Law No. 1,378 From October 17, 1864 For Espropriatie In Casu Public Utility

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 1.378 din 17 octombrie 1864 pentru Espropriatie in casu de utilitate publica

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Law No. 1,378 from October 17, 1864 for Espropriatie in casu public utility ISSUING the JUSTICE MINISTRY Published in the Official Gazette of 20 October 1864 AB IOAN i. With the mercy of the national team, willpower and Dumnedeu Jack of the United Principalities-Romania;
All of the face and future sanetate: Upon Our report to the Minister Secretary of State at the Department of the Interior, agriculture and public works, with no. 10,949, besides that We submit the draft law espropriatie public utility for causa;
Vedend decisiunea taken by the Council of Ministers through Our journal concluded at its meeting of 16 Octomvrie;
Listening Our Council and State opiniunea;
By virtue of the status of din 2/14 Iuliu past;
I have sanctioned and promulgated and sanctionam promulgăm what urmeda DISPOSITIUNI: title I article 1 HEAT public utility tote for general interest works shall declare the power legiuitore; for those of common interest to several counties, by consiliurile judetiane, and the neunirea, the avisul Council, given Mobility status; for those of a local county or alu alu several common Council judetianu; and for the work of common interest and usefulness localu published declaratio de Parish Council is.
It will proceed into it, according to Art. 61 and 64 of the law consiliurilor County.

Article 2 Statement of public benefit is made following an investigation.
This research is done in the general interest of Cadogan administraţiune; in casu judetian interest, the Council judetian; in casu, communal interest of the communal Council.
Research will not be 4,152 how over consideratiunilor of general interest, on the avantagelor what infatiseda a public work hours-which he consecuintelor what may have under economic relations. It will be done after the steadfast forms through a regulation of administraţiune.

Title II RELATIVE to the MESURI PREGATITORE ESPROPRIATIUNE Article 3 Engineers or agents entrusted with the work specifications esecutarea, will pamenturilor or plans of RAD edificiurilor, upon which it is proposed to apply to espropriatiunea, aretandu-is the name of the owner.
A plan will not coprinde how the funds in what a commune in France.

Article 4 shall be those plans towards cunoscinta obstesca, dile during 10 entire Chancellery, where the properties are situated in cestiune.

Article 5 term 10th dile will I be a notification from dioa will be made by the collective address for interested parties, or their representantiloru to get cunoscinta depusu plan to the Township.
All of a sudden the notification will be published and, in accordance with art. 105 of the law on communal, and will display and copy legalisata on the usea, about primariul will conclude proceedings.

Article 6 Primariul will end in minutes that will coprinde reclamatiunile what you need or what will be done by word of mouth; datatorii of such subscribers the minute.
What you need reclamatiunile and inscrisu database will be joined by the second deadline espirarea di dupe why dile, will send these papers to the Prefecture; and being in township prefecturei will residenta send prefect.

Article 7 Immediately after receiving the work top inviting dise, after sub-prefect of the prefect, respectivu, a comisiune will gather at residenta sub-prefecturei, or prevedut in the curd, second sub-paragraph, article. the previous prefecturei residenta. This comisiune will be composed of persons drawn lots Sophia by the Standing Committee, of a list of 16 owners of the plăşii that platescu impositul, Mayor of the commune and the engineer charged with esecutarea lucrariloru.
Why are owners of potu is not espropria is part of comisiune.
Also do not participate in comisiune potu, Ministers, directors of ministries, members of the reading, the prefects (governors) prefects (governors), consilielor, and members of the County Municipal Services; the Township, County or place where it is done espropriatiunea. Members of the Court of casatiune, the members of the courts and prosecutors in the county where the follow espropriatiunea.
Suntu relieved to be part of the comisiune members of the legiuitore, and the bodies after the end, and all the administrative and fonctionarii judeciari.
La residenta sub-prefecturei, comisiunea will be sub-prefect presida; and at prefecturei, a residenta delegate appointed by the prefect.
She will not be able to deliberate on how being five of its members face.
Intemplandu the fia front see opiniunilte members, and to the President of the fia, the vote split will be predominant.

Article 8 Intemplandu that works to stretch across the territory of several communes, then their town halls will be part of comisiunea quoted in article 11. 7. Article 9 Comisiunea priimesce, dile, why observaţiunile and reclamatiunile interesatilor, called whenever it finds in its sole discretion.
Dupe espirarea, she formuleza his opinion.
It must ' work and deadlines for five-spra-why dile from its Assembly. The President shall send them comisiunei intardiere prefect, besides the minutes coprindetor opiniunei comisiunei. Intemplandu as members of the Commission not meet, or intrunindu-is not ' and finish the work within the period possible, then it will pull the engineering another comisiune.
Those or any other motivated appointment comisiuni, neputend justify the absence or neterminarea works, shall be subject to the fine from one hundred up to five hundred lei. The Council of statuiaza permaninte casu County with the right recursu at Reading.
At the casu d ' not to meet or not to sfirsi it works has two comisiune, then under the prefect three-dile will find it through ' one minute, and the path procesu will send prefecturei the minutes and the relative laws, tote and will decide the permanent Committee.

Article 10 If a change to the comisiunea route done by engineer, pretectul is indebted to insciinteze in the form prescribed by art. 5 owners concerned.
The minutes and the relative laws, will be travelling to the prefectures and time why dile from the date insciintarii preveduta through art. 10. The interested parties have the right to make their reclamatiunile and observaţiunile up to five dile, numerate from espirarea that termenu. Tote will be sent paperwork to the prefecture.

In article 11, after consultation of the minutes and the relative documents, laketa when public works in voru County interests or interests look of several municipalities in a County Council, and in the absence of judetian ' i, the Standing Committee will decide what properties will be be cumpera and that will take ownership.
Privitore works on several counties, and the cas of neunire to consiliurilor question, the Government will decide, in accordance with art. 61 of the consilielor County.
Sexy grils for general prefect will take a decisiune motivated by the Standing Committee. But that opinion is due to the fia to change the comisiunei path, the prefect will report to administraţiunei.

Article 12 Dispositiunile art. 7, 8, 9 and 10 shall not apply to the casu when espropriatiunea will be asked of a township and parish in her interest, and at the casu works for road opening or at vecinale.
At these casuri, consiliulu parish, on the strength of record aretat at art. 6, will decide what properties will be to be cumpera and that will take ownership.

Title III and ITS AFTERMATH ABOUT ESPROPRIATIUNEA in TERMS of PRIVILEGIURILOR and OTHER REAL RIGHTS Article 13 Espropriatiunea for doctorates of public utility shall be carried out only by decision judecatoresca.
Under no cuvent and under any title, the ordinary courts may not be replaced by administraţiune or by administrative tribunals, casurile out of prevedute by law.

Article 14 the courts did not decide how potu espropriatiunea only after public utility, constatatu and declaratu after the law's prescribed forms.

Article 15 Dispositiunile art. 13 and 14 did not have aplicatiune to voru compositions of good will.
These are legalisa of one tribunalu voru.
When the price will be challenged by third persons concerned, then estimatiunea is done by the jury, conformu title V, chapter II. II. Article 16 as Intimplandu mesura de espropriatiune to have to stretch over the fortunes of the State, of public asedamintelor of consiliurilor district and consiliurilor, of interdictilor, of absintilor, of the assets and the like, dotale of nevrasnicilor, representantii, listening to the Court on these fortunes and conclusiunile student Ministry, will decide on espropriatiunei.
All at once will rule and mesurile of conservatiune of comunu in terms of transactiunilor law of this kind of assets.

Article 17 In the previous article, the curd is not able to fully establish how the form of the jury aretat in title V, chapter II. II. Article 18, after fulfilling most of susu, proprietăţiloru with authorities unable determine of espropriat are required by dobendirea datore one of good will.

Article 19 if the test of dobendire by good will of compose will confirm, remanea without the mayor or the prefect, the Prosecutor of the Tribunal, and to which the goods are located, juridictiune title esecutarea works and why autorisa decisiunea mencionata at art. 11. Article 20

After three, the attorney representing the dile Court paperwork formalities they prescribed in title 1, article 2. 2 and title, will be required, and the Tribunal, without calling on the parties, but all d ' will always be able to be heard, Act espropriatiunea for public utility cause pamenturilor or decisiunea edificiurilor and aretate authorities contained in article 22. 11 and 12.
Decision espropriatiunei of lipsesce's proprietaru curtain has ownership of the Fund, leaving the only possession until payment of indemnitatii.
If admistratiunea ' espropriarea watched the Jena Monday, counted from decisiunea aretata authorities in article 8. 11 and 12, or lovitu through her owner will be able to advertise at the courthouse.
The Prosecutor of the Tribunal will communicate it to the Mayor and the prefect reclamatiune times they will be required to send in the paperwork as soon as cestiune tote. The Court will decide in three dile.
That decision will be called a membrui and function of judge, director of jury prevedut in title V, chapter II. II. At the casu foreclosure law, President of the Tribunal will orindui another judge in Monterrey, after a mere petitiune of the party concerned.

Article 21 The cas cindu owners, which are to be espropria, invoescu, fund transfers, however, are not satisfied with the price offered, the Tribunal, through incheere, you will find his consent and will orindui Member, director pretuitor jury, without need to be giving the decision of espropriatiune, nor to ascertain that they fulfilled the formalities prescribed by title I, article 1. 2 and title II.

Article 22 Decision is published and by municipalities in curency shorthand where are located the funds after the aretat module art. 5. once All of the public and will be in one of the official journals.
This abbreviation will comprise the names of the owners, the reasons and the device hotărîrei, and will notify the student and will be elected as the owners and place where funds, through a declaration made at the Council of the commune where are funds; and when the choice of domicile will not have had the job, prescurtarii notification is made in one copy by the bent of the commune and the other by the arendaşul, the lessee, the caretaker of the property.
The Tote-other notifications prescribed by law for the front in the shape of marked up.

Article 23 Administraţiunea to undo the properties of privilegiuri, ipotece or other rights of a third person, is asking transcriptiunea hotărîrei datore ordering espropriaza fondulu, codices and of the Tribunal where the funds are located.

Article 24 In those five-spra-why after the fulfillment of the prescribed formalities dile at art. previous indrituitii the Tribunal will ask and will make the inclusion of privilegiurilor, ipotecelor or other rights.
If indrituitii will not be called for inclusion, and the term prescribed above, then the espropriat property will be convicted of times what a privilege, mortgage, or other rights, women's rights without injury, neverstniciloru and other interdisi over the amount due the owner of indemnisare espropriat.
Creditors will not be fulfilled cavities formalities prescribed above shall have the right of claim against the owner of espropriat.
Creditors will not be enrolled at the casu Bolling, faculty to propose price higher, but they could ask as indemnisarea voru to ficseze after the title. V. Article 25 Actiile claim of protimisis, and what other actions, will not be able to stop espropriarea its effect nor prevent. Complainants will carry right on the price, and immobilul will remanea scutitu.

Article 26 Regulations asedate to art. 22, 23 and 24 are applicable for the casurile composition of the good will of between administraţiune and owners.
Neimplinirea formalities to desarcina mortgage immobilul, privilegiuri, or other rights, not to hinder the course of espropriatiunei, however, stakeholders ' and will be able to pursue their rights, after the prescribed forms in title V, chapter II. II. Title IV, Article ABOUT RECURSU 27 declaratore espropriatiune Decision of the Tribunal is without opositiune, without appeal and subject to appeal only in casatiune to the following: Incompetinta casuri).

b) Escesu, and (c)) Vitiuri form under the decision.

Article 28 Appeal in casatiune will be filed at the registry of the Court and finish eight dile, numerate of notification under article hotărîrei. 22. The Registrar will be obliged to free registered certificate immediately.

Article 29 the Tribunal will share the appeal until the owner Sophia dile signed at art. 22, or prefect, or primariului, and eat the flesh of the works, with the realization that up-and so to portray dile at the Court of casatiune himself or through a representative.

Article 30 within five-spra-why dile notificarei tribunalulu of appeal, it is obliged to espedia the appeal with the Court of causei folder casatiune.

Article 31 in espropriatiune material for doctorates in the public interest, the Court of appeal judge casatiune the re-scheduled three-so dile, counted from dioa put the appeal, without calling on the sides.

Article 32 Appeal can't be done by interested parties as Scott, I mean, or espropriat or exproprietar.
Lenders and those who love shopping n dancing potu-not interested in doing recursu. In this matter the appeal and declare themselves casatiune of urgentu. The Court will judge him and session.

Title V Chapter 1 ABOUT INDEMNISARII START PREGATITORIE Article 33 The MESURI why dile from the date prescribed by article notificarei hotărîrei. 22 what is the owner of the Fund shall be obliged to make espropriaza cunoscutu administraţiunei people have rights, rents arendi, usufruct, Sheen or housing, and those of serbire, and the power of a title given by the owner or in which he participated. The owner of the remanea respundetor will indemnisare with single by them.
Those who love shopping n dancing ought to be interested in will be sad at administraţiune and the term above why dile; to the contrary, they will no longer be listening to ficsarea indemnitatii.

Article 34 legei atingatore Dispositiunile the presence of the owners and their lenders, will apply to usufructuari and their lenders.

Article Administraţiunea notify owners and 35 tutulor interesatilor cavities were declared, or who were aretat and the term possible under article. 33, ofereza been summoned by law amounts. The offers will be displayed under article. 5 of the law of the face; they will be made especially for as either interested to watch cathrin Tait the amount ofereza for the prison sentences of the right fats.

Article 36 until notification is given of why dile prescribed by art. 33, owners and those who love shopping n dancing-interested in will be required to declare their priimirea entered, or, if it is not multumescu with the offerings you have done, to show the amount pretentiunei loru.
Silence or to interesatilor will be considered as a declaraţiune of contentment with the price offered by administraţiune.

Article 37 at the casu de espropriatiune of the fortunes of the nature coprinse in article 16. calor 18, will follow in line cn prescripţiunile art. 17. Article 38 If the offers are not administraţiunei priimite and the term prescribed by art. 36, administraţiunea will be asked by the Prosecutor of the court intervening jury; judge jury director will destine the owners and all those who love shopping n dancing-interested in cavities have been declared or cavities will be aretat to be ficsarea the amounts of proceeds from indemnisatie after what legiuesce face to the head. the following season.
Citatiunea will coprinde the amounts offered and Oleg refusate, prevedut or curd will to art. 37 above.

Chapter 2 SPECIAL JURY DRSPRE charged with FICSAREA INDEMNISATIUNEI in article 39 In annual session, the Council judetianu will form a permanent list of jurors, of taxpayers residing in city or place where it is going to work and putting fonciara platescu caries the largest, namely the cities of Iasi, Eleni Coundouriotis, Craiova and Galaţi, from 60-100 to the other cities of residente from 48-60 and at 36-plasi 48 people.
Of them will pull the engineering has been on before the ordinary session of the Council judeciar member of the jury which, at need, will be tasked to freedom or ficseze due interesatilor for espropriatiunea lover family from reason in the public interest.

Article 40 following the jury competition need, the County Court will draw lots after lists compiled in previous compliance articolilor for the city of residenta or place and that is going to make espropriatiunea, people who will shape noue jury, osebit and three additional jurors.

Article 41 would not be part of the jury: 1-Oi. The owners, leaseholders and tenants pamenturilor edificielor what espropriaza.
2. Mortgage lenders.
3. All those who love shopping n dancing, declared or cavities ' would be aretat on the power of art. 33 and 34.
People reached in 60 years versta will be aperate if they ask, that the function of jurors.

Article 42 the judge, director of jury, jurors and call on the parties concerned, on insciintandule and aretat way to the atr. 22, at least with Jena dile, and aretandu-intrunirei and place them dioa.
Insciintarea stakeholders will include the name of the juratilor.

Article 43 All juratul that without legal reason lipsesce from one of the sessions, or take part, refusa is subject to a fine of up to one hundred to five hundred lei.
The fine is hotarasce by judge, jury directorulu. He permanently and statueza opositiunei why would juratul convicted.

He was one of the casurilor pronuncia impedecare proposed juror, as well as the escluderei or incompatibilitatei any chiaru or known as a result of operaţiunei built at art. 40. Article 44 instead of juratilor cavities were removed by the judge in the power of art. precedinte, will suplementari rendul esirei jury after their lots.
At the casu when their numerul would be nesidestulator, the judge will drag the directory from the list drawn up in accordance with art. 39, how many people will have towards completion numerului from jurors.

Article 45 the judge directory will get along with itself on adjutorul or the Registrar of the Tribunal. They will be subject to causele of researched their turn and they dupe dirige minutes of meetings of their processes.
Before you begin researching both causei administraţiunea and opposite side shall be entitled to either a recusa numer draw jurors.
Intemplandu that the opposite side to compose several interested, these latter are owe it to get along together on the recusarei of those jurors.
Neputendu-it is understood, will decide by lot who has to esercite the right recusare.

Article 46 the jury believed constituted when the new jurors are ahead. He will be able to deliberate in the numer of septe.

Article 47 being either jury is that Nader deposit and sitting, with his hand on a cross, next: jurament "Juru voiu perform my functions as with impartiality."

Article 48, after filing juramentului, judge juratilor directories subject to tenders and applications dashboard, what funds plans espropriaza, precumu and dovedile brought by the parties in support of these offers and requests.
The parties or their representatives will present their short observaţiunile.
The jury may listen tote persons from whom he believes could. He may even spot or deputize one or more of the members of sei. Discutiunea is published; She goes on and in another meeting.

Article 49 Dupe tutulor research documents, the judge and jury meeting directories rad withdraw themselves and forethought in most sub versta Chair.
There, without being able, câtimea indemnisarei esi hotarascu by majority vote. The cas Division: the President's voice, it's precumpenitor.
At the casu to esi more of doue opiniuni, without the use of an absolute majority; then it will summon a nuou jury.

Article 50 Special Jury hotaresce indemnităţi to be-that the complainant, after his title.
If it is pretentiune procesu times or what cooking over himself, what Fund espropriaza jury, not hinder it, hotaresce only indemnisarea, that plaintiffs ' remaind and urmaresca their right only on the price of indemnisare the Court jurisdiction.
Usuariul or usufructuarul is required to give bond as, usului or usufructului, it will refund the amount to the value of intatiseza immobilului espropriat.

Article 51 the jury at the casu no, cannot decide one more cat Magas rlolnig stone that offered or greater at cat asked.
If the jury does not indemnisarea regular passes over the Administration's offer, the parties will be refusat ' a la plata will be cheltuelelor condemna.
If indemnisarea is equal to the request of the parties, the Administration will be subject to the payment of costs.
If indemnisarea is all adminiatratiunei once the offer superior and inferior parties demand, cheltuelele will compensate the modu being worn by the parties and administraţiune, in proportion with their offer or request, and with the decisiunea of the jury.
Or what the individual who will be indemnisatiunea will be asked at times spending condemna which would be estimatiunea, if the jury will not be complied with dispositiunilor article 36.

Article 52 Decisiunea jury members Jay decay competed at it, is inmaneza by the President of the jury, the judge and jury directories which you declare esecutorie.
He statueza over spending and put administraţiune in stapenirea with duty of property is determined by the dispositiunile articolilor. 58 and 59.
This judge tacseza expenses whose tarifa is determined through a public regulamentu of administraţiune.
Tacsa will not coprinde the cat acts made in the wake of previous acts of supply administraţiunei and expense remane all curd and load administraţiunei.

Article 53 the decision of the jury, and the journal esecutoriu of magistratorelui guidelines, are subject to appeal only in casatiune and only for violating art. 40, 41, 42, 45, paragraph 2, 3 and 4, art. 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 51.
The appeal will be made, it will notify you and judging in terms built in title IV. The time limit for appeal will I from diua when the jury.

Article 54 If a decisiune to juriulul will house business will be sent before a jury, Eddy nuou in the same place.
With these Court of casatiune tote will be able, after the assessment of the circumstances, a jury chose indemnisarei in one of the neighboring plasile even when striding aterna district would of.

Article 55 In this respect will be proceeds according to art. 40, the jury will not be able to determine how over examining for which it was convened.
He won't be able to do more ' before otari causele tote for that was chiemat, and without the will of the judge.

Article 56 the jury is obligated to continue examining research and do not break even will be time prefacerei juratilor preveduta annual list of the art. 39. Article 57 Seversindu-is the work of the jury, will be submitted to the judge of the County Court, directories, original records of his acts and tote otaririlor and relative folders.

Chapter 3 ABOUT REGULATIONS that FOLLOW to BE RE-SCHEDULED FICSA Article 58 COMPENSATION judges, ficsa for the coprins Fund in otarirea of espropriatiune of câtimea indemnitatei of the Tribunal, due to the owner, after the Fund's value to homeowners at the time espropriatiunei.
The jury is the judge about honesty and about the effect of laws that would change the nature of the assessment indemnisarei.

Article 59 Intemplandu that administraţiunea to contesteze itself espropriat owner the right to a jury been summoned by ficsa, however câtimea will indemnitatei so when i ' would be appropriate.
The judge will rule as director but money indemnitatei to sit in deposit until process termination judecatei path or invoelei.

Article 60 if the causa public utility is going to buy some of the edificiuri, and their owners through a formal submission to the declaraţiune judecatorulul directory prevedut in term at art 36, would require the purchase altogether, then those will buy in full.
Owners will also have dreptulu requires intregu equipment purchase, in casu when through espropriatiune ' would reduce side to a fourth remasa part, and whether it will be a smaller part is why areas, and the owner will not possess any other job.

Article 61 If part of what owner immobil remane through esecutarea works to follow himself capeta immediata enhancement and special, then the jury, when assessing catimei indemnitatei, will you at sema this enhancement up to compensatiune.

Article 62 shall Not give any compensation for those improvements, bridge constructions and constructiuni, about who dupe dupe infiintarei age and other circumstances, the jury will acquire convictiunea that were paying videogames etc with aiming to enhance câtimea indemnitatei.

Chapter 4 ABOUT PAYING INDEMNITATEI Indemnisarile Article 63 regular jury will acquit themselves in the right hand, before luarei in possession. If they receive them refusa, stapenire will have real job offer by depositing dupe pretiului la casa de deposite and logging.
If it is to be esecuta the status or papers, real offers can be performed through the intercession of an equal amount of regular indemnisare of the jury; This mandate, issued by the competent ordonarorul, will pay at public house at which it is directed.
Will not make real deals, if they exists on inscriptiuni on the immobilului espropriat or other obstacles on the versarii hand money to those entitled. In this cas will be indestul like datoreza administraţiunea amounts to record, to divide the study right after comunu.

Article 64 if those Sam months from otarirea of espropriare, administraţiunea did not ask at the courthouse ficsarea indemnisatiunei, then the parties have the right to demand the suntu.
Towards ficsarea indemnitatei, if its value in the period of three months shall submit to the House and deposite consemnaţiuni, slobodi to the right, dupe espirarea of this period, the parties will be able to ask espropriate acquire relative confomu codicelui.
Previous Dispositiunea not to apply at vendarile made good-will, and sexy grils from causa of the public. These common law remanu under the Empire.

DIFFERENT Article title V 65 DISPOSITIUNI Tote chitanti vendari, contracts and other related cumperarea, funds will be made by the tribunal; Kids will eat legalisate dinsele tramite la administraţiunea domenurilor or at consiliurile in question.
Tote purchases of property with money from vendarea funds dotali of minors, etc.; with a cuvent, casurile tote where the Court will be fair and will decide the face intrebuintarei indemnitatei, these transactiuni shall be exempt from ce-tacse relative times required by law.

Article 66 where an owner will be priimit administraţiunei indemnisarei amount of offers you will need, whether he will ask for and if n ' was no objection on the part of any a third party within the time limit prescribed in article 21. 36, versa at deposite and like to give or to divide those in law after law comunu terms.

Article 67

If pamenturile bought for public utility works, will no longer apply to this, then the former owners or their descendants shall be entitled to demand their inapoerea.
Their price will be decided by the will of good composition; at the casu of misunderstanding by the jury, after the above forms aretate.
But no jury once will not be entitled to decide on a higher price of freedom for those cat pamenturi.

Article 68 Administraţiunea aretate, pamenturilor sight in the art. precedent, you will have to announce their vendarea and form prescribed in article 21. 5. within three months of the publicaţiune, the previous owners who will make use of the right preserved by art. 67, will have to make known their formal intenţiunea, and in a month from ficsarea pretentiunei, will be required to submit to the Court the money after that administraţiunea will be slobodi them datore Act term repurchasing agreement; to the contrary will pace the right preserved by articolulu 67.

Title VII MESURI ESCEPTIONALE Article 69 following the need to take urgent and stapenire pamenturi without espropriatiunei, but buildings subjected to emergency shall be declared, including through public utilitatei Act itself, or declarator by order Domnesca at the casu general interest.

Article 70 in this decision, after Masayuki espropriatiune, will be sent to the County Court so this decision and relative laws and the amount offered by administraţiune.
The President of the Court of first instance will share these cat and owner of both the Fund and tiitorului ' lu will cite with at least three dile.

Article 71 The term ficsat, indrituitii on the Fund are required to be intatisa and to declare the amount to pretindu. Neinfatisindu, procedeza in court.

Article 72 the Court ficseza the aretatu at art. 70, in the power of dovedilor administraţiune, or presented at most five dile at that period, after a prior research on the spot by a delegate of tallow, câtimea indemnitatei provisorie.

Article 73 Câtimea indemnitatei lover family court will receive, along with Dandan amount relative to the interest rate on corespundetore time of a selling point.

Article 74 Dupe dupe and a lodgment indemnitatei citatiune stakeholders with five dile, the Tribunal otaresce implementation stapenire to administraţiunei.

Article 75 otariri tribunalalui, Both of the relative to atatu been summoned and the relative to the implementation in stapenire, will not be subject to any opositiuni, any call.

Article 76 Dupe entry in possession of administraţiunei, will be steps, after the request of the parties, the final ficsarea indemnitatei, conformu title V of present law.

Article 77 If câtimea indemnitatei, otari, will be more than how the tribunal statornicită, then diferinta, it will submit the Tribunal's administraţiune depositul, the five-to-why insciintarea dile, from what the Court will do.

Article 78 the formalities prescribed by the title. I and II of this Act, are not applicable to the militarie works.
For these works will cause an domnesca Ordinance pamenturile which are subject to espropriare.

Article 79 large Roads esistente astadi, out of the city, the race must have a width of 26 meters.
They are a serbire in respect of funds where there is.
We do categorise them as known and of face to the State Council, and listed in the Official Gazette, to be addressed to courts, tribunals and administrative authorities, tutulor to enroll in their registries, to observe and to do them on our notice and Minister Secretary of State at the Department of Justice, religious affairs and public Instructiunei is in charge of privigherea has been published.
Given the Octomvrie 17, Eleni Coundouriotis, 1864.
Minister Secretary of State in the Minister State Secretary at the Interior Department, the Department of Justice, religious affairs, agriculture and public works. and public instruction.
M. Kogălniceanu B. Catalani.

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