Law No. 71 Of 12 July 1996 Approving The Plan For The National Landscaping-Section I-Way Communication

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 71 din 12 iulie 1996 privind aprobarea Planului de amenajare a teritoriului naţional - Secţiunea I - Cai de comunicaţie

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LAW No. 71 of 12 July 1996 approving the plan for the national landscaping-section I-PARLIAMENT ISSUING communications Horses published in MONITORUL OFICIAL NR. 166 of 29 July 1996 the Romanian Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 shall approve the plan the national landscaping-section I-way communication, according to annexes II nr. I-VIII form an integral part of this law.

Article 2 the works referred to in this law to communication are of national interest and public utility cause.

Article 3 work plan the national landscaping-section I-way communication include the investment budgets of authorising officers-annex to the main credits, based on feasibility studies developed and approved according to the provisions laid down by law. The work can be financed wholly or partly by foreign investors under the conditions established by law.
According to common interests with neighbouring countries, can be achieved, and other works for the development of communication routes, considered priority shall be determined by decision of the Government.
Scheduling the execution of the works referred to in this law shall be determined by the Government.

Article 4 the provisions of the plan of the national landscaping-section I-way communications are mandatory and shall be applied in the planning of municipalities, counties, towns or municipalities, as appropriate.
The demarcation of the land and the necessary surface sites for horses of communication shall be determined by means of urban planning documentation and/or landscaping and through feasibility studies, approved according to law.
Expropriation for public utility, land occupation and withdrawal from agricultural and forestry production are carried out according to the law.
On land reserved for development of communication routes established by landscaping literature it is prohibited the execution of the definitive authorisation of the construction.

Article 5 central public administration authorities and local Government will work cooperatively to ensure the application of the provisions of this law.
This law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 4 June 1996, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. SENATE CHAIRMAN ION SADANI this law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting on 4 June 1996, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. CHAMBER of DEPUTIES PRESIDENT JOHN GACHUIRI Annex 1 WORKS specified in the national landscaping-section I-way of communication. Development of cai Road 1. Highways: 1.01-Bucharest-Pitesti Highway, further strengthening existing 1.02-Bucharest-Constanta-Bucuresti-Giurgiu 1.03 1.04 1.05-Belt-Bucharest-Brasov-Pitesti through Risnov 1.06-Sibiu-Sebes-Deva-Arad-Nadlac 1.07-Bucharest-Craiova-Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Lugoj-Timisoara-Moravita 1.08 1.09-Braşov-Sibiu-Sebes-Alba Iulia-Turda-1.10-Tirgu Mures-Cluj Napoca-Bors 1.11-Bucharest-Focsani-Roman-Suceava-Siret 1.12-1.13 Cairo Albita-Roman-Iasi-Sculeni 1.14-Deva-Lugoj-Nadlac 1.15-Cluj-Napoca-Dej-Bistrita-Suceava-Botosani-Bramhall.
2. Express Roads: 2.01-Craiova-Calafat, Romania-Bacau-Brasov-Pitesti 2.02-Dej-Halmeu 2.03-Timisoara-Arad-Oradea-Zalau express road connection-Satu Mare-Zalau 2.04-Satu Mare-Halmeu 2.05-Crasna-Vaslui, Bacau-2.06-Roman-Piatra Neamt-Tirgu Mures-Brasov-Bors motorway 2.07-Deva-Petrosani-Tirgu Jiu-Craiova.
2.08-2.09-Bechet-Wednesbury-Cairo-Tulcea-Tulcea-Constanta 2.10-2.11-Vama Veche-Slobozia-Calarasi 2.12-Hereford-Hîrşova-Constanta Salty 2.13-Calafat-Drobeta-Turnu Severin 2.14-Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Secunderabad-Qazvin-Curtea de Arges 2.15 2.16-Deva-Oradea-Brăila-Galaţi-express road Mumbai-Batangas 2.17 2.18-Ploiesti-Buzau-Slobozia-Hîrşova-Batangas 2.19-Oradea-chandrapur-Carei-Satu Mare 2.20-Gulbarga-Riyadh-2.21-Thorndale-Pitesti Taschereau-Alexandria-Bucuresti-Drobeta Turnu 2.22 -Monrovia-Bazias-Sad.
3. New bridges on the Danube: 3.01-at Calafat, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Braila, Galati, Taschereau and Bechet 3.02-on the Prut River at Ungheni-Prut, Radauti, Galati-Giurgiulesti, Falciu and London bridges like these Opportunity to take road traffic, rail or combined is determined by town planning documentation and/or landscaping and through feasibility studies.
On some routes to highways and expressways may also be tied to local facilities, increasing the country's defense capacity.
Note: a graphical representation of the main papers listed in this annex are located in the annex. 2. Annex 3 WORKS specified in the national landscaping-section I-way of communication. The development of the railway network 1. Single or double lines on new routes: 1.01-Stamora Moravita-Jamu Mare-Comoristea 1.02-Racasdia-Naidas-Bazias Baraga-1.03-Iablanita-Naidas-border-Chizatau-B-M 1.04 1.05 1.06-Boutari-History-Vascau-shoes at 1.07-Aa-Zalau-Allahabad-1.08 Bixad-Sighetu Marmatiei 1.09-Dej-Madras-1.10-1.11 Seciuri Alunu-Motru-Baia de Arama 1.12-Livingston-Vinju Mare Mare 1.13-1.14-lion-Bechet Alexandria-New Delhi-Thorndale 1.15-Câmpulung-Curtea de Arges 1.16-1.17-Câmpulung Moldovenesc; New York-Zarnesti-Tirgu Mures 1.18-1.19-Sighisoara South Africa-Cambridge 1.20-1.21-Bicaz-Gheorgheni Piatra Neamt-Tirgu Neamt 1.22-Botosani-Hârlau 1.23-Wisconsin-Abu Dhabi-Radauti Prut 1.24-1.25-Wisconsin-Zlatna-Brad 1.26-1.27-Bacau, Moinesti Onesti-Bretcu 1.28-Bangalore-Nehoiasu 1.29-Tulcea-Macin-1.30-Turda-Abrud-Zlatna 1.31-Tandarei-1.32-Vilcele Mirpur-Martinsville, in running 1.33-Calafat-Vinju Mare Mare-Drobeta-Turnu Severin.
2. Lines with increased speed on existing and new trails: 2.01-Timisoara-Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Craiova-Stamora Moravita 2.02-Timisoara-Arad-Curtici 2.03-Arad-Deva-Sibiu-Yangon-Vilcele-2.04-Cluj-Napoca-Dej-Vatra Dornei-Suceava 2.05-Valery-Ta Alba Iulia-2.06-Vicsani-Suceava-Bacau, Romania-Ploiesti, Buzau-2.07 2.08-Los Angeles-Los Angeles-Bucharest-Galaţi-Braila-Bucharest-Giurgiu 2.09 2.10-Pascani-Ungheni 2.11-2.12-New Delhi-Craiova-Calafat-Bucharest-Constanta 2.13 2.14-2.15-Bechet-Arad-Oradea-Satu Mare-Halmeu-2.16 Brooklyn North Nambiyur 2.17-Pitesti-Castle Bromwich-Wednesbury-2.18-Bucharest-North North-Baneasa airport-Otopeni Airport.
3. Lines with high speed on existing and new trails: 3.01-Bucharest-Craiova-Vinju Mare Mare-Iron Gates II. Dajani, new route Bucharest-Constanta-3.02, 3.03 new path-Bucharest-Braşov, adapting the existing route up to Olongapo City. Comarnic-sector of Brasov-Bucharest route new 3.04-Los Angeles-Galaţi 3.05-Diocese-Cluj-Napoca-Sighişoara-Braşov-Bucharest.
The development of railway electrification works including or doubling of existing lines.
Note: a graphical representation of the main papers listed in this annex are located in the annex. 4. Annex 5 works specified in the national landscaping-section I-way of communication. Development of cai waterways 1. Fitting of waterways on the Danube: 1.01-Bala sector NPP 1.02-1.03-Sulina channel canal linking the Danube and the producing steel mill of Calarasi 1.04 completion on the Bendigo-Midia-Navodari 1.05-senalul navigable between the Iron Gates I and iron gate II 1.06-closure arm Bala dam and locks with 1.07-Danube route Correction at the elbow of Tulcea on the Prut 1.08-between the Danube River and Costesti-1.09-Rock on the Olt River between Danube, Slatina and Martinsville 1.10-Siret-magistral channel between the Siret River and Frands Dridu 1.11 Danube-Canal Baer 1.12-Danube waterway senal Correction on Danube Tulcea 1.13 sector-banks of the Danube Canal Facilities-Black Sea-Bega Canal 1.14, Timişoara-border sector.
2. work with the ferry crossing points from: 2.01-2.02-Bazias Moldova Veche-Gallant 2.03-Calarasi-Califonia 2.04 2.05-Bechet-Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Tulcea-2.06 2.07 2.08-2.09 Rast Fortress-Ark 2.10-2.11-Gulbarga-Oltenita Zimnicea 2.12.
3. RO-RO: 3.01-3.02 3.03 Calafat-Tulcea-Isaccea.
4. Arrangements in existing ports: 4.01-4.02 Constanta-South-East Hartford 4.03-Drobeta-Turnu Severin 4.04-4.05-4.06 Pirjoaia Calarasi-Constanta 4th-Midia 43.08-Giurgiu-Oltenita-4.09 4.10 4.11 4.12 Mangalia-Sulina-Galaţi-Taschereau 4.13 4.14 4.15-Baraga-Bazias 4.16-Danube-Black Sea Canal at Medgidia-Cernavoda-Basarabi 4.17-channel Edmonton-Midia-Navodari, Ovidiu and Lam.
5. Major ports: 5.01-O'connor, on the river Prut 5.02-Falciu, on the river Prut 5.03-Risesti, on the river Prut 5.04-Prisacani, on the river Prut 5.05-Oltenita, at the junction of the Arges-Danube.
The opportunity for completion of the waterway shall be determined through planning documentations and/or landscaping and through feasibility studies.
Fitting works in ports and to ensure territorial defense needs, as appropriate.
Note: a graphical representation of the main papers listed in this annex are located in the annex. 6. Annex 7 WORKS

specified in the national landscaping-section I-way of communication. Development of aerial 1 horses. Modernisation of infrastructure and means of protection of air navigation services, and existing airports: Bucharest-Otopeni-1.01 1.02 1.03-Arad-Oradea 1.04-1.05-Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Romania-Tirgu Mures 1.06 1.07-1.08 1.09 Sibiu Suceava-Iasi-1.10-1.11-1.12 Caransebes, Timisoara-Craiova-Satu Mare 1.14 1.13-1.15 1.16 Bacau-Tulcea-Constanta-Mihail Kogălniceanu 1.17-Bucharest-Baneasa.
2. Airports: 2.01-Braşov-Ghimbav In area-The area of Prejmer 2.02-Brăila-Galaţi-2.03 Tulucesti-Alba Iulia area In Bengbu 2.04-in the area of the municipality of Bistrita.
Air links between existing airports and/or we can develop depending on requirements imposed by traffic.
Note: a graphical representation of the work covered by this annex is located in the annex. 8.

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