Law No. 83 Of 30 November 1993 On The State Support Of Agricultural Producers

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 83 din 30 noiembrie 1993 privind sprijinul acordat de stat producătorilor agricoli

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LAW No. 83 of 30 November 1993 on the State support of agricultural producers was published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE NR. 284 of 7 December 1993, the Parliament of Romania adopts this law.

Article 1 (1) the State supports agricultural producers through interest subsidies and allowances for loans and investment, production and material compensation, tax advantages, guarantees for loans, guarantee of purchase prices for agricultural products remuneratorii of national importance, providing technical assistance and other facilities.

(2) the list of agricultural products declared national importance by the Government shall be published in the Official Gazette before 1 September of each year.

(3) for the year 1993, the list shall be published within 30 days from the date of publication of this law in the Official Gazette of Romania.

Article 2 (1) for production and investment Allowances shall be granted to farmers for improving the fertility of agricultural land, purchasing and maintaining the actual exploitation, availability of owners and semen, production of seeds and seedlings.

(2) agricultural producers within the meaning of this law are the legal owners and keepers of animals, agricultural land and forestry situated in the built-up area or in the communes, towns and municipalities, regardless of the form of exploitation.

Article 3 (1) Appropriations intended for improving the fertility of agricultural land shall be granted to farmers in the form of amendments and fertilizers, corresponding to areas held, on the basis of improvement programmes and produced by fertilization specialists responsible for this purpose.

(2) the quantity of chemical fertilizers, given in the form of allowance represent at least 60 kg active substance nitrogen and phosphorus per hectare cultivated with wheat or rye whose production is contracted in the production of at least 40 percent with economic agents mandated by the State.

(3) For other crops, the level of allowance per hectare in kg active substance shall be determined annually by the Government.

(4) the amendment of acid and alkaline soils are fully supports the State budget.

Article 4 (1) Appropriations intended for the enlargement of privately owned farms shall be granted to farmers who are individuals who own property in areas of less than 20 hectares in arable agricultural land equivalent. The loans shall be granted, on request, on the basis of the property.

(2) Land belonging to agricultural producers for which they have qualified for the loan intended for expansion of agricultural holdings private property cannot be disposed of through sale, without the consent of the creditor bank for 10 years from the date of granting of credit, on pain of nullity absolute disposal Act.

Article 5 (1) Appropriations intended for the purchase of the Queen Bee and the owners shall be granted to agricultural producers for valuable animals certified by offices of selection and breeding of animals, of species and races may be determined by the Ministry of agriculture and food.

(2) the amount of allocations is up to 50% of the sale price, equivalent to meat animals.

(3) parent stock Herds and reproducatorii, for which farmers have benefited from the grant provided for in paragraph 1. (1) cannot be disposed of and no cut for 4 years for cattle and two years for other species from the date of purchase.

(4) the appropriations intended for maintaining the operation of parent stock herds of cows and bivolite shall be granted to all farmers and represents 25% of the annual expenditure on maintenance and animal species.

(5) allowance shall be granted to farmers who remain in operation for the duration of the production cycle at least three cows or 3 bivolite.

(6) the appropriations intended for purchasing and maintaining effective operation of the Queen Bee and the owners shall be granted to agricultural producers on the basis of the purchase documents and data and documents provided by the agricultural centers, health districts and, where appropriate, the offices of breeding and selection of animals and agricultural research resorts in that area, certified by the Mayor.

Article 6 (1) owners and other legal holders of land areas that will be impaduri as far as antierozionala or aimed at creating curtains, established by the decision-making bodies of law, receive in compensation for afforestation.

(2) first afforestation shall be granted in proportion to the surface via ocoalelor forest owners and other legal owners of land who undertakes in writing to plant and to exploit these areas under forest law.

Article 7 (1) the State supports equipping farms with tractors, agricultural machinery and equipment, animal breeding and production, construction of production, processing and storage, material supply, implementation and valorization of agricultural production through the granting of loans with preferential interest or, where appropriate, the granting of guarantees in order to obtain them.

(2) agricultural producers benefit, through financial institutions or banking: a short-term loans), with annual interest subsidized at the rate of 60% for material supplies and the realization of agricultural production;

b medium term loans), with annual interest subsidized at the rate of 70% intended to purchase equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery, animal breeding and production;

c) long-term loans with annual interest subsidized at the rate of 75 percent and a grace period of one year, in order to achieve the investment for the construction of shelters in cattle breeding, production and storage spaces, greenhouses, pomiviticole, the introduction and expansion of privately owned agricultural areas and irrigation.

(3) commercial banks may grant loans to farmers with the land they hold in the property. Until the issue of titles of ownership, proof of ownership will be made with a certificate issued by the Municipal Commission established Land Fund Law nr. 18/1991 and of the minutes of release.

(4) the duration of the repayment of credits referred to. b) and (c)), granted to agricultural producers from the mountain area and submontane, may be extended for another five years, at the request of the beneficiaries of credits.

(5) the difference between market interest and subsidy levels provided for in paragraph 1. (2) shall be paid from the State budget.

Article 8 (1) State premiums to producers for crop products and national importance relating to:-crop products and livestock performance delivered to businesses mandated by the State to contract prices and purchase guaranteed by the State;
-suckling calves from cows and artificial insamintate or junicile through the mount from the owners authorized;
-special soil works-"deep, scarificarea, leveling.

(2) the amount of premiums granted by the State for this purpose shall be determined annually by the Government.

Article 9 (1) annually, not later than March 1, on the basis of developments in the market of agricultural products, the Government will set minimum prices guaranteed to purchase agricultural products of national importance.

(2) the guaranteed minimum Price represents the equivalent in lei of the average price recorded in the previous year on the world market of that product.

Article 10 minimum guaranteed Prices shall be determined, under the present law, for cereals, oilseeds, legumes, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes for industrial plants, seeds, and fresh milk. The Government can fix the prices guaranteed to other agricultural products.

Article 11 (1) to plant and animal agricultural products contracted with businesses specifically mandated by the State, farmers shall receive, on request, for a minimum of 30% of the advances of the amount contracted production, on the basis of the guaranteed minimum price.

(2) Advances shall be paid in money or in raw materials by special businesses mandated by State, laid down by mutual agreement with the farmers, and agricultural production is guaranteed by belonging to them.

Article 12 (1) imports for breeding animals, tractors, agricultural machinery, machinery for farming and agricultural production, insectofungicide, zoo-veterinary products, protein feed and feed additives are exempted from customs duties.

(2) the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2. (1) shall also apply to foreign aid granted to agricultural producers in nature.

Article 13 (1) Assistance technique and specialized consultations shall be granted for each of the municipalities, through the expert staff paid by the State.

(2) the Ministry of agriculture and food will publish and distribute booklets and materials and will conduct free training courses, retraining and attestation of farmers, including maintenance, repair and service of tractors and agricultural machinery, the awarding of scholarships to keep attending vocational schools and other such measures.

(3) through its services, Ministry of agriculture and food put at the disposal free of charge to farmers, individuals, projects and foreign-exchange model for construction of household and agricultural production, and technologies for the cultivation of plants, animal breeding and the use of chemicals in agriculture, protection of plants, animals and the environment; organize annual fairs, contests, exhibitions, excursions, study of agricultural producers and others on the use of private farms.

Article 14 (1) the amounts required to cover the value of allowances, premiums, subsidies, compensation and for the activities referred to in article 1. 13, which shall be granted to agricultural producers according to the present law, shall be approved annually by the State budget law, with effect from 1 January 1994.

(2) the amounts set out in paragraph 1. (1) shall be granted to farmers through State agencies and of other special institutions mandated by the Government.

Article 15 (1) the amounts of allowances, premiums, compensations, subsidies and other support measures provided for in this law shall be granted to agricultural producers in proportion to the share of ownership structure of the Land Fund.

(2) the Government shall establish, within 60 days after the date of publication of this law in the Official Gazette of Romania, at the initiative of the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of agriculture and food, the means of identification throughout the banking circuit structures was the beneficiary of support, property rules on procedures for granting and use, as well as allocations, control premiums, compensations, subsidies and other support measures laid down in this law.

The violation of article 16 of this law shall entail liability, administrative or criminal liability, as appropriate.

Article 17 (1) shall constitute offences at the rules relating to the granting and use of premiums, allowances, subsidies and compensation following the facts, if they were not committed in such circumstances as to be considered, according to the criminal law, offences: (a)), by the owners of agricultural land for which they have received appropriations for agricultural holdings extension before the expiry referred to in art. "". (2);

b) should not be a first. 8;

c) neimpadurirea, antierozionala or as a measure aimed at creating curtains, areas laid down by the competent bodies of the agricultural or forestry;

d) failure to technical assistance and specialized consultations of the expert staff paid by the State;

It's available at nepunerea) farmers, individuals, free of charge, of projects and estimates relating to household construction and model of agricultural production, instructions and plant cultivation technologies, application of treatments with chemicals, the growth of their animals.

(2) the Offences referred to in paragraph 1. (1) shall be imposed as follows: (a) with fine) 50,000 lei to 100,000 lei, offences covered by paragraph 1. (1) (a). b), d) and (e));

b) with fine of 100,000 to 250,000 lei lei, the offences referred to in paragraph 1. (1) (a). ) and (c)).

(3) Fine and can be applied to legal persons.

Article 18 Offences referred to in articles. 17 it is noticed and the fine applies specifically authorized staff of the Minister of agriculture and food or by the Minister for water, forests and environmental protection, as appropriate.

Article 19 Offences under article 4. 17 apply to them the provisions of law No. 32/68 on the establishment and sanctioning of offences, with the exception of art. 25-27.

Article 20 the following acts Constitute offences: the herd) queen bee or reproducatorilor, in violation of the provisions of article 7. 5 para. (3) that is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years;

b) in-service nementinerea intentionally, during the production cycle, the number of animals referred to in article 1. 5 para. (5) that is punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 2 years or by a fine.

Article 21 the use allocations for purposes other than those for which they were granted, according to art. 3 of the Act, constitutes infringement and is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 5 years.
This law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 6 October 1993, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) and of article 23. 77 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
SENATE PRESIDENT Prof. Dr. O'LEARY GAITAN this law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting on 11 October 1993, in compliance with the provisions of art. 74 para. (1) and of article 23. 77 para. (2) of the Constitution of Romania.
p. GILBERT CHAMBER of DEPUTIES PRESIDENT R — — — — — — — — — — — —

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