The Law Of 31 July 1929) For The Reorganization Of The High Court Of Auditors

Original Language Title:  LEGE din 31 iulie 1929*) pentru reorganizarea Înaltei Curţi de Conturi

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The LAW of 31 July 1929) for the reorganization of the High Court of Auditors PARLIAMENT ISSUING published in MONITORUL OFICIAL NR. 167 31 July 1929 Note *) this law was voted by the Assembly of Deputies and the Senate in the meetings on 26 and 27 July 1929. Enacted with Decree No. 2674/1929 and published in Official Gazette No. 167 of 31 July 1929. It repealed the law of 29 January 1895.

Chapter 1 the establishment and composition of the Court 1. For all Romania is one High Court of Auditors.
The Court of Auditors is a stand-alone, institutiune has the same rank with the High Court of Cassation and enjoy the same rights.
2. The seat of the Court is in the capital of the country.
3. The Court of Auditors is composed of members of the Court, the public Ministry, control and verification, the general secretariat staff, and archive service.
Members of the Court are: a Chairman, 4 Presidents of sections and 8 Councillors.
The public Ministry is represented by an attorney general and prosecutors of section 3.
Control and verification staff shall consist of: Advisors-controllers, which can be one of each Ministry and public administration, 4 referendari, referendari 24, referendari and 30 trainees.
Their number can be increased by law after need.
Referendarii are divided into three classes.
The general secretariat of the Court consists of a Secretary general assimilated with bosses, Secretaries, referendarii subsecretari, Chief of Office, Office subsefi, impiegati and conservatives acts and necessary service staff provided for in the budget after need.
4. the members of the Court, of the public prosecutor, counselors-controllers and referendarii are irremovable.
Referendarii-interns have only stability.
5. the members of the Court and of the public prosecutor shall be appointed by Royal Decree on a proposal by the Minister of finance.
The first President, the Attorney general and prosecutors of sections are called without a recommendation from the Court, and the Presidents of wards will be appointed from among the Councillors after a recommendation from the Court.
To be appointed as an advisor and counselor-controller is required the following conditions: (a) have a title) to the academic degree of doctor or Bachelor of law, trade, Sciences, mathematics, or an equivalent title in financial, political sciences and public administration, in accordance with the rules of the instruction;

b) to have an internship of at least 15 years in the administration of the Court, the State Finance Administration, the central authorities of other ministries or the judiciary and to be busy during that time at least 3 years of first class functions referendar, Secretary general of the Ministry of finance, the director of the financial times inspector Ministry of finance, director of accounting in the administration of other ministries Member, to an appellate court.

You can call condiţiunilor with the dispensation of subparagraph a, General intendantii who have occupied at least 5 years of service chiefs that the function of cost accounting in the Ministry of war.
6. every Vacation Counselor or Advisor-auditor, the appointment will be made by Royal Decree on a proposal by the Minister of finance, and taking the opinion of the Court.
Counselors with an old controllers of 6 years old, will be on the spot in the deposit for councilor.
7. the Secretary-General heads Referendarii are called between the referendarii class with a 3-year-old class, and between the referendarii interns.
8. Interns will recruit through the contest.
To be received in the contest are asked the following conditions: (a)) to be Romanian citizens;

b) To be satisfied in recruitment of law;

c) to possess an academic title from those laid down in article 21. 5. d) have 24 years.

The contest will keep you at the Court of Auditors, the jury will be composed of two members of the Court, the United sections delegates and one delegate of the Ministry of finance.
The very top of the contest will be established through a regulation drawn up by the Court, approved by the Minister of Finance).
You can call it interns and without competition officials from the General Administration of the finance and central services of accounting of other administrations, which generally meets with the above and have at least the rank of head office.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see Regulation for referendar at contest the Court of Auditors, of 9 March 1895.

9. Appointment referendarilor, Secretary general, referendarilor referendarilor and interns is made by Royal Decree on a proposal by the Minister of finance after recomandatia Court.
The staff of the Chancellery and archives referred to in art. 3 paragraphs 1 and 2. 1, is called by the Minister of finance in accordance with the Statute of civil servants with the opinion of the Court, and the staff service is called by the first President of the Court.
10. Ready for admissibility, incompatibilities, appointments, discipline, order and submission for the Chancery and archives are those of public servants with particular differences referred to in the law of the face).
Comisiunea discipline and rules and submission to the Court of Auditors form the United sections of the Court.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) to see the status of public servants, of 19 June 1923.

11. The first President of the Court is sworn in prior to m. s. King.
Other magistrates of the Court, and the Prosecutor's Office, providing input into service oath before the sections the United Court-and Councillors, auditors and other officials-have you referendari them, before the President assisted by the Attorney general.
12. the members of the Court of Auditors and of the public prosecutor may not be relatives or affine transformation between them until the fourth ber.
Also may not be interested in either directly or indirectly, any figure in any business as agents inspected the Court, nor take part in any such research business that will have been interested in a close relative or a cranberry until fourth ber.
Objection to a member of the Court may be invoked by himself or be part of the public Ministry and the times decided that section the Court supplemented by a member from another Department, a delegate from the first President. In case of acceptance of such challenges, the section shall be composed of prosecuting the matter.
13. The functions of the Prime President, Chair, counselor, Attorney-general, Attorney-Adviser section, controller, referendar, referendar referendar and trainee are incompatible with legislative Mandate: a) and public functions of every kind, filled by election or by appointment;

b) Professions;

c) membership directory, the administrator-delegate and Member in the Board of directors or the Auditor in private companies or from a institutiune placed under Court control.

14. it will put the withdrawal ex officio, by Royal Decree, members of the Court and of the public prosecutor, having reached 65 years compared to of.
Also the removal from Office, after the opinion of the Court, sections that because of an infirmity valid found will no longer be able to fulfill their public atribuţiunile.
Those who put into retreat they will exercise their rights immediately.
15. the Court is divided into 4 sections, each made up of a President and two counselors.
A breakdown of the Presidents and councillors by sections will be made at the beginning of each year by the United sections-Court.
In case of misunderstanding will proceed by drawing lots.
At the same time United will assign sections to-sections referendari, referendari and referendari trainees.
Atribuţiunile sections are identical. They will be assigned at the beginning of each year by the United sections, their distribution may change in case of necessity, even during the year.
16. The sections of the United Court-shall meet whenever necessary, convoked by the first President of his own initiative or following a request by the prosecutor-general.
The first Chairman shall preside over the Court in sections and may preside over, when he sees fit or requires service, any of the sections. If in the latter case, the parity of votes is made, shall be called by lot an advisor to another section and the matter will be debated again.
17. In order to take a year, by the Court is required to be present for a three-member section and sections-United at least seven members. In case of parity of votes, the vote of the sections-United, who preside over decide.
All deciziunile and the decisions of the Court shall decide by an absolute majority of the members present.
The minority is obligated to formulate a reasoned opinion.
In the absence of the first President, the oldest after the order of appointment of Presidents of wards replaces it.
In the absence of the President of the oldest Member ward them yourself.
Absent a section adviser shall be supplemented by an adviser from another section, a delegate from the first President.

Chapter 2 debt collection and competinţa 18. The Court of Auditors shall exercise preventive control and management of all revenue and expenditure of the State, in accordance with art. 115 from Constitutiune *).
It has debt collection and debt collection.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see Constitutiunea, 29 March 1923.

19. As the supreme organ of scrutiny the Court: a) the employing of preventive Controls expenditures and revenues, and spending through ordonantarile counselors-controllers, in accordance with the law on the public accounting dispoziţiunile *);

b) controls the evidence of ordonantarilor received from contabilitatile primary and secondary authorizing officers, as the application was received;

c) examines situaţiunile monthly payments received and authorized payments from central ministries and contabilitatile of public administratiuni, and general accounts monthly and yearly budget of execuţiunea;

d) check receipts and payments made by way of cash monthly, after State and after the accounts and records shall be sent by the General accounts of the State.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see the law on the public accounting, of 31 July 1929.

20) as the supreme organ of scrutiny, the Court will consider, ascertain and certify the accuracy of the accounts of administrators charged with setting and the centralization of public revenues, as all public administrations and of the attribution of their administration of public funds.
On the basis of its data on statuarilor of documents sent by administrators and clients and the individual accounts of the administrators of mânuitorilor of income and money, she will consider, ascertain and certify the accuracy of the accounts of the ministries and the General accounts of the State finances administraţiunii.
She controls the general inventory of the State, and through research in the village of enslaving rule controls the inventariilor heritage of the State.
It controls the issuing of Treasury bills and securities of public debt to be made in accordance with the respective laws and convenţiunile.
21. As the judicial organ to judge stocks mânuitorilor of money and material values.
Her first and last judge in court: a) mânuitorilor Accounts of public money that have both in their atribuţiunile collection of revenue and the payment of expenditure;

b) accounts of money and materials, divisions, arsenals, manutantelor and all the facilities of the army, police and border guards; accounts of factories, plants, workshops, manufactures, leading central banks, mines and all central facilities that produce and transform materials;

(c) Deposit Accounts) in which it is supplied, and shall preserve the materials intended for public sale, usage or processing;

(d)) and in general all accounts mânuitorilor of money and material values, which are not public data through special laws in competinţa other instances or in respect of which the Court of Auditors shall be within the competence of the Court of appeal as.

22. the Court may, in the first and last court, on any public servant, as well as on any trustee of administraţiunii, whereas n-justified amounts which have been entrusted to you for the performance of a service, supplies or performing a work.
For the amounts of money that are not neintrebuintate will be returned within the time limits laid down in the accounting of public law, the Court, listening to the cause, you will be able to compel repayment with interest, and when are public servants, may be sentenced to a fine up to their three-month retribuţiunea.
Accountants administratiunilor who have not sought in time justifying advances, and they may be sentenced by the Court, in solidarity with, the reimbursement of amounts and the same fine.
23. There are litigants in first and last instance court, the State's Director General Accounting, accounting services, directors of all departments, heads of public accounting of all the administratiunilor, as well as all the other administrators, accountants and money handlers, values and public materials, for the delay in submission of accounts and the presentation of the scriptelor and other supporting documents, for flaws and omissions in the accounts, for authorized payments ingaduinte, irregular, for granted illegal State borrowers, which has caused extensive damage ingaduinte administratiunilor, for failure to include the deadline for documents required by the Court and, lamuririlor for necercetarea perceptorilor management of accounts of its outbuildings, income as well as for any other calcari laws or irregularity in their warehouses.
For lack of such bonds they could be sentenced to a fine equal to their retribuţiunea from 15 days up to 4 months. If after this amendment shall not be compliant, dispoziţiunilor considered times repeat the same facts, the Court will communicate the fact to the Minister concerned to apply the penalties provided for by the law of public accounting.
24. the Court judge in first and last instance court on any public official who violates the law and regulation dispoziţiunile public accounting and supervision of the budget and public patrimony.
25. As the Court of Appeals Court judge: a) Calls made by the management in charge of only the amounts of revenue, which they shed at the cashiers offices in public against the discharges the departments responsible for managing and centralizing those revenues;

b) Calls the various managers army units, police and border guards, navigaţiune, services, workshops and maritime, nurseries, farms, hergheliilor, tamazlacurilor, prisons, warehouses, branch offices of regional administratiunilor estates, forests, ponds and other areas of intendentilor and the savings from hospitals in administratiunilor against the respective discharges;

c) Calls against the decisions of the Ministers or heads of public administrations database according to art. 226, para. 3 and 4 of the law on the control of public accounting, budget and public patrimony;

d) Calls against war deciziunilor Ministry ordering detention from result for material losses, and various other amounts unjustified damage to funds and materials, in accordance with State law back pay in the army;

e) Calls to officials charged with supervision of direct and particular accountants and accounting control their respective Governments against deciziunilor who are liable for those deficits accountants;

f) school committees and Calls epitropiilor in the Church against deciziunilor data authorities responsible for checking their accounts;

g) Calls under article. 37 of law against judgments in comisiunilor guesthouses regional hostels *) that before the implementation of this law were the Central Commission of pensions competinţa; deciziunile Court on these appeals will rule by a majority of three votes;

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see the law on the modification of the general law of dispoziţiuni, from August 20, 1929.

h) Calls in local committees against deciziunilor review, according to dispoziţiunilor law administraţiunii local organization);

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see administraţiunii local organization Law of 3 August 1929.

Any other calls them) i would give by special laws;

26. the period for appeal to the Court shall be 30 days from the communication of the decision.
27. the Court has in its judgment: a atribuţiunile) applications for clearance of total or partial guarantees of mânuitorilor of public money, in the first court litigants;

b) applications of borrowers, according to the prescriptions laws of perception public accounting and chases.

28. the Court will give its opinion on all the United sections of draft laws and regulations pertaining to public accounting, even when only partial would be relating to the accounts of a public administration.

Chapter 3 Procedure before the Court of Justice 29. All litigants in Court management first court and all public administrations, public accounting law indebted to submit their accounts to the Court are obliged to have them submitted to the registry in the timelines of that law.
General account administration finances will be presented to the Court, accompanied by General summaries, stating on receipts and payments and cash register, contained in it. Presentation of accounts 30. In case of no-show the term management accounts and administraţiune Court, after the application of the Prosecutor or on its own initiative, by the very fact of netrimiterii, will judge and condemn the guilty in fine equal to their retribuţiunea, from 15 days to four months, providing for them and a final deadline for submission.
If the deadline set by the Court will not submit accounts and will not justify the delay, they could be sentenced to a fine of up to twice more, giving it the fact that authority and to apply the penalties provided for by the law of public accounting and completing on completion of these duties with replacement. If your accountant is no longer in operation and has not delivered on time, the successor shall be obliged to conclude them and present the accounts that will be fixed by the Court.
The same penalties shall apply to authorising officers and accounting officers, primary and secondary metabolites that are present within the relevant opinions with evidence of payment orders and warrants issued, as well as monthly statements authorized payments.
2. verification Procedure 31. The first President of the Court, receiving statements, accounts, claims, and calls all other papers given in competinţa Court, distribute the respective sections.
Opinions and papers with supporting acts of ordonantarilor will receive directly the referendarii charged with verifying them.
32. The Presidents of wards distributes along with referendarul-in-Chief, the section between the referendarii, distributed database that works in the atribuţiunile section.
The distribution will be made on administraţiunii such as ministries and acts during the year and about the same budget to be reviewed by the same Office.

33. under the supervision of referendarilor Referendarii heads, studying, controls and verify it by itself and with the help of referendarilor that they are interns attached to their assigned work.
They addressed to the respective section of the Court, the report reasoned these works, which consist of observaţiunile of the legality of their operations, the validity of documents presented accounting faults and times and what other observatiuni would think it necessary to bring to the attention of the Court.
As regards the control of supporting documents of ordonantarilor, referendarul will be done only if report finds shortcomings, errors or other irregularities. In all other cases the call aimed at finding the verification.
Also on the borderourilor monthly receipts and payments, the Court will be notified through the reports only in case when it is noticed discrepancies, omissions or other deficiencies. Papers found in the rule shall certify for verification of referendarul respectively.
Referendarii caregivers enslaving rule of ranking and delivery of documents.
For payment issued ordinances without justification, they will take note and will follow the presentation of documents to the timelines of public accounting law, relating to the Court immediately after the closing of the year, to apply the penalties provided for by law.
34. all interns perform Referendarii with which they will be given the task of advising the referendarii which are attached.
They may address the Court reports, but only via referendarilor.
35. Reports presented to referendarilor will be considered section by section Chairman or a Councillor designated by it, which are being held to determine whether the work is made in a conscientious manner and defectuozitatile are valid if reported.
For works which are not reports, papers and situaţiunile verified will be researched and targeted and member of department tasked with supervision of this work.
3. the procedure of trial 36. The President of the section receiving the report of the Adviser to the rapporteur, shall fix the day of trial and send the work to get the knowledge of the prosecution. The day fixed, the rapporteur presents his work referendarul listening to the parties, which will be quoted by administrative agencies, and the public prosecutor's Office, concluziunile take the opinion of the rapporteur, who did not referendarului only and then each vote advisory counsel, beginning with the most recently called, after which the Chairman pronounce the managerial decision.
The minutes of the meeting and shall be drafted and managerial decision countersigned by the rapporteur and referendarul shall be signed by the judges who took part in the meeting.
The Court will be able to judge, and in the absence of parties, legalmente quotes.
37. If in the course of his trial, the Court finds that it takes other desluşiri, presentation of new acts or of the appearance Manager, concludes a report showing its requirements for satisfying and drop their term.
It will apply the sanctions provided for in art. 30 deadline if the Manager is missing or does not submit the required paperwork deslusirile times. The Court will be able to also send a delegate of them seek to commune, when found necessary.
38. On the work put into his court, atribuţiunile Court rule deciziuni, and upon those data in its atribuţiunile control, in addition to the endorsements provided for preventive control, rule declaraţiuni.
Deciziunile shall ensure that litigants are lichidati or any amount due; in the first case the Court ruling has become final, and downloading in the second case the payment amount to condemn them with legal interest from the date when due.
The testimony must determine whether accounts are accurate, if they contain defects, irregularities or calcari laws are to blame and administrators actions have been taken or need to be taken against them.
39. In all cases when the Court report higher authorities of misconduct without prejudice nature of public offices, tellers are obligated to take steps to ensure the vinovatilor property on the compensation for revenue or administratiunilor question, and if you were guilty of criminal acts, and to send him in the ordinary courts.
40. When a research will raise a suspicion of false scripts, or embezzlement, in a Manager option, the Court, after what will be heard first, suspend the prosecution concluziunile research and will immediately notify the authority that depends on that script writter and Justice Minister who will take action to pursue the guilty before ordinary courts competinte.
41. The download valid and definitive of the managers that handle or administer public money or materials and whose accounts are subject to the jurisdicţiunii of first and last instance court the Court cannot give only by the Court of Auditors.
Any checks and downloads the comisiuni administrative set up in any way, there are provisional and not dispenseaza than those managers to submit their accounts to the Court.
4. on the General accounts of the court testimony of 42. After the judgment of the management accounts of all State casieriilor throughout the financial year, the Court shall give the confrontation results found through its deciziunile with those contained in the general account of the administraţiunii of public finances.
The Presidents of the four sections, intruniti in comisiune, draw up a general report on these confrontations, which shall submit the first President, to be put into debate the United sections will pronounce a General Declaration of conformity on the general account of the administraţiunii of public finances.
43. also after researching all the accounts departments responsible for the management of income and of all documents relating to the employment authorisation and payment of expenditure times State the whole exercise execuţiune of budget and appropriations, extraordinary Special Court shall give the Assembly the results found and confronted them with the accounts of ministries, saying the special declaraţiuni of conformity over budget revenue account, as well as the account of the budget of each Ministry separately.
Annual account of the public debt of the provision made at various banks for payment of annuities in public debt will be subject to a special declaraţiuni.
44. After the Court ruled the testimony referred to in the above articles of the Presidents of the four sections, intruniti the comisiune, proceed to confronting all the results found by the Court, with those contained in the general account of the execution of the State budget to the collection of all observatiunilor made by all sections of his research and of visas given according to deciziunilor the Council of Ministers.
Report regarding these confrontations will be submitted to the first President to be put into debate the United sections will pronounce a general testimony of conformity general account budget execuţiune.
45. General Testimony. 42 and 44 shall forward to the Court and the Assembly of deputies will be sent for publication in the Official Gazette, according to the law on the public accounting and budget control and public patrimony).
A copy will be sent to the Finance Ministry to serve in drawing up the draft law on the permanent budget start.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see the law on the public accounting, of 31 July 1929.

46. With the General Court testimony will compose a memoir covering his observaţiunile on the defects of any nature of ministerial accounts, calcarile of laws would be found, as well as his views on the reforms and improvements that you would think necessary in public accounting.
This memorandum shall be communicated to the ministries through the mediation of the Ministry of finance, to ensure that the various departments to formulate their replies to the Court's observations. Memo to the Court, together with these answers and a list of all visas, given in accordance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers, will submit to the Assembly of Deputies and will be published in the Official Gazette.
5. Deciziunile Court and legal remedies against 47. Deciziunile Court of Auditors are enforceable, they have the authority and shall be deciziunilor out by revenue agents, law enforcement tracking.
In court pleading or annual will make entries about the results of execution of its deciziunilor.
48. Deciziunile the Court shall draw up not later than 8 days off from their pronunciation. The Court is obligated to free, on request, to interested parties, copies of all deciziunile and finishes them.
49. Deciziunile, Court dates on the first and last court are subject to the review and the appeal in Cassation.
Deciziunile data in the call are subject to appeal in Cassation only.
50. Review may be requested by the stakeholders, managers, or their heirs, for factual errors or acts were not considered at trial; of the Attorney general for factual errors, omissions or false double registrations, or acts that did not have to be considered at trial. The Court may ex officio review and its deciziunile for the reasons above.
51. the period for review to interested parties, and the Attorney general is six months after the communication deciziunii. Application for review cannot be done on the same side concerned than only once. Deciziunile to the requests for review are not subject to appeal in Cassation.
Judgment the application for appeal shall be suspended until the judgment in case when part of the review and appeal review and suspend judgment until the Appeal Court, where part of the appeal in Cassation and done.

52. Material errors of redactiune the name of the Manager, times the quality of writing, or errors, which do not change the device deciziunii cannot give place to review.
They are indrepteaza on the edge of the yard, or at the bottom of deciziunii.
53. Deciziunile Court of Auditors are subject to appeal in cassation within three decades of their days. The appeal does not prevent the execution of deciziunii.
54. In the case of disposal of deciziuni, the Court of Cassation send business to judge again by the Court of Auditors, who will judge the United sections.
If sections-the Court of Auditors United persist in the managerial decision, the interesting part in the same term can again appeal. This appeal shall judge of the Court of Cassation in sections, which will rule definitively and send back your business at the Court of Auditors to comply strictly.

Chapter 4 Atribuţiunile first-Chair and secretariat of 55. The first President has the leadership and supervision of the entire Court, he controls walking of all regular services; has the Police Court, take orders and pronounce disciplinary punishments given in its competinţa.
First President, Court represents his whole correspondence is addressed.
Citatiunile, deciziunile, copies of testimony and all the decisions of the Court, as well as the entire correspondence of the Court shall be signed by the first President or replacement.
56. the Secretariat of the Court shall be guided by a Secretary-General, assisted by the Secretaries and staff needed for correspondence and archiving of documents.
57. the Secretariat shall receive, process and preserve, calls, requests, evidence and all the work of the Court; You botched workbooks for litigants notation deciziunilor received and accounts handed down upon them; keep records for discharges, deciziunilor and declaraţiunilor of all sections of the Court, as well as any other necessary records and cares for dispatch of children sent to the parties and their respective administratiunilor.
58. at the request of the parties, the Secretariat liberează certified copies of or extracts from the acts emanating from the Court or in its archives. Deciziunile final copy shall be sent to the parties and their respective administratiunilor will bear the enforceability of court organization law provided *).
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) see the judicial organization Law, of 14 April 1925.

59. The Secretary-General has the leadership of the Secretariat and direct supervision of a regular walking archive documents. He countersigns the entire correspondence of the Court.
He witness the United sections and prepare deciziunile respective.
In the absence of the Secretary-General replaces one of the Secretaries.
60. The Secretary-General has under its supervision service intendenta of the Court.

Chapter 5 of the public prosecutor Atribuţiunile 61. The public Ministry of the Court of Auditors shall be guided by the general prosecutor, aided by prosecutors of section. In the absence of the Attorney general, the Prosecutor's oldest replaces it in all its atribuţiunile.
Secretariat of the public Ministry shall consist of a Secretary and impiegatii necessary for the registry, archive and other papers, stationery, placed under the direct supervision of the Attorney general.
62. The general Prosecutor a register of all management to present the Court compelled their accounts management and administraţiune, seeks regular submission deadlines fixed by law such accounts and propose sanctions to the Court of Justice laid down against those who are late.
Receipt of the Court of accounts shall be brought immediately to the attention of the public.
63. All Court litigants are management duties, within 30 days of their appointment, to submit to the Attorney general: copy of the order on the appointment and on the dc installation and delivery of the service. Those who will not comply this bond will be condemned by the Court, the Prosecutor's request, from a fine equal to the LAD on a month.
All administraţiunile are obliged to notify the public immediately the prosecutor general appointments and any mutatiune would do the managers of staff placed under the jurisdicţiunea of the Court, as well as the measures taken regarding their warranty.
64. the officials who will inspect or survey on management of litigants in the first court of the Court are required to submit directly to the general prosecutor's office copy of the minutes in which it finds shortcomings of public money or materials within 3 days of training assistance to those reports.
The lack of such bonds draws for the cause of the penalties provided for in the previous article.
The Attorney general, on the basis of these reports, will ask the Court judgment with the preference of the warehouse concerned.
The Attorney general or District Attorney of Ward attend meetings and put concluziuni in all matters before the Court are debated.
The work of sections of the public prosecutor shall communicate with at least one day prior to the day fixed for the trial. Prosecutors are not attached to a particular section. The Attorney general shall designate prosecutor who will take part in the meetings which will not attend himself.
66. Deciziunile Court shall be communicated to the respective ministries and administratiunilor, through the Attorney general. All deciziunile sentencing will enforce directly by the Attorney general, which will require the inclusion in the incasatori flow agents, amounts due, instiintand and on administraţiunile in question. He you a registry of all deciziunile condamnatorii of the Court, bring them to fruition and communicated to the Court the results at the end of each year, showing the reasons for which were not executed.
67. The Attorney general, for the performance of his duties, corresponds directly with Ministers and with all other authorities.
All applications for entry into administratiunilor judgment the court officials who have been guilty of misconduct to the duties stipulated in the law on public accounting shall be addressed to the Court by the Ministry of public rechizitoriul.
68. The Attorney general oversees the accurate implementation of the Court's services and whether all staff, checking and control of the Secretariat, meets the exact service. In case of careless and will find for any improvements would think that would be needed to bring in the service Court, request in writing the first President.

Chapter 6 Retributiuni, vacations, holidays, order and discipline 69. The Presidents of the Court of Auditors shall have the same degree and all accessories including remunerations of any kind as well as the Presidents of the Court of Cassation and justice, and counseling those advisers from the same court.
The Attorney general will have degree and retribuţiunea, including all the accessories of the prosecutor general of the Court of Cassation and Justice Department prosecutors, and those of the prosecutors of section of the same court.
Auditors, councilors and Secretary-General referendarii heads will have the same degree and retributiuni as counselors and courts of appeal.
Interns will have the Referendarii and grad and retribuţiunea as follows: Referendarii class I am assimilated first-President of the tribunal.
Referendarii class are assimilated by Presidents of courts.
Referendarii class III are assimilated with the judges of the tribunals.
Referendarii trainees are assimilated with the alternates of the tribunals.
Other officials, as well as service personnel will have the functions of the retribuţiunile Central Administration of the Ministry of finance, the Secretaries being assimilated by the service chiefs and heads of Office subsecretarii.
70. Holidays and public holidays for the Court of Auditors are those laid down in the law on judicial organization for Courts and tribunals.
71. big holidays, the Court, after a township understanding taken in sections or by drawing lots, will delegate a councilor from each section, together with half the personnel concerned to investigate and solve urgent works of sections. The four advisors will gather in the section in order to judge the processes in progress. The Ministry of public works will be conducted at this time one of the prosecutors.
Court staff will receive during the holidays, a time of rest, holidays according to the Statute of public officials).
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) to see the status of public servants, of 19 June 1923.

72. Leave required during the year up to a maximum of one month, for all staff of the Court, is granted by the first President, who will take the opinion of the President's Department claims advisors and staff section in question. Sick leave in excess of one month and those required by the first President of the Court shall be granted only in sections. It will not be able to grant sick leave once more than three councilors, except in cases of the disease well established.
Leave up to a maximum of a month required during the year by prosecutors of the public prosecutor's Department and officers shall be granted by the Attorney general. Sick leave in excess of one month thereof shall be granted only by the Minister of finance with the opinion of the Attorney general. Leave required by the Attorney general is approved by the Minister of finance.
73. No one may be absent from work without a leavening. Leave may be granted one day of the Presidents of wards and up to 5 days of the first President.
Absence without leave or leavening draws during the absence of wage loss. And if the absence extends beyond one month, magistrate or official absent will be resigned.

74. the hours of service of the Court will be at least six. Until the development of a regulation, will be weighing, in sections. This registers for members of the Court and staff sections are of the first President, for prosecutors and staff of the public prosecutor of the Attorney general, and to the secretariat, by the Secretary-General.
75. disciplinary Penalties that can be applied to staff are: 1. prevention.
2. the written Rebuke with loss of salary of up to 15 days.
3. Suspension with loss of salary from 15 days up to 2 months.
4. putting in availability.
5. Relief.
Cases in which these punishments are laid down in the law on the judiciary for the Court and tribunals.
75. Prevention and reprimanding applies the first President of the Court and staff of the Attorney general for personnel of the public prosecutor.
Prevention and rebuke in writing 15 days salary loss on may apply to members of the Court and of the public prosecutor by the Court in sections.
Suspension, putting in availability and relief shall be applied to the sections.
77. the members of the Court and prosecutors are litigants by the High Court of Cassation under the same conditions as the members of the Court of Cassation. In disciplinary comisiunea for prosecuting magistrates of the Court of Auditors, however, three members will be held to replace the three members of the Court of Auditors shall be appointed under the same conditions.
Before the disciplinary Commission for sending will be made by the Minister of finance, following the opinion of the Court in accordance with sections.

Chapter 7 laws, Abolition of the archive documents 78. Paperwork filed in the Court archive will be dismantled after the expiry of six years from the end of the financial year to which it relates, if it counts that are no longer of any historic or utility of any other kind.
79. They will not disband and will send towards preserving the archive of Government: a) the management accounts and budgeting of General administraţiunii of finance;

(b) the discharge of the Accounts) offices of cashiers;

c) atingătoare goods seized Paperwork, consemnaţiuni and deposits of all kinds;

d) Procurile, acts of sale, assignment, delegatiuni and tranzactiuni;

e) contracts in General: f) testimony of Deciziunile and the Court of Auditors.

80. The acts that are to be dismantled will find and distinguish their nature in an inventory, which will form the Court's Secretary-General vigil.
This inventory will be subject to the Court, which in sections-United will decide which documents will be dismantled.
A copy of this inventory will be kept at the Court of Auditors, and another copy to the Finance Ministry. Neither accounts nor acts of atingătoare they won't disband until you will find that two years have passed since delivery of the copy on the managerial decision or statement given on the account and only after it will be pronounced upon the account Court next year.
81. Acts of suppression will be sold in accordance with the accounting law.

Chapter 8 final Dispoziţiuni and transitorii 82. For the remaining unverified accounts before the implementation of this law, the Court agreed with the Finance Minister, will take the necessary steps with the works passed to be completely finished within five years.
Accounts relating to the operations of the years up to and including 1923 will be able to check after a brief procedure laid down by the Court, agreed with the Ministry of finance.
83. personnel permanently established in implementation of this law will be confirmed in the new functions.
Exceptionally within a period of 6 months after the entry into force of the present law for filling jobs section Presidents, counselors and referendari, and you can make appointments with the dispensation required by article condiţiunilor. 4, art. 5 para. b and art. 7. For controllers, advisers can make appointments with dispensation from article condiţiunilor. 5, para. (b) agree with the Court of Auditors.
84. This law shall be implemented from the date of its promulgation.
The Court will develop the United sections for applying a regulation dispoziţiunilor they will be subject to sanction by Royal within the Ministry of finance.
85. All provisions of the law of opposites are face and remain repealed.)
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) the Court of Auditors was established by the law of 24 January 1864, and after 10 years of operation, has been changed in shape today under the law of 14 March 1874; the other 21 years the Court of Auditors is reorganized through the law of 29 January 1895, thus 34-year-old Squeak up to the new law of 31 July 1929.


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