Law No. 394 Of 31 March 1864 For Urban And Rural Municipalities

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 394 din 31 martie 1864 pentru comunele urbane si rurale

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394 of 31 March 1864for urban and rural
Published in GAZETTE of March 31, 1864

ALECSANDRU IOAN Iwith mila's mercy and national will Domnu Principalities-Unite-Române.At all present and viitorious health. report with No. 8,433, Mr. Secretary of the Secretary of State Statu at the Department of Interior, on the lange that was presented to me for the interment of the Bill, Comunala votatu and adopted by the Legislative promulgatu and promulggamu ce urmedia: class="S_CAP_DEN "> FORMATION OF THECOMMUNE "S_CAP_BDY" id="id_capA15_bdy"> id="id_artA17_bdy">Tote villages, towns and cities (tergurile) României, voru forma pe viitoriţie indipendinte, subjected to legei de fatie. inpartu in rural communes, compusse from one or more villages hamlets etc. and In urban communes, that is, town and towns class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 2commune cares for its only interesses and self-administers in the edge of the legesu. She formedia a legal persona.+ Article 3 class="S_ART_DEN "> Those who live outside of a population center, are indebted and are part of the commune closest to their dwelling. class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 4joint will not be counted less than one hundred families tallow five hundred inhabitants.The villages that do not speak reach this number, as well as isolated hamlets and dwellings, will be united with the nearest commune. The villages of caries, avendu less than one hundred families, aru declare that the potu is supported by themselves communal tasks, it can be recognized as common. class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 5 Neputendu a commune carries the only tote tasks that are inlaid, will have the right to meet with one, tallow several neighboring communes, to to form only one commune in the deprivation of those tasks.Asemene and candu the administration of a commune aru intempina difficulties from causa too marei stretches seu too great numeru de families domiciled in her intruder, the commune will be subdivided into several sections, which however, in the great interessas and in its esteriore relations, will depict one and the only commune, and will have a unit of. The desolation of a joint will not be possible to do three in three years, counting from the ranking anteia  Article 6 class="S_ART_DEN ">Tote the meetings and desliptions that are spoken about in the article of the susu, there is no way to perform catu after The following ways:The communal council, which will be talked about more in the valley, the commune of which aru wants the meeting of sea with another commune, tallow to the dissolation of one of its parts, will be due to esamina preemable chuestion, consultendu and the most inlaid dintra taxpayers the commune. Such consultation will also be done by the Councils of the l-l-other common interessate in the queusion.At the casu of invoking the tutor of the interessated parties, the respective communal councils will finds the decision taken by one verbalu process, which will be brought to the knowledge of the Prefect; the Prefect, following the chibsuira made with the Permanent Committee, will report to the Interior Ministry, to interi the work by ordering Domnesca, and at the casu of appeal from the unia of the interessate parties, the chuestion will subject to the approval of the Standing Committee of the District, remaing the final decision to the latter.The permanent committee of non-domirire in the decision of the quuestion, will be called a The consultative commission compussa dintra the most enlightened members of the community interessate; that Commissioner meeting with the respective communal Councils under the chairmanship Sub-prefect of the arondisiment in which the commune that asks for the tallow meeting is located detachment, will tell the resultant of the deliberation of a printr'one prescriptu-verbalu, which will be communicated to the Standing Committee.
+ id="id_artA37_ttl"> Article 7what meeting tallow dissolation of the commune would alter the circonscription of a district, will not be able to pronounce by a law. + Article 8 id="id_artA39_bdy">The own wealth of the entire commune, tallow of a part of the commune that meets with another neighboring commune, its own remane. style="display: block; color:black; "> +   Article 9classification of the community in rural and urban areas, after Art. 1. will be done by the Catra Guvernu and will submit to the House in the first sessional after the promulgation of this law.No change in the ranking it will then be possible to do by the catu, in Five in five years, all by law. 2 DEBTS class="S_CAP_BDY " id="id_capA44_bdy"> style="display: block; color:black; "> Fia-which is due to have a house of the commune called City Hall 11 11 class="S_ART_BDY ">The Fia-which the commune is due to care for the cultulu, the church tallow by the religious churches to which it belongs. She is owed to pay the priests and servants of her church. no one out is indebted to contribute to the service of a cultu that is not alu seu. class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA50_ttl"> Article 12 l-other dari. class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "> + Article 13 the commune is due to care for the powerless saddles and children gesiti.+ Article 14 class="S_ART_DEN "> class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> Fia-which the commune will be owed to have one tallow several scole of baeti and girls, conformu to the dispositions of the public instruction link. color:black; " id="id_artA56"> + Article 15 style="display: block; color:black; "> Fia-which the urban commune will have a corpus of well-disciplined firemen, trained at their cheesiugulu and armed.+ Article 16 class="S_ART_DEN ">Fia-which the urban commune of 6,000 inhabitants in susu will care to have one hospital for the sick tallow escaped, in the edges of the need and its means, if not esista spitalu centralu, and without prejudging subsidiaries that are like the spitalu comunalu aru receive from the house of the State's tallow county. class="S_ART_DEN ">Fia-which the rural commune of 500 inhabitants in the susu, will be due to ave bulls, studs and soiu rams, for the insanity viteloru.Asemene aif-which the rural commune is due to have a plantation garden for the respenation of dudiloru (agudiloru.) id="id_cllpsdA63"> + Chapter 3 COMPOSING THE COMMUNAL AUTHORITY"S_ART " style = "display: block; color:black; "> + class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 18Fia-which the commune is repressed through one communal council, whose composition, choice and attributions administrationthe treble fia-caria communes is entrusted to a person who porta the name "Mayor of the commune". The duties of this magistrate are voru determines mai josu.+ Article 19 class="S_ART_DEN ">Communalu is composed of five members of the communes of the communes to 1,500 inhabitants. style="font-size:11px; display: block; color:black; "> De 7 Members tallow Counseling in those from 1,500 to 3,000 inhabitants. 5,000. By 11 Members-5,000 pina 15,000. By 13 Members-15,000 pina 30,000.class = "S_PAR " style = "display: block; color:black; "> De 15 Members-30,000 pina 50,000. De 17 Members-50,000 pina in susu. class="S_ART_DEN ">No potu fi Counseling in the urban communes those who do not write and write.= "S_CAP " style = "display: block; color:black; "id="id_capA84"> + Chapter 4 COMMUNITY VOTERS class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 21Members of the Communal counsels are directed by the assembly . + Article 22 electors in the commune: a) Romanians who are in the conditions stipulated by the law of fatia. ... dobinditu inpamentenirea mica. class="S_LIT_BDY ' id="id_litA92_bdy"> c) All these voru should have legiuita age, they were domiciled in the commune with the following months before and paid the direct contribution in the following proportion: ... in rural communes o dare catra Statu de ......................... lei 48. in the urban communes, from 3,000 to 15,000 inhabitants, ............. " 80 80. in those from 15,000 in susu, ................................... " 110.These inroads in the urban communes are composed of 48 lei personal contribution and sossele, and restulu de inpositu fonciaru. a, and b, and caries voru ave virsta and timpulu domicile prescribed letter c). 23The contributions paid by the catra woman can be held in the sama of the same man and the contributions paid by the catra to the father's minors The widow will stink, of you, you count the son of the taller, tallow to the tallow son-in-law, the contributors who pay for the right-hand procure of allegetoru. + Article 24 "S_PAR" style = " display: block; color:black; "> The right of allegetoru is found after the velvet Contributors paid in the court of the year before the election. + Article 25 class="S_ART_DEN ">There are voters without any censu (contribution), all priests, professors and institutes of times what gradu, doctors and licensees, doctors, engineers, architects, all of them avendu diplomas liberate, seu recognized by Guvernu, as well as civil servants tallow military withdrawn from the service, caries voru justify to receive an annual pension of 2,000 lei celu putinu. class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 26Israelites pamenteni, until they speak that they have symptoms and Romanian mores and until a modification of the fation law, it does not speak esercita communal rights of catu in the following conditions: in the army Ramina have acquired rangulu de sub-oficeru. id="id_litA112_ttl"> id="id_litA112_bdy"> b) If a seversitu college cursulu tallow of college in Romania. "S_LIT" style = "display: block; color:black;" id="id_litA113"> that his diploma was recognized by the Government of Terei. class="S_LIT_SHORT "style =" display: none " id="id_litA113_short"> ... If he founded in Romania a factory tallow a manufacture using Terei and which occupies celu putinu 50 craftsmen. style="display: block; color:black; "> + Article 27potu fi alegetori comunali, ori care aru fi contribuTION ce platescu catra Statu:1) Servants cavities primescu simbrie.2) Prohibition. style="display: block; color:black; "> 3) ) Those osinditi resce to a criminal punishment of tallow to a correction punishment, for the following crimes: a) Furtisagu. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA122"> ) Abusu reliable. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA123"> id="id_litA123_short"> ... style="display: none " id="id_litA124_short"> ... 5) Those who in the public are conoscuated as tenu houses of tallow prostitution prostitution. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA126"> + Article 28 allegetoriloru se preparescu pe fia-care anu de catra Primarii comuneloru pe basa ultimeloru roles de contributions.These lists provisors se afisiedie in cea d' anteiu Dumineca a lunei lui January, in the aif that commune. + Article 29"S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> The complaints were addressed to the Prefecture in those d' anteiu three septamani from the date of the afisiera, and to the rural communes to Sub Prefect, which directed the Prefect. After the Prefecture, with the assistance of the Permanent Council, will be decided on the tutuloru complained about, the elu concludes the definitive lists and publishes them negresitu pina la cea d' anteiu Dumineca a lunei lui Fevruarie. "style =" display: block; color:black; "> three septamans what urmedia, the nemultiumites voru pute call in against The Prefect's decision at the District Court, and against the Court of First Instance at the Court of Cassation until 30 days after the Court of First Instance was. by cassation statuedia de urgentie.What persona admitted in the electoral lists can advertise the inscription tallow deletion or whose individual omisu seu injustice inscrisu in the list of allegorsâ the commune of which elu himself belongs. class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "> + Article 31 once redigested after fulfilling the formality of the susu susu devinu definitive from 1 March and for the total of the year, until the following 1 March.= "S_CAP "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_capA137"> + class="S_CAP_TTL " id="id_capA137_ttl"> Chapter 5 ABOUT THE ASSEMBLY OF MUNICIPAL ELECTORS class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 32The assembly of electors in urban communes has locu of four in four years for the election of the members of the Communalu Council, renewing At the rural communes the choice is made from duoi in duoi years, renewing only a third part of the members to one. .This gathering is done at the anteum Sunday of Noemvrie's lunei. It does not convene estraordinarmente, de catu la casu de vacantia celu putinu de o a third part of the numer completu alu Advisers. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA143"> + Article 33 color:black; "> The mayors of the commune summon on electors celu putinu with 15 dile before the fictitious dilemma for choice. Convening is through the publication and afisiation of the fictitious dilei at the City Hall and in the whole of commune.  Article 34The voters meet in a single assembly, if Their numbers don't go over 300. Candu numerulu will be higher, the collegiate is part of several sections analogous to the sections in which the commune is separated. In the tallow displays the summons publications, it is shown in which section fia care alegetoru are votedie. + class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 35assembly of electors can not only deal with the choices for which it is class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 36The mayors of the commune or in the absence of the other members council, presida Assembly; Secretaries are the younger duoi of electors. class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA151_ttl"> Article 37Fiindu several sections, the fia-which has the President's one member of the council, and the secretary as well as the + Article 38 class="S_ART_BDY " id="id_artA153_bdy"> Lipsindu Council members, biuroulu se formedia de catra, persons in senulu corps alegetoriloru, chosen by catra themselves alegetori. + Article 39president has the sole police of the seunara; neither an armed power and no one agentu alu police will could sit in the hall of the meeting of the Hall of the Assembly, outside of the house where the president will be asked by the . class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 40president makes the acquaintance of the Assembly numero personeloru de alesu. class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "> +   Article 41Fia-which alegatoru chiematu la rendulu seu, submits biletulu seu scrisu on white paper and closed in a box with two incubets, whose keys are pastredia one of catra President and another of the older celu dintra Secretarari.Celu who does not scie to write chiama on unulu dintra electors he trusts and ' i write biletulu. + Article 42"S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black;"> After having been chiemati all the successive allegories after the alphabet order, one last chiemare is made to the same cavities may have lipsitu from the hall, and the scrutinulu remane opened up to 4 hours greenhouse. his assuage he would speak the seals of several dintra electors and voru pute chiaru remanea in the hall for his pada. class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 43the opening of the box, the aif-which biletu unfolds before the public, the name esitu is written by the catra aif-which the secretary on a list, and the resultatulu generalu proclaim itself of the catra President. Article 44 class="S_ART_DEN "> are nula. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA168"> + Article 45 class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> The choice is made by a relative majority, and a third of votes will not be met in the casu candu, a new choice will be made in the 15-day style="display: block; color:black; "> + Article 46The minutes of electors, ascertaining tutuloru Sevarsite, immediately tramitu; and in the cities of Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, Galati, Braila, Ismailu and Ploesci, the Ministry of Interior. one alu second esemplaru alu thereoru minutes are preserved in the communal. 47Ori-ce contestation on alegeriloru is made at the Permanent Councils within 10 days; and in the towns of Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, Galati, Braila, Ismailu and Ploesci, address the Ministerium of Internal, which consults the State Councilor, will be able to house the elections if serious irregularities are found, in this casu it is done at elections nuoi in term of 30. The salvation of the electors cannot prejudge in nothing public action, which can be filed against those who would be commised in the running of electoral operations, or what kind of delictu, prevediutu and punishable by law. + 6 ABOUT ELIGIBLE class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 48To be elected Member of a Communal Council were required of the same conditions like them to be choose. + Article 49S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> The functions of the members of the Communalu Council are uncomplicated with the employees of State. class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 50Members of one and the same Council cannot be united enter the teeth by ties of kinship, tallow to the family, to the third grade inclusivu.+ Article 51 style="display: block; color:black; "> entry into office, pronunciations urmatorulu juramentu in fatia un delegatu alu Government, and those of the city of Bucharest in the fatia of the Ministry of Interior, " juru credintia Domnitor, supposition legiloru terei and supportu interesseloru commune. So let ' me help my God ".+ Article 52 class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> Members of the rural community council give their resignation to the sub-prefectu, and those of the urban councils catra Prefecti, members of the communal council of the seven cities mentioned in Art. 47, I give the resignation of the right to the Ministerium of the Interior. + 7 DELIBERATIONS OF THE COMMUNITY COUNSELS class="S_ART_DEN "> class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> Councillor gathers whenever ilu ceru the special treble of the commune, regulatu defeated elu se convenca celu putinu once a month, besides it gathers in sedintie estraordinare, whenever convocationmade through the Mayors of the commune, tallow after the request of a third of the members of the communal council. Convocation is made celu putinu with a di before by circular, in which the fia-which .+ Article 54 class="S_ART_BDY ">The councilman cannot deliberate by being the absolute majority fation of the members of the saddle. If the vanquished was twice the regular summons without any resultatu, then to the third convening the lucredia counsellor with the pressing members.  Article 55mayors of the commune, tallow in lack of inteiulu seu agiutoru or in absentia and its celu in virsta dintra Members, open, presida and close the sedintia. The decisions are given by an absolute majority of votes, at the casu of parity, the proposal on the caria is opened, falls. id="id_cllpsdA197"> + Article 56All members ' and vote on fatia, except for the houses where there are people in jocu, precumu appointments in functions, revocations and suspensions of functions, etc. In such cases the vote is secret.The mayor's vote after the aftermath.  Article 57Ori-ce member alu commune is opritu: 1) To stay the fatia at the deliberation of the chuestiuniloru in which he has one personal interessu, that is when the decision that will be taken will be able to bring to seu rudeloru and his aliatesu vre one avantagiu seu paguba.2) To take part in any service, la vre o stringere de dari, la vre o dare in wareprisa, seu a figure ca vouu in vre o wareprisa a commune.3) De a intervene ca şi seu ati plenipotenti in processele pornite in contra commune, precumu nor a defend with payment vre one processu alu commune. + Article 58 The decisions of the Council are part of a sentence of secrecy; they are under-signed by the members, and they are always at the dispositions of the citizens of the commune, tallow of the authorities, who would know. style="display: block; color:black; "> can decide for one tempu marginitu secretulu decisiuniloru taken with closed doors. This secret is only out in the private eye, and not the authority. class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA208_ttl"> Article 59In total the year of the Communalu Council, before dealing with , make one report detailed on the administration and on the The commune, which will also be published 60The meetings of the council are all public, candu will be to treat a queusion of the public, by the nuoi, by the estrangement de vre in communal wealth, contracting, de inpruments, by the establishment of public utility establishments, and in one word of ori-ce chuestion that touches the directions of the communal interessele, without putting in jocu any persona. + Article 61 style="display: block; color:black; "> City Hall The school has a faculty to put an arrest and a tramité before the Police Tribunal on the occasion that the individual who came who came turbure liniscea and the good order of the Assembly, through an unseemly behavior. style="display: block; color:black; "> + Article 62 The rule of law and interioru service. + Article 63 class="S_ART_BDY " id="id_artA216_bdy">In this regulation, the Council will decide the fine, for those in the Members, to caries the aru without any one motivu received by the majority. Production of this fine will enter the communal house.+ Article 64 class="S_ART_BDY ">The communal council cannot deliberate on the foreign object of its attributions resolution, deviated by its attributions, tallow which vatema interessulu generalu, the capulu of the commune is due to close the siedintia and insciintia on Sub-prefectu, which will report ne'ntardiatu casulu to the Prefect; for the towns mentioned in Art. 47, the insciintiation is made by the Ministeriulu of the Interior. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> La assemene intemplare authority can suspend the work of a Council resolution and even its. permanentu decides whether the suspension can be maintained. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> Atatu Prefectulu catu and Councilulu comunalu potu appeal to the Ministeriulu de Interior, the resolution of the permanent committee, and the Ministeriulu decisiasce luendu avisulu to the Council of State. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> The reasons for the suspension are communicated directly to the community. up to 60 days after the statement of reasons, the suspension is + Article 65 class="S_ART_DEN ">Domnulu can, through a reasoned order, cancel the acts of the communal authorities that would be deviated from their duties contrarie legiloru, seu aru vetema interessulu generalu. With all these, the documents approved by the Permanent Committee voru must be cancelled within 60 days from the date of the. dile, the acts of the communal councils cannot be undone by the catu by the legislative power 66 66 If the Communal Counsellor aru was to depart from its duties, tallow if its aru acts be of a nature of turbura public order, Domnulu can pronounce the dissolution of the Council and the annulment deliberatiuniloru; doue monday celu multu after disolvare se nuoi elections, in thisu interval the affairs of the commune was administered by a commission appointed by Guvernu and compussa by the persons who met more votes at the latter + Chapter 8 class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "> + Article 67 color:black; "> The deliberations of the Communalu council the vigil and appeasement of the special interesseloru of the commune, the precumu and the objects that are subject to deliberation by the higher administrative. smart and helps the Capulu of the commune and the agiutors of the saddle, in the administration of the local affairs of the commune The deliberations of the council are preceded by a prior research of the Government to judge it by the necessity of the candu it is prescribed by the administrative regulations. + Article 68 color:black;"> Privescu Council Deliberations: ) The objects he regulates to the right through his chibsuses. These chibsuiri devinu worked, if within 30 days they were not annulled by the Permanent Committee, tallow by the Ministerium of the Interior. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA240"> the need for the approval of the Permanent Committee of the Ministerial of Internal, by an ordinance Domnesca seu by a law. id="id_litA241_ttl"> c) The objects on which the Councilman is chiematu a ' and gives only the reckoning. class="S_LIT "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA242"> id="id_litA242_short"> ... a ' and esprima dorintiele sale. ... + Article 69 class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> reguledie counsellor by its deliberation:1) The greater good use of the putinciosu, The conditions ofarrears (imposesiers) and of the rental of the owners, the producer and the incomes of the commune, The term of office shall not pass over three years, the precumulation and the conditions of the adjudication.3) Chipulu interbuintierei and the division of the grassland and the communal fruit, and the conditions to which they subdue the fetiele inpartitore, out if the aru was following the complaint against the regulation of the communal council, when the work is subject to the approval of the Permanent Committee to the Ministerial of the Interior for the sevenness mentioned in Article 47.4) aru ave joint forest own, chipulu inpartirei they enter inhabitants, conforming to the forest legesu  Article 70Ori-ce regulare a Council comunalu on objecteloru arated in articolulu precedentu, it is communicated directly Sub-Prefect of catra Capulu to the commune, under the making of receipt certificate to be transmitted to the Permanent Committee. If he does not cancel, until 30 days from the date of the certificate, the regulation of the Communal Council as deviated by the administrative laws and regulations, tallow after the complaint of an interessant fetion, it can be put into the work. The claimant ' i remane recursulu deschisu and over this term.The Prefecture of the statuary in the Permanent Committee may postpone the implementation of the rule of the Communal Council yet other 30 dile, facandu'i met before the spirit of the term anteiu. + Article 71 The objects for which the quibsuation of the communal Council is subject to the formal approval of the Standing Committee, and in some cases even the acquisition a law is the following:1) Budgetulu chieltueliloru comunale and intercedes to cover them.2) Annual summs of income and chieltuielesu communale.3) Cumperations, instreations, changes of averi nemiscatore seu de rights of the commune, constitution of hypothecation (pawnshops), delimitation and division of nemiscatore in to If the value of the other susu, surpasses three thousand lei, tallow two-decimi from the income of the county. Obstinuitu alu commune, it is required to approve Domnesca. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> 4) Darea with dobinda and the use of the commune of the commune.5) fetion, precumu and those on which the commune itself aru two ale take in possession of tallow in rent, if the term aru surce one anu.6) Asiediation, change the oborire of communal contributions, and by regulations touching them. 7) Projects of buildings, of significant repairs, tallow of deramari ce aru voi se enterdia comuna.8) Opening and closing of the ulitie and pietie public, precumu and alignment projects.9) Direction and opening of the neighborhood and side roads, fit for the laws and regulations, and without the jicting of the legesu privitore to espropriation for public use. 10) Brudines (bridge fees) and other taxes also nature that would be designed to be established on the territory of the commune.11) touching the income collection, renting the locales of fairgrounds (iarmaroce), fairs, leather and zalhanale, dejugetore on public roads, as well as the fee of the scales, the meals and the turn. 12) Receiving gifts and legatesu made commune, tallow asiediaminteloru comunale, candu value loru nu intrece dece thousand lei.De au followu complaints against the gift of the law, the approval of the Standing Committee is hereby notified once the applicant party on the administrative path.What complaint against the approval of the Standing Committee, three to be made celu multu in 34 dile after notification. Candu Ficsalt of the denomination and the division of the parish parish, research and approval. this paper, the priests of the parish priest and the protoiereulu of which the parishes hang. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> 14) The percentages and invocations of the commune, precumu and tote objects, in the gaze of which the laws and regulations subject to the deliberations of the Communal Council the approval of the Permanent Committee, of the Ministry of Interior a law. + Article 72 class="S_ART_DEN "> class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> Deliberations of rural communal councils, on the object of aretted in the previous article, address also Sub-prefect, and urban Councils, in the Prefecture; a direct them to the Standing Committee for approval. It makes the esception for those sevenness of which communal councils address to the Ministerium of the Interior.Committee permanentu seu Ministeriulu refusendu approval, Councillor comunalu can appeal to the Council of Statu.+ Article 73 class="S_ART_BDY "> The objects on which the Communal Council is chiematu a ' and gives only the reckoning, are the following.1) ) The reception of the gifts and the legatesu made asiedieminteloru of well-being, hung from the commune. 3) The authorization of what the aru asks of these asiediems to borrow, to change, to alienate, to start processing, to invent.4) The entry of villages, hamlets, sloppists, into a single commune, the detachment of a village section, ) The applications for inpamentenation of foreigners domiciled in the commune. No inpamentenire will not be required if it is not Finally, tote the objects on which the communal councils are chiemate a ' and give the reckoning, by the laws of the law administrative regulations, tallow on which s' aru consults de catra superior administration." id="id_cllpsdA286"> + Article 74Communal councils potu a ' and esprima dorintiele on tutuloru, objecteloru de interessu localu.The communal councils cannot be put into commutation with other communal councils, by the mules in the queues of mutual local interest; they are stopped making tallow to publish any Protestation, proclamation seu adresse. + Article 75 id="id_artA289_bdy">Communal councils deliberate on summeloru presented in fia-care anu de catra mayors seu Capulu commune. They scout and ficsedia Other officials of the commune without prejudge of the action of the Permanent Committee, the Ministry of Interior and the Court of Committees. class="TAG_COLLAPSED ' id="id_cllpsdA292"> + Article 76 siedintiele where the research of the summs of the commune councilman insignia by votu secretu on the same from the members of the saddle, cavities are replaced on the Capulu of the commune in the presidency of the deliberations to give the necessary clarifications, elu retires to votu.Locu-tiitorulu seu in presiedintie tramite d' a rectangulu deliberation sub-prefect seu for those sevened cities shown in Art. 47. class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA296"> + Article 77 id="id_artA296_bdy">The Councilman makes the regulations for the inner administration of the commune and the municipal police ordinances. These regulations and ordinance do not potu be .Copie after these se tramitu pina in 48 hours la comunele rural Sub-prefect, la comunele urban Prefect, to transmit it to the permanent committee, and for the sevenness of the Ministry of the regulamentals and interior orderings, if such punishments are not yet determined by the laws, but they do not speak the punishments of simple . 78counsellor numesce:1) On the operation of ori-ce gradu in common. 2) Architects and inpiegates inserted with tallow buildings the preservation of the communal edifices.3) The directors and conservatives of asiedieminte of public use, party tallow, hung from the commune, as well as the members of the tutor of the councilors of the commune administration.4) Doctors, surgeons and vets chieltuiala commune se numescu de Councilulu comunalu, dintra cei recognized by the medical counsellor superioru, with the right to esercite their professorship.5) Professors and school institutes maintained by the commune, are called by the Communal Council, denter those recognized by the Councillor superioru alu Instructiunei public. + id="id_artA308_ttl"> Article 79 class="S_ART_DEN ">The councillor revoca seu suspends the inpiegates paid by the commune and whose appointment is assigned. However, you can call the comitetulu permanentu. class="S_ART_DEN ">Communal councils of the city of Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, Galati, Braila, Ploiesci and Ismailu, in tote the houses prevediute by articolulu de mai susu and in the follow where the councils are due to address for the notification seus approval catra Comitetulu permanentu, addressthe Ministry of Interior His decision was his approval, and his approval was addressed to the Council of State and to the Council of Ministers. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA313"> + class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA313_ttl"> Article 81Commons and voru keep their old appointments. The prechanges cannot be made by the catu after the request of the commune, approved by the Permanent Committee, and approved by decreu Domnescu. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA315"> + Chapter 9 ABOUT TOWN HALLS AND ITS ATTRIBUTIONS style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA317"> + Article 82 color:black;"> Fia-which commune urban tallow rural, has in capulu take one magistratu numitu Mayor of the commune.  Article 83 town hall of the commune in the rural communes is chosen by the voters of the commune with the members of the council and is approved by the Prefect; in the urban communes are called de Domnu dintra those three Councillors who voru fi met more votes at the elections. class="TAG_COLLAPSED ' id="id_cllpsdA321"> + class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA321_ttl"> Article 84 counsellors put agiutore for the towns that trecu over 40,000 inhabitants, four for the towns up to 15,000, three for the towns from 15,000 to 6,000, duoi for the communes from 6,000 to 3,000 souls, and unulu for the communes more small. + Article 85 style="display: block; color:black; "> The mayors of the community and their agiutoros re'noescu with the members who esu jumety plusu unu, din duoi in duoi ani in comunele urbană, si la unu anu la comunele rural, conformu Art. 32. In the urban communes of the City Hall, the elected officials comply with Art. 83, and the agiutorhours enter all the class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 86The draw of members who esu will be made in public siedintia. This siedintia will announce the little one with the caps before the draw of the members who esu.The electors will not be able to convene for a catu elections over 15 days after it will be held. publish the names of the members. The members who speak will work until elections are made. + Article 87The mayor is the only one with the administration of the commune, elu may have delegated part of his falls to one more of the sei, or in their absence to some of the members of the commune with dritu de alegetoru. class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA330_ttl"> Article 88 central government, is under the authority Government. Elu is one magistratu insercinatu with the police deprivation, the salvation of the public order, with the taking of the tutor of the petty state and the silence of the inhabitants of the commune, and in the end with what other duties law. Article 89 class="S_ART_DEN "> style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA333"> The mayor is insercinatu with the sub-authority of the superior administration with the following. class="S_LIT_TTL "id="id_litA334_ttl"> ) With the publication and execution of general laws and regulations. id="id_litA335_short"> ... a stradeloru etc. ... the owner of the commune and the rights of the commune. id="id_litA338_ttl"> id="id_litA338_bdy"> e) With the articles of public indestulation. id="id_litA339_ttl"> f) With the search for income, the vigil of the communal establishment, and with the communal comptability. ... style="display: none " id="id_litA340_short"> ... Council of the creation of nuoi communal income. S_LIT_BDY id="id_litA342_bdy"> i) With the agreement of the fairs, the making of the contracts and the adjudication of the communal works, conformu to the communalum council, in the margins of the legal and the regulations in the fiintia. ... class="S_LIT "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA343"> aperatoru, tallow with the delegation of this right catra omeni de specialty. class="S_LIT_TTL " id="id_litA344_ttl"> class="S_LIT_BDY " id="id_litA344_bdy"> j) With the training of the electoral listeloru. id="id_artA345"> + Article 90 color:black;"> Messas taken by the Mayor in Cerculu Its duties are given as dispositions. + Article 91In the towns that tread over a population of 3,000 inhabitants, The Lady has the right to trust the vigil and maintenance of the public order. to a certain police officer, who in Bucharest porta titlulu de Prefectu de police, and in the l-other city of Capu, or of the Police Commissioner. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA349"> + Article 92 color:black; "> The mayor is insercinatu with the civil papers and can delegate them to unulu from the agiutors sei, seu to unulu from councillors. + id="id_artA351_ttl"> Article 93mayor is insercinatu with judgments of misdemeanors of simple police, conformu style="display: block; color:black; "> + Article 94 agiutoru, the officials of the State under the name, tallow undertaken by incomes and public works of . class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 95 Mayors and their agiutors, potu be suspended by the prefects catra in the communes of May josu of 3,000 inhabitants; and to those of a higher population only of catra The Ministry of the Interior.revocation of loru at the communes of less than 3,000 inhabitants, is done only by the Ministry of the Interior, and in the communes that trecu over 3,000 inhabitants, only de catra Domnu. + Article 96 style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA359"> Mayors have over-vigil of feasts, well-being biurouresu, sculeloru, casseloru de prisons of the commune, church, in catu is touched by the preservation and maintenance of loru. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> In this regard, elu visitedia disele establishments whenever it counts the cuviintia and shows the Council the abuses to discover and the inbunetations that are necessary. + Article 97In casu de rescola, atrupamente ostile, de serious loviri made public peace, tallow of other evineminte nepravediute, candu cea mai mica intardiere aru could causa dangers seu damage for inhabitants, primarulu can make regulations and police ordinance (out of the towns where there are Prefecture, Capi and Police Commissioner) with conditions to communicate immediately to the Communal Council, and to immediately tramitate the copy to the prefects, the alleturandu'i and the reasons why the elu a credutu to dispense to resort to the Council. The failure will be suspended by the catra Prefectu seu Sub-prefectu. These regulations and ordinance voru conteni immediately to ave effectu, if not spoken by the Communal Councillor in its anteum siedintia. class="TAG_COLLAPSED "> + Article 98mayor is insercinatu with the care to keep and stop The weathering that could be ocasioned by the furiosii and the follies left at . If necessary, the City Hall can order the submission of the angry tallow of the madman with whose padia and care not the family inserdine the family, intr'o casa de health seu ospiciu, with it a notice within three days on the Prosecutor's Office of lange Tribunalulu of the county class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA366_ttl"> Article 99 class="S_ART_DEN ">mayors have the duty to watch the persons and the habitants given to prostitutes. Elu takes tote the due messages to ascertain health, morality and public peace:Councillor makes in this regard the regulations that count them must and useitore.+ Article 100 class="S_ART_DEN "> class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "id="id_parA370"> The police of the show belongs to the Mayor; elu can stop in serious inprejurations ori-ce representation to assuage the padia of tranquil and public morality. Mayoralties failed regulamentulu made by the Communal Councillor in the wake of the. . class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA373"> + Article 101 id="id_artA373_bdy">The mayor, tallow in lipse'i agiutorulu delegatu de elu, verifies celu putinu once a month the state of the communal house. Elu redigie one verbalu de verificu care and ' lu submit to the Communal Council.+ 102Mayors can suspend for one term that will not pass over the septamani, on The inpiegates of the commune, out by the secretary (writer) and perceptoru (strangatoru de dari).At the casu of necessity to suspend unulu from these officials, the Mayors propose this to the Council. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA379"> + Article 103 class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "> The mayors of the vigil at the preservation of the archivas, the titles, the documents of the commune and the registers of the civil state and the vigil that these acts are not allowed, tallow is alienated from the depositu. One indoitu inventory is made about tote these acts. + Article 104Regulations, orders, correspondents, or Council Regulations, either of the Mayor's office, underwritten by the catra primariu seu agiutorulu ce'lu the casulu was decided in the Council, it was mentioned in the publication and in the other acts. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA384"> + Article 105 class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA385"> The regulations and ordinances of the Council of the Mayor's Council shall be published by the Mayor's care by proclamations and afisie by reading in public at the end of the church and at the communal house. These regulations devinu indebitore a fifth di after their publication, besides the houses candu deadlines will be determined by the very regulamentulu seu ordonantia data. These regulations and ordinances are given in the following form:The Mayor's Office (seu Mayor and Communal Councillor of the commune ................. county ....... plassa ..... decisiasce seu orders .......................... 106Mayors are paid from the communal box. Lefilet loru se rulăți de catra Councilulu comunalu, Comitetulu permanentu defeated are entitled to modify their velvet in proportion with the weight of the function and with the midlocele of the commune. The agiutors of sei voru had only a daily allowance for the diles in which they were working. + id="id_artA391_ttl"> Article 107distinctive signal of the municipal mayors will be "an esiarpa with the national colors" worn at cingetore. class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA393"> + Article 108 id="id_artA393_bdy">In casu de rescola, de atrupamente ostile, seu de loviri heavy, made pacei public, Mayor ulu seu ce'lu replace, va pute ask d' a rectangulu the intervention of the communal armed putera tallow of the military authority caries voru fi Cerirea will have to be alwaysenrolle. id="id_capA396"> + Chapter 10 about secretarulu (scriitorulu) council comunalu + Article 109 style="display: block; color:black; "> In the fia-which the urban commune is a secretary, in the rural commune-cara is a Scriitoru. This functionaru is numitu, suspenatu and revocatu de catra Councilulu comunalu.The appointments of suspensions and revocations, trebe to be approved by the Permanent Committee. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA401"> Suspension can be applied provisory by catra Councilulu comunalu. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA402"> + class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA402_ttl"> Article 110 The absence of the writer's secretary will last more than a month, the one that will be replaced will be enjoyed by the tallow wage earner.S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA404"> + class="S_ART_TTL " id="id_artA404_ttl"> Article 111 The Permanent Committee, decided on the salary of the secretaries and the staff of the. id="id_artA406_ttl"> Article 112 class="S_ART_DEN ">secretary and the writer is in special insercinatu with the editorial board of the minutes, and with the tutor transcript deliberatiuniloru. Eluthis tene one register under-scrisu and parafatu by the Mayor of the. + Article 113 class="S_ART_DEN "> block; color:black; " id="id_parA410"> Secretarulu (scriitorulu), is due to comply with the instructions of the ce'i are given, either by the Council or by the City Hall, tallow by agiutorulu ce'lu replace. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_capA411"> + Chapter 11 The commune of class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "id="id_artA413"> + Article 114Councillor comunalu numesce, suspends tallow rovoca pe perceptoru, defeated with the appreciation of the Standing Committee. color:black; "> + Article 115The communal council decided to honour the other needs of the collector. Totu Councilulu comunalu decides the guarantee that is required from dinsulu. + Article 116mayor's office vigil as this guarantee, a determined date, the aif, filed and re'noita la casu de mustintia. + Article 117 class="S_ART_BDY " id="id_artA419_bdy">Perceptorulu is the only insercinatu and its liability, perform communal recets and pay off after regular warrants, chieltuations tidy up to the special summs of which articolu alu alu credit specialu. + Chapter 12 about chieltuations comunale class="S_ART_TTL"> Article 118 Community spending is in compulsory and optional.  Article 119Communalu is tenutu to include anualu in budgetu tote those chieltueli, cate are spoken by laws as obligetore. class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA427"> Most captains are the following: class="S_LIT_BDY " id="id_litA428_bdy"> a) The maintenance City Hall and the chieltuiala of the chancellery of the. color:black; "id="id_litA429"> ) Chieltudes de printu in needintia commune. "S_LIT" style = " display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA430"> id="id_litA430_short"> ... id="id_litA431_short"> ... Civil and statistical tabulated part privitore to the commune. class="S_LIT_BDY " id="id_litA433_bdy"> f) Payment of the Mayor, of the community, and of the insertion with the collection of acsidieloru. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA434"> The payment of guardistoru, of the sergeant, of the pompees, of the vataseels and of the other officials of urban, rural and rural communes. class="S_LIT_SHORT "style =" display: none " id="id_litA434_short"> ... Payment and chieltution of the office, commissioners and inpiegatesu police, precumu are determined by laws. id="id_litA436_ttl"> ) Pensions of municipal and municipal functionaries. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA437"> k) Expenses of rents and repairs of the venue of the courts of plasi (ocole), precumu and cumperation and maintenance of furniture. class="S_LIT_SHORT "style =" display: none " id="id_litA437_short"> ... The chieltudes of the public instruction, conformu legiloru. S_LIT_BDY id="id_litA439_bdy"> m) Lefa priests and altoru servants of the church, where the churches do not have their own income indestuletore. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_litA440"> ) Expense and maintenance of hospices, impoverished poor, children gesiti, caseloru de poprela. ... communal buildings, outside the military buildings and the buildings devoted to the cult, of which the constructions are due to form the object of estraordinary contributions. block; color:black; " id="id_litA442"> public administration. ... lighting and paving, for waters, gardens and public plantations and other such. "S_LIT" style = "display: block; color:black;" id="id_litA444"> ) Expenses for plans and alignments. s) The expenses of the esperta council in the communes where they were established by laws. ... Contributions and payments established by the laws, on the assets and class="S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA448"> + Article 120 id="id_artA448_bdy"> Candu one of the chieltuities obligetore interesting more communes, they contribute to the denses in proportion to the interessulu ce'lu au in them, in the casu of refusu seu of misunderstanding on the proportion of this interest, and on the tasks of purtatu, the Permanent Committee intervenes and decides, leaving the interessant parties recourse to the Ministerium of the Interior. If the objection is reached by the communes of special counties, the quuestion is decided by Domnu after the report of the Interior Minister. class="TAG_COLLAPSED " id="id_cllpsdA450"> + Article 121 communes, candu The communal councils aru are looking to keep away from the payment debtors obliges what the law puts in charge loru, refusendu allotment loru in totulu seu in part Comitetulu permanentu, after being listened to on the Communalu Councillor, will enroll ex-officio chieltuela la budgetu, in proportion to Communalu will be able to appeal to the Ministerium of the Interior. class="TAG_COLLAPSED 'id="id_cllpsdA453"> + Article 122In the cities of Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, Galati, Braila, Ploesci and Ismailu, enrolment of this chieltueli will be made ex officio de catra Ministeriulu de Interior. The community councilman will be able to appeal to the Council of Ministers, who will decide after having the opinion of the Council of Statu. class="TAG_COLLAPSED "id="id_cllpsdA455"> + Chapter 13 about communal revenue" S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; "id="id_artA457"> + Article 123 comunalu is owed to enroll anualu in budgetu and specifying tote the incomes of the commune, the precumu and those that the law 'assigns, those what it' and creasa again, and the stopovers of the past years. + Article 124 " S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA460"> Fia-which the commune has the right to make up estraordinaru; it is decided by the catra of the Communalu Counselor, by the absolute majority of the tutu of the. contribution, before being put into the work, se afisiesa in the 15-day cursu at the door of the communal house, to be able to know the taxpayers who were counted hit, tallow by the new cotisation, voru could advertise to the Communalu Councilor. Ori-which is the decision of the Council on this complaints, the Council with the processulu verbalu that will have to ' and the end of the new dare, will be owed to the Standing Committee and tote the requests and The complaints that will be received against the noueloru dari. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA463"> + Article 125 id="id_artA463_bdy">The new contributors do not speak well after the permanent Committee will be approved by the Ministry of Internal, to rural communes and Ordering Domnesca, to the urban communes. + 14 COMPTABILITY COMUNALA + Article 126 Communalu alu fia-caria commune urban seu commune gathers in fia-care anu la 2 Maiu, to proceed to regulară provisory of the reckoning of the last year.Elu gathers at 1 Septemvrie, to deliberate on the chieltueliloru and alu incomes of the commune for the year viitoru.class = "S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA470"> + Article 127 block; color:black; " id="id_parA471"> The Budgetele and the community reckoning are depositing at the communal house, where the aif-which taxpayer can take communication of. the reckoning is spoken and published, namely by printed posters, how many times the disas of the packages will be of an amount, which will pass over 50,000 lei, and not reaching this figure, the publication is made only by written and pasted afisie at the door of the communal house. + Article 128 style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA474"> Budgetele and The accounts are submitted by the City Hall to the approval of a permanent committee, and for the sevenness of the Ministry of Interior, the coals of consent with the reserve of the final research of the count of the Court of Comptons class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA475"> Or what allowance for an optional chieltuals, which will have been reduced by the permanent Committee, will not be chieltuita de catra Mayor, without a new deliberation of the S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA476"> Communal councils are debtors, candu supunu budgetulu and their reckoning at the approval of the Permanent Committee, that they were published and afisiate.class = "S_ART "style =" display: block; color:black; " id="id_artA477"> + Article 129 color:black; " id="id_parA478"> transmitted to the aif-which the permanent Committee, before 1 July. The trebe was tramise before 15 Octomvrie.The permanent committee will tramite the commissioners on the personal compta of the communal authorities that would be strengthened by the . + 130 130, a communal administration will have recognized the need to make a chielbrandy that was not allocated in the budget, it will make the objection of a special request to the Standing Committee on permanentu.+ id="id_artA482_ttl"> Article 131 No payment from the communal house will be able to be made, by the catu in the power of an allocation contained in the budget, The permanent committee, the tallow of a special creditu incubated by it and the Permanent Committee.Neither article in the chieltuations of the budget can be covarsitu nor one virementu cannot be done without the invocation of the Standing Committee. + Article 132 class="S_ART_BDY " id="id_artA485_bdy">With tote these, the urban tallow urban councils potu make chieltueli complained of by undefended and unprevediute, luendu intraša o reasoned resolute, which must be immediately addressed to the Permanent Committee of the Ministry of Interior for the seven larger cities.In the casulu candu the smallest reinforcement aru ocasiona a vederata damage, The mayor can, under his responsibility, make the chieltueli, with his indebted duties, as soon as he becomes aware of the communal council that deliberates if the primesce seu rejects chieltuiala, and the Permanent Committee to approve. The mandates on the communal house, ordered by Primari trebe are subscribed by the elu, tallow by the substitute tallow and countersigned by the secretary tallow scriitorulu comunalu. DISPOSITIUNI TRANSITORSUrbane and Rural councils after the new legion was spoken re'noi in their totness in the cursulu of the year alu punerei in the work of the law of fatie. The Government will determine the ages in which the electoral operations are carried out relative to the making of the lists, to the convocation of the assemblies of the municipal electors, the precumu and the age of elections, the observendu prescribed by art. 28, 29, 30, 31 inclusivu, for the formation of listeloru and art. 32 32, 33, for the convocation of electors.At the previous elections, in the cities of residence, Biuroulu principalu will preside over the president of the anteia Tribunal. instantia. If there are several sections, the aif-which will be handed over by the catra-one judge from the Tribunalulu de anteia the communes where there are no anteia courts Instantia, Biuroulu will presida de catra celu mai in virsta and de catra priests.For those-l-other dispositions voru observe the forms prescribed by these laws. Presiedfirst and the members of the Municipal Council and Communalu aste-di esistente, voru follow a ' and perform the functions in the course of the previous legit until they were replaced according to the current law. style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA495"> This law was voted by the General Assembly of Romania, in the meeting of March 9, 1864, and was adopted by a majority of four-therefore and three votes, against four style="display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA497"> --------- class="S_PAR "style =" display: block; color:black; "id="id_parA498"> | L. S. | (signatu) Vice-presiedinte L. Catargiu--------- Secretaru A. I. Arionu.Facemu knowutu and ordonamu as those of the fatia vested with the seal of the State and passed in the Bulletin of the Monitor the official), address Curtiloru, Tribunaleloru and the administrative authorities, that they register in their registers, are observed and made to be observed, and Our Minister's Secretary of State at the Department of Justice is insercinatu a priveghia publication loru. Datu in Bucuresci, on 31 March, 1864.ALECSANDRU ION ---------class = "S_PAR " style = "display: block; color:black; " id="id_parA507"> | S. D. |--------- at the Department of Interior, Kogălniceanu. Secretary of Stateat the Department of Justice (ad-interim). Orbescu.