Law No. 7 Of 17 October 1980 Concerning The Organization Of Excursions With Romanian Tourists Abroad

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 7 din 17 octombrie 1980 privind organizarea excursiilor cu turişti români în străinătate

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Law No. 7 of 17 October 1980 concerning the Organization of excursions with tourists Romanians abroad ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 90 of 22 October 1980 for the purpose of the party and rule policy infaptuirii in the field of tourism, the development of cooperation with all countries through better knowledge and rapprochement between peoples, in order to continue to eliminate the Organization and carrying out of the Romanian tourists trips abroad by strengthening accountability of the Ministry of Tourism, the broadening of commissions for mass tourism, and by increasing the role of collective bodies and Trade Union bodies from units in order to establish a stimulant for people working who obtain outstanding results in the attainment of a single national economic and social development of Romania, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Romania adopts this law: Article 1 Romanian tourists with Trips abroad shall be held solely by the Ministry of tourism, through its authorized units. Excursions are carried out, usually in organized groups and only within the limit of the foreign exchange funds allocated through national plan unique economic and social development.
Trips for individual tourists with accommodation, meals, tourist outing and assured will be able to organize in socialist countries, under the conditions laid down by foreign contracts and within the funds allocated for this purpose.

Article 2 within 15 days of receipt of a unique national indicators of economic and social development, Ministry of tourism will be divided into territorial payment currency funds that were earmarked for organizing trips in groups in all countries and in the socialist countries.
The breakdown of the funds of the foreign currency payment shall give priority to group trips and will take account of the economic and social importance of the County determined based on volume and the share of production in key sectors of the national economy. Payment currency funds for the individual's own travels in non-socialist countries and in Yugoslavia are randomized, R.S.F. According to law by the Central Commission for mass tourism, based on proposals from the Ministry of Tourism.

Article 3 the territorial Apportionment of seats on trips in organized groups, in all countries, is made by the Central Commission for mass tourism, together with the Ministry of tourism, which will make proposals for this purpose within 15 days of the conclusion of contracts with partners from abroad.

Article 4 within 15 days following the breakdown of the territorial employment and currency funds for the trips, the Central Commission for mass tourism will communicate at the county commissions and Bucharest for mass tourism, places for excursions in organized groups as well as foreign exchange payments funds for individual trips that are assigned to it.

Article 5 Committees of County and Bucharest for mass tourism be distributed and transmitted to the committees for the mass tourism of the economic, social and public, within 10 days of receiving them, excursions to places at strainatet in organized groups and foreign exchange funds for personal trips, in proportion to the number of working people.
Excursion places and currency funds for personal trips is divided in the ratio of production plan or, where appropriate, to other duties set out in the following order of priority: (a) high share) with units on the main branches of the production plan of the county or municipality of Bucharest;

b) establishments which have not fulfilled the export plan;

c) scientific research units, engineering and design;

d) Central and local institutions, higher education institutions, schools, hospitals, policlinics, dispensaries and other institutions;

(e) other economic units) of State and cooperative enterprises, and public organisations;

f) mutual aid houses of pensioners.

Persons who are not graded in establishments referred to in the previous paragraph will be able to participate in trips abroad, through the travel units, after satisfying the priorities set out in this article.

Article 6 For the staff worker who brought a special contribution to achieving and exceeding the export duties, the unit in which it is framed by a part of the cost of the excursions organized collective, out of funds in foreign currency granted up to a maximum rate of up to 5% of the Fund to participate in the benefits allocated by the General Assembly of the working people according to legal provisions.

Article 7 Commissions for mass tourism from establishments shall communicate to the working people assigned to the types of trips, as well as funds allocated for foreign currency payments for personal trips.

Article 8 within 10 days of receipt of the distribution of seats and funds foreign exchange payments based on the registrations of the working people, who get places tourism territorial units transmit command for farm and places the funds with which they have been assigned, together with a recommendation from a person within each unit as a caregiver for each group.
Places trips abroad in organized groups and foreign exchange funds for personal travel spread over social and economic entities, the public and unsolicited travel units firmly within the time limit referred to in paragraph 1. 1, is directly harness the tourism territorial units.

Article 9 Entries working people on trips abroad made by Socialist units in which they operate.
Entries from tours 1-2 days what are neighboring countries with Socialist Labour people are legal holidays in the resorts of rest and treatment, shall be carried out only with the consent of the management unit of tourism in resorts where they spend their annual leave.

Article 10 registration Requests in organised groups, excursions and trips in the personal interest of the working people is approved by the governing bodies of collective Trade Union organs and units in the following order of priority: a) in production, Wallachian workers, leaders, technicians and engineers in the sectors of production, which have effectively contributed to achieving or exceeding the production plan of the establishment;

b) inventors and innovators;

c) researchers, practitioners, highly qualified specialists, whose works are appreciated as important contributions to the achievement of plans for economic and social development of Romania;

d) leading frameworks technical personnel, economic, administrative and other specialized contributed to the completion of the establishment or those provided in professional work and public activity.

Article 11 requests for entry Permits from trips abroad, governing bodies and Trade Union bodies collectively from units are valid for family members, the neincadrati work, you who have obtained approval under art. 10 of this law.
The provisions of the preceding paragraph with regard to members of the family refers to the husband, wife and children.

Article 12 Approval of inclusion of young people on trips abroad are organized for the youth is given by the Union of Communist Youth, based on youth organisations and with the agreement of the collective bodies of economic institutions, schools and faculties.

Article 13 documents required registration to the excursions in organized groups, completed by each participant, including the approval of collective leadership and the Trade Union body, shall be submitted to the travel units designated by the delegate of the economic, social and public or personally by the applicant. Travel drives ensure legal and contractual formalities to participate in organized groups trips.

Article 14 the Tourism Ministry will allocate the travel units a rate of up to 45% of the funds of the foreign currency payments intended for personal travel in non-socialist countries, as well as in Yugoslavia, R.S.F. for participation at congresses, conferences or sessions, symposia, scientific meetings, workshops and other meetings times international events, as well as to document scientific, artistic, cultural, and other such actions and for visits to relatives According to the law.

Article 15 the Ministry of tourism will be at the national Office of Tourism "Carpathians" Bucharest, a reserve of not more than 2% of funds distributed according to art. 2 of this law, for the winners of the prizes in trips to Casa de Economii Consemnaţiuni Lotto and sweepstakes and to.
The appropriate amount of tours places these amounts will be placed at the disposal of the Ministry of tourism establishments and of Bucharest of savings and Lottery and sweepstakes Consemnaţiuni.
The remaining unused places it in the order by population harness applications.

Article 16 Trips with Romanian tourists abroad, with vehicle personal property shall be carried out according to the legal provisions relating to the rationalisation of fuel consumption and the granting of amounts in foreign currency for trips abroad on their own.

Allocations of foreign exchange payments, approval for making excursions with private cars and signing up for such trips are made according to the conditions laid down by this law.

Article 17, point 4 of chapter I and point) of the note contained in the annex to the Council of State Decree No. 223 of 28 June 1978 are repealed.

Article 18 this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1981.
This law was adopted by the National Assembly at the meeting on October 17, 1980.

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