Law No. 6 Of 29 June 1988 Concerning The Legal Status Of Establishments Based On The Principles Of Socialist Workers ' Self-Management And Economic And Financial Self-Administration

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 6 din 29 iunie 1988 privind statutul juridic al unităţilor socialiste pe baza principiilor autoconducerii muncitoreşti şi autogestiunii economico-financiare

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Law No. 6 of 29 June 1988 concerning the legal status of Socialist units based on the principles of workers ' self-management and economic and financial self-administration ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 36 of 4 July 1988 in conditions of continuous strengthening of workers ' self-management, economic and financial self-administration and autofinantarii, people working, as owners, producers and beneficiaries of all material and spiritual goods of society carries full responsibility for the conduct of direct and economic efficiency of each establishment, judicious management of its heritage assets.
Socialist units, as legal person, shall respond to all concerns obligations foreseen by the law and contracts, aiming at capitalizing on top of money and material means at their disposal.
Accordingly, given the diversification of trade and expansion of international relations, foreign trade of its own and exclusive responsibility of the gate to discharge the obligations assumed through external contracts and the realization of their rights.
In order to strengthen the legal status of the Socialist economic units and their delimitation, including foreign trade enterprises under the contracts concluded with other units or with foreign partners, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Romania adopts this law.

Article 1 In the Socialist Republic of Romania, according to the Constitution and laws of the country, enterprises, power stations and other socialist works are organized on the basis of self-administration principles of workers ' self-management, economic-financial and autofinantarii.

Article 2 as legal persons have economic autonomy Socialist units-financial, an independent organization corresponding to the object of their activity, their own organs of self-management, a distinct patrimony which ensure compliance with the plan and the budget of income and expenditure on its own, the law established the right to enter into contracts and other legal acts within the framework of economic and social relations to attend.
Dobindirea and ceasing of the legal person shall be made in accordance with the law. The name of the legal entity's headquarters will be established by the Act of establishment.

Article 3 In accordance with the principles of workers ' self-management, economic and financial self-administration and autofinantarii, of people working collectives, as owners, producers and beneficiaries, participate directly in the management and smooth running of all activities in which units are required to ensure the efficient and judicious management of their heritage.
Council of working people directly responsible for achieving full production planned and other physical indicators of plan, capitalizing on the upper part of the entire technical and productive potential of the unit, a maximum to ensure effective coverage of the entire expenditure of income, establishment of own funds, participation in a measure of how much higher in meeting the needs of the economy.
The Executive Bureau of the Council of working people, as the Manager of heritage drive, ensure compliance with the decisions of the Council and shall be responsible for taking the measures necessary for use of the material and financial funds while respecting destinations as determined by the plan and the budget of income and expenditure, as well as of laws.

Article 4 the Director, general manager or another manager of Socialist Unity, as appropriate, direct responsibility for managing the entire heritage of unity, applying the measures necessary for carrying out the tasks of the plan, strengthening law and order and discipline in every job, respect party decisions and the laws of the country and employing unit in relations with individuals and legal entities, as well as in front of the jurisdictional organs.

Article 5 the Council of working people, the Executive Office of the Director-general, namely unity leader, accountable to the General Assembly of the working people, the supreme governing body of the owners and producers, for the management of the heritage and the economic results achieved.

Article 6 The activity under the national plan unique economic and social development of the country and Socialist units shall exercise in its own name the rights, and fulfil their responsibility obligations related to the management of the funds and other material resources and money from their heritage.
Also, within the limits of socialist heritage respond properly and in accordance with the law, for any damage produced due to non-execution or defective execution of the obligations according to the law, contracts or other documents that you have ended.

Article 7 on the basis of self-administration principles of workers ' self-management and economic-financial and foreign power plants which conclude contracts of foreign trade enterprises and foreign trade units in their capacity as legal entities, have autonomy in negotiating and concluding contracts and exclusive responsibility of the gate, in the relationships with external partners, to discharge the obligations and rights set out in these agreements.

Article 8 power plants which conclude contracts of foreign trade enterprises and foreign trade units responsible for patrimonial obligations from contracts to which they are parties or other legal acts and facts relating to the activities of its foreign trade and international economic cooperation.

Article 9 Units, including units of Socialist foreign trade, not responsible for the obligations of other units.
State nor a State not responsible for obligations of Socialist units, including units of foreign trade, and these obligations incumbent upon the State bodies and State times. the liability of the State, namely the Socialist units, other units may be employed only if they have assumed this obligation expressly by contracts, agreements or other international agreements.

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