Law No. 756 Of 20 May 1865 For The Start Of The Right Input From The Cattle Pastoriloru Streini

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 756 din 20 mai 1865 pentru regularea dreptului de intrare de la vitele pastoriloru streini

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Law No. 756 of 20 May 1865 for the start of the right input from the cattle pastoriloru streini ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE Published in PARLIAMENT on 20 May 1865 AB IOAN i. With the mercy of the national team, willpower and Dumnedeu Jack of the United Principalities-Romania;
All of the face and future sanetate;
Vedendu raportulu Minister of Our United Nations Secretary-General n/a Department Financeloru;
Considering the General Assembly votulu alu Romania, datu sitting on 12 March beauty consultant;
Based on the assessment of the Senate in session at 12 GA Nadine anu;
By virtue of art. 14 of the Paris Convenţiunea 7/19 Augustu 1858 and art. 3 and 14 from Statutulu promulgatu to 2/14 Iuliu 1864;
AMU sanctionatu and sanctionamu, promulgatu and urmeda: promulgamu What About pastors Pastors austrieni Austrieni article 1 What Romania frecuenta loru cattle, are impartu in the following categories: a) Pastors who varandu his cattle loru in Austria or mountains of Romania, it was travelling towards winter ernatec in fields and swamps of Romania, or to move them in or in Takhar States bordering , and b) of the incoming Ministers of caroru cattle more multu have time stabilitu through fields and swamps.

About pastors what aru enter Austria article 2 States ' Ministers will come from austrieni States Austria, am free to between in Romania, with times-what do numeru cattle and cooking aru have; for pasture or atatu ernatec, Caden and pass transitu.

Article 3 is acknowledged, austriene Cattle after special acts (direction C. C.) which Ministers owners or sky, you need to have them fold the candu enters Romania; tax agents at the border point so allow entry of voru austriene temeiulu unoru only such acts, and by paying taxeloru input what they prescribe more Trung.
Pasportele is not acknowledged as Kings, and therefore, those asking the aru with such acts, not (pasporte) potu ingaduiti be in the very top of the front, but only by paying the right of importu or transitu.

Article 4 If numerulu viteloru coprinse over the overhead cost c. C d ' aru brings pastors and other cattle, they be free of voru in generally prescribed for S4, i.e. comerciulu or by paying the right of importatiune, voru be assigned to consumatiune in intrulu cave, or payment of duty, voru transitu declaratio de transitu is.
On the diferintei of may defend its pastors is putinu times-payment.

Article 5 entry Tacsele (oeritulu and cornaritulu), austriene, cattle are statornicescu precumu urmeda: a) for capulu by the oie, Naresh, goat, rametore, râmători and t shakes why (10).

b) For capulu of ox, cow, Buffalo, Jon, Frederick, epa, cataru, and asinu earns three or so (30).

c) For capulu of sugetori from the small cattle contained in (a). How many ' has) would bring up to 1 in ear headphones, alu-which the anu, earns five; was d ' thenceforth shakes why.

d) Sugetorii (calves, manji and malaci) why don't you pass one aru versta anu, is defend its payment times.

Versta one next year unto the latter two, platescu how many five-to-Mars why from head; It was at the latter two years in susu, platescu the big felulu, i.e. three loru-so, as coprinde earns the letter b) under this articolu.

Article 6 entry Tacsele, is platescu deslararea and immediately after finding the vamalu viteloru biuroulu austrieni, where Ministers would come with the introduction of cattle towards the loru intrulu cave.

Article 7 To be cattle-herding austriene that, ' aru find after Kings, agentulu fiscalu from the point of entry (vamesulu) will give imprimatu entrance biletu. Biletulu can not only give you a name Lana onl PA; proprietaru curtain has or natoma. In biletulu what ' aru Yes, you have to be specificatu numerulu c. c. overhead that was intemeiatu, the name of the pastor, termenulu pusune ask for what aru, or ernaticulu in tera, no. and felulu viteloru and tacsa (oeritulu and corneritulu) that pay for those cattle aru.

Article 8 To be-that is, that give biletu dupe dispositiunile Art. 7, osebitu of pastorulu input tacsa will pay one leu, who will enroll in acelu, Takano biletu and in receipt of sums of baniloru, what agentulu fiscalu datoru (vamesulu) is the ' free osebitu.

Article 9 Tacsele what trecutu had in under the title of plocone, revasu, and numeratore is desfiinteda.

Article 10 Termenulu what will need to be given in pastoriloru nestabiliti austriani tera, will be always Takahashi-one selling point of dile.
Termenulu acordatu enroll in biletulu to serve as input for control from rafuirea that biletu.

Article 11 Ministers in Romania and austriani intrandu tacsele of paying us by fulfilling the prescribed entry reguleloru more bogie without it being subjected to tax other tacse shall enjoy the following rights voru: to) pre-walk with Anna laying loru cattle on Romanian territory, on main roads within the limits, i.e. loru times where i would challenge interests, is meant by willingly pay the drepturiloru pasture and fold what aru looking at the Moon and the respective properties ducking, not to step beyond the limits with drumuriloru cattle loru.

For damage claims from voru undergo after Earth's laws for ispasa without the other intervene.

b) to bring without payment of importatiune gear for making brandei, nutrimentului and clothes-making iconomiloru and ciobaniloru cattle, îngăduirea introduction unoru also objects will be made by inse fulfilment of reporting, revisia reguleloru and numerulu felulu, and haineloru will be calculated after the aru omeniloru intovarasi numerulu why flock to the entry (owners, scutarii, shepherds servants) who are coprinde in voru and tickets.

c) return in Austria in marginirea termeniloru prescribed through the entrance tickets, with cattle breeding stock and what they introdusu from the fatatore on one productiunile of anu and with lana, branda, bribes, etc. Catimele obicinuitu producu in why such cattle and who is numerulu and calculate voru felulu after what be-who da aru.

If the aru have cattle pasture in reading, tera mai putinu Sophia months dile, pastors don't have ingaduiti to potu scota productions without paying.
For cattle or productiunile what aru prisosu supunu be pastors have to pay ecsportatiune, was for the lack of such cattle or productiuni is supunu to pay right importatiune.

d) passes into neighboring States and return with totalulu or part of cattle would be introduced in tera, but through these rules for declaring and pada finding, because ascertaining its cattle prisose platesca rights of importu.

About pastors who are in austrieni with more cattle tera multu time Article 12 Ministers C.C. with cattle are in tera, multu time impartu in doue categories.

Why have Ministers of Ryti stated) established through the fields and ponds where they platitu right input (oeritulu and cornaritulu); from the past till 1860, when fulfillment through the fields ceased; and b) intrandu from Austria who Pastors from 1860 incoce; or there were more inapoiatu to refui your tickets within the period allowed, were acordatu or lepedat tickets that have facendu their speculation that avutu pamenteni.

Austrieni what about pastors ' have aflatu set in tera before austrieni Ministers 1860 article 13 EC were established in their cattle, tera until 1860, is indatorezu to present the acts of the past (tickets) for payment of input (oeritul and cornaritul) and for time ' would find that ' they paid, they pay this fulfilment, calculated, after tacsele esistente by late 1864 felulu, numerulu and viteloru for recorded, plus one-year pedigree, from the fatatore.

Article 14 of the year 1865 before, Ministers established in austrieni fields will pay once either which anu, tacsele what is statornicescu by law, tax agents face competinti (the Customs officers) closest.
What pastors ' would have to present tickets to recunosce of austrieni are held to present documents in rule constatatore for numerul and felulu viteloru that has to be made from Austria, candu ' aru could produce no entry tickets for different reasons, neither acts constatatore, is declared by the pamenteni, and shall be subject to the payment of drepturiloru, numerulu and importu to felulu viteloru what aru the promulgation of front After a preliminary finding what makes ' aru.

Article 15 Pastors austrieni why would statorniciti with their cattle in tera tacsele paying us (oeritulu and cornaritulu) will be bucnra and prevedute rights to Art tote. 11 more susu, except for exemptions from point b, for clothing, gear and more, that they obicinuitu they cumpera from tera.
Because one of the austrian pastor Joseph statorniciti fields, productiunile, impossible to pota is tinutu to biuroulu of the Chisinau Panda esire biletulu payment the right of entry, anu ultimulu.
About Ministers 1860 thrills from austrieni and neinapoiati with their cattle in the terms prescribed by airfare Austrieni heavy article 16 Ministers who were inapoiatu in totalu or in part why cattle have the tickets with Ryti stated deadlines coprinse ficse espirarea termeniloru up to aretate in them, voru, being indebted to pay the right of importatiune, after numerulu and felulu viteloru what voru input registers after notice.
About the pastors of those it-bordering States (except Austria).

Article 17 Ministers from Russia, Turkey and Serbia, who need to come after the aru pasuneze in Romania their herds of cattle, are generally suffer in voru legei Takahashi of the face, if they would be recognized in such cualitate (pastoral) by special acts of the respective guverneloru

However, CANDU ' aru be ast-felu recognized (as pastors) voru ingaduiti be only by paying the right of importatiune, or making sure one's awareness, or also deposite, solvable, or if you have to sit in the aru tera termenu marginitu in one.
General Dispositiuni article 18 entry is Dreptulu platesce once precumu statorcesce anu, is more bogie. But one CANDU da who sue towards inapoere cattle in Austria, what aru aru have entered two or three times in a certain cursulu, he is to pay dreptulu datoru whenever aru enter, gazing into Takahashi d ' always like cattle again.

Article 19 Ministers established in streini tera more time, multu aru declared his desire impamentenesca voru loru cattle pay once for Takahashi d ' dreptulu de importatiune, always for cattle would be out of a certain pedigree of those fatatore that are scutesce, and following the payment of patent law, will be free to take or what to comerciu and enjoy comerciantiloru rights pamenteni tote priveace, what cattle loru.

Article 20 Pastors streini what sue and loru, cattle down on either that the term eapirarea from SIA tickets what aru ought to have, make the customs declaration biuroulu the most apropiatu, if you have intentiune to remanea still in the pasture in tera or to statornicesca all under titlulu of Sahu. Both pastors are as casuri owe it to platesca immediately after declaring the right of entry after numerulu and felulu viteloru what s ' biletulu aru after payment notice dm precedatu, year in which he's acelu ' would declare the pedigree plus fatatore. Remane understood as on Exchange bileteloru, you need to take into consideration the catimele productiuniloru, facendu-is fulfillment right importu to those that would be remasu in tera.

Article 21 declarations regarding refused what tax practitioners, agencies (Customs) aru dispositiunile receive after art. 20 above are required after registration and collection of baniloru, asemenat reguliloru, vamiloru Administration to communicate by giving tickets and original refuite to no longer follow the pastors.

Article 22 Pastoriloru strieni what sue and coboru, who until espirarea termeniloru from tickets, aru no cattle impossible ' aru make none of the testimony of the coprinse art. 20, will be recunosce by inpamentenite guess that cattle and shall be subject to pay right importatiune.
It will also follow and with foreign statorniciti pastoriloru cattle through fields, aru as long as to evade the payment of input on whether that anu.

Article 23 Suirea and pneumatic lowering viteloru mountains of Austria, or chiaru from the Earth, you who ' aru above opera picheteloru line of winter or vera precumu and esirea entry or through various lines of hotaru without customs, scirea is agentiloru popritu with totulu; times what cattle numeru ' aru prove ast-cooking (suite and levelled without forms) shall confiscate of voru incheiare procesu verbalu through the assistance and by private individuals, after which will follow, such as cattle to venda by tender.
From pretulu resultatu, doue sides profit tax charge in voru and part will be given doveditoriloru chiaru if doveditorii aru be fiscal agents.

Article 24 large cattle herds who Peter aru felulu imposibilu Peru could do or anevoiosu control chiaru to esire, pota and infer is after need with a mark which will be inadinsu.

Article 25 Pastors what aru streini ' steadfast in tera platescu dreptulu and input on whether that anu, after dispositiunile from art. However, esebitu are required to obey and to a finding of priri numerului and felulu numeratore viteloru every five years. Such findings are voru agentulu competentu opera fiscalu by most apropiatu and communala authority.
Actulu finding what will free pastor, will serve for levying duty, for the five years ahead, after finding, adaogindu only one pedigree for certain fatatore.

Article 26 the amounts collected from the input of the dreptulu pastoriloru incaseda and austrieni, shall be prescribed by fulfilling the versa dispositiuniloru law of comptabilitate.

Article 27 Ernest regulamentu, One will be formed before the law module esecutarii.

Article 28 of this Act to the contrary are Dispositiunile and remanu abrograte.
This law was votatu the Romanian Assembly sitting Electiva from 12 March 1865 and was adoptatu with humanity so Sophia and Sophia.
Vice President SC. Voinescu ┌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┐ │ SIGILIULU │ │ ADUNAREI │ United Nations Secretary-General, c. a. Bae.
    │ │ └ ELECTIVE ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ ROMANIAN SENATE.
Adoptatu Senatulu Romanian it law at its meeting of 12 year 1865 Kuba.
Vice President n. John ┌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┐ │ SIGILIULU │ United Nations Secretary-General, c. Al. Cartwright.
    │ │ └ SENATE ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┘ Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as the sigiliulu of the face to the State, and the Monitorulu Oficialu, curtiloru to tribunaleloru, addressed to the fia and administrative autorităţiloru, as recorded in the registers to observe loru, and make note, while outwardly submitting to United Nations Secretary-General and Our status at the Department of Justice, Culteloru and Instructiunei and Public Finance, Rico suntu tasked with bringing to fruition the legei from the face.
Eleni Coundouriotis, given to 20 1865 Kuba.
SIGILIULU DANIEL Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department of Justice, Public Culteloru and Instructiunei g. Vernescu Minister United Nations Secretary-General status from the Department of Financeloru i. Srat — — — — — — —