Law No. 557 16 September 1940

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 557 din 16 septembrie 1940

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Law No. 557 16 September 1940, for the establishment of a Commissioner General called to carry out population displacement provided in Romanian-Bulgarian Treaty of Craiova on 7 September 1940 PARLIAMENT published in ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 215 of 16 September 1940, Article 1 is hereby set up under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called a Commissioner General to carry out the movement of the population referred to in Bulgarian-Romanian Treaty Dale, Septemvrie 7, 1940.

Article 2 the General Commissariat shall have the following debt collection: a mandatory evacuation) Execute the Romanian population of southern dobrudzha and in her final settlement instead of the Bulgarian population, as well as in other regions of the country;

b) take the necessary measures to move the Bulgarian population in Dobrogea Veche;

c) Assessed population discharged goods, to the extent that this is necessary in order to be granted compensation in goods made by moving the Bulgarian population in Dobrogea Veche;

d) Execute voluntary population exchange, thus compensating the emigration of Romanian ethnic origin subject to Bulgarian, with the number of people consider the Romanian ethnic Bulgarians, according to para. 2 of art. 3 thereof;

e) solve all economic problems, social, cultural and legal liabilities arising from the resettlement of the population of the territories evacuated or imigrate.

Article 3 the General Commissariat will be headed by a Commissioner General in charge of the execution of all operations resulting from the Bulgarian-Romanian Treaty dela Septemvrie 7, 1940. This task is entrusted to a resident of the achievements of United. He will work out directives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In accomplishing its Commissioner General will be assisted by specialists in the field of agriculture recognized, livestock, public health and population issues, surveying, administration, transportation, military, legal, and cultural.
From the administrative point of view, the General Commissariat will be headed by a Secretary general, degree and debt collection as Secretary general of the Ministry, which will coordinate and oversee all the work, you can take any measures within the General Commissioner received delegatiunii dela.

Article 4 the works will be executed according to the Commissariat dispoziţiunilor Commissariat a number of delegates, assisted by technicians and invested with the necessary powers to be directly responsible for the success of the mission that has been entrusted.

Article 5 In order to carry out its mission, the General Commissariat shall confer the right to: a) to give direct orders on the actions of reasezare, i.e. the evacuation of local authorities in the counties where they are provisionally evicted from southern Dobruja, Romanians in the counties in which they will be placed and in counties with Bulgarian, population to be repatriata.

The central authorities will be informed of these orders, by children;

(b)) to deal directly with ministries, C.F.R., N.F.R., S.M.R., and other public and private authorities all measures relating to the exchange of the Bulgarian-Romanian population.

Article 6 All State authorities and private Institutions are obliged to execute deciziunile Commissariat taken under its atributiunilor and due to facilitate performing the General Commissariat's mission, and put them at the disposal of Informaţiunile) in connection with the exchange of population problems;

(b) technical and Personnel) specialist needed the work that will be required;

c) officers and lower ranks of the army, detached works, like the rechiziţionate vehicles for this purpose, remain at the disposal of the General Commissariat.

Article 7 police station will operate at Bucharest, on the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in Constanta, at what i will put at your disposal the Vast achievements of residency.

Article 8 of the national colonizarilor of the Ministry of Agriculture shall make available to the General Commissariat, throughout its officials.

Article 9 the Ministry of finance, will open at the expense of the General Commissariat a credit to finance operations, immigration and reasezare. To this end he will end a convenţiune with National Bank of Romania, whereby it will advance the necessary funds up to the amount of competition, representing the first Lions 500,000,000 trance forfetara to be paid by the Bulgarian Government on 15 January 1941.

Article 10 the General Commissariat is the administrator for the purposes of art. 8, para. 2 classified L.C.P.
By way of derogation from the rock art. 90 of the General Commissariat and L.C.P., delegate or can endorse without a public tender and pay expenses of the funds with which they are made available, when the nature of their acts.

Article 11 the Minister of finance will appoint a Counsel to exercise preventive control controller management General Commissariat.

Article 12 the appointment of the Commissioner-General and the Secretary-General will be made through a year of Driver State.
Organization of the departments Commissariat, naming and detaching personnel will be made through deciziunile Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Article 13 All the frustration arising from the measures taken, shall be notified by the President to be signed, where he set up a special Office.

Article 14 will not give aid to those lacking total means.

Article 15 Aid ceases as soon as the persons who receive them and use were found, and those who refuse usage what are offered.
It will suppress AIDS and those who are wearing bad, or turning into agitators.
All refugees, men and women, will be used in Committees, in charge of this matter.
This to minimize the sacrifices made by materials State.

Article 16 This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 17 Is repealed Decree-law establishing the General Commissariat of the Romanians evacuated territories, published in Official Gazette of 4 Septemvrie 1940.

Article 18 the Minister State Secretary of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the implementation of this Decree.

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