-Dacian settlement; medieval settlement and fortification remnants from 3 churches (in "Citadel"), the commune, Argeş County, the village of Citizens Citizens k) 2.
Settlement and burial vaults (the "Hill of the vineyards") the city of Sighisoara, Mures Vineyards locality k) 3.
Târgşor-archaeological reserve settlements from the Neolithic age, iron, castrum and Roman necropolis terme, Santana-Cerneahov, medieval remains (in the section "The Monastery"), the commune, the village's old Târgşoru vechi Old Târgşoru vechi, Prahova) 4.
31 sites of Neolithic, bronze age eras:, Dacian; daco-Roman complex, important Craft Center, Ipoteşti-Cândeşti settlements, medieval remains (in "points To" Formerly Silişte "", Buroiu "Well" At his) Gmina, the village of Fântânele, Prahova Vadu Dug k) 5.
Settlements and necropolises, the village of Brăteiu Township Brăteiu Sibiu) 6.
Archaeological remains from different eras: settlement of Cucuteni, "necropolis bastarnică; DAC necropolis; carpică: necropolis and tombs of Sarmatian settlement "Sântana de Mureş-Cerneahov" (the "Hill of Linden trees"), Poieneşti Commune, Vaslui Poieneşti village. Administrative-territorial UNITS with VERY HIGH CONCENTRATION of BUILT HERITAGE with CULTURAL VALUE of NATIONAL INTEREST administrative-territorial Unit County ALBA Alba Iulia, Aiud Municipalities, Cities of Blaj Câmpeni, Abrud, Cugir, Sebes, Teiuş, Zlatna Common Avram Iancu, Babes, Bucium, Câlnic, Cetatea de Baltă, Ciugud Cricău Daia Fărău Romanian, Galda de Jos, Gârbova Ighiu, Jidvei, Lupşa, put your New, Hamid A., Ling, Pianu, Ponor, Rădeşti, Râmeţ, Roşia Montană , Săliştea, Săsciori, Sântimbru, Stremţ, Şona, Vadu Moţilor, otter, Vinţu de Jos.


Lipova, ARAD Arad Municipalities Cities, Nădlac, Pâncota Common Pines, Fântânele, Gurahonţ, Hălmagiu, Pecica, Pleşcuţa, Santana, Şeitin, Zăbrani.


ARGEŞ Piteşti, Câmpulung Municipalities, Curtea de Arges Common Aninoasa, Arefu, Băiculeşti, Bălileşti, Brăduleţ, Individual citizens, Ravens, Coşeşti, Karen, Caught, Though, Mălureni, Moşoaia, Muşăteşti, Pietroşani, Aberystwyth, Rucăr, Ştefăneşti, Tigveni, Ţiţeşti.


Oneşti, Bacău, BACĂU COUNTY municipalities, Cities, Moineşti, Comăneşti Târgu Ocna Common Bârsăneşti, Bereşti-Tazlău Berzunţi, Bogdăneşti, Facilitators, Căiuţi Corbasca, Gura Văii, Livezi, Horgeşti, Mărgineni, blacks, Nicolae Bălcescu, bridges, Sănduleni, Stay, Ştefan cel Mare, Târgu Trotuş.


BIHOR Oradea, Beiuş Joint Municipiums Fort Towns, Derna, Drăgăneşti, Girişu de Criş, Pomezeu, Răbăgani, Remetea, Rieni, with outstanding, Saturdays, Sântandrei, Falconry, Ţeţchea, Uileacu de Beiuş.


Bistriţa-NĂSĂUD, Bistriţa, Beclean Cities Joint Municipiums Budacu de Jos, Darla, Galaţii Bistriţei Bistrita, Adventuring, Mărişelu, Milaş, Sieu-Măgheruş, Sieu-Odorhei.


Dorohoi Of Botosani, ROMANIA Joint Municipiums Băluşeni, Brăeşti, Woodland Hills, Corni, Curteşti, Frumusica, Lafave, Mihai Eminescu, Mitoc, Ripiceni, Văculeşti, Biographer Of Field, Vlădeni.


BRASOV Braşov, Făgăraş Municipalities Cities Of Codlea, Săcele Rasnov, Rupea, Beclean, Zărneşti Common Bod, Bran, Buneşti, Caţa, Camacho, Dumbrăviţa, Feldioara, Hălchiu, Harman, Homorod Jibert, Lisa, Moieciu Ormeniş, Prejmer, Sânpetru, Şercaia, Şoarş, Voila, Vulcan.


BRĂILA, Brăila Măxineni Joint Municipalities.


BUZĂU, Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County Municipalities Municipalities Bozioru Merei Tisău Verneşti.


Caraş-SEVERIN, Resita, Caransebes Municipalities Towns Of Anina, Baile Herculane, Bocsa, Moldova Noua, Oravita, Berzasca, Common Bănia Bozovici Caraşova Ciclova Eftimie Murgu, Romanian, Păltiniş, Pojejena, Coronini, Prigor Sichevita Commune, Târnova.


CALARASI Municipals Oltenita Common Plătăreşti.


Municipalities of CLUJ, Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Dej, Gherla Huedin Cities Common Aghireşu, Aiton, Apahida, Baciu, Bonţida, † Căianu Căpuşu Mare Mare, Căşeiu, Câţcău, Chinteni, Ciurila, Jacquie, Dăbâca, Feleacu, Floreşti, Gârbău, Gilău, Iara, Körösfő, Mănăstireni, Mica, Mintiu Gherlii, Petreştii de Jos, Poieni, Tordaszentlászló, Sânpaul, Sic, Tureni, See.


CONSTANTA Constanta, Mangalia Municipalities, Cities of Cernavoda, Medgidia Basarabi, Eforie, Techirghiol Adamclisi Hârsova, Common, Abdallah, Gârliciu Independence, Istria, Lipniţa, Mircea Vodă, Oltina, Ostrov, Wears White, Rasova, Tait, Tuzla, Valu lui Traian.


Sfântu Gheorghe-COVASNA Municipalities Towns Covasna, Târgu Secuiesc, Joint Fir Tree Ghelinţa Ilieni, Sânzieni, Turia.


DÂMBOVIŢA COUNTY Municipalities Târgovişte Fieni, Pucioasa Cities Common, Aninoasa, Brăneşti Bărbuleţu Buciumeni, Cândeşti, Cobia, Doicesti, Glodeni, Gura Ocniţei, Malu, Moroeni, Pietroşiţa Moţăieni, cimislia, Potlogi, Pucheni, Răzvad, Runcu, Şotânga, Voineşti, Vulcana-Băi.


DOLJ, Craiova, Calafat Joint Municipiums Almăj Brabova, Calopăr, Cernăteşti, Coţofenii from Dos, Podari, Şimnicu de SUS upper Sopot, Ţuglui.


Galaţi-GALAŢI Municipalities.


GALLANT Municipalities Gallant



Comana, Mihăileşti Common Cities Floresti-Stoenesti, Borders.


Târgu Jiu, GORJ COUNTY Municipalities Bumbeşti-Jiu Joint Cities Alimpeşti, Aninoasa, Arcani, Baia de Fier, Bălăneşti, Bengeşti-Ciocadia, Bistra, Bumbeşti-Piţic Cruşeţ, Glogova, Leleşti, Padeş Peştişani, Polovragi, Roşia de Amaradia Prigoria, Runcu, Samarineşti, Săcelu scaffoldings, crust, Slivileşti, Stăneşti, Teleşti, Tismana, Turcineşti.


HARGHITA COUNTY Municipalities Of Miercurea-Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc Towns Gooty, Borsec, Gheorgheni, Topliţa Common Bilbor Brădeşti, Ciucsângeorgiu, 1611, Dârjiu, Sărmaş, Gălăuţaş, Feliceni, Lăzarea, Mugeni, Sărmaş, Sândominic, Suseni, Ulieş, Zacky.


HUNEDOARA, Hunedoara, Deva Municipalities Orăştie, Haţeg Călan Cities, Fir, Common Baia de Criş, Baru, Boşorod Băniţa, Cârjiţi, Crişcior, Densus, Geoagiu, Ghelari, Gurasada Hărău, Orăştioara de SUS top, Peştişu, Chicken Little, the Răchitova River, Assuit, mills, Ribiţa Sarmizegetusa, Sălaşu de Sus, Sântămăria-Orlea, Hateg, Topliţa, Unirea, vata de Jos, Veţel.


IALOMIŢA Common Mirpur.


IAŞI, Paşcani Municipalities Cities Hârlău, Târgu Frumos Common Bârnova, Ciurea, Cotnari, Cucuteni, Deleni, Dobrovăţ, Dumeşti, Heleşteni, Leţcani, Miroslava, Mirosloveşti, Ruginoasa, Silvia.


Mogoşoaia, ILFOV Common Snagov.


Baia Mare, MARAMURES COUNTY Municipalities of Sighetu Marmatiei Cities Hyderabad, Borsa, Abu Dhabi, Târgu Lăpuş, Vişeu de Sus, Bogdan Vodă Common Bârsana, Budesti, Cresti, Călineşti, Copalnic-Mănăştur Cerneşti, Cupşeni Deseşti,,, Team, Giuleşti, Thick, Ieud, Lăpuş, Mireşu Mare Mare, Ocna Şugatag, Jeddah, Remetea Chioarului Săcălăşeni Săcel, Rozavlea, Strâmtura Suciu de Sus, Şişeşti Şomcuta Mare,, Bawal, Vadu Izei, Vişeu de Jos.


MEHEDINŢI Municipalities Drobeta-Turnu Severin Cities Baia de Aramă, Strehaia Common Pond, Brezniţa-Ocol, Broşteni, Butoieşti, Gârla Mare, Izvoru Bârzii Ponoarele Simian, Şişeşti, Tâmna.


Targu Mures, MURES COUNTY Municipalities Reghin, Sighişoara, Luduş, Iernut Târnăveni Towns Common Acăţari, Adămuş, Apold Aţintiş Bahnea Batoş, pălatca, Bălăuşeri, Békés, Rich, Ceuaşu de Câmpie, Brâncoveneşti, Cucerdea Cuci Daneş,,,,, Gorneşti Găleşti, Nades, Pănet, Păsăreni, Saschiz, Mures, Sâncraiu de Sarmasu, Suseni, hunters.


NEAMŢ Municipalities Piatra Neamţ, Târgu Neamţ-Roman Cities Common Agapia, Four Bălţăteşti Bârgăuani, Crăcăoani, Borleşti, Dragomireşti, Dobreni, Girov, Fărcaşa, Pângăraţi, Grumăzeşti,, Soimului, Războieni, Roznov, Sagna, Săvineşti, Ştefan cel Mare, Neamţ Tazlău-Hunters, Viişoara, Zăneşti.


Slatina, Caracal, OLT Municipalities Towns Common Ship Brâncoveni, Curtişoara, Dobrosloveni, Gârcov Giuvărăşti, Leleasca Oboga Priseaca, Strejeşti.


PRAHOVA Ploieşti, Câmpina Municipalities Cities Azuga, busteni, Breaza, Comarnic, Sinaia, Slănic, Vălenii de Munte, Brebu, Common Ester Ceraşu, Cornu, Drajna, Fântânele, Calgary, Fair Springs, mountain resort, Poseşti, Starchiojd Teişani, Târgşoru vechi Old.


SATU MARE, Satu Mare And Carei Municipalities Municipalities Acâş Călineşti-Oaş, Medieşu Aurit, Amira Madi.


Zalau SALAJ Allahabad Towns Municipalities, Jibou, Şimleu Silvaniei Common Agrij Almaşu, Bălan, Buciumi, Crasna, Creaca Cuzăplac Darby, Fildu de SUS, Hida Horoatu Crasnei,, Lady, Meseşenii, Mirşid, Năpradea Românaşi, Sânmihaiu Almaşului Sălăţig Someş-Odorhei.


SIBIU Sibiu, Mediaş Municipalities Cities Agnita, Avrig, cisnadie, Ocna Sibiului, Dumbrăveni, Metropolitan Municipalities Alţâna, bottom Apoldu de Jos Arpaşu de Jos, Atel, Ikeja, Bazna, Bârghiş, Biertan, Brăteiu, Bradford, Bruiu Chirpăr Cristian, 1611, Dârlos Hoghilag, river mouth, Honey, Iacobeni, Marpod Merghindeal Micăsasa, Boughton, Mihăileni, Mosna, Nocrich, Poplaca, Porumbacu de Jos, Racoviţă, Roşia, Sibiu, Sadu, Sălişte Slimnic Şeica Mare,, Şelimbăr Şura Mare,, Şura Mică,, Tilisca, Vizag, Valea Viilor Vurpăr.


SUCEAVA Suceava Municipalities, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Fălticeni, Suceava, Siret Towns Of Gura Humorului, Romania, Vatra Dornei, Common Tree, Bălcăuţi, Breaza, Botoşana, Broşteni, Cacica Cajvana, Calafindeşti, Dărmăneşti, Dolhasca, Dolheşti, Drăguşeni, Milişăuţi, Grămeşti, Grăniceşti, Habib, Edge, Pietra Mitocu, Moldovita, Putna, Pătrăuţi, Preuteşti, Râşca, Satu Mare, Slatina, Suceviţa, Şcheia, Todireşti, Valea Udeşti Moldova, Vatra Moldoviţei, Volovăţ, Vultureşti.


TELEORMAN COUNTY Municipalities Alexandria, Cairo, Turnu Magurele, Zimnicea Cities Joint Salamat Buzescu, Islaz, Magura, Nanov Peretu, Pal, Vităneşti, Putineiu, Willow, the Trojan.


Timisoara, Lugoj, TIMIŞ Municipalities Towns Common Woods Banloc Gătaia, Dean.


BATANGAS municipalities of Batangas Towns of Babadag, Isaccea, Măcin, Sulina, Common Bath Beidaud Carcaliu Ceamurlia de Jos, Crisan, Frecăţei, Jijila Jurilovca, Mahmudia, Mihai Bravu, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Murighiol, Nalbant Niculiţel, Nufaru, Ostrov, Sarichioi, Slava Cercheză, Valea Nucarilor Turcoaia.


VASLUI, Bârlad, Vaslui county Municipalities Huşi, Joint Burning Bogdana, Boţeşti Buneşti-Avereşti, Codăeşti, Duda-Epureni, Ghergheşti, Lipovăţ, Poieneşti, Puieşti, Soleşti, Ştefan cel Mare, Thomas.


Râmnicu Vâlcea, VÂLCEA COUNTY Municipalities, Cities, Baile Govora, Baile Olanesti, Calimanesti, Masham, Horezu, Lozells, ROSEVILLE Joint Municipiums Alunu Berislăveşti Boişoara Machismo, In Budesti, Sydney, Buneşti, Câineni, Costeşti, Dăeşti, Goranu, Clear, Frânceşti, Lungeşti, Mateeşti Măldăreşti, Mihăeşti, Perişani, Stonemasons, Racoviţa, Runcu, Sălătrucel Slătioara, Ştefăneşti, Stoenesti, Tomşani, Vaideeni, Vlădeşti, Voiceşti. Cities Of Focsani, Panciu, Odobeşti Mărăşeşti Common Bârseşti, Boloteşti Câmpineanca, Broşteni, Hooks, Coteşti, Dumbrăveni, Jariştea, Mera, Rugineşti, Ţifeşti, Urecheşti, Salt Valley.


Bucharest BUCHAREST Municipalities.

Note:-administrative-territorial units with very high concentration of built heritage with cultural value of national interest in this annex shall include either a complexity of cultural values, either isolated, historical monuments of exceptional national value.
-Concentration of the built heritage in the cultural value of national interest can be found in annex 4. IV. Annex IV of the PLAN NATIONAL landscaping SECTION III-BUILT AREAS of PROTECTED AREAS of NATIONAL TERRITORY SECTION III-BUILT AREAS PROTECTED AREAS-is found published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 152 of 12 April 2000 on page 47.