Law No. 41 Of 19 December 1975 On The Slaughter Of Animals

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 41 din 19 decembrie 1975 privind regimul tăierii animalelor

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LAW No. 41 of 19 December 1975 on the slaughter of animals for the ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 134 of 25 December, 1975, chapter I General provisions Article 1 Cutting of animals belonging to the State-owned units, cooperative organizations and other public organizations shall take place in slaughterhouses, under veterinary checks of the State under the provisions of this law.

Article 2 Cutting of animals owned by individuals, for family consumption, can be done in slaughterhouses and cutting sections thereof, as pay services.
Cutting of pigs, sheep and goats owned by individuals, intended for family use, and can be made to unit-holders, with the certification of animal health veterinarian.

Article 3 Cutting of animals for meat State Fund will be carried out according to the tasks resulting from the single national plan economic and social development.

Article 4 the animals subjected to slaughter shall be given appropriate weight in living according to species, category, age and race, to ensure a high economic efficiency in recovery.
The minimum weights of the animals will be able to perform logging, by species, category, ages and races, approved annually by the presidential decree.

Article 5 animals any category will be cut only by industrialization of meat.

Article 6 Socialist Organisations will be able to buy cattle from undertakings that are authorised by the Ministry of agriculture and food industry or will be able to purchase calves weighing up to 150 kg only for increasing production and ramming based empowerment date these businesses.
Producers with individual households and agricultural production cooperatives members can sell and buy only for cattle rearing, fattening and production. These sales-purchases will highlight in the register. Bovine animals for breeding and fattening purchased will be recovered from the Fund.

Article 7 the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives is responsible for contracting and purchasing animals — except for cattle-from households, according to the plan, as well as from their delivery companies increased industrialization of meat.
Meat and other products of cattle cutting are acquired only by companies increased industrialization of meat from the subordination of the Ministry of agriculture and Food Industry.

Chapter 2 Conditions for cutting animals in article 8 may be subject to felling the following categories of animal: a) to healthier animals weight established economic and which are not intended for reproduction;

b) healthy animals originating in units, localities or areas of quarantine, which is cut in order to avoid contamination, regardless of weight, with the approval of the date, according to the law, the veterinary authorities of the county or municipality of Bucharest, in whom lies the animals;

c) healthy animals used for experimental purposes, scientific research, regardless of weight, based on the approval of the research units, under the conditions set out in the plan and the number of research;

d) females and declared unfit for breeding.

Female ranking in cattle and sheep for slaughter is done by state veterinarian inspector, certified by official documents, twice a year, and in case of need and to other data required by producers, according to rules approved by the Council of Ministers.

Article 9 Cutting animals will be able to make the case when they: a) are affected by incurable diseases with acute and supraacuta development, communicable diseases, and for the liquidation of epizootic outbreaks;

b) have suffered traumatic accidents, toxic or otherwise, which may cause death;

c) are affected by diseases caused experimentally for biological products, the profiled for this purpose;

d) am suspicious diseases and cut for more accurate diagnosis.

Cutting animals in situations described in the preceding paragraph shall make according to rules issued by the Ministry of agriculture and food industry, approved by the Council of Ministers.

Article 10 the resulting products referred to in article from the previous cut is thus: a harness) meat and animal by-products, established "for human consumption ' on the basis of the certificate issued by the veterinary inspector shall state harness through slaughterhouses cutting, except meat and by-products obtained from cutting of pigs, sheep and goats belonging to the agricultural population and State Fund uncommitted meat that can be used for your own needs;

b) meat and animal by-products, established "good conditioning for human consumption ' on the basis of the certificate issued by the veterinarian, State inspector is under la harness lit. a), special conditions after release for consumption, as provided for by the rules laid down by the Ministry of agriculture and food industry, with the agreement of the Ministry of health;

c) meat and by-products are unfit for human consumption according to harness the health rules.

Article 11 females in Cutting gestation diagnosticabila is prohibited.
Except special cases established by veterinarians by State inspectors, depending on the State of health of the animals.

Chapter 3-organization and operation of slaughterhouses in article 12 in order to ensure that the conditions of hygiene and sanitary-veterinary animal and cutting for top of meat and by-products, in cities, towns and municipalities shall establish and operate slaughterhouses cutting times of their wards.
Within slaughterhouses and their sites will function and capabilities for superior processing of meat, as well as for the conservation and processing of by-products.

Article 13 Slaughterhouses and their animals for cutting units carrying out socialist State and public and for individuals.
Cutting animal collective and public consumption only in slaughterhouses.

Article 14 Slaughterhouses and cutting animals will have a mandatory endowment to ensure conditions of hygiene and health, as well as the possibility of collecting the by-products.
The Ministry of agriculture and food industry lays down the rules relating to the technological cutting animal slaughterhouses and sections thereof, and with the agreement of the Ministry of health, the rules concerning the transport of meat.

Article 15-establishment of common in slaughterhouses for animals is established, depending on the volume of felling by the executive committees of councils and city folk.
Within slaughterhouses and cutting sections, shall be organized and capabilities of production and preserving of meat products, as a provision of services for the population.
Slaughterhouses or cutting the number of animals referred to in the preceding paragraph are organized and will operate according to the provisions of law No. 7/1971 on the Organization and development of industrial activities, agricultural products processing, construction and services in establishments belonging to the popular councils, cooperative agricultural, handicraft and consumer.
The Ministry of agriculture and food industry technical assistance grant for slaughterhouses and cutting sections referred to in paragraph 1. 1 and sets along with executive committees of councils and popular Bucharest city Endowment program.

Article 16 large enterprises for growth and fattening of animals which do not have their own slaughterhouses, for the situations described in article 2. 9, can be organized in compliance with the health rules, cutting sections.

Article 17 executive committees of councils and municipal popular executive offices of municipal and communal councils of popular will take measures for reopening slaughterhouses and cutting sections which are currently disused and justification to be refitted, within 90 days of receipt of the type projects, indicative. 19 para. 2. Materials and work force necessary to ensure existing resources locally.

Article 18 the Ministry of agriculture and food industry will provide capacity building to the units responsible, in relation to the growth of animal resources on each County, in order to avoid the transport of animals between counties.

Article 19 the location, design and execution of slaughterhouses and cutting sections of animals and their related facilities, will be made in compliance with the legal provisions concerning the territory and land use of urban and rural settlements, as well as the health conditions and health.
The Ministry of agriculture and food industry will develop projects, guidance with regard to the location, construction, equipping and operation of slaughterhouses and cutting sections.

Article 20 Functioning of slaughterhouses and cutting sections of animals is only allowed if you are authorized by the veterinary and sanitary State. the authorisation may be withdrawn if you do not ensure compliance with the rules of hygiene and prophylaxis and the necessary conditions for the smooth operation of the sanitary-veterinary activity.

Article 21 cutting sections and Slaughterhouses of animals are required to capitalize on the hides, hair, lina, horns and nails singles results from cutting the animals for the State Fund.

Article 22 in the case of slaughter of animals owned by individuals, for family consumption, in slaughterhouses, they will buy, for a fee, according to legal norms, by-products from cutting that cardholders don't use them.
Also, slaughterhouses and cutting will purchase from individuals who cut the animals at home on these by-products do not use them.

Article 23 the quantities of meat resulting from the cutting of animals by slaughterhouses for catering, canteens and other similar units will be communicated to the enterprises meat of industrialisation, entrances to the State Fund and at the same time deliveries to the market.

Article 24 Cutting animals in slaughterhouses and cutting sections. 15 shall be carried out by persons authorized by the executive offices of the popular communal councils on the advice of a doctor from the medical dispensary within which the Department operates or that slaughterhouse.

Chapter 4 Liability and sanctions Article 25 violation of provisions of this law shall entail, as appropriate, disciplinary, material, administrative, civil or criminal.

Article 26 Constitutes infringement and is punishable with imprisonment from three months to one year, or with fine, cutting the cows and heifers in calf, except as provided in article 13. 9 and art. 11(2). 2, as well as cutting cattle in slaughterhouses out except for deforestation. 9. Article 27 Constitutes contravention of rules relating to the slaughter of animals the following facts, if they are not committed in such circumstances that, according to the criminal law, constitute the offence: the pregnant females, cutting) other than those referred to in article 1. 26;

b) cutting of pigs, sheep and goats to the holders without the animal health certification or with violating the rules of hygiene;

c) cutting of animals in slaughterhouses and cutting sections by unauthorized persons;

d) release for consumption without examination trichineloscopic meat derived from pigs cut for this exam is mandatory according to health rules;

e) contracting or purchasing cattle for slaughter or fattening, and the meat of cattle resulting from cutting due to the situations referred to in article 1. 9, good for human consumption, in other conditions or by other persons, whether natural or legal, than those laid down in article 21. 6 and 7;

f) animals for cutting State Fund, under the minimum weight specified, except as provided in article 13. 9 and art. 11(2). 2. Article 28 Offences referred to in articles. 27 shall be imposed as follows: (a)) with fine from 500 to 700 lei, the offences referred to in a), b) and (c));

b) fine from 1,000 to 800 lei lei, those referred to. d) and (e));

c) fine from 100 to 250 lei, in the case of slaughter lambs, and from 200 to 1,000 lei, in the case of other species and categories of animals, for the offences referred to in f). The penalty for that offence under article 9. 27 lit. e) shall also apply to legal persons.

Article 29 the finding contraventions and enforcing the sanction shall be effected through the report concluded by mayors, officers and subofiteri militia, State inspectors, veterinarians and staff specifically authorized by the Minister of agriculture and food industry.

Article 30 Against finding report of violation may make the complaint within 15 days from the date of its communication.
The claim was accompanied by a copy of the report of findings shall be submitted to the body or unit in which the agent is discovered.

Article 31 the complaint resolved by the head of the unit in which the agent is discovered or by any trustee thereof, hierarchically superior claim agent.
In the case of irregularities found by the Mayor, appealed to solve by the Committee or the Executive Office of the Council.

Article 32 the provisions of art. 27-31 shall be supplemented by the provisions of law No. 32/68 on the establishment and sanctioning violations.

Chapter 5 final provisions Article 33 the Ministry of agriculture and food industry will determine in agreement with the Ministry of health, mandatory rules of hygiene concerning the cutting of animals to owners, not later than 60 days after the entry into force of the law.

Article 34 this law shall enter into force thirty days following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Socialist Republic of Romania.
On the same date, the Council of Ministers Decision No. 676/1959 concerning certain measures for the development and regulation of livestock slaughter in certain categories of animals, published in the collection of decisions and provision of the Council of Ministers No. 20 of June 8, 1959, as amended and supplemented, as well as any other provisions to the contrary, shall be repealed.

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