Law No. 25 Of December 17, 1969 * Republished Aliens In The Socialist Republic Of Romania

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 25 din 17 decembrie 1969 ***Republicată privind regimul străinilor în Republica Socialistă România

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Law No. 25 of December 17, 1969 * Republished aliens in the Socialist Republic of Romania ISSUING NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE No. 57 of 18 May 1972 Note *) Republished pursuant to art. III of Decree No. 131/1972, published in the Official Gazette nr. 40 of 23 April 1972.

Chapter 1 General provisions Article 1 In Romania aliens have, under the law, the fundamental rights of Romanian citizens — except for political rights, civil rights, and any other rights recognised by law or international agreements to which Romania is a party.
During their stay in Romania are aliens ought to respect the laws.

Article 2 Are foreigners, for the purposes of this law, persons who do not have Romanian citizenship-whether you have a foreign citizenship, whether they have no citizenship.

Chapter 2 Entry of aliens in Romania Article 3 Aliens may enter the territory of Romania on the basis of documents for crossing the border of the Romanian State, as provided by law.
For the Romanian State border crossing must be fitted with the Romanian visa, which is granted by the diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Foreigners wishing to visit Romania as tourists can enter the country on the basis of tourist visa shall be granted, on request, by the checkpoints for crossing the State border.
Are exempt from the visa paperwork for Romanian State border, issued by the competent authorities of another State, in accordance with international agreements to which Romania is a party.

Article 4 Save we may refuse entry into Romania if: (a)) acted against the interests of Romania or there are strong clues as to their country would act against the interests of the Romanian State;

b) are reasonable indications that the country is planning to commit crimes;

c) violated rules governing aliens in Romania or customs and currency laws of the time, those concerning the Romanian State border;

d) i was raised right of residence in Romania, was expelled or is unwanted;

It's not proof of that) has possibilities during maintenance in Romania.

Chapter 3 the aliens Stay Romania Article 5 provisions relating to residence and domicile set for Romanian citizens shall apply to foreigners properly.
Foreigners who enter in Romania to establish living or to establish residence for a period greater than 120 days will announce the arrival of the Ministry of the Interior at the place where to reside or reside within 3 days from the Romanian State border in order to take the obvious and obtaining Romanian identity Act. The same requirement and aliens who have entered the country, repeatedly, on personal grounds, on a total period of more than 120 days in a year. For child under 14 years of age, prior notification obligation lies with the parent or other legal representative of the time the flight attendant's.
Foreigners come in Romania for a stay of less than 120 days are obliged to report to the organs of the Ministry of the Interior to declare reside.

Article 6 the aliens who have reached the age of 14 years shall be granted the following acts of the Romanian identity: identity, booklet) for aliens who establish their residence in Romania;

b) provisional order card aliens who establish residence in Romania for a period longer than 120 days.

Child under 14 years is the identity card of both the parent or other legal representative or his attendant.
At age 14, fulfillment, aliens are obliged to submit necessary paperwork with the local Office of the Ministry of the Interior, in order to obtain Romanian identity Act.

Article 7 the identity Book shall be issued on the basis of the Act of crossing the State border and civil status acts.
Provisional identification card shall be issued on the basis of the Act of crossing the State border.

Article 8 the employee ID is issued with a validity period of 10 years and is targeting annual.
The identification card is issued with a provisional term of validity for the period for which it has been granted stay in Romania.

Article 9 With at least 5 days before the visa expires or annual validity of the Carnet, aliens shall present to the local organ of the Ministry of the Interior which appears obvious to the visa issue of a new annual or checkbook.
Provisional holder who wants aircraft suitability to achieve extension of residence in Romania, will be presented at least 24 hours before the expiry of its validity, the organ referred to in the preceding paragraph, for the issue of an identity card or a new extension of the validity of aircraft suitability.

Article 10 any amendment, addition or remark made on the employee's identity or identification card by the provisional other than those of the Ministry of the Interior is prohibited and attracts the nullity of such acts.

Article 11 shall be issued a new license ID or a new provisional card: a) on the expiry of the validity term for which they were issued;

b) a name change;

c) in case of cancellation;

d) in the case of destruction, damage, theft or loss.

Article 12 within 48 hours of finding a lack of license or provisional aircraft suitability, the holder of the document will notify the closest body of the Ministry of the Interior.
The person who finds an identity card for foreigners is going to teach the closest body of the Ministry of the Interior.

Article 13 the Romanian Laws of identity that have been issued to foreigners will be taught, not later than 3 days after raising them, of the competent organ of the Ministry of the Interior, by: a) organ that ordered the arrest; When the measure was taken by the Court, the obligation to teach the laws of returns has executed arrest;

b) civil status, body for the dead.

Article 14 the giving or receiving end in keeping any of the identity documents of foreigners, except in cases provided for in article 10. 13, is prohibited. Prosecution can keep detainees acts, how long does retention.

Article 15 the Romanian Laws issued by save the competent organs of the Ministry of the Interior, if he leaves: a country);

b) i stood right of residence in the country or expelled;

c has Romanian citizenship).

Article 16 legal or physical person who shall make available to an alien land for housing or hosting for the installation of means of accommodation is obliged to inform about arrival and departure of its local organ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, within 24 hours.
For prior notification will be required to fill in a sheet save for the record type, whose content will be determined by the Ministry of the Interior.
If it is found that the foreigner does not have a passport or another act of State border crossings, checkbook ID or temporary card at the request host is obliged to immediately notify the local organ of the Ministry of the Interior.

Article 17 Foreigners domiciled in Romania will notify the Ministry of the Interior of the body, which lies in the obvious, any act or fact of civil status concerning his person, within the time allowed by law for Romanian citizens. The Act or fact of civil status in foreign countries will announce the date when the stranger learned about it, namely the date when returned in Romania.

Article 18 For considerations of public policy or what is of interest to State security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs may restrict the movement of foreigners, and establish their domicile or residence in certain areas or localities.
Foreigners with domicile or residence in a locality or area from those listed in the preceding paragraph shall be obliged, within the set as in the communication which is done by the Ministry of the Interior, to change his domicile or residence in another commune.

Article 19 Foreigners came to Romania for a temporary stay is obliged to leave the country on expiry of the stay.
Stay in Romania can be extended by the competent organ of the Ministry of the Interior. Application for renewal shall be made at least 24 hours before the expiry of the period of stay; in the event of force majeure, it shall be made and the expiry of the period of stay, but not later than 24 hours following the end of major force.

Article 20 the Minister of internal affairs can lift or limit the right of residence in Romania who has violated law save the Romanian, as well as the one who through his attitude or behavior has harmed the interests of the Romanian State.

Article 21 Foreigners temporarily in Romania who raised their right of residence is obliged to leave the country within 48 hours from the date when it was brought to the notice, and if the right of residence has been limited, is obliged to leave the country at the time.
Foreigners residing in Romania which was raised right to remain in one's country is obliged to leave the territory within 60 days of the date when he was brought to the attention of it.

If you do not comply with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the foreigner may be deported by order of the Minister of the Interior. If save is not allowed access to the territory of the State between or to pass through order of the Minister of the Interior shall establish the obligation to reside in a given locality until leaving the country will be possible.
Foreigners who established the obligation of residence in a particular locality cannot move apart with the approval of its competent organs than the Ministry of the Interior.

Article 22 the foreigner is obliged to immediately submit the invitation is made by any organ of State. also, when requested by a Member State, he shall declare the status of foreigner.

Chapter 4-employment of foreigners work or dobindirea the quality of members of the public organisations Article 23 Foreigners cannot be employed in the organs of State power, in establishments of the Ministry of the armed forces, Ministry of Interior and other bodies of State administration; also, they may not be elected or employed in the organs of the Court or the Prosecutor.
Foreigners may be hired without can occupy leadership positions in institutions, enterprises or economic organizations, public, State-owned times except to those who through their work specifics presents the importance for the defence and security of the State. Ministries and other central organs of State and public institutions will be established, businesses and economic organizations in which foreigners cannot be employed.
Foreigners may acquire the status of members of public organizations if these organizations statute forbids not dobindirea of this quality.
For employment of foreigners according to the provisions of paragraph 2, and dobindirea the quality of the public members of an organization, you need the agreement of the Ministry of Interior.
The agreement referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not be required to engage in the work of foreign nationals who come to Romania to carry out an activity for a period determined, on the basis of contracts or of the international commitments entered into by Socialist organizations.

Article 24 engaging, transfer and termination of aliens shall notify within 5 days by the committed, the local Interior Ministry. The same obligation rests, appropriately, public organisations, as regards on foreigners become members of such organizations.

Article 25 Foreigners come in Romania for a temporary stay privately times are in transit through the territory of English may not be engaged in work nor can I run on my own any gainful activity.

Chapter 5 Exit from Romania article 26 aliens Aliens may come out of Romania on the basis of documents provided by law for State border.

Article 27 Foreigners blamed or accused in a criminal cause may leave the country than only after removal of prosecutions, the cessation of criminal prosecution, termination of criminal trial or acquittal, conviction, only after the execution of the death penalty.
If the conviction was pronounced with a conditional suspension of the execution of criminal sentences, foreigners may leave the country after the decision remained final.
The stranger who is not domiciled in Romania and is blamed or accused in a criminal cause may leave the country even without fulfilling the conditions laid down in paragraph 1, if the deposit has been made as provided for by law.
Illustrious foreigners that irregularity penalised by imprisonment with prison times minor contravention or fine may not leave the country if the finding was referred to the Court for the application of the penalty, than only after the final resolution of the case, and in case of application of the administrative sanctions only after prison, enforcement of the sanction.

Article 28 Save which has been found by a maintenance obligation, an obligation resulting from the provision of public service obligation compensation times the State Socialist organizations or for damage caused by the criminal law may allow exit from the country, if there are adequate guarantees that they will be met.
If the obligations referred to in the preceding paragraph, save that i can afford going out of the country and where are found, according to the law, that there was no actual possibilities to realise the claim in Romania.
Execution of civil damages due the State Socialist organizations or for damage caused by the criminal law, and criminal and administrative penalties owed by an alien not domiciled in Romania, when foreigners possessing property normative regulatory Commission seeks, by the urmaribile organ of the Executive Committee of the City Council of the municipality of popular or sector in Bucharest within which goods can be found in the case the organ of the Executive Committee of the County Council's popular, if goods are found on the territory of a joint.
If the foreigner does not have urmaribile goods, civil remedies or penalties set forth in obvious pass financial organ of the Executive Committee of the Council of the people's sector 1 of Bucharest. The same financial organ i emphasize the debit side and uncovered by building assets, by normative regulatory Commission seeks financial record-keeping of which lies in those flows.
The financial body shown in the previous paragraph will refer the matter to the Commission. 30 with respect to civil remedies.
In case of damages, other obligations than those laid down in paragraph 1. 1, save the allowed exit from Romania, their execution will be done according to civil law.

Article 29 in criminal cases where the defendant is blamed an alien not domiciled in Romania, if it brought a damage or a State Socialist organizations, prosecution or, where appropriate, the Court shall take the precautionary measures in order to repair the damage and will immediately communicate a copy of the indisponibilizare financial body described in article 11. 28 para. 3. Where goods not found to cover probable value normative regulatory Commission seeks to damage body which has taken the measures will put insurers in sight to save the required to submit a certificate regarding material situation or another act concerning income or his estate, issued by the tax body or other competent authority of the country of residence will, acts that send financial body noted in the preceding paragraph.
The Court in that decision remained final caution at the civilian compensation an alien who is not domiciled in Romania shall communicate the financial bodies referred to in article 1. 28, within 48 hours after delivery, copy on the decision.

Article 30 Note *) In case of damages due to civilian Socialist organizations or State by an alien not domiciled in Romania, for damage caused by criminal acts provided for by the law, finding that there was no actual possibilities of enforcement of such claims in Romania is made by a Commission made up of officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor-General's Office and the Interior Ministry. The Commission shall adopt, in respect of compensation, the claim forms for the execution of the debtor's domicile abroad. If the Commission considers, in relation to personal and material situation of the debtor, as well as to the nature or amount of the debt, that is not the case to determine the fulfilment of the claim forms for the execution abroad, has its obvious passage separate from bankrupt borrowers up to fulfillment of the prescription. This measure shall be communicated to the executive organ of the Council of the people's sector 1 of Bucharest.

Finding the situation referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be made in the course of the execution of criminal sentences or no later than 30 days after receipt by the financial body a copy of decision device where the penalty was applied fine or suspended execution of punishment or conditioning it will no longer run as a result of Amnesty pardon times.
Putting the drop in fines by the administrative body to which the flow inasmuch you can't fly through capitalization of assets urmaribile normative regulatory Commission seeks.
Criminal fines for which no revenue opportunities are given to dropping the expiry of execution of death penalty.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — * Note) In accordance with article 4. The Decree nr. 131/1972, published in b. Of. Nr. 40 of 23 April 1972, finding the situation provided for in art. 30 of the law on the front, where the penalty was enforced, will be made within 30 days of the publication of the Decree nr. 131/1972.

Article 31 in the cases provided for in article 4. 27, 28 and 30, the competent organs or persons concerned, as appropriate, shall immediately notify the Ministry of the Interior about the obligations devolving upon save, and about taking and cessation measures relating to it, communications and documents.

Chapter 6 Offences Article 32 violations of the provisions of this law, as indicated below, constitute offences and shall be imposed as follows: (a)) with fine of 80 to 200 lei, offences from article. 5, 6(3). 3, art. 9, 17, 22 and 41;

b) with fine at 160 to 300 lei, offences from article. 10, 12(3). 1, art. and article 14. 391. 1 and 2;

c) fine from 200 to 500 lei, offences from article. 391. 3, art. 19, 24 and 42;

d) fine from 300 to 1000 lei, offences from article. 18 paragraph 1. 2, art. 21. 4, art. 23 para. 1, 2 and 4 and art. 25;

e) contravention of prison from 10 to 20 days or by a fine of from 400 to 1,200 lei, that offence from article. 21. 1. Article 33 the discovery of violations is done through the report concluded by militia officers and subofiterii which, in the case of offences referred to in article 1. 32 lit. a-d, apply sanction.
Application of the sanction, its execution and the exercise of rights of appeal if the contravention referred to in art. 32 lit. (e) shall be made according to the provisions of Decree No. 153-70 *) for establishing and sanctioning of certain offences relating to the rules of coexistence, social order and public tranquillity.
— — — — — — — — — — — * Note) Decree No. 153-70 is reproduced in C.L.D. nr. 1/1970.

Article 34 Note *) Against the minutes in respect of offences listed in article 1. 32 lit. a-d may make complaint within 15 days following the communication, if necessary, to the head of the Militia, the head of the Bucharest County militia or their deputies, the head of the municipality or city militia.

The complaint is motivated by concluding solves, not later than 30 days from the date of registration of them.
The conclusion that has settled the complaint is final and enforceable.

Article 35 whenever the facts considered offences under this law shall be săvîrşesc in such circumstances that, according to the criminal law, constitute crimes, they will be pursued, prosecuted and penalized according to the criminal law.

Chapter 7 final and transitory provisions Article 36 Note *) within the meaning of this law, the Ministry of internal affairs organs are: the Directorate for aliens ' passports, obvious and controlling the crossing, Bucharest Militia, the militia of the County, city, town or village.

— — — — — — — — — — * Note) at art. 34 and 36 were taken into account organisational measures have been taken as a result of the Decree nr. 130/1972 on the establishment, organization and functioning of the Ministry of Interior.

Article 37 record of aliens you by the Interior Ministry.
The Interior Ministry will provide necessary records printing sheets, which we will make available to natural and legal persons who grant hosting foreigners.
From the provisions of paragraph 1 shall be exempt the following categories of aliens, which is obvious by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: a) the members of diplomatic missions, permanent representations, consular offices and consular representations, as well as members of their families;

b) on a reciprocal basis, invitations to members of diplomatic missions, permanent representations, consular offices and consular representations-trade;

c) aliens come in official missions organizations and international governmental bodies or at their stations, and members of their families;

d) publications news agencies correspondents and foreign radio broadcasters, as well as their family members, on a reciprocal basis.

Article 38 By decision of the Council of Ministers shall lay down specific rules on record-keeping and the movement of aliens referred to in art. 37 para. 3. Article 39 Foreigners who are granted asylum may be exempted by the Minister of the Interior, of some of their obligations under the provisions of this law.

Article 40 the provisions of this law shall apply to foreign nationals of States with which Romania has concluded international agreements, insofar as they do not otherwise specified.

Article 41 Foreigners coming into the Socialist Republic of Romania and the use of own means of accommodation cannot establish with these special lands than on or that can be rented for this purpose.

Article 42 Socialist Organizations who employed foreigners are obliged, within 60 days after the date of entry into force of this law, to submit their proposals to the Ministry of internal affairs bodies, with a view to obtaining the agreement referred to in article 1. 23 para. 4. When the Ministry of the Interior organs are not agree with keeping the masked stranger in work, or foreigners, under the provisions of art. 23, cannot remain in Office, the man who hired you will transfer to another job, according to the labour code, in compliance with the provisions of art. 23 of this law.

Article 43 the Decree nr. 260/1957 regulating entry, stay and exit of aliens from the Socialist Republic of Romania, published in Buletinul Oficial, nr. 15 of June 15, 1957, as amended, and any other provisions contrary to this law are hereby repealed.

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