Law No. 5 Of 17 October 1980

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 5 din 17 octombrie 1980

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Law No. 5 of 17 October 1980 for the modification and completion of the law #. 4/1973 on the development of housing building, selling housing from the State by the population and building homes personalty ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 90 of 22 October 1980, National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Romania adopts this law: Law No. 4/1973 on the development of housing building, selling housing from the State by the population and the construction of homes, property and its subsequent amendments, changes and completed as follows: 1. the title of the law will have the following wording: "Law on the development of housing building and selling housing from the State Fund to the public".
2. Article 5(1) shall read as follows: "citizens have the right to have personal property a single housing for themselves and their families. Family members can keep ownership of the commune or owned by one of them, a single House ".
3. Article 9 shall read as follows: Art. 9.-Citizens, regardless of income, have the right to build or to buy, under the present law, a private dwelling.
In municipalities and cities, citizens can build private dwellings, while respecting the rules of architecture and town-planning scheme, according to sketches of town-approved, as well as the legal provisions in force regarding the normalization of housing and the use of personal property.
Also, residential buildings in municipalities and villages must be within the rules of the town-planning scheme of buildable height and perimeter established by town-planning, building sketches-are land use under the conditions prescribed by law ".
4. Article 13 paragraph 1 shall read as follows: "Persons falling under a contract of employment and retirement who have no residence personal property will have the right to rent housing from the State Fund, pay the rent laws, given the priority, as provided by law, persons falling under a contract of employment and retirement have an average monthly income of each family member less than 1,500 lei".
5. Article 13, paragraph 2 is repealed.
6. Article 13 (4) shall be replaced by two paragraphs, reads: "the State supports in particular the persons falling under a contract of employment and retirement, who have no private housing, to build or buy housing.
For people with low incomes ensure convenient conditions for the construction or purchase of housing, in respect of the supply of credit, interest rate and length of loan repayment, priority, if you have heavy duty. "
7. In article 14, article 15, paragraphs 2 and 3, and article 16, paragraph 2 shall be repealed.
8. Article 17 2 shall read as follows: "within each category shall be granted preference to those who have harsh living conditions, especially for families with several children, framed with a contract of employment and pensioners who have lodged a head bigger and have a length greater than the savings and Home Consemnaţiuni".
9. Article 20 shall read as follows: Art. 20.-State supports through credits and execution of private housing construction falling, in terms of surface area, equipping and finishes in the rules approved by the State Council ".
10. Article 21 paragraph 1 shall read as follows: "granting of credit for building housing personal property will make the proposal work collectives where the applicants operate, approved by the people's Councils work together with trade union bodies, taking into account the intake of applicants into production, the need to ensure stability in their unit and their living conditions, in the order of precedence laid down in article 21. 17. "
11. After article 21(5) is inserted in article 13.1. with the following content: "Art. 13.1.-Citizens holding a residence built with the support of the State credits and runtime that became crowded or too high, taking into account the number of family members, can build a new house with the support of the State credits and execution provided to alienate the dwelling they hold.
The price obtained from the sale of old housing will constitute, in these cases, the advance for the construction of new housing, and the term for repayment of the loan in order to cover the remaining cost will be reduced by half from that established by law ".
12. Article 25, paragraph 2 and article 26 shall be repealed.
13. Article 37 shall be completed with 2-4 paragraphs, reads: "Citizens who run private housing in directing can only use their own construction materials, or purchased at retail prices to the market, in compliance with the strict legal provisions.
The persons referred to in paragraph 1. 2 are obliged to justify acts of legal provenance of materials purchased for the construction of housing, as well as the expenditure incurred.
People who do not justify the origin of the material shall be responsible, as appropriate, material, civil, or criminal offence according to the law ".
14. Article 40 paragraph 4 shall read as follows: "For housing to be implemented by providing services to the public or in directing the construction materials will be delivered to retail prices."
15. Article 43 paragraphs 3 and 4 shall read as follows: "the rules for determining the sale prices of housing are established by Decree of the State Council. the evaluation of residential buildings intended for sale shall be made by the executive committees of councils and popular of Bucharest, at the recommendation of committees composed of experts, delegates of the Administration and financial management of enterprises from the State housing stock citizens with prestige and authority residing in the district buildings put up for sale ".
16. paragraph 6 of article 43 shall read as follows: "The prices fixed, renters or other citizens can make appeals to the executive committees of the District Councils and the popular Bucharest, within 30 days after the date of posting.
Executive committees of the District Councils and the popular Bucharest will settle appeals and final prices will show up within 30 days of the expiry of the period for the submission of complaints ".
17. Chapter V "building homes personal property", as well as any provisions in the law concerning rest homes, are repealed, and the title of Chapter VI shall read as follows: "Other provisions relating to the construction and sale of housing personal property".
18. Article 49 shall read as follows: Art. 49.-where the private housing in buildings with multiple homes, land plots shall be attributed for use during the existence of the Township building, and the fee will be borne by each of the owners in proportion to the surface area of the dwelling built.
The annual fee for the land allotted for the construction of housing is of 1 leu/m ². "
19. In article 51, paragraph 2 shall read as follows: "with the transfer of ownership of the dwelling shall be forwarded, in accordance with the law, and the right of ownership or use, the duration of existence of the construction of the land".
20. In article 56.1. shall be repealed.
21. Article 62 (3) shall read as follows: "to this end, the landowner may be set up in association with other citizens in order to build the building in question, passing them on the establishment of the Association, State-owned, according to the law. Association members will receive from the State land in common use during the existence of the building, with the payment of a fee prescribed by law; the person to whom the land belonged is exempt from payment of the tax '.
22. Article 62 paragraph 4 shall be repealed.

Article 2 the provisions of laws, decrees and other regulations concerning personal property rest homes, is repealed. The annual fees for the lands assigned to the service remain those in force on the date of the present law.

Article 3 Law No. 4/73, as amended, and with the changes and additions brought about by this law, shall be in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Socialist Republic of Romania, Rosca chapters and a new numbering.
This law was adopted by the National Assembly at the meeting on October 17, 1980.

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