Law No. 39 Of 13 December 1990 Concerning The Establishment, Organization And Functioning Of The Supreme Council Of Defense Of The Country

Original Language Title:  LEGEA nr. 39 din 13 decembrie 1990 privind înfiinţarea, organizarea şi funcţionarea Consiliului Suprem de Apărare a Tarii

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Law No. 39 of 13 December 1990 concerning the establishment, organization and functioning of the Supreme Council of Defense of the ISSUING country's PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 142 of 13 December 1990, the Romanian Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 for the purpose of organizing and coordinating the activities of the Unit concerning the defence of the country and the security of the State in times of peace and in time of war, it set up a Supreme Defence Council of the country.

Article 2 the Supreme Defence Council of the country has the following duties: a. Proposes, for the approval of Parliament: fundamental conception of defence) of the country;

b) national defence system structure;

c) Declaration of war;

d) suspension in the event of war, hostilities, conclude the Armistice or termination status.

B. Analyzes situations likely to require: a) a State of emergency;

b) partial or general mobilization Declaration.

C. analyze and approve the General organisation): armed forces and other compartments of the national defence system;

b) measures necessary to repel the armed attack by surprise, directed against the country, and as a result of the Declaration of a State of emergency or war;

c) dislocation and redislocarea, in times of peace, on the national territory, the major units of the Brigade Echelon, including;

(d) the mobilization plan) the national economy for the first year of the war;

e) programs with endowment perspective concerning the armed forces military and other components of the system of national defense;

f) forecast studies on the Organization of domestic production of military technique;

g) plan on cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of national defense, and can be implemented in connection with the intervention of their units and missions, including the use of weapons, munitions, and equipment technology, for guarding and defending important objectives of national territory, maintaining and restoring the rule of law;

h) intervention plan of Ministry of national defence and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as its implementation, with regard to the limitation and elimination of the effects of disasters or disasters on the national territory;

I) basic guidelines in the field of international relations and military mandate delegations participating in the negotiation and conclusion of agreements and treaties relating to the defence of the country;

j) draft treaties and international agreements in the field of national defense;

k) reports submitted by leaders of State administration bodies in the fields of national defense and safety of the State and has the requisite measures.

D. Exercise any other powers relating to national defense and security of the State.

Article 3 the Supreme Council of Defense of the country is composed of: a) President:-the President of Romania;

b) Vice President:-the Prime Minister of the Government;

c) members:-Minister of State in charge of industrial and commercial activity;
-Minister of national defence;
-Minister of the Interior;
Minister of Foreign Affairs;
-Head of the Department of policy analysis of Romania's Presidency;
-Director of Information Service;
-the Secretary of State and Chief of the General staff;
-Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Article 4 For the performance of the incumbent, the Supreme Defence Council of the country has a secretariat, organized within the framework of the Romanian Presidency.

Article 5 Supreme Defence Council of the country shall be convened by its Chairman, usually on a quarterly basis, or whenever the need arises.
In addition, the Council may be convened at the request of at least one third of the number of its members.
The Supreme Council of Defense of the country work in the presence of at least two-thirds of its members and adopt decisions by a majority of the Board members. Voting is open.

Article 6 the President of the Supreme Council of national defence coordinates and directs the country's overall activity.
In the absence of the President, his duties are carried out by the Vice-President of the Council.

Article 7 The Supreme Defence Council meetings of the country can participate as guests and other persons in relation to the specific nature of the issues to be analysed.

Article 8 the Supreme Council of Defense of the country submits annually to Parliament a statement of account of the work carried out, through one of its members, and to inform Parliament's request, whenever the situation so requires.

Article 9 Decisions taken by the Supreme Defence Council of the country are binding upon citizens of the country, as well as for all institutions and establishments whose activity relates.

Article 10 Supreme Defence Council of the country operates on the basis of rules of procedure which it approves in its first sitting.

Article 11 Article 8 of law No. 14/1972, as well as any other provisions contrary to this law are hereby repealed.
This law was adopted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 12 December 1990.
The PRESIDENT of the ASSEMBLY of DEPUTIES this MARTIAN D was adopted by the Senate at its meeting on 12 December 1990.
Academic SENATE PRESIDENT ALEXANDRU BÂRLĂDEANU pursuant to art. 82 lit. m) of Decree-Law No. 92/1990 to elect the Parliament and President, promulgăm law on the establishment, organization and functioning of the Supreme Council of Defense of the country and we have its publication in the Official Gazette of Romania.
ROMANIAN PRESIDENT ION ILIESCU — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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