Law No. 26 Of November 5 1976 On Hunting And Hunting

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 26 din 5 noiembrie 1976 privind economia vinatului şi vînătoarea

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LAW No. 26 of November 5 1976 ISSUING hunting hunting and NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 99 dated 12 November 1976 REASON cinegetica Fauna constitutes an importance of national wealth, whose management and recovery are an integral part of a single national economic and social development of the country.
Due to the special care of the leadership of the party and the State for the development of vinatului economy, lately it has achieved a significant rise of the essential hunting species.
With a view to more effective protection of vinatului, the increase in the number of individuals from all species of hunting, to strengthen law and order and discipline in this area of activity, it has become necessary to improve the legislation, in which the purpose was adopted the law on hunting and hunting.
Enunţînd rules of the principle according to which hunting is part and parcel of the work of the economic and social development of the country, the law lays down the tasks of the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials, Department of forestry, forest County inspectorates, General ocoalelor forestry and Hunting Association of sportsmen and Fishermen about waste management vinatului, and the obligations of holders of land comprising the hunting funds. Envisages also the conditions and periods of exercise of vinatorii, for the purpose of safeguarding public deeds prohibited vinatului and the conditions in which the harvesting and harnessing it.
Responsibility for guiding and organizing into a unitary conception of the economy vinatului and vinatorii returns-according to this law-Ministry of economy of forest and building materials, which leads, directs, and controls the General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen. The Association can receive service from forest County inspectorates of some funds during the term, and is required to capitalize on gathering within the limits of the tasks broken down from the single national economic and social development of Romania.
At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of vinatului, the law envisages criminal liability, civil and criminal, in case of violation of rules on hunting and hunting.
In the Socialist Republic of Romania, gathering constitutes a wealth of national interest, by the role it has in maintaining ecological balance, through its social importance in valuing beauty.
The State creates conditions for development of economy, vinatului, and vinatorii for recreational sports-exercise, within the Permanent lifting measures of living standards of population and material.
Vinatului management is carried out in a uniform conception and should lead to an increase in its share of the national economy, by ensuring optimal effective hunting, increasing the potential biological and productive, populating with new species and raising productivity of hunting funds.
Also taking into account the changing conditions of existence of wild animals, vinatului management requires special measures of protection, in accordance with economic activities that takes place on the lands comprising the hunting funds.
Hunting recreational sports are organized to help comfort the working people, to the knowledge of the motherland and the beauties of tourism development.
The importance of vinatului in the development of economy of the national economy requires the existence of general binding rules which would lead to the strengthening of order and discipline in this area of activity.
To this end, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Romania adopts this law.

Chapter 1 General provisions Article 1 In the Socialist Republic of Romania, the development of vinatului economy-an integral part of the planned economic and social development of the country-are administered in a uniform manner according to the perspective of the programme drawn up on the basis of studies, research and experiments.
Prospect on the development program of economy evolution of vinatului includes hunting, hunting on each Fund, these funds, including technologies, equipment and installations used for this purpose, the main action pest control any way you vinatului and measures necessary to achieve the base feed, harvesting and harnessing the upper vinatului, providing specialized frameworks and improve their preparation.

Article 2 the wild animals that are in freedom, in nature reserves, in hunting or complex breeders of hunting, which is covered by vinatului economy, are contained in the annex. 1 to this law.

Article 3 Gathering and environmental conditions in which it lives and develop the country's hunting Fund.
Hunting Fund splits on territorial criteria, by the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials, in hunting, what household units covered by this law.
Hunting grounds shall classify as follows: a) hunting gospodărite funds of State-owned units;

b) of funds put into service General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen;

c) funds used for hunting by the scientific or didactic.

Article 4 vinatului Management should be done through methods that ensure the maintenance of ecological balance.
By vinatului management is achieved its natural protection against negative influences and other harmful actions of any kind; Vintage hunting species or showing keen interest in aesthetic, recreational and scientific; maintaining effective to ensure the perpetuation of the species; biological potential of vinatului through the preservation and improvement of the natural environment, as well as through genetic selection and routing; Populating with new species of hunting; feed basis; coordination of work on the conservation and multiplication of vinatului with the development of industry, agriculture and forestry; Organization vinatorii; capitalizing on vinatului.

Article 5 Hunting is practiced only by hunters. They can also wield the staff of forestry units hunting and the hunting of the General Association of Fishermen and athletes, as well as the staff, pupils and students of educational establishments, authorized for that purpose.

Chapter 2 article 6 vinatului Management of the economy and the Ministry of Forestry construction materials carries out the policy of the party and rule in the area of economy and vinatului angling, in which purpose: to draw up the program's perspective) on the development of vinatului economy and ensures its realization;

b) delineates the hunting funds within the hunting Fund and lays down the conditions for their use and administration;

c) directs, in a unified conception, all management activity of hunting;

d) establishes the measures necessary for the development of vinatului economy, protect and guard it;

(e) approve the proposal) Department of forestry annual plan, harvesting and use of vinatului, on counties and hunting funds, as well as measures relating to the reduction of the number of individuals in some species, removal of certain species in certain areas or partial shutdown, on a temporary basis, of the vinatorii on some funds;

f) sets together with the ministries and other central organs concerned, measures to prevent the harmful influences vinatului produced by some economic activities;

g) sets together with the Ministry of agriculture and food industry, the necessary measures to prevent the damage that can be caused by hunting crops and domestic animals.

Article 7 Forestry Department of the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials has the following main tasks: to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the programme) perspective on the development of vinatului economy under the conditions of maintaining ecological balance, preserve and improve the natural environment for hunting;

b) determine optimal hunting herds on the hunting funds;

c) organizes hunting guard funds in accordance with the legal provisions concerning the guarding of goods and keep a check on the performance of the obligations of the guardian;

d) exercise, along with other interested bodies, control the use of chemically treated seed, pesticides, or other toxic products harmful to vinatului;

e) determines, in consultation with the competent State bodies measures required to increase the biological potential of vinatului through genetic selection and routing, for populating the hunting funds with new species and for preventing and combating epizootic diseases, pests and negative influences of any kind on the vinatului;

f) organizes specialized preparation in hunting engineers, technicians, padurarilor and other staff with tasks in this area, by educational units and qualification courses and specialization;

g) provide technical guidance to specialized units that hold the hunting funds and controls the mode of management of these funds;

h) population growth or pursuing hunting, taking into account the interests of vinatului economy, agriculture and forestry;

I) arrange that the work of forest care, by cutting trees and others are organised periodically on forestry production units, in order to ensure peace of mind vinatului;

j) determines the areas covered and forestry needed to ensure proper nutrition and growth of vinatului of flocks and arrange that these lands should not be included in the plans of afforestation, and the redevelopment of forests to be highlighted in this forest management plan;

k) organizes scientific research concerning hunting and ensure its development as well as improving technologies, installations or equipment;

l) harvesting plan and pursuing recovery of funds vinatului on hunting;

m) determines the number of hunters that can be organized by some funds;

n) supports the practice of vinatorii recreational sports.

Article 8 forest County Inspectorates are obliged to ensure that: (a)) vinatului protection by guarding and hunting funds, by reducing the number of harmful animals vinatului by applying measures to defend the health of wild animals and to prevent the dissemination of diseases of domestic animals or to humans, and by preventing the harmful effects vinatului what could be produced by certain economic activities;

b) to delimit within funds of vinatului protection areas up to 1/4 the size, where during the propagation of vinatului grazing and movement of persons in and out service obligations are terminated;

(c) to take steps to) streamlining of the gather species showing special interest in aesthetic, recreational and scientific;

d) to check existing annual hunting herds and execute measures regarding the perpetuation of the species and the development of optimal's actual hunting;

e) to secure potential biological vinatului by maintaining and improving the natural environment conditions relating in particular to feed, shelter and peace, by populating the hunting funds with new species, as well as through the cultivation of feed on some forest land or unsuitable for farming, affected for this purpose by the competent forestry or agriculture;

f) to execute measures for reducing the number of individuals in some species of hunting, their dispersal in areas with excessive mergers or removal of certain species in certain areas;

g) to execute the measures established by veterinary bodies together with forestry inspectorates and County associations of hunting and sportsmen, fishermen in areas that have reported cases of rabies epizootics times;

h) execute the plan by organizing hunters harvesting;

I) to operate the propaganda for the knowledge and protect the wildlife of the country.

Article 9 responsible for Local forestry management vinatului in uniform in the hunting funds from their range of activity, regardless of their holders.
In the hunting funds they own, local forest-management measures, execute and put into service in the other units, direct and control the implementation of these measures and ensure the necessary technical assistance.
Department of forestry and forestry inspectorates directs and controls the entire operation concerning hunting and practicing vinatorii, carried out by local forestry or other units and determine measures to be taken by the management of all the hunting funds.

Article 10 General Association of Fishermen Hunting and sportsmen from the Socialist Republic of Romania, public organization with legal personality and its own statute, operates hunting and sport fishing, under the direction and control of the direct guidance of the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials.
The Association has the following main tasks: (a) vinatorii) organises and anglers sportsmen in territorial units, with a view to their education for practicing proper vinatorii and angling;

b) participate in carrying out measures relating to protection, multiplication, populating, harvesting and use vinatului and fish in the hunting funds and pools or areas of natural fish pools in use, and perform the obligations laid down in article 21. 8 lit. a), b), d), (e)), g), (h) and (i)));

c) takes measures to combat pests and vinatului fish and ensure that each Member technician to harvest annually the number of harmful animals laid down in statute;

d) organizes economic units for vinatoresti products and fisheries, as well as for hunting and fishing;

e) participate in events concerning hunting and angling, organized at international level;

f) stimulates the practice of sports and recreational vinatorii of angling.

For the purpose of practicing recreational-sports vinatorii, forest County inspectorates give in service for periods of at least 10 years, General Association units Hunting and sportsmen, Fishermen hunting funds through contracts, which will specify the value and quantitative tasks-on stage-on the development of vinatului economy on these funds, under the conditions laid down by the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials.
In the case of non-compliance with contractual obligations with guilt, Minister of forestry economy and construction materials may terminate the contract.
For funds received, the General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen is responsible for implementation of the measures of management and execution of the arrangement provided for in the contracts and the right to harvest gathering, within the limits of the harvesting plan, and capitalize on it according to the tasks broken down from the single national economic and social development.

Article 11 holders of lands on which stood the hunting funds are obliged to apply: (a)), to the execution of the work that could be harmful to vinatului, its care and maintenance of natural environmental conditions, set out together with the unit gospodareste hunting Fund;

b) to allow the fitting jobs feed, shelter, stalemates and other such works of vinatului if they do not stinjenesc agricultural and forestry works, in compliance with legal provisions;

c), together with its established unit gospodareste hunting Fund, measures to prevent the damage that could be caused by hunting to agricultural crops and forestry and ensure their application: d) to încunoştiinţeze unit gospodareste hunting Fund and bodies of State Sanitary-veterinary about any disease or epidemic found in wild animals or domestic ones from communicable to hunting;

e) not stînjenească exercise vinatorii.

The obligations laid down in this article and the popular councils for green land, wooded pastures and communal forests contained in their administration.

Article 12 the purpose of rational management vinatului, it is prohibited: a) unreasonably disturbing the peace of vinatului in propagation periods or increase its offspring;

b) any species of fauna in the wild nature of the foreign country or populating the hunting funds without the approval of the Department of forestry;

c) keeping animals in captivity without the permission of the Department of forestry;

d) destruction or degradation of vinatoresti installations of any kind, the tablitelor indicator on the land comprising the hunting funds or forage crops for hunting;

e) leaving dogs nesupravegheati and to circulate without being immunized against rabies, the hunting funds; working on cars from the herds of cattle and sheep can circulate on the hunting funds only if regulatory yoke gate with dimensions determined by Department of forestry;

f) lifting or moving baits, traps, or other means to combat vermin vinatului, without the consent of the unit that gospodareste hunting Fund;

g) burning nerecoltat miristii Reed or Reed without the approval of the Department of forestry;

h) impaierea wild animals for sale or as a provision of services, without the permission of the Department of forestry, appropriating the horns of deer or ROE buck found on hunting funds, taking of eggs of wild birds without the consent of the unit that gospodareste hunting Fund, as well as intentional damage to nests of these birds;

I finului, lucernii) harvesting or paioaselor without vinatului protection;

j) movement in the areas of protection of vinatului under conditions other than those laid down by law.

Article 13 For economic development and for the protection of vinatului of some valuable species of hunting, Forestry Economy and Ministry of construction materials will set up hunting breeders and hunting complex in which will apply special measures of protection and propagation of the vinatului, and the vinatului collection will be made only on the basis of the special permit.
General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen will be able to establish such farms and complex with the authorization of the Department of forestry.
Around the objectives laid down in the preceding paragraphs shall delineate areas where they will apply special measures of protection established by the unit gospodareste hunting Fund, with the consent of holders of neighbouring lands.

Chapter 3 vinatorii article 14 Exercise Hunting is permitted at the hunting species, places, periods, under the conditions and with the means set out according to the present law.

Article 15

Hunting recreational sports are practiced only on hunting permits, hunting and species referred to in annex 4. 2 to this law, and with individual permits hunting, issued according to the competences laid down in the same annex.
Hunting boars, for carrying out the tasks of the plan may be exercised only within the number approved by the Forestry Department for each Fund, the forestry branch or detour from hunting.
On the basis of the approved plan, forestry and local subsidiaries of hunting hunting permits will be issued to the group.
Hunting permits shall be issued by the General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen in the conditions laid down in the statutes of the Association and shall be endorsed on a yearly basis.

Article 16 in order to improve Hunting, selecting or reducing hunting species, for removal of vinatului from some areas, for repopulari times for zoological gardens and museums, is carried out by the staff of the household units that funds hunters and hunting, qualified in this respect, on the basis of the authorization issued by the Department of forestry.
Hunting selection aims at improving species, actual removal from vinatului or degenerated, debil, as well as the one with trophies bad conformate.
Hunting mentioned in paragraph 1. 1 can exercise and during periods in which it halted or species from which is prohibited on the basis of the approval of the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials.

Article 17 for the purpose of Hunting or the scientific teaching staff of the Institute of forest research and educational establishments and forest, as well as pupils and students to the practical application of these units, with the approval of the Department of forestry.

Article 18 the species to which hunting is permitted, the hunting periods, as well as the species to which hunting is prohibited are the following: a) species hunting is allowed throughout the year: wolves, foxes, wild cats, raccoon dogs, ferrets, weasels, hermeline, bizami, hamster, cotofene, and new towels;

b) species hunting is permitted in limited periods:-common deer and agein, males, from 1 September to 30 November; females and calves, for selection, from 1 September to 28 February;
-Chamois and Mouflon, from 15 September to 31 December;
-rafters males, from 15 May to 31 October; females and calfs for selection, from 1 September to 28 February;
-boars, from 1 august to 15 February;
-bears, from 15 March to 15 May and from 1 September to 31 December;
-rabbits and hares common Lair, from November 1 to January 31;
-marmots, from 1 September to 1 November;
-risi, the badgers, jackals and from 1 September to 30 April;
-Martens, otters and Minks, from 1 October to 31 March;
-Clint, from 1 April to 15 may;
-ierunci, from 15 September to 15 December.
-dropii, from April 1 to May 15;
-pheasants, from 15 October to 28 February;
-potirnichi, from 15 October to 31 December;
-social worker and Campbell, from 15 august to 30 November;
turturele, wild-pigeons, thrushes, starlings, cocosari, gugustiuci, from 1 august to 31 March;
-cranes, from 15 august to 30 April;
-geese and wild lisite rates, cormorants, grebes, fierastrasi, cufundari, gainusi, pond fundaci, SS and tachawichan, from 15 august to 15 March;
-fluerari, double saboori, becatine, and nagiti from 1 September to 30 April;

c) species to which hunting is prohibited: bisons, moose, squirrels, korporacziya oven, eagles, pelicans, storks, swans, owls, califari, Miguel, rosters of birch, little owls, crows, coots, egrets, huhurezi, tits, sorecari, stirci, sadjad, hawks, vultures and vinderei.

In exceptional circumstances, in order to maintain the ecological balance of the forest, the Minister of economy and construction materials may establish temporary restrictions of vinatorii, for the species referred to the a and b)), or its extension, for those referred to. b). Article 19 Bears that attack domestic animals can be vinati throughout the year, with the approval of the Minister of forestry economy and construction materials, and mistretii are found to be destroying agricultural crops can be at the pinda vinati, year-round, on the basis of approval by Department of forestry.

Article 20 household Units which will ensure funding of provision in the annual plan, the number of animals damaging vinatului to be dug up-wolves, foxes, wild cats, raccoon dogs, ferrets, weasels, hermeline, crows, cotofene, new towels, as well as domestic cats and dogs wander or without regulatory yoke-and responsible for combating them through the Organization of hunters and use any means collective which does not adversely affect the ecological balance.

Article 21 in order to safely exercise vinatorii aimed at ensuring the safety of vinatului, are forbidden: a) the harvesting of vinatului beyond the limits set out in the annual plan for the harvest of each Fund;

b) pursuing vinatului hurt, on a background of hunting that Huntsman has no right to vîneze, without the consent of the unit which gospodareste Fund or switch on a background in communication paths out, gun hunting, not closed in the toc;

c) hunting on a different background than the one that Huntsman is entitled to vîneze or on days when it is forbidden by the gospodareste unit of the Fund; hunting practised individually, the species to which hunting is only allowed in the Group; hunting of bears, deer, wild boars, Roe, chamois, Mouflon or dropii carried on without the assistance or assignee that unit încunoştinţarea gospodareste hunting Fund or by using other than cartridges with a single bullet;

d) catching, keeping in captivity without a permit, marketing times, species of songbirds or useful for agriculture and forestry, set up by the Ministry of Forest Economy and building materials along with the Ministry of agriculture and food industry;

e) vînarea rabbits, pheasants or potirnichi in time from sunset until sunrise or by tracking every vehicle with vinatului times vînarea on horseback or rabbits at the pinda;

f) vînarea fazanilor hranitori, and the rabbits of the bears and Sean, deer, chamois, Rafter at sararii minatori hranitori or with dogs;

g) hunting in recreational sports through other means than with hunting rifles; hunting with firearms otherwise than dress in mine;

h) with other hunting dogs than those of admitted to hunting, Forestry Department established together with the General Association of Fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen;

I) using headlights and hunting spot.

It also prohibits the exercise of vinatorii at a distance of less than 200 metres from the perimeter of the localities, and grazing in areas of protection of vinatului situated in the forest, in places that are popular for hunting or in hunting farms and complex.

Chapter 4 the harvesting and Harvesting vinatului vinatului article 22 shall be carried out according to the plan of annual harvest, by blasting or grip. Nerapitor hunting species, harvesting plan will not exceed the annual increase.
Harvesting is permitted for vinatului live repopulari, culture species, zoos, scientific or artistic purposes, as well as for other destinations according to the provisions of the single national economic and social development.

Article 23 the capitalization is done in vinatului accordance with national plan unique economic and social development, the Department of forestry and Hunting, and General Association of fishermen.
Vinatului marketing is done by the forest County inspectorates, units of the General Association of Fishermen Hunting and sportsmen, foreign trade units and units of internal trade network, while respecting the rules on veterinary checks of vinatului.

Article 24 antlers hunting with special value, national or global, as determined by the Department of forestry, are subject to the legal regime of assets forming part of the national cultural heritage.

Article 25 the members of the General Association of hunters Hunting and Fishermen Athletes will receive a part of football that I have collected. The shares shall be determined by the annual harvest plan on every hunting background, and is granted by the Association, provided that the statutory obligations.
Vinatorii are required to hand over State-owned units, for a fee, skins for hunting, except for medaliabile and leather bear, Wolf and Fox.
Gathering, meat, skins, horns and hunting eggs cannot be the subject of trade in particular.

Article 26 during the prohibition of sale, vinatorii, purchase and transport of vinatului came under protection are forbidden.
Shall be exempt from the provisions of the preceding paragraph and the harvester gathering frozen during periods of prohibition pursuant to article. 16, if it is accompanied by documents of origin issued by the unit gospodareste hunting Fund.

Chapter 5 management of article 27 the delineation of funds is done once every ten years on the basis of scientific research and the experience acquired during this period of time and shall be approved by the Minister of forest economy and construction materials.

Article 28 the hunting Funds administered by the forest County inspectorates.

Article 29

The funds of the household units which are administering them or that they have in service.

Article 30 Department of forestry may affect some hunting for funds to be used by educational establishments or forestry Institute of forest research and teaching purposes, in the times.

Chapter 6 Liability and sanctions Article 31 Infringement provisions of this law shall entail, as appropriate, disciplinary, material, administrative, civil or criminal sanctions to those guilty.

Article 32 Constitutes infringement and is punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years or with fine from 3,000 to 15,000 lei killing, hurting or capturing vinatului, searching for, catching, tracking, haituirea or any other activity which is hunting for the purpose of killing or capture, where the Act is committed: a) without permit or authorization;

b) on animals whose vinare is prohibited;

c) during periods in which, under art. 18, hunting is not permitted;

d) through the settlement, traps, nets, meshes, chains, explosives, toxic substances or narcotizante, except as provided for in article 10. 16 and 20.

The acts referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be punished with imprisonment from 1 to 4 years if they are committed: a) during night-time;

b) of two or more persons jointly;

c) a person involved in public service or relating to guard and protect vinatului.

In all cases, the things that have served the offender or that were intended to serve to seize proceeds of crime committing.

Article 33 the discovery of the facts constituting the offences mentioned in article 1. 32 is made, apart from the prosecution, on the basis of data of the Ministry of economy empowerment Forestry and construction materials by staff of forestry units, staff and governing bodies of the Association of Fishermen Hunting and sportsmen, for offences committed on any hunting background, as well as engineers or agronomists and veterinarians from zootehnisti agricultural enterprises or cooperative , for the crimes committed on the grounds of the respective units.
Finding documents will be sent by the findings of the competent organ of the prosecution.

Article 34 Constitute contraventions regulations concerning hunting and hunting the following facts, if they are not committed in such circumstances that, according to the criminal law, constitute criminal offences: violation of articles 81 and 82). 12 lit. a), d), (e)), f), and (j)), art. 21 lit. b), c) and (h));

b) breach art. 12 lit. h) and art. 21 lit. d);

c) violation of article 10. 21 lit. a), e) and (f)), art. 23 para. 2 and art. 25 para. (3);

d) violation of article 10. 12 lit. g), art. 21 lit. g)) and paragraph 3. 2, and art. 26. the Offences referred to in the fine shall be imposed) from 200 to 800 lei, the white and rosé wines. b) fine from 300 to 1,000 lei, the white and rosé wines. c) fine from 1,000 to 3,000 lei, while those in (b). d) fine from 1,000 to 5,000 lei.
Penalties for violation of art. 12 lit. a), e) and (g)) and art. 26 may be extended to legal persons.

Article 35 Offences under article 4. 34 it is noticed by persons empowered under art. 33, empowered by the Department of forestry, forestry inspectorates and the General Association of fishermen Hunting and Sportsmen; offences committed in violation of the provisions of art. 12 lit. (e)) and art. 23 para. 2 ascertain and State inspectors, veterinarians with the contravention. finding the claim agent apply sanction.

Article 36 the provisions of art. 34 and 35 shall be supplemented by the provisions of law No. 32/68 on the establishment and sanctioning violations.

Article 37 persons empowered to establish offences and offences under art. 33 and 35 are assimilated, in exercising the functions of the Procuracy, the personnel that performs a function involving the exercise of State authority.

Article 38 the amount of indemnity to cover damage caused by illicit facts vinatului economy is established according to schedule. 3 to this law. The amounts representing claims spill from the State budget.

Chapter 7 final provisions Article 39 Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials will be able to grant awards to those who stand out particularly in the work of preventing and combating crimes and offences covered by this law, as well as in pest control vinatului. Where vinatorii retain Wolf skins and Fox will not be paying prizes.
The value of the prizes will be provided for in the annual budget of the Ministry of Forest Economy and construction materials.

Article 40 Department of forestry will take action as in forest management plan to specify, in separate chapters, the tasks for the development of vinatului economy in the hunting funds comprising production units, as well as the measures required to achieve these silvocinegetice tasks-crops and feed vinatului, construction vinatoresti and others.

Article 41 wild animals in agricultural units organised coming Socialist and other agricultural producers, with the authorization of the Department of forestry, as well as those in zoos or artistic purposes, are not subject to the provisions of this law.

Article 42 appendices. 1-3 are an integral part of this law.

Article 43 this law shall enter into force 30 days after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Socialist Republic of Romania.
On the same date, the Decree nr. 76/1953 relating to hunting and fishing in the waters of the mountain, published in Official Gazette No. 7 of 28 February 1953, with subsequent amendments, the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 1341/1957 concerning the action of the destruction of the Socialist Republic of Romania, published in Official Gazette No. 59 of 4 September 1957 and any provisions contrary to this law are hereby repealed.

Annex 1 wild animals which are the subject of the economy vinatului — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — the name of the species of hunting — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — a. Mammals Muskrat chamois fallow deer and the deer stag raccoon Dog Hamster Ferret Out common Hare Lepus Hermelina Lair the boar Marmot Red Wolf Marten Weasel Wildcat football, Nutria Mink Jackal Bear Squirrel Sea Otter on the Badger Fox Bison b. Bird Eagle Owl Cirsteiul Becatina Califarul Nigger Stork long-Grus Cocosarul FOTOGRAFII Birch Cock Crow Magpie Cormorant Cucuveaua Grebe Northern Loon breeds Curlew Dropia Double Egret
Pheasant Fierastrasul Fluerarul Fundacul G John G. Gallagher Hazel wild tawny owl ring Dove Graurul Swan Lopatarul Nagitul Lai Pelican Dove wildly Potirnichea Quail Spircaciul Stircul wild Woodcock Rate Dove Sachin Subhash Tiganusul Sorecarul Hawk Eagle found in the Park — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Annex 2 wildlife which is vînează with individual permits hunting species Name body which approves the issuance of all categories of funds 1 2 stag hunting economy Minister for forestry and construction materials Bear the forest economy Minister and materials construction of forestry and economy Minister Dropia construction materials chamois and Roe Deer Forestry Department Department of Forestry Department of Forestry Department Marmot Boar Forestry Forestry Department, One Department Mouflons Forestry Forestry Department FOTOGRAFII Capriorul forestry Inspectorates, County Annex 3 for setting the amount of compensation in case of damages caused by illicit facts vinatului economy i. Over wild animals whose species Name vinare is permitted for hunting-lei Fare/PCs during the hunting period forbidden to blame


1 2 3 a. Mammals chamois 3,500 7,000 Capriorul 2,500 5,000 fallow Deer stag 5,000 10,000 10,000 20,000 common Hare Lepus 500 1,000 Lair 300 600 J 3,000 6,000 Marmot 2,000 4,000 Boar 3,000 6,000 Mouflons 3,000 6,000 Mink 1,000 2,000 Laugh 700 1,400 10,000 20,000 3,000 6,000 Jackal 1,500 3,000 Badger Otter Bear 700 1,400 b. 50 100 50 100 Birds Becatina Cirsteiul 370 740 70 140 Grus Cocosarul FOTOGRAFII 1,700 3,400 Grebe 250
70 140 250 500 500 Cormorant Curlew Dropia Northern Loon breeds 70 140 50 100 250 500 Pheasant Double 3,000 6,000 Fierastrasul 50 100 50 100 250 500 G Fluerarul Fundacul pond Graurul 120 240 70 140 50 100 Gallagher wild ring Dove 50 100 50 100 250 500 Kelvin Hazel 50 100 40 80 Nagitul wild Pigeon


Potirnichea Quail 80 160 220 440 wild Rate 120 240 black-50 100 100 200 Woodcock Tam 50 100 100 200 Tiganusul. Over wild animals whose vinare is prohibited in all year round hunting species Designation Rate-euro/PC.


A. Mammals 20,000 30,000 Bison Elk Nutria 1,500 1,000 Squirrel b. Bird Eagle Owl 1,500 1,500 500 Stork Califarul 1,500 1,000 Birch Cock Long 3,500 Raven 1,250 Cucuveaua 500 500 Egret 3,000 1,000 Lopatarul tawny owl Swan Pelican 3,000 700 300 Spircaciul 100 Stircul 200 Tito Sorecarul 50 100 50 Eagle Hawk Found 2,750-— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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