Law No. 744 Of 2 November 1940 On The Establishment And Organisation Of Civil Columbofile Resorts

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 744 din 2 noiembrie 1940 privind înfiinţarea şi organizarea staţiunilor columbofile civile

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Law No. 744 of 2 November 1940 on the establishment and organization of civilian columbofile PARLIAMENT ISSUING stations Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 257 of 2 November 1940 title I General provisions Article 1 this law has the purpose of organization and guidance of pigeons breeders because these pigeons can be used in the interest of national defense.

Article 2 pigeons Are counted within the meaning of the law of the face, the pigeons who have skills to be use as bearers of the news.

Title II Organisation article 3 columbofiliei national Cricket is composed of military and civilian ~ ~.

Article 4 ~ columbofile of organizations comprises military army and drive after military regulations in force.

Article 5 ~ columbofile consists of all civil societies and all civil particularii owners of racing pigeons in the country and can be divided into two groups:-group i: breeders or owners of racing pigeons breed Belgian; -Group II: breeders or owners of racing pigeons, which although not the Belgian race, have the skills to be use as bearers of the news. The pigeons who have no skills to be use as bearers of the news are not included in this law.

Article 6 within 2 months from the rock of coming into force of this law, it will set up the "National Union of rough caster", headquartered in the capital of the country and in which necessarily will score all companies licensed racing pigeons columbofile in the country. Ministry of agriculture and the areas in agreement with the Ministry of national defense will draw up bylaws and articles of incorporation of Columbofile national and Union will fulfil the forms for the legal person.

Article 7 National Defense Ministry has the right guidance and control of the National Union of Columbofile, as it will look in the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Union, as well as in the regulation of this law.

Title III establishment of civil columbofile resorts pigeons Chapter 1 authorisation of establishment civil columbofile resorts Article 8 Anyone wills to establish or maintain a loft of pigeons, to hold, to receive any title such as grants, loan, pledge, preservation, etc. to send, to make trade with pigeons, must obtain in advance autorizaţiunea Ministry of national defence (General Inspectorate of Genius). Columbofile existing companies as well as breeders or holders of particularii pigeons, after the entry into force of this law, are obliged to ask the authorization within three months which from the date of entry into force of this law.

Article 9 This authorisation shall be granted by the Ministry of national defense, only to persons who fulfil the following conditions: (a)) to be major;

(b)) to be Romanian citizen, Romanian ethnic origin;

c) not have been convicted of murder or an offence against the safety of the State;

d) not have been convicted of any of the offences referred to in this law;

e) have obtained the favourable opinion provided for in article 10, from the garrison Headquarters.

Article 10 the request for authorization is addressed, in order to give its opinion, Garrison Command, where the claimant is domiciled. Application shall be accompanied by the following documents: a birth) Act;

b) Nationality Act;

c criminal record Bureau) Judicial Certificate from the presence of local, to find that he has not been convicted of any of the acts referred to in article 9 of this law;

d) Union National Certificate, which from rough caster from which to state that is a member of a company columbofile entered in the Union.

Article 11 Foreigners of any nationality cannot be established in the country nor columbofile resorts holding pigeons under any title. Foreigners will possess pigeons, after the entry into force of the present law, will teach within 15 days from the way this time all doves, military authorities or Resort nearest military columbofile, and within 30 days are forced to liquidate; in case of sale of the National Ministry of defence shall have the right of preference equal cost.

Chapter 2 the duties of owners of racing pigeons Article 12 Undertakings or persons authorised to set up farms, hold or receive under any title, to send or to make trade with pigeons, have the following duties: a To provide at all) the pigeons have a registration ID, ring purchased by the Ministry of national defence;

b) To train pigeons after technical data directives of the Ministry of national defence;

c) have a control ledger kept abreast of any transmission or receipt of pigeons;

d control register) to keep at the disposal of the military authorities whenever necessary.

Title IV protection measures and safety protection measures Chapter 1 Article 13 are forbidden coming the mixed blend pigeons with necalatori.

Article 14 prohibited to use carrier pigeons to be random in pigeons.

Article 15 is prohibited killing pigeons to travel except in cases and under rigid conditions laid down by regulation law columbofile.

Chapter 2 safety measures Article 16 Who will catch a dove traveler who doesn't belong, is obliged to teach him the nearest military authority, which shall be in accordance with the law prescripţiunilor of regulation columbofile.

Article 17 income tax, transit and export of racing pigeons is permitted only with the approval of the Ministry of national defence.

Article 18 Is prohibited from raising racing pigeons in the border areas, established by law and regulation for creating military zones, the Ministry of national defense will be able to fix and other areas in which the growth of racing pigeons to be prohibited.

Article 19 shall prohibit the substitution, counterfeiting, dismantling or disposal identity rings distributed by the Ministry of national defense (Inspectorate general of Genius).

Title V rights of competent authorities Article 20 safety and Control measures in connection with the National Defense Ministry, eating, incumbent (general inspectorate of Genius).

Article 21 monitoring and protection measures in connection with civil columbofiliei Ministry of agriculture and incumbent areas.

Title VI Dispoziţiuni Competinţa Chapter 1-criminal Dispoziţiuni Criminal Offences in Article 22 provided for in article dispoziţiunile. 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, shall be punished with correctional prison dela 1-6 months and fine dela 1,000-50,000 lei.

Article 23 Offences under article at dispoziţiunile. 11, shall be punished by imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years ' dela 2 years and with fine which from 10,000-100,000 lei-hotarandu necessarily by the sentence of condemnation, expulsion of the offender after the penalty will be executed.

Article 24 the use of pigeons as liaison agents in order to provide a foreign State in connection with the army, with the safety and defence of the territory of the State, is now considered the crime of high treason and is punishable by hard labour dela 40-25 years and civic degradation dela 3-10 years. If the offence is committed by an offender with the judgement of conviction in the obligatory, will rule and the expulsion of the offender after serving.

Article 25 in the time of mobilization or R2, the penalties provided for in article 10. 22 and 23, will be bent, and the penalty provided for in art. 24 will be labour's life.

Competinţa Chapter 2 article 26 Offences covered by this law are competinţa ordinary courts in times of peace and of military courts in competinţa for mobilization or R2.

Title VII final provisions article 27 Dispoziţiuni A regulation drawn up by the Ministry of national defense, in agreement with the Ministry of agriculture and Areas, will provide for the implementation of this law.