Law No. 1 Of 30 June 1990 Concerning The Organization And Functioning Of The Romanian Presidency Services

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1 din 30 iunie 1990 privind organizarea şi funcţionarea serviciilor Preşedinţiei României

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Law No. 1 of 30 June 1990 concerning the Organization and functioning of the Romanian Presidency ISSUER services PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 88 of 2 July 1990 Parliament adopts this law.

Article 1 of the present law on the services needed in order to fulfill the presidential institution of the Romanian President has prerogatives-i am conferred by law.

Article 2 The Romanian Presidency works the following compartments: a policy analysis Department);

b) general secretariat;

c) President's Cabinet;

d) direction of the protocol;

e) documentation and information Directorate.

Article 3 policy analysis Department is headed by a head of Department, with the rank of Minister, and its component: a) Direction for internal politics;

b) Direction for foreign policy;

c) Direction for science, education, culture;

d) Direction for the military matters and public order;

e) legal Direction;

f) Direction. Wearers of words.

Directions from the structure of the Department of policy analysis are conducted by advisors, with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister.

Article 4 the general secretariat of the Presidency, which is headed by a Secretary general with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister, has in its Direction: a) presidential acts;

b) Group analyses and investigations; public relations;

c economic and Administrative Direction).

Bins in the general secretariat are headed by directors.

Article 5 the President's Cabinet is headed by a director general, assisted by a director and two heads of cabinet.

Article 6 of the protocol Directorate is headed by a Chief of protocol, with the rank of Ambassador.

Article 7 documentation and information Directorate is headed by a director.

Article 8 Powers, organization and functioning of the Romanian Presidency compartments of the structure shall be determined by the regulation approved by the President of Romania.

Article 9 conditions of State functions, and the level of payroll functions for the staff of the Presidency of Romania are set out in the annex to this law.
The number of posts required for the Presidency and their breakdown by officials on the compartments shall be determined by the President of Romania under the provisions of the President's budget.

Article 10 Appointment and dismissal from Office of the head of the Department of policy analysis, the Secretary-General, the Director-general of the Cabinet of the President, the head of protocol Department and the Director of the Department of documentation and information should be made by the President of Romania.
Naming and release from Office the advisors to make the President of Romania, at the proposal of the head of the Department of policy analysis.
The appointment and dismissal of the staff of the Romanian Presidency of functional compartments shall be made by the heads of these compartments.

Article 11 in order to ensure the security of the President of Romania, as well as the main Office for the Presidency, the Special Guard Unit works and protocol, in direct subordination to the President.
Rules of organization and functioning of this unit will be approved by the President of Romania.

Article 12 the President of Romania has juridical personality and is financed from the budget of the Presidency, approved by law.
The President of Romania shall have its seat in Bucharest, in the side of the new annexes in the Cotroceni palace. Cotroceni Museum will provide a distinct institution, subordinated to the Ministry of culture.
Administration and maintenance of the entire complex of the Cotroceni Palace, including the Museum, will ensure in a uniform manner by the Government. The Director-general of the complex will be subordinated to the Presidency.
The President of Romania shall order and other areas of the protocol which is under the control of the Government and the administration.
This law was passed by the Senate in session from 27 June 1990.
Academic SENATE PRESIDENT ALEXANDRU BACH this law was adopted by the Assembly of deputies in session from 27 June 1990.
The PRESIDENT of the ASSEMBLY of DEPUTIES MARTIAN D under art. 82 lit. m) of Decree-Law No. 92/1990 to elect the Parliament and the President of Romania, and promulgam we have this law after its publication in the Official Gazette.
The PRESIDENT of ROMANIA ION ILIESCU Annex RULE of Romania's Presidency FUNCTIONS for services no. crt.
Tilte Conditions for studies and old tariff salary/monthly minimum maximum 1.
Councillor; 8000 10000 2 higher education director-general.
6500 8000 3 higher education expert.
6000 8000 4 higher education directory.
Chief of cabinet I higher education 5 years in specialized 4500 6000 5.
Chief cabinet II 5-year secondary education in specialty 3500 5000 6.
Cabinet Secretary five years in secondary education specialty 2900 3700 7.
Consultant (programmer analyst documentarian) specialist degree higher education 10 years in grade II 4900 6300-specialist higher education specialty in 8 year 4700 6000-grade III six years in higher education specialist 3800 5500 8.
Economist (engineer)-1st degree higher education 10 years in grade II 4900 6300-specialist higher education specialty in 8 year 4700 6000-grade III six years in higher education specialist 3800 5500 9.
Chief accountant for 10 years in higher education specialist 4900 6300 10.
Accountant, cashier, statistician, 10 years in secondary education specialty 3500 4500 11.
SFSU graduate studies 8 years in specialized 4000 5500 12.
SFSU secondary education 10 years specialized in 3000 4000 13.
Translator, educated translator 6 years specialized in 4600 6000 14.
Stenodactilograf Secretary-typist 3-year secondary education in specialty 3000 2800 4000 3500 15.
Official secondary education degree-5 years degree specialised 3000 4000-3 years secondary education in specialist III-2900 3500-2800 3300 16 secondary education.
Librarian 3 year higher education in specialty 3800 4500 17.
Teacher secondary education three years in specialized 2900 3500 18.
5-year secondary education administrator in 3500 4500 19 specialty.
Courier 2500 3300 20 secondary education.
2500 3000 21 goalkeeper.
2500 3000 22 caretaker.
-Highly qualified worker secondary education I-II 3500 4000 highly qualified secondary education secondary education specialist 3300 3800-3800 4500 23.
3300 4500 24 drives.
Help bufetier Bufetier 3500 4500 2500 3000 25.
Equestrian supplies 2500 3500 Note: 1. persons included in the functions provided for in this annex benefits and bonus for the same employer required by law.
2. persons who coordinate the activities of compartments, with the exception of dignitaries, receive an allowance of driving between 500 and 2,000 lei.
3. persons with the title highlighted permanent contributors will receive a monthly allowance of between 1,500-3,000 Ron, non-taxable ceiling; If these people are in the province, have the right in addition to the reimbursement of travel and accommodation to an indemnity, up to the amount of 80 lei per day throughout the period as well as performs for President.
4. For hours over the normal duration carried out of working hours, personnel, administrative and specialist may grant a salary increase of up to 1,000 lei per month, depending on the work performed. The bonus is not taxable.
The work done by non-working days shall be paid with an increase of 100% in the tariff salary.
5. by order of the President will be a prize within limits established by the budget.
6. presidential guard unit Framing shall be approved by the President of Romania, at the recommendation of the Minister of national defence and to Ragala information service Director.