Law No. 121 Of 17 May 1930 For The Reorganization Of The Rural House

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 121 din 17 mai 1930 pentru reorganizarea Casei Rurale

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Law No. 121 of 17 May 1930 for the reorganization of the Rural House of PARLIAMENT published in ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 107 of 17 May 1930 Chapter 1 purpose of institutiunii and its operations in article 1 institutiune House, established in order to facilitate the credit needed for Romanian peasants, land, growers should be able to buy lands, will continue to work, fulfilling his goal-and they, and all the rights and powers conferred on this law atribuţiunile.
Rural House is a legal entity and operates according to dispoziţiunilor of the code of Commerce pertaining to limited-liability companies who do not contradict the law. Rural House headquarters is in Bucharest. It is possible to constitute branches and elsewhere.

Article 2 the share capital is divided into lei 100,000,000 100,000 lei of 1,000 shares each, half of these shares belonging to the State, and the remaining half of private shareholders. This capital will be increased after teen-agers, following General Government deciziunii, State approved by participating in these sporiri in the same proportion as that above.
State actions will be registered and inalienable rights, others will be bearer.
Capital above is effective according to the balance sheet at 31 1929, approved by Decemvrie extraordinary general meeting of 9 March 1930.
Voting rights of the State as shareholder is limited to 100 votes.
The shares belonging to the State are exempt from any stamp duties and registration and any taxes, except for one newcomer.

Article 3 rights and Rural House atribuţiunile granted won't alter, nor restrict, either directly or through other concessions or coasociatiuni, until the expiry of the 30-year-old Dale law. promulgation
Rural House will wield, even after expiry of the 30-year-old above, all the rights conferred on them by the law of the face, as far as the completion of the operations commenced during the last 30 years and until final payment of "bonds" issued and all the revenue percentages, privileged or unsecured claims, mortgage-backed securities. The social year begins on 1 January and ends on the 31st of the same year Decemvrie.

Article 4 EC Rural House Operations is authorized to make are: a) to buy rural properties by any stretch, from licitaţiuni through învoiala, public good, or in the cases provided for by art. agrarian law 148 of 17 July 1921 in order to resell them in batches to the villagers for rural communes or islazuri. Rural House will not be able to make such purchases in cases who the State has right of pre-emption only if the State does not exercise a right or legal;

b) to buy lots of rural villagers dela acquired them according to various laws of improprietarire. Buying these lots of the Rural House is not subject to any conditions or formalities required by special laws;

c) to sell to villagers, and generally lots of this Act, land and rural properties which they would buy, as shown above, securing with privilege or mortgage on them paying the price payable. Rural House will be able to sell, in whole or in part, the properties bought with the same guarantees rural communes, in order to establish or complement of islazuri. Interest at the price payable in such cases will not be greater than 12% annually;

(d)) to facilitate loans to villagers through obstiilor or the House of Commons, buying estates or parts of estates, lots of improprietarire or izlazuri. Rural House will be able to pay the seller the price of the amount loaned, given guarantees privilege or mortgage the property bought with an interest rate that does not exceed 12%;

e) to participate in the purchase of the households to which the State has a right of pre-emption, and financed the purchase operation, paying the seller price, given by the Act of selling or by special acts, as well as any insurance: privilege, mortgage, watching and incasand dela interest buyers of lots amortismentul, administrative expenses and other expenses borne unto the lots. Any real insurance, such as privilege, mortgage House established in favour of Rural operations specified above shall be valid notwithstanding dela circulatiunii of property law 1929, right on improprietarire lots bought by Rural House or through mediation;

f) to facilitate, in agreement with the State, necessary work sheep grazing in certain regions, villagers to leave and performing operations on settlement and instarire of the Israeli soldiers. Financing will be done by making the real Rural insurance over lots and buildings the colonists;

g) to issue vouchers to employ rural for the obligations taken pursuant to paragraph 1. a, b, d, e and f above. The above operations can be done also by cash payment;

h) directing, controlling and executing all operations relating to the payment of the price of land parceling and purchased according to dispoziţiunilor above. In the case when the property was purchased by the State on the basis of the right of pre-emption with financing Rural House, these operations will be done by the State or by Rural House delegation, whether she will receive this task specifically;

I) collect the amounts from the presence of buyers of lots will be due for interest, amortization, administrative expenses and other expenses incurred by the parties who accessories Earth what they bought and use the interest to pay and exclusive amortizarile coupons and vouchers out of lots;

j) to grant loans to farmers, be guaranteed by privilege or mortgage or bills of Exchange or on guarantees of public land or analog effects, rural or urban, rural vouchers out (on his own) or crop lien attached to the root or in the warehouse or on the pledge of agricultural animals and tools. The pledge shall constitute and form the very top. 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the law on organization of Rural Land and Credit to Agricultural Credit;

k) to buy and sell any effects have not been received unto as a guarantee to the public Houses;

reesconta l) of its portfolio to the National Bank of cambial Romania, within the limits of the law to this instituţiuni, or any other institutiune;

m) of the National Bank of the Lombard Romanian Cassa submissions and Consemnaţiuni or at any other public instituţiuni scrisurile and what effects did it have;

n) to encourage the improvement of culture and supraveghia of the Earth on the properties to be sold through Rural House or hers.

Article 5 Notwithstanding any other dispoziţiuni regulations currently in force in different regions of the country, the pledge on the effects will be valid if it is found by an act under private signature, and took effect in the reception of the rural House, and it will have the right immediately after the expiry of the term of payment and without the need of a release or delay judgment , to sell stock in collateral effects, incasandu-and preferably the sum loaned together with interest and other expenses will be done to the exclusion of any other privileged creditor.

Article 6 the owner who voeşte to trade at, or villager who voeşte to sell the lot or of inducing improprietarire Rural House, will present a proposal for selling the works, and when it will be grasped with the villagers, will submit a signed declaraţiune and villagers seeking to purchase, indicating name, situaţiunea estate or lot with the neighbors, as well as documents of property and possession.

Article 7 National Rural House will appoint one or more experts or from foreign officials, who either company will examine the quality of the land in the village, situaţiunea and ready for occupancy of the estate, and to determine the extent of the property, the value of each type of land and amount of entire estates.

Article 8 the Board of Directors will fix the price of the estate or land offer, taking into account the expertise report, the extent of the estate and its various qualities of land, agricultural properties income tax rent rent estate and what is paid in the village, the price of the sale of the estate in the neighbourhood, according to the company's Property or Credit Agricultural Credit as well as any other items that could be used to evaluate.

Article 9 If the owner agrees upon condiţiunilor for sale and on the price, it will proceed to purchase formalities provided for in the statute and at the conclusion of purchase and sale of mortgage.

Article 10 the negotiations between landlords and peasants will occur without intervening any intercessor. Rural House will cease for two years any relatiuni with landlords and peasants who will have recourse, either directly or indirectly, the intercessors.

Article 11 Those who to shoot any use, will procure them promises peasant lands through their influence or by any other means, shall be punished with imprisonment from the presence of a month up to a year.

Article 12

Sale/purchase contracts shall be concluded between the owners and villagers, or when the sale is made between this and Rural villagers, through a single act of sale and purchase. Copies of the freedom even without summoning the parties Court authenticated Act have the same value as the original. With the filing of the notice of sale will be able to submit authentication and acts towards through which villagers will be buyers of rural House real guarantees for all amounts that will be due to price, interest, amortization and expenses of administration. Villagers who have bought a House together Rural estate dela or lots, either individually or in community, will constitute the rural House guarantee through a single act.
Authentication of documents for sale, mortgage or any real guarantee acts, shall be made by any District Court of the detour, urban or rural property of situaţiunii or of circumscriptiunea where one of the parties is domiciled, or by any notary public or court without the countersignature of the mandatory Attorney. Check the validity of the real, as well as guarantees or: transcription, inscriptiunea or mention in books or funduare books, will be made according to the laws of the place where the asset sold or offered to set warranty.
The discovery of the identity of each satean will be made on the basis of verbal affirmation of the Mayor that knows every one of them, or on the basis of legitimate tickets they would present, quoting the minutes how identity was established. The Mayor is an affirmation of the identities neadevarata a satean shall be punished for the offence of perjury according to criminal law.
With the authentication of the Act of sale or real warranty will be able to authenticate the same instances and procurile on which parties would empower other people to do the transcription, the entry or any other entries on the books or papers, books of funduare, above, to the competent authorities. Termination of lien mortgages or guarantees will be made at the request of the House, without the need for present borrowers.

Article 13 In all sales documents or valuable security shown above will pay half of the fees provided for in the law on stamp duty and registration. In case when the House will buy a Rural estate owners to an end from the plot and resell the lots, will not charge than one registration fee for the sale, without charge another for sales in subsequent batches.

Article 14 Inscripţiunile in mortgage benefit Rural House did not need to be renewed and prescripţiunea does not flow against them. It inscriptiune mortgage guarantees interest until payment in full of the claim, without any need to be to make a new inscriptiune in this range. The mortgage of the House Rural claims are not subject to special dispoziţiunilor regarding bankruptcy, either with respect to their anulabilitatea, voidance or have been concluded during the previous period of bankruptcy, either on the right track.

Article 15 Mandates that will give advocatilor, Rural House of delegates or officials either to represent them in legal proceedings or for the various documents in connection with its operations, such as authentication, transcripţiuni, inscriptiuni, endorsements, canceled or other formalities necessary for its operations, it will ascertain through the minutes of the Board of Directors. Copies of extracts of such minutes, which would occur before the justice or elsewhere, shall be atesteaza by the President of the Board of directors or of the Member whom you place and the Director-general. Delegatiunile data in this form are a genuine mandate.

Article 16 Any rural property sales made through mediation or by the Rural House, the show will be preceded by the Mayor of the village where the property is situated on the premises of the rural House and, as of a încunoştiinţare Cooperation Office made. The display name and inform the owners and shall include the name of the property, the extent of the situation. Proof of posting will result from the report why the Mayor and village clerk or Secretary of the commune will conclude in two copies, one of which alone will be handed to the House.
Proof of încunoştiinţării national Office of Co-operatives will establish communication by the Office to the Rural House that was awarded to inform. Proof of posting is made to the Rural House will result from its certificate. The Act of sale will not be able to conclude until after a month of the date of the above evidence removed from him. What authority will authenticate the Act will be found in the minutes of finding fulfillment formalitatii authentication, which will make the full evidence in this regard.

Article 17 any action of any kind of crowd out, would be, in whole or in part, of the households purchased through mediation or by the rural House will no longer be able to exercise after the purchase made by this House. Those who will claim the title to such households bought will be able to exert only an action against Rural House for estate and damage value what were ' necessary.
This action may not be brought within five years from the way of entry into possession on the basis of the Act of sale. Prescripţiunea will begin to run against minors, interzişilor, those put under judicial Council, married women with regard to dotale buildings, according to the dispoziţiunilor. The rural House has in its turn exercise action in warranty against the seller of the real estate.

Chapter 2 article 18 Conditions of purchase For aiding the work of parcel/plot of rural properties will do lots of stretching his uniform, preferably of 5 hectares.
Rural House will be able to reduce consignments and under 5 hectares. A t but will be able to buy lots more, up to the total area of 25 hectares. These lots will have to be next to each other in order to form a single body, except in cases when the administration of rural House will find it fit as these batches must be separated in the interest of buyers.
A lot of buyers will be those of the preferiti lots more. Between lots more buyers will be those who want to preferiti buy fewer batches.

Article 19 buyers will have to pay directly at the House, making the Act of buying-selling, which was achieved through her intercession, a fraction of the price that will be 15%. Rural House will be able to reduce the utterly vărsămîntul above, if he would be an obvious obstacle to the purchase of the lots by the villagers, and other guarantees under the mortgage or privilege.

Article 20 Among villagers willing to buy lots, Rural House will prefer the price equal to this: the Villagers who have graduated) any school of agriculture and who I am in the village which belongs to the property image sells;

b) mobilize the Former rasboiul of 1916-1918;

c) widows and children of those mobilized, whether living in the municipality in which the property what it sells, or in neighbouring municipalities at a distance of no more than 5 km;

d) from the same commune Villagers who do not possess, or possess less than 5 hectares.

Article 21 the forests that will be located on lands that will buy through mediation or rural House will buy it to resell to the State, communes or villages when laying passes 100 ha, in joint possession, without obstiilor the status of joint possession to stop ever. Woods gained in such conditions will be subject to the regime.

Article 22 on the country estate ' would be helestae, ponds, mills or herestrae which peasants ' buyers would or would not ' understand each other to manage them, will be sold by public auction of cooperatives, communes and rural villagers, or failing that, agents.

Article 23 of the price resulting from the resale; of culture as the ground where there were helestae or puddles, which will be mostly drained by the peasants, the account will be deducted the expenses of more intaiu drying up, and the rest will be disbursed to rural House to extinguish or reduce mortgage debts contracted by her sides for their purchase of peasants.

Article 24 From each purchase of Rural land will be selected on the basis of the Ministry of agriculture and incunostiinta Areas, in order to say within a month if it needs a stretch of land or of a constructiune located on the estate. Constructiunile which will be needed for a public service can be purchased from the State, County or township.

Article 25 in the case when the buildings and estates instalatiunile a n ' would be trebuincioase destinatiunilor above, or ' could be used with the use of asociaţiunile, they will be able to sell by public auction, either on their own, be lovingly around them a lot in stretching for up to 50 hectares. Such land under any circumstances will not be able to be made up of lots of improprietarire.
The sale will be made by public auction at the Court or at the headquarters of real estate situaţiunii House. The sale will not take place only after 30 days free publication for sale in dela "Official Gazette" and after showing her the same term the Mayor's situaţiunii property.
Publicaţiunea for sale situaţiunea property will look like and the price, which starts from the way of bidding and the date and time of the auction. The selling price will put the event, either in full or you will pay through the annuity after managerial decision of the Administrative Council referred to in publicaţiunea for sale.

The sale remains definitive either deposit the price, either to the deposit of anuitatii, in case when the rural Casa would agree that paying the price to be made through the annuity. Order of the award is not subject to appeal in cassation. In such cases the State will be able to exercise its right of pre-emption according to agrarian law.

Article 26 The parceling of any estates, Rural House is obliged to apply to the village and commune situaţiunii real estate, if you understand to buy a stretch of time necessary for the establishment and replenishment of the communal islazului with the price fixed by the Rural House and which can not be higher than the price they will sell the lots for improprietarire of the House of the same estate. If the village and commune will not respond within 10 days, or if communication from the rock will not make the purchase within one month, Rural House, which from the communication will be able to plot and sells real estate in the rigid conditions of this law.

Article 27 Loans made for the purchase of House of Commons izlazuri, or green land sold through Rural House, will be secured by a mortgage, and I rank the proceeds of these izlazuri will be entirely and affected to pay annuities, loans without the communes can give other destinatiune nor their creditors that might follow. In the case of neajungere, it will respond with all of his other income.

Article 28 Rural House will be able to borrow with the mortgage and rank II municipalities who to establish or complete green land would buy estates or parts of estates are mortgaged Land Rural Credit societies or agricultural Credit and who would borrow only Rural House, which from the amount you have to pay the actual seller over amounts owed to companies above. In this case, Rural House will not be able to make the loan only after it will be ensured that credit companies above have consented to the mortgage division, specifying the amount guaranteed in izlazul parish in favour of this company.

Article 29 Communes will pay the price of the izlazurilor Rural House in the same way at the same age and in the same order in which the peasant will pay the price of the lots bought by them.

Article 30 where municipalities will not pay on time, annuities due what Rural House will be able to ask relevant financial administrations that these remnants of annuity or annuity to be paid directly to the communal Fund, as well as from other income received by the tax collector of the Commons.

Article 31 any parcel/plot of estates, when going to be need, it will be necessary to predict the extent of the hearth of the village, reckoning it as many 2,000 square meters for each head of a family. When the number of lots will be greater than 100 and nouile groups of houses that were ' would build will not be able to join at one of the villages, catunele or one of the existing municipalities, which would be located in a distance of more than 6 km, will be able to establish a new village or Township and will include, in the hearth of the village the extent necessary for the Town Hall , Church, school and roads, as well as at workplaces, a lot for the Church and cemetery of 9 hectares and a lot for the school, whose expanse will be calculated on the basis of 6 hectares for 100 families.
The value of land intended for the Church, the Town Hall, scoalei, roads and places reserved in the hearth of the village church and school will put the burden on peasants, in proportion to the price of each batch or due to as well as to House what was in the book ' the village by paying it at the same time and under the same conditions as datorite rates of each of them.

Article 32 Batches for the Church and the school, in the item to the extent shown above will provide and for existing municipalities who would not take their seats in such destinatiune. In such case the annuities will be paid by the Township.

Chapter 3 Dispoziţiuni Article 33 binding on the purchaser acquired Land through Rural House will not be able to until their final payment, be rented only with the consent of the House, what will be given only in case of impossibility of the landowner to cultivate them. No Earth collected through Rural House will be rented only to manual workers, Romanian citizens of Earth.
The contracts of those who will be renting such lands without the consent of the rural House are null and void and Rural House can invoke the invalidity of such contracts whenever removing the lessees '.

Article 34 Peasants are obliged to establish their houses in the village, the village where catunul or batches are purchased within a period of 3 years from the way when they were out, but not if they will have their houses at a distance of less than 10 km. when peasants will not be conformed to this bond, Rural House After 2 years of age when they become dela owners will invite through a somaţiune settlement to settle on their jobs, under penalty of being deposedati within one year. This past term, peasants who will not be established will be deposedati without delay or judgment enforcement, but only through administrative channels.
Rural House will refund the amounts they paid to peasants after the purchase of the estate and the amounts paid through depreciation, after all amounts will be withheld what they would owe under any title.

Article 35 the Act of mortgage what were Rural peasants House, will be obliged to contribute to the improvement of the culture of the Earth, cultivand meadows, vegetables, parsnips or textile plants and undergo condiţiunilor of culture decided by regulation.

Article 36 Peasants will contribute to the establishment of asociaţiuni for the purchase of agricultural tools, animal reproductiune and seeds, as well as for the sale of their products.

Article 37 the lots bought by the villagers under the law of the face may be mortgaged by the same rules as the lots acquired according to the various agrarian laws.

Article 38 the peasant will not give concessions for the exploitation of the subsoil than with the consent of the House and after study laid down by it.

Chapter 4 sales and purchases of estates by the Rural House Casa Rural Article 39 will be able to buy rural properties to be sold in lots, paying us them either through the issue of bonds, according to art. 44 below, either in cash, or both.

Article 40 When Rural House I would buy at licitaţiune public parkland to resell the lots, it will have the faculty to deposit the price instead of cash or a declaraţiune effects of the works as soon as the order of final adjudication will be remaining, will pay in full the price with which to buy the property.

Article 41 If the sale of a property will not find indestui buyers of small batches, Rural House will be able to sell in batches of a stretch up to 25 hectares remaining part nevanduta to peasant. These latter lots will be sold with the House at licitaţiune headquarters Rural attire, with condiţiunea as the buyer not have another property greater than 25 ha and cannot buy more than two batches each of 25 ha. When buying these lots will give preference to graduates of agriculture scoalelor. Purchasers of lots 25 hectares will be required to pay 50% of the price of their lots.

Article 42 the price with which Rural House will sell estates purchased can not be greater than 20% above purchase price, unless the Ministry of agriculture and Areas would acquiesce to set a higher price.

Article 43 All dispoziţiunile referred to in this law relating to lands bought by peasants through the intercession of rural House, and will apply to lands bought and sold to Rural peasants.

Chapter 5 issuance of vouchers Article 44 rural Rural House will issue, according to art. 4, paragraph 1. g, rural bearer, producing a yearly interest rate fixed by the Board of Directors, paid through random quarterly.
Amortization term will be the same for all borrowers in the same act and will not proceed for 30 years. Bonds issue will not pass over rural value debt guaranteed by privilege or mortgage purchasers have set it up. The price of the advances made to the buyers of bonds lotasi issue before they will deduct from rural value.
Purchasers of lots will be obliged to pay the cash portion of the price paid in cash by the House. For part of the price paid for it through the issue of bonds, buyers of lots will have a Faculty pay either in cash or in rural's nominal value vouchers of the same type as those issued and paid sellers.
They will be able to make payments and anticipated. Payment vouchers will not be rural could do but only after payment of the price paid in cash.

Article 45 rural Vouchers issued pursuant to the first paragraph 5. under art. 44 shall apply from the dates stipulated by the acts of sale, by the Ordinances of the award or any other învoieli.

Article 46 the checkbooks issued on rural House will be guaranteed through the buildings have been mortgaged and through any other wealth. They will be received as collateral at all public Houses under the same conditions as the effects of State guaranteed.

47 article bonds Maturity coupons will be rural on 1 January and 1 July of each year. the receipt of a goaltender damped will occur 2 months prior to the due date of each coupon.

Article 48 lots as Buyers are obliged to pay Rural House on 1 May and 1 Noemvrie each year, the following amounts: a the interest rate stipulated in the act);

b) Depreciation calculated according to the number of the years in which buyers were bound to contractual duty by them left black;

c) referred to in regulation Alocatiunile for administrative expenses that may not be in excess of 1% per annum on the amount borrowed. Stamp duty and corporation tax will pay proportionately half of sales and half of the buyer. When it will be paid in full by the Rural House, buyers will receive a refund of their part in the first 5 years by half-yearly instalments, and with payment rates shown above.

Article 49 to the creation of the imprumutatii Act will pay interest, depreciation, stamp duty and registration expenses for parcel/plot and others, throughout the semester, i.e. 1 January until end from June 30 to July 1, or from the presence of up to 31, while rural Decemvrie vouchers will be delivered to those in law with coupon whose due date is the earliest.

Article 50 the annual Rates of the loans taken up by the joint purchase of communal izlazuri will score higher authorities ex officio and in obligatory in those budgets.

Article 51 in the event of non-payment of sums due, what borrowers will pay a delay interest rate of 2% over the interest rate fixed by laws.

Article 52 Coupons rural bonds who will not have been submitted for payment shall be made within five years of their maturity, and Dale papers and leaving the rural, ten years after Dale publication in the "Official Gazette" of lists of random.
Their vouchers and coupons shall be exempt from any charges and movable property tax.
Detentorii of vouchers who have no rural in their heritage more than 250,000 lei face value, will be exempted from the obligation to declare them a global tax.

Dispoziţiunile article 53 concerning the kinds of cuts and proporţiunea rural vouchers issued, how to cancel out lots of titles and other details will be provide in the statute.

Dispoziţiuni Chapter 6 concerning the transmission of the lots purchased a small lot of article 54 or inducing or dela Casa Rural will convey by sale, inheritance, Testaments, donatiuni or any other achizitiune in the very top law circulatiunii rural property.
Coverage of those lots made prior to the promulgation of this law the restrictive law against dispoziţiunilor Rural House from May 17, 1908, either through acts between live either by testament or the inheritance, shall be valid if they have occurred between villagers and the paperwork will be executed in fact.

Article 55 the peasant growers will be able to improprietariti or fret-moşneni credit Rural House to buy or sell, or for merging, or for out of joint possession, part of their property, and the value of sold or bought will be subtracted from the price of the lots acquired dela Rural House according to this law. A regulation Board will show the ways of this operation.

Chapter 7 Administraţiune, Government Commissioner and consequently to Article 56 Board of Directors will be made up of new members, from who: an adviser to the High Court of Cassation and justice, named by Royal Decree after the proposal of the Minister of agriculture and areas; three members appointed by a Royal Decree, also Minister of agriculture after the proposal and fields; three members elected by the general meeting of shareholders, while the other two will be right: a delegate of the national Office of the cooperative and a delegate of the National Bank of Romania, appointed by their Board of Directors.
The term of Office shall be four years, it may be renewed.
The mandate of the Office of the delegate and the National Cooperative Bank will not be retained as long as the cat than they will have membership on the Board of Directors of instituţiuni.
Also the term of Office of the Member of the High Court of Cassation and justice shall not be kept as long as the cat than find.

Article 57 the Director-general, directors, and staff of the Rural House subdirs are called revoacă and it's Board of Directors.
Director general, directors and subdirs will not be able to be members in any of the legislators nor occupy any other public function or to serve on the Board of Directors of Credit societies or Agricultural land for Rural Credit, or make any trade; also may not participate nor the Board of Directors of the Rural House. All retribuţiunile will be fixed by the Board of Directors.

Article 58 Board of Directors will be able to delegate some of his atribuţiunile a direction Committee composed of the Director-general or his Deputy, and two members of the Council.

Article 59 Rural House Operations and rural issues vouchers will be overseen by a Board of three censori, from who will be appointed by the State, through the Ministry of Agriculture and domains and one will be chosen by the general meeting of shareholders for a period of two years.

Article 60 the Government will exercise control over the operations of the rural House and walking through a Commissioner appointed by Royal Decree after the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Domains.

Chapter 8 about the background of book and Article 61 benefits From annual net benefits, it will retain a 10%: for the creation of a reserve fund; a first dividend of 6% on the shareholder's share capital paid up. From rest: 8% administraţiune Council; 3% repartitiunea of the works made after the Board of Directors; 2% of hostels for officials; 10%, after assessment of the Board of Directors for his services to every company. The rest will be distributed as a second dividend, reserves and fund improvements, by the General Assembly, after a proposal from the Board of Directors.

Article 62 reserve fund will serve the fulfillment of capital in case of loss. The reserve fund will be used in the purchase of public or State effects the State guaranteed, analog land. Revenue reserve fund will serve to increase that Fund.

Article 63 Fund enhancements will serve to improve the lands purchased by the intercession of the rural House.

Article 64 of the Statute of the Rural House made Government according to the principles of this law will be sanctioned by Royal Decree and will apply their publication in dela Gazette. They will not be able to be amended only after the proposal of the Board of directors by the general meeting of shareholders and approved by the Government.

Chapter 9 About action and chases Article 65 the demands made by the Rural House, or contentious, or graceful, will resolve. Any kind of securities actions in Rural House listed either as plaintiff or as parata, will judge competinte Court in Rural House circumscriptiunea which has its head office and branch office.

Article 66 the judges will not be given a time limit for payment of the debts of the company.
In the event of failure to pay within their claims and for carrying out the rural house faculty be to wear out the common law, or to be true copies dispoziţiunilor below.

Article 67 Rural House retains all rights and privileges granted to them by this law and where for the realization of the receivables will wear out the common law procedure.

Article 68 the sale of real estate will only be made pursuant to dispoziţiunilor of the present law. When the same real estate will be put into Rural House Chase and other lenders, conexandu-se execuţiunea ex officio proceedings will continue under the present law. Under no circumstances may the pursuit of Rural House can not be delayed under the word am and other chases in progress.

Article 69 all acts and contracts concluded by the Rural House with stiutoare people, even those acts for which the law requires authentic form, and will be made under the signature of the representative of the rural House and with her seal, probanta will have the force of a notarial act.
Those acts may be performed after simple request the Rural House, either by the Court or by its headquarters to that of situaţiunii real estate or mortgages without the need to be an investment with the enforcement of the Act.
Transcription and inclusion in the registers will also be able to be made, and only after simple request in writing of the rural House, the Court or authority competinte and without requiring the appearance of the parties, and this even in the case of acts concluded with people ignorant of the book, but when they, by authentic instruments concluded, brought straight to the House.

Article 70 freedom of Rural House Copies of papers with her and on the preservation of and certified by the President of the Board of directors or a member that you place and the Director-general of the Rural House, or those who, according to the memorandum, will exercise its power atribuţiunile, probanta children have freedom contradictory courts or notaries public on the original.

Article 71 the termination of the life of the debtor, the bankruptcy, the loss of capacity, or Concordat, do not stop Rural House to pursue its pretentiunile based on the law enforcement front, through the movable or real estate.
Formalities will be carried out on behalf of the estate in the person of one tooth after choosing successors, Rural House, the domicile elected in acts concluded or in the person of the legal representative of the debtor to the same home. The only bond of Rural House is making to settle the deposit and Cash out, Consemnaţiuni at the disposal of the person entitled, after she will be compensated completely.

All damage will result from the sale of the field which assets pledged or mortgaged Rural House will be payable by the debtor without the Institutiunea may be subject to any risk in this regard.
Transfer of ownership of real estate, the inclusion of a right in rem or a notatiuni process made after signing up the mortgage or lien of the Rural House, not prevent it to pursue its pretentiunile according to this law, the holder of the property encumbered and will be put in the case only if it has been accepted in writing by the Rural House.

Article 72 Rural House will have the benefit of dispoziţiunile this Act and concerning the implementation of unsecured debt, real estate law being applied and executarilor of any kind, as required by the House and pending before the courts on the date of its promulgation, shall continue from the stage with the implementation of this Act, any formalities. This part in tracking procedure covers any vitii.

Article 73 in the event of delay on the part of the debtor, the Rural House has the right to ask the President of the Court or the situaţiunii building will be chosen by the parties through the act, putting it in possession of property encumbered with the expenses and the risk of the debtor's delay. The Court is obliged within three days as dela request to require material from borrowers through portareilor Office to pay debt, making them known as in the case of non-payment, Rural House will be put into the possession of the encumbered property, and if the debtor has not paid the debt in 10 days notice, the Court, from the rock without other formality, Rural House will declare put into possession of law and fact of the real estate environment.
Rural House is not bound by contracts that use the real estate object and am inscriptiunii her rear, Act only if they have been accepted in writing by ea. Rural House will be able to conclude such contracts have been made public through the premises of the licitaţiune on the maximum period of five years, by way of derogation from the rock dispoziţiunile in 1921 and the agrarian law of the rules themselves. Throughout the time it will take to take into possession, Rural House will receive the proceeds or value of the crops that were ' would be on property, whatever the opoziţiunea. Revenue from these products will drop more passes intaiu rights for a maximum of 3 years delay, the expenses of putting in possession, those made for fund administration and payment of annuities or interest, and the rest will keep you with no interest in the debtor's dispoziţiunea.
All risks and dangers that may result from the implementation of the rural House ownership will be borne by the debtor.

Article 74 in the event of non-payment of an annuity or a rate of interest and whenever to cause referred to in the law, the statute or contract, integral capital will become due and Rural House will have the right to pursue the sale of real estate or real estate of the debtor. To this end, Rural House will make the debtor acknowledged it in writing, at the address for service chosen by the Act of borrowing, a somaţiune for sums due with percentages and their expenses. Somatiunea will notify you through the intercession of the body of portarei. Immediately after the notification, the rural House will be able to ask a court situaţiunii, somatiunii transcript in the register for switching commands.
In the book funduare, Rural House will ask the court transcript in the book competinte funduara tracking uncluttered. From the time of transcription somatiunii tracking, the building is hit by downtime and whatever tranzactiunile who would follow the transcript, they will not be applied to the Rural House and prosecution will proceed only to the debtor's person summoned. Somatiunea will produce the effect until the debtor will be paid in full at the seat of the rural House all amounts claimed, without being subjected to perimării, even if it's not followed by other acts.

Article 75 If within one month of receipt of debtor somatiunii dela will pay on the premises of the rural House Casa Rural amounts claimed, will be able to ask the Court of first instance or the situaţiunii property chosen by the parties in the contract to sell the property. To this end, Rural House will join us along with his application, the original somatiunii tracking and proof or record of teaching them, and the Court will give Rural House copies of these documents and, if they dispoziţiunii the original, will you instead of the original.

Article 76 not later than three days after receiving the request, the Tribunal removed from him will require the placing on the market of the real estate.
The sale will be made after two months from the day of its publication in the "Official Gazette". Publicaţiunea sale in "Monitor" will include: a) the indication that the request is made after the sale of the House;

b) Nature of the building, district, commune and place where it is found located and two from her neighbors or indicatiunea after land registries with topographical numbers there;

(c) the debtor's name and pronouns) to be achieved;

d) Place, date, day and time when he has to make the sale;

e) Amount beginning licitaţiunea dela.

Article 77 shall make three publicaţiuni with same content, one of who will stick or display on the door of the Town Hall of the village of situaţiunii of the object pursued, another on the door of the Court building will be pursued, ascertaining the bonding or displaying both through a report, signed by the staff member concerned only the judicial, and another will teach at the debtor's act in accordance with these rules of procedure.
Mortgage lenders or privileged, preceding the transcription somatiunii Rural House, will also be handed to one such publicaţiune the domicile elected by the demand for inscriptiune or transcriptiune to their act. Publicaţiunile will be signed by the President of the Tribunal and portărel. Out the formalities provided for in this law, cannot be applied to sales execution required by Rural House no other dispoziţiune of the code of civil procedure relative to sales execution.
Your submission of any publicatiunilor or privileged creditors selling will be done after the showing of the Rural House, accompanied by a certificate of tasks 15 years earlier, the Tribunal registry that is emitted from the presence of situaţiunii real estate sought court card or dela funduara.

Article 78 the day fixed for the sale in a follow-up required by Rural House can not be postponed to conexarile who s ' would do with other pursuits. If due to other pursuits than Rural House, even after conexare, and could cause the postponement, requested by Rural House selling will continue pursuit of disjungandu conexata.
Strigările will start house price showed dela in publicaţiune. If you sell after three, which will be repeated in 5 in 5 minutes, no one will give you a higher price than that offered by the House, and it will be asked upon her award, the Tribunal will be obliged to award over her property on the price offered. If there are more competitors, the Tribunal will be required to adjudicate upon the one who at the following auction will yield the highest price.
In both cases, however, the Rural House shall have the right, if you will, and if the rest of the creditors present no objection, to ask the good or not award, fixing a new date on which the Tribunal will fix even in court, posing in the knowledge of the parties, without further publicaţiuni than one in one of the newspapers spread, either in the capital either from the city of residence of the Court before which it sells the property, or in case of absence, in a newspaper of a commune. That publicaţiune must appear on at least 20 days before the new term and it can be sent for publication directly from home, without intercession of the judiciary.

Article 79 the new term will be strigările as to the dintaiu, shall be awarded upon Rural House or the person who will give you the highest price.

Article 80 the successful tenderer will become bound by the minutes of the adjudecatiunii and if not I will or will not be able to subscribe, it will make mention of this in the minutes of the meeting. Will not be received as bidders at adjudecatiunea after the immovables tracked Rural House demand than those who will be lodged at the House of deposits and or directly to Consemnaţiuni, Court, until the commencement of the auction, either in cash or in land or in analog effects of State, counted on the day, the 10th of the price set by the House. This warranty will be kept by the Court until the release of the Ordinance for the award. Rural House is exempt from any such warranty.

Article 81 After adjudication, the Court will make known those face that supralicitarea will take place in eight days, without making any new publicaţiune. During these eight days, and the day of the system, any person capable will be able to outbid if it will provide at least 10% over the price with which was awarded the good.
Supralicitatorul will declare its willingness to outbid through ' a request to the Tribunal, signed by him, and it will add and 10% plus cash, land or analog effects of State. Rural House is exempt from filing this deinstall, as collateral.
If you are going to be more supralicitatori, who have lodged the security required by the preceding paragraph, the property will definitive the world that will give you the highest price at the third auction.
The minutes of the final adjudication will subscribe for the event and the President of the Tribunal. If it is not provided by the system, the building will permanently earmark over first in the event.

Article 82

Not later than 15 days after the award has become final, the successful tenderer dela, whatever contestatiunea what ' would raise his pay, Rural House, at its head office, all amounts due into the account of his claim, or if the House would get to Rural i pay only part of the total amount due and to recognize the event as her debtor for the rest generally, the parties agreed, then only the amount claimed. In the latter case the property will not be Rural House purgat and debt will be maintained for the entire remaining amount due, according to conventiunii, which will conclude with the successful tenderer and this will apply to court with the petition filing price and rural House with cash payment of the amount reported finding.
The rest of the total amount of the award will be lodged within the same period to Cassa submissions, and receipt of certification, noting the registration fee and the fee for the issuance of the Ordinance shall be lodged within the same period of 15 days at the courthouse, the successful tenderer being fully downloaded by paying and filing made in this way.

Article 83 if the successful tenderer will not submit the price within the time limit and in the manner fixed, the building will be put back up for sale; the new term will be selling yourself without the right to exist of the system, and the building will adjudicate upon him that will give you the highest price in the third auction, without the former event to be able to compete.
The formalities of publicaţiune will be the same as for the first term, but the interval between publicaţiunii enrollment in the "Official Gazette" and the deadline for bidding will be only 15 days.
Through the report noting the outcome of the licitaţiunii, the Court will sentence former event loss amount deposited as a guarantee and who will be assigned to Rural House on behalf of her expenses and debt, and pay the difference up to the price of the first but with legal interest from the payment. This conclusion will be final and not subject to any opposition, no call.

Article 84 regular price After the submission by the successful tenderer, the Tribunal will issue a statutory instrument for the award name, reproducandu in that order in all operations beginning execution. dela
If the award is made on the behalf of the Rural House price, she will submit claims to found the Act of borrowing and by targeted personnel accounts to them. In the case of possibly when Rural credit will be next in rank to other creditors, this filing her claim on behalf of the price will be made evident only after claims an outdated. unto.

Article 85 of the Ordinance will not be subject to the adjudication of another and remedies than the appeal in cassation, pursuant to the common law. All dispoziţiunile of the price distribution for cases when other creditors will be and are applicable to such sales.

Article 86 When they will be offered for sale situated in property holding in which there are funduare Rural House books will have the right to put them up for sale, either before the Court of first instance her headquarters, benefiting from the provisions of this law, either before the Court that you funduare books of the property mortgaged and in such cases will apply articles 81 and 82 dispoziţiunile. 90-96 of the law on organization of Rural Land and Credit to Agricultural Credit, published in the "Official Gazette" No. 183 of 20 August 1929.

Article 87 For creation and sale of gajurilor of any kind in favour of Rural House, she will have the right to use either the common law or under the second subparagraph of article dispoziţiunile. 14-18 including how and other dispoziţiuni, concerning this matter of the law for the Organization of Rural Land and Credit to Agricultural Credit, published in the "Official Gazette" No. 183 of 1929.
Request for enforcement will head in the cases above, either in circumscriptiunea which is located either on the same asset pledged by parties under the Act establishing the pledge.

Article 88 Rural House will have the right to request, based on bills reached maturity and protestate, competinte Court, after a Bill to require the value of debtors, the signatories, through ' a summons addressed to portareilor, through the body to make the payment of the debt within three days at her cashier.
Borrowers will be able to introduce this term in opposition to the Court's competence. The opposition will be reasoned and accompanied by all the instruments will serve side who, under penalty of being considered as null and void effect. She will judge the urgency and, in particular, in the Council Chamber. The decision will be subject to appeal only.
The Court will be able to pay the insurer upon seizure of property debtors if they making opposition ' have chronicled the alleged value of House. If no opposition was made, or if it is rejected, the draft will have the effect of a final judgment, which will run on the real estate property, in accordance with these rules of procedure established by the present law.

Article 89 of the areas set out in this law shall be calculated in HA in cadastral areas in jugare who jugarul is counted as a legal unit of measure.

Article 90 the law for the establishment of a Rural House from 1908 is hereby repealed.
Desbateri: Room No. 50-1929/30; The Senate 28-1929/30.
Voted by the Assembly of Deputies on 2 May and Senate on 7 May 1930.

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