Law No. 45 Of 21 March 1930 Concerning General Population Census

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 45 din 21 martie 1930 privitoare la recensământul general al populaţiei

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Law No. 45 of 21 March 1930 concerning general census of population PARLIAMENT ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 66 of 21 March 1930 Article 1 general Census of populatiunii will be made throughout the country, in one day, every 10 years starting in 1930.
Labor Day census will generally fixed by the Ministry of labour, health and Social Ocrotirilor by Royal Decree.

Article 2 the Census will be able to contain a investigatiune statistics on enterprises commercial, industrial and agricultural.

Article 3 all sciences which did collected individual opportunity and populatiunii will be used only for the purpose of statistic.
Testimony obtained from the presence of inhabitants will not be able to serve as evidence in judicial bodies, tax or administrative.
An official will also disclose science for purposes other than those of the prelucrarei stats will be punished by imprisonment for 1 to 6 months from the rock and with 5,000-20,000 fine from the presence of lions, in addition to civil damages to the damaging.

Article 4 all inhabitants of the country are obliged to notify in writing or by words alive informaţiunile what will be asked to count the recensori agents and controllers.

Article 5 refusal to purchase the required Sciences at the populatiunii, or the communication of science neexacte, made with intenţiunea to alter the truth or to impede the work, is a contraventiune and shall be punished with a fine, which from 200 to 2,000 lei. Inciting residents to these deviations shall be punished with fine inzecita, and in case of repetition with imprisonment from 1 to 3 months removed from him.
The penalty will rule by the judge of the place of residence of the offender's detour, with right of appeal within 8 days at the county courthouse. That offence will ascertain through a protocol concluded by the agent controller or recensor, in front of a police agent.

Article 6 All the officials of the State, counties, municipalities and urban and rural communes are obliged to serve, when statistics are called agents, to count and to work according to the instructions of what they will give.
Public servant who will depart from the presence of this duty shall be punished with fine which from 600 to 2,000 lei by the Census comisiunea.

Article 7 general Census of populatiunii in 1930 and the future will be done with the participation of all organs of the State through the care and directives from the Commission for the census, which will be set up for this purpose.
The necessary expenditure in executing the Census populatiunii will be awarded through the opening credits.
For the preparation, execution, and publication of the general census of 1930 populatiunii opens on behalf of the Ministry of labour, health and social Ocrotirilor an extraordinary credit of 103,000,000 lei.

Article 8 the fines provided for in article 10. 3 and 5 of this law shall follow the law and will be disbursed from the State.

Article 9 at least 6 months prior to the census, making all municipal authorities: municipalities, towns and municipalities, will take action to revise the nomenclature and street and road as well as the numbering of the houses. In the event of refusal or delay to the completion of these duties, the Ministry of labour, health and Social Ocrotirilor, following the opinion of the Commission for the census, will be able to proceed directly to the work of the nomenclature of the streets and the numbering of the houses, and expense made on this occasion will be ex officio in the communal administration budget that has neglected or refused to execute the bond in the preceding paragraph.

Article 10 All contrary to the laws and regulations of the law face am and remain repealed.
A regulation drawn up by the public administration, the Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor, after receiving the opinion of the Commission, will establish the census questions will be asked and will desvolta dispoziţiunile contained in this law.
Desbateri: Room No. 29 and 1929/30; Senate No. 17 and 18-1929/30.
Voted by the Assembly of Deputies on 18 Fevruarie and Senate on 5 March 1930.