Law No. 122 Of 17 May 1930

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 122 din 17 mai 1930

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Law No. 122 of 17 May 1930 for the approval of the Ministry of agriculture and Areas to make a tranzactiune with Ms. Elena Rahtivan, Lt.-Col. Em. Lam and villagers in Costienii-Mari (r.-Salty), regarding the lands expropriated Large-Costienii and published in the Argetoaia PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 107 of 17 May 1930 Article UNIQUE Agriculture and Areas shall be authorised to conclude with Ms. Elena Rahtivan, Lt.-Col. Em. Lam and villagers in Costienii-buyers (r.-Salty) a tranzactiune in the alaturatului project.
(Desbateri: Senate 21-1929/30; Room nr. 52-1929/30).
(Voted on by the Senate on 28 March and Assembly of Deputies on 7 May 1930).
NOTE: Elena TRANZACTIUNE Between subscribers and/or m. Rahtivan, Lt.-Col. Em. Lam, Ministry of agriculture and personal Areas, and in the name Rag villagers in Costienii-buyers (r.-Salty), in order to extinguish existing disputes concerning the ownership of the Costienii households-(r.-Salty) and Argetoaia (Dolj) namely: Process pending before the Court of appeal, section I, (file No. 1,224 older/928) to set aside the order of execution of an exchange of land occurred between Mrs. Rahtivan and State; Process pending before the Court of first instance, section IV civilo-correctional (file No. ..), for cancellation of sale alongside Argetoaia occurred between Mrs. Rahtivan and d. Lt. Col. Em. Lam and difficulties isvorate from the impossibility of evacuating villagers alongside Costieni purchasers; Subject to voting law whereby the Ministry of agriculture and is authorized to arrange Fields in the below stipulated, I concluded this transaction act, it becomes obligatory for all Contracting Parties at the time and only if you are going to vote the law above referred to. Serving Eaton Rahtivan agrees as d. Lt. Col. Lamba to be recognized alongside owner having it Argetoaia estate should be divided in the following manner: 117 ha, free of all duties, retain their full and exclusive property of the State, which executes in consequence to that extent the Exchange approved by the Agriculture Committee opinion No. 23/928. The State will be able to ask and d. Lt. Col. Lamba undertakes to give 52 hectares of this area into another stretch of land called the Argetoaia, Leordease d-property sale, based on a previous shopping; the remaining 65 ha is going to take the land from the commune of Tiu. 47 ha remain the property of Mrs. Elena Rahtivan, free of any burdens, this stretch being a lease payment for my part Lt. Col. Lamba by Ms. Rahtivan for the rest of have been caused by the price.