Law No. 75 Of 14 December 1991 In Order To Amend The Health Law No. 60/1974

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 75 din 14 decembrie 1991 pentru modificarea Legii sanitare veterinare nr. 60/1974

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LAW No. 75 of 14 December 1991 in order to amend the Health Law No. 60/1974 PARLIAMENT published in ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE NR. 251 of 16 December 1991 the Parliament of Romania adopts this law.

Article 1 veterinary health Law No. 60/1974 changes as follows: 1. the name of Chapter VI "the State through which it carries out the veterinary sanitary inspection and guidance" is replaced by "Organization and operation of health services".
2. Article 31 2 shall read as follows: "the Ministry of agriculture and food, through the Directorate-General of health, veterinary health establishes rules and mandatory for all legal and physical persons holding of animals for the processing, storing, transporting and harness products of animal origin, participate in the drafting or give consent, according to the law, veterinary conventions and agreements."
3. Article 34 shall read as follows: Art. 34.-State Veterinary Health Network is organized as a distinct and autonomous sector, Ministry of agriculture and food, is coordinated by the Minister and has in its structure: the General Directorate of veterinary health);

(b) specialized institutions);

c) veterinary and directions of Bucharest;

d) units and territorial constituencies. "

4. are inserted after article 34 34.1 articles. -21.3., with the following content: "ART. 34.1.-Directorate-General for health and veterinary controls and coordinates all activity in the field of health and its component: a) Direction antiepizootica and veterinary health assistance;

b) Directorate of hygiene and public health;

c) animal health veterinarian.

Under the technical and administrative work to central institutions and the health departments of County and Bucharest.
Directorate-General of veterinary health co-ordinates and controls the production of Biologicals, strategic research funded by the Central Government budget, the supply of products and materials, advises and controls the production of veterinary drugs.
Art. 21.3.-animal health veterinary controls the application and observance of the Health Law and the uniform rules, issued, in all areas of activity.
Art. 21.3.-veterinary sanitary assistance Bands within the autonomous public corporations, companies, associations and societies, and private veterinary medical services through offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and others, performs with the opinion and under the guidance of the health network of State health and Bands. the services referred to in paragraph 1. 1 is organized and operates under a regulation drafted by the Directorate-General of veterinary health. "

Article 2 the following names and phrases within the law. 60/1974 shall be replaced as follows: "the public") with "public";

b) "Socialist Republic of Romania" to "Romania";

c) "Ministry of agriculture, Food and water" with "Ministry of agriculture and food";

d) Executive Committee of the Council of "popular" or "popular" with "local or county councils, respectively Bucharest city", as appropriate;

e) "Council of Ministers" to "the Government") ' the Ministry of chemical industry "with" Ministry of industry ";

Ministry of economy) ' forest and building materials "with" Department of the environment ";

h) "veterinarian inspector" with "state veterinarian";

I) "Socialist" organizations, "organs" or "organizations" with "units";

j) "health organs" with "health authorities".

Article 3 on the date of entry into force of the present law, art. 31 para. 1, art. 33, art. 37 lit. ) and art. 38 of the law on veterinary health no. 60/1974, and any other provisions to the contrary are hereby repealed.
Veterinary health law No. 60/1974, as amended by this law, shall be in the Official Gazette of Romania.
This law was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 9 December 1991.
Academic SENATE PRESIDENT ALEXANDRU BÂRLĂDEANU this law was adopted by the Chamber of deputies at its meeting of 10 December 1991.
PRESIDENT Of The CHAMBER Of DEPUTIES MARTIAN D — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —