Law No. 43 Of 27 December 1975 In Order To Establish Rules Governing The Design, Construction And Upgrading Of Roads

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 43 din 27 decembrie 1975 pentru stabilirea normelor privind proiectarea, construirea şi modernizarea drumurilor

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Law No. 43 of 27 December 1975 in order to establish rules relating to the design, building and upgrading roads ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 136 of 27 December 1975 the continuous development of the national economy and all social activities of the country and increase in a sustained pace of domestic and international traffic.
Via the law on roads, 1974, were laid down general principles unitary development of the entire road network in accordance with road transport needs of national economy and population, prevazindu, also, that the design, construction and modernisation of public roads and exploitation is to be made on the basis of rules approved by law.
To establish binding rules for the design, construction and upgrading of roads, as well as the location of buildings and installations in their area, should ensure, in terms of economic efficiency and high technicality, judicious combination of public roads system and exploitation, achieving a uniform road network, storage and use of the network of roads of upper existing upgrading, saving and rational use of land increase efficiency and safety, road transport.
To this end, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Romania adopts this law.

Chapter 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1 the design, construction and modernisation of public roads and the operation is carried out in a uniform design, based on the General principles laid down in the law on roads, according to the rules laid down by this law.
The design, construction and upgrading of roads will take into account the function of the road network in operation or objectives they serve, the volume, type and structure of traffic perspective, rational use of agricultural and forest land, land use planning and the settlements, the economic and social factors, as well as the need to conduct safe circulation and comfort.

Article 2 of the development programmes of public roads and exploitation, developed and approved according to the provisions of the law, must ensure the creation of a homogeneous and uniform road networks in terms of their characteristics and functional paths, between the various categories of roads, settlements and industrial centres, with due regard for legal norms relating to the planning, design and implementation of urban traffic arteries and countryside.

Article 3 the construction of new roads, road arteries, rocade, uneven passages, culverts, widening and upgrading of public roads and exploitation, as well as the classification of roads in technical classes are made only with the prior approval date of presidential decree.

Article 4 the design and performance of road modernisation must ensure the preservation and use of existing routes.
The variations of trail can run only in exceptional cases altogether justified by comparative technical-economic studies, and approved with the modernization works of the road, through the presidential decree.

Article 5 operating Roads will design and execute only on the basis of economic efficiency which will involve comparative analyses of automotive transport with rail, funicular, the band and others.
If the resulting from effective economic analysis, will adopt the solution that handle or degrade the smallest land area.

Article 6 to establish the technical and economic efficiency of construction and modernisation of the roads will take into account the phased realization of the work, as the increase in road traffic.

Article 7 design, building and upgrading roads will correlate with the plans of the basin of the rivers.

Article 8 Sections of roads and bridges in areas with related fields, regardless of category, will properly size the water conditions.
The Ministry of transportation and Telecommunications, together with the National Council of Water control projects endorsed, on an annual basis and responsible for the technical condition of the sections referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 the construction and upgrading of roads will be taken by stripping topsoil layer, which will be used for the implementation and improvement of land productive, unproductive or poorly designed to recover lands occupied by productive road built or modernised.
The remaining available land will be played as soon as agricultural production or other productive destinations under the law.

Article 10 stationary locations, platforms, ramps, parking, revision technique, gasoline stations, and any other features or utilities will accommodate road attachments in localities, in compliance with the provisions of the law on planning, designing and conducting traffic artery in urban and rural localities.
The location in the locality of transport stations will be made, as a rule, the right to trade and service complexes, and overhaul bays and other technical facilities in addition to gasoline stations.
Exceptionally, public transport stations are available besides the settlements within the platform, with the approval of the Ministry of transport and Telecommunications and the Ministry of the Interior.

Chapter 2 design, building and UPGRADING roads, bridges, VIADUCTS and SUBWAYS section I design, building and upgrading roads Article 11 design and building of roads to make their classes established by the law on roads, determined under the provisions of technical class schedule. 1 and was approved by Presidential Decree as follows: a) horse, unidirectional highways, divided by a median area, having at least 2 lanes of traffic on sense, uneven intersections and tantrums limited;

(b) national roads) with a single path, with 2 or 4 lanes of traffic;

(c) the county roads with) one way only, with 2 lanes of traffic;

d) communal roads, with one way only, with 1 or 2 lanes of traffic.

Article 12 geometry of roads shall be determined according to the class their technique and design speed, according to schedule. 2. Geometry adopted must provide for the conduct of the movement in full safety and comfort.

Article 13 the width of the carriageway and the platform shall be determined according to the category of road movement and intensity of the elements set out in the annex. 3: A) the width of the platform: a) between 23.5 m and 26 at the highways;

b) between 17 and 19 m at national roads with four traffic lanes;

c) between 8 and 12 m to the national roads with two lanes of traffic;

d) between 8 and 9 m at county roads;

e) between 7 and 7.5 m from communal roads;

f) between 3.5 and 7 m in operating roads;

(B) the width of the carriageway) party: a) between 14 and 15 m from highways;

b) 14 m to 4-lane national roads traffic;

c) between 6 and 7 m at national roads with two lanes of traffic;

d) between 6 and 7 m at county roads;

e) between 3.5 and 5.5 m from communal roads;

f) between 2.75 m to 5.5 and roads.

Article 14 the highway median Areas shall be provided with appropriate plantings or with metal safety railings fitted, usually with special antiorbitoare devices.

Article 15 in order to ensure safety, road sections with 2 bands, with declivitati over 4% and with the movement of heavy vehicles is concerned, you can build, on the basis of the approval referred to in article 1. 3, additional bands for their movements.

Article 16 the width of lanes, respectively of the carriageway at a road traffic intended for operation in vehicles of weight, dimensions and clearances, specials will determine due account of the characteristics of these vehicles.

Article 17 in the establishment of amprizei roads will follow to minimize occupation of agricultural land and forestry and avoiding the demolition of buildings, through the adoption of solutions supporting, strengthening and sustaining taluzelor, high embankments and deep debleelor.
Demolition construction can not be done than on the basis of presidential decree approval data.

Article 18 in order to ensure stability for the accomplishment of projects excavation, roadway platform will be substantiated through research and studies geological and geotechnical.

Article 19 when designing roads located in the sectors over water courses in their major, beds will take account of the studies and work on reconciliation, Dyke and accumulation of water, prevazindu-suprainaltare is the necessary work of excavation and defense.

Article 20 to ensure stability diagrams and their bearing capacity, as well as to avoid flooding, road construction and the lands bordering the roadway design will provide the necessary work to ensure water leakage through the construction of drainage ditches, culverts and other such.
At the same time, they shall take measures to ensure the run-off water from the surface of the road, intercepted by the earthworks to avoid stagnation and baltirea water on the land.

Article 21

Where, in the design of excavation needed additional sources of Earth, these will be fixed in agreement with the executive committees or offices of the popular councils, evitindu-is fertile land degradation. In these situations, the projects should include appropriate measures to ensure proper leveling areas where they took land and water leakage is to be ensured in these areas and in areas where the road by placing the body would produce stagnari, as well as for fertilizing of these lands.
In case of excess of land resulting from the excavations, it will be used for land leveling, fertilizing and soil amelioration, in compliance with the provisions of the law on the Land Fund.

Article 22 the road system Sizing is done under conditions set by law depending on the intensity and composition of traffic, the load on the wheel, working conditions, industrial waste and materials existing in the area of climatic factors, as well as possibilities for execution.

Article 23 the various road systems Design will be made on the basis of the conclusions drawn from the study of the reaction of certain sectors of the upgraded road, aiming to: (a) technical solutions applied optimization) in the field of road construction in the superstructure, modernization and cover with tar, imbracaminti light in order to achieve sustainable economic and road works;

(b) work processes) unification and typification of road systems in the erection of the degree of mechanization of road works execution, widespread use of local materials and the execution units;

c progressive and ameliorarilor expansion) the timing of the completion of the road system as traffic growth, in order to reduce investment and maintenance expenditures;

d) rational use of materials on the basis of technical and economic analyses.

Article 24 in order to reduce the thickness of the layers of foundations and ensure the proper behaviors during exploitation of the road system, road sector which is under unfavourable wetting, will provide measures of rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of Foundation.
In areas where Frost are reported degradations due measures will be taken to ensure the system's resistance to the action of frost road and defreezing inside repeatedly through the works of drains, as well as appropriate through the use of a substrate material resistant to frost.

Section II-of the designing and building of bridges, viaducts and subways to Article 25 the design of bridges, subways, viaducts and podetelor definitive is done depending on the class of the technique, due account of the dimensions of free passage and calculation set out in the annex. 4. Article 26 of The hydraulic dimensioning of bridges and podetelor will ensure appropriate drainage flow calculation and verification, due account of the studies and work on reconciliation, Dyke and the arrangement of water accumulations on courses.
In the case of rivers and canals will provide solutions that ensure navigational clearances.
The works referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be approved under the law of the National Council of Water.

Article 27 in the design of bridges, viaducts and other annexes of the road works will follow the adoption of solutions based on comparative technical-economic studies in order to achieve savings in consumption of steel, cement and timber, increased labour productivity, typing and use of precast.

Article 28 Enforcement uneven passages will be done in stages, due to the increasing traffic and the technical and economic efficiency.
Uneven passages for road junctions between them or with rail can design and execute: a) to the crossroads of highways, and roads with 4 lanes of traffic with other public roads and exploitation;

b) at crossroads between the road from other classes, as well as between them and the roads, when conditions intersect are inappropriate for safety;

c) at the crossroads with the road and rail of road with 4 lanes of traffic;

d) at crossroads with rail of public roads from other classes, and the exploitation of roads, when conditions are unfit for intersection safety or when construction of the passage is effective.

Section III of the arrangement of intersectiilor level Article 29 Design intersectiilor level arrangement between two or more roads is done depending on the class, structure and traffic capacity of roads that intersect it, building a-priority circulation on the road with superior technique class, considered the main road. International roads have priority over other roads.
Intersectiilor arrangement is achieved between roads in stages depending on the actual traffic and the perspective, evitindu-is the intersection of several streams in the same point.

Article 30 the intersection of 2 arteries movement must take place as soon as possible at an angle close to 90 degrees, but no less than 45 degrees.
Intersectiilor design avoid roads between sectors with over 4% declivitati and racordarile within the curves of the road.

Article 31 in order to ensure fluency and safety anticipated turning lanes, racordari corner, storage lanes and lanes for acceleration or speed reduction.
The conduct of the movement and the separation of traffic flows are, as a rule, the Islands achieved through bookmarks or through optical guides.
To ensure visibility should be enabling obstacles in space angle of intersection.

Article 32 intersectiilor tier Arrangement between roads and railways is done with an angle as close as possible to 90 degrees and no less than 45 degrees.
Crossroads is located in those areas that ensure visibility both on the road as well as rail and appropriate facilities are provided with signaling technique depending on the class of road, railway line and type of traffic concerned.

Article 33 For road safety at crossroads level between roads and railways, will be installed on one side of the road-rail marked in the same way as barriers.

Article 34 Automatic Barriers, trains of the signals, traffic signs, as well as other installations shall be carried out according to the perspective of both horses.

Article 35 location of stations of public transport shall be approved by the committees and the executive offices of the popular councils, on the basis of proposals from the bodies which administer the road, with the opinion of the Ministry of internal affairs organs.
Bouts at public transport stations will be appropriately safe conditions of traffic and pedestrian protection.

Article 36 Location to public transport stations in the same transverse profile of the road is prohibited.
Public transport stations cannot be used as places of storage or parking.

Chapter 3 the LOCATION of CONSTRUCTIONS and INSTALLATIONS in the AREA of ROAD building and installation section in Article 37 roads area location of the telecommunications, electrical installations, pipelines, sewers and the like shall be carried out in localities, mainly in the areas of protection of the public roads, on the edge of the area, while respecting the rules governing their operation, based on studies prepared by beneficiaries of installations with the consent of the body which has public road administration.
The execution of such works can only be made on the basis of approval by the authority of law.

Article 38 The siting of installations inside curves will cover, if required, requirements ensuring free space necessary to correct the route by increasing the RADIUS.
In these cases, execution will be done only with the opinion of the Ministry of transportation and Telecommunications, and on the basis of the approval referred to in article 1. 3. The location of underground facilities and air, in crossing streets will be made public in compliance with the conditions laid down in the annex. 5. Article 39 In the median area highways can only run road maintenance facilities and safety.

Article 40 The crossing location shall make the plants settlements according to the law of a systematic design and achievement of the movement of both urban and rural.

Article 41 when designing hydro will provide, as appropriate, the necessary work, consolidating, correction or removal of the road and its accessories.

Article 42 the placement of billboards, advertisements, signage and road portals like in the area of public roads is made with the consent of the administering body and the organs of the Ministry of the Interior.

Section II of Article 43 access roads and road geometry of roads of access to social and economic objectives and to land or housing will be established in relation to the intensity of traffic and according to systematization details.
Access roads to the temporary objectives will take geometry corresponding to objective-driven traffic or work.

Article 44

Arranging access routes will be made with drainage conditions, visibility and protection of vineyards and installations of any kind existing in the area of road and with signs and marking.

Article 45 Establishment horses access to public road is made with the body that administers the road and County Inspectorate of the Ministry of the Interior.
Enforcement of rights of access, maintenance and repair and signaling thereof, as appropriate, bodies that have under management, ownership or use of these horses.
Paths that are no longer used will be dismantled once the land concerned will be playable on farming or other destinations, their use in appropriate circumstances.

Chapter 4 FINAL PROVISIONS Article 46 in order to preserve public roads, heavy vehicles placed in the endowment of the State will be used only for transportation and will run on the trails and in the conditions laid down in annex 4 to the tonnage. 6. Regularly updating the annex. 6 will be done by presidential decree.

Article 47 breaches of the provisions of this law shall entail, as appropriate, disciplinary, material, administrative, criminal or civil.

Article 48 for the offences committed in connection with the design, construction and modernisation of roads, as well as the placement of buildings and installations in the area of roads by private individuals shall establish penalties with fine from 1000 to 10000 lei, and for those committed by legal persons, sanctions with fine of 3000 to 30000 lei.
Provisions of art. 25 para. 1 and art. 26 of law No. 32/68 on the establishment and sanctioning offences does not apply in the case of offences committed in connection with the design, construction and modernisation of roads, as well as the placement of buildings and installations in the area.
Under the decision of the Council of Ministers shall establish offences in connection with the design, construction and modernisation of roads, as well as the placement of buildings and installations in the area of roads, and the penalties to be applied.

Article 49 appendices. 1-6 are an integral part of this law.

Article 50 the provisions of art. 3, art. 12 lit. the a and b)), art. 13 and art. 391. 1 of the law of roads No. 13, 1974, is hereby repealed.

Article 51 this Act comes into force on 1 January 1976.

Annex 1 technical Class public roads shall be determined according to the intensity of traffic.
Traffic perspective for public roads shall be computed over a period of 15 years, on the basis of General recensamintelor, annual traffic records or surveys, according to the forecast, taking into account the economic and social development of the territory crossed.
Trafficking in human beings, which represent average annual daily perspective within 24 hours shall be expressed in physical vehicles and vehicles-cars standard.
Enrolment in technical classes of roads is done due to the provision set out in the table below: public Class technique to reach the intensity of average annual 24 hours of actual standard road cars Category I II 15 0000 10000-15000 7501 Highway 11001-10000 4-lane national road traffic III 4501-11000 3001-7500 national road with 2 lanes of traffic (IV) 751-4500 500-3000 national road or County with 2 lanes of traffic (V)
County Road 7 50 500 communal or Annex 2 GEOMETRY of ROADS DEPENDING on the CLASS and TECHNIQUE of DESIGN Gear SPEEDS design of Gearbox design technique Class in km/h in the plain mountain Hill I 100 80 60 80 50 40 120 100 80 II III IV V 60 40 30 60 40 25 geometry i. Class I Highways technical geometry U/M Design Speeds (km/h) 120 100 80 Rays minimum of curves in the plane of the maximum longitudinal 650 450 240 m Declivitati% 5 6 6 minimum Radii of declivitatilor convex 18000 9000 4500 m of exceptional 12000 6000 3000 m minimum attachment concave Radii of exceptional declivitatilor 6500 4500 3000 4200 3000 2200 m m Distance of 230 160 110 m visibility.
Technical class II-V geometry U/M design Speed (km/h) 100 80 60 50 40 30 25 minimum Radii in plane curves m 450 240 125 95 60 35 25 minimum Radii in serpentine m-maximum 30 25 20 20 20 Declivitati longitudinal exceptional per cent 5 6 7 7 8% 6.5-7.5-8.5-8-9 Rays racordarilor minimum vertical convex without separate lanes with lanes separated m 10000 4500 1600 1300 1000 800 500 m 6000
minimum 3000 1500 1000 800 500 300 concave Radii racordarilor 3000 2200 1500 1000 1000 500 300 m distance vision without separate lanes m 280 230 140 110 70 60 50 separate stripe m 140 100 70 55 35 30 25 note: to avoid costly works: demolition, expropriation of arable lands, the minimum radii of curves in the plane of the table above may be reduced by up to 10% for roads that are not declared.
III. exploitation Road geometry U/M design Speed (km/h) minimum curve Radii of 50 40 25 20 15 10 plan 85 50 20 15 10 10 m minimum Radii in the serpentine Ramp maximum 25 20 15 10 10 10 m of longitudinal transport vehicle ramps full% 7 7 8 9 9 9 ramps for vehicles% racordarilor 8 9 10 11 12 12 maximum Rays vertical convex m 1300 1000 300
concave 200 150 100 m distance 700 400 200 150 80 80 90 70 40 30 20 15 m visibility Appendix 3 BREADTHS of PLATFORMS and PARTS of ALIGNMENTS the CARRIAGEWAY ROAD in 1. PUBLIC ROADS — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — a. HIGHWAYS 1.1. Highways in lowland and Hill regions of DRAWING *) 1.2. Highways in mountainous regions DRAWING *) B 1.3. NATIONAL ROADS with four TRAFFIC LANES DRAWING *) Note: on the roads intended for use on the international platform is 19.00 m wide.
C. NATIONAL ROADS with two LANES of TRAFFIC 1.4. Technical class III roads intended for use on the international DRAWING *) 1.5. Roads in technical DRAWING class III *) 1.6. Roads in classes IV and V technical DRAWING *) Note: it is assumed that guardrails should be placed in your acostamentelor.
D. COUNTY ROADS DRAWING *) Note: in areas with heavy traffic and very intense, when roads fall into class III may be major technique breadths of the platform and the party driveway to 7.00 8.00 m, respectively is admitted as guardrails should be placed in your acostamentelor.
E. COMMUNAL ROADS DRAWING *) Note: in exceptional cases justified money can be a major roadway and breadths of the party platform to 7.50 m 6.00, respectively. It is recognized that guardrails should be placed within your acostamentelor, possibly similar and can proceed with the channels.
2. EXPLOITATION ROAD — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — a. FOREST ROADS, agriculture, PETROLEUM, MINING and OTHERS 2.1. Class III roads DRAWING *) Note: for the areas of the forest area under 1000 ha to traffic under 5000 tons annually or for maintenance and operation channels of reclamation systems.
These roads are built for a maximum of 9% declivitati.
2.2. category II DRAWING Roads *) Note: for the natural forest area of more than 1000 hectares or a traffic of over 5000 tons annually.
It is recognized that the gangway and the channels are located in your acostamentelor.
2.3. class I roads DRAWING *) Note: for the natural forest area of more than 10000 hectares or a traffic of more than 50000 tonnes annually.
It is recognized that the gangway and the channels are located in your acostamentelor.
On the roads of class II and III, for safety, will provide jobs for incrucisare.
On the road of economic efficiency calculation that justify the use of special vehicles, the width of the roadway is manufactured by hand on the basis of the characteristics of these vehicles.
On the roads of category II and III for safety will provide jobs and return incrucisare.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) Designs can be found in the Official Gazette nr. 136 of 27 December 1975.

Annex i. 4 WIDTHS and GAUGES FREE PASSAGE at bridges, UNDERPASSES, VIADUCTS Number strips of sidewalk Width between horses (m) gauge Height of free passage (m) 2 4 5.0 5.0 14.8 7.8. LOADING CLASSES and CONVOYS of public road road technique Class Class loading calculation Convoy Truck special vehicles on wheels or crawler I-IV E V 30.80 V I a. 13.60 B operating roads according to the importance of the road and the type of means of transport used, the convoys are the following calculation: calculation Convoy Trucks tracked Vehicles up to a maximum of 10 s. 40 of the 8-NOTE :

For the design of new bridges or provisional, half-finalised may be lower than those computing convoys set out in tabular form, with a step, but a minimum loading of class 8.
For roads of calculation of economic efficiency of transportation using special vehicles justify with more adverse than convoys set out, bridges and podetelor sizing will be done on the basis of the characteristics of these special vehicles.
The roads of exploitation that may become public roads applies the same calculation as convoys from public roads, the difference in value will be borne by the body requesting the passage way as public road.

Annex 5 CONDITIONS of INSTALLATIONS in the AREA of PUBLIC ROADS 1. The location of the underground facilities and overhead in crossing streets, the angle between the axis of travel and national road axis will be as close as possible to 90 degrees, but not less than 60 degrees.
Execution must ensure that road movements safely and in comfort, on special variants. Where variants are not possible, the execution of the work is done on the half of the width of the carriageway or party through use of bridges.
All types of air installations will have a minimum gauge of 6 m between the roadway share part in spindle and the lowest at arrow, if specific requirements do not impose the hydroficated.
All types of underground facilities by pipeline for liquid run at minimum depth 1.50 m depth and a road axis listing at least 0.80 m cod quota under the pits.
All types of underground facilities through wires or gas pipelines run from the depth of not less than 1.20 m below the spindle share the road and 0.50 m below the bottom of the pits listing.
2. Construction of closed channels for transporting water or leaking, for conveyor belts, channels for technical installations and the like across public roads from technical grades I to IV shall be prohibited.
In the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph, crossing streets will ensure through culverts or bridges build which will take account of the future development of the road.
3. estacadelor or Infrastructures, such as bridges and funicular pillars, it locates besides the space intended's line of Plantation Road area.
For oversize transportation execution ensure minimum free height 6 m above the platform road.
The beneficiary of these construction units will take protective measures against material loss.

Annex 6 of PUBLIC ROADS and PATHS of TONNAGE LIMITS on SIMPLE and DOUBLE AXLE, ALLOWED for HEAVY TRANSPORT VEHICLES i. simple maximum load 10 tons axle load and double axle 16 tons of public road from which the republican: a) highways: a. 1 Bucharest-Pitesti b) national roads: open international-Oituz-Brasov 11-Bacau-DN 1 Bucharest-Brasov-Sibiu-Alba Iulia-Cluj-Napoca-Oradea-border R.P.U. R.S.R.



-DN 1F Cluj-Napoca-Satu Mare-Zalau-Supuru Mare-Halmeu-DN 1 c Orchard and Cluj-Napoca-Dej-Brasov-Sighisoara DN 13-Jaipur-Turda-DN 19 Satu Mare-Livada-Urziceni-Slobozia DN 2A-Hirsova-Constanta-DN 7 Bucharest-Pitesti-Qazvin-Sibiu-Deva-Arad-Nadlac border R.S.R.-R.P.U.



-DN 38 Constanta-Negru Voda-frontier R.S.R.-R.P.B.



39-Constanta-Mangalia-Vama Veche-frontier R.S.R.-R.P.B.



-DN 2 Bucharest-Urziceni-Buzau-Bacau-Suceava Cairo Siren-border R.S.R.-U.s.s.r.



-DN 17 Dej-Bistrita-Suceava-Vatra Dornei-DN 5 Bucharest-Giurgiu-frontier R.S.R.-R.P.B.



-Craiova-Calafat DN 56-frontier R.S.R.-R.P.B.



-DN 66 New York-Morrisville-Petrosani-Simeria-DN 76 Oradea-Beius-Deva-DN 6 Craiova-Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Lugoj-Timisoara-Orsova Venkatesh Sagar Mare-DN 65-DN Slatina-Pitesti-Timisoara-Arad 69-79 Arad-Oradea-DN 73 Brasov-Pitesti-Tunbridge Wells-Tulcea-Constanta DN 22-24 West Bromwich-Tecuci-Port Harcourt-Crasna-Crasna-24B Husi-Albita-frontier R.S.R.-U.s.s.r.



59-Timisoara-Moravita DN-R.S.F.I.-border R.S.R.



Hyderabad-DN 79A-Crying-frontier-R.P.U. R.S.R.



-Western Belt Ploiesti-Sinaia Variant b. local public roads, of which: a) upgraded in streets towns * — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — * In towns County residence and motor vehicle circulation within municipalities for freight transport will manage on the road arteries (streets) established by committees or executive offices of the popular councils of municipalities or regions and cities concerned, together with the bodies of the County inspectorates of the Ministry of the Interior.
For routes of national roads in transit through the above-mentioned localities will get the agreement of the Ministry of transportation and Telecommunications.
II. the maximum load on the axle simple 8 tons and double axle 14.5 tons of public roads republican-DN 1A-Buftea-Ploiesti-Cheia Valenii de Munte-Juh-Sacele-1B Ploiesti-Maadi Buzau DN 1 c-Dej-Baia Mare-Seini-Orchard-DN d DN-Whiten-1F Supuru de Sus-Carei-R.P.U. Border



-Buzau DN 2B-Braila-Galati-Ussr Border



-DN 2 c Tabarasti-Smeeni-Buzău-Slobozia-DN 3-Lehliu-Calarasi-Constanta-Ostrov-DN 4 DN Bucharest-Oltenita-5B-5 c-Ghimpati DN-Zimnicea-DN 6 Bucharest-Alexandria-Craiova-Caracal-Blantyre-DN Herculane Herculane-6A-7A-DN Voineasa-SK-7B-Healesville-DN 7 c Bascov-Curtea de Arges Vidraru Dam-DN 10-Winnepeg-pleasant Hill-Harman-11A Hyderabad City of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej-DN 12 Chichis-Sfântu Gheorghe-Miercurea-Ciuc-Gheorgheni-Toplita-12A Miercurea-Ciuc-Galbraith-Comanesti-city of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej- DN 12B Limassol-Slanic-DN 12 c Dilshad garden-Red Lake-Bicaz-DN 13A-Sovata-Odorhei Miercurea-Ciuc-Gheorgheni-13B Praid-DN 14-Ashton-under-lyne-Sighisoara-Medias-DN 14A Iernut-Tamil Nadu-14B Teius-Baby-Tamil Nadu-DN 15 Tirgu Mures-Reghin-Toplita-Borsec-Bistricioara Bicaz-Piatra Neamt-Bacau-Reghin DN 15A-sheath-Saratel-DN 15B Poiana Teiului-Tirgu-London-Timisesti-DN 15 c Piatra Neamt-Tirgu Neamt-DN 15D Piatra Neamt-Romanian-Henriette Reghin DN 16-DN 17A Sadova-Radauti-Ratos-DN 17B Vatra Dornei-Rotherham-Glade Lime-DN-17 c in Telciu Bistrita-Nasaud-DN 18 Baia-Mare-Sighet-Borsa-DN 19 Oradea-Satu Mare-Livada-Satu Mare-19A R.P.U. Border



-DN 21-Slobozia-Braila and Calarasi-21A Baraganu-Marion-DN Sarat 22 Hereford-Braila-Tulcea-Macin-DN-Topologu-22A Hirsova Cataloi-22B Ovidiu-Carlos-DN 22 c Npp-Murfatlar-Crasna-Vaslui 24-Iasi-Sculeni-24A Zorleni-Abu Dhabi-Falciu-24 c-DN-PE-Rugby-DN 25 Manoleasa welling Sendreni-DN-Galati-26 O. DN 28 Chapel Hill-Tirgu Frumos-Iasi-Ungheni Tirgu Frumos-28A-Pascani-DN-28B Nicosia Md-Botosani-29-Botosani-Wisconsin-Manoleasa-29A- Virfu Fore-Danko-Radauti Prut-29B-Botosani-Danko-DN-Woodland Hills-29 c Cocorani-Siret-Mihaileni DN Botosani-29 d-31-PE-Oltenita and Calarasi-41 East Godavari-Daia-DN 51 Alexandria-Zimnicea-DN 52 Alexandria-Karimnagar



Caracal-Corabia DN 54-54A-Ark-Bechet-55-Bechet-55A Bechet-Calafat-DN 56A Maglavit-Simian-DN 57 Berzasca-Moldova Veche-Cape Girardeau-Cape Girardeau-Moravita 57B-Anina-Bozovici-Iablanita-Resita DN 58 Caransebes-58B-Resita DN-Bache-Voiteg-Timisoara-DN 59A Jimbolia-DN 64 Caracal-Olongapo City-Tehran-Qazvin-DN 64A Olanesti-DN 66A Livezeni-Uricani-Cameron-67 his Na Drobeta-Turnu Severin-Dammam-Abu Dhabi-Qazvin-67A Livingston-Rotherham-67B-Bark Abu Dhabi-Hurezani-DN 67 d Redfern-Baia de Arama-DN Bildana 71-72 Houghton Regis-West Brom-New Delhi-New Delhi Sushma DN 72A-73A Predeal-Tunbridge Wells-Risnov-73B Catherine Ghimbav-74-Alba Iulia-Zlatna DN 74A Abrud-Durham junction-DN 75 meadow-Durham junction-Turda-belt Western Belt East Ploiesti-Constanta-South Belt Buzau b. local public Roads Alba-DJ 106 I-Spring-Ronald Vingard-DJ 106 K Sebes-Daia Roman-DJ 107 Baby-Cetatea de Balta-DJ 107 B-DJ Sintimbru-Coslariu Ciugud-107 C Valle-DJ 107 D Union-Stv-107 E DJ Hopirta-DJ-Art 107 F Union-Colombo-107 G DJ Tayabas-Noslac-DJ H-107 Sard Cricau-DN 1-DJ 107 M Lunca de Sus-Buru-Aiud-704-DJ Sibot Cugir-Balcaciu-DJ DC 25 107-36 DC-DC down Souff Blaj-Teiuş 78-Wendy Arad County-682-Alunis DJ Lipova-Guatemala City-DJ Masloc 691-Neudorf-DJ Erik-708 B Syria-DJ 709 Arad-Syria-Pincota-Seleus-Cerna-DJ 709 B Arad-Curtici-Rosie-DJ Seleus-Ineu 792-792-DJ Gurahont to Bocsig-Beliu-Masami-DJ B-792-New Delhi Birsa Moneasa-DJ 792 E Ineu Sicula-793-DJ Chisineu-Cris-Sepreus and Innocent-Buteni-68 DC move Maderat-90 DC-DC Chesint Zăbrani dates-118 Los Angeles forest Arges County-733-DJ Colibasi Boteni-great Valley-DJ 734 Leresti-Cabana Voina-DJ 731 Piscani-Royal-DJ Merisani-I Musatesti 703-703-DJ Bradetu B New Zealand-Cateasca-DJ Cateasca-702 G A1 highway 702-DJ-DJ-your Buisness Topoloveni 679 Lunca Corbului-Tufeni-658-DJ jobs: Call-Thorndale-Iida-504-DJ Tatarestii-DJ-the Iida 115 Bacau County town of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej-Casin Khan-DJ 117 Winston Salem-Bolatau-Zemes-DJ Sanduleni-118 M-123 Bowling Green DJS-DJ Valley-156-Bacau, Moinesti Comanesti Ardeoani-DJ-156 of Nadar-Iasi Ardeoani-Erik-DJ 241 Calumet-Colonesti-Izvoru Berheciului-241 to Vultureni-Oncesti-Met- 252. DJ Gaiceana-Bihor County Slabs-DJ 108 H locality Nusfalau-Sacueni Marghita-108-DJ I Bailey-Haarlem-Astileu-DJ-190 Bihor Bishopric Bors-DJ 191 Biharia-Chiribis-DJ Salard-709 of Gorgeous Tits-Belfir-764-Newcastle upon Tyne-DJ Rags; Astileu-Ten Borders and Hythe Marghita-DJ 764 of Beius-767-DJ Budureasa Saturday-792-DJ your Buisness to Bocsig-Masami-Les-DJ 795 Salonta-Masami-Holod-DJ 797 Oradea-Cefa-Inand-DC 10 DC-Ottoman Salacea-11 long branch-Otopeni-DC Cubelcut Olosig-12-111 DC Petreu Abramut Bistrita-Nasaud-DJ 151 Singeorz-Sintereag DN 17-DJ 154 Royal-Saab-Monor-DJ Uriu-171-172, Scarborough DJ Spermezeu-Nasaud-Rodna-DJ E-172 Lechinta DN 15 to Botosani-282 DJS
Hlipiceni-Wisconsin-Cotusca Truşeşti and DJ Mar-291-Woodland Hills-293-DJ Hutani Dorohoi-g. Enescu Mileanca-298-George Enescu High Wycombe-High Wycombe-DJ L 292-Wisconsin Brasov County-Brasov 103 DJ-Bod-103 DJ B Arad Tarlungeni Teliu-103-DJ C Ghimbav-Brasov-DJ Stupini-104 broad Street-Mandaluyong City-DJ 104 of the Persians-Prescot-Recea-Lisa-104 B-DJ Hirseni-Fagaras Traverse City-DJ 104 C Fagaras-Recea-DJ 104 D Fagaras-105-DJ Soars Voila-Camacho-Agnita-105 of
Rupea-Jibert-DJ B-Complex Saturday 105-105 C DJ-DJ Ucea 112 to Harman-Anni; Cape Breton-ancient Tohanu Codlea-Volcano-131-DJ Avenged_sevenfold_95-DJ Rupea Apata 132-102-DJ Gara Predeal Homorod-Cabana Trei Brazi-DC 60 Castro-Volcano-DC-78 Victory Saturday top-59-DC Tohanu Vechi Tohanu Nou-47 DC Prejmer-Meadow Cilnicului-36 DC-DC Ruins Crizbav-32 Racos-See-DC 65 Hoghiz-Biokarpet Braila County-202 DJ Olaneasca-DJ Jirlau-203 Szczecin city-Los Angeles-DN 2 B-212-Brian DJ DN 21-DC-4 Vadeni 2 B-DC 8 enter the DN DN 2 B-21-40 DC Surdila-Los Angeles County Buzau-102 B Valenii de Munte-Cislau-DJ Khaled Maadi 102 H-202-DJ Salty Nicolesti Hereford-Hereford-203 Ciorasti Salty-DJ Phalen-DJ Stilpu-203 D Smeeni-DJ H 203 Hereford Salty-Dumitresti-DJ Heather-203 I Glodeanu-Buzău-DJ K-203 Silistea Buzau-Lobo-Coots-DC 16 Vadu Scurtesti DC-Steps-Best 44-DN 1 B-DC-1 43 Pietroasele B-79 D.C.
Magura-Robesti-DC-DN 2 109 Zarnesti-133 DC-DJ Mina Monteoru 203 D Caras-Severin-DJ 571 Moldova Veche-Baraga and bad road-DN 57-DJ 571 B Bozovici-Dalboseti-573-Cape Girardeau DJS-DJ Lisava 581 Resita-Lupac-Goruia-Gardeners-582 of Resita-Moldova-582-DJ Kris-D London DJ 608 of Caransebes Borlova-DC-2 Shane DN 68-33 Crusovat-Station DC DN 6-DN Pirvova DC-37 B-38 57 DC-Prilipet DC Borlovenii Vechi-52
Border-DN 57-92 DC Resita-Secu-DC-6 103 Carp-DC-6 104 Domasnea Cluj-107 M DJ Luna-Buru-Aiud-DJ P-107 Gale Racatau



-DJ 108 Huedin-Belis-108 B-DJ Criseni-Dej-Jibou Gamez-DJ 108 C Vallanchira-Aghiresu-DJ Aschileu-109 Together-Hida-109 of Cluj-Napoca-Vultureni-DJ C-109-DJ Gherla Camarasu Bangalore 150-France-DJ 161 of Henriette Cojocna Constanta-222-Jurilofca-m. Kogalniceanu and Medgidia-Cave-DJ 223 Kurt Tait and Danube-i. Corvin-Medgidia-224-225 Tirgusor Tortoman DJ-DJ Grady-226 Vallecillo-Sinoe-Carlos-DJ 228 petral Bendigo-DJ 381 Medgidia-Ciocirlia-Topraisar-DJ 391 Cobadin-independence and Negru Voda-Mangalia-392 Independent DJ-DJ Amzacea ()-391 of Oltina-Baneasa-Castleford-Sabir-DC 3 Techirghiol-Eforie Nord-DC 15 T-DC-16 Comana Negresti-Plopeni-38-Chirnogeni-DN DC 105 of Mihail Kogălniceanu-DN 22-DC-DN 107-22 Sibioara DC 110-2 Palas of Covasna County-113 DJ Wednesbury-Baile Balvanyos-Md 114-DJ-DJ Petriceni 121 SF. Gheorghe-Covasna-Wednesbury-Valea Seaca-DJ 121 B St. George-Georgia-DJ Valley 121 E-Jade Ghelinta DJ F-121-Caesar-Hatuica-DJ Micfalau-122-122 B DJ Baraolt Malnas Bai-DN 12-DJ 131 Aita Mare-Baraolt-Virghis-DC 13-Station-DC 40 131 Briquetting Station-DJ Talisoara-42 DC-Filia Dambovita County Glavacioc-659-DJ Stefan cel Mare-DJ Jean Vaillancourt-701-Cornatel Crovu-DJ Ludesti-702 of the Hulubesti-great Valley-DJ E-702 West Brom Gherghitesti-DJ 712 New Delhi-New Delhi-Zain-DJ 710 of Coshocton-Cricov-Moreni-i. l. Caragiale-DJ Philip-720 Moreni-Floresti-DJ 720 of Muntinlupa-Deep-Postirnacu-candy dare County Dolj-DJ Armasestii 542-New York-DJ-552-561 Fortress DJ Podari-New Delhi-Dunareni-DJ Giurgita-561 of Darlington and Motatei-DJ B-561 Plenita Segarcea-Zach-DJ Lion-604-605 Cherry-DJ Melinesti-DJ Melinesti-605 of Soceni-606-606 of Brabova-DJ-DJ Breasta Argetoaia-606 B-Greek Breasta Galati County- New measures 204-DJ H Carney-DJ Gara Berheci Gohor-241-242 North Central District-DJ-DJ B-242 Foltesti Orangeville-DJ 251 welling Pechea and Staging-Galati-251 of the Queen Bee-Corod-242-252 DJ DJ Station Camacho-Buciumeni-DJ ABI Badmus 253-254-DJ Ivesti Vineyards-Costache Negri-255 Scarborough-Pechea-255 Scarborough to DJ-Truss-DC 27 Memorial House access road c. Black-DC 110 access road Munteni commune, Gorj County-DJ Melinesti-605 Hurezani- DJ Tintareni 661-Patiala-S? celu-DJ B-671 Horasti Glogova-672-DJ Godinesti-DJ Ciuperceni 673 Plostina-Turceni-675-DJ Ceplea Tirgu Jiu-Patiala-675 Pesteana DJ B-Calugareasa-DJ Albeni 675 C Logresti-New Alimpesti-Mosneni and Baia de Fier Bumbesti-Jiu 3 DC-DC-22 Tetila Polovragi-Minastirea Polovragi-82 Toronto DC-DC Siacu-128 Canton Harghita County-Tismana-Wednesbury-121-123 of Kitsman. DJ Sincraieni-DJ Citadel-125-Sindominic-DJ Danesti 126 Suseni-Orthodox Church-DJ 137 B Bisericani-Rohtak-Lebanon-128 Fenyéd (Brãdesti) DJ Hunedoara County-DJ Rapolt-107 of the Ui-Birsau-DJS Isci 666 B-DJ Cirnesti-685 Aninoasa-Rake-705 of the Orastie-Owen Sound-DJ Totesti-687 C Hateg-DJ D-687 Teliuc Toplita-DJ E-687-705 Teliuc Geoagiu DJ-DN 7-DJ Chiscadaga-706 of DJ Bobby MacPherson-762 bath-Risculita-DJ 761 Soimus-Certej-DC 12-74 Blajeni-26 DC-DC-Cam Soimus 31 Baile Geoagiu-DJ 705-DC-40 DC Orastie Pricaz Aurel Vlaicu-43-7-57-DC Strei Chitid Bangalore-61 DC-DN 66 Bahari Romana-DC Marie Padilla-67-77 DC Ohaba-Salasu-83-Nalatvad Hateg DC-DC-Racastia 114-115 DC-Bos Ialomita County-DJ Ciulnita-Suditi 201-203-DJ Marion F Astoria-Scinteia-DN 21-DJ Calarasi and Fetesti-213-meadow-DN 2-DJ Ciulnita-305 Lehliu-Gara Fetesti-DJ Danny M-306 Andrasesti Iasi County-DJ 208 F-Pascani-Slabs-DJ 248 Iasi-Vaslui-Stables-DJ Buhaiesti-248 of Iasi-New Delhi-Charles Town-281 B-DJ Carlos Cain Belcesti-Hyderabad-DJ C-281-DJ Emily Belcesti 281 D San Francisco-Fireworks-Hyderabad-DJ Canyon country-282 Iasi-San Francisco-282-DJ B-DJ Carlos Sabir 282 C Damile-COEs Ford-Sabir-DJ 284 Iasi-New Westminster-the Albita 131-DC-DC-Hunters Slabs 87 F-Grand Rapids Ilfov-DJ 101 Hyderabad Kanpur-Dridu-DJ 101 B Is-Pace-Snagov-Gruiu-Nuts-DJ C-101 Tehran Gradistea-DJ Basin 200-201-PE-Cosereni-DJ-DJ Barcanesti 203 B Li-Girbovi-Hyderabad-DJ 303 Fundulea-Sarulesti-DJ 401-Otter-Borders-412-Greek DJ of Adunatii Copaceni-Gradistea-Giurgiu Maharajah-DJ-504 Putineiu-DJ 601 Highway-Quezon City-Thunder Bay-New Delhi-DJ-601 of Moose Jaw-DJ j-602-403 Royal-DJ Soldanu-DJ B Lally-201-92 DC Soldanu-Coventry-DC 19 Dridu-Pool Maramures-DJ 108 of Jibou-Benesat-Ardusat- DJ 108 D Zvishavane-easy access-Girdani-DJ 108 E Miresul Mare-Hideaga-DJ 109 F Hussain-Madras-Baiut-DJ I-109 Cape Town New City-Union City-182 Aussieland-DJ Lisgorman-DJ B 182 Aussieland-Delhi-Cj-DJ 183 Baia Mare-Vad Fabolous-DJ 186-193 Ardusat Village-DJ Hideaga-DJ Mehedinticounty-562-Big Willow Denis-Gruia-563-DJ Panghina-DJ Balacita E C 606-Vinju Mare Mare



-DJ 606 of Poplar-Darling-DJ 607 Timna-Poplar-Petra-DJ 671 Floresti-Large Field-Baia de Arama-562 of Jorge Patulele-Vinjulet-DC 100 Vrata-Cujmir-Galley Mures County-DJ 106 Apold-Sighisoara-DJ 107 Baby-Cetatea de Balta-Tamil Nadu-Tamil Nadu-Balauseri DJ 142-142 C Viisoara-DJ Smoove-DJ 151 Sinmartin Ludus-Sarmasel-DJ 151 of Love-Band-DJ 151 B-B-D-DJ 151-152 Acatari Tirgu Mures-DJ Cimpenita-DJ Zeze-cornflowers 152 of Tirgu Mures-Band-DJ 153 Iernut-Reghin-Eremitu-Sovata-DJ B-153 Dumbravioara-DJ 153 C Reghin-Gurghiu-Ibanesti reportedly-DJ 154 Reghin-Monor Neamt County-Lebanon-mirrors 155-155 C-DJ Praxia Milnthorpe-DN 15 B-DJ Minastirea-D 155 Agapia DN 15 E-155 C Minastirea DJ Varatec-DN 15 C-DJ F-155 Bistricioara Walter-DJ 155 G Izvoru Muntelui-DN 15-DJ H 155 Minastirea Bistrita-DN 15-DJ 155 I
Tirgu Neamt-Petricani-DJ Tupilati-156 of the Iasi-Erik-Girov-Dobreni-DJ T-156 G Ardeluta-DJ 158 Moldovans-Secuieni-207-DJ to DJ B Sagna-207-South Shields-DJ C-207 Roman i. Creanga-Valea Ursului-208 G-Girov Razboieni-Olt County Tupilati-542-DJ-DJ Caracal Play Ark-543-546 DJ Zoe Campbell Taschereau-meadow-Da Slavitesti and Plopii-Slatina-642-DJ Poganu Madras-Zoe Campbell-meadow-DJ-643 Bals i. J-Vladuleni-644 Dobriceni DJ-DJ Rowen-677
Piatra-Olt slatioara Forester reserve-DJ B-678-Vitomiresti-DJ Dobroteasa 703 Fagetelu-Optasi-DJ Ciuresti-703 C Highlands-DC 25 Teslui-Beria-35 DC-Otesti DC-Ibanesti reportedly 57 Naze-Constantinesti County-DJ-101 to Mole Valley Poienarii Burchii area-DJ 101 E Breaza-Olongapo City-101 G Poienarii Burchii area DJS-DJ Dana Mizil-102 West Covina-DN 1-DJ B-102 Singapore 1-102 C West Belt Ploiesti-Sirna-DJ 102 G Western Belt Ploiesti-Bangalore city-102 DJS to Poiana Mislii Baicoi-Maria mache- DJ Nikki I 102-DJ Danny M-102 M Mainwaring-Banbury-DJ Varbilau-720 Paltinu-Slanic Mizil-Amaru-DC 5 A Magurele-Baltesti Mt Colah-DC-8 DC-8 the Lyubomir Bangalore city Mislii-Money-DC 10 Dale Ragan Fox-Mound-DC-1 11 Craiova-DC 115 Malaesti-Baal Cozminele Satu Mare-DJ Lucaceni-108 M-109 Berveni DJ I new city-Huta-DJ L-109 High when they became Gaitor-DN 1 C-192-193 of Odoreu-DJ
-Necopoi-194-DJ Dorolt-DJ-195 Frontier-Vineyards-DN 19 A-DC 10-Brian H dam-15 DC-DC 23 Noroieni-Poiana Codrului-DJ-193 49 Carei-Capleni DC-DC 54 Moftinu Mare Crasna-Salaj-DJ 108 Zimbor-Huedin-DJ Jacquie-108 of the locality Romanasi-Jibou-Benesat-108 DJ B Criseni-Dej-Jibou-DJ 108 D Zvishavane-Benesat-DJ H-108 Tehran locality Nusfalau-DJ 108 G Crasna-Crowsnest Pass-109
Hida-surduc-DJ F-109 Together Muslim-Madras-DJ Rastoci-109 H Saiedi Sibiu County G-105 DJ Avrig-Sadu-DJ 106 Cornatel Nocrich-Tunnel-and-DJ Netus-106 of Sibiu-Rasinari-Paltinis-DJ 106 B Ocna Sibiului-DJ Loamnes-Mahali-Kuantan 141-Hannah Dadzie-DC 35 Nocrich-Altina Suceava County-Tirgu Neamt 155-DJ-DJ Praxia Boroaia-155-to-Risk-Praxia Slatioara Forester reserve-DJ P 174 Vatra Dornei-Dornei-DJ 176 Customs-Moldovita-DJ 177 Gura Humorului-Monastery-DJ 177 of
Ash-Evi-Ostra-208-DJ Budeni Dolhasca-Iloilo-208-DJ of Liteni Dolhasca-208-DJ B Vereşti-Leicester, Birstall-DJ C 208-209-DJ Mitocu Bagger-Paltinoasa-New York-Valenzuela-209-DJ Border of Iloilo-Bagger-Malini-Gainesti-DJ 209 B Malini-Brainerd-DJ Milisauti E Iacobesti-209-Radauti-Valenzuela-Putna-DJ Milisauti-209 F-New York-DJ Vereşti-290 DC Salcea-7 Dolhasca Probota-DC-14 Oroquieta City-DC-26 Ciprian Porumbescu-Obcina-DC 29 Mouth Romania-Voronet-45 DC 209-Bong-DJ DC 53 Patrauti-DN 2-56 DC Mitoc Dragomirna Monastery-forest-DC Top 74-76 DC Itcani-Willow-airport-84 DC S Wharf-Gura Haitii Teleorman County-DJ 503 Chaiyaphum Videle-Jama-506-Jesse Danz DJ Bailey-Vitanesti-DJ Zoe Campbell-543-546 Meadow Taschereau-meadow-Plopii-Slavitesti-DJ 658 vilonia-Dobrotesti-DJ Furculesti-658 B-DJ 701 Silistea-Lada-DJ Ciolanesti Virtoapele 703-Timis-DJ 592-Lugoj-Timisoara, Buzias



Tormac-592 of DJ-Hyderabad 593-New-DJ Rohit Giulvaz Foeni-594-DJ Jimbolia-Lovrin-DJ Gotlob-609 B Carter-Balint-681-DJ Bethausen Gavojdia-Eddie-682-DJ Big Mako Venkatesh Sagar-DJ B-682 Cabanatuan 684-DJ Border Cosova-Colonia-DJ Masloc-Timisoara-691-Neudorf-DJ Sinandrei 692-Gaba and Healesville-Periam-DJ Carpinis-693-693 B Cenei DJING Otvesti-Jebel-Ciocova-130 April Ghilad-DC-DC 14 681-DJ Grabat-DJ Ghetto Tulcea County-222- Valea nucarilor-Toronto-to-222 Beidaud DJ Caugagia-Ciucurova-Nifon and Horia-DJ 222 B top-Stejaru Ceamurlia de Jos and DJ Taka-Ardealu-222 C-Nag-Mahmudia-Murighiol-Valea Nucarilor-222 E DJ Sarighiolul Hill-Casimcea-Rahman-DJ L-227-Horia-Nalbant Cerna-DJ 229 Springs-n. Balcescu-Mihai Bravu-DN 22-Cataloi-229 to DJ's post-Niculiţel-Cocos Monastery Vaslui county-DJ Blesca-Pungesti 159-207 Los Buhaesti DJ-DJ Balabanesti-242-North Central District-DJ C-244 Husi Stanilesti-Falciu-246-DJ Codaesti-DJ DN 24 248

Iasi-Vaslui-Stables-DJ Buhaiesti-284 New Westminster-Albita-DJ Valim 605 County of Melinesti-Milostea-Sabatkce-DJ Ba-643-646 Fort Worth DJ Folesti-DJ Tomsani-651-Fort Worth Roiesti and Maldaresti-Horezu-DJ 665 Vaideeni-Horezu-678-DJ Dragoesti-DJ Valley Bratia 678 to Ony Cepari-678-DJ B Vitomiresti-Cuca-108 DC Ladesti DC Lapusata-Sirineasa-117-Becky-DC 120 Babeni-Babeni-DC Station Station Buleta Govora-128-129 DC Govora Sat-Pontypridd-DC 149 Costesti-Bistrita monastery-DC 176 Tatarani-Cremenari County-Hereford-202 DJ Salty Ciorasti-Gulianca-DJ 204-H-Attock city DJ Carey 204 of Focsani-Grand Rapids-DJ B-204-DJ Maicanesti new measures 204 D Ebo Suraia-DJ 205 Focsani-Otter-Tulnici-DJ 205 to Focsani-Don Mills-DJ B-205 Reghiu Moscow-Bolotesti and Bontesti-DJ Javier-205 F Tisita Mare-Bari-San Francisco-206-2 Slabs-136 DC Restaurant-205-DC DJ 149 Turn Station-Turn your Municipi Bucharest-Bucharest-London 200 DJS-Hot-DJ 301-Caldera-401-DJ Berceni-Otter-DJ 601 1-Ciorogirla Highway-Quezon City-DJ-601 to red-Moose Jaw-602-co. Donegal-j-25 DC-DC Belt 13 Popesti-Leordeni Bucharest-Bucharest-Magurele 18 DC-DC 23 Blackburn-Newcastle upon Tyne-DC 1-Pipera-Tunari III. Maximum load per axle mere 7.5 tons and double axle 12 tons.
A. the republican Public Roads-all national roads paved.
B. local public Roads-roads-County municipal roads cobblestone-cobblestone streets in cities.
Shipments of vehicles on the roads in question to which the axle loads resulting are higher than those prescribed in the regulations shall be made on a case by case basis only with a special permit issued by the transport management body of the road under art. 21 of the Act.

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