Law No. 1,150 Of 25 November 1864 On The Instruction Of The United Principateloru--Roman

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.150 din 25 noiembrie 1864 asupra instructiunii a Principateloru-Unite-Romane

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Law No. 1,150 of 25 November 1864 on the instruction of the United Principateloru--Romanian IOAN i. ISSUING AB

Published in the Official Gazette of 25 November 1864 AB IOAN i. with the mercy of Dumnedeu and national Principateloru-vointia Jack-all Romanian fatia and future sanetate.
Report of the United Nations Secretary-General on the status of our Minister at the Department of Justice and public instruction, Culteloru, no. 52.014, besides which We shall submit to the approval of the draft law on the public instruction;
Vedendu Consiliulu decisiunea taken by our Ministers through jurnalulu incheiatu meeting Octomvrie 16;
Listening Our Council and opiniunea status;
By virtue of the status of din 2/14 Inaba trecutu;
AMU sanctionatu and sanctionamu, promulgatu and promulgamu what is going Dispositiuni: General 1. Instruction is divided into public and private.
2. public Statement divides into City Hall, and superior secundaria.
3. coprinde: scolele City Hall Statement of rural and urban communes.
4. Instruction schools, coprinde secondaria: gimnasiele, seminariele, scolele, mamata-artists, professionals and scolele secundarie.
5. superior Instruction will coprinde the faculties of letters, mathematical sciinte and fisice, most importantly, of medicine.
6. City Hall Statement elementaria is free, and after obligatoria cumu legiuesce to be part I, chap. II, Section I, in the present law.
7. Corpulu invetatoru is divided into four grades: 1-Teachers or invetatore for rural scolele City Hall.
2-the teacher or institutrici for scolele Town Hall.
3 teachers scole secundarie.
4-Teachers of faculties.
8. Central Administraţiunea instructions and regulations be in after esercita edges below prescribed.

the ministrulu instruction).

b) consiliulu permaninte alu instruction.

c) general instruction consiliulu alu.

Part of the administraţiunea and organisarea instructions Chapter 1 About administraţiunea Central Section about permaninte and Consiliulu Minister alu instruction 9. Ministrulu is the Supreme authority of public and private instruction.
10. Ministrulu inducing esercita authority Council permaninte alu instruction.
11. Consiliulu permaninte is composed of the President, Ministrulu, instruction and five members of the unulu, who will be vice Chairman.
12. Members of the Board shall be numescu OLA recomendatiunea Minister dupe.
Fulfillment-whose five years shall periodu voru scamba how many of the latter two members: alunintrelea members of the Board are not re-scheduled hdez potu reporutulu otse motivatu alu Council of Ministers the Omoniyi.
13. Members of the Board shall elect from among former voru or current teachers, and five-year ave voru servicie public, and of other persons who shall be distinsu within the voru instruction.
14. Consiliulu will be consultatu, a declaration of invalidity under clausa with reserva veto alu tutuloru, the Minister, questiuniloru related to administraţiunea and national public and private instruction.
Tote decisiunile Minister conformu dispositiunii through the Council of susu, voru wear formula "consiliulu audindu's permaninte alu instruction."
15. Consiliulu judiciarie; and debt collection Elu is going to the Court, over the counter decisiuniloru recursuriloru made in consiliele data.
16. Opinions and not be decisiunile Council esecutorie voru hdez voru încuviinţate after being a Minister.
In casu for the revocation of a teacher, decisiunea Council permaninte isn't going to put the work of Scott after they will strengthen through decretu Mo conformu art. 403.17. Consiliulu, esercitialu atributiuniloru contentiose in his will not be a Minister presedutu stinks. In this casu will preside the vice President, or in the absence of the members more Rico Valdez.
With Ministrulu you can tote them will attend desbatere and give what you need what will judge.
18. Conisiliulu, in which privesce are books, the Minister will propose to elaborate pageants loru, defigendu-se award funds for stimulating instruction budgetului barbatiloru able beneficiele, Abayomi aceloru from vendarea of books, which is defige of consiliulu permaninte voru after casuri.
Consiliulu will sinulu seu Mecca in the latter two teachers for consultation, gimnasie or special faculties, on matter, and definitivu will judge those contests.
19. decisiunile permaninte Opinions and give Council after most voturiloru. The minority will be ' give datore opiniunea motivated. Consiliulu won't finctiona stinks more putinu three members presinti.
20. No changes will not make the software stinks being without note the following: 1 the amendment, what need hath God mat to aru count program is made in working places, consiliulu, cerendu opiniunea consilieloru anteiu tutuloru more school will develop the project of schedule, noulu.
2-Consiliulu the project will submit to this permanent de programa, insotitu of observaţiunile and its opiniunile school consilieloru esaminarea General Council, at alu instruction.
3-Schedule, approved by doue last thirds of this Council, will the Minister, tramite will be subject to the approval of the Lord.
21. Consiliulu will be done at the end of next year, which either a general espunere of the condition and needs of public instruction, which shall be subject to the Minister shall be notified to the General Council.

Section II General alu instruction About consiliulu 22. General Consiliulu will consist of: 1) of one President, who will be ministrulu.
2) three delegates who is Sri invetamentului voru call Jack after a list of why voru scolele intreita tramite Townhall Bucharest, Iaşi and Craiova.
3) five members nominated by Niloofar invetamentului secundariu after a intreita list, which will present the secundarie of scolele cities.
4) three senior officials who are voting voru call Jack, after a list of schools that will presinta bent from Eleni Coundouriotis and Iaşi.
5) a member of the scolei military which will be called Jack, after a list of teaching body bent PF of scole.
6) a member of the scolelor of medicine in Iasi, Eleni Coundouriotis and which will be called Jack dispositiunile after paragraph precedinte.
7) Of three members nominated by Niloofar private instruction after a list of private intreita scolele PF the towns ' Eleni Coundouriotis, Iasi and Craiova.
8) by one delegate from either side and cavities profesorali real scole numitu Kalma, re-scheduled the PF list intreita of teaching of body cavities either scole.
9) the latter two members nominated by Niloofar from consililu status.
the latter two 10) members nominated by Niloofar from among the members of the Court of casatiune.
the latter two) On 11 members nominated by Niloofar from cleru.
23. The fulfillment of either three years whose periodu will make choices and appointments noue conformu those prescribed by art. in previous years.
The same people will release and you can be called again for the next triennial periodu.
24. The functions of the General Council members are free. Members who will be in a residenti Eleni Coundouriotis will receive a daily allowance of a pre cat n's di will take the session of the Council, and particularly, cheltuelele.
25. General Council will gather once at the annual Eleni Coundouriotis 1-25 Septembre.
26. For each session by the Minister of public instruction will appoint three permanent Council members, who will attend the General Council deliberaţiunile and cuventul will be taken whenever will judge the need; they will not take part in votu.
27. General meetings shall not be public.
28. the General Council will be consultatu to all cestiunilor who have the presumption to extent and improve instruction.
29. At the beginning of either the Minister of instruction sessions cavities will communicate to the General Council the statement cestiunile tote, who will be out of the cave collapsed, Ryti stated ' discutite and permaninte prepared in the Council.
30. at the end of either Consiliulu General decay sessions will present the Minister whereby one reportu will resume as his deliberatiunilor.
This reportu and processes that will conclude the verbali for each meeting will be published by the journal or through the monitor instruction.

Chapter 2 About organisatiunea Town Hall statement Section about bond instruction 31. Elementaria instruction is for all children of obligatoria amendoue secsele incepend from Sophia until the latter two-supra-why you etatii years old.
This duty is imposed, under the penalties prescribed here josu, parents, guardians, stapanilor, masters and cavities, why would one care ave under Carroll.
The latter two older children-supra-why years of work in the implementation of this law will be dispensaţi of invetatura obligatoria.
32. coprinde urmatorede obligatoria Instruction will subjects: reading and writing, catechismul, hygiene notions, grammar, geography, the history of the Earth, admnistrativi fulfilment of the Earth, the four works from the legal system of arithmetic, mesurelor and greutitilor.
33. it is his duty to defend tramite la scola's public children those who will prove that they give invetatura of House or in one Kos privatu summers.
34. You can't take one more from Carnegie scola ' before being dobinditu on behalf of invetatorului a cunoscintele coprinse certificate in art. 32 more bogie.
35. No causa impedicatore cannot waive the obligation imposed by article obligatoria instruction. 32, of judgment and will not be recognized as such by the consiliulu municipal or communal.

36. When the parent, guardian or owners will allow the children to do at home without legal and not motivu ' i will eat three advertimentul tramite dile what will priimi at invetiatoru, or revisorul revisorul or insciinta consiliulu will immediately on local of the village, which will be subject to the parent, guardian or SAG at a fine of doue-so why the towns and earns earns at villages for each di lipsu.
The fine is going to pay in cash or in working order. In casu relapse she'll be bent.
37. no master, industriasu, arendasu, or stapinu will not priimi in servitiul seu a Carlson-more of the latter two Magas supra-why, how it will be after i Oleg certificatulu of invetatura, under osenda to obey by the local consiliulu to a fine of one hundred lei and the duty to tramite and you on the till Carnegie scola alu-supra-Duke of anu.
38. The fine prescribed by articlele precedinti will come true, the need will be required, by administrative authorities after the request.
39. amendele will Tote versa in communal house in favor scolei.
40. The priest, or priest, in the flood of suburbiu, or authority responsible for keeping civil laws will communicate in the d ' anteiu of the month be anu, which invetatorului respectivu a list of all the kids who have run seu implinitu, anu, Sophia compared to years. That will list the child's name, Mr Abrahams or the city, suburbiulu, family name, and diua nascerii.
This list will serve invetatorului to ' make known children who trebuescu to be adstrinsi to invetatura required.
41. At each crossing of revisorului or subrevisorului, these lists will be esamina, mesurile and control what will be taken.
42. The statement is borne by State obligatoria into Takahashi what privesce: 1) personnel invetatoru, administratoru imitate and domesticu; 2) Subventiunea for materialu of scola, books, chartia, etc. to those without children means; and in the House of Commons, as well as task for local, mobile and incalditu wood.
In casu when scola would ave-Suite means originating in the donatiuni, links, etc., those are going to be affected, but the scolei only to the commune of relief set to him by article impunu. in previous years.
43. The municipalities, fulfilling his goal of their imposed by article for invetatura obligatoria. You can set up to 42 will scole with invetaturi more stretched.

The section About organisatiunea I Scolele City Hall City Hall statement of urban communes baeti 44. In urban municipalities will tote set by one or more primary scole.
45. Home of a joint urban primary will divide in three classic, be that a decate anu. For each class will be one invetiatoru titulariu; When numerulu scolariloru will pass the five-so prisosulu classes, will form a special divisiune which will be entrusted to one invetatoru divisionariu.
46. treptatu will be the rule as numerul scolelor and their clasilor alu in reportu populatiunea be common with decay.
In each suburbiu will be at a scola putinu. With these instructions you will Minister tote you can through decisiune in the form determined by art. 14, allowing that doue putinu populated suburb to take one home.
47. Institutorele clasii ave esecutarii senior duty will law obligation, imposed parintiloru, tutoriloru and celoru other, of children to tramite scola.
48. the Trainers you voru dilele scola tote out of duminice and national serbatori dominicali or.
49. Vacatiuni voru be Sophia dile at Crăciunu, five-supra-dece at Pasce and Jesse luna in Septembre.
50. You Are esamine voru General doue, unulu in septemana Patimiloru septimana preceding, and Rico g douilea in the following month after dile of Augustu, Stephan will make sharing of award.
Esamineloru era will be published before. It will also publish the results of the public instruction via loru jurnalulu.
51. Trainers are owed to you at the best rule books and catalogele prescribed by regulations.
52. At finitulu year scolariu be-institutore, which will make the one General revisore reportu condition and needs scolei.
53. Trainers not allowed in voru scola other books by Scott autorisate of the Consiliulu permanetne alu instruction.
These books are printed in voru State and is sold in voru pretiulu loru, more cost beneficiulu the multu make mention of the art. 18, will be commies.
54. Children who come into scola, is rooted in voru in one special register, in which the name, compared to pure religion, natiunalitatea, and parintiloru housing and loru, tutoriloru or corespondentiloru.
Voru be brought by her parents or guardians, and loru voru actulu of present certificatu of altoiu nascere and or evidence that Ivan had paying videogames etc.
Children who are not living in the city where the scola, voru corespondinte acelu ave one flood in.
55. Does not receive in voru scola septe children under years of age.
56. voru copiiloru Trainers apply penalties only prevedute through special regulations.
57. Each municipality will be carried over in institutore about lipsele scolei material of the tote.
Revisorele continueth for indesularea cerendu, and loru, need, will be carried over to the Minister.
58. Revisorele will be aderesa and dreptulu stinks to the municipality to ' attract the attention of irregularities or cavities on the times needs what would arise.
59. In agreement with the institutorele or with the other authorities, the municipality will take care that all children got older Sophia years the scola.
60. study of Objectele scoleloru Town Hall, over the mandatory prescribed by art. 32, voru defige ministeriu is of the form determined by art. 14. the Town Hall of Scodele II girls by orasie 61. In urban municipalities will tote set one or more Town Hall, scole of outstanding ones baeti.
62. Whether that girls will take scola doue institutrici from who one will be the one Takahashi date and directrice.
For religiune will be called on Scott will be one Panda catichetu stinks. Aseminea and for musica vocal will be called one profesoru Abayomi.
63. Directricea will be able to stay in the scolei and localulu if you will be residing, and the other institutrice.
64. Directricea will take in this quality administraţiunea scolei.
65. Articolile 45 up to 60 inclusive are applicable to opotriva and scolele in the cities.
City Hall of Scolele III and girls baeti townships 66 rural. In either that rural township will establish a date with City Hall putinu scola one invetatoriu.
67. Ministrulu instruction, through decisiune in the form prescribed in article 21. 14 on the request of doue, will joint you can enable them and one ave scola.
68. In the municipalities of larger ones and popullate, besides the communal baeti scola, will set up and a separate girls ' soccer.
In the other municipalities scola will serve for communal atatu baeti Cadena and for girls.
69. The Special scolele, aldermen, or at the other, there will mixed scole da feteloru k invetaturi as well, with the addition of baeti thing.
70. In the joint is not scolele aldermen voru you girls Lana till compared to 12 years ago.
Deca scola will possess, one doue will be intended for feteloru, esclusive one room, girls occupy a particular part voru to scolei.
71. Scolele voru vacatiune rural ave City Hall from 15 Octobre 1 Augustu and Abayomi, the other small tote vacatiuni prescribed by art. 49 reviews for urban scolele City Hall.
72. Comitatulu and communal revisorulu voru preveghia as invetatorulu, out of these vacatiuni, do not keep scola closed times-Scott Geesey aru numerulu copiiloru be what would a frequenta.
73. On Sundays and serbatorele big ones, all children and girls gather at the dorms, voru scola and it takes invatatoru to voru Church, where you rule in voru in timpulu divinu service.
74. The teaching will be given copiiloru religiosa, Scott will be on stinks, by preotulu.
75. the voru esamine doue's make anu: unulu and altulu at the Crăciunu Pasce, candu and Division will be made from the award.
76. Dispositiunile art. 50 up to 58 apply and scolele rulali at City Hall.

Section III special instructions about the administration of the City Hall about revisori revisori and 77. For either judeţu or two-that is one name revisore voru and dupe more need sub revisori.
78. which will Be-dreptulu ave revisore of control over sub-revisorelui from circumscriptiune to.
79. Revisorii and revisorii voru ave mission to inspect the scolele from circumscriptiunea loru.
80. Either public or private computers which will take one special register in which shall be entered in the scurtu resultatulu revisiunii.
As a result of either revisorele or inspecţiuni, cavities subrevisorele will enter in the register the date and acelu resumptulu its observatiuniloru.
The second revisiune will he sees whether or not paying videogames etc imbunetatire.
81. Registrulu of inspecţiune alu-cavities will remane in scole archivulu scolei.
This registry snuruitu and sigilatu will be afiptu on table invetiatorelui or instituturelui Chancellery and will be visible for times-out of school.
You can, however, not included in voru ' insulu Scott people who inspect the mission statement.
82. regarding whether that inspecţiune tramite revisorele ministeriului will one reportu; voru also follow and sub-revisorii the revisorii.
83. Five-spra why dile before an end scolariu, revisorii voru tramite reportu's Minister of populatiunea and largu scoleloru from circonscriptiunea-numerulu in which copiiloru reportu come with older people to receive precumu and invetatura, about obligatoria times-what other observatiuni voru cursulu be made in the year pututu.
84. Revisiunea scoleloru at all it can do and estraordinarie times-another persona to name designated by the ministeriu.

85. institutorele clasii Abayomi, superior to scoleloru Town Hall, will take a constant preveghiare on the other scolei celoru University Professor you select, and will postpone the need.
About communes and counties municipal 86 statement. In either that the commune where the communal Mayor's Office consiliulu, scola will be comitatu scolariu.
From this comitatiu to the unulu from the commune that priests will not be invetatoriu at the scola, and unulu or notable in the latter two, appointed by the Minister.
87. Comitatulu scolariu will nemediata preveghiare ave to scola underneath.
Elu observaţiunile necesarie invetatoriului will do, candu ' aru deviate from its candu datoriele, aru not you timpulu's prescrisu selloane scola, candu aru necuviinciosa ave in demeanor, or ' candu aru Oleg in nedemnu times-what sea mission modes.
If these observatiuni yo comitatulu remanu without scolariu, will address at revisoru to request redress.
88. scolei things Localulu and aldermen under preveghiarea and respunderea invetatoriului and scolariu County.
89. Comitatulu ingrijesce that all children to go to conformu reguleloru it s law, and pronounce penalties in ' but prevedute.
90. membriloru Function scolariu County is free of charge and you and Scott loru of Board members.
91. In municipal towns, tote consiliulu in rapportu with scolele acelu orasiu, City Hall will be comitatu scolariu.
92. municipal Counties voru ave the same rights as those aldermen, and same voru esercita debt collection.

Chapter 3 instractiunii Dispositiuni organisarea secundarie About generals 93. Voru gradatu shall establish and Lana will be raped gimnasie stinks and high schools in the following cities and in numerulu what is more sad here josu, IE: Eleni Coundouriotis, lyceums In doue and three gimnasie;
In Iaşi and one in high school, and how many doue gimnasie;
In Botosani, Buseu, Focsani, Ismailu and Barladu, a high school.
In Ploiesci, doue gimnasie;
In the tote-other capitals of counties, a gimnasiu.
94. High schools be composed of voru septe class. Gimnasiele voru comprises four class.
95. Invetaturele proposed in voru gimnasiu be propunu Takano what those in the d ' classic high school four of antey.
96. Testimoniele of invetaturele gimnasiali does not give potu Cadena of public instruction, and the authorities after prescribed forms in presintele head.

The section about Gimnasie and 1 Special Administraţiunea 97. Be-gimnasiu and high school that will take one Adam, gimnasiale and other Council impleati and dine.
98. teachers holders of either-which classes to choose the latter two voru how many years unulu of înşii as Prince obinna profesoru head teacher.
Prince obinna Profesorulu of a class may not be the same qualitate Eddy in other classes.
Ordinary professors voru constitute consiliulu s under the chairmanship of directorelui.
99. Directorele will take the Chancellery to a compusa: gimnasie, one of the United Nations Secretary-General, the United Nations Secretary-General and schools one one adjutoru.
100. Raji Directorele of preveghiare and control, scolariloru, Lana atatu over and over profesoriloru; Elu is insarcinatu with the application of esacta to programeloru, regulamenteloru to legiloru and school.
Elu inspecţiunea bibliotecei, he has a Cabinet, or the history of fisica natural precumu and altoru rock Collections.
101. At the end of be-directorele s, which next year will make the presumption of culture one gimnasiului State or school.
102. The Council s will gather at dile cincisupradece Rico putinu once.
Elu estraordinarie will gather whenever will convene directories.
103. In these directorele conferences will communicate to the Council agendas or priimite instructions and it will ruminate on how to apply them.
Your pronunciation is disciplinarie in voru casurile sentences and dupe prevedutu module in this law; will discuss on the defecteloru or necuviinteloru what o­n a Abu in classes and to the ways of the head.
104. the Council relating to the application of Otaririle pedepseloru disciplinarie in the mesurile boundary law, simple procedure as you take to the esecutarea programeloru, regulamenteloru, ordiniloru and esecuta directories are voru without the other's approval; but for Stephan directorele opiniune is different, or thinks of consiliulu trecutu over competinţa esecutarea to stop otaririi, and will be carried over to the Ministry that will be on the questiunii.
105. the Council who Tote otaririle voru caracteru regulamentariu ave one is subject to the approval of voru ministeriului.
106. Otaririle Council shall be taken after the majority of voturiloru.
Parity, in casu votulu Director will take preponderanta.
107. Otaririle Council shall pass in voru one minority will protocolu mean its opiniunea motivated.
108. Consiliulu s, consultativu, that matches the hair will tote questiunile whom voru ministeriu put it.
Elu also has dreptulu to propose amendments or ministeriului imbunetatirile what aru believes its use is done in the gimnasiului or high school.
109. teachers fia-classic shape cavities voru Conference under the chairmanship of Professor Prince obinna.
110. This Conference will gather wherever the need will be required, convened by Prince obinna profesorulu or dreptulu, or after the request of the latter two from teachers.
111. Atribuţiunile acestoru the Conference be studie voru and discipline.
112. In what Prince obinna profesorele privesce discipline, will provide him with the other teachers, to maintain order in the classroom, to pronunciation, in the margins determined by this law, punishments, which disciplinarie profesorulu esecuta them, Prince obinna and to get times-image of the mesuri imbunetatire, which communicates them Prince obinna profesorulu Council.
113. in privesce studiele, the Conference will deal with the armonisa of the various lessons being clasii, will choose the school of premiatu and will classify, otari scolariloru will promotiunile of a class into another.
Profesorulu Prince obinna will communicate these works, tote directorelui and catalogele profesoriloru and what other acts of clasii.
114. the exploitation of clasii Objects, desemnu and others are put under Prince obinna preveghiarea profesorelui.
II study of 115. In either that classes be several voru titularl teachers, and asks for your need, and teachers divisionari.
Won't you can profesoru more of completing one five-multu so schoolboys; CANDU voru be more those are classes that create voru divisiuni, voru divisionari be entrusted to teachers.
116. Invetaturele what cuprindu in high school are: "religion;
Knowledge languages, Latin, Romanian, French, Italian and German;
Rationata arithmetic, legal system of mesuriloru and greutatiloru, keeping the registreloru.
Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry;
Natural history, chemistry, physics Fisica and
General history and the history of Romaniloru;
Cosmografia, geography, statistics;
Elements of Philosophy and rhetoric;
Elements of the economy and politics of the right admitrativu;
Musica vocal;
117. Consiliulu permanent alu instruction will cause the objectele study of gimnasieloru, alegendu of the articlulu contained in precedinte.
118. enjoying life are optional Tote out of the French, and Latin; the Tote-other invetaturi voru be non-binding.
119. At the end of s-profesoru tramite titularu which will ministeriu through the directory detaiata of the course curriculum for the futur year dip.
Ministrulu, in consiliulu, esaminandu and the székelys, will need these programs, they will be published in either gimnasiu or high school-which together with the general curriculum of invetaturiloru.
III admisiunea scolariloru, About discipline and esamine 120. One s shall be admissible, unless the gimnasiu will take years compared to Rin putinu, cunoscintele and Rico clasiloru.
121. Students who qualified by voru ave at scole voru public be enrolled without Patty esamenu. If certificates from voru scole, voru suppune school one is esamenu, what will you before a comisiuni composed of three teachers appointed by the guidelines.
122. Ron that his will Between in the higher classes, without being trecutu through the inferior ones, will be supusu a esamenu of invetaturele them before a comisiuni composed of teachers clasiloru inferior to the Director under the Chair.
123. Candu one s is one gets in high school or gimnasiu to one altulu, one will have to atestatu of studiele Panda followed, as to why the aseda clasea.
124. No one s cannot be admisu in one high school or gimnasiu Scott inceputulu scolariu the year until 15 September.
125. Scolarulu which will should enroll in one gimnasiu or high school will present the director with the parent, guardian or patronulu seu.
Those who a voru ave parents or guardians in that locality is one corresponding voru autorisatu presence of the parent or guardian loru.
126. Students endure from esclusi tote gimnasiele or schools shall not be recorded in the vr voru stinks ' one altu gimnasiu or high school, Lana after one one intervalu anu from escludere and autorisarea ministeriului with.
127. Scolariulu esclusu only one gimnasiu or high school may enroll in altulu if consiliulu s alu will find in its sole discretion; in casu, rejecting parent, guardian or the fulfilment of the correspondents have recursu at consiliulu permaninte.
128. Be-that is the anuntia profesoru datoru profesoriulu clasii's ordinariu lipsirile alu, about unfounded or demeanor of a reua scolariu.
Prince obinna Profesorulu insciinta this will about parent or corespondinte.
129. The punishments who, after the importance of potu, is applied against scholars who is abatu at loru, voru debts: a) rebuke, made in the profesorele classes clasii or profesorele Prince obinna, directories.

b pronuntiata de Censura), profesoriloru Conference clasii.

c) Closing in gimnasiu during the hours of pronuntiata Rico sesé multu by directories.

d The provisoria or definitive) from gimnasiu or from high school; the provisoria won't you can override one of anu and pronunciation of profesoriloru Conference clasii will attend and directorulu.

The final will be the same pronunciation Takahashi Conference; the parent, guardian or the fulfilment of corespondintele will take the consiliulu apelu s, which will definitivu pronunciation.

e) gimnasiele or The high schools from Earth tote, will consiliulu to reportulu of s after what's i will do conferenta profesoriloru clasii.

Parent, guardian or corespondintele scolarului will take the fulfilment of consiliulu apelu permaninte.
130. the Censura provisoria or definitive, shall make known, voru parintiloru tutoriloru or corespondentiloru by the profesorulu Prince obinna.
131. The penalties referred to in the letter: a, b, and c, passes are catalogulu voru clasii; punishments contained in the letter: d, e, voru registrulu is passing in the works and is General alu voru communicates by Thabo tutuloru celoru-l-gimnasie from tera.
132. Candu one s aceeasu the latter two years will repeat classes without pota makes it capable of moving in the upper classes, it will be from esclude scola.
133. In either-that will keep you gimnasiu doue esamine septemana unulu in General, which precedes the date of septemana patimeloru and alu douilea from 1-15 Augustu, candu Division will be made premieloru.
134. The year s gimnasie for high schools and will start on the 1st of Octobre and will hold up to 15 Augustu.
Voru Vacatiuni be out serbatori, Charmaine dile at dile the Crăciunu pasci, 15, and a moon and jumetate from 15 October till 1 Augustu.
135. In cursulu year, the be-that will keep you concursu quarter between school-classic and cavities for either-that lectiune.
Concursulu inscrisu will be made and it will mean that what gradulu be-s of dobenditu.
Esamenulu from Pasci will count as one concursu for scolariloru invetatureloru graduation anteiu over the semester.
136. A sample for inscrisu is either that rigore esamenu. These samples are scrutinizing voru conferenta profesoriloru clasii. Directorulu or permaninte one alu representante Council will attend the tutuloru samples esamineloru tote.
137. For be-which classes will be three award. Premiulu anteiu with corona will be given scolariloru that masimulu noteloru tote delani lectiunile clasii loru.
Voru Premiele conferenta rule is profesoriloru clasii. Scolariulu that in cursulu year's gonitu pedepsitu provisoriu or fostu censuri with dreptulu doue pace prize will.
138. In cities where tote voru be doue or more gimnasie, doue or more high schools and high schools, or gimnasie, will keep you finitulu be-concursu s one which conflicts between students awarded tutuloru gimnasie you aceloru and high schools of the city.
This concursu will be done on the obiecteloru study of gimnasiului high school, or ear, not included in the annual obiecteloru to syllabus be-classic cavities.
Voru is published in the Gazette and in jurualulu scolariloru name triumfatori, Instruction, and alu profesoriloru name gimnasului or loru Lyceum where they urmatu.
139. Module of insemnarea noteloru and scolariloru will follow graduation conformu reguleloru in regulamenteloru fiitore and being.
140. gimnasieloru celoru School and four high schools, inferior to the classic voru profesorele ordinariu receive from the end-one of which certain actu promotiune, which invetaturei voru and conduct pass notes, numerulu lipsiriloru and penalties be voru priimitu.
This will present of actu s profesorele clasii the senior Prince obinna alu, vedutu and subscrisu of corespondintele father or tallow.
amp; IV Esaminele gimnadiu generals and high school 141. Students who have urmatu gimnasiu clasiloru courses of high school or pass one General voru esamenu to you can receive a diploma.
Students who voru ave asemini diplomas voru enjoy the rights prescribed by law.
142. Esaminele generali voru localulu you are in gimnasieloru, liceeloru, or alu of doue times next year.
The d ' intaiu session will be from 15-30 Octobre, the second session will be from 1-15 Iuniu.
No one esamenu isolatu isn't going to keep you out of those sessions.
143. voru urmatu Students who have partly or in private institutes, voru passes esamenulu gimnasiele high schools or the general public and with the match conditions.
144. the student who will you cross the esamenulu General will address with the request in the Musu directories with 15 prior to the opening date dile little session, joining pa actulu nascere request for advise.
145. Comisiunea esaminatoria will consist of how many teachers atati are the objects of study of gimnasiului or high school.
This comisiune will be preseduta or Adam rectorulu Academy. The President won't votu ave. At these comisiuni will assist the Member and one stinks alu permaninte Council.
146. Directorulu ve membriloru list form the Commission for either-that session and communicated to the Member which either.
147. You do not need to esaminele cunoscinte more general or more large Cadena as proposed in gimnasiu or in high school, in timpulu ilu candidatulu frequenta candu.
148. Consiliulu permaninte one regulamentu will form which will mean, on General esaminului objects, largu precumu and autoriloru name for enjoying life, conformu with curriculum in working places.
149. General Esaminulu will be made by how many samples for each doue, one written and one oral dupe rule which will put consiliulu permaninte.
150. The nominees rejected in fiitorea is presinta potu session without suffering yourself in sema loru admission in evidence by.
151. Candidates admitted voru priimi through directorelui care diploma.
These degrees given in the name of the ruler will be scolei and sigiliulu sub-voru signed Adam, University of rectorulu and candidatulu esaminatu.
They dream of being voru ministrulu instruction.
152. The Director shall report on whether that anu about numerul and candidatiloru name admitted and rejected the General esamenulu.
153. After one anu, incependu from the promulgation of this law, shall not give collective voru certified following clasiloru gimnasiali, but in ready and diplomas after aci form more bogie prescribed.
V 154 About Boarding Schools. One internatu will be set up under the National Director of the Lyceum, under the auspices of either that high school and in same localu.
155. internatu-one that will take several provisoriu, repetitori, EA and dine.
All these salaried status be voru and stay in voru Internatu ave.
156. Provisoriulu will take moral and economic administration of the boarding school.
157. With respect to the economic side, provisoriulu will help one EA that will do will justify them cheltuelele, and you comptabilitatea.
158. With respect to moral disciplinarie party, provisoriulu will be adjutatu of repetitori.
159. Repetitorii voru adjuta School of lectiunile on repeat.
Clasile is for senior repetitori get out of potu Internatu, which come only at otarite.
160. All impleatii voru nemediata Internat preveghiare and be under obedience to provisorului, which at the casu of need will be carried over to the Director of the Lyceum.
161. On either-that his month in September next year, will, through provisoriulu tramite Thabo budgetulu, Minister of revenue and ordinarie chieltuelele and estra-ordinarie fiitoru year of boarding school.
162. Mat will give socotelele conformu reguleloru what are the it-other authorities.
163. it is Not permitted for voru internatu Cadena schoolboys who follow invetaturele.
164. Students from boarding schools voru stipendisti be part of the State party of solvents. Numerulu scholars of either category, precumu and paying celoru solvents are determined by special regulations voru data after the prescribed forms through art. 14.165. Voru pretulu insiders solvent pension payments from inceputulu which either semester.
166. Stipendiele for State boarding schools are given at inceputulu-concursu, which by next year that will be published three months Rico putinu before diua in which he gets you will ave.
Materials will be the objects of study of inferior to that on which the clasiloru candidatulu voesce to be admisu.
167. Competitors shall score voru may ' depusu in registrulu before the Chancellor's liceulul, and parents or correspondents loru voru actulu candidatiloru Lodge of actulu nascere, or proof of vaccination as they paying videogames etc James, why voru invetaturele be paying videogames etc, as well as a parintiloru of the actu neavere, serviciele loru.
168. the voru priimi dupe loru, compared to competitors asia incatu for class I concure voru those between 10 and 12 years old; for class II, those between 11 and 13 years old; for class III, those between 12 and 14 years and asia ahead.
Those older voru may be submitted shall not be priimiti voru.
169. Concursulu will keep you in the city where the School is located.
170. Eleni Coundouriotis esaminatoria In comisiunea will be called by the Minister; resultatulu contest cunoscutu aseminea will be made by the Minister. In the other cities-to the consiliulu s. Comisiunea preseduta of esaminatoria will be directorulu.
171. Comisiunea esaminandu competitors would classify gradulu meritatu densii after over obiecteloru of study prescribed by art. compared to 166 and after them; She will report to the Minister of sport. It will be decided in consultation on consiliulu permaninte alu instruction.
172. Directorele will carry over as soon as the Minister was paying videogames etc vacatiune of stipend.
To be that months dharm tramite sese will Minister one boarding school status reportu.
173. In each internatu will be a infirm: orthodontics, at institutulu will visit one Rico putinu three times a septemana.
Voru gimnastice apparatus is set in boarding schools for esercitiulu timpulu body recreatiuniloru.

174. Dispositiuni more desvoltate over moralii, hygiene, discipline, and internateloru of comptabilitatii to be determined through ' one regulamentu special.
175. The penalties shall apply disciplinarie voru Adam dupe one regulamentu special.
176. from The Internatu will be applied: a) on the internal aceloru, which by loru reua demeanor or the evils of esemple gives celoru or other boarding school in in high school, aru be causa de scandalu or de desordine.

b) on stipendistiloru who repeat the same classes, voru out Charles de bola.

Will the pronunciation by the Minister after reportulu directorelui.
177. fundate boarding schools and maintained with cheltuelele particulariloru, municipalitatiloru or altoru bodies shall rule as psycho voru maintained status, the lack of dispositiuni in the fundatoriloru part.
178. When asedaminte s ' asemini would put under the national founders loru autorităţiloru public instruction, priimirea funds to their maintenance will be done through a special law.
179. Stipendiele founded in State boarding schools, municipalities or private expense altoru bodies, will rule after the will fondatoriloru; ear in the absence of dispositiuni, will study the following for the stipendiele State.
180. Psycho and stipendiele dc who is made mention of space art. 177 and 179 voru bore the name fondatoriloru loru and be entered in voru statistics annual scoleloru.
181. In terms of management of fonduriloru for stipendie or for boarding schools, will esecuta, conformu civil law, wills, fondatoriloru, preveghiarea and respunderea under the Minister of education.
182. If fondatorulu determinatu stipendistiloru of numerulu and if the amounts for their maintenance not affected are ajunsu, ministrulu numerulu will stipendistiloru proportiune decreases in claims affected.
183. stipendiati School of municipalities or other bodies or individuals, be subjected to the same voru regule discipline and order as the stipendiati school status.

The section About scolele girls secondary smelters, 184. In towns where schools are tote is voru secundarie establish a girls composed scole five class.
185. Scolele secundarie girls will be put under the inspecţiunea and preveghiarea consilielor and Rector of the University District.
186. either that scola, secundaria girls will ave a directrice, one or more senior classic, male or female teachers and other service people.
All of them will remunerarie budgetulu ave prevedute in the State.
Directricea and superiorile rating will reside in internatu without family.
187. Directricea will be responsible for the administration of the moral and material of scolei with preveghiarea studieloru and programeloru, with application of the discipline and with the times what other debt collection i voru Yes through regulations.
188. Invetaturele coprinse these are the cause of scole voru consiliulu permanent through a schedule that after it will be subject to the General Council will strengthen the Kalma.
189. Invataturele of these mandatory voru scole be out enjoying life: a) modern, only one of these who will be after choice obligatoria.

b), Pedagogy proposes in the year end date, and will be only for those obligatoria daughters profesoratu is the destination.

c) instrumental, Musica for that schoolgirls should what voru inveta voru give a special payment.

190. Schoolgirls in these internal scole voru be tote unto stipendiate of some, was the other solvents.
191. Dispositiunile art. 161, 162, 164, 165, 166, 167, 170, 171, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182 and 183 applies to scolele secundarie.
192. it is Not allowed, voru as schoolgirls, solvents greater than dousupradece years. They need to have Rico voru putinu cunoscintele mandatory.
193. to not be admitting to concure voru stipendiele State girls older than treispradaece years.
194. Schoolgirls who voru terminatu scolei be courses, voru priimi one certificatu sub-visatu of Musu directrice of University and rectorele.
This certificatu will give older people's preference for the scolele postulu of the City Hall of institutrice girls.
195. A job stipendiata can't leave home without a causa, more legitimate before finish tote casurile courses, out of the prevedute art. escludere 176. In the absence of legitimate cause, voru cheltuelele parents turning back.
196. Escluderea a conformu art students. 176 will rule, after it announced it will be parintiloru fostu seu corespondentiloru. The face will entrust their esclusa. Also for schoolgirls of solvents.
197. Directricea will carry over to the Minister about the times-what vacatiune of stipendie s ' aru internatu cursulu made in the year.
198. Scolele current, seu, with senior Central loru, boarding schools are intretinu with spesele State is turning in voru sesé months after the promulgation of this law in scole secundarie.

Section III About real scolele 199. Real Scolele have to give invetatura trebuinciosa scoun for esercitarea a seu arti profession.
200. Municipalities, seu times-what other persona, potu funda real seu scole subsidize those esistenti.
201. Regulations regarding esamine, promotiuni, at art. 119, 120, 121, 122, 125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 152, and shall also apply to voru scolele.
202. Students shall finish attending voru scole voru pass one General esaminu on the invetatureloru what were paying videogames etc.
Comisiunea esaminatoria will be composed of all the teachers scolei, candidatulu priimi and admisu will a degree of capacity.
203. teachers scolelor voru scolei real Conference form.
This Conference, preseduta directories will add Rico putinu once a month.
204. Atribuţiunile voru Conference: 1. To deliberate on the scolei interests and proposing to the Minister what aru mesurile have to be taken.
2. rule scolariloru to promotiunea and premieloru Division.
3. To responds to times-why was ' cestiune aru put senior authorities.
Deliberaţiunile Conference, it passes into one voru procesu verbal and need to be communicated to the Minister approving voru.
205. The municipalities or other moral, voru bow and coru maintains scole, potu stretch and modify schedule tallow and after midlocele.
This will be done with the approval of the Minister.
206. A special regulamentu will go on at the largu relative to these scole.
207. it shall establish, in voru centrurile three main Romanian agriculture, scole cari voru coprinde and farms-modelu, agriculturei for the initiative.
208. the voru set up industry in cities of scole Eleni Coundouriotis, Iaşi, Galaţi, Brăila and Turnu, Ploesci-Severinu.
209. priimiti Not be in these voru scole, Lana young older posedendu cunoscintele cincisupradece years and prescribed by art. 32.210. All students have internal voru. The State will bow in tote these scole of intrege how many cincideci stipendie cincideci of stipendie, for three quarters and cincideci of jumetati of stipendie.
Stipendie voru Tote these is Yes by concursu to young Romanians who don't ave means, voru or caroru not be indestule voru means.
211. Cursulu will be for four years. Voru objects: discriptiva and desemnu geometry of machine geometry, chemistry, mechanics, leveling and lift plans, treated (carpentry, timplaria, strungaria), feraria, alamaria and foundry.
212. In the d ' antey Sophia acestoru years since the scole, articles made in themselves are voru sells and comandele pretulu is esecuta with cost voru loru, without any one benefit.
213. orasieloru voru Municipalities contribute to procure localulu, mobilile and incalditu bits of scolei them.
They also found potu stipendie.
214. the setting-up of dc comerciu voru in scole Eleni Coundouriotis, Iaşi, Galaţi, Brăila and Turnu Ploesti, Craiova-Severinu.
215. priimiti Not be in these voru scole of Lana young older optusupradece years douisupradece till posedendu claseloru and cunoscintele.
216. Cursulu scoleloru of comerciu will be for four years.
The objects will be: Foreign Languages;
Shopping Dreptulu maritimu;
Calcululu mental arithmetic, and accounting;
Elements of geometry and desemnu lineariu;
Elements of chemistry, and mechanical fisica;
Commercial correspondence;
Administrative policy and Economics dreptulu;
Manipulatiuni applied to studiulu marfeloru and the discovery of falsificariloru.
217. either-that s will pay an annual pension of why coins. The State will fund the be-which of these stipendie how many douesupradece for scole school those without means or caroru means no aru indestule be.
218. oraseloru voru Municipalities contribute to procure localulu scolei, and wood of incalditu.
They also found and potu stipendie.
219. in regulations will be special to provede esecutarea dispositiuniloru more relativu to scolele bogie of agriculture, of industry and comerciu.

Appendix secundarie of medicine I Scole Scole of mositu 220. It is established in the large molten orasiele through counties under the auspices of a central spitalulu maternity and a student of mositu for the formation of the main class, intended for the needs of rural comuneloru.
221. The institutulu of gregorianu and the institutulu of nascere from Eleni Coundouriotis is main form of voru class, most importantly to voru ave esercita artea mosiului in tota. Straighteners
222. Invetaturele what scolele of voru mositu brings are: 1) the theory and practice of mositului;
2) grafting plants in situ;
3) Pensamente elementarie;
4 Cunoscinte planteloru) on the necesarie and substanteloru leudieloru and prunciloru usuali.

Section IV Seminarie.o about administraţiunea seminarieloru maintenance and special 223 loru. Voru be doue degrees of seminarie.o for the ortodocsa Church.
Voru gradulu ones I have composed of four class.

Seminariele de gradulu II voru ave septe class.
224. either-which one will possess eparchia semlinariu of gradulu anteiu; in Iasi, Eleni Coundouriotis and will be one of an old-fashioned gradulu. Voru Seminariele be set at eparchiei and residentia preference in localulu there a monasteriu.
225. Seminariele voru be founded and maintained with the expense of the State, with the object of producing priests and other ecclesiastical miru.
226. Inspecţiunea upper seminarieloru of public instruction is ministeriului and culteloru.
Metropolitulu and the bishops have special authority inspecţiune mimsteriului.
227. Metropolitulu and the bishops have dreptulu to preveghia General status and religious progresulu from eparchia loru and communicate about what ministeriului are concerned, lack or imbunetatire.
228. either-that will take an old-fashioned one, which will be part bisericesca, Jean, implegati, and United Nations Secretary-General and other service people.
229. Directoare1e will be insarcinatu with the moral and material administration of the seminarialui, will take yet, commissioned to inspect studiele and esercitiulu religiosu.
Elu capulu celoru will be tutoru-implegati and other teachers.
Atribuţiunile steward, in what privesce expenses; and accounting and other implegati is celoru-voru may rule through special regulations pre largu.
230. Directorele precumu and revisorele ministeriului voru district reporting local or chiriarchului statement about irregularities and needs what Abu in an old-fashioned.
231. At the end of s, religious directorele, Ministeriului and chiriarchului will make one general condition reportu moral and material of the religious.
232. All the religious teachers voru consilu presedutu form one directory.
This Council will gather date once a month putinu, will take the same debt collection as the prevedute at art. 204 from real scolele.
amp; II Admisiunea scolariloru and 233 study. Voru Invetaturile what seminariele of gradulu brings them, are: a) in article obiecteloru Development coprinse. 32;

b) notions of history, chemistry, fisica;

c) notions of murgu, and viticulture orticoltura;

d) notions of folk medicine and veterinary.

Esercitie e inscrisu) and oral preaching;

f) notions of logic and moral filisofica;

g) Musica vocal and song bisericesci;

h) leturgia ortodocsa, Confession, the new history and the old bisericesca Testamentu, history, moral and Pastoral Theology;

I) history and geography;

234. Invetaturele seminarieloru of gradulu of douilea, voru Abayomi be contained in articles 3 of those. precedinte: a dogmatic Theology);

b) Dreptulu canonicu;

c) Algebra, geometry and mechanical elementaria plana;

d) Psichologia;

e) elements of Latin and enjoying life;

f) rhetoric.

235. In addition to the prescribed more bogie invetaturele students do practice voru religiosu service in church or chapel, the seminary under inspecţiunea directorelui.
236. Voru be admitted as pupils at patrusupradece compared to septesupradece for up to years of Romanian nationality, juni, voru justified by or through esamine of cunoscintele prescribed by art. 32.237. Voru admission is your preferred sons of priests and other servants bisericiloru and after them the sons of growers villagers. Sons of orasiani or priimi is only tirgoveti voru into Lana will be need of preoi at bisericele through the towns, and that altminterea eparchia only in the absence of sons of villagers.
238. Acelu which will allow the s is indatoreza through ' this, in three-year Rico terminu multu after completing his invetatureloru and esirea from priimesca preotesca to an old-fashioned function shemeber the aru offer, or, on the contrary the result, its intorca religious dinsulu the expense.
239. At the end of either religious conflicts, of which scolariu directorele will carry over to your local Ministry and chiriarchului about what had to be an old-fashioned year vacanti in the futur, in order to take the path towards mesuri to loru fulfillment.
240. Students seminarieloru voru be interns; numerulu loru will definge through regulamentu after what priests need to bisericele from eparchia.
In the absence of rooms or midloce indestulatorie, voru and school shall admit esterni, voru be subjected to these same tote regule discipline as trainees.
amp; III About discipline and esamine 241. Students interns voru be Gypsies at the expense of the State.
242. disciplinarie voru Sentences be legiuite for Takano students from those schools and gimnasie and shall apply directories. voru
The scolariloru from Intelnatu who has bad conduct voru ave, or repeat the latter two years in voru, without any one resultatu, the same classes, will be teaching pronunciation of consiliulu and chiriarchulu will approve of.
243. Students who have trecutu with succesu religious courses, voru priimi one certificatu to Oleg invetatura notes and conduct.
244. Directorele will go into ' one special register names and domiciliulu celoru that have determinatu the religious courses and have priimmitu certificatu.
In this register, which will be Ali Asgar-ave heading to where it will mean more if it has a tardiu priimitu operation and in what job.
245. The keeping of that seminar courses determinatu gradulu or seminariulu of four classic from gradulu have human rights, to be appointed without one another esaminu.

a) Priests;

b Invetatori satesci) to scole;

c) Secretaries on at protopopii.

Keeping that one for studiele certificatu from gradulu, an old-fashioned dc is voru call with preference: a) Priests at orasie;

b) Proestosi, rectors, members of consistorie etc.

246. At the end of be-directorele scolariu, whose religious conflicts, will communicate to the local Bishop that have students list trecutu cursulu seminar gradulu I or the four classic of gradulu II seminar and have priimitu certificatu.
Episcopulu will take the meruri to fulfill without intardiare places priests by vacanti what you have; at the casu lack dc also places will understand with those it-other bishops to handle the jobs ' aru vacanti why learn another eparchia.
247. No one internu cannot leave without legal seminariulu motivu ' before the end of seminariulu gradulu or seminariulu of four classic from gradulu II.
The legitimacy of the reason will be apretia of the religious consiliulu.
If motivulu will not be turning back legitimu scolarulu cheltuelele, what will have paying videogames etc with densulu.
248. For the communes of Catholic will be one special in an old-fashioned orasuluu Iasi; one special studiele and regulamentu determine the very top of this stabilimentu.

Chapter 4 of the upper Section of the Instruction for the introduction of facultatiloru and loru 249 courses. Are four species of faculties, namely: philosophy and letters, law, medicine and mathematics and natural sciinte fisice.
250. Several departments, established in the aflanduse commune, constituescu a University.
251. the fulfilment of the Faculty will include: 1) Dreptulu Rafique.
2 Dreptulu rafique privatu).
3) Dreptulu.
4) Procedure and criminal law law privatu.
Dreptulu 5).
6) Dreptulu dreptulu administrativu and accountant.
7) Dreptulu gintiloru.
8 drepului dreptulu) and natural Philosophy.
9) Economy policy.
252. A student of medicine in Iasi will form just like the one from Eleni Coundouriotis.
253. The faculties of medicine at Iasi voru Eleni Coundouriotis and is typically form reform and completion of the graduation scoleloru national medical personnel from those cities doue.
254. These faculties voru comprises: 1) Istologia discriptiva and Anatomy;
2) human and comparative Fisiologia;
3 Fisica and medical chemistry);
4) Chemistry and medicine surgical operatoria;
5 medical Pathology and Anatomy) pathological;
surgical Pathology 6 protesea) and fractures aparatu;
7) Patilogia and General therapeutic;
8) medical and therapeutic Clinic applied;
9) Obstetrics Clinic, boleloru; de leuse and babes;
10) hygiene and medicine;
11) Child Clinics, dermatological and ophthalmic, sifilitica;
12) Botany, zoology, matter and artea to formula.
255. The faculties of medicine does not confer voru gradulu Vijaya stinks in medicine of Scott after complete loru formation as Oleg at art. in previous years.
256. In addition scolele medicine will establish a senior pharmacy student training of pharmacists.
257. it will also be set up to advise the same scole, one s to form higher veterinary vets, for civil service and Maher.
258. sciinte fisice, Faculty of mathematical and natural will coprinde: 1) Introductie in calculu;
2) upper and differential Algebra calculu and whole food 3) elementary and Mechanical rationata;
4) descriptive Geometry;
5) theoretical Geodesy, astronomy;
6) Desemnulu linearu and topography;
Fisica 7);
8) General Chemistry;
9) Mineralogy and geology;
10) Zoology;
Fisiologia 11);
12) Botanica.
259. The Faculty of philosophy and letters will coprinde: 1) Psichologia, logic and metafisica;
2) moral and aesthetic Philosophy;
3) history of philosophy;
4 universal criticism History);
5) philosophy of history;
6) Literature and Latin;
7) literaturei ancient and modern History;
Pedagogy and didactics).
260. Whether that College is going through special regulations organisa, data in the form of public regulamenteloru administraţiune.
These regulations subject voru ave: 1) gradual Establishment, after the Earth has mediele catedreloru necesarie for precedentii courses referred to in articles;
2 setting up the other) ancillary to advise whether that College after what ' aru needs arise, following precedents set up from celoru paragrafu.
261. cursuriloru facultatiloru Duration will vary between three and five years, as needs be-cavities.

262. Under the auspices of the Faculty of sciintele and natural fisice, mathematical, voru is joined by one or more of the scole of aplicatiune, for selvicultori, engineers etc.
Voru aplicatiune courses are done in ' one of anu or Rico multu the latter two; school succesu esamenulu cvoru pass acestoru voru general courses receive a special diploma.
Special regulations rule these courses, voru precumu and ready for the admissibility of scolariloru why they urmatu those anteiu the latter two years of the Faculty of sciinte.

The section About the intake silencer, courses and disciplines, 263 esamine. Voru faculties courses start from Octobre 15 c and shall end at the end of voru Inaba.
264. Voru priimiti students have regular customers like those who in voru faculties being terminatu cursulu invetatureloru school trecutu esamenulu voru be general.
265. Vacatiunile over anu voru be the same as at high schools.
266. For the implementation of this law until work in the latter two years as students receive voru stinks regular customers in faculties and those students who have gimnasiali voru urmatu without being trecutu one esamenu.
267. The punishments applicable voru disciplinarie studentiloru: Admonitiunea, interdictiunea from unulu or provisoria more courses, loss of the right to timporaria pass esamenulu College, escluderea.
268. The penalty shall be anteiu pronunciation of padmapriya, the other consiliulu, Faculty of doue the latter from consiliulu permaninte.
269. In either-that college students ought to be pass voru anteiu esaminele to questiga dreptulu year to enroll as regular customers at the year joy; ALU II, General questiga esamenu to dreptulu diploma. Shall decide by special regulations voru for be-facultute, numerulu, that objects, shape and esamineloru era generals.
270. There will be no one to admisu Sai esaminulu annual cross won't justify it luatu in cursulu that next year from four United Nations Secretary-General inscriptiuni, faculty and will not be made before a date with septemana putinu.
Will defige through special regulations for either that a college inscriptiuni from tacsa 15-40 lei and tacsa Conference hold its 60-120 MDL. In casu removal from esaminu, jumetatea from studentulu will tacsa Conference hold its pace.
271. gradulu anteiu diploma studentulu will pay a tacsa Sophia gold for gradulu alu douilea, Rin tacsa will be yellow.
272. esaminele be permitted at Voru generals and those who faculty be cursulu voru urmatu, or ' lu voru be urmatu abroad with condiţiune but to anteiu more tacsele matches the respunse tote students regular customers.
273. questigate foreign Diplomas at the University, did not give any one's awareness of voru in Romania without a prior esamenu.

Section III special instructions About Senior administraţiunea 274. All teachers diverseloru what compunu a university faculties formed corpulu universitaru. Teachers aplicatiune scoleloru adjoining in addition of a college education, not part of the corpulu universitaru.
275. In capulu be-cavities will be one tee j faculties; teachers faculty together with consiliulu shape, padmapriya voru faculties.
276. In capulu be-cavities will be one rectoru universities that together with all teachers that form facultatiloru consiliulu universitaru voru universities.
amp; I consiliele 277 facultatiloru and Deans. Teachers may choose from faculties decay voru dinsii one tee j, which is hasrat will strengthen after the recommendation of the Minister. Eddy Decanulu will be for three years and will be reeligibile. Elu will ave of treideci Rico putinu compared to years and won't you can choose Cadena of teachers called definitivu.
278. Decanulu represinta faculty, has moral and material administraţiunea, preveghiaza esacta legiloru and regulamenteloru application to the faculty.
279. Dean's Function is the honorary mayoral sash.
280. Decanulu has inspecţiunea reguleza faculty esaminele Chancellery, scolariloru, numesce comisiunile esaminatore for corespondinta school, with senior authorities.
281. Decanulu summon and presideza Council meetings faculty.
282. In the absence of the Dean's date more of teachers ' Valdez will tinea loculu.
283. Decanulu will carry over to the Minister of the sea, about rectorelui times-what irregularities, or noncompliance on the part of negligente-a College Professor alu.
Ellu will take dreptulu to make observatiuni profesoriloru abatuti seu negligenti.
284. Decanulu General previghiare has over scolariloru from discipline, faculties and pedepsile conformu will apply disciplinary law.
285. Decanulu will be made through rectorelui University interventiunea reportu or dreptulu, where the culture isn't rectore.
286. Consiliulu faculty congregate wherever it will summon padmapriya.
Three of the teachers faculty CANDU ceru Council Assembly, decanulu will be-lu datoru of summon.
287. Consiliulu-either cavities formed General faculties curricula and the Division's studieloru dile and hours, dibereza on the detailed curriculum-which will be profesoru datoru do seu on the course. General Schedule and detailed programmes shall be presinta either voru-that's one more before the start of cursuriloru, at esaminulu permaninte Council.
Them being approved by the Minister, decanulu faculty afige and them in college.
288. Consiliulu delibereza over esecutarii legiloru faculty and regulamenteloru disciplinarie. Elu disciplinarie penalties apply, within the limits of this Act; form nouele, after what ' aru needs arise, the Minister proposes or rectorelui mesurile University of imbunetatire and delibereza on the times-questiuni decay was put by the aru the senior interesulu faculty.
Mesurile regulamentarie does not power up potu ave se voru approve of culture after the prescribed forms by laws.
289. Consiliulu is also on the faculty to questioniloru time off for esamine, enrollment or admission to courses.
290. At the end of be-scolariu consiliulu anu, whose faculty will do the rectorele State University studieloru one reportu College.
291. The State Chancellery, faculty will you one implegatu or the latter two, appointed by the Minister, after decanulului and recomendarea with renumerarie defipte through budgetu.
II consiliulu universtitatii Rectorele and 292. Teachers from the University facultatiloru, alegu from sinulu loru three people, of who will call on ministrulu rectorele decretu University through Daniel.
293. Rectorele should be naturalisatu kN, kN or to have compared to years of patrudeci and servitu to be Sophia years as Professor.
294. Rectorele Eddy is for four years, elu is reeligibile.
295. Rectorele previghiare over esactei has general application to legiloru and regulamenteloru relative to the superior instruction.
Elu has dreptulu to inspect either-which College to attend classes, doing profesoriloru and observari decaniloru, information about progresulu and about studentiloru studie, and informing the Minister of Cadogan's need about fold what deviations or irregularities.
Voru Deans responds to times-what is asking informaţiuni voru rectore, verbal or in the Musu.
296. Rectorele has dreptulu to ask the Council whether cavities or faculties, the University times-why questiuni, who intereseza a college education in University in general or species.
297. Rectorele previghiaza in one museele, bibliotecele special modes, galeriele and cabinets who was part of the University.
298. At the end of be-rectorele scolariu, which next year will be made by the Minister about the status of one of the general presumption of the University.
299. Frank will sve times-what other debt collection disciplinarie and administraţiune who i give voru through laws and regulations.
300. Rectorele call consiliulu universitaru and presideza ' lu.
301. Candu rectorele'll miss most, Rico Valdez in place of Deans ' i will loculu you.
302. Corpulu University is representatu: by rectorele facultatiloru together with Deans, as special Council; by all teachers, as General Council facultatiloru or universitariu.
Consiliulu voru in General take part only appointed titular professors definitivu, provisoriu was the professors appointed consultative voice will ave.
303. Consiliulu special will gather whenever rectorele ' lu will call, or on its own initiative or following the initiative taken by the majority decaniloru.
Elu delibereza more with sema on the implementation of legiloru and regulamenteloru relative to the faculties, on the mesureloru of general discipline and other questiuni decay times that faculty intereseza.
304. Otaririle regulamentarie special Council meetings, esecutore, potu not be more ' before he is approved by the ministeriu, conformu legiloru.
305. Consiliulu special, before taking a otarire may refer to the General Council questiunea deliberatiunea universitariu. Elu can be subject to this Council or what other intereseza questiuni, superior instruction in General.
306. Consiliulu General universitariu is summon rectore.
You can call this Rectorele will the Council or on its own initiative or following the initiative taken by the special ministeriu consiliulu times decaniloru alu.
307. Consiliulu universitariu will deliberate on the tutuloru questiuniloru of administraţiune, order, discipline and instruction, which is referescu to the superior faculties or instrnctiunea in General.
308. Consiliulu universitariu may take the initiative to propose to the Minister the times what the superior instruction branches imbunetatire.
309. Otaririle regulamentarie universitariu Council are not binding upon Lana after voru approve giving culture.
310. Rectorele will take a daily allowance per month for five hundred lei.

Part II corpulu invetatura About insarcinatu with and administering special scoleloru Chapter 1 About preparation of invetatoriloru Section about scola normal

311. it shall establish, and Eleni Coundouriotis voru Iasi scole of training normal teachers colleges and faculties.
312. invetatura branches of the scole voru: 1) Literature in General;
2 mathematical and natural) Sciintele;
3) imvetamentului Theory, or philosophy considered as research proceseloru metodu umanu spirit in letters and in sciinte.
4) celoru Best Practice processes invetamentu and scolaria discipline.
313. administraţiunea invetatura Staff scolei for normal and will consist of: 1) one letter section alu directories, which will be decanulu the Faculty of letters;
2) one section of alu sciinte directories, which will be decanulu the Faculty of sciinte;
3) Masters Conference, voru professors be that faculty;
4) four repetitori who have high schools teachers voru;
5) of one EA;
6) three veghiatori;
7) several servants.
314. Directorele section of sciinte will take residence in scola, and under the authority of Minister guberna.
315. The Conference call is repetitorii voru and Jack, of bodies determined in precedintele articolu, recomendatiunea Ministeriului and eat.
316. Economulu will be numitu by the Minister, after recomendatiunea of sciinte.
317. Veghiatorii of numescu of directorele order of sciinte; They locuescu in scola and they inspect the pupils in recreatiune hours, sleep, sleeping, over night and the novels.
They always insotescu Takahashi d ' students from performing at facultatiloru and loru cursulu at intorcere.
318. Students voru be interns and Gypsies on spesele State incaldirea, vestimentulu, harboring, illumination of books and materialulu necesaru in the study.
319. Numerulu loru will be three-so how many strides it's why voru admits Takahashi, year or more of need will be required.
320. Pupils at scola normal admitu through concursu, which will make each SIA.
321. Concursulu will be published with a may ' before; voru inscripţiunile is made from 1 Septembre till 15 Octobre; will you register for this one at the universities of Iaşi and Eleni Coundouriotis.
322. Bolling hopefuls will not enroll, how after you submit, from rectorelui University Chancellor's Office, following laws: Actu nascere) 1 of which will conclude that the aspirants is nascutu kN, and as 1 Ianuariu effiency will ave at septesupradece compared to up to 21-doue so years.
2) One certificatu from BioMed Central, or proof that they have paying videogames etc James;
3) In casu, a minority declaraţiune legalisata father or guardian, cuprindetoria of autorisatiunea date aspirantelui to the destination at the career of Professor Smith in why those years;
4) One of the certificatu functions of moral competence on the part of the invetamentului capiloru institutiune where aspirants will be aflatu or invetatoru or as as Senthil;
5 certificatu studie) One of the aspirants to establish trecutu as esamenulu General clasile high school with succesu.
323. inscriptiune list of concurentiloru will be submitted to the Culture, laws and tote with bogie avisulu dise rectorelui University over whether which hopefuls.
324. Concursulu will start on 10 Octobre. He will be judecatu by a comisiune composed of septe members be appointed unto three voru between high school teachers and senior clasiloru; the latter two from professors of the Faculty of letters and the latter two from school of sciinte. It will comisiune rectorele University provides that won't votu ave.
325. Cursulu this scole will be three years.
326. The students are impartu in doue sections; the letters and the sciinte. These are sections of doue distingu at inceputulu, but also slashes of contractu common, that a determination by remanu regulations.
327. Studiele year d ' revisiune antiu are a complex of invetatureloru high school.
In the year douilea will give alu acestoru invetaturi more desvoltare and is perfected in voru cunoscinte Takahashi students of felulu.
Voru students follow Takahashi d ' once in these latter two years cursulu the Faculty concerned.
The alu is considered the third anu students as future teachers and specialisa studiulu after invetamentulu to which they are intended.
328. Pupils in voru stinks alu third anu to teachers in suplinesca clasile gimnasiali.
329. Regulamentulu of this amenuntele will be doing scole consiliulu permaninte and will be approved by the Minister.

The section About fundarea of stipendie for strainetate scolele from 330. The State will no longer give any one altu stipendie cuventu invetatura for strainetate in scole, Scott from only interesulu public instruction and under the following conditions: (a)) As to be nascutu romanu aspirants to be recunoscutu without midloace;

b) as of the amount set aside by budgetu for stipendie, affecting the doue thirds in favor esiti studentiloru from scola, or, in the absence of aceloru absolvitu, cursulu facultatiloru that have letters or sciinte, and a third in favor of those students in other faculties esiti.

331. Candu ' aru feel necessity d'a is found one out of stipend previsiunile articulului precedinte, a asemine stipend will not bow stinks of Cadena law special date in cunoscinta for the cause.
332. stipendiele For why voru tote be give in 1406 articulului 330, will yourself concursu, in casu candu voru is present many aspiring to acelasu job.
333. Concursulu will be published three months before. He will keep, if the article is going to be after precedinte casu concursu, prior of comisiuni consisting of five members appointed by the Minister and at one preseduta Member Eleni Coundouriotis alu permaninte Council, and at the University of Iaşi, rectorele.
The President won't votu ave.
On the Commission, the carry-over will call Ministrulu on titularu stipendieloru.
334. Stipendiele voru timpulu is what will give the edges consiliulu permaninte, after positive data on the course scolei in which stipendistulu has to enter, or to decrease studieloru what has to be done.
335. Stipendistulu undertakes in the Musu, to serve at intorcerea in patria as Professor in the course of time indouitu date strainetate petrecutu in Lana with spesele condiţiune, but under State, in its favor, to be chiamatu to one also in the d ' postu anteiu the latter two years after intorcere.
In casu, the minority will oblige and Frank himself, and the parent or guardian of the sea.
336. Stipendistulu will be on either the tramite datoru-that certain documents of Ministry of frequentarea cursuriloru, or, in the absence of esaminele, the trecutu, and the intorcere, to certificatulu absolutiune usitatu Panda of the channel in which it urmatu.
In the result, and in the absence of any justification, one cuventu, one stipendistulu after advertimentu Minister alu, 1st place will be rechiamatu in tera, if this was in casu, and in General will be supusu of State spesele tote made turning back with the sing out loud in strainetate.
337. When one from cuventata stipendistu causa well no ' has terminatu timpulu studiele in marginitu, in permaninte, while outwardly submitting to consiliulu, i'm going to prolunge you can terminulu as appropriate, but not like this prolungare to cross over duoi years.
338. Particularii, precumu ver and municipalities and other bodies in addition to potu fundeze stipendie desvoltarii instruction in favor. In casu candu they should entrust the voru gubernului also, priimirea will be made by loru ' law.
339. Stipendiele fundate by virtue of art. precedinte, se espresa voru wills to employ after fundatoriloru, and failing, to study the rules drawn up after stipendiele the State.
340. These voru stipendie named fundatoriloru, and loru makes mention of densele in the annual statistics of scoleloru.
341. If fundatorele determinatu stipendistiloru of numerulu and if sums affected maintainers loru suntu ajunsu not of, while outwardly submitting to falls stipendistiloru will numerulu sumeloru mesura.
342. stipendiati School of individuals or other bodies, shall be subject to the discipline and regule k order as the stipendiati school status.

Section III About scolele Town Hall, and the normal school conferences 343 villages. You can not be priimi invetatori in voru villages Cadena those who justify voru trecutu prevedute have cusurile that through art. 32.344. In cities where voru be more urban consiliulu City Hall, scole permaninte will determine one of themselves to serve for scola's Town Hall.
395. at the casu consiliulu permaninte this will develop a special curriculum that will coprinde and notions of agriculture and artea veterinaria.
346. Once a selling point in the d ' anteiu septemana after either Pasci revisore will gather in that Conference, at central city circumscriptiunii, alu all under revisorii that circumscriptiuni.
These conferences will you Rico putinu three septamani.
347. Revisorele Oleg revisoriloru will sub in what consistu datoriele, loru esplica related laws and regulations scolele aldermen; will discuss together with densii Takahashi intereseza invatamentulu what masurele luatu of communal and towards imbunetatire.
348. Miniterului one Revizorele will address detailed about these conferences reportu.
349. duoe times next year, namely the inceputulu his inceputulu and his Iuniu in Septembre, revisorele will gather in the Conference at a communal home the most, all invelatorii satesci from circumscriptiunea to.
These conferences voru you either-that three septemeni Rico putinu.
350. Under-revisorele will hold in these conferences and lessons being desvoltatore over repetitore invatatureloru what propunu in rural scolele.
Will you still mat one micu and those of teaching pedagogy.
351. Resultatulu Conference acestoru will be subject to either of the Sub-Sub revisore through ' one revisorelui respectivu indoitu reportu, which will address the unulu Minister of the reporturi doue, along with observaţiunile what do aru ave Frank himself.

Chapter 2

About appointment of public instruction Section personalelui I Adiministratiunii 352 Staff special. Revisorii and revisorii, directors of secundarie, directricile of scole scole of provisorii girls, boarding schools, deans, Vice-Rectors of universities and all those charged with administraţiunea scolaria shall appoint or confirm the Omoniyi after recomendatiunea Minister.
353. They will have to be Romanians, born or naturalisati, and particularly, to meet and qualities required by the following article.
354. Won't you can call revisori, how those who will justify what cunoscintele propunu in gimnasiu one-two.
355. Won't you can call sub revisori how those who will justify that posedu cunoscintele clasilor.
356. At the casu when numerul aspirantilor would be more than the cat numerulu consiliulu places permaninte, vacanti will elect by concursu most meritanti.
357. Now in its early days, in the absence of the person with the qualities required by art. 354 and 355, shall be called by the preference of the former and revisori revisori who have made well-known in such service.
358. Revisorii and revisorii are not going to have any you can another service nor the profession.
359. The directors of lyceums, gimnasie, real-scole and seminarie.o, do not call Scott voru stinks of current teachers who have aceloru scole several years of service in the field of education.
360. seminarie.o executives will be clerics. The Minister shall consult, upon their election, on chiriarchul.
361. Directricile scolelor girls will not be on how you can call institutrici and Professor of actualile of those who have compared to scole of douedeci and scolele one-year mayoralty of douedeci scolele and secundarie for five years.
362. Provisorii of boarding schools will not combine with it stinks to operation no other service in the sphere of education.
363. Deans and rectors of universities shall be subject to the Omoniyi Instruction Minister, after what will have been elected by their respective bodies, 277 292 conformu and art.

The section About 364 invetator staff. The definitive appointment of invetatorilvr satesci will be made by ministerial decisiune, the date in the form of art. 14; appointment of trainers and institutricilor, as well as to teachers, will be done by decretu Daniel. Appointment of invetatorilor and trainers at scolele created and maintained by municipalities, will be made of them by ministerial autorisatiune.
365. The appointment of satesci be invetiatorilor provisoria will make prefectulu recomendarea revisorului County, after that judeţu; the appointment of institutricilor provisoria trainers and teachers as well, will be made by ministerial decisiune in the form of art. 14.366. The appointment will be made on provisoria those one anu invetiatorii satesci, for the latter two years for trainers and institutricile urban communes, on those three years for teachers of gimnasie, secondary schools and faculties.
367. No one will questiga an appointment stinks provisoria de invetator, student, teacher, institutrice nor Scott if you will justify the graduation of some identical or analogous studie which are proposed in clasea vacations, and all inferiors of those studielor.
368. Particularly, one seater wannabes vacations invetiator in General, will be subjected to a trial which will consist of: proponimente) or in the same matter made public at those latter two putinu in for years, if not more trecutu multu three years from termination of those proponimente;

(b)) Or the publicaţiune of writings upon those ' material.

c) or esamenu, when candidates, fewer numeru cat places, have no vacanti one of the titles in the aretate doue paragraphs precedinti, times when headlines what potu ave conformu those paragraphs are not ' and judged by comisiunea competinte in multamitore enough.

d) or concursu at the same precedintele alineatu prevedutu by Masayuki, if candidates are numerous cat places vacanti.

369. The referees who will judge the suitability of titles and candidates will be: 1) For invetiatorii satesci, revisorele, engineer or doctor in the County, and institutorul of clasea IV alu city.
2) For trainers and institutricile urban communes, the latter two among Asanga or local teachers gimnasiului more apropiatu, held the draw, revisorul County and the latter two delegates on behalf of the local City Hall.
3) for teachers of gimnasie, three teachers of senior high school class of the most apropiatu, held the draw, three delegates on behalf of the municipality and directorele high school.
4) For senior high schools teachers clasilor, umpires will be: directorele high school, the latter two teachers held lots of teaching of the Faculty from Eleni Coundouriotis, for the dincoce of Milcovu, and in Iasi for the beyond Milcovu, and of sciinte, and the latter two or three members after completion of numerului need towards septe, delegates from local side the beautiful sea town hall , or of individuals appointed by the Minister.
5) for teachers of Faculty, the Dean and four teachers and faculty that sciinte, Eleni Coundouriotis, through drawing for University of Iasi, Iasi, and for the latter two from Eleni Coundouriotis, members of the Board of the status of section corespundetoria that the latter two faculties, members elected after the nature of faculty or from the Court of casatiune, or medical board, or the Board tecnicu , and in the absence of the Minister, on behalf of the delegates.
370. teachers or trainers chiamati precedinte under articlului to be umpires may not be taking the cat of the holders.
These comisiuni will provides one of their members numitu by the Minister of Education.
371. Decisiunea Commission shall be taken by majority votes will not Comisiunea you can work how being in the numerul completu of the members of those legiuiti through art. 369.372. At the casu de vacatiune of invetiator, a schoolteacher from cov or teacher, are going public by taking care of the Minister, at least three months and jumetate more diua ' before you will ave to proveda from that job by institutore or Professor, and a month before for more ' invetiatori.
373. During the three months prior to the defipte and jumetate dilei, candidates will have to submit to their Ministeriu nascere Act and to declare cousins what titles will think they have.
374. The diua defipta comisiunea to make mention in article. proceeds from esaminarea 369 will those titles, and will need to be esamenul, or the candidates after distincţiunile art. 368.375. Esamenului or objects of competition will be: a) For invetiatorii satesci, cunoecintele declared mandatory by article. 32 and notions of agriculture and artea, as veterinary will stinks.

b) for teachers of gimnasie, cunoscintele what is propunu in high schools.

c) For the teacher and institutrici, cunoscintele clasilor and gimnasiale.

d) For teachers of high schools, supesiori cunoscintele apeciali over the matter which has to be submitted in vacantea classes; particularly they will be required to justify the invetiaturilor high school graduation or failing, to be subjected to one of those esamenu General invetiaturi.

e) for teachers of faculties, special cunoscinte on the ramului for which it is intended; especially this one, they will be required be justified invetiaturilor high school graduation.

376. Esamenul and coneursul shall be regarded for the teacher, invetiatori, institutrici and teachers of what summers in one game, and writing a sample lectiune made before the Commission for each object in the coprinse in art. precedinte.
But the profesoratu clasile wannabes in senior high schools or faculties will have over it, make it, of the object for which the presinta, three tests and three lessons being.
377. The theme either caries evidence by and there will be lessons being stinks, under penalty of nullity, more coprindetoria of how the subject of lessons being classes.
With the tote, for one of the three samples, written and lessons being who shall make mention in paragraph articlului precedinte, you will need to propose a general theme.
378. The theme for the inscrisu and for oral lectiunea pull the draw; However, the sample written at the time when candidates are the defendants to enter the room what it is intended to draw; the oral lectiunea doue-so and four hours ' before the trial.
The draw will be made by ' one Carnegie.
379. The urn with a draw tickets will coprinde object upon which materials tote is made esamenul or contest.
On the contrary, the curd and the curd when the same matter was found written on many tickets, everything is Emma.
380. Comisiunea will check tickets and will make mention of in the process of observing nonverbal tallow preacrise formalities through the doue article precedinti.
381. Lectiunile candidates will make the student. Samples by will print without a name in the jarnalul instruction.
It will also print and process of resultatului oral esamenului on the Commission or the competition.
382. The Minister receiving the report of the Commission, will make the appointment of the candidate provisoria admisu after form in article prescisa 365. The County prefect.
383. Invetiatorii, trainers and teachers are required to do, their appointment, subject to juramentu constitutiunea tere and fidelity to the Lord.
This will be done at jurament Eleni Coundouriotis before the Minister at Iaşi before rectorelui; and at the other counties before high school directorelui or gimnasiu, and failing before the prefect.

Section III rights and datoriele teachers, trainers and invetatorilor 384. Titular professors of faculties are irremovable.
385. teachers irremovable will not be displaced without their espresa invointa, from one job to another.

386. They won't be to cancel the cat for the reasons determined by forms and dupre ' this law.
387. All members of the student body iuvetamentului, as it is in the service business, give scutela militariu service.
The latter two supra-dupe-why years of service, renumerariul invetatorilor will be doubted how at primitivu.
338. Invetatorii am clasea owe it to their regular frequenta and enters the class at the time determined by regulations.
389. at The casu contraventiune articlulu of previous repetita three times in one month and those without good cuventat Minister motivu, Permanent Council, will remember from that which is invetatoriu lefa was ' would be properly dilele who stepped in and datoriele.
390. Duress at those classes in one month with no congediu and no cnventata scusa, will do well to consider demisionariu invetatoriulu.
Between scusele cuventate articlu well, this and the precedinte will not be based on ones you can admit other ocupatiuni what he had invetetorul, ocupatiunile legiuite of the outstanding performance of its invetatoru.
391. The fulfilment of obligations by the industriously who is made mention of in the three articles precedinti, will be established by ' a present, where the invetatorul will mean time and will subscribe to both entry and the penalty prescribed by esire under art. 389.392. Trainers and teachers of secondary schools, and gimnasie during anteiu periods of doue of course loru once received definitive appointment, you can not occupy voru no other service or any other profession eserciteze how invetatori of the matter for which they were appointed.
Contravenitorulu will be demisionariu.
393. The same duty is imposed, under the same penalties, senior teachers of secondary schools and teachers ' colleges, during d ' inteiu three times of their course after their final appointment.
394. Proibitiunile established by the voru precedinti doue article is splica and the teachers appointed before the promulgation of this Act, during the Vince years counted from their previous confirmation made its conformu laws.
395. Trainers and teachers will be required to pass, in the year scolariu, coprinse in curriculum materials tote, giving either cavities of an equally proportioned desvoltare ensele.
He that would be illegal for the third time this task will be punishable by pulitherapy.
396. teachers who will trample them datoriele are imposed by this law, or who jeopardizes the aru why summers modu loru character dignity, will undergo, after casuri at advertimentu, pulitherapy or destitutiune, censura.
397. Advertimentul will give superior imediatu through scrisore secret.
398. Censura, suspensiunea and destitutiunea will be comisiune to one of five teachers chosen by lots of teaching of the higher degree of invetament that functiuneza invetatoriul inculpatu.
This comisiune will compose, for teachers of faculties from Eleni Coundouriotis, from teaching at the Faculty of corpulu in Iasi and vice versa.
399. Censura attracts older people with loss of fees a month.
400. Suspensiunea pronunciation's time will be bounded, incepend from three months up to sea during the indeterminate, as appropriate.
401. Suspensiunea attracts with its handling fees on time loss will keep you.
402. Suspensiunea will not put the work of cat after it is rendered otarirea by which will be approved by the Minister.
403. Destitutiunea pronuntiata won't esecuta the cat after a Lucky decretu.
404. Invetiatorul destituitu conformu these rules above, there will be no admisu stinks every touristic invetiatoriu accountant.
405. Proceedings against invetiatorilor after this study established by law will not prevent those legal public action, will be one such private Instruction 406 casu Appendix. Scolele or private boarding schools potu coprinde times invetiatura, City Hall, what secundaria, special.
407. Scolele private girls will need to be under a female personnel.
408. Special regulations and Schedule of times cavities scole will be more private anteiu approved by the Minister.
409. Scolelor private City Hall Directors will be required to adopt schedule scolelor City Hall.
When, however, in a private home will form one or more classic gimnasiali, directorele scolei will you can adopt a schedule for those classic even to scolelor.
410. In addition to the very top of the studie, scola or internatu or what privatu will need to be well condiţionatu in morality and hygiene respectulu alu.
Those who are in scole, will pace timpmu copiiloru, or who shall alter or sanetatea, moralea loru is voru suspend or shut down.
411. disciplinarie Sentences at private scolele voru scolele be the same as the public.
412. Scolele-voru you on that next year, at which one General esamenu voru assist persons delegated on behalf of the Permanent Council in the rectorelui Eleni Coundouriotis University for, or on behalf of the directorelui of gimnasiu or scolariu for the County-lale.
413. Scolele private sub privighiarea voru be made Minister of Instruction, University of rectoriloru of revisoriloru of scolariu of County and Municipal Council.
Scolele private rural communes elementarie voru be released and under previghiarea under revisorilori.
414. Revisorii and under revisorii voru visit these scole directu whenever you need will be required.
415. either that or internatu-scola privatu will take one workbook inspecţiune as scolele Town Hall.
416. Stephan directorele a internatu da scole or proof of incapacity, desordine or nemoralitate, it will not appear to comply with the instructions and orders received, or when scola to morals or children altereza sanetatea, i will give one advertimentu on behalf of the Minister.
The Minister is going to Mecca on directorele you can capulu or scolei times the boarding school before him to ' do you have the proper observarile-lu listening in defence as his.
417. If after all attempts, also follow reul, Minister in the Permanent Council will decide or you can permanently closing provisoria scolei.
It is to be taken or mesura ex officio, or amounts received from revisori revisori and under, or after the request made by the County Council of scolariu or the House of Commons.
Closing scolei will effect thyrozol or immediately, or after hours conformu terminu, the seriousness of the circumstances.
418. This Bill is going to put in the work with the start of the year 1865 scolariu.
Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as the front, with the seal of State and invested in the Official Gazette, to be addressed to Courts, Tribunals and administrative authorities, tuturoru to enroll in their registries, to observe and to do them to observe, and Our Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department of Justice and public instruction, Culteloru, is insarcinatu with preveghiarea has been published.
Datu in Domnesca Nostra residing at Noembre 25, Eleni Coundouriotis, the year 1864.
AB IOAN Minister United Nations Secretary-General status at the Department of Justice, culture and public instruction, n. Catalano — — — —-

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