Law No. 555 Of 23 March 1865 The Imposition Perceptorilor

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 555 din 23 martie 1865 de instituirea perceptorilor

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Law No. 555 of 23 March 1865 by the establishment of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE ISSUING perceptorilor published in the Official Gazette of March 23, 1865 AB IOAN i. With his mercy and will of the OMONIYI Dumnedeu national United PRINCIPALITIES.
Vedendu referatulu Minister of Our United Nations Secretary-General n/a Financeloru Department no. 11.924;
Avendu votulu legiuitore, and in particular the Assembly of 5 Martiu beauty consultant, on the Bill for reorganisarea service perceptiune of the cities and main tergurile;
Avendu apretuirea, and in particular the Senate sitting at 19;
On the power of Art. 14 of Convenţiunea on 7/19, 1858 and alu Augustu Artic. 3 and 14 of Statutulu in 2/14 1864 sanctionatu, Iuliu Amu and Amu promulgamu sanctionamu promulgatu and what urmeda: LAW (Legislative Assembly from Estrasu sessions).

Chapter 1 About the imposition of perceptoriloru cities and terguri, the classification authority and loru depanda.

Article 1 contributiuneloru direct Fulfillment and different altoru tacse tax esclusivu to perform special agents appointed by virtue of collectors a title legalemente dobanditu.

Article 2 to this service is your one collectors institue through cities and tergurile of the Earth.
In addition to perceptorii through more populated cities, are attached to aid comptabili and tracking.

Article 3 Perceptorii, ajutorele and agents are tracking tax agents, depandu of Ministeriulu financeloru, and are placed under the authority of casieriloru Temple.
They are responsible for the fulfilment of the cashiers esacta contributiuniloru and operaţiiloru management for regular service loru.

Chapter 2 About the classification of perceptoriloru.

Article 4 Perceptorii cities and terguri are impartu into four classes, after showing the importance of population oraseloru and contributiiloru that have câtimea dupe to fulfill.

Article 5 perceptiune Service Personnel and classification will provide in rule either that anu budgetulu financeloru in Ministeriului.

Chapter 3 About atribuţiunile perceptoriloru.

Article 6 Atributiunele perceptoriloru consists in the following operations: 1) pregatitore Works.
Fulfillment contributiuniloru 2 and 3)) contribuabililoru Tracking intardietori.


Article 7: pregatitorie am Works 1) of priimi from inceputulu to be cashiers-anu which roles made finding agents, check them and present them to the consiliulu comunalu numerulu totalu contribuabililoru towards the alu, patentabililoru, venitulu proprietăţiloru, câtimea coprinsa and dariloru and immobile in them.
contribuabililoru 2) tote catigoriile split insciintarile dariloru of câtimea at which they are enrolled for the year for which they are formed and the roles of the past remasitele.
3 to comerciantiloru,) industriasiloru and professionistiloru, formed by patents advertisers finding and priimite through the local cashiers with roles.
4) to load to the income by scripturele totalulu coprinse with contributiiloru loru cast annual meeting and the quarterly suplimentarie.
5) to form matriculele of contributors and patentabili ambulant revesti them with legalisarea or delegatiloru Council aldermen, and submit them to the local prefecture, subprefecture or.
These latter privescu's perceptorii dispositiuni of the villages where still are not controllers.

Part II ABOUT the FULFILLMENT of article 8 with respect to CONTRIBUTIILORU impliniriloru, perceptorii have the following duties: 1) of contribuţiunile, tacsele and fulfill decimele additional autorisate laws from all the imposabilii enrolled in roles more quotes bogie.
Perceiving contributiuniloru tacseloru from ambulantii or necoprinsi roles will be made after bileturile of clasificatie what is lilbera by controlorulu voru respectivu from one workbook the Queen Bee.
Where there are no controllers, also bileturi voru perceptoriloru is free by the delegates to the aldermen serve base at priimi until fulfillment the good roles will rule for all ambulantii of catigoriile quoted bogie.
2) free receipts or register patents cut with Queen Bee for the amounts or tacsele why voru fulfill taxpayers times what catigorie and strolling from patentabilii.
3) to score immediately after the fulfillment in the edge of roluriloru through the columns open ad hoc atatu in figures and in words, Scott tote from contributiuniloru amounts be fulfilled-that contribuabilu, and whether that contribution fellu.
This enrollment by ambulant contribuabililoru and patentabililoru roles, will be made as soon as the tax collector despartirei voru sends its roles, formed after matriculele suplementarii.
4) move the amounts collected from tote contribution through comptabilitate records what you are owed.
the versa 5) at the casieriulu contribuţiunile be fulfilled localu-dille, if that residence why tax collector is another Township where Scott is therefore casieriului, biuroulu or câtimea as soon as you touch the loru sum of one thousand lei, candu biuroulu tax collector will be in acelasu, where there is grace and casierulu, and priimi for respunsi money cut from the register receipts with the Queen Bee.
6) require from advertisers finding contributiiloru aceloru downloading individe voru found what am gresitu dositi, forced, dead, bankrupt, etc., justificandu unable implinirei loru contribution.
7) to transmit the list of controller and what taxpayers voru patentabilii discover the break-up of the loru, either coming from other separation or from those who remasi neinscrisi recensementului at cerendu age, from controloru to make proper findings, and rule adaogirea aceloru suplementarii rely on taxpayers by separation of those Part IIi ABOUT the URMARlREA CONTRIBUABILILORU INTARDIETORI.

Article 9 with respect to urmaririloru, perceptorii are required: 1) to follow the taxpayers having cavities in which the roles of fia-voru despartirei be in the intardiatu comes to platesca what datoreza's contribution whether that quarter.
2) to form special warnings after roles for contribuabililoru displaced with housing in other financial separation, conveying their respective preceptorilor to track the fulfillment of contributiiloru image datoreza.
3) track also on taxpayers coming in from other circonscriptia loru separation, by virtue of special warning track, why voru priimi at local perceptorii.

Chapter 4 About ajutorele comptabili atribuţiunile agents tracking and loru.

Article 10 Adjutorele perceptorilor. more cities are popolate doue degrees namely: 1) Adjutore comptabili.
2) tracking Agents.
Atributiunele ajutoreloru comtabili.

Article 11 Adjutorele comptabili suntu charged to you in good comptabilitatea rule, the tax collector's offices, roles, quitante records and tracking and all that privesce to the proper order of biuroului.
They eat concurra form and by virtue of the EC delegation have been ' would give the tutorials to the application 2nd grade alu and alu 3rd track on the contribuabililoru why they play in casuri and the Trakker is priimesca lack contribuţiunile the tax collector that will bring taxpayers to biuroulu of perception.
They form the fia-which transmitu and Nadia, the warnings you need to share contribuabililoru.
Taemin is comptu and assecura about indeplinescu cumu ' module and the duties of either which of the agencies.
Depunu to local Cassieria to guarantee your personal fulfillment and solvent for esacta perceptore summeloru by the reverse of money why voru be indebted to imlilini in biuroulu of perceptiune.
They responssbili perceptoru suntu directly to what works for voru tote perform and for times-what neglinenta in datoriiloru loru.
Atribuţiunile agentiloru.

Article 12 advertisers tracking suntu owe: 1) split from the fia-which inceputulu anu insciintarile of câtimea dariloru with which they are registered taxpayers through roles and patents comerciantiloru, industriasiloru and professionistiloru from the separation be-which.
2) divide the Trakker is on either quarter-which warnings and tracking Ordinances to taxpayers intardietori.
3) tax collector lists communica taxpayers discover from nuou in circonscriptia loru, and those what voru be stramutatu, seu voru entered in casuri cavities would give the job to download contribuţiuni as well as about properties coming into both what aru catigorii.
4) to compete at the tax collector's orders after times-what other operations required by interesulu perceptiune service.

Article 13 advertisers are tracking the responsible for works tutorials loru and tote are owe it to give obedience adjutorului comptabilu, assupra indeplinirei insarcinariloru what are put through laws and ad hoc regulations.

Chapter 5 About the admissibility of perceptoriloru, adjutoreloru comptabili and agentiloru.

Article 14 shall be able to form Feathers voru perceptiune with cualitatile agents, admissibilitate conditions the Trakker is the voru following posts: a) being English seu nataralisatu.

b) evea compared to 25 years: c) have cunoscinta laws and financial reglementele.

d) arithmetic cunosce lucrariIe.

e) to be practiced in any stationery publishes three anni Rico putinu.

f) to have A nice scrisore.

g) not to be destituatu as that will be immoralitate for negligenta, avutu seu abusuri.

Article 15 times what is perceptoru datoru submitting a warranty in numerariu seu ipotheca, in relation to the fourth part of the venitulu quarter, contributiuneloru, alu from separation would be called.

For guarantees in the numerariu will be bonifia one percentage of 5% per annual.

Article 16 No one perceptore seu adjutor comptabilux won't be able to enter into service more and more functiunei pena Homer would lodge the security required and will scrisi legiuitulu juramintu.

Article 17 prosecution agencies, as is the fia admitted in such service, the Romanian voru have being seu naturalisati, it is write, sci cunosce celle four elementary arithmetic works, having compared to 21 years and about justify good conduct loru.

Chapter 6 About the establishment of a surnumerarii service advising advertisers of perception.

Article 18 After passing a certain from the promulgation of this law, it will not be nimine called perceptoru the cat after it will be passed to the ranks of surnumerariu, and adjutoru of comptabilu biurou of the perceptiune any one.

Article 19 for dispositiiloru art. above, is one surnumerari service institue, voru be numer of why besides the Comptabilitatei Direction de la Ministeriulu financeloru, and two perceptoru to advise each of the cities.

Article 20 in order to be able to be who will admisu as surnumerariu is going to meet the requirements, the following.
1) being English or naturalisatu.
2) compared to having of doue-so and one years.
3) to be absolvitu cursulu of the four classes of only four gimnasiale seu classe primary through districts where no suntu gimnasii.
4) to have A nice writing.

Article 21 Termenulu surnumerariatului will be mandatory next year for one and facultativu still one at anu, espirarea anteiu year if not will loom ver-ua surnumerariulu, seu vacantia if not will himself cunoscintile.

Article 22 Surnumerarii caries through activity and sample zellu voru insusescu cualilatile voru as required could be appointed to the posts of vacantia tracking agents, more ' before reaching chiaru stage one next year.
Trakker is surnumerarii will be charged to you provisoriu comptabili what loculu adjutoreloru aru be lacking from service at loru, pena intorcerea seu celoru pena in the appointment of older people.
At assemene casuri, dreptulu surnumerarii will have to enjoy jumetate from retribuţiunea posturiloru why voru occupa provisoriu.

Article 23 In casulu ' candu would crop up in collectors vacantia posts and categories quoted impiegati saifeddine, could present the security required in article 8. 15 or aru be subjected to penalties prevedute Ryti stated at Art. 42, 43, and 44 sauu ' aru can justify as insusescu prevedute and cunoacintele conditions at Art. 14, then only can the voru Mecca of perceptoru others qualitati aru also himself.

Chapter 7 About the submission perceptoriloru.

Article 24 Perceptorii more generally admitted in susu, voru dreptulu forward to have an upper class immediatu in casuri vacations dupe duoi years of service classes and a inferiore esamenu why voru Yes about the powers and duties of the station loru.

Article 25 Perceptorii class IV voru chipulu go forward with it in class III.
Perceptorii Class III to class II.
Perceptorii class I Class II Class I to Perceptorii. postulu Alexandros of biurou in the direction of comptabilitatiloru after a concursu with impiegatii in that direction immediat inferiors and astu-cooking further.

Article 26 direct contributiuniloru Controllers, with the ranks of corespundetore susu, celoru may have rights to the match forward posts in the wake of collectors implinirei condiţiuinloru and esamenu prescrisu at Art. 24 for collectors, but if voru having guarantee required by law of fatia.

Article 27 In casu candu duoi or more advertisers finding perceptiune voru and have equal rights forward, postulu vacantu will be given by the most concursu capabilu.

Article 28 Concursulu will make before the jury on a no. of theme chosen from iegile and financial regulations and instructions in force.

Article 29 Concursulu will be inscrisu and oralu.

Article 30 Juriulu esaminatoru will compose for capital perceptorii by Directorele Comptabilitatei and two other senior officials elected with that ocasiune.

Article 31 Juriulu districts shall consist of the President, Prefectu generalu casierulu and controlorulu district.

Chapter 8 About retribuţiunile agentiloru of perceptiune and premiele of incuragiare.

Article 32 Retribuţiunile perceptoriloru and agentiloru, it consists of a sum of voru ficsa dupe class it belongs to, and in respect of a proportionate over contributiuneloru and respunse and decimeloru completed.

Article 33 voru Adjutorele retributiuni compatible only.

Article 34 Retribuţiunile remisele is fixed and proportional reguleda dupe tarifa more Trung.
Ajutore Compatible tracking Agents Classea's 3.600 3.600 lei lei SIA lei 1.800 ". ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 2.400 2.400 ' 960 ' III. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1.800 1.800 ' 760 ' IV. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1,200 1.200 600 SUBMITTED ' PROPORTIONATE For collectors to advertisers from tracking 2% of those who will ave 1 1/2% decay will charge up to ave. ... 30.000 charge after roles at anu until lei's. . 25.000 lei on the certain 1 3/4 ID. at 30,000-90,000 1 1/4 at 25.000-50.000 1 1/2 "" 1 "" 50.000-80.000 1 1/4 ' inch ' 180,000-250,000 3/4 ' inch ' 80,000-120,000 and 1 ' inch ' 250.000 upwards.
more up.

Article 35 Perceptorii, osebitu of a fixed remuneration and remitted more proportional preveduta susu, older people have to share it with 1/3 of the amendlile fulfilled by virtue of legei.

Article 36 the tracking Agencies also have human rights, to share it with 1/3 of amendile why voru fulfill either from break-up which, by virtue of more quoted legei bogie.

Article 37 Adjutorele impartasescu is Compatible with Trakker is 1/3 the tote amendile.

Article 38 Perceptorii class I and II, for consideration greutatiloru voru loru service have the equivalent Award from one's awareness with ficsa's two months ' remuneration, whether through silintele why voru integralu voru lodges pay before the end of the fia which anu contributiunele direct image voru be indebted to dupe stringe roles and the suplementare from the separation loru.

Chapter 9, Article 39 Penalties Perceptorii caries by the end of the fia-which pays no quarter voru Rico putinu 3/4 parts of contributions despartirei acelu loru's quarter, and did not vindicate the voru cavities in resemblance to dispositiile, legei Comptabilitatii causele over there were impedicatu legal fulfillment rest, voru pace fine ficsa's fulfilment of a remuneration.

Article 40 Perceptorii cavities until nine months after terimu of espirarea quarter achitatu voru remasitele not be that quarter, voru undergo to pay fine for the fulfilment of those 2% remasite until final liquidare loru.
Dispositiile prevedute at Art. 39 and 40 more susu, voru be applicable with effect from the year 1866 in order to follow what the preference is given in the year 1865 cursulu remasiteloru has been collected from previous years.

Article 41 those of collectors, cavities up to espirarea esercitiului the fia-which the anu (September 30, alu douilea anu), voru not be achitatu contribuţiunile circonscriptia tote direct either-which on acelu anu, voru pay revenue, most importantly over 4% fine aceloru remasite.
It's fine to be fulfilled from collectors in those three months, i.e. until the end of the second, alu scadindu-what is treptatu with the acelu longer responds intervalu; After this passage the Iara termenu voru loru is applied on the dispositiile under § 1 of the law on the Articolu comptabilitatei 18.

Article 42 voru Perceptorii who deturua money State, voru departati be immediately from service and give the criminal judgment.

Article 43 Perceptorii who priimite for amounts from contributors will free other receipts of what Scott suntu owe it to those cut from the books with the Queen Bee, initialled and sealed by the Minister, voru destitua and send in as prevaricatori.

Article 44 voru Perceptorii fraud on taxpayers who, as soon as it will find faptulu sevesitu in bad faith, ought to be looked, voru contribuabililoru amounts reu, and once completed, voru destituati Takahashi and fi give the criminal judgment.

Article 45 For times-what other irregularities in the service comisse, voru suppusi perceptorii k be the penalties prevedute for advertisers finding organisarei through service loru.

Article 46 legei Dispositiile de fatia voru is re-scheduled month apply to the promulgation of the reglementului which will be developed for application with the esceptiile prevedute (1) under article 16. 40. This law was votatu by the Ellectiva of the meeting of 5 1865, Martiu and adoptatu with majority of Sophia-so new votes against to abtinutu 21, doue being from votu.
(Semnătu) V. President D. Gusti.


L. S.

Secretary. C. A. Bae.
Adoptatu Senatulu Romanian it law at its meeting of 19 Martiu 1865.
(Semnătu) V. President Faizi.


L. S.

Secretary, Tayeb cunoscutu and Facemu ordonamu as celle de fatia invested with sigiliulu State and the Monitorulu, tuturoru to curtiloru, the fia asked the courts and what constituted authorities-to padi and make it padiasca just Ministrulu Noatru, United Nations Secretary-General and the State Department of Justice, Instructiunei, Culteloru and Public insarcinatu privigherea is publicarei with legei of facial.
Datu in Martiu 23, 1865 Eleni Coundouriotis.
(Urmesa Signature M. S.)

    Minister Pan. State Minister of United Nations Secretary-General to Depart. Financeloru. N/a the Department of Justice, Culteloru and (signed) i. Instructiunei Layer.

                                             (Signed) D. Vernescu.