Law No. 187 Of 23 March 1945 For The Realization Of Agrarian Reform

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 187 din 23 martie 1945 pentru înfăptuirea reformei agrare

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LAW No. 187 of 23 March 1945 for the realization of agrarian reform MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE published in ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE NR. 68 bis of 23 March 1945 Chapter 1 purpose of the law (Dispoziţiuni) Article 1 land reform is a necessity for our country national, economic and social.
Romanian agriculture will support strong, healthy households and productive on households that are private property of those who stapinesc them.

Article 2 purpose of agrarian reform shall be: (a) Increase of arable surfaces) farms in existence, which have less than 5 ha;

b) create new individual peasant households to farm workers without land;

c) setting up near cities and industrial localities, the gardens of vegetables to supply the workers, officials and craftsmen;

d) Reservation of land for agricultural schools and experimental model farms in erection level crops, production of selected seed, to livestock and agricultural industry development and desvoltarii, which will be under the administration of the State.

Chapter 2 article 3 for the purposes of expropriation of infaptuirii agrarian reform, passing over the State in order to be entitled to split improprietarire and Plowman to constitute reserves referred to in article 1. 2, paragraph (c) and (d), the following goods agricultural, livestock and affected their dead;

of agrarian Lands and properties) of any kind being made by citizens of German and Romanian citizens, natural or legal persons, nationality (ethnicity) German, who collaborated with Germany hitlerista.

b) Lands and other properties of R2 criminals and those responsible for the disaster of the country;

c) who Lands fled to countries with which Romania is R2 times fled abroad after August 23, 1944;

d) land and all goods of agricultural absenteistilor;

It's those Lands) in the past seven consecutive years they have cultivated lands in its own purposes, with the exception of consignments up to 10 ha;

f) agricultural Goods of any kind of Romanian citizens who have signed up volunteers to fight against the United Nations;

g) goods of the dead hand.

h) Surplus cropland constituting individuals ' properties that exceed the surface of 50 ha, namely: arable land, orchards, fanetele, artificial ponds and puddles, whether or not they serve for fishing, marshes and floodplains.

Article 4 Constructiunile, armanele, mansions, roads, orchards and any reclamation works, with all their facilities, will be included in the quota of 50 hectares as referred to in art. 3, point h, the owner having the right to vote is reserved for listing where Dangar voeşte but all in one place.

Article 5 shall be considered as one agricultural property in respect of the application of art. 3, section h: agricultural land belonging to) the same owner, located in different parts of the country;

b) agricultural Properties of husband and wife.

When his wife has a separate property of the spouse, inherited or received as a dowry before or after marriage and proven with documents, will remain over 10 hectares, with wife's discretion on the part of the spouses to reserve quotas of one or both of their good properties after învoiala;

c) agricultural Properties of the parents and minor children;

d) agricultural Goods in joint ownership.

Article 6 Tractors, batozele, locomobilele, seceratoarele and their combinations on agricultural goods. 3, passing over the State, which will create the County centres for rent farm machinery available to farmers. Other agricultural tools and animal traction passing over the State, proportional to the area of agricultural land will be expropriated and given to peasants improprietariti.

Article 7 All agricultural goods referred to in article 1. 3 and 6 pass immediately without any compensation, fully owned by the State, for the purposes referred to in article 1. 2. Chapter 3 article 8 expropriation Exception dela Are exempted from the way the property expropriation and current holders of existing orezariile: agricultural goods belonging to the monasteries, metropolitans, episcopiilor, churches, parishes and religious settlements in the Areas of goods, Eforiilor and Hospital Settings, as well as those of the Romanian Academy, Scoalelor House and the other institutions of culture, composesoratelor, urbariatelor, obstiilor and village cooperatives, also fanetele and pasunele belonging to the House of Commons and in general all goods forming part of the patrimony of the State.

Chapter 4 expropriation Procedure and împroprietăririi Article 9 rural communes Mayoralties are obliged within 10 days following publication of this law in dela Gazette to meet in General Assembly all peasants in that dawn, without land or have up to 5 ha, land ownership, for the election of local improprietarire Committee, consisting of 7-15 members.
The result of the election will be recorded in minutes signed by all those present.

Article 10 for the purposes of cooperation with State bodies, for the realization of agrarian reform, to create commissions place to coordinate agrarian reform works and deciding disputes between villages and municipalities, and between the owners and those entitled to improprietarire, disputes arising from the implementation of agrarian reform.
NET commissions are made up of members of local committees delegates, each Committee by sending two delegates. NET may allow committees entitled to improprietarire and from another place.
The Chairman of the place for reform will be delegated by the Ministry of agriculture and areas. He may be a magistrate or lawyer.

Article 11 joint local committees on agricultural goods make tables to be passed on to the State tables for those entitled to share in the improprietarire and agricultural inventory passed the State House of Commons, and tables free of pasture.

Article 12 The improprietarire Romanian troops will prevail which are concentrated or mobilize and all who fought against Hitler Germany.

Article 13 the County Prefecture, following the conclusion of the work of improprietarire, will release the title of ownership to those improprietariti as well as islazuri, the House of Commons on consignments for what have been assigned.

Article 14 the size of lots created as new farms and small farms, the size of the lots shall be determined in relation to the existence of land reserve within the net. Also in respect of fanetele and islazurile.

Article 15 the size of lots of improprietarire will not pass 5 ha, except in cases of resettlement in order to împroprietăririi elsewhere, when the lots may be higher. The measurement shall be certified by the Ministry of agriculture and areas.

Article 16 land Price for improprietarire will be equal to that of a medium sized annual harvests per hectare, reckoned in wheat: 1,000 kg.
In corn: 1,200 kg.
New improprietariti paid in money or in nature 10% of the purchase price, the rest of the purchase price will be paid in instalments as follows: for those with little land within 10 years.
For those without land in 20 years.
In case of payment in cash, the price will be that of wheat free market on 1 March 1945.

Article 17 those without land can obtain dela Prefecture, after the resolution of the Commission on the net for land reform, a deferral of the payment of the first installment for a period up to 3 years.

Article 18 where dividing the households was made before the date of publication of the present law, the local Committee of improprietarire paintings, will be drawn up in accordance with the law of the face.
The dashboard will be forwarded to those entitled to the respective County Prefecture, because with the title of ownership to make enrollment in the land or property in the property records of certification.
All enrollment documents are exempt from any taxes, fees or postage.

Chapter 5 final provisions article 19 Dispoziţiuni the legal situation of property, pursuant to the present law, is established on the date of August 23, 1944, with the exception of legal successions opened later.
A plant in the autumn of 1944 to be harvested by those who have sown.

Article 20 Households created under this decree-law may not be shared, sold, mortgaged, or nor in their entirety nor in part. In exceptional cases, new households created may be sold, leased, mortgaged or split, but with the opinion of the Ministry of agriculture.

Article 21 Impropretaritul receives the Earth free from all debts and obligations.
Mortgage debts and everything will be incurred on a regular expropriata property by the decree-law.

Article 22 Farms established by the Ministry of agriculture as farm model, will create, through regulation of the law, a special regime, from case to case.

Article 23 Regime of forests and vineyards will be subject to a special law.

Article 24 A regulation will determine all matters of detail for the implementation of this law.

Article 25 for the purposes of this decree-law is tasked the Minister of agriculture and areas.

Article 26 of this decree-law shall enter into force on the day of his publication.