Law No. 93 Of 13 April 1933 To Organize Land Cadastre And For Placing Of Books Funduare In The Ancient Kingdom And Bessarabia

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 93 din 13 aprilie 1933 pentru organizarea cadastrului funciar şi pentru introducerea cărţilor funduare în Vechiul Regat şi Basarabia

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Law No. 93 of 13 April 1933 to organize land cadastre and for placing of books funduare in the ancient Kingdom and Bessarabia, published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 90 on 20 April 1933 to CHARLES II, by the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future Legislative Assemblies, health: voted and adopted, and we sanctionam: part 1 land cadastre books funduare Dispoziţiuni, Chapter 1, article 1 and cadastral arrangements institue book funduara for all land properties.

Article 2 description of all land cadastre of land includes property and their representation on topographic maps.

Article 3 funduara Book includes descriptions of land property rights in rem in immovable property with the brightness.
The personal rights, facts, or the judiciary in relation to the goods covered in the book funduara, must be recorded in the book of funduara, only in cases when the law expressly provides for this.

Chapter 2 law enforcement Organs to article 4 for cadastre surveying technical work will be run by the Ministry of agriculture and the areas in directing, in the enterprise, or how it will find more advantageous for the State, based on specifications produced by the Directorate of cadastre and approved by the Minister, not later than by the end of month January each year.

B. For book funduara Article 5 for drafting and administration of funduare cards shall be established as far as needs to advise the courts from districts courts of appeal Bucharest, Constanta, Craiova, Galaţi, Iaşi and one section of the book funduara headed by a judge of the judges, a directory of book aid funduara, director of book funduara and the necessary staff.

Article 6 under the Ministry of Justice will work, from the promulgation of the face, a Board of funduare cards consist of four lawyers appointed by the Minister of Justice and a cadastral engineer appointed by the Ministry of agriculture and Areas, with the duty to give to the Ministry of Justice opinions on standards, directives, instructions and regulations required, perfection, correcting clerical works and commissioning of funduare books.
The Minister of Justice may initiate and give retired magistrates and delegation officials former service funduare books, dispoziţiunilor for implementation contained in articles 39 till 42 dela.

Part II land register Chapter 1 General principles Article 7 the purpose of the land cadastre is:) to procure the necessary elements to establish, complement, rectifying or reconstitution of the books funduare and by them;

b) to create a basis for establishing fair contributiunilor public land properties.

c) to facilitate the execution of the land reform and colonization, amalgamate properties;

d) to give safety tranzactiunilor over real estate and facilitate land credit;

e) to know the extent of the economic value of the immovable property of the State and private.

Article 8 the essential Parts of the cadastre: cadastral Maps of), plans and drawings;

b) Cadastre;

c) under which the Dossiers were made of an inscripţiunile, and d) cadastral Indexele.

Article 9 the work will be done on cadastral municipalities.
Each township constitute one or more cadastral territories.
It absorbs the tenure for the purposes of this Act, a part of the natural surface of the soil, which is separated from the neighbouring Parties through a steady and visible demarcation or boundary, through differing parts of the surrounding culture or way through service.
Each tenure geometriceste is drawn in the land cadastre. Land ownership so drawn is called the parcel and is singled out by a number.
The contents of the same properties, if not exceeding 100 sqm for vineyards, gardens and land, or 800 square meters for the other properties, will not form a wedge, but will unite in a neighbouring plot of the same owner with whom he has a close identity with regard to the cadastral income. If this field shows a historical interest, or is it encumbered particularly tasks, he will form a separate plot.

Article 10 Land Ownership will be indicated by the following branches of culture or service: a. with the cadastral income, i.e. the main real estate are subject to contributiunilor after destinaţiunea their economic, can be divided into: a) arable area;

b) Fruit;

c) Grounds;


e) Pastures;

f) forests, zăvoaie (bercuri);

g) Trestis (pond);

h) ponds, natural lakes and artificial because it did not come within paragraph (B).

B. immovable property without the cadastral income, namely: a) with Land and courtyards;

b) land, ponds, swamps, natural or artificial lakes in order to economically exploit is not how, or not bring income by exploiting fisheries or peat.

Article 11 the land cadastre are Public Folders.
Officials charged with keeping them will dispoziţiunea interested parties, which will be able to investigate only by this official.
They want free copies if paid fees of petitionarii Ministry of agriculture and areas.

Cadastral Operations Chapter 2 Article 12 the cadastral measurement Operations, necessary for land cadastre will be made according to the plan of the Ministry of agriculture and areas.
Surveying works will be run according to a special regulation.
Cadastral technical operations started may not be interrupted than 15 reincepute 1 Decemvrie and March.
The work of detail will be run according to the approval of the Ministry of agriculture and the fields, on the basis of the technical works for the Cadastre, by whatever method, numeric, fotogrametrica or combined.
Measuring and mapping operations, will be made and where they exist, will be correct on the basis of the metric system.

Article 13 For execution, the State cadastral technical has the right to use, without compensation, any private real estate for the purpose of settlement of triangulation, geodetic pyramids, poligonare, measuring and levelling.
He may expropriate the land necessary for the settlement of signals when surveying the landowner was opposed to this settlement.
The procedure will be provided in the law of expropriation for public utility cause.

Article 14 Delegates and their solicitors, techniques ajutorii charged with triangulation operations with the construction of the pyramids, or signals in measurement operations, classification, review or control are entitled to gain access to buildings and taking samples of the soil needed for chemical analysis.

A. Fixing the boundaries of the municipal and perimetrarea Article 15 communal borders Delimitation will be done according to the dispoziţiunilor provided for in the law on the Organization of local administration.
Ministry of agriculture and National Domains, Cadastre, will you provide the administrative demarcation of communal comisiunilor, its delegates for all references and technical work required.

Article 16 where the communal boundaries are established and undisputed parts, remaining so definitive, either by dividing non-contesting comisiunilor works either by exhausting the remedies provided for in administrative laws, the delegate will execute sketch survey boundaries, meaning fixed and points will be recorded in the process or their verbal and topographic description.
The municipal boundaries will be marked with boundary stones, cadastral, stable and visible, after which it will proceed to the measurement parcelara.
Cost of stones marking the borders will be unbearable in the obligatory for communes concerned in so far as the delimitation of their interests.

B. Measuring cadastral Engineer article 17 delegate will communicate to City Hall with at least 30 days prior to start of operations.
The Mayor will notify via display advertising and by means of the customary land owners in common to present themselves in person or through their authorized agents to give explanations concerning the identification and the limits of the possessions.

Article 18 before work measuring parcelara, communal authorities will draw and drop on the ground through visible signs and stable operating roads and driveways, property owners and land will be fixed by the limits of the visible signs of their possessions.
Municipalities will provide the delegates and comisiunilor free of charge necessary offices, assuring them the opportunity to work.

Article 19 Works officer shall keep the assisted by two officials of the Town Hall, listening to those interested, will proceed to: (a) identifying, measuring and) the delimitation of land properties, as well as in establishing real estate possessions in the village;

b) Finding agreement on the borders of the land owners invecinati;

c) registration disputes and contentious with other countries where ' dispute would arise between owners invecinati.

In the event of such dispute cadastral engineer will fix both provisional borders of disputed areas.

d parcelar cadastral plan) Preparation of topographical and alphabetical pointer and of the owners.

Moşneni, for obştiile of village councils, and other organizations or people, who without forming a asociaţiune with the character of the legal person are known under a common name, must be recorded in their name, alphabetic indicator; all at once it will compose an array according to the judgements and laws in force, with the names of individuals who together constituesc collective, notandu in devălmaş and each side what it needs, determined in fractions, in relation to the whole.
This picture will be attached the alphabetic indicator integral.
If individuals, who possess the collective constituesc, divided in parts, it will also note the Mona Lisa;
About all the work will be concluded protocols.

C. verification and acceptance of the work in article 20 the Ministry of agriculture and Areas supervisory staff through, will verify the measuring technical work carried out by the engineer as a delegate.
This verification will be done in phases, and prior to the completion of work measurement parcelara to the extent that the engineer has completed the work in common, or in a part thereof.

Article 21 after checking cadastral works in the Township, on the ground, the delegate will make known survey of plans drawn up for them to be able to require any rectifications.

D. land cadastral Register Article 22 After completion of cadastral land cadastre, the delegate will calculate the area and buildings in order of numbers will draw topographical, land cadastre.
It will be drawn on and will be completed by comisiunea for the classification provided for in art. 29. Article 23 of the land cadastre will feature in essence as follows: the Number of parcels) topographical and indication of the milestone;

b) branch of culture according to art indicatiunilor dela. 10, and improvements placed on immovable property;

c) Surface in hectares and mp;

d) cadastral net income;

e) names and pronouns, holders and their eventual moniker.

Article 24 a copy of cadastre with the annexes of his original plan and will keep in the cadastral archive Directiunei Cadastre.
The second specimen, together with the cadastral and topographical and alphabetical pointer of the bearers will be handed over to the Court for the drafting of the book funduara.
This ocaziune will be taught and court records and drawings relating to disputes concerning the boundaries of the adjacent properties, found on the occasion of masuratoarei.
The third copy of the cadastral register, along with plans and alphabetic register of possession holders, will teach the Cadastral Commission for classification and valuation, in order to completarei.

Chapter 3 Rules and classification of land article 25 in order to establish the cadastral income, Ministry of agriculture and the areas will be fixed on country assessment regions after you take and opinion boards of agriculture.
The regions are divided into areas after soil conditions, climate, communications and economic ties.
In each area, and for every branch of culture designate land model for determining the quality classes of parcels.
The number of classes of quality inside an area may not exceed eight grades in a branch of culture.
Each land tenure and cadastral income shall include in a grade by comparison with model land.

Article 26 Plots with an area up to 5,000 sqm will be contained in a single class of media that they make up the classes.
Temporarily improved properties will classify as neighboring unimproved properties.
Forests consisting of ' one body less than 30 hectares, will be considered as one class after acquiring the land, density and tree are in essence body classified.
Forests consisting of ' one body greater than 30 ha, with significant differences in the value soil density and tree essence will be considered as forming part of more than one class.

Article 27 the Ministry of agriculture and Public Areas will on the cadastral income regions in the quality classes set out in the classification for every branch of culture, taking as a basis the average income of the model.
The cadastral income is net win what remains for the holder of the property after deducting regular expenses in the area of classification and required soil and crop production in the economy of the majority of owners.
In calculating these expenses will not consider material of situaţiunea holder nor detract from building the tasks.
When assessing the income of some coherent plots that entirely or partially equipped with only instalatiuni are defense or major improvement (defence against flooding by dykes, instalatiuni of irigatiune defenses or drainage, shores and ponds etc.), and that a permanent advertising expense of maintenance and operation, and will be adding it to the spesele operating expense.

Article 28 amendments to the provisional culture on branches made a plot will not form the object of the proceeding or cadastral modification. It exempts only the vineyards who destroyed by noxious insect criptogamice neurological or other circumstances, have been dismantled and intended for fleeting for another culture, as well as the lands destroyed by flood, how they were ' would have completely changed their composition.
If via will be rebuilt, the holder or is required to declare this to the communal Mayor's Office within 60 days of the date of commencement of the works from the rock. City Hall will inform the cadastral Service respectively.

Article 29 the Ministry of agriculture and National Domains, Cadastre, after completion, will have technical, within at the latest two months performing classification on the ground.
The work of classification on the ground will be run by cadastral classification comisiunea consisting of: 1. cadastre Delegate as Chairman.
2. Mayor (interim Chairman) or replacement or together with members of the Committee on agriculture.
3. The Clerk of the commune as Secretary.
The Commission works will be announced by the City Hall, after used in forms, with 30 days in advance.
The work of the Commission are public.
Those concerned are obliged to give its all what you need they'll need.
About the work of the Commission will conclude proceedings in two copies, one of which will be kept in the municipal archives that document in relation to land classification and land properties, the second will be handed over to enlist the Cadastre.

Article 30 Those unhappy with cadastral income assessment will be available within 30 days to welcome reasoned comisiunea County agricultural assessment, consisting of cadastral valuation Inspector as President, a delegate of the agricultural Chamber and a delegate of financial administration.
Comisiunea appreciating will rectify errors of evaluation taking into account the quality of the soil and the area where it is located.
The County Commission's decision against those interested will be able to make a welcome within 30 days through the communication of that judgment, which from the administrative authorities, the Ministry of agriculture and areas.

Article 31 the work of classification and identification, cadastral, final will be forwarded to first-comisiunea-evaluation and Inspectorate cadastral identification to complement their established cadastral net income.
After completing their net income established cadastral, a copy of such papers will be submitted to financial administration for the fixing of agricultural tax, and another copy will be handed over to the City Hall municipal services.
Original paperwork will be kept in the archive of the works for the Cadastre.

Chapter 4 Penalties relating to the surveying Article 32 that will destroy or displace the signs for marking or measurement is obliged to surrender the State, municipalities or those interested in the expenses made in their restoration.
The offender will be charged with civil party and damages.
Those who will oppose the orders given by the competinte authorities, cadastral works it will punish with a fine dela 1,000-10,000 lei, and particularly damages by the Ministry of agriculture and areas.
It also will be possible to watch and in force under the criminal codes.

Article 33 If one or more members of the comisiunilor provided for in the law of the face without reason has not been duly ' would present at the appointed time limits, or making zadarnicind works through this lack will be fined with fine up to 200 lei in rural communes and up to 500 lei in urban communes and municipalities.
Expenses in addition due to the postponement of the work any of the Commission shall be borne by the Member who was absent.

Article 34 judicial police officers, as well as delegates of the cadastre will ascertain through reports, law offences before the Court, inaintandu them to decide.
The minutes of the irregularity cannot be undone for the vices of the form.
Within 10 working days of the decision may be communication from the way of appeal to the Court of the place where the irregularity was found. He will be motivated by petitiunea of appeal under penalty of nullity.

Part III, Chapter 1, funduare Books of the constitutive Parts of funduare and their content books Article 35 funduara Book will contain, apart from the title, three parts: i. Descriptiunea and inscripţiunile concerning real estate real estate;
II. Inscripţiunile concerning the property;
III. Inscripţiunile relating to tasks.

Article 36

Funduara book sheet contains one or more fixtures book funduara.
Any building that in nature or with respect to the economic aim pursued by forming a unit owner, may constitute a body of funduara book.
More real estate belonging to the same owner shall constitute a single body book funduara, when they are not engraved with different tasks and have common points milestone.
Same owner may have more real estate included in different sheets of card funduara.
Joint ownership upon property who are subject to a body book funduara will be entered in the fractions determined in relation to the whole. Each fraction so determined, forming a distinct property will be grevata separately with tasks.
If ' a mutatiune or of the acts presented by the parties would result as real estate-subject research would be owned by two or more persons in fractions determined in relation to the whole and how these were co-owners ' would find yet in possession of parts of the territorial, at the request of the truthfulness of the unanimous will of the plots are in the possession of each one's body book funduara , enrolling in a separate sheet or adding, on request, to the body of the existing land for the same person in the same workbook.
The properties over which there are individual property on floors or apartments, will form so many luminaries book funduara how many individual properties are.
Such property must be recorded in a special sheet and cannot be met with other properties of the same owner.

Article 37 Stipulates who according to the rules of the civil law in force are part of the public domain and the service of all, will be included in the supplement to the book funduare of the village.
Will not be entered in the book funduara: a) railways of the State Buildings, as well as railway undertakings for the public utility;

b subject to the mining Buildings).

Article 38 the inclusion of real estate in the book funduara will only be made on the basis of cadastral plans and their plans, based on official cadastral measurement.

Chapter 2 workbook Project book funduara the judge delegated works Article 39 After receiving land cadastral registry, cadastral plan and indicators, and alphabetical topographical holders shall notify the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Justice, which, if they were done and the work provided for in art. 7, paragraph 1. 2, it has the goodness of the work to the composition of common funduare's books, delegand for this purpose a judge.
Where cadastral measurement works are completed for several years, without having to compile the necessary documentation which consists of the books funduare, the national Cadastre will compose the work of measurement and will prepare the necessary documents to the judge without delay a delegate.

Article 40 the judge will communicate to the communal town hall with at least 30 days before the date of commencement of the works, calling on an array of its composition changes composition of cadastral documents which from up to date land possessions.
The judge will check and identify land parcels, land registration documents by comparing with situaţiunea new in fact shown in the City Hall municipal services.
He will determine which plots of land can constitute themselves insile luminaries book funduara as well as any names with which a body book funduara it's universally known.
About the work of the judge shall conclude protocols for their use to inscripţiunilor relating to the property.
The judge also will gather the necessary data from inscriptiuni and transcripţiuni registers and the registers of property and final decisions given in terms of land reform.

Article 41 the judge-delegate, assisted by the Registrar, shall determine: (a) in connection with Rights) ownership of real estate, as well as rural and urban servituţile the burden;

b) property rights, joint ownership, individual property, on floors or apartments, and restrangerile regarding the ability of the owners.

About the research and its stabilirile, the judge will end the minutes signed and those interested, invited to do so by the communal Mayor's Office, through the shapes used in the village.
The judge will appoint representatives to those owners who are unable to be subpoenaed, and whose legal representatives are not known, or if the strictest is depicting, have not called attorneys.
Neinfatisandu-is one of those quotes, who leads the investigation magistrate, he shall appoint a representative if walking works would require it.

Article 42 After completion of investigations and verifications, judge-delegate will make provisional inscripţiunile relating to possession and property.
Inscripţiunile relating to tasks will be done only for rural or urban and encumbrances for uncontested party tasks. A copy thereof, together with topographical signs and letters with sketches and parcelar plan cadastral, trained with the minutes on the research, will be submitted to the District Court, section funduare, and the Book the second copy to the communal Mayor's Office, so that interested parties can take note of inscripţiunile made.

B. completing and correction of provisional Article 43 inscripţiunilor Court, funduara Book section, receiving invites through the acts, statutory instrument inserted in the Official Gazette and also in the County, through the display at the headquarters of the municipal city halls all those interested to express their reasoned obiectiunile concerning inscripţiunile of them, within 3 months from the presence of the display date. Describing the Court, will extend the period for another month.
The communal Mayor's Office by all means the usual advertising in the locality, will notify those who are interested in the contents of the order of the Court.

Article 44 elapsed, judge funduara book will proceed to an examination of the memoirs, in deplasandu village.
Obiectiunile v. inscripţiunilor accuracy based on any private and public documents can be submitted both in court and at the town hall or made orally in front of the judge. City Hall will be transmitted without delay to the Court demands all annexes.
If such objection is founded on acts who weren't known when they did early research, action will be taken for the explanation, I am of the inscripţiunilor made. Finding it, will obiectiunile make additions or corrections.
As a result of the decision taken by the magistrate and shall be recorded in the minutes.
This ocaziune will be resolved by the judge and disputes relating to the boundaries of the adjacent properties, according to the common law.

Article 45 upon successful completion of the procedure laid down in the preceding article, shall submit all the documents section of the Court of notaries, or in absence, appointed by the first President. The Tribunal will examine whether the legal investigations proceeded and how will ascertain the shortcomings and take dispoziţiuni for their removal and if necessary, will have new research, and acts which come under the rule of the Court shall submit for the drafting of the book funduara.

Chapter 3 funduare cards Declaring legal projects as Article 46 Projects book funduare will be forwarded to the Commission for the control of the tribunal, if they will find compiled according to dispoziţiunilor law, regulations and instructions will declare them through Presidential Ordinance, published in the Official Gazette and displayed at City Hall and the Municipal Court of law legal funduare books detour and will order the commencement of proceedings for rectification.

Article 47 the Tribunal Order will show the territory were made out of court districts, funduare books, funduare books will be examined by those concerned and the date on which they are declared from the presence of books funduare.
The Ordinance will make the day known as shown, starting from the presence of property rights, mortgage, or other rights in rem over real estate listed in the book funduara cannot acquire, edges, transferring to other persons or disband only by entry to the new property.
The Ordinance will also contains somatiunea to make the testimony referred to in the next article; the Court to which you will submit testimony and will fix the deadline which shall not be longer than 10 months nor less than four months-with-is precisely the day the deadline expires; It will look like breaking the time limit will result in the loss of legal right to capitalize on pretentiunile subject to declaratiunii compared to the 3rd person who got in good faith on the basis of rights in rem inscripţiunilor made in new books funduare and remaining unchallenged.

Article 48 Will be urged to make declaraţiuni: a) all persons with a right won before the inauguration of funduare books, would claim an amendment to inscriptiunii regarding the report property or possessory, whether that change should be done through detachment, annexation or transcription, by changing the characterization of buildings or otherwise;

b) all persons who have collected before the day of the inauguration of funduare rights of mortgage books, servitude or other real rights over immovables entered in the register, how these rights without being inscribed with the opportunity to establish the new registers, will be able to be listed as "old burdens".

Obligation to make the statement and where it appears that the right is subject to declaratiunii invederat in the registry of property or in a transcripţiuni or inscriptiuni, dotale or sheets in the workbook, or in a year, the verdict or other court decision, or if the party has introduced a request to a court concerning this right.
The Ordinance will have to mention expressly the latter dispoziţiune.

Statement made in accordance with article 49 with dispoziţiunea art. 48, letter a, will be referred to in the book funduara.
If there was proof that the process was started on the declaraţiunilor object will be ordered ex officio, debate with the people against whom the statement was made, and with people who conform to the contents of the book funduare with an interest in the legal case.

Article 50 It desbatere it can be ordered for explanation of the case and on the spot, if you will not reach an agreement, the parties have requested the amendment of inscriptiunii will be guided in the process, giving them a deadline to enter the action.
If the parties will reach an agreement, modifying the inscriptiunii will go in the funduara book.

Article 51 the endorsement declaratiunii will be cancelled if the party lost the deadline for introducing the action or if the action brought was definitively dismissed.

Article 52 Have a land inscripţiunile inscriptiuni all existing at the date of the inauguration of funduare books, if not the deadline stated in Ordinance No pretentiune inscriptiunii to the contrary, or he missed the deadline for introducing the action, or if the proceedings had been definitively rejected.

Statement made in accordance with article 53 with dispoziţiunea art. 48 (b) should show the rank of those rights, as well as the body of the book funduara in which inscriptiunea must be made, indicating the number of foaiei book funduare.
The declaraţiune will show the basis relied on by the right and claimed; documentary evidence shall be presented or will show where are filed or registered.

Article 54 the rights declared that, in accordance with the second subparagraph of article dispoziţiunile. 53, must be recorded with the brightness property body alleged rank, respectively, under the inscriptiunea "old burdens".

Article 55 after expiry of the first order, for the statement that the rights, the Tribunal will publish a second order.
It will also look over the territory which stretches funduara's book and for which the order was first made, and completed tasks and will inscriptiunea the old soma all those who through the existence or rank of a inscriptiuni s ' would think harmed in their rights, make opposition within the term fixed in the order, adding that otherwise the inscripţiunile will have inscriptiuni worth of land.
The term shall not be shorter than 3 months nor more than 6 months. The Ordinance will precisely indicate the last day of the calendar after the deadline.

Article 56 the opposition made a right against the inscriptiunii as task or in the counter will rank mention in the book funduara.
If there was proof that the process was started on the object of the opposition, will be ordered ex officio desbaterea with people in whom ' the counter turned opposition, and with persons who, in accordance with the contents of the book funduare, have a legal interest in the case.
Reaching desbaterii sides in the course of an agreement upon a change in the inscriptiunii, this change will be included in the book funduara. However, if the parties will not be able to reach an agreement, the Court will decide which of the parties, whose pretenţiuni remained contested, will be guided in the process pinning him to this end time will be calculated from the day on which the final decision remained.

Article 57 If the notice of opposition, the party itself in favour of which ' made inscriptiunea, being guided in the process, he started the process within the deadline or lost the final sentence inscriptiunea through it radiates or rectify, such as existence itself, or only the rank of the right, has been challenged. If the opponent being guided to the process ' started the process within the time limit fixed, or lost the final by sentence will be removed the mention of the opposition, and the inscriptiunea will win the value of the land inscriptiuni.

Article 58 Have a inscriptiuni land and inscripţiunile who were made following a declaraţiuni, if within the time limit fixed by the Ordinance was not ' made in their opposition against any, or in the event of contestation and mentoring process, part of the lost time for the introduction of the action or has been rejected through a definitive decision.

Article 59 procedure for the correction of the books funduare, appeals against the judgements it regulates common law.

Article 60 Ordinances referred to in dispoziţiunile above shall ex officio public three times each, spaced at least a month, both in the Official Gazette and in two or more of the most popular newspapers in the 2nd Circuit Court of appeals and will display and announce the usual means in municipalities for who conform to the text of the Ordinances were set up new books funduare.
In addition to publication of Ordinances will take care that the stakeholders to be otherwise in full view on the importance of the procedure for rectification. The measures provided for in the law for the protection of the rights of minors, as well as those placed under interdiction, or assisted by a judicial Council.

Article 61 the testimony and contestaţiunile placed after expiry of the Ordinance will reject ex officio.

Article 62 in the processes on which the party was guided on the basis of the above, dispoziţiunilor competinţa courts are common law regulates.

Article 63 If a building or a right in real estate burden that is issued to an extract from the book of funduara, in a time when the procedure for rectification in respect of that building is not yet completed, this circumstance will look into fetters statement.

Article 64 After determining procedure ordained by articles above, coalele who belong to the same funduare books will be provided with serial numbers and volume related.
The pages of each volume will be numbered, their number will be shown on the front page and saw the head of the Court, with his own iscalitura and the seal of the Office application.
65 Article Archive Folders relating to the establishment of fundure books will keep in the archives of the Court jurisdiction for keeping these registers.
In addition to each card funduara will keep the land plans and for the demonstration of the situation and of the parcels. Also will you indicate on the parcels and owners.
Acts and documents on the basis of which he made some inscriptiune in the book funduara will keep the certified copy to the folder funduare in which Charter ' passed inscriptiunea.
The procedure for filling or restoring books funduare Dispoziţiunile procedure Article 66 for funduare cards shall apply by analogy to the case when a book funduara to be supplemented through the inclusion of a building, which is still not entered in any register, and when a book funduara or part to be reconstituted if he destroyed or became inutilizabila.

Chapter 4 Dispoziţiuni for Transylvania, Banat and Bukovina Article 67 Institutiunile surveying existing in Transylvania, Banat and Bukovina will be coordinated, while making them the same rules and the same respecting the dispoziţiunilor of articles 72 and 75.
Through the whole territory of the reambularea provinces, will revise, Supplement and how much will be needed, it will restore the triangulation network; It will review the work of identifying all lands placed in the territory will be remembered and recorded in the land register changes observed in configuratiunea, laying and culture fields, as well as the person their holders.

Article 68 the changes observed in configuratiunea, laying and culture fields, as well as the owners, will be communicated to the courts of that jurisdiction, book funduara will carry out the correction of books under the laws in force on funduare territory.

Article 69 If s ' would conclude that a book funduara in whole or for a significant part of them is utterly obscure because of the many changes in real estate either cropped up, either in person, or owners for any other reason, the Ministry of Justice, as a result of the Court's report documented funduare and after the prior opinion of the Court, will be able to order just a new establishment of the book of funduare in whole or in part by means of the dispoziţiunile in this case law.

Part IV article 70 Revenue Expenses necessary for implementation of the works the land cadastre and the composition of funduare books will cover the following annual fees upon net income taxation of real estate, namely: a) 1% for orchards with fruit trees and vineyards; of 0.5% for arable land and meadow; by 0.3% for pasture, and 0.5% on the value of urban residential buildings with. New buildings are not exempted from payment of the tax;

(b) the fees levied) after extraordinary works of personnel, Ministry of agriculture and the national Cadastral Areas;

c) in fines levied for offences in connection with cadastral works.

Taxes on taxable income and housing value of real estate is going to do with the communal town halls, and the collection of their perceptions of the State according to law dispoziţiunile for the collection of revenue.

Part V transitional and final Dispoziţiuni Article 71 Of the law on the publication front, apart from the Ministry of agriculture and Areas, there is no authority in law to give dispoziţiuni technical nature relating to the completion of the rectification, reambularea, etc.. cadastral works.

Article 72 cadastral Works existing in the lands of the former United Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy remain in force until they can be reviewed and corrected, reambulate according to the principles laid down by the law of the face.

Article 73 metric technical work, amalgamate and parcel/plot, in general, any work in connection with the implementation of land reform laws, regulation of property in Dobruja and Bessarabia-New, will run concurrently with the technical work of the cadastral law laid down in the front.

Article 74 Comprised entrepreneurs, authorized to enlist the Cadastre surveying works, at the base of at least baccalaureate or equivalent studies in accordance with the provisions laid down in the laws of secondary education, as well as those which are authorized for at least 10 years for these works can be entrepreneurs for Geodesy and cadastre only after passing an exam in the specialty for which they have been authorized to date organized by the national Cadastre, with an analytical program approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Domains.
For cadastral works may be authorised and entrepreneurs and graduates scoalelor surveying s. I-and S-hotarnici engineers who have been working so far land reform works for five years.

Article 75 as GEODESIC metric works and parcelara are completely finished, all run counter to laws and regulations of this law are repealed and remain.
Laws and regulations relating to lands, funduare books, remain in force until the revision and unification of their estate according to the law art. 137 of the Constitution.

Article 76 are exempt from all stamp necessary documents and memoirs of the parties for funduare cards until their Declaration as legal property registers, as well as acts in connection with cadastral procedure until the completion of the work.

Article 77 of the implementing Regulations in detailed mode desvolta the principles of law and rules, laying down on the record of the land cadastre, the correction and checking periodically, and his dispoziţiunile regarding the coordination of funduare books with real estate.

Article 78 of the Law before the coming into force on its publication in dela Gazette.
This law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 8 April 1933 from the rock and has been adopted by a majority of one hundred six votes against the six.
Vice President, VIRGIL GROSSU (L. S. D.).
Secretary, n. s. Rob this law was voted by the Senate April 11 meeting, which from 1933 and was adopted by a majority of eighty-six votes, against five.
Chairman, DIETER (L. S. S.).
Secretary, i. E. Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
In Bucharest, on 13 April 1933.
(L. S. ST.).
CHARLES Minister of agriculture areas, and Dr. Voicu Jerrod Justice Minister Mihai Popovici — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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