Law No. 134 Of 23 July 1997 For Empowering The Government To Issue Ordinances

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 134 din 23 iulie 1997 pentru abilitarea Guvernului de a emite ordonanţe

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Law No. 134 of 23 July 1997 for empowering the Government to issue ordinances published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 169 of 24 July 1997, the Romanian Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 pursuant to article 6. 114 para. (1) of the Constitution of Romania, the Government is empowered, as from the date of entry into force of this law until the resumption of Parliament, at the second regular session of 1997, to issue decrees in the following areas: the ratification of international agreements) relating to foreign loans granted and guaranteed by Romania of some foreign loans, including some amendments to such agreements; ratification of the memorandum of economic policy of the Government of Romania for the years 1997-1998, as agreed with the International Monetary Fund; ratification of the loan agreement between Romania and the Social Development Fund for the financing of the project for the rehabilitation of Baltesti, Prahova county Hospital; completing and amending Government Ordinance. 66/1994 on creation and use of the resources developed through the State Treasury, approved by law No. 128/1994, republished, with subsequent amendments; Amendment of Ordinance No. 6/1995 approving the context of expenses from the State budget and to stabilize the exchange rate and differences in price since the settlement of critical imports financed from foreign governmental loans, approved by law No. 57/1995; modifying and completing the order of the Government. 12/1993 on public acquisitions, approved and amended by law No. 83/1994, republished; modification and completion of the law #. 15/1994 concerning the depreciation of capital restrained in tangible and intangible fixed assets; modifying and completing the order of the Government. 15/1996 on the strengthening of financial and currency discipline, approved and amended by law No. 131/1996; achieving greater State regulation of the international financial bodies and how the financial impacts resulting from transactions with them; the establishment of the special fund for the promotion and development of tourism; modification and completion of some regulations on value-added tax; modification and completion of the law #. 73/1996 approving Ordinance No. 70/1994 income tax; modification and completion of the law #. 32/1991 on the payroll tax, republished, with subsequent amendments; taxation of income derived by individuals; modifying the Decree nr. 276/1973 regulating the imposition of income from Romania by non-resident individuals and legal entities; the suspension of the tax on agricultural income by the year 2000; Amendment of local taxes and levies regime; refund amounts in currency of Romanian citizens, submitted on behalf of the Romanian Foreign Trade Bank-S.a order savings arising from work performed abroad or other sums received from them, according to the legal regulations in force prior to 1 December 1989; the adjustment of the State budget for 1997 and the State social insurance budget for 1997; modifying and completing the order of the Government. 11/1996 concerning execution of claims approved and the budget, as amended by law No. 108/1996; Unified regulating proceedings concerning declarations of taxes and fees; Regulation of insurance and reinsurance regime of goods from Romania; the procedure of business tax control;

(b) the reform) measures in agriculture; Fund for the purchase of wheat from the 1997 harvest, the necessary internal consumption; implementation of the system of coupons for farmers; law enforcement funding Land Fund No. 18/1991; compensation to farmers for agricultural disaster areas in the years 1995-1997;

c) measures relating to investment and accelerating the privatization process, including by: regulating leasing operations and leasing companies; the Organization and functioning of economic interest groups, franchise operations regime, the regime of goods;

d) regulating the protection of the cultural heritage-national; the Organization and functioning of the public institutions of culture and cultural activities; taxes and levies regime to some cultural activities;

e) regulations concerning the Organization, financing, and intellectual property in the field of science and technology; regulations governing activities in the nuclear field;

f) amendment regulations concerning the safety of the Fund built; amendments to regulations relating to construction;

g) establishing summer schedule in Romania, coordinated with that of the European Union, and determining the official summer time;

h the legal framework required) implementation of the programme of reform in the transport sector; measures for the disposal of waste transport physically and morally, unredeemed, and for renewal in whole of means of transport; staff regulations of the National Society of Romanian Railways and transport regulation on Romanian railways;

measures concerning the operation of (I)) and modernization of the Ministry of national defence, military and budgetary planning scheduling an Defence Ministry; voluntary property insurance, liability insurance and the Ministry of national defence; exemption from tax for roads to car type, intended for oil consumption for special military technique does not use the public roads; rules relating to students, soldiers, gradations and military students; modification of rules: war veterans, passport regime in Romania, defense against fire, organizing the activity of accounting expertise;

j) social protection measures, including with respect to the regulation of wages and the situation of individuals and legal entities;

k) the protection of children and persons with disabilities, the Organization and operation of family-type institutions for disabled children; the granting of subsidies from the State budget for the payment of the rights of disabled persons and facilities; legal regime of protected units specially organised for the specific activities of people with disabilities; exemption from payment of fees for means of road transport, purchased or donated to persons or associations who have units or help people with severe disability; the sponsorship regime changes; arranging access routes in buildings and in public places by adapting to the movement of persons with disabilities;

l) Regulations amendment to honor heroes-martyrs and the granting of rights to their offspring, and the wounded fighters in the revolution of December 1989;

m) regulating information technologies and arrangements of protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data;

optional insurance) Regulation for vehicles used for the Presidency, the Government, as well as representatives of diplomatic motor vehicles.

Article 2 In accordance with article 4. 114 para. (3) of the Constitution, until the resumption of Parliament on the second regular session of 1997, the ordinances issued by the Government pursuant to art. 1 will be forwarded to Parliament for approval, according to the legislative procedure, failure to comply with the time limit for the termination of the effects thereof.
Statutory instruments made by the Government, according to para. 1, will be debated as a priority.

Article 3 the provisions of this law, empowerment, if they have been issued bills or legislative proposals by one of the Chambers of Parliament or have been compiled and submitted reports of standing committees dealing background, they will be considered by the Government to issue ordinances.
This law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 9 July 1997, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
SENATE PRESIDENT PETRE ROMAN this law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting on 10 July 1997, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. CHAMBER of DEPUTIES PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHN CHILIMAN — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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