Law No. 122 From 1 April 1937 On The Organisation And Functioning Of The National Military Museum In Bucharest And Its Regionalele

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 122 din 1 aprilie 1937 privind organizarea şi funcţionarea Muzeului Militar Naţional din Bucureşti şi regionalele sale

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Law No. 122 from 1 April 1937 on the organisation and functioning of the National Military Museum in Bucharest and its PARLIAMENT ISSUING regionalele Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 76 of 1 April 1937, Chapter 1, article 1 the purpose of the Museum's national military Museum is the legal person governed by public law which is administered in accordance with the rules laid down by this law, under the supervision and control of the Ministry of National Defense General staff.

Article 2 the national military Museum has a purpose: a) to gather, preserve, reconstruct, class and exposes the events unfolding, as all military objects, tools and weapons, and all other accessories necessary for knowledge of life, art and military terminology, from the earliest times;

b) to gather all the material due to the history of documentary and military art.

Article 3 national military Museum may create regional military museums. These museums both existing ones and those that are set up in the future, do not have legal personality and shall be under the direction, supervision and control of the national military museum in Bucharest.

Chapter 2 Organizing the Museum's Article 4 shall contain: a Museum) tools and weapons for the fight;

b) objects and accessories;

c) Re-enactments;

d) Library;

e) Workshops.

Article 5 Colectiunile Museum is supplemented by:-donatiuni; -shopping.

Article 6 Donatiunile having movable object can be made by acts under private signature. Their acceptance will be able to do without the consent of the Museum and forms required by art. 817 of the civil code.

Article 7 National Defense Ministry will surrender all National Military Museum and military instruments contained in army depots.

Article 8 the Museum will be divided into sections of specialties, which are administered in accordance with the rules of law.

Article 9 the objects owned by the National Military Museum and its regionalelor cannot be disposed of by anyone in any form.

Article 10 no object may not be displayed in the Museum, or taken out of the Museum, without the approval of the Governing Board of the national military museum. You can't get any object under the loan to be exhibited in the halls of the Museum, except with written statement of depunatorului and only on a limited term.

Article 11 each item will bear a label explicativa with sequence number of the object from the general inventory, the donor's name or origin.

Article 12 Right of reproduction of objects in the Museum is the only museum. Exhibits in the Museum may be reproduced only with the prior approval of the national military museum, this notwithstanding the provisions of article dela 27 of the literary and artistic property law published in the Official Gazette of 28 June 1923.

Article 13 national military Museum will be able to set up workshops necessary for attaining this goal.

Chapter 3 of the Museum's governing bodies Article 14 National Military Museum Leadership is made by a Governing Board appointed by Royal Decree, following a proposal by the Minister of national defence and consisting of: (a) historic Chief) General-Major or a general activity, reserve or retired, as Chairman;

b) A Deputy Officer m. s. King;

c) Three officers generals or colonels from activity;

d) history teacher High School General dela R2;

(e) National Museum Director) antiques;

f) general director of the State Archives;

g) a delegate of the Commission of historical monuments;

h) history Professor holder at the University of Bucharest;

Two specialist I) historical studies or muzeografie;

j) an advocate of Ministry of national defence. Secretary of the Board will be Director of the National Military Museum.

Article 15 the Council shall meet when convened by its President whenever the need requires. The Council cannot work only with at least seven members present. Council decisions are taken by majority vote. The votes are equal, the vote of the Chairman decides.

Article 16 Council members who will be missed more than five unmotivated meetings at which they were summoned, can be regarded as demisionaţi, calling themselves the others instead of replacing them. will be made by Royal Decree after the proposal of the Minister of national defence.

Article 17: the Council Atribuţiunile) Approve projects and work programmes drawn up by the Chairman, following the report of the Director and shall act on their execution;

b) draws up the draft budget of the military museum;

c) Approve spending employing within budget;

d) Accept bequests and donatiunile with the opinion of the disputed service of the Ministry of national defence;

e) Organizes the work of propaganda in order to enhance colectiunilor Museum and the establishment of asociaţiuni of friends of the Museum.

Article 18 Atribuţiunile President of the Council are the following: the Museum Council Convenes as often as need requires. Supravegheza the smooth operation and oranduire of the military museum. Ministry of national defence shall submit the draft budget and a biannual activity.

Article 19 the military museum has guaranteed onorari and members. Members are chosen from among persons onorari who distinguished themselves through their work in the formation of National Military Museum were to be made donatiuni of great value. Am as honorary members and former Ministers of national defence and former Presidents of the Governing Board of the national military museum you. Members are chosen from among persons guaranteed by their jurisdiction can contribute to the achievement of the goals of the national military museum. Onorari members will receive a free and guaranteed a copy of publicaţiunile National Military Museum. They will also receive a free entry into the exhibition rooms. Members and guaranteed no onorari taking part in Council and are not entitled to vote.

Chapter 4 administrative staff of military museum Article 20 national military museum staff consists of officers and the band law civil servants and cadres, namely: a) Director of the military museum;

(b) The military Museum);

c ofiteresc specialized Personnel);

(d) civilian technical personnel);

e) administrative staff.

Article 21 the Director and the Museum will be appointed from among the senior officers in the active reserve or retired, by Royal Decree, the Ministry of national defense, after recomandatia of the German general staff, preferably from specialized ones in historical studies.

Article 22 Atribuţiunile Director: Execute the budget drawn up by the Board of the Museum. Executing the decisions of the Governing Board may hire single expenses up to an amount which is fixed annually by the Governing Board. He is head of military and civilian personnel, and administrative responsibilities atribuţiunile laid down by law and regulation Administration Chief of army for a body He represents Military Justice Museum.

Article 23 The Museum atributiunea and the responsibilities of a Chief aid to the body.

Article 24 Officers of the national military museum will be move forward on the basis of art. 60 of law intaririlor in the army. Exceptionally, the officers currently in service, if they have a work experience at the military museum for at least three years, and whether they have given proof of a fact which specialization will be noticed by the superior Council of the army, are exempt from the academic title.

Article 25 Assistants appointed civilians their techniques will have a retributie of secondary teacher, without promoting me. They will receive basic 5 gradations in the 5 years before the definitive Professor function with 5 gradations.

Article 26 the current technical assistants will be employed in relation to their current situation.

Chapter 5 the Museum Budget article 27 the Museum feeds Budget: 1. Grants from the budget of the Ministry of national defence.
2. donations Income.
3. amounts resulting from: a) fee to the Museum;

b) selling albums, photos, postcards, directly by the Museum or through his licensees.

Article 28 income from donatiuni may not have another destinatiune than that laid down in the acts of donatiuni.

Chapter 6 Dispoziţiuni final Article 29 rules will detail how desvolta the scope of this law.

Article 30 the provisions of All laws and regulations which are contrary to the law, am and remain repealed.
The opinion of the Legislative Council, I, no. 42/93.
Desbateri: Senate No. 42 and 46-1936/37; Room no. 44 and 54-1936/37.
Voted on by the Senate on 16 March and Assembly of Deputies on 19 March 1937.