Law No. 3,500 Of 23 July 1921 Concerning Liquidation Of Damages Of War And Internal Public Debt Amortization

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 3.500 din 23 iulie 1921 privind lichidarea despăgubirilor de război şi amortizarea datoriei publice interne

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Law No. 3,500 of 23 July 1921 concerning liquidation of damages and ISSUING public debt amortization internal PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 91 of 28 July 1921, FERDINAND I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all of the face and future health care: legislators voted and adopted and we sanctionam what follows: Regulations for liquidation damages of rabari and internal public debt amortization Article 1 the product exceptionally progressive tax on the wealth and enrich of rabari, it affects the payment of damages before all of the public debt and depreciation rabari internal in rigid conditions laid down in the articles below.

Article 2 for the damages produced by rabari, the Ministry of finance will issue vouchers for compensation number 100, 1,000 and 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 lei each.

Article 3-law Decrees No. 1919 1,852 3.795/918, 1.656/919 and 1,794 since 1920, ratify and findings of damage made by virtue of the rabari these decrees, laws and those already made close to the new provinces, based on rules set out there and that will be recognised by the Ministry of finance, are admitted as evidence of the damage to be tested but no constituiesc claims only to the extent that the State give their vouchers in Exchange for compensation.
The daunatilor of the old Kingdom of rabari, State aid comes with 3 billion lei.
The Finance Ministry will issue the voucher daunatilor rabari of claims for the full value of final judgments, if damage observed that cost price does not compete the amount of 3,000 lei including damage relating to effects and furniture, as the right up to the limit for half of their value, the-d coefficients by not calling into the calculation.
Daunatii rabari of that judgment for damages greater than 3,000 MDL will receive vouchers for the proportion of compensation that they will return from the total amount of 3 billion dollars, of which it was previously deducted the damages paid to those who sought damages of less than 3,000 lei. In no event shall daunatii with larger amounts of 3,000 lei will not receive a smaller amount of 3,000 lei.
Appropriations with opportunity finding damage, as quotients of restoration, will not enter into the calculation, and the distribution of the amount of 3 billion lei, damages relating to the effects of the body and the furniture will count half as opposed to damages related to buildings, at farms, industrial, commercial, who will come to the repartitiunea amount to 3 billion for the entire value of the certification decision damage.
In the new provinces, the State comes close to the amount of daunatilor a rabari billion lei, which will split your rules above. In no event shall share will not be greater than that corresponding to the damage of the old Kingdom, but if it is lower it will come up with a law. A special comisiune called by the Ministry of finance, through the high Royal Decree, will make the repartitiunea amount to 4 billion dollars, on the basis of the rules set out above and the instructions of the Ministry of finance.

Article 4 those who have received the compensation account cash advances in materials or cattle, will not be able to receive compensation vouchers only for the difference between the advances received and claim what they would recognize. Whether the advantages granted by the State of a damaging of rabari are larger than the amount that would be appropriate on the basis of art. 3, daunatul e owe the State to return the difference in money, according to dispoziţiunilor what will be on your way.

Article 5 compensation Vouchers will bear an interest rate of 1 percent annually and are transferable between living. The State is obliged to redeem receipts of claims issued within 10 years, scoring in the budget or the sums required for depreciation and interest. Receipts for compensation will be received only at public houses as the payment of sums due by virtue of the law on income tax progressively and exceptionally over the isotope enrichment of wealth and rabari. Receipts for compensation once entered into the public Treasury as payment of the above mentioned tax, will no longer be able to put in circulaţiune, Ministry of finance being forced to destroy them.

Article 6 Everyone has received State compensation vouchers from the rock, and the State has paid a sum of money as the estate tax over the isotope enrichment of rabari, or will ask for compensation and credit flow or limit your receipt of claims that has to receive it. The compensation will be operated immediately and in full, irrespective of the fact whether the estate tax over the isotope enrichment of rabari and could be paid by taxpayers in a certain number of years.
In the event of a dispute over the ownership of property damage, the assistance is indiviză in terms of the Finance Ministry, and the issue of compensation will be sent to the Court concerned, to decide on the distribution of those entitled.

Article 7 Those who in bad faith will not declare any advances they received either in cash, or in the field, as well as those who taking more decisions, they will not declare will be liable to the penalties prescribed in the penal code for cheating.

Article 8 damage to Stat, counties and municipalities, are valid and assessed by trained authorities acts that have been entrusted with this work; These acts constituting definitive securities within the meaning of dispoziţiunilor treaties alone, however, does not fall within these liquidation damages in the provisions of this law.

Article 9 the Finance Ministry is obliged to withdraw Treasury bills/bonds issued and data coverage for National Bank law to guarantee its currency and for that purpose with effect on April 1, 1921, from the presence of the Ministry of finance will form part of the budget or an amount of at least 300 million lei annually, solely intended to reduce fiduciary circulatiunei.
The amounts entered in the budget for this purpose, will be taken in particular of the progressive income tax and exceptional wealth of over the isotope enrichment and rabari.

Article 10 the Ministry of finance will completing the liquidation special service accounts of rabari in connection with public debt and the law of special home front, created by art. 22 of the law on the tax on wealth and enrich of rabari.

Article 11 of the law, the Ministry of finance is authorised to compose unto instructions insofar as they complement the above provisions have the force of law.
This law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 19 July 1921 Dale and was adopted by a majority of one hundred fifteen votes against two.
p. President, Dr. a. Imbroane (L. S. D.)
Secretary, Dr. Lacroix Iacob this law was voted by the Senate at its meeting on 20 July 1921 Dale, and was adopted unanimously by the sasezeci and eight votes.
President, General c. Cannon (L. S. S.)
Secretary, John Papp Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the seal of State and published in the Official Gazette.
Given in Bucharest on 23 July 1921.
Ferdinand (l. s. St.) Finance Minister n. Titulescu, Minister of Justice, m. Antonescu — — — — — — — —-

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