Law No. 76 Of 6 July 1995 * Republished In Order To Declare Settlements Ip And Treznea, Sălaj County, Martyr, As Well As For The Declaration Of The Village Of Treznea Commune Treznea

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 76 din 6 iulie 1995 *** Republicată pentru declararea localităţilor Ip şi Treznea, judeţul Sălaj, localităţi, martir, precum şi pentru declararea satului Treznea comuna Treznea

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LAW No. 76 of 6 July 1995 * Republished in order to declare settlements Ip and Treznea Salaj County, townships, the martyr, as well as for the Declaration of the village of Treznea commune Treznea published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE NR. 297 of 27 December 1995 Note *) Republished pursuant to art. II of law No. 116 of 4 December 1995, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 284 of 8 December 1995.

Law No. 76/95 was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 145 of 12 July 1995.

Article 1 as a sign of honor, for heroism and sacrifices for the data in the fascisto-occupation horthyste, from august 1940 until October 1944, localities and Treznea Salaj County, claim settlements-martyr of the nation.

Article 2 (1) in the village of Treznea commune Treznea Agrij, Salaj County-are declared, will bear the name of the Treznea.

(2) the commune has three villages in Treznea Treznea component and Bozna. A commune is established in the village of Treznea.

(3) the name of the commune Treznea-change the Agrij Agrij.

(4) the commune has the Agrij Agrij and Rostoltu villages-dessert. Agrij is a commune in the village of Agrij fixes.

Article 3 (1) County Council Salaj, together with the General Directorate of public finance and financial control of the County and the Local Council Salaj Commune Agrij will assign the current revenue and expenditure budget of the Treznea commune-Agrij Agrij and between the municipalities of Treznea.

(2) after the entry into force of this law, the income and expenses which, under the law of the Treznea commune will be law administered by the local authorities of the municipalities, and local budget balance will be achieved on account of amounts broken down from the tax on wages and salaries, according to the law, within the limits of the provisions approved in 1995, Salaj County as a whole.

(3) the budget of the Treznea commune on the year 1995 will be the prefect by the representative involved in the primary and will be approved by the County prefect Salaj County Council Chairman, and with the opinion of the General Directorate of public finance and financial control of the County of Harghita.

(4) teaching retrieval will be made on the basis of protocols concluded between the current Mayor of Agrij and prefect with representative of the Mayor of the commune Treznea and will be confirmed by the Permanent Delegation of Salaj County Council.

Article 4 (1) until the establishment of the law on local public administration authorities in the town Treznea, Salaj County, solving current will ensure two agencies you Prefect, appointed by order of the Government, with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, as well as by a Secretary appointed by the prefect.

(2) the Remuneration of the Commissioner and Secretary of the proxies for the local Council will be made according to the provisions of law No. 40/1991, republished.

Article 5 until the new local elections, local public authorities in Salaj County, Agrij, will function in the entry into force of this law.)

Article 6 of the annex to law No. 2/1968 on the administrative organisation of Romanian territory shall change accordingly.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) Law No. 116/1995 entered into force on 8 December 1995.


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