Law No. 984 Of 11 April 1927 To Organize Health House

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 984 din 11 aprilie 1927 pentru organizarea Casei Sănătăţii

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Law No. 984 of 11 April 1927 to organize Health House published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 81 of 12 April 1927, FERDINAND I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future Legislative Assemblies, health: voted and adopted, and we sanctionam what follows: title I scope and atribuţiunile the House of health in article 1 is hereby set up under the Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor and pending this Ministry a special institutiune called "House of health", established by law and moral person.

Article 2 Health House is an auxiliary organ of systematic health action with the following debt collection: a) to study the very top of public health and social ocrotirilor to highlight factors that prevent normal development or eases and valuing of the human capital of our country;

b) to centralize and administer all funds for constructiuni, reparaţiuni, inzestrari and management of healthcare and sanitary establishments across the country, according to the Ministry, as well as to administer the goods passed the Ministry under his leadership; to procure funds for the control and centralize social boalelor; plain, combat social: alcoholism, tuberculosis, syphilis, malaria, pellagra, through organization of health teams volante and by any other means;

c) to administer the funds resulting from related and donatiuni, as well as to keep documents of title, together with plans, sketches, inventories and any other securities of the Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor and directiunilor pending who legal personality and morals;

d) to elaborate and execute in conjunction with direcţiunile of the Ministry systematically plan for the Organization of health care and protection, as well as to study and to introduce the most rational methods and practical construction, endowment and maintenance of all sanitary and healthcare settings, even those that are carried out without the support of the House's health;

It's a pledge of help institutiunilor) of medical care, health and social work, such as reclamation and housing settlements, sanitation, drinking water supply and any other municipal hygiene and to stimulate private initiative and local, causing it to take on its part of the healthcare and sanitary duties;

f) to collaborate effectively with all other Ministries, in order to coordinate the activity of organization of health institutiunilor;

g) focus, process and publish all the data from the demographic and health statistics and to make the education of the masses through the toilet organization of museums, and by any other means of propaganda. In order that it will organize a central library, inzestrand with documentary material required.

Title II Organisation article 3 Health House House Health Activity will take place within the following frameworks: the National medical technique) the following sections: 1. medical assistance Section;
2. public sanitation Section;
3. Section social hygiene;
4. Social Welfare Section;
B) Personnel Statistics, propaganda, publicatiunilor, Museum and library;
C) Personnel constructiunilor and inzestrarilor;
D) accounting and Administration Service (revenue, expenses and authorized payments, cashier, secretarial, registry and archive, etc.).

Article 4 the House of health is under the direction of a Manager, who is her legal representative. The administrator will be appointed medical inspectors of doctors in general medicine or specialised in hygiene and public health, being helped by a subadministrator, doctor in medicine. Administrator and subadministratorul are called by Royal Decree and are definitivi and irremovable, and may only be suspended or cancel than the rigid conditions. 13 of the law of health.

Article 5 the administrator directs the work and services of the House, directing her interests and assets in accordance with their respective laws and regulations. He can take any legal action in order to ensure the necessary funds for the House Health, having the right to make the necessary expenditure within the limits of alocatiunilor entered in the annual budgets of the House.
The administrator is responsible for the financial management of the funds, as well as the management and property interests. He is entitled to ascertain personally or through a delegate, on the spot, or aprovizionarilor works with materials that are made on behalf of or with the help of the House Health, informing about it both on the Minister and the Council House. In the absence of the administrator shall be replaced by the law in all its atribuţiunile subadministrator.

Article 6 Recruitment and administrative technical personnel of medical health and transferarile and employment vacancies are done after a proposal by the administrator, and in accordance with the Statute of public officials.

Article 7 the Council needs as the House will be able to deliver its opinion on the creation of new services, whose establishment will offer the Ministry.

Article 8 the administrator is assisted by a Council consisting of members and members appointed.
Members of law enforcement bodies are: 1. The Director-general.
2. the Director of social assistance.
3. technical inspector general for hospitals.
4. The inspector general technical laboratories.
5. teachers of students from the faculties of medicine in the country.
6. A representative of the Institute of hygiene and public health.
7. The medical director of the Ministry of labour and social insurance.
The members appointed are: 1. An internist.
2. A surgeon.
3. A epidemilog.
4. A physician by County.
5. A medical officer of the city.
6. A representative of the Union of cities in Romania, proposed by the Union.
7. An architect.
8. A genius.
9. A representative of the technical Council.
Board members are appointed by Royal Decree. Their term of office lasts six years; After expiry of the term can be called again.
Appointed members of the Board shall renew every 2 years in groups of three. The first renewal will be made by drawing lots after the expiry of a period of six years.
If necessary, the Council may call for consultation meeting special people and competinte.
The Council will be chaired by the administrator, which takes part with a deliberative vote. In the event that the Minister or the Secretary general of the Presidency, their right. The Board will convene by the Minister, or the administrator of the House, once a year in regular session, and in extraordinary session whenever need be.

Article 9 Health Council House will give its opinion on the matters covered by article 16. 2 of the present law, which i will submit to the deliberation. Opinion of the Council are subject to the approval of the Minister.

Article 10 establishes a permanent administrative comisiune composed of: administrator, health director-general and a member of the delegate Council by secret ballot. This comisiuni task will be to decide all matters and emergencies brought before it by the administrator.
Deciziunile this comisiuni will become enforceable only after the approval of the Minister; This comisiune will be supplemented by case by case, with a maximum of two persons designated by the special nature of the problems which form the main subject matter of the agenda and who will take part with a deliberative vote.

Article 11 in order to facilitate the work of the House of counties and townships, will constitute the health committees composed of individuals well reputed and presenting guarantees as will work for issues that concern the Health House. In the communes of rural doctors will contest constituencies for the setting up of such committees.

Article 12 of the Contribuţiunile marked private, brought to the advancement of public health, will bring to the attention of the general public through advertising.
Atribuţiunile technical services of Medical Personnel. Article 13 Medical Personnel will make technical studies and engineering investigations. It will add a whole documentary material on the situaţiunii institutiunilor of medical care, health and social of the country, both those depending on Ministry, and under the leadership of other departments or authorities or corporations and individuals; will develop the programme for the establishment of new institutiunilor in conjunction with direcţiunile and institutiunilor will centralize all health plans and social protection. All this direction will be called upon to organize the Health Ministry needed experiments.
B. Personnel Statistics, propaganda and publicatiunilor, the Museum and the library Article 14 This direction, headed by a doctor of medicine, working in collaboration with all the direcţiunile Ministry and has the following debt collection: 1. Collect and coordinate all statistical data related to public hygiene, medical care, social ocrotirile and population movement. Direcţiunile will put at the disposal of all Health statistics House collected them; draws up statistics and mortality causes morbiditatii, and sanitation works and any other works; collect statistical data of all settlements in the sanitary assistance, or do statistical surveys, collect data and maintain international statistical relaţiunile and publicaţiuni Exchange with offices in the country and abroad.
2. With the assistance of other directiuni alcatuitoare the Ministry is studying various health problems or assistance. Organize and execute the same way health issues in the field of propaganda and of the assistance, in particular against social boalelor.

3. Prepare and print directories, statistics, publicaţiunile, Official Gazette (annals) Ministry.
4. Organizes and directs the Museum of hygiene and assistance (social, national) of the Ministry.
5. Keep and drive the Ministry, as well as library libraries besides the sanitary facilities or support. This direction will have the following biurouri: publicatiunilor Bureau of propaganda), and studies;

b) Office library and Museum of the Ministry;

c) statistics, Office in conjunction with the Institute and with central statistical demographic statistics. This service in its competintii edges will work closely with similar services from other departments, in particular with demographic statistics, coordinating activity and data. This direction will work in accordance with the law, the Statistical Institute.

Article 15 All printing houses are obliged to send the House a Health Library copy of any publicaţiune (books, magazines, posters, drawings, etc.) that deal with topics of health character or social assistance.
C. the national constructiunilor and National constructiunilor inzestrarilor article 16, led by an architect-in-Chief, will take the following debt collection: will study and draw up projects, will supervise and execute the all new works and maintenance of all buildings and instalatiunilor belonging to services or directiunilor pending Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor.
The national constructiunilor will contain the following: (a) biurouri) and secretarial office;

b) Bureau of studies and new constructiuni;

c) maintenance and Office inzestrari;

d) Office of instalatiuni and sanitary appliances;

e) consulting engineer balneo-climatic factors;

f) outdoor Staff.

Constructiunilor directory has the following debt collection: subject to the approval of the superior bodies of the works schedule and give directives under orders of his services, approve from technically all work or Ministry of institutiunilor pending Ministry, who are obliged to execute the works through the national constructiunilor.
D. accounting and administration service, article 17 of the administrative and financial Service will deal with the administration of enterprises and commodities, tracking and collection of revenue, record-keeping and situaţiunea donaţiunilor and fundatiunilor legatelor, who have no particular Special Administration, authorisation and accounting for expenditure verification of documentary evidence, the conclusion of the situaţiunilor and management accounts, and any other administrative and financial.
The purpose of this Office will be created: a) income;

(b)) and the authorized payments;

c) cassierie;

d) secretariat and informaţiuni;

e) archive and registry office.

Other biurouri will be set up as the House needs require.

Article 18 Cassieria House will be a Health service itself, under the direction of an account executive who will collect all revenue and make all payments on behalf of the House, based on delegatiunii data administrator.

Title III Funds Health House article 19 of the annual budget shall be drawn up by the Health administrator with the opinion of the Council and shall be subject to approval by the Assembly of Deputies with the Ministry's budget.
Amendment of the articles of the budget about viriment can only be made in the law generally referred to in public accounting.

Article 20 special House Health Management is and is not incorporated in the Ministry's own management or other Houses and special funds.
Management accounts of Health shall forward to the Court of Auditors for examination.

Article 21 if the budgetary resources of the Home Health are insufficient for execution pending Ministry, counties or municipalities, Home Health, with the authorization of the Council of Ministers, will be able to commit to paying in monthly installments or will be able to borrow. In these cases, the interests rates or annuity received will be shown in the budget of the House Health, particularly over the other expenses.

Article 22 the health House will be equipped with a Fund by the State from which you will be able to lend the counties and municipalities for medical assistance, health assistance and social assistance, which will be done after understanding taken with Home health.
Home Health as a continuation of the rural Public Health House established by law in 1910, all properties, as well as income and pretentiunile the House and any proprietary rights and fortunes that were tested or donated during times of public health, will be taken over and traced the House of health, which will ensure the proper storage and use of these properties.

Article 23 Municipalities and counties will not execute the work health and social care imposed on them by the administrative and sanitary laws, are obliged to include in the budget the sums required for this work, after receiving the opinion and guidance given by the House over Health plans, executing dispoziţiunilor and annual quotas to be to be entered in the budget. Following the date of the House Health, entry sums needed will be made ex officio by the Ministry of the Interior. Also enroll in the budget is binding and for the amounts disbursed to Home Health in carrying out urgent works and not common or counties, according to this article, take into account is the Treasure-House.

Article 24 the House of health will fund the income from the following sources: 1. the sums donated by counties, municipalities, ephors, instituţiuni private or public or private persons, for the purposes of constructiuni, reparaţiuni, inzestrari, furnishings and maintenance of instituţiuni and social care.
2. Cotizatiunile and contribuţiunile for construiri housing for doctors and other health staff constituencies and help.
3. subscription fees for publicaţiunile House, and all proceeds from ad fees and advertisements of publicatiunilor of this House.
4. Income from voluntary contribuţiunile propaganda shows, as well as from the sale of propaganda. All this House will collect and entrance fees to museums of hygiene and public health, organized by the House of health.
5. Medical Fees for visiting foreign medical workers entering the country, as well as floating vessels that reach for the first time a Romanian port.
6. State Income effects, donated for the purpose of implementing the health care, or social.
7. The revenue effects of the State property Ministry.
8. Share of 70% of the fees for the approval of the sale of medicinal products and indigenous peoples.
9. All fines that will collect on the basis of laws and regulations and social protection, either administrative or judicial law will constitute the proceeds of the House health and will collect under and the manner prescribed by the law of 25 March 1923 regarding turnover increase fines and how their collection.
10. State Lottery revenues, when it institutiune it will upgrade the service. When the State Lottery officials above mentioned, you will not be able to operate any lotteries with periodic or continuous in nature, in no form and under any name.
11. By way of derogation from the law on accounting, will be shed at the House of health in annual savings of ambulatoarelor laboratories, hospitals, and other health or instituţiuni character of social assistance which are maintained by the State, apart from maintenance fees of patients.
12. property and Income of amounts capitalized, coming from donatiuni and linked to the Ministry or the House made for sanitary or indeterminate, as well as income amounts capitalized general fund.
13. Income of undertakings authorized by law for the benefit of the home health (health spas, exhibitions, etc.).
14. what Fees will be charged from the date of promulgation of this act as follows: 5,000-10,000 lei for every autorizaţiune for the operation of any nursing home, health or other private facility for the purpose of caring for the sick or internal in ambulatory mode, excluding those made with charitable purpose; 5,000 lei for each authorization for the opening of pharmacies, drugstores, warehouses of medicines, perfumery, drug Labs, cosmeticuri; 1,000 for any moving or transferring of drugstore or pharmacy; 8,000 lei each authorization for the sale of a pharmaceutical product alien; 2,000 lei for authorisation of pharmaceutical products indigenous; 2,000 lei for each authorization for the operation of any private laboratory for medical analyses; 1,000-10,000 lei for autorizatiuni of operation of commercial and industrial facilities subject to sanitary control.
15. Any other unforeseen and accidental.

Article 25 Resources For argumentation. 21 of this law, which will be used for loans to municipalities and counties in order to update the necessary plumbing, Home Health will have a right of preference over any other Houses and authorities to obtain the sums deposited at the State deposits.

Article 26 the House Money Funds Health will keep up to their use to House deposits and consemnaţiuni.

Article 27

Any amounts received from financial administrations in revenue accounts referred to above shall be made on a monthly basis on behalf of the House, which will forward it to the appropriate receipt accompanied by separate lists for each income.

Article 28 Home Health will execute any work only or in conjunction with eforiile, counties, municipalities, or any other instituţiuni. If the counties, townships or eforiile are lacking sufficient funds, the House will be able to help with Health subventiuni, which however will not be able to race the 50% share of the cost of the work, and for the rest we can be given with the approval of the Council of Ministers loans payable in annuity with a nominal interest rate fixed annually by the Council.

Article 29 Counties and townships that will ask for loans from Health House will be selected on the basis of the annex to the application a copy of their budget and a statement of revenue and expenditure over the past three years, data will constitute proof of payment to putintei annuities, which in case of approval of the loan are obligated to enroll them in the budget, in particular on the other charges.

Article 30 the House of health funds Accounting will be done in accordance with the law dispoziţiunile public accounting.

Title IV Donatiuni and related Article 31 Health House is entitled to receive and possess related goods and real estate. Any linked or donatiune made on behalf of the House of Health accepted this House e and is mainly used in the branch of public health that had it in view of the testator.

Article 32 All existing fundatiunile health fund or social assistance, through their acts of establishment are not placed under special administration, will go under the administration of the House, which will be directed to this end, the existence of these fundatiuni to get knowledge for their acts of fundatiune. These fundatiuni are obliged as within six months of setting up House, to submit to the laws of formation and their rules of procedure. Regulations such as fundatiuni and their budgets will be approved by the Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor on the basis of the opinion given by Home health.

Article 33 Fundatiunile, eforiile, epitropiile for medical care and any other similar establishments will be able to pass under the House Health Administration voluntarily and if their acts of fundatiune have no objection.

Article 34 when opening any will or an act of creation, to establish a fundatiune or it provides any linked to public health, the Presidents of the courts and notaries public are obliged to incunostinta about this, ex officio, the Ministry of health and Social Ocrotirilor.

Article 35 the House that Health is the moral and legal right to have the justice that the applicant can pad times bring any action or claim and even action.

Title V transitional and final provisions Article Dispoziţiuni 36 institutiunilor manage the Health of the House will be made through the Ministry of economat.

Article 37 Paintings of materials required for settlements and endowing the new institutiunilor shall be drawn up by the economat, under the direct supervision of the House Health, eventually settling in agreement with the interested services generally.

Article 38 with the approval of arrays and condiţiunilor sourcing for materials, provided for in the preceding article, the Ministry, following the opinion of the administrative Commission of the Permanent Health, shall decide, in accordance with the law on public accounting dispoziţiunile on the condiţiunilor in which the materials are to handles multi-site run.

Article 39 Licitatiunile public for the supply of materials will you in accordance with the law dispoziţiunile public accounting a Commission composed of: 1. The House public health Administrator or delegate;
2. A member appointed by the Board from the breast or the House;
3. Head of the Department of economat.

Article 40 the result of licitatiunilor in accordance with the public kept above are subject to the opinion of the administrative Commission of the permanent House and approvals required by the law of public accounting.

Article 41 contracts for the supply with the material and signed on behalf of her House Health administrator or replacement or legally and countersigned by the head of the economat service. Service remains responsible for the economat proper execution of supply material, being obliged to inform monthly health House situation aprovizionarilor. Receptiunea final material will make a comisiune composed in the same way as comisiunea of keeping licitatiunilor.

Article 42 Service statistics, propaganda, museum studies and library and the Technical Department of the Ministry of passing this law promulgation on the House health and will function in accordance with its articles from front. The technical service shall be called in the future constructiunilor and service inzestrarilor.

Article 43 personnel Departments and municipalities, as well as councils and special comisiunile, avizuri or dispoziţiuni, that concern the health House will consult this House, to ensure closer collaboration between House cat health and these directiuni and services. To ensure closer collaboration between House cat health and direcţiunile the Ministry of Health, the House will have a representative in all councils and committees which deal with matters in relation to any branch of her activity.

Article 44 in determining the fees to be collected by the Health Ministry in favor of the House, and the revenue of such charges as direcţiunile concerned are obliged to request and the opinion of the House.

Article 45 Joint Chiefs (technical service, the service statistics) which pass through the present law to the House of health retains the rights conferred by the Statute of public officials, to take part in advance of appointments and comisiunea and the discipline Commission.

Article 46 to ensure a more effective control of agricultural land exploataţiunilor House, Health Inspector of agriculture will take measures for the organisation of any type of exploatatiune and will oversee the execution of the instructions contained in a special regulation.

Article 47 the operation of the home and its services, and how it will organize lottery as well as any other rules to be determined by a special regulation.

Article 48 of the Home Health Administrator will publish an annual report on the work of the House, which he will submit to the Council House and the Ministry.

Article 49 of the law on the face of the change some articles of the law of 23 March 1926 as follows: in article 24. 3 it will repeal paragraphs (d) and (f) through the passage of the House Health services; also it will repeal paragraph (e) of article 3. 10. Articles 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 of the law of 23 March 1926 is repealed.
Paragraph intaiu article. 62 changes as follows: all household services and forms the contentious Ministry of common services, which include: 1. The service of accounting with financial control Inspectorate;
2. The service staff and the Secretariat with intendenta;
3. Service (Economat);
4. Legal Department.
The amended article 65 becomes art. 16 of the law, and art. 68 becomes article 11. 14 of the present law; Articles 69 and 70 of the Act of 23 March 1926 and will not refer to Home health.

Article 50 any articles of law and regulations contrary to this law are hereby repealed and remain.
This law was voted by the Senate sitting on 28 March 1927 and was adopted with unanimity of one hundred twenty-seven votes.
Vice President, Dr. Obregia.
Secretary, Noica this law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 1 April 1927, and has been adopted by a majority of one hundred sixteen votes, against one.
Vice President, Dr. Bardescu.
Secretary Thomas Promulgăm this law and Radulescu, categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
FERDINAND Given in Bucharest, on April 11, 1927.
Minister of health and social ocrotirilor, i. Lama.
The Minister of Justice, Anne.

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