Law No. 982 Of 4 July 1865 For The Judicial Organisation

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 982 din 4 iulie 1865 pentru organizarea judecătorească

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Law No. 982 of 4 July 1865 for ISSUING judicial organisation MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Published in Official Gazette of July 4, 1865 AB JOHN With the mercy of God and the will of the national team, the United principalities-Romania: LA T0TI DE FATIA and FUTURE SANTATE: Vedendu raportulu Our Minister United Nations Secretary-General ad interim status at the Department of Justice and public instruction, Culteloru No. 21,525;
Considering the General Assembly votulu datu sitting on 14 June year beauty consultant;
Based on the assessment of the Romanian Senate at its meeting on 21 June corentu;
By virtue of art. 14 of Convenţiunea in Paris in 7/19 August 1858, and art. 3 and 14 of Statutulu in 2/14 July 1864.
AMU and amu sanctionatu sanctionamu, promulgamu promulgatu and what urmeda ORGANISAREA JUDECATORESCA: Bill.

Title I General Dispositiuni.

Article 1 is given in the name of Justice.

Article 2 numescu judecatoresci Officials or intarescu is Jack.

Article 3 will be given Justice: a) Of judecatoriele of plasi.

b the county courts).

c) courts with criminal jury in the matter.

d) courts and Court of apelu casatiune.

Article 4 Decisions judecatoriloru of plasi, voru was named "books;" tribunaleloru counties of sentences; curtiloru voru name of decisiuni is.

Title II.
Judecatoriele of plasi.

Article 5 be-that place, paint or ocolu will establish one of onl judeţu Roz or place with one adjutoru.

Article 6 of the main Towns are numerulu voru populatiunei and split after the local needs, in unulu or more ocole, avendu be-one that ocolu Roz.

Article 7 territorial Circonscriptiunea judecatorieloru NET, for rural municipalities is the same as the prefectureloru, and that of the judecatorieloru of cities will be the determination of what will be done ocoleloru conformu art. 6. Article 8, judecatoriloru NET Residenta from rural municipalities will be asedata in the commune of nnde lies beneath-Prefecture.

Article 9 the judges of plasi ocole, or have the mission reconciles on parts, and judging by the first or the last court, tote causele atribuescu how many are allowed, through civil proceedings.

Article 10 shall be called net, Roz that will be distinguished by its good wearing it, you will have hours of cunoscinta laws and compared to 25-year-old Rico putinu.
If unulu from the State's retirement will be called Roz NET or ocolu, or adjutoru, priimi, mat will advise pension and jumetate retribuţiunea by Roz NET.

Article 11 Judecatoriele of plasi or ocole is split into three classes, voru.
Anteiu class will be for the cities of Iasi, Eleni Coundouriotis, Craiova, Galaţi, Brăila, Focsani, Botosani, Giurgru, Ismailu, Ploesci, Barlad, Turnu-Severin.
The second class will be for the it-other residente counties. -Third grade for the it-other residente of plasi.

Article judecatoriloru Treatments in each 12 these classes be dupe rule voru as required in the alaturatulu array.

Article 13 In casu de bola, or-what other consequences of lack of judges, is able to do so by the voru adjutorulu seu.

Article 14 Adjutorulu can be trimisu by Roz in the research into whenever elu will find it fit.

Article 15 Adjutorulu, trimisu research that will assist in the tote for audiences, the State Chancellery.

Title III.
Courts of counties.

Article 16 Courts of counties shall consist in voru tota Romania of one President, duoi supleantu, one procurore, one substitutu and one.
Unulu of members is numitu Roz instruction.

Article 17 territorial Circonscriptiunea judecatoriloru counties will be that as of prefecturei County, tribunalulu County Ismailu out of which coprinde and prefecturei will circonscriptiunea of Bolhrad.

Article 18 courts in Iasi, Craiova, Eleni Coundouriotis, and Ploesci are composed of several voru sections namely: Rico from Eleni Coundouriotis, in five sections: one who, three correctional and civilian one.
Rico in Iasi, in four sections of three who civil and one correctional facility.
One of the civil sections from Eleni Coundouriotis and Iasi will be tasked with transcripţiuni, legalisatiuni, inscriptiuni, vinderi and other acts of enforced collection procedure gratiosa.
Rico in Craiova, three sections, of which: doue civil and correctional with debt collection and other.
Rico from Galaţi, doue, from who one correctional and civil and commercial.
Rico from Ploesci in two sections, who are split between voru tote works.

Article 19 Be-which of these courts shall be composed of: Scott atati Presidents, are sections.
Unulu of these Presidents will be called Prime President.
The number of the latter two judges and one supleantu to be-that section.
One Prime Devi with so many prosecutors of how many sections are sections.

Article 20 of the civil applications, from Tote nuou brought it to the address primulu-voru Chairman, will share them after carc rindulu prices between civil actions, if such exists on sections, or if naturele tote by tote is causa judge sections.
The it-other applications to address their respective Presidents voru ai secţiuniloru.

Article 21 be that anu, where tribunalulu is impartitu in several sections, the first Chairman immediately after the completion of large vacantieloru will divide by drawing lots among the various members of the Court in one section so its not member Scott servesca the latter two years d ' rindulu, from the same section.

Article 22 One or section tribunalu will be able to judge and give its verdict and with two members.

Article 23 In casu a lack of Roz, supleantulu will you loculu, in casu the lack of President would you date numitu loculu more acelu Valdez tribunalu la Roz, who won't be and biju.

Article 24 Relatives until Rob inclusivu, AMLA and affinity (cuscrii) until the same game inclusivu, potu not be appointed members of the time to the same alternate tribunalu.

Article 25 Supleantulu candu is not insarcinatu with a mission out of tribunalu, will be present at the sittings of the Tribunal only consultativu avendu votu.
In the verdict which will give, will mention its presence, or his lack of causa.

Article 26 where the tribunalulu is impartitu in several sections, primulu-President will fulfill the lipsele of judges are in the times-that section with judges or Deputy held in student lots, among the members or alternates presinti from other sections.

Article 27 Primulu Devi will be able to witness the audiences of the time-decay will take sections and conclusiuni.

Article Judecatoriele 28 counties are split in voru doue classes: The d ' anteiu will be for the cities: Eleni Coundouriotis, Craiova, Iaşi, Galaţi, Brăila, Giurgiu, Ismailu, Ploesci, Focsani, Barlad, Botosani and Turnu-Severin.
The second for the it-other capitals of counties.

Article 29 judecatoriloru Treatments of either-these classes are regular conformu with alaturatulu pictures.

Article 30 Be-which judecatoriu counties will make one regulamentu Gozi to rule in amaruntu order and service module dip.
This regulamentu deliberatu and approved by the Court that while outwardly submitting to Justice and will print and will follow very closely. These regulations, voru Scott may, more uniform for tote judecatoriele.

Title IV.
Commercial courts.

Article 31 Causele will judge the trade by the courts of counties, out of the counties shown in article. 18 where there is a section of the tribunal for commercial causele.

Article 32 when judging a causa, will join along with civilian judges of the latter two judeţu, judges, merchants along with civilian ones, will judge and will pronounce sentence upon all causelor of judecatorieloru of circonscriptiunea of judeţu.

Article 33 For cities, counties, and residences, which does not have a section of the tribunal for causele of comerciu, the local mayor will form and will be published in which the latter two years, from August inteiu, a list of merchants that can be called to the function of judges esercita traders.

Article 34 In this list will be coprinde name tuturoru naturalisati, traders or Romanians, residing in comerciu who did acelu flood three years at platescu, cari putinu largest patent and have three older-so years old.

Article 35 cannot be part of this list.

of Those who did not) write and read sciu;

b) Faliţii nereabilitati;

c) Those who were ' part or all from interdis rights political, civil or family, or to whom the right to ' interdis and manage the condition;

d) Those who were sentenced to a penalty of Ryti stated criminal or correctional penalty for the following offences: 1. Forgery, robbery, evading seals acts in public places;
2. Furtisagu;
3. Incelaciune (quackery);
4. Abuse of trust;
5. Threats to morality.

Article 36 Those older than 60 years of age are exempt potu after loru, applications to be part of this list.

Article 37 the mayoralty will afige and will publish this list during 15 dile.
Those who have the required qualities, potu reclamatiuni form, the registrations or celoru without human rights, counter, or for celoru in older people.

Article 38 voru Reclamatiunile inteiu is more the Mayor's address, which will rule on validitatei cereriloru and motivatu by actu Musu.

Article 39 Part, unhappy with City Hall's decision will appeal to the Court of first instance, that shall localu rule of emergency and without apelu or recursu.

Article 40

List coprinde definitivu name entered, it will communicate to the Mayor at Septemvrie localu Tribunal 1.

Article 41 this name epoce and 15 Septemvrie, is adaogi or voru esclude voru, voru nuou shall be communicated to the Tribunal from localu.

Article 42 whenever will present a causa, the President will call on add, without being able to transplant the order of inscricriloru, and with infatisarei, dile doue ahead of doue's listed in order to judge the causa.

Article 43 These latter two voru traders take part judges together with the judges of the Tribunal at causei esaminarea.
The verdict will be given after the majority of voturiloru.

Article 44 Judges, before traders d'a enters the paper will do juramentulu cerutu for judges.
Their function is free and the honorary mayoral sash.

Article 45 towns where impartitu tribunalulu County is in several sections, one of which, the judge casurile the latter two judges of the commercial traders along with a suplininte, which joins under the District Court in casurile commercial, the tote will be permanent during the latter two years, and loru function will be remunerated.
Also be used as a permanent and voru suplinintele and those latter two Justices besides traders tribunalulu in Brăila.

Article 46 they choose the voru traders residing in acelu flood that patent platescu class I and II and that reunescu and the other conditions it prescribed-art. 34, 35 and 36.
Voru alegetoriloru lists are composed conformu celoru prescribed in article 21. 33, 37, 38 and 39.

Article 47 For those cities, City Hall will convene in pretoriulu seu dioa 15 alegetori Septemvrie on all merchants included in list to traders in the election proceeds in permanent judecatoriloru.

Article 48 personnel under Mayor presinti Voters and the latter two Secretaries elected from among dinsi, voru proceeds via the secretu votu has the latter two judges and a supleantu.
Voru be elected, those who unite the absolute majority of voru voturiloru.
Those who do not is capeta voru it majority of the voru douilea choose ballot by relative majority.

Article 49 Voru be eligible those who needed the UNESCO to be ready alegetori.

Article 50 the latter two judges elected voru atribuţiunile have prescribed in article 21. 43. will replace Deputy Judge comercialu you will be missed and will be insarcinatu and other papers relative to the cause.

Article 51 the elect shall make known by voru, Minister of Jnstitiei which will strengthen through Mohamed decretu.
Voru enters the service they once have depusu juramentulu prescrisu judecatoriloru.
They have chosen potu again after passing the latter two years of voru in espirarea functiunei loru.

Title v. Apelu courts.

Article 52 shall be mentinu the four courtyards by apelu asedate in Iasi, Craiova, Eleni Coundouriotis and Fallowfield.

Article 53 of the Circonscriptiunea be-carei from these courts will be this: a) backyard Eleni Coundouriotis, will Ilfovu, coprinde counties: P, Ialomita, Argesu, Muscelu, Teleormanu, Prahova, Dambovita, lucky star and Buzeu.

b) of coprinde Court will counties: Iasi, Botosani, Suceava, Dorohoiu, Charles, Cahulu, Vasluiu and Falciu.

c the Court of Craiova), will coprinde counties: Mehedinti, Dolju, Gorju, V and Romanati.

d) Court in Focsani, will coprinde counties: Covurluiu, Tecuciu, Bolgradu, Izmail, Brăila with Ramnicu Sarat, Bacau and Tutova County.

Article 54 courts apelu, voru judge calls in civil and commercial matter corectionali conformu legiloru into being.

Article 55-yard that will divide into multiple sections, composed of either-that of five members and the President between strides.
The Bucnresci will coprinde three sections. The one in Craiova, the Iasi and in Focsani, will have either-that as many doue sections.

Article 56-that section is composed of curtiloru apelu: atati Presidents how many sections are. Unulu of the Presidents will be called Prime President.
One Daisy with so many prosecutors do for how many sections are sections.
Four members and one supleantu.
One Registrar for either-that section with more aid.

Article 57 the first President will Only receive calls and they will split between sections after rendulu intrariloru.

Article 58 Otaririle Court, does not give potu Cadena with a majority of three to membriloru Rico putinu sei.

Article 59 Alternates candu voru not have another task to curtei, voru attend tote processes and consultativu have only votu voru.
In otarirea curtei 243 presinta announces his lack or doctorates.

Article 60 Relatives or family members until the fourth game inclusivu alu, potu not be members of the same court.

Article 61 three members form the Board of voru curtei release acusatiune conformu in reguliloru criminals materials prescribed by the criminal procedure. Three other members of the Court of Assizes Court form with voru for prosecuting criminals cestiuneloru.

Article 62 the first Candu-President lipsesce will be inlocuitu OLA numitu of preseditii more Valdez of sections.
Voru secţiuniloru Presidents lacking be replaced by Rico numitu more secţiunei Valdez of the members.

Article 63 of the Court's President locotiitorulu apelu or suet will mean its members what they put into room formede acusatiune or backyard with the jurors.
Frank will get no mesuri interrupt the ordinary workings of the Court of lack of causa appellations from members; and why have judges to adjudicate upon the implementation of criminal acusatiune, ' and be able to make it work voru without being hindered for it to take part in the sittings of the Court of apelu.

Article 64 on either-that immediately after completing certain big vacanteloru where are more multu of doue sections, first-pressedinte or-tiitorulu seu, sitting in front of the public, with the student while outwardly submitting to and with members of the Court, will draw lots on its members what they write in sections timpulu of the year curtei.
Voru Presidents alternate between dinsii, so in that would not be Scott remana, the latter two years d ' arendulu in the same section. Where courts are only sectuni, doue will make either — which conflicts between members of the Court by the first President so the same member Scott not to servesca the latter two years d ' arendulu in the same section.

Article 65 different sections of a Court constitute a single yard and decisiunile a section what is House, voru voru tramite to another court of law court of conformu casatiune.

Article 66 the first Candu-President of luatu from a unulu or more judges to form the Chamber of acusatiune enforcement or court with jurors, elu will fill in on either a section with which members of the di take it from the other, so the Cadena in either that its section remana numerulu prescrisu Rico putinu to pronounce a decision.

Article 67 Member of Eba advise one Roz Court with jurors absent, first President of the Court of provisoru apelu ilu will replace one member of the Court of Patty alu apelu fixing lots.

Article 68 members of the judges who conformu art. 256 in the procedure Code, juratiloru Court Shraz for voru timpulu competinti vacantieloru, to be alone in this time and calls correctional causeloru.

Article 69 the graft court with jurors will you grefierulu curtei apelu or one of adjutoru seu alu.
Portareiloru service will be made to advise the Court of the Court of Assizes apelu portăreii.
It will join in addition to the same yard with a otaritu of jurors numeru aprodi for court service and more call juratiloru for Eddy.

Article 70-Circonscriptiunea cavities with court jurors will be the same as that of the Court of apelu.

Article 71 Either-that will make their court one regulamentu which will rule on the order of seu, service the largu dilele candu Court will judge the service calls corectionali, sentinteloru Chamber of acusatiune and alu with court jurors, etc.
This regulamentu, delireratu of the Court shall be subject to the approval of the Minister of Justice which will cause curtiloru to be tuturoruu regulations on Lana can be more uniform.

Title VI.
The Court of Casatiune.

Article 72-which of the sections of the Court of casatiune will be able to work with Vince and presinti, the majority of members, the decision to remaindu Takahashi pronuncia five members.

Title VII.
While Outwardly Submitting Student.

Article Ministeriulu 73 student consists of S4 and the procurorulu-l-sections, other prosecutors to courts besides sedati apelu, leloru from prosecutors and tribuna secţiuneloru loru.

Article 74 miniteriului Ministeriulu capulu student is justice.

Article 75 yard Procurorulu capulu Deo tuturoru is procuroriloru and substitutiloru from ocolulu, and celoru-l-judecatoresci, and other features of the dreptulu control and privighere upon the fulfillment of debt loru.

Article 76 Procurorulu of casatiune Court alu S4, dreptulu has, under the law of that Court, to attack the celoru-laws, other laws, or prosecutors resci opposites legiloru judecato.

Article 77 Dreptulu of discipliua tuturoru membriloru student over the Ministry, I will nisterulu of Justice esercita, after his own initiative, or after the Prosecutor's challenge Sophie or procuroriloru tribunals.

Article 78 Attorneys General have the same RA as Presidents of courts, prosecutors and courts as well as the Presidents of courts.
However, prosecutors are required to give date d ' anteiu example respectu by Presidents and the it-other magistrates charged with the implementation of legiloru.

Article 79 Candu procurorulu lipsesce will be replaced by substitutulu seu.

Article 80

Procurorulu S4 from the Court can assist at times-which of the sections will take you, and conclusiuni.

Article 81 of the Tribunals will report to Prosecutors at the casu de Deo, the Prosecutor need respectivu about incerea lucrariloru pedecile mersulu what justice from judeţu, precumu and observaţiunile what are they paying videogames etc datorieloru agentiloru judecatoresci on the fulfillment and the legiloru.
Procurorulu S4 will be able to go himself to investigate the condition of the lucruriloru and dreptulu will dip esercita discipline through the President of the Court of Justice or by Ministeriulu.

Article 82 public prosecutors of courts also have close voru privighere over judecatoriloru of plasi, voru Attorney and report at the casu S4 of need.

Article 83 Substitutulu Devi of lucreda or under sections procuroriloru or primiloru the national prosecutors.
Stephan on a cause substitutulu voesce get a conclusiune what is desaproba Devi, it is in older people stop on the substitutu and get himself conclusiuni.

Title VIII and Graft judecatoresci.

Article 84 under the auspices of either court-which counties will be one grefieru.
Either that or unulu grefieru will have more helpers.
The courtyards will be one grefieru to be-that section with more aid.

Article 85 in counties where tribunalulu is impartitu in several sections, will be one grefieru for each section with unulu or more aid after need.

Article 86 to advise whether that tribunalu and be-that section of yard or tribunalu will be registratoru one arhivaru and one hotaritu of hiring numeru.

Article 87 Shall either advise institue that yard or tribunalu of judeţu portarei judecatoresci appointed agents.
Numerulu acestoru portarei, along with either courtship or tribunalu-which will be decided after either needs decay.
They are numescu through Decretu Lucky, after a recommendation from the Ministry of Justice.
Unulu from portăreii-tribunalu and which either Court will be called cavities capulu portareiloru that tribunalu or the courtyard.

Portăreii article 88 shall appoint from among persons voru known by wearing it with good hours, and invetatura, preferîndu-voru are those who have products in avutu.

Article 89 is also adding to the be-that Court and Court one of the counties and people numeru aprodi service who is meant by anualu voru budgetulu.

Article 90 the clerks and portăreii are undergoing to give bail to lodge and juramentu ahead of the President.

Article 91 Grefierulu, or in the absence of ajutorulu seu, will attend meetings and take tote notes, will draw up the minutes, countermeasures and will sign the acts entered into poultry tote or tribunalu. Times what a esitu from the actu or tribunalu and necontra-semnătu of grefieru or ajutorulu seu will be like Emma.
Grefierulu is capulu of his Chancellery, and dreptulu of impiegatiloru and privighere on the control of the registry.
Mat will keep your tote, minutes, records and colectunile laws.
Will also keep under his responsibility, tote acts and documents how many of them are trusted with portarei voru or details.

Article 92 the registry will be open Sundays out tote dilele, serbatori and vacantii, Rico putinu septe hours.

Article 93 Portăreii asedati besides the courts and courthouses voru makes to tote impunu laws, laws, agentiloru, judecatoresci.
Voru do somatiunile, and tracking headquarters, voru esecuta arrest warrants, deposit or retrofit.
Voru meet policy protestirile, bileturi to order. Voru esecuta decisiunile sentences, and other evidence of formal esecutorii. They could be charged voru President and with the call partiloru in aignificarea, with otaririloru and with acteloru communication between the parties.

Article 94 Portăreii are placed under the orders of the President of tribunalu and privigherea or the courtyard.

Article Capulu 95 portareiloru of the Court as from capu portareiloru ocolulu alu Court has dreptulu of control and discipline over loru.

Article 96 Portăreii are not remunerated, they voru priimi parts for esecutare procedure and what made a t-otarita that will be regulamentu by ficsa sprecialu one of administraţiune.
These tacse and judge it with voru privilege.

Article 97 Portăreii voru tribunals operate only in ocolulu county courts, loru voru portăreii opera ocolulu Court in Takhar.
At the casu tote with them from need or candu is the lack of portarei in judeţu capulu one portareiloru, the Court may by completing one to Alok judeţu operede and other District Court of slashes.

Article 98 acts of procedure done Portăreii times esecutare or after direct mission that have primitu parts or after Special Commission what to give. They confoma in voru loru with rules prescribed by the special procedures.

Article 99 Candu one court Alok is one of insarcinatu actu procedure, tracking or esecutare in ocolulu Court, Frank will make it transportandu-or is himself on the spot or insarcinandu with this paper on one of the Tribunal's respectivu Alok alu.

Article 100 Portăreii am respundetori of acts and documents shall be awarded for parts and voru for which they give the receipt, voru inapoerea her get loru voru priimire receipts.

Article 101 voru Portăreii have a special room where voru work acts and loru voru hartiele preserve what to trust.

Article 102 One Ernest regulamentu will rule on atribuţiunile and implinirei module largu datorieloru.

Title IX.
About immovability.

Article 103 the Presidents, members and alternates of the management and curtiloru tribunaleloru apelu voru County could become irremovable, courts or tribunals tote one or one or more courtyards, unulu or more tribunals by special statutes.

Article 104 Judges irremovable voru may not cease from Scott loru functions through demisiune, or following a decisiuni of dismissal given in the prevedute of laws casurile, perdutu or candu qualities required by art. 1 and 2 for acceptability and alu the judecatoresci functions.

Article 105 shall not be Judges irremovable potu gets one cov at altulu, even under the cuventu forward, without formalu esprimata wills loru.
CANDU one reaches inamovibilu Roz older septe-so years old, will be able to be obligatu to ' pension entitlements and esercita.

Article 106 Candu one of Roz inamovibilu, or what will fall into the mascarpone mixture, a chronic, incurable, bola times in smintire to mintei will cease from running, once it will ascertain the State of its mintei bolei, through one of the actu medicalu provocatu student, while outwardly submitting after form Ministeriului justice.
This termination shall be declared by the Court of casatiune, section-United sitting in secret, who will rule after a previous medical acteloru research and imprejurariloru, and after going esecuta aperarea.

Title x. Judicial Discipline.

§ 1.

Article 107 Presidents, judges, prosecutors and their substitutes, substitutii curtiloru and tribunaleloru voru may be required, before entering into service, to file and record in Panda and public urmatorulu meeting juramentu: "Juru in the name of Dumnedeu and onorea and declaru on my consciinta."
"Faith Prince and the Earth constitutiunei."
"To fulfill with my santenie what's datoriele function requires of me."
"To enforce the laws and to me consistent, tote, legiloru and all, without passion, without the URN without favore, without consideratiune of persona, one without any sexy grils directu or indirectu."
"So help me Dumnedeu."

Article 108 the same juramentu will seversi of clerks, ajutorii portarei and loru.

Article 109 Advocatii, as some part of corpulu judiciaru, voru juramentulut faith Prince lodges and constitutiunei legiloru and curtei of the Earth, apelu before where they are enrolled, or before the Court, if the Court is not that apelu commune.
Advocatii current past the Mona Lisa, voru juramentu lodges after the promulgation of this law; voru advocatii lodge on the futur juramentulu inceputulu internship at loru.

110 Article Submission juramentului is a necessary condition for all officials again called judecatoresci or go forward.
Acts of public authority made by these officials swear before, are null and void without prejudiciulu penalitatiloru prescribed by the criminal law (art. 163).
He that is permutatu in one single game, Ryti stated it's dispensatu to juramentu Lodge.

§ 2.
Order sedinteloru.

Article 111 the tribunals and the courts sitting in voru dilele you tote out of Sundays, national and serbatori or vacantii.

Article 112 Meetings either judges or courts voru cavities you Rico sesé putinu hours or more, and di multu if need will be required.

Article 113 Judges are gathering in voru, Eleni Coundouriotis and tardiu to date, and why more jumetate hours dorms sitting opens at unspre-why hours. In the other districts-it is to gather, voru 9 and jumetate, was the meeting will open at 10 hours.

Article 114 To be-that and tribunalu will present one workbook, snuruitu, numerotatu and parafatu. -Either that or supleantu-Naveen, will subscribe to this presinta in the registry. The a-to why hours, Eleni Coundouriotis and 10 hours in the other districts-it, the registry will close and it will become a Party Chairman and Devi, or loco-tiitorulu loru.
Departure membriloru will register this Subscriber in Takhar.

Judge or supleantulu, which will not be subscrisu, or justificatu will not be legitimate, its lack of causa before closing the register, will pace on that di onorariulu seu folosulu and raise revenue for more tardiu and luatu part in the trial.
Grefierulu and procurorulu, voru, moon shape, verbalu procesu-these conform to rule the State shall be lunaru.

Article 115 courts of judecatorescu Year for apelu opens after big holidays, through a solemn meeting of the tutuloru secţiuniloru. In this meeting will make one procurorulu Deo cuventu an awareness of materials, jurisprudinta, judecatoresca, or discipline of magistrates, fostiloru biography, or dine by law.

Article 116 audienteloru Police is entrusted to a President who will conformu reguleloru prescribed esercita procedure.

Article 117 the various papers and documents are read before voru tribunaleloru or curtiloru by the grefieru or unulu from portarei.

§ 3.

Article 118 Times what functionaru, or judecatorescu opritu Nadia is to plead or representa split ahead of Justice, out of casulu candu will be its own doctorates or that of celoru placed under the guardianship or curatorship, or that his wife, the ascedintiloru or descedintiloru sei, or its fratiloru or suroriloru. In these casuri however, causa will not depicting the same tribunalu or section of the Court of acelu functionaru, but will move to another section of the Tribunal or to the other tribunalu Linga, or the it-another section of the Court, except if the opposite side will priimi of tribunalu is the same judge or section of the Court.

Article 119 Nor one Roz Denny, supleantu, or substitutu, not comerciu may be made, except the judges elected in circonscriptiunea tribubunalului traders or the Court.
They don't buy or priimi potu in daru, or under what title the times-Patty, propriulu its use in loru. But those who are escepta le moscenire or come by potu legatu. Tote this without prejuditiulu ART. from 1309, Codulu Civilu.

§ 4.
Vigil and penalties Article Ministrulu disciplinarii 120 dreptulu of Justice vigil and discipline over tutuloru tribunaleloru and curtiloru.

Article 121-yard that has dreptulu of vigil and discipline over tribunaleloru from around the sea.

Article 122-yard tribunalu and that dreptulu has the discipline over membriloru what they compose.

Article 123 Student Ministry Members are put under the direct privighere su and discipline of the Justice Minister.

Article 124 disciplinarii are simple Sentences: prevention, censura, reprimand, suspension of provisorie, destitutiunea.

Article 125 is a incunosciintare made verbalu or scrisore, or through formal secret functionaru judecatorescu or a hair to descepta upon negligentei ' lu or acteloru ' i compromitu dignity.
Censura is a statement of disapproval sent to Roz inscrisu or judecatorescu a cream.
In addition to reprimanding reprobarea what coprinde, with onorarului's loss a month ago.
Suspendarca provisorie draw with Scott onorarului's time loss you. Timpulu suspension will keep you from five-to-why dile until doue Monday.

Article 126 Candu one Roz will depart upon his datoriiloru, or will it compromise the dignity of the President of the Tribunal of the character, seu respectivu or President of the Court concerned, Jen can prevent formalu, more ' before i apply the disciplinary penalty.
It can be done, prevention or directu by the President, or after the initiative taken by the student, while outwardly submitting to or while outwardly submitting to justice.

Article 127 If deviation will continue, the matter will be put before the Tribunal or court in question, who will judge the Council room, with and without presinta secretu votu defendant, and will decide after the importance of one of the penalties disciplinarii bogie quotes.
But Otarirea will rule only after more anteiu will inculpatu conclusiunile judge and audi entered the Ministry's accountant.

Article 128 If a disciplinary decision date of one tribunalu will contain the penalty of censura, it will be applied as soon as incunosciintandu only while outwardly submitting to justice.
If she will coprinde a more significant penalty otarirea the Tribunal, before the coming of the esecutore through procurorulu shall be subject to the Court chibsuirea Court.
The Court will rule in Sophia termenu dile multu, Rico and the decision will be communicated to procurorulu Court, Ministry of Justice for approval.

Article 129 will have all Inculpabilulu-d ' dreptulu de aperare always curtei before, or Ministry.

Article 130 the Court will rule on the Candu one of reproof or Invision Power penalty of suspending the penalty, it will become esecutorie, but after approved by Justice, while outwardly submitting to that will listen on inculpatu, when it will be required; the suspension will rule by Daniel decretu.

Article 131 In casu, judge inculpatu will cease immediately from its function, until Daniel decretulu will be introduced.

Article 132 Tote these penalties shall apply or, potu gradualu or-that of themselves and without importance of prevention after.
While outwardly submitting to prosecutors or Justice loru potu cause application.

Article 133 EC Court Sentences disciplinarii casatiune will be able to pronounce, conformu art. the Organic Act 42, voru: avertismentulu, rebuke that will shoot from a loss is made the Moon until Monday, or suspension of doue provisorie from one month up to four months.
In casu felonies related to the operation, the Court will apply penalties casatiune prevedute through criminal law.

Article 134 Avertismentulu will give inscrisu when the Court of casatiane, or dupe ministeriului initiative student, or partiloru, or after complaints by itself in a cursulu procesu, discover irregularities on the part of any hair or a judecatorescu Roz.
This avertismentu will be able to rule and without the appearance of military and re-scheduled the mere incheere in Council after which will be located in the esaminarea process.

Article 135 casatiune Court will judge the matters of penalties or warnings Takahashi-always. Voru is published in buletinulu seu, tote or suspension or punishment of dismissal, handed down by this Court.

Article 136 of The casurile tote susbendare handed down by courts or tribunals, the Court of Justice casatiune, Minieteriulu will be able to call on one of the persons who will possess the rigid conditions of admissibility, to suspendatu's inlocuesca's timpulu Rico Scott keeps the penalty.
The suspension will not be Timpulu you socotela aniloru of sema at pensinne.

Article 137 Ministeriulu Justice, as capu supremu alu, Justice will have a privighere on the implinirei datorieloru rigurosa judecatoriloru and agentiloru judecatoresci, and will terminate at the Court of casatiune, by procurorulu Deo those caduti in disciplinary or misconduct in tort, to judge and to ' take the penalties prevedute laws.

Article 138 the courts and tribunals, did not discipline over dreptulu membriloru student Ministry.
With this, the candu tote Chairman, court or Tribunal will be seen that these members are from loru abatu datoriele, or neglije and compromitu functiunei onorea and dignity will carry the loru, of Justice while outwardly submitting it on.

Article 139 the courts and tribunals, voru will still be through the Presidents and prosecutors of privighere over dreptulu loru grefieriloru and celoru-l-judecatoresci, and other agents on the judecatoriloru of plasi, coprinsi ocolulu, but in voru loru Announces while outwardly submitting to Justice about what deviations voru.

Article 140 shall apply Punishments voru disciplinarii magistratiloru Lana mindset that affects the stanchions, and celoru be irremovable.

Article 141 Relief a magistratu inamovibilu will not pronounce the verdict by a Scott judecatoresca in forms and in the penalty law casurile rule destituirei candu.

Article 142 of the Court casatiune will membriloru the same discipline over esercita sei, and will be able to apply them to the penalties prescribed by art. 133. Article 143 what court Sentences disciplinarii casatiune will rule or membriloru in sei contram, or against celoru it-other servants are esecuta judecatoresci, voru without another endorsement of the Ministry of Justice, incunosciintandu only this Culture, out of casulu suspension or dismissal, which will esecuta following decree Daniel.

§ 5.
Revisuirea Article 144 on either-that anu, the d ' anteiu in five-to-why Fevruarie, dile Moon tote of the courts and the Justice Ministry courts voru send one picture about loru operations since trecutu.
This array will coprinde: numerulu causeloru entrants, such as nature, loru were terminatu through impacaciune, those that were terminatu through causeloru, numerulu what is more to judge remanu.
These tablori voru Ministeriului serve to form the statistical judecatoresci in tera.

Article 145-which pictures will be insotitu a espunere of lucrariloru the Tribunal or curtei.
This will mean in espunere and serviciurile or lipsele, which doveditu the experience that lies in the procedure and the laws relating to the judiciary.

Article 146 Procurorulu Deo Ministeriului will also submit one of his resumatu observaţiunile over anu, and a statistic of numerulu causeloru and ocolulu coreclionale from criminal court.

Article 147

To be-that which either Vince Denny Monday near tribunalu will send one Prosecutor, presumption generalu respectivu about the status and work of the Tribunal with observaţiunile which will have to make over aplicarei legiloru datorieloru judecatoresci indeplinirei agentiloru and. Resumatulu acestoru reports will be sent to the Ministry of Justice of procurorulu Deo, together with its observaţiunile.

Title XI.
Congedii and vacantii.

Article 148 Members of court and tribunals apelu voru starve for cause well-cuventate with the will of the President up to date why multu dile.
Voru congediu ask their Presidents from while outwardly submitting to justice.
Request for congediu of the CANDU judecatoriloru will go over why she is going to give dile by while outwardly submitting to Justice, if that application will be accompanied by a declaration of the President, as the service would not suffer.

Article 149 Procurorulu Deo will ask congediu from Justice, while outwardly submitting to prosecutors of sections you curtiloru their congediu to ask why voru dile from S4 procurorulu; over why will be given congediu dile of Justice, while outwardly submitting to whether congediu will be supported by procurorulu Deo.

Article 150 prosecutors voru judeţu congediu ask for its five-to-why procurorulu dile from the S4, from five-to-why bogie congediulu dile in will give while outwardly submitting to justice.
Substitutii of courts or prosecutors ask their sections congediulu for voru doue-dile so from primulu, Attorney at procurorulu congediulu respectivu, their image will override doue-dile so it will be Jnstitiei, while outwardly submitting after his request supported by Devi.

Article 151 judges pay their voru congediu up to five demands-to-why dile from the President of the Tribunal respectivu; from five-to-why bogie congediulu dile in will give while outwardly submitting to justice.

Article 152 as registrars, portăreii, aprodii and those who don't love shopping n dancing impiegati-potu, unwittingly depriving President respectivu.

Article 153 the request times-what congediu how much to fia legitimate reasons therefor, and on a neaperata and being in need.

Article 154 congediu No one will not be able to get over one month.
Congediele granted in a certain flow, insumandu-potu is not skip a month.
The estraordinare of neaperata casuri need congedii will grant while outwardly submitting to and still up to another month, for which, however, will not priimi remuneration, except for legitimate casulu de bola.

Article 155 of the respective Prosecutors and Presidents of courts and tribunals voru Justice Ministry report about lipsele congediu tote with or without congediu.

Article 156-Ones why voru and Miss without taking the decisive forms congediu, voru pace loru's remuneration Takahashi timpulu lack.
If it will pass over a lack of the Moon, it will be considered as a demisiune.
Procurorulu S4 will be able to but after why absence without congediu dile, of portend the vineyards lipsescu, at postulu, and the following was loru elu will report to the Ministry of Justice.

Article 157 Judges irremovable apelu, curtiloru of you who miss voru doue months without congediu voru cease operation as from demisionaţi, after which it will rule termination through a decision of the curtei of the casatiune sections, after hearing military, or call them formalu and conclusiunile of the Public Ministry.

Article 158 the Court of Vacantiile and curtiloru are the following.
Great vacation from 1 July until 15 Augustu. Vacantii small to dile, Sophia Crăciunu from ajunu; to Pasci doue weeks of patimiloru and illuminated.
In addition to dumineci and serbatori, may be in voru vacantii 12 serbatori dominicale.

Article 159 In large and small timpulu vacantiiloru will be in one permanent member to the tribunals and courts, asistatu of adjutoru, grefieru or lucrariloru for espedierea and actiuniloru priimirea, corente and apeluriloru.

Article 160 the courts and jury not only have large vacantii vacantii small serbatorile and majors.

Article 161 Judges and prosecutors do not have instructors vacanti, and start the causeloru voru criminal or correctional.

Article 162 In times-but what Cabral congediu basatu's neaperata, a need, in the flow of the year Cadena and vacantiiloru in timpulu, the judge may replace bharath one altu Roz through while outwardly submitting to justice.

Title XII.
Dispositiuni final.

Article 163, laws and decrees Tote regulations before the atingatore of the subjects included in this law are repealed and remanu; and dispositiunile curtei of casatiune legei who were not modificatu, by law of the face are in working places and remanu.

Title XIII.
Dispositiuni transitorii.

Article 164 of the Criminal Courts, in being, voru cease to fonctiona of with the promulgation of the face.

Article 165 politienesci where the Courts are, voru disband it with replacement judges loru through ocole or plasi.

Article 166 the courts with debt collection of juridictiuni graciose, which exists on the astadi Eleni Coundouriotis and Iaşi under the name of courts Department III of voru disband once work this law and civil works.

Article 167 plasi courts or ocole will establish the voting budgetului the year 1866.

Article 168 crimes in Romania over legei imperiulu Milcovu, under the old criminal and criminal law after Romania of dincoce of Milcovu, delicteloru, nature is voru judge civil courts, judge remaindu of the jurors are only the crimes.


Judecatoriele of the place).

                                        On whether that month.
                                │ Clasa I.│Clasa II.│Clasa III.│
Judecătorului . . . . . . │ 500 lei. │ 450 lei. │ 400 lei. │ Adjutorele ... ... │ 300 lei. │ 250 lei. │ 200 lei. │ └ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┴ ¥ ┴ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ b) Courts of counties.

                                        On whether that month.
                                 │ Clasa I. │ Class II. │
Primulu preşedinte . . . . │ 1.200 lei. │ 1.100 lei. │ Either — which President .... │ 1.100 lei. │ 1.000 lei. │ either that Roz .... │ 900 lei. │ 800 lei. │ Roz instruction. . │ 1.000 lei. │ 900 lei. │ Supleantulu ... .... │ 800 lei. │ 700 lei. │ Prime Devi ... ... │ 1.000 lei. │ 900 lei. │ │ Devi or section ││ Devi ... .... │ 800 lei. │ 700 lei. │ Substitutu ... .... │ 700 lei. │ 600 lei. │
    c) Curţile de Apelu.

                                          Pe luna fie-care
                                 │ Bucuresci. │ │ │ Iasi, Craiova, Focsani │ │ and still ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ please ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ Primulu ┤ President. ... │ 2.600 lei. │ 2.400 lei. │ Either — which President .... │ 2,400 "│ 2.200" │ Member Roz .... │ 2.000 "│ 1.600" │ Supleantu ... .... │ 1.500 "│ 1.200" │ Procurorulu S4 .... │ 2.000 "│ 1.600" │ section Devi ... │ 1.500 "│ 1.200" │ └ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┴ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ This law was votatu of Romanian peasants sitting of 14 June 1865 and was adoptatu by a majority of 86 votes against to 5, and one-to-why reservations from votu.
Vice Chairman s. Voinescu.
  ┌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┐ │ Sigiliulu │ United Nations Secretary-General, c. a. Bordnescu.
  │ │ └ Assembly ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ SENATULU.
Senatulu Romnaniei to adoptatu this Bill in its meeting on 21 June 1865.
Vice President, n. John.
  ┌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┐ │ Sigiliulu │ United Nations Secretary-General c. a. Cartwright.
  │ │ └ Senate ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as the sigiliulu of the face to the State and the Official Monitorulu and Legiloru in Buletinulu, should be addressed to curtiloru, autorităţiloru, tribunaleloru and administrative order to enter in the registers, to observe the loru, and make them see the United Nations Secretary-General and Minister of State at Our Department of Justice, Culteloru and Public Instructiunei insarcinatu, priveghia publication is the loru.
Datu in Ruginosa 4 Imran 1865.
Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department of Justice, Culteloru and Instructiunei.
D. Cariagdi.
No. 982.

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