Law No. On 23 July 1921 3,472 For Organizing New Dobroudja

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 3.472 din 23 iulie 1921 pentru organizarea Dobrogei Noua

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Law No. on 23 July 1921 3,472 for organizing the new ISSUER Dobruja PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 89 of 26 July 1921, FERDINAND I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all of the face and future health care: legislators voted and adopted, and we sanctionam: Chapter 1 About territory article 1 the territory of Danube, annexed by the Treaty of Bucharest, which from of 28 July 1913 and the law of 11 December 1913, in extent and limits there laid down , known as Dobrudja, is part of the Romanian Kingdom, forming with it a single and indivisible State.

Article 2 Dobrudja New splits into two counties: Durostor and Caliacra.
Durostor County takes urban municipalities: Silistra and Tutrakan, Silistra being the capital of the County.
Caliacra County takes urban municipalities: Dobrich, Balchik and Kavarna, Dobrich being his capital.
The number and name of plasilor and the number of rural communes with the villages and catunele what they are composing their name are those laid down in the annex to this law, which from the end.

Durostor County article 3 Mark is the effigy of Mircea cel Batran, Caliacra County, and a lighthouse.

Constitutiunea of article 4, the laws, regulations and any dispoziţiuni, which are in force in the Kingdom of Romania, shall apply and shall be affixed in the Dobruja, with the presence of the excepţiunile law.

Article 5 all run counter to laws and regulations of the law face am and remain repealed.

Chapter 2, about the rights of the inhabitants of Dobruja New Article 6 Are Romanian citizens: a) all former Bulgarian citizens who on 28 June 1913 were domiciled in New and hence have become Romanian citizens, in accordance with the law on the Organization of April 1 Noui Dobruja, 1914;

b) all Romanians ingredients;

c) all those who reside in New, who will become Romanian citizens on the basis of dispoziţiunilor of the front.

Article 7 quality of Romanian citizenship is lost and they regain the ready laid down in art. 17 and following of the civil code.

Article 8 may not become Romanian citizens: a) the inhabitants of Dobruja who have made New declaraţiune of non-Romanian citizenship, as provided by art. 4 of the law on the Organization of Dobrogea Noui, as of April 1, 1914;

b) inhabitants of Dobruja New who emigrated after July 28, 1913;

c) all those who fall under the provisions of art. 17 and 20 of the civil code and art. 30 of the Constitution.

Article 9 Femeea married condiţiunea husband follows legal and minor children on parents.
Minor children whose parents have is the quality of the Romanian citizen may preclude a redobandeasca statement in the year after the majority of the Tribunal, his domicile prior to their President.

Article 10 Recognition of Romanian citizen will be made for each County by a comisiune established by the Ministry of Justice and the President of the Tribunal made up of County prefect respectively or a delegate of the Ministry of the Interior and a notable among County residents forced most difficult.

Article 11 the Tribunal President Law Commission e Chairman and has borne the supervision of works, which will be met by a Secretary and one or more after hiring need.
Comisiunea will work at the Court every day, except Sundays and public holidays, and even then if the President of the Commission will decide that.
The absence of one of the members, other than the President, will not hinder the work of the Commission.

Article 12 Comisiunea will start to work immediately after the adoption of the regulation of the law, and the presence of the officials of the Commission will be that laid down in that regulation.

Article 13 Those who being domiciled in New have not yet been recognized as Romanian citizens as well as those who will not be able to make this proof, will you get this recognition, they will have to apply in writing to the President of the Commission within 30 days from the way of implementation of this law.
The learned of the book will be able to present to the President of the Commission, which will be obliged to receive and record their testimony.

Article 14 Decisions comisiunilor will give the right of appeal to the Court of appeal in Constanta, within 30 days from the rock are brought to the knowledge of those concerned, or to the Tribunal prosecutor Dale pronouncement and the Attorney general.

Article 15 the putting of judgments will take part and put the Tribunal prosecutor concluziuni wherever you will be informed that it is trying by all those interested to obtain the status of citizen of the fraud.
In such cases, as in the case of fraud discovered after putting judgments of the Tribunal, the Prosecutor and the Attorney general of the Court of appeal will have the right to appeal decisions within a year their pronouncement from the rock.

Article 16 Romanian citizens in Dobrogea New will enjoy all civil and political rights provided for by the laws of the country, with excepţiunile included in law of the face.

Article 17 inhabitants of Dobruja became the New Romanian citizens who will be able to acquire real estate in countryside.

Article 18 the press is free.
Press offences shall be tried by ordinary courts, but composed of three judges. The decisions will be given the right of appeal to the Court of appeal in Constanta.

Article 19 Public Meetings will be allowed with the duty to notify the organizers of their plăşii or administrator on the notary in rural or on the police prefect or urban ones.

Article 20 Contravenirea to this dispoziţiune will draw immediate dissolution of the organizers of the meeting, and they will be punished with 15 days in jail, which from 3 months.
If the meeting will have been secret, organizers they will be punished by imprisonment from 3 months to one end from the year.

Article 21 the right asociaţiune will exercise under the supervision of the judiciary.
A declaraţiune, asociaţiunii, showing the purpose of the Organization, the names of the members and the means for achieving this goal, it will make the President of the Tribunal. If you would not do that declaraţiune or if the goal that aims or means what would use would be contrary to public order and safety, the Association will immediately be dissolved through a Government Ordinance of the President of the Tribunal in question, with the right to appeal to the Court of appeal in Constanta, within 10 days of her consciousness dela bringing those concerned.

Article 22 those who contravene any of the duties mentioned in article 3. precedent, will be punished with 15 days in jail, which from 3 months.

Article 23 companies will be subject to dispoziţiunilor of the code de commerce.

Chapter 3 About education and worship with respect to Article 24 on education and the cult of Dobrogea, along with New laws and regulations in the rest of the country, will be applied and dispoziţiunile art. 10 till 20 inclusive of the Act for the Organization, which was the Dobroudja 1 April 1914.

Chapter 4 About directors with respect to Article 25 and County Administration institutiunilor and communal in Dobrogea, will apply to all dispoziţiunile laws and regulations in the rest of the country, with excepţiunile of the face.

of Article 26) administrative staff is representative of the entire Government Prefect and the execution of all departments.
In addition to the rights and duties that are vested by the laws and regulations in force in the rest of the country, the President will have control over all public services from walking the county or, as well as control over all public servants of the State, counties and municipalities, other than justice and the army, with the obligation to report immediately to the Ministry and the Interior Ministry.

Article 27 the Director of the Prefecture will help the prefect in carrying out its atributiunilor and, in addition to the rights and duties which are conferred the laws and regulations of the rest of the country, will be the head of all existing services of the prefecture.

Article 28 the place, besides the rights and duties that are vested by the laws and regulations in the rest of the country, will have control over all services from public walking place to, and the right of control over all the officials of the State, the County and the municipalities of gabions to inclusive urban communes, you neresedinte of the County, other than justice and the army with the duty to report without delay to the Commissioner.

Article 29 Every place will have his Chancellery, which will operate a Secretary-Administrator's help place, and a transcriber-Archivist.
Secretary-help will be plăşii Chancellery head, will send the current works and will fulfill any other special delegatiuni service that will give the plăşii administrator with the approval of the Commissioner.

Article 30 the notary will be named by decision prefectorala and, in addition to the rights and duties that are vested by the laws and regulations in the rest of the country, will have control over all public services and officials from the municipalities, except for Justice and the army.
As a representative of the central power, the notary will be auxiliary verb administrator place a judicial police officer and auxiliary Prosecutor.

Article 31 rural Gendarmerie in the County will be at the disposal of the administrative court in the interests of public order, safety and interests of the execution of the laws, regulations and dispoziţiunilor of those organs.

Article 32

The company commander of the Gendarmerie will be the prefect dispoziţiunea, Prosecutor and investigating judge and judge of the detour in the interests stated above, and his subordinates at the dispoziţiunea place administrator and judge of the detour.

Article 33 the gendarmes, like organs, will give all their competition authorities for the benefit of the application of laws and regulations and will be charged by the judicial authorities and for carrying out acts of criminal procedure.

Article 34 the sale and wearing of weapons, as well as the use of explosive materials will not be able to do without the authorisation of the prefect, with the assent of the Prosecutor of the Tribunal in question.
Violators, besides confiscation of weapons and explosive materials and closing their businesses for sale, will be punished with 15 days in jail, which from 6 months, or with fine, which from 100 to 3,000 lei.

b) Institutiunile County and municipal election Article 35 until the county councils, and all their atribuţiunile conferred on the laws and regulations of the country will be met in each district by a County called comisiune interimara by Royal Decree after the proposal of the Minister of the Interior and composed of 15 members recommended by the respective prefect of the County lay notables inhabitants.

Article 36 President and vice presidents of the Commission shall be appointed by Decree of the appointment of her himself.

Article 37 until the election and installation of County Councils, with regard to atribuţiunile delegatiunii County, will proceed in accordance with art. 96 of the county councils.

Article 38 the income of counties will be those who have them and the counties from the rest of the country.
It will charge 4 tenths of all reports for budget administraţiunii and 3 tenths road budget, but only as long as it receives former tithes and the rest of the country.

Article 39 Every urban and rural township will be given before the election and installation of communal councils, interimara by a comisiune named with Royal Decree after the Interior Ministry proposal for urban municipalities, and County residences directly by the prefect for urban and other municipalities for rural communes.
Comisiunile the interim will be composed of 9 members from the county municipalities, urban residences of 7 members from urban and other municipalities from 5 members to the rural communes.

Article 40 Every interimara will have comisiune for urban municipalities the County residences a President and two Deputy Presidents appointed by Royal Decree for the other common a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman appointed by the prefect.

Article 41 In every village will operate a village called ocarmuitor by the prefect and given an advisory voice in comisiunea interimara of which depends the village.

Article 42 of the interim will have all Comisiunile atribuţiunile that country's laws and regulations giving municipal councils.

Article 43 Presidents and vice-presidents of the interim municipal comisiunilor for departures may dela duty be suspended by the prefect in urban communes and by the administrator of the rural municipalities of plăşii. Suspension will not be able to pass the 10 days.

Article 44 till a unitary administrative regime for all over the country, counties and municipalities will contribute the necessary expenditure for the maintenance of public services generally and rules in effect on the date of promulgation of the present law to Dobruja.

Chapter 5 about justice In respect of Justice Article 45 from Eastern Bulgaria will apply to all New dispoziţiunile laws and regulations in the rest of the country, with excepţiunile of the face.

the courts 46) Article under the courts of Justice Ministry designated detour after Muslim population density will work and one Muslim judge so called Helen. He will fix and will judge the laws and uzurile of Muslim Affairs concerning the Organization of the Mohammedans, the power of family, marriage, divorce and succession ab intestat-at.
In judging these business gift will be assisted by a clerk, who called the well know Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian language.

Article 47 the gift and the Registrar regarding the way they operate and to wear with the litigants will be under the control of the judge and the President of the Court of first instance detour.

Article 48 Decisions cadiului, edited in Romanian language, will be given the right of appeal to a local court within 30 days after they are brought to consciousness dela interested.

Article 49 Garvan Durostor County Township, the District Court will pass the Acadanlar dela court district Silistra, both in the same County Durostor.
The transition will take place a month after the promulgation of this law, by taking care of the Ministry of Justice. Business pending before the District Court of making a switch to Acadanlar concerning on the commune will finish Garvan everything at the Court.
Also runs under way.

Article 50 Each tribunal shall consist of a Chairman, three judges, an alternate, a Registrar, more aid from graft, who one will be retired, two or more translators for Turkish language and Bulgarian language, a recorder, more hiring, after service, and needs a telal.
At each tribunal will work and which one will work for Helen in all the Affairs of the Mohammedans, relative to parental power, to marriage, divorce and succession ab intestat at-and will take part as a judge along with two judges of the Court of first instance all appeals against the judgments in the courts of cadiii beside your wards.
One of the judges of the Tribunal will be appointed judge of instruction. He will have a court clerk and one or more after hiring need.

Article 51 public Ministry addictive will advise each tribunal composed of a Prosecutor and a substitute.
Chancellor's prosecution will have a Secretary and one or more after hiring need.

Article 52 Cadiii addicted to advise the tribunal of courts and detour will be appointed by the Ministry of Justice, the President of the Tribunal, after the recommendation of those who know both the Turkish and Romanian and Bulgarian languages and Muslim laws and uzurile in the matters in which are called upon to judge.
Cadiii addicted to advise courts of detour, the case may be, will be able to be recruited and from those who knowing the laws and know only uzurile Muslim, Turkish language; but his clerks must know their both Turkish and Bulgarian and Romanian languages, so that they can translate into Romanian language, in accordance with article cadiilor decisions. 48. Article 53 fees to be imposed after Muslim laws will remain closed.

Article 54 as regards civil status acts for Mohammedans, they will meet with guard forms provided for by the civil code and regulation of civil status acts, approved by Royal Decree No. 4,874.

Article 55 of regulation will determine the operation of the courts of cadiilor beside your detour and courthouses and the procedure to be followed in the business of their competence.

Article 56 Dispoziţiunile art. 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 53, 54, 55 and behold on the counties of Tulcea and Constanta to implement and in these districts immediately after the promulgation of this law.

Article 57 in the District Court and the District Court enters Durostor the Islet from the County of Constanta, all communes of this detour, the Constant juridiceste dela Durostor Court Tribunal. The transition will take place within one month of the promulgation of the present law, which from through the care of the Ministry of Justice. Pending Affairs until making passage, coming into the District Court appellate Islet at the end from the Tribunal, they will all end up at the Court.

Article 58 the Court of appeal in Constanta, in civil, commercial and correctional facility, will have the same capacity and the same debt collection, and will judge the same laws and Court procedure as the other appellations in the country with excepţiunile as indicated in this law.

Article 59 the Court of appeal in Constanta will judge in the first and last political crimes and Misdemeanors Court, who, after the laws of the country, are within the competence of the courts with the jurors, committed in the counties of Durostor and Caliacra, noting, however, with regard to their judgment in matters of procedure regulations correctional facility.
For misdeeds, Court will necessarily have to constitute the Panel of 5 judges her.
When the accused won't have Defender, i will appoint one ex officio.

Article 60 the Court will judge the last resort and the calls are given the responsibility under the law and the regulations of her face, and by any other law, regulations or special dispoziţiuni.

Article 61 in the case of a breaking deciziuni crimes and offenses. 59, or in the case of resettlement, the process will be sent in other courts of appeal, who shall judge the deal noting of this law regulations.

(b) the exercise of the profession of lawyer) Article 62 for the profession of lawyer in the new will not ask generally provided for in the law than the organization body of lawyers in March 12, 1917.

Article 63 of the law on the Organization of the Dispoziţiunile body of lawyers in force in the rest of the country will be applied in everything and in New, calls for an extra deciziunilor of discipline will come before the Court of appeal in Constanta.

Article 64 of the Court's President will take care of that, at the beginning of each judicial year, to form a picture of all the lawyers enrolled at the courthouse who enhanced and candidacies of detour.

He will control, with the instrument panel, as well as training opportunity and every new signup that Dean will have to bring it to the attention of, if lawyers ready to fulfil all enrolled law Corps attorneys listed above.

c) special Dispoziţiuni several offences in article 65 shall be punished with hard labour on his life, according to art. 86 of the penal code, all those who commit, or attacks against persons, or to jefueasca, or to attack or resist against the public power, it will be or will be set up by armed groups.

Article 66 With the same punishment will be punished and those who will give, or will be, or will be inlezni will inleznit, with good science and with the will, weapons and tools of crime, or who will send times will be sent means living or who in any other chip will have or will have had no understanding with those culpable who belong to these groups.

Article 67 shall be punished with confinement, which from 5 to 10 years, according to art. 92 of the criminal code, those who willingly give or will be given only for hosting once individuals who belong to these groups.
Will be punished with forced labour from the presence of 5-20 years all those who willingly give or will be given to hosting multiple times or in individuals who belong to for above.

Article 68 shall be punished by imprisonment from 3 months up to the end from 1 year those who siliti, through threats or violence to give them hosting will not know at the time, by any means, to be able to watch and be arrested.

Article 69 the same punishment they will punish those who, knowing about these bands armed about places where they hide or meet, will not know at the time, by any means, for discovering and arresting them.

Article 70 shall punish with the maximum recluziunii for 10 years and all indicators will be those who prove that they have inleznit, only for once, concealment, hiding dropping times.

Article 70 bis with respect to facts referred to in art. above 65-70 inclusive, courts will not grant extenuating circumstances provided for in art. 60 of the penal code.

Article 71 Will be defended by these punishments provided for under article. 92 of the penal code, those persons who, before the Commission or cercariae facts above, or before any prosecutions commenced in the counter will know or will be notified by any means, her first, administrative or judicial authorities on about these armed groups and about the authors, accomplices and their gazduitorii. Will benefit from the circumstances provided for in article uşurătoare. 60 of the penal code, all those who, even after they have begun proceedings or after will be guilty, their arrest will be inleznit.

Dispoziţiunile of article 72 of the penal code, art. 47-49 inclusive, relating to complicity, and dispoziţiunile of the penal code, art. 53-57 inclusive, relating to tainuire and apply for those referred to in article 1. 65 of this law.

Article 73, which from the implementation of this law, the dispoziţiunile art. above 65-72, inclusive, shall apply to and in the counties of Tulcea and Constanta.

Article Dispoziţiunile of article 74. 65-71 inclusive are displayed throughout, will bring to the attention of the inhabitants by beating the drum in every Sunday and public holiday.

d Dispoziţiuni 75) transitional Article All criminal offences committed before 12 October 1913 will not be punished unless they were regarded as offences and the Bulgarian law.

Article 76 article 1. 2 of the criminal procedure will always have application in cases which provides.

Article 77 Marriages performed in New before 1 April 1914 in accordance with Bulgarian laws are valid.

Article 78 Prescripţiunile 28 June 1913 law are suspended this time until dela 1 Noemvrie 1913. This time period will not count in the calculation of time limits who after the Bulgarian laws of procedure were pending on the date ocupatiunii.

Article 79 All legal documents completed within the above and for the Romanian laws unto the fulfilment of certain conditions shall prescribe the form, will be valid if satisfied then forms of Bulgarian laws.

80(2) legal acts concluded on 26 August 1916 dela until 7 December 1919 inclusive will have no value unless they are reinforced by the Romanian judicial authorities competinte, reinstalled in New after troops as enemies.

Article 81 the punishments relate unto the inhabitants of Dobruja, handed down by the Bulgarian courts and not executed before 12 October 1913, unless they are provided for in our law as criminal, will be transformed into Romanian law penalties for the acts committed, taking into account and prescripţiunea for crimes and offences from the criminal procedure code.
The transformation will be ruling the Court of appeal in Constanta in public sitting, after the Attorney general's request or the party concerned and with the attendance of the person convicted.

Article Cadiii 82 of your wards to advise courts and tribunals and their clerks will provide the oath before the Court of first instance sitting in public assistance to the Prosecutor, in accordance with the law in force in the rest of the country.

Chapter 6 About real estate property rights to private Property) Article 83, which from June 28, 1913, the property of any kind in Dobrogea, it se acquires the New preserve, is transmitted and is lost under the laws in force in the Kingdom of Romania and the special dispoziţiunilor in the face of the law.
Prescripţiunea commenced under the laws applicable in Bulgaria who at the date shown above will rule after those laws.

Article 84 property rights and any other rights in rem are and remain respected if they have arisen and have been preserved in accordance with the laws in force in Bulgaria on 28 June 1913, applying them and dispoziţiunile the law of face, in addition to other laws from the rest of the country.

Article 85 shall, within 3 months from the way the implementation of the present law, all those who mastered in any form-new real estate of any kind shall be called by the judge of the District Court of detour to belonging, and those of the cities of Silistra and Dobrich was President of the Tribunal, the courts concerned to declare verbal: the learned book , recording them, and stiutorii the testimony in writing, what real estate masters, extent and their vicinities, the name of the village and commune belonging to the building, in what form and when you have mastered, by what means have it collected, from whom or from where and what kind of ownership, and where they are.

Article 86 Also declaraţiuni after to inform what will address the judge or President of the Court of first instance detour, will make the ephors, and former churches, communes and any asociaţiune, whether or not the legal persons which possess or have possessed the estate at the time anexiunii-Dobroudja.

Article 87 undeclared Goods within the time limit prescribed above shall be regarded as belonging to the State.

Article 88 the testimony will pass all communes in a register in 2 copies, one from who will remain at the County Court, and the other will be forwarded to the Ministry because the Ministry areas, checking those declaraţiuni, to find uzurparile or frauds committed in harm the State.

Article 89 Turkish or Bulgarian Titles, or any kind of property obtained until June 28, 1913, as well as acts of property acquired after that date until the promulgation of the face, will have to be replaced within a year from the presence of the implementation of this law.

Article 90 for this purpose, the owners of the goods or their holders, within the time limit indicated by article. precedent, will be required to submit to the Commission under article 9. 95 titles or property deeds what they have because they are libereze in their place by the final titles of property comisiune.

Article 91 the owners or holders of goods, which will be deposited their instruments or titles of ownership with the opportunity of checking required by the law of 1 April 1914, will need to portray the Commission as referred to in art. 95 and to produce certified by authorities, registers from the rock, through receipts for payment of the tax or any other acts, like they had titles and property owners that are what they own.
If they do these evidences will be able to obtain definitive property titles similar to those mentioned in article. precedent.

Article 92 the owners or holders of goods who won't have any sort of title or property deed and no other written proof, having only possession, will have, within the period prescribed in article 3. 85, to be presented to the Commission under article 4. 95, with application in writing, and those ignorant of the book making verbal declaraţiuni, which shall be made to issue provisional titles, who will not be considered as definitive property titles until after 10 years of their release from the rock.

Article 93 till the expiry of 10 years, these titles will have no power of final probanta of property titles in the event of a claim by the State or third parties to the goods listed in them.

Article 94 the alienation of assets, for who have issued provisional titles, will take place just within the time limit indicated above, the right of pre-emption is adhered to the very top of the State under article 13. 103. Article 95

Exchange and remittance of property titles will be made by a comisiune established by the Ministry of cities and areas composed of Silistra and Dobrich from a judge of the Court of first instance respectively from the delegate Ministry areas and from one of the most notable residents of hard forced; and in the communes of neresedinte and urban county in rural communes, of the district judge or another judge-delegate, the delegate from the Ministry and from a notable areas of forced most residents hard.

Article 96 Comisiunile will operate under this law immediately after its implementation and adoption of the regulation, as part and parcel of that law will determine the operating mode of comisiunilor and forms that need to be met in order to verify, Exchange and remittance of property titles.

Article 97 Comisiunile will not be able to issue equity or debt securities only after verification of the documents presented and after persuading the authenticity or validity of their own, and after any other evidence who will bring in terms of ownership.

Article 98 the property will not be able to stretch out than on land of Earth contained in titles or property documents checked.

Article Titles referred to in article 99. 89-90 will move in in a book excerpt that will bear the name "definitive securities ownership Register", while under article 4. 92 will pass to another workbook that will bear the name "provisional register of securities ownership.
These registers will be in two copies, one of which will be kept at the registry of the Tribunal in question and the other from the Ministry areas.

Article 100 comisiunilor Decisions can be appealed by those concerned and by the State, represented by the Ministry of the areas within 3 months from the presence of their communication.
The call will address the Court of appeal in Constanta and will be judged by the emergency and, in particular, before all processes. Deciziunile Court of appeal will be subject to opozitiunii within 15 days from the way of communication. They can be attacked with the appeal in cassation within one month from the way of pronunciation.
The Court of Cassation examines particular emergency and without opposition.
The call, the opposition and the appeal, as well as all acts of procedure, will be free of charge.
Ministry areas will be quoted as part both in the opposition and appeal and in appeal, even when the State has not made the call, the opposition and the appeal.

Article 101 All immovable property, of any nature, for which the comisiunea has not issued any kind of securities law are and remain the property of the State, their going to the administrative channels, without somaţiune or release delay can, however, those who would claim any right, or one might think owners of such property, to claim before the Court competinte in accordance with common law.
Inhabitants of Dobruja-new, who emigrated after June 28, 1913, and those who have made declaraţiuni rejection under article. 4 of the law on the Organization of Dobrudja-new as of April 1, 1914, will be obliged as within 6 months after the promulgation of the present law, which from to sell State assets.
At the end of this period, if the sale has not been made by the State Prosecutor of the Tribunal will prosecute ex officio, in compliance with dispoziţiunilor. 106, selling those buildings.

Article 102 Dela on 28 June 1913 are null and void and worthless any acts of disposal, fatise or disguised, for any property uzurpata dela State.

Article 103 the State represented by the Ministry of the fields, have the right of pre-emption to all disposal, rural real estate within 30 days to inform him by Dale who is interested.
The modalities of exercising the right of pre-emption will look in the special regulation shall be drawn up by the Ministry areas.

Article 104 All those who by any means whatsoever will be made or will make the State search to not be able to exercise the right of pre-emption shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 15 days, which from 6 months.
In this case, the State will have the right to buy land for himself with the price set by the superior Council of agriculture for land in the locality.

Article 105 When the State, within the period prescribed by art. 103, will not wear out or right of pre-emption, the alienation can be done by private individuals.

Article 106 to Sellers who will emigrate, or those who renounce membership of the Romanian citizen, will not only alienate their land than the State. If within one year after the date of sale of a Dale land rural seller will emigrate, the State will be entitled to buy property purchaser sold dela.
In both these cases the price can not exceed the maximum fixed prices in the village and after categories by the superior Council of agriculture.

Article 107 no one shall have the right to bring and to establish his family's agricultural land without the authorization of the Ministry of Interior.

(b) Article 108) Are State-owned and State-owned remain: (a) all property of whatever) nature who belonged to the Bulgarian State as public or private wealth on 28 June 1913;

b) All forests, except for those stapanite of private persons individually for who comisiunile. 95 final titles were convicted of property or provisional titles;

c) Poenile, i.e. land scattered in the middle of forests;

d) All communal (public) green land, irrespective of the ways how they were acquired;

e) All arable land, pasture, forest, and how any kind of goods who belonged to scoalelor, any category would they be and any were at least 20,000 modes;

f) all land, of every kind and acquired by any means, which belonged to the bisericelor and any charitable or cultural establishments;

g) all mines, quarries and mineral waters;

h) All Lakes, except for those who have acquired common Bulgarian State, which from the swamps, ventilators and pescariile of any kind;

I) All the lands referred to in art. 87 and 101.

Article 109 dela para. Courses (c) of article 3. the previous state will have faculty or to give other places instead of the same stretch and value or to give an indemnity equal to the extent of their value.

Article 110 Ministry areas will measure and delimit lands through appropriate signs hotarnice as those of the residents of the State.

Article 111 When the inhabitant will be absent or not will take over the object i will recognize the asset will be in receipt of local mayor through training of trial proceedings. If in three years, which from the date of record dweller will not take delivery of actual good, he will lose the right to the benefit of the State, which will come into his mastery in the manner described in article 11. 101. Article 112 State will be compelled as green land for communal (public) who have purchased either from the presence of individuals be removed from him, the Bulgarian State to give municipalities a compensation equal to the purchase price proved only by original and authentic acts.
This compensation will not be granted only to the extent of the remaining State of the izlazuri, also after cession of free State made in accordance with art. the following season.

Article 113 Ministry areas will be authorized as from the former izlazuri comunale (public), whatever their origin, were to cede free on behalf of the Commons an expanse of land according to the number of inhabitants, heads of families, farmers manual, taking as the norm up to one hectare of each head of a family, and that stretching in no case will not be able to outrun the Earth State would have available in that commune from land taken from him from green land the public.

Article 114 This stretch will not be able to give State forests.
Residents will be entitled to free herding cattle in all waters.

c Start taking their time scope) Article 115 areas Ministry Regulation will make for the development of principles in this Bill and for measuring mode, and Lands demarcation of parcel/plot due to its inhabitants and the State, will be considered for all dispoziţiunile contained in it as forming part of the law.

Article 116 the leadership of all work property of Dobrogea New personnel will be made of Ministry areas of Dobruja and outbuildings.

Chapter 7 final Dispoziţiuni Article 117 of the Law face will be put in place after a month its promulgation. dela Until this time the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the areas will take care that the regulations provided for by this law, concerning each of the two ministries, be prepared to be individual with implementation of the law.

Article 118 the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of domains, from the time of promulgation of the law, action will be taken, in which case, for the establishment of comisiunilor provided for in art. 10-95, to work immediately after the adoption of the regulations of the law.

-Annex-article. 2 of law — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — the DIVISION FINAL to DOBRUJA in COUNTIES, VILLAGES, MUNICIPALITIES and PLASI-DUROSTOR COUNTY (Includes six plasi) Urban Municipalities of the County are: 1. The commune of Silistra, the county seat.
2. The commune of Tutrakan, Calimoc village.
                I. - Plasa Silistra
         Comuna Satul
1. Alfatar 1. Alfatar (plăşii Residence)

2. Calipetrova 1. Calipetrova 3. Bill 1. Bill 4. Caraorman 1. Caraorman 2. Alifaca
                               3. Bracima
                               4. Bracima New 5. Ghiurghengic 5. Big Cainargeaua 1. Big Cainargeaua 2. Caibular 3. Topci
                               4. Alexandra Celebi 6. Little Cainargeaua 1. Small Cainargeaua 2. Zarnici
                               3. Cociular 7. Chiose-Thomas 1. Chiose Vik 2. Cranova
                               3. Chiutucli 4. Caraaciu-Small 8. Pandicli 1. Pandicli

               II. - Plasa Acadanlar
         Comuna Satul
1. Acandanlar 1. Acandanlar (residence of plăşii) 2. Duraclar 3. Caralar
                               4. Cariamurlar 5. Suiuciuc 6. Circovna 2. Siniru-new 1. Siniru-New 2. Beilerchioi 3. Baharchioi 4. Mahle Checiler-5. Sucuiugiuc 6. Tocmacchioi 7. TarAsan 3. Sungurlar 1. Sungurlar 2. Caracoci 3. Ormanchioi 4. Rahman-Asiclar 1. Rahman-Asiclar 2. Omurgea 5. Uzulchioi 1. Uzulchioi 2. Dorutlar 3. Ibrahim-Mahle 6. Doccelar 1. Doccelar 2. Aivanchioi 3. Avdular
                               4. Damadas
                               5. Dere-Mahle 6. Emirler
                               7. Camerler 8. Cherimler 9. Cufalcealar 10. Chizilburum 11. Suvanlacu-New 12. Ciller

               III. - Plasa Curtbunar
         Comuna Satul
1. Curtbunar 1. Curtbunar (residence of plăşii) 2. Codegeaolar 3. Cocimar
                               4. Coiumluchioi 5. Chizilgicli 6. Dustubac 7. Pasabali 8. Otulgea 2. Avdula 1. Avdula
                               2. Caraaptuia 3. Chidirasac 4. Acbunaru-Small 3. Acbunar 1. Acbunar
                               2. Ghiulerchioi 3. Echingic 4. Olucli
                               5. Sougeac 4. Beibunar 1. Beibunar 2. Arabagi
                               3. Aratmagea 4. Caraaciu-Big 5. Dutlar
                               6. Cairac
                               7. Caragenat 8. Sarnebi-Iutluc 9. Soiacli 5. Sahinlar 1. Sahinlar 2. Cavurga
                               3. Daugilar-Mahle Pirli-4. Pirliu-New 5. Dimitra-Mahle Pirli-6. Pirlichioi 6. Bairambunar 1. Bairambunar 2. Conac
                               3. Mansion Cuiurgiuc 4. Chezegic 5. Murzuc
                               6. Regepchioi 7. Sarnebi
                               8. Mahle Ceair-7. Trupciular 1. Trupciular 2. Omurfachi 8. Chilicadi 1. Chilicadi 9. Karapelit 1. Karapelit 2. Ezirgea

                IV. - Plasa Doimulsar
         Comuna Satul
1. Doimuslar 1. Doimuslar (residence of plăşii) 2. Golebina 3. Golebina Ceatalgea 4. Capacli
                               5. Seuneci
                               6. Hogeachioi 7. Risk-Ceatalgea 2. Popina 1. Popina 3. Vetrina 1. Vetrina 4. About 1. Srebarna 5. Aidemir 1. Aidemir
                               2. Tatarita 6. Cocina 1. Cocina
                               2. Caraomur 3. Caldwell 7. Balabanlar 1. Balabanlar 2. Baltagiu New 3. Atmagea
                               4. Dogrular 5. Caravelichioi 6. Caraesechioi 8. Haschio 1. Haschio
                               2. Saarlar 9. Bozna 1. Bozna
                               2. Aidogdu
                               3. Bazirghian 4. Papucciler

              V. - Plasa Sarsanlar
         Comuna Satul
1. Sarsanlar 1. Sarsanlar (residence of plăşii) 2. Arabagilar 3. Turkish Cusuiu 4. Uzunge Orman 5. Orozlar 2. Little rock bottom 1. Little rock bottom 2. The Valley Cusuiu 3. Spanciova 3. Cadichioi 1. Cadichioi 4. Garvan 1. Garvan 5. Atmageaua-Tatarasca 1. Atmageaua-Tatarasca 2. Emirchioi 3. Chemalchioi 4. Pitracli 6. Astvatchioi 1. Astvatchioi 2. Danzilar 3. Cufalcea 4. Masutlar 5. Sargilar 6. Hagiolar 7. Vischioi 1. Vischioi 2. Deli-Iuzuflar 3. Caradarlar 4. Sarighiol 5. Cahill Mahle 8. Ahmatlar 1. Ahmatlar 2. Engechioi 3. Cazimlar 4. Salihler 5. Cenacciler 9. Chiose-Abdi 1. Chiose-Abdi 2. Canipe
                               3. Curtpalar 4. Mesimler 10. Atchioi 1. Atchioi

              VI. Place the Tutrakan (residing in the urban commune of Turtucaia) — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — • the village — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1. Belica 1. Belica 2. Denizler 1. Denizler 2. Tables-Mahle 3. The ancient village of 1. The Ancient Village Of 2. Siahlar 4. Turcsmil 1. Turcsmil 5. Senova 1. Senova 6. Covangilar 1. Covangilar 2. Hagifaclar 3. Mahle Mesim-4. Caramehmetler 7. Antimova 1. Antimova

                    II. CALIACRA COUNTY (Includes four plasi) Urban Municipalities of the County are: 1. The commune of Dobrich, the county seat.
    2. The commune of Balchik.
    3. The commune of Kavarna, with villages Suiucicu Ketan and Turkish Mihalbei.

                  I. - Plasa Dobrici
         Comuna Satul
1. Ienigea 1. Ienigea (residence of plăşii) 2. Bazaurt
                               3. Carabaglar 4. Caranlac 5. Mursalchioi 6. Omurchioi 7. Seidala
                               8. Fandacli 9. Sahangi 2. Strenio-Ciamurli 1. Strenio-Ciamurli 2. Ciamurliu Big 3. Small Ciamurliu 4. Dunicler 5. Caramurat 6. Carasular 7. Chiringi 8. Osmanfaca 3. Echiscea 1. Echiscea 2. Hezimdede 4. Hagichiosler 1. Hagichiosler 2. Baraclar 3. Carachisla 4. Hope 5. Armutli 1. Armutli
                               2. Cocargea 3. Paragic
                               4. Azaplar
                               5. Ergs

6. Hardali 1. Hardali
                               2. Alexandria 3. Aptaat
                               4. Gorno Cadieva 5. Giurnghiuli 6. Devengichioi 7. Cecideresi 8. Tersicondu 9. Hagichioi 7. Sharon 1. Carali
                               2. Bogdaili 3. Bogdaili Ciamurli 4. Deli-Iuzufcuius 5. Durasi
                               6. Chris Ienige-7. Esetli
                               8. Musubei
                               9. April 10. Hasancea 11. Ciflic
                              12. Sahvili 8. Ezibei 1. Ezibei
                               2. -Narender 3. Arabagi
                               4. Jennifer Kate 5. Caralez
                               6. Carasinan 7. Mansurova 8. Matlimova 9. Nasdradin 10. Suiuciuc 11. Ceacracea 12. Urghicicler 9. Sofiane 1. Sofiane 2. Jump-Mahmud 3. Serdimen

               II. - Plasa Ghelengic
         Comuna Satul
1. Ghelengic 1. Ghelengic (residence of plăşii) 2. Aidanciufa 3. Basbunar 4. Velifaca 5. Gerzalar 6. Aliciu-High 7. Ebosele Mahle 8. Ilanlac
                               9. Cabasacal 10. Caracurt 11. Curu Mahle 12. Costeceler 13. Cpeler
                              14. Salman
                              15. Susuchioi 16. Hagiligichioi 17. Hoscaden 18. Ciairarman 2. Aiorman 1. Aiorman
                               2. Baligea
                               3. Curugeachioi 4. Chioseler 5. Aliciu Mic 6. Toccilar 7. Sahinlar 8. Iasticcilar 9. Ianiclar 10. Cuiugiuc 3. Opancea 1. Opancea
                               2. Bogdanova 3. Valali
                               4. Carabaslu 5. Sarigea
                               6. Semizali 4. Pcelarova 1. Pcelarova 2. Aidinbei 3. Durbali
                               4. Caraagaci 5. Caradurmus 6. Casapli
                               7. Casimchioi 8. Malgilar 9. Melecler 10. Momucichioi 11. Nebicuius 12. Pirifaca 13. Porjaz
                              14. Uzlar
                              15. Haramalac 16. Harmacuius 17. Harsilac 18. Ciufutcuius 19. Ciobancuius 5. Cadieva 1. Cadieva
                               2. Arnautcuius 3. Ibj-Mahle 4. Botiova Noua

                 III. -Place of Balchik (residing in the urban commune of Balchik) — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — • the village — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1. Diuvaniuvasi 1. Diuvaniuvasi 2. Vejischioi 3. Gurcova
                               4. Giaferli-Iuci-Orman 5. Evlecler 6. Idrizcuius 7. Caraiapular 8. Carlibeichioi 9. Cuiucioi 10. Mumcil
                              11. Resiler 12. Suleimanfaca 13. Toicuius 14. Tortamus 15. Tarnofca 16. Hamzalar 17. Ciairlaghiol 18. Iunusciular 2. Spasova 1. Spasova
                               2. Bilova
                               3. Bezanova 4. Viceova
                               5. Crusova
                               6. Liliacova 7. Orlova
                               8. Pisarova 9. Predel
                              10. Phoenix Marie 11. Simionova 12. Siracova 13. Sredina 14. Velicova 15. Sredina 16. Tar Boris 17. Cernovca 3. Preselenci 1. Preselenci 2. Vasilieva 3. Gorita
                               4. Calina
                               5. Malinova 4. Teche 1. Teche
                               2. Gheiciler 3. Ecrene
                               4. Beiler Mustava 5. Tulugea
                               6. Ceatalar 7. Ceauschioi 8. Alaclisi

                IV. -Gargalac Place (residing in the urban commune of Kavarna) — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — • the village — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1. Sandblasting w 1. Sabla
                               2. Ghiorman 3. Srimese
                               4. Caiabeichioi 5. Calicchioi 6. Surtucchioi 7. Risk-Uciorman 8. Iazagilar 2. Gargalac 1. Gargalac 2. Aiarman
                               3. Arnautlar 4. Ghiore
                               5. Duranlar 6. Irigea
                               7. Calfachioi 8. Caracaschioi 9. Chioiliuc 10. Nsifpasa 11. Selimcuius 12. Iuzgubenlac 13. Iaplagea 14. Eubei 3. Eva-Suiugiuc 1. Eva-Suiugiuc 2. Racovschi 3. H Das 4. Duranculac 1. Duranculac 2. Acangi
                               3. Geferfaca 4. Ismailchioi 5. Calaigidere 6. Calicichioi 7. Caralar
                               8. Caramanli 9. Caranasif 10. Amandeep Singh 11. Chiramet 12. Sarimusa 13. Satilmis — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —-this law was voted by the Senate at its meeting on 20 July 1921 Dale and was adopted by a majority of sasezeci votes for and three against.
President, General c. Cannon (L.S.S.)
Secretary, e. Melidon this law was voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on 20 July 1921, which from 1921 and was adopted by a majority of unusprezece votes for one cent, for one.
Vice President, Dr. a. Imbroane (L.S.A.D.)
Secretary, p. Nagler Promulgăm this law and categorise them as it is vested with the State seal and published by the Official Gazette.
Given in Bucharest on 23 July 1921.
Ferdinand (L.S. St).
Interior Minister c. Argetoianu, Minister of Justice m. Antonescu — — — — — — — — — — — —

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