Law No. 394 Of 31 March 1864 For Urban And Rural Municipalities

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 394 din 31 martie 1864 pentru comunele urbane si rurale

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Law No. 394 of 31 March 1864 for urban and rural municipalities ISSUING JUSTICE MINISTRY Published in the Official Gazette of 31 March 1864 AB John Dumnedeu with his mercy and will of the team the Omoniyi United Principalities.
All of the face and viitoriu health.
Taking into account no. raportulu with 8.433, United Nations Secretary-General Lord Minister alu status from the Department of the Interior, which was on the lange ' presentatu towards the interire Bill votatu adoptatu, communal and Legislative Assembly interitu Amu interimu promulgatu and promulgamu, and what urmedia: Chapter 1 article 1 FORMATION of the COMMUNE villages, orasiele and Tote orasielele (tergurile) Romania, voru viitoriu indipendinte form on the common legei, subject of fatie.
The villages are common in rural inpartu, compusse of one or more villages, hamlets, etc., and In urban, viz. Joint orasie and orasiele.

Article 2 its only interessele ingrijesce Township and are given in legiloru edge. It's a legal persona formedia.

Article 3 Takahashi locuitorulu forms part of the commune and communal tasks. Those cavities locuescu out of one populatiune Center, indatoriti falls and is part of the commune is closest to locuintia loru.

Article 4 no Township there will more cash I stinks putinu one hundred families seu five hundred inhabitants.
Villages that do not reach this numeru voru, and catunele and locuintiele isolated, voru Township is the uni nearest.
The villages of caries, avendu more of one hundred families putinu, aru says potu is single, maintains sarciniele voru recunosce are common as you can.

Article 5 Neputendu a township set only wear tote what's i am inpuse dreptulu, will take it meet with one, seu several neighboring municipalities to form only one commune in privintia of those tasks.
Also a common administraţiunea and Stephan intempina aru difficulties from causa too great stretches of the sea too great numeru families residing in intrulu, they will be in more than one subdesparti stinks sections, dara interessele, however, that the large and in its relations, infatisia esteriore will one and only, and will take a administraţiune unit.
Any meeting of a joint detachment tallow will not do Lana stinks every three years, reckoning from classificare anteia.

Article 6 meetings and deslipirile about the Tote which is more vorbesce in susu, articolulu does not perform stinks voru Cadena after following ways: Consiliulu comunalu, who will be speaking at the Valley, alu like commune which aru sea meeting with another commune, peel off one of the sea its parts, will be the prealabilu chuestiunea datoru esamina, consultendu and most inpusi dintra taxpayers. The consultation will also make and Consiliele him catra-those other common interessate in chuestiune.
At the casu tutuloru partiloru of his consent interessate, communal Consiliele will find decisiunea procesu verbalu taken by one which will bring to the Prefect cunoscintia; Prefectulu, the following chibsuirei made with Comitetulu permanentu, will report to interior Ministeriului to work through ordonantie Domnesca jig, and at the casu de contestatiune on the part of one of the parties, it will chuestiunea interessate subdue districtu aprobarei permanentu Committee remaindu of decisiunea, while the latter definitively.
Comitetulu permanentu aflendu nedomirire chuestiunei decision, will appoint an advisory Comisiune stinks compussa dintra members most enlightened you comuneloru interessate; that Comissiune intrunindu Consiliele with the respective communal under the Presidency of Sub-prefect arondisimentului the Township meeting demands that will peel off, seu espune resultatulu deliberatiunei through prescriptu-verbalu ' one, which will be communicated to the Committee of permanentu.

Article 7 Times what meeting of commune sea detachment would change circonscriptiunea a districtu won't pronuncia stinks Scott through a law.

Article 8 of the village's own Fortune, sea part of the Township that is intrunesce with another neighboring commune, remane has her own.

Article 9 Classificarea comuneloru in rural and urban areas, after the contents of Art. 1. will be made of catra will be subject to Mobility and Room in the anteiu sessiune after the promulgation of this law.
No change in classificarea it will not make you can then Lana in intervalulu of five years, however.

Chapter 2 article 10 COMUNELORU Fia DEBTS-that it is a House of datore ave of the village called City Hall.

Article 11 the Fia-which is to care for cultulu datore, bisericele tallow religiunei Church to which it belongs. She's paying on datore priests and servants of his bisericiloru. No one is indatoratu is not insert contributes to a rural service that isn't alu seu.

Article 12 Contribuţiunea for special service of worship will be the it-other taxes.

Article 13 the Fia-which is to care for neputinciosii datore sei gesiti and children.

Article 14 the Fia-which commune will be one of tallow datore ave more scole of baeti and girls, legei conformu dispositiiloru of public instruction.

Article 15 the Fia-which urban township will take an essential fire well disciplined, trained and armed the loru mestesiugulu.

Article 16 the Fia-which urban township from 6.000 inhabitants in the bogie will take care of the sick one ave Paris Gallery for seu scapetati, in trebuintieloru and its edges, if not exists on centralu Paris Gallery, and without subsidies Paris Gallery prejudeca why comunalu aru also receive from State House judetiului sea.

Article 17 the Fia-which rural township from 500 inhabitants in susu, will be the bulls datore armassari ave and Rams of the kind, for inbunatetirea viteloru.
Also the fia-which is the rural commune datore ave a garden plantatiune for respendirea dudiloru (agudiloru.)

Chapter 3 article 18 COMPOSITION of COMMUNAL AUTHORITY Fia-that it is represintata by one Council comunalu, whose composition, election and lay down more debt collection Trung.
Administraţiunea trebiloru fia-incredintiata decay is a port named "Primarulu commune".
Atribuţiunile this shall determine magistratu voru Trung.

Article 19 Consiliulu comunalu is composed of five members of the seu consiliari in municipalities up to 1.500 inhabitants.
    7 members of the seu Consiliari from 1.500 up to 3.000 inhabitants.
    9 members-from 3.000 up to 5.000.
    The 11 members of the 5.000-15.000 up.
    13-15.000 up 30.000 Members.
    15-30.000 up 50.000 Members.
    17 Members dunca-50.000 until.

Article 20 Not be Consiliari potu in urban communes non sciu writes and ceti.

Chapter 4 ALDERMEN article 21 VOTERS ABOUT Members consiliiloru alegu directu of Communal catra is the Assembly of alegetoriloru.

Article 22 in the town of alegetori Are: a) the Romanians in rigid conditions stipulated by the law of fatia.

b) Aliens voru dobinditu inpamentenirea be cavities.

c) all of whom should be voru legiuita age, residing in the commune is the fia with Derek months before and platesca contributiunea catra is Reading direct in the following rural communes: proportiune in a catra reading. 48 Lei.
    in urban communes, from 3.000 to 15.000 inhabitants. "80. in those from 15.000 in susu,.." 110. These inposite in urban municipalities is of contributiunea lei compunu 48 personal and sossele, and restulu of inpositu fonciaru.

d) Are also alegetori, NAFA delegation visit until the fifth classa inclusivu, cavities are enjoying significant qualities voru in subparagraph a, and b, and caries voru ave years and timpulu residence prescribed in subparagraph (c)).

Article 23 Contribuţiunile paid by catra in woman is the man potu sama also tinea and contribuţiunile paid by catra minors loru father.
V you can, will you, calculate the son of tallow, Suet, Suet ginerului contribuţiunile what i platesce to buy dreptulu of alegetoru.

Article 24 Dreptulu of alegetoru are found after the cursulu paid câtimea contributiuniloru year espirata before alegerei.

Article 25 Are the voters without any one censu (contributiune), all priests, professorii and trainers times what doctors and gradu, licensees, advocatii, doctors, engineers, architects, all of whom avendu diplomas recognized freedom, Mobility, tallow and tallow civil servants distanced from military service, voru primescu cavities to justify an annual pension of 2.000 lei Rico putinu.

Article 26 the Israelites until voru pamenteni, Oleg simtimentile and mores that have romanesci to a change not of fatie legei, voru stinks esercita communal rights the following: Scott ready to) If serving in the army were still in dobanditu rangulu of oficeru.

b) if it seversitu College cursulu College in Romania tallow.

c) If after regular studies of dobanditu from a foreign diploma College Daniel licentiatu in tallow or what, as it trebuindu its diploma inse fia accepted the Earth Government.

d) if it has a factory in Romania intemeiatu seu a manufacture that occupy Earth folositore and Rico putinu 50 artisans.

Article 27 does not have alegetori, potu aldermen or aru contributiunea platescu catra be why Reading: 1) primescu cavities shall thy wages be Servants.
2) prohibitions.
3) Faliţii nereabilitati.
4) judecatoresce to a those who condemned the penalty to a criminal penalty of seu corectiunala, for the following offences: (a)) Furtisagu.

b Abusu.)

c) Insielaciune.

d) Burst of seals and evading acts in public places.

5), those are the student conoscuti as Winnifred prostitutiune houses jocu tallow.

Article 28 shall be pregatescu on alegetoriloru Lists the fia-which conflicts of catra comuneloru ultimeloru basa Mayoralties roles contribuţiuni.
These lists are the provisorii afisiedie d ' anteiu Sunday of the month of January, the fia that the commune.

Article 29 Reclamatiunele address is Prefecturei the voru in d ' anteiu three septamani from the date of afisierei, and the rural municipalities in the Prefecture, it indreptedia the prefect. After Prefectulu with asistentia permanentu Council, will be hotaratu upon tutuloru reclamatiuneloru cropped up, finish the final lists and Patricia publishes up to the negresitu d ' anteiu Jerome Moon Fevruarie of his.

Article 30 In the three septamani what urmedia, you can call the voru nemultiumitii against hotărîriloru Tribunalulu, District Commissioner in i.d hotărîriloru Court against Court of cassatiune up to 30 after receiving the Tribunal's hotărîrei dile.
Tribunalulu Court of statuedia and cassatiune of urgentie.
Times-what voters admitted persona can advertise enroll seu deletion times what they individually contributed nedreptu which omisu seu inscrisu alegetoriloru list in the commune of which Frank himself.

Article 31 Lists redigiate formalitatiloru once upon satisfaction of more definitive bogie devinu from 1 March and for cursulu year, Takahashi until March 1, urmatorulu.

Chapter 5 ABOUT the ASSEMBLY ALEGATORILORU Assembly alegatoriloru Article 32 COMMUNES in urban communes, Monterrey has every four years toward the election Council Comunalu Membriloru, reinoindu-se these half by pulling straws from duoi duoi in years.
The rural municipalities of choice is made from duoi duoi reinoindu in years, only a third part of the members to one next year.
This gathering takes place at the anteiu Moon Noemvrie Sunday of his. It does not call estraordinarmente, Scott at the casu de vacantia putinu a Rico the third part of numerului Consilieriloru intregu alu.

Article 33 of the commune alegetori Primarele summon's Rico putinu dile dilei 15 ficsate before election. Convocation is done through publication and afisiarea dilei ficsate at City Hall and in Takhar. cuprinsulu

Article 34 Alegetorii is intrunescu in a single Assembly, if numerulu not go over 300 loru. CANDU numerulu will be higher, colegiulu is inparte in several sections with similar sections in which the seats. In afisurile seu publicaţiunile, life shows exactly why the fia section that alegetoru does it votedie.

Article 35 the Assembly alegetoriloru can't handle Scott only elections for which it is called.

Article 36 Primarele commune or in lack of better years since Rico Board members, presida Assembly; Secretary of duoi younger ones are from alegetori.

Article 37 Having multiple sections, the fia-which has one member of the President's Council, and United Nations Secretary-General alu as well as above.

Article 38 Lacking Board members, biuroulu are people of catra formedia from senulu alegetoriloru body, elected by catra alegetori himself.

Article 39 the President has seunarei police onl; no power and no one army AAA cannot police alu stand in Hall imprejurulu Adunarei seu salei, out of casulu it will ask Stephan of catra President.

Article 40 cunoscutu numerulu do Adunarei President personeloru Dipankar.

Article 41 the Fia-which alegatoru chiematu to rendulu seu biletulu seu Musu, lodged on paper white and inchisu in a box with two keys, of which incuetori is pastredia one of catra's President and another of catra Rico may babae dintra Secretaries.
Why does Rico scie write Mecca on unulu alegetori where dintra trust and ' i write biletulu.

Article 42 after having chiemati all alegetorii succesivu fostu after ordinulu alphabet, it may make one last chiemare aceloru lipsitu may have cavities in the Hall, and the scrutinulu deschisu up to remane 4 hours. For his assigurarea voru put seals more dintra voru alegetori chiaru remanea stinks and the Hall for his pada.

Article 43 initiation of the URN, the fia-which biletu loosen before the public, it is write esitu name of catra fia-which United Nations Secretary-General on a list, and Sophie resultatulu proclaiming of catra.

Article 44 cuprindu neintielese name that Tickets, seu signs of times what nature, which implies a prior intielegere aru, are null and void.

Article 45 the choice shall be made by relative majority, while at the casu candu won't meet a third-stinks, the proceeds will be a new choice in 15 termenu dile.

Article 46 minutes of Processele alegetoriloru constatatore operaţiuneloru sevarsite, tutuloru, tramitu are permanentu to the Council forthwith; and in orasiele, Eleni Coundouriotis, Craiova, Galaţi, Brăila, Ploesci, Ismailu and Ministeriului. One second esemplaru alu alu acestoru processe Chancellor oral preserve communal.

Article 47 Times-what is done on the contestatiune alegeriloru at termenu of the permanent Councils 10 dile; and in orasiele, Eleni Coundouriotis, Craiova, Galaţi, Brăila, Ismailu and Ploesci, Ministeriului is adressedia, which consultendu consiliulu status, will be able to house elections if serious irregularities are found, this is the election proceeds in casu nuoi termenu in 30 dile.
Cassarea seu mantinerea alegeriloru can't prejudeca into nimicu action market, which can bring in those counter what aru cursulu Carbajal operaţiuniloru be in the election, or what feliu de delictu, prevediutu and pedepsitu.

Chapter 6 ABOUT ELIGIBLE Article 48 to be a Council Member Eddy comunalu is her match conditions as ceru to be alegetoru.

Article 49 the members of the Board Functions comunalu are compatible with the State's consideration of what service.

Article 50 members of one and the same Board not dinsii enter potu be United by ties of good kinship, seu aliantie family, until the third game inclusivu alu.

Article 51 Council members, according to urmatorulu, juramentu fatia pronunciation in a Government, and delegatu alu those you orasiului Eleni Coundouriotis in Ministeriului Interior fatia "juru credintia Ruler, obedience and interesseloru legiloru sprijinu Earth. So help me Dumnedieu ".

Article 52 of the rural Communal Council members give under-demisiunea catra prefectu loru, and those you Consiliiloru Urban Council of prefects, catra Members of the communal septe cities. 47, lay demisiunea d'a dreptulu Ministeriulu catra.

Chapter 7 ABOUT the MEETING and ITS DELIBERATIONS CONSILIILORU Consiliulu Article 53 COMMUNAL congregate wherever special trebile ceru ilu, elu regulatu call OLA Ibrahim is putinu once a month unless it is gathering in sedintie estraordinare, whenever required. interesulu aru commune
The summons is made by Primarele, after a request by a tallow-thirds membriloru Council of comunalu.
The convocation is done with a Rico putinu di forward through circular, in which the fia-which consiliaru subscribes to chiemarea as vediuti.

Article 54 Consiliulu cannot deliberate Scott being the absolute majority fatia Membriloru sei. If Ibrahim was paying videogames etc twice the regular convocation without any one resultatu, then at the third convocation consiliulu lucredia Ibrahim members.

Article 55 Primarele, seu inteiulu seu lack agiutoru times in its absence and date more in years, Members open dintra presida and close sedintia. The decisions are given an absolute majority of votes, at the casu parity proposal over caria is desbate falls.

Article 56 all members ' and give fatia, votulu's only casurile out where are people in your game ", precumu appointments, dismissals and suspension functions of functions etc. In such casuri votulu is secretu.
Primarulu Rico votedia after.

Article 57 Times-what is member of alu opritu: 1) to the chuestiuniloru fatia deliberations in which one interessu and clean, that is, what will the decision of candu take will be able to bring his tallow rudeloru and his aliatiloru want one avantagiu seu damage.
2) to take part in any one service at any of the systematical any toll, putting in tallow antreprisa, to figure out that garantu in any antreprisa of the village.
3) to intervene as lawyers in processele seu plenipotenti started in the counter, precumu nor pay any one defends processu alu.

Article 58 the Council's decisions are part of the Tote in the guestbook of the tenuta secretiri; they are under-semnedia of members, and I am ever at dispositiunea times-which cetatenu from the village of tallow, times-call authorities, which would you guys you watch cathrin Tait.
With these consiliulu, tote can decide for one marginitu secretulu decisiuniloru taken tempu behind closed doors. This secretu is particulariloru only in inse and not privintia and authority.

Article 59 Consiliulu comunalu year In Takhar before the deal with budgetu, make administraţiunei one detailatu on the presumption and the trebiloru village, which will publish.

Article 60 Sedintiele d ' Council are always public Takahashi, Stephan will be tratatu a chuestiune of budgetu, nuoi, particularly disposal of vre in communal wealth, Contracting, inprumuturi, infiinteri establishments of public utility, and in one cuventu times-what chuestiune directu interessele touches, without putting in any Fash persona.

Article 61 Primarulu has adunariloru police; Elu has faculty to put it arestese and politienescu before the Tribunal's tramite times why what they individually contributed which aru turbure liniscea come and be good to Adunarei (1945), by an necuviinciosa demeanor.

Article 62

Consiliulu comunalu do seu regulamentulu serial himself and service within t.

Article 63 In this regulamentu, Consiliulu will decide the fine, for those members of the aru, siedintie Miss cavities without one majority primitu motivu. Productulu acestoru fine will enter into communal cassa.

Article 64 Consiliulu comunalu may not deliberate on the foreign obiecteloru its atribuţiiloru.
CANDU Consiliulu aru, luatu be a abatuta resolution of this task, which vatema interessulu seu S4, capulu datoru is close siedintia and insciintia Sub prefectu, who will report to us ' ntardiatu casulu Prefect; for orasiele mencionate in article 1(1). 47, insciintiarea Ministeriulu catra is made.
The assemene intemplare the authority may suspend the implementation of a work Council resolutii and chiaru its meetings.
Comitetulu permanentu decides if the suspension can be maintained.
Scott Prefectulu and Consiliulu atatu comunalu potu appeal to interior Ministeriulu, resolutia, permanentu and Ministeriulu Committee hotarasce luendu avisulu Council status.
The reasons shall be communicated to the Council of suspendarei nemijlocitu comunalu.
If cancellation of resolutiei comunalu Council does not intervene until 60 dile from the communication motiveloru, suspension is lifted.

Article 65 Domnulu may, by a reasoned ordonantie to anulese autorităţiloru communal acts which aru abatute loru duties be contrary legiloru, seu aru vetema interessulu Deo.
With these amendments approved tote from Comitetulu permanentu voru have being cancelled in termenu 60 aprobarei dile from the date.
After crossing the acestoru 60 Consiliiloru dile, communal acts shall not be waived by potu Cadena through legislative power Article 66 If Consiliulu comunalu aru following worshipped his duties, if his acts aru sea be the nature of public order turbura, Domnulu may disolvarea pronunciation and annulment of Council deliberatiuniloru; doue multu dissolvents Monday after Rico is the choices made in this nuoi intervalu commune Affairs are given by a comissiune called compussa and Mobility of people who intrunitu more votes at the last election.

Chapter 8 POWERS COMUNALU Article 67 Deliberaţiunile Comunalu Council cuprindu in aperarea tutuloru priveghierea and the obsce interesseloru of precumu village, and what objects i am submitted to the deliberation of the administrative authorities.
Consiliulu controlesa, destepta and help Capulu commune and on agiutorii trebiloru sei, in local administration of the commune. Deliberatiile Council are preceded by a prior Government research judge Stephan trebuintia a seu candu she prescribe administrative regulations.

Article 68: Deliberatiile privescu Council of) objects that you reguledie d ' chibsuirile to its dreptulu through. These chibsuiri devinu lucratore if the termenu 30 dile did not have anulatu of Comitetulu of Ministeriulu permanentu, seu Interior.

b) on which Council deliberations Objects comunalu to put in the paper, you can also trebuintia the approval of the Committee of Ministeriului permanentu seu, a ordonantie Domnesca seu of a law.

c) over which Objects Consiliulu is chiematu ' and Yes only socotintia.

d) articles regulerei. left behind

e) over which Objects may be Consiliulu ' esprima his dorintiele and.

Article 69 Consiliulu reguledie through its deliberations: 1) inbunetatire, chipulu averei and communal administration, to ensure that it is not risipesca, make its use ever bigger Abdull putinciosu, and the inhabitants of the village enjoy a characteristic of bestow them.
2) arenduiriloru (imposesieriloru) and inchirieriloru proprietăţiloru, producteloru and venituriloru, termenulu does not pass the candu loru over three years, precumu and conditions adjudecatiiloru.
3 Chipulu intrebuintierei inpartirea) and pasunei and roduriloru communities, and the conditions under which they have to submit to fetiele inpartitore out reclamatiune if the aru following cons regulerei comunalu Council, then the work is subject to candu aprobatiei permanentu seu Ministeriului Committee of Internal Affairs for the orasie referred articolulu septe 47.
4) aru Township, forest ave-Suite chipulu inpartirei they enter residents complying with the legiloru forest.

Article 70 times-what Council regulation comunalu on the obiecteloru precedentu, referred to in articolulu shall be made the prefect of nemijlocitu Sub-Capulu, sub catra making reception adeverintie to permanentu shall be forwarded to the Committee. If it does not anulesa, dile from the date 30 permits, start abatuta of comunalu as Council laws and administrative regulations, any complaint of a dip after f interessante, can she put in the work. The applicant ' s recursulu deschisu remane and over this termenu.
Prefectulu permanentu statuendu Comitetulu can be inserted into the procrastinating the implementation work of the regulerei Council comunalu yet another 30 dile, making ' i cunoscutu espirarei anteiu before the deadline.

Article 71 the objects for which the Council is subject to the chibsuirea comunalu aprobatiei formal permanentu Committee, and in some casuri chiaru ordonantie Domnesci getting an seu urmetorele a law are: 1) Budgetulu chieltueliloru and communal assets to cover them.
2nd annual venituriloru Summele) and chieltuieliloru.
3 Cumperarile, instreinarile), changes of fortunes nemiscatore seu rights, the formation of ipotece (amanetarile), delimitatia and the Division of nemiscatore in addition to valmagie, if it's ' inpartire aru orders of catra juditiara authority.
If the value of celoru more susu, race three thousand lei, seu doue-obicinuitu from venitulu alu decimi commune, incuviintiarea Domnesca is required.
4) with interest and intrebuintiarea baniloru.
5) conditions of nemiscatore inposessierei seu incherierei commune precumu catra other f, and those on which the commune itself aru two of taking in posessie seu in rent, if termenulu aru race one next year.
6) Asiediare, seu oborire shift of contributions, and the atingetore of regulations themselves.
7) projects, repair buildings marked, seu de aru deramari intreprindia what I will be.
8) opening and closing of ulitie and pietie, public precumu and aliniare projects.
9) direction and vecinale and side opening drumuriloru, Harold regulamenteloru, and legiloru and jicnirea privitore to legiloru without espropriatiunea for folosintia.
10) Brudinile (bridges) and other relevant market nature of what ' aru is steadfast on design of teritoriulu village.
11) Regulations atingetore rates of tallow gathering income, renting locuriloru of balciuri (iarmaroce), fairs, pietie, dejugetore and zalhanale on the public highway, as well as the tax and mesuriloru weigher, to cotitului.
12) daruriloru and Receiving legaturiloru made asiediaminteloru, seu candu loru, value not outdo why thousands lei.
Of the complaints were against the gift urmatu seu permanentu, approval of the Committee shall notify the complainant's Takahashi once military administrative path.
Times-what the complaint against aprobatiei permanentu Committee, had the use of Rico in multu 34 dile upon notification.
The value of the gift seu CANDU of go over why thousands lei, receiving them is subject to the incuviintierei of the Lord.
13) Ficsarea inpartirea numerului and parohieloru, parohieloru and budgeteloru approval research processed those curates of parohieloru.
In this work be voru parish priests precumu and protoiereulu of that parohiele hangs.
14) Processele and invoielile, precumu and tote in sight objects of which laws and regulations supunu deliberaţiunile aprobatiei permanentu comunalu Council, Committee of Interior Ministeriului seu incuviintierei, Lord dobandirei law times.

Article 72 Consiliiloru rural communal Deliberations over obiecteloru articolulu precedentu aretate in adressedia, is also Under-Consiliiloru, and the prefect of the city, at Prefectu; Prefectulu datoru is conveying nemijlocitu permanentu Committee for approval. Esceptiune is made for those whose septe communal orasie Consiliuri adressedia Ministeriulu is the Interior.
Comitetulu Ministeriulu refusendu permanentu seu Consiliulu comunalu approval, can turn to Consiliulu status.

Article 73 Objects on which Consiliulu comunalu is chiematu ' and only give socotintia, are the following.
1) draft aliniare of drumuriloru in intrulu orasieloru, targuriloru and sateloru.
2) legaturiloru daruriloru and Receiving asiedieminteloru well made-Genesis, pendants of the commune.
3 Autorisarea aru) asking what these asiedieminte to borrow, to cumpera, to change, to alienate, to start the processe to invoi.
4) meeting, villages, hamlets, slobodii, in one commune, peel off a section of satu Mare, to form a single commune seu to stick to another.
5) inpamentenire applications of strainiloru residing in the village.
No inpamentenire will not be required unless you can will be accompanied by certificatu liberatu Consiliulu postulantulu of comunalu where you will be petrecetoru.
6) Finally, on which objects tote communal councils are chiemate of socotintia ' and Yes, by the laws, administrative regulations tallow tallow on which ' aru consult catra upper administration.

Article 74 of the Municipal Councils ' potu, and esprima dorintiele obiecteloru of tutuloru, over interessu localu.

Communal councils not to put the potu comuticatiune with other communal councils, Lana in chuestii of local mutual interesse; It is opritu do seu has published a protestatiune, seu proclamatiune adresse.

Article 75 communal Councils deliberate on the previous fia-summeloru in which certain municipalities of catra seu Capulu.
They cercetedia and ficsedia options celoru other functionaries of the commune without prejuditiulu permanentu Committee action, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Curtei compturiloru.

Article 76 In siedintiele where you cercetedia summele consiliulu Head insemnedia, secretu's acelu by votu of sei, caries has replace the commune in Capulu's Presidency of the Council.
Capulu commune may attend the deliberatiuni to give what you need trebuitore, elu retires from votu inse.
Cov-tiitorulu seu presiedintie tramite d'a dreptulu deliberatiunea sub-prefect seu Interior Minister to those laid down in articles 81 and 82 orasie septe. 47. Article 77 Consiliulu make regulations for the administration of the commune and communal police ordonantiele.
These regulations and ordonantie not be contrary legiloru and potu regulamenteloru of Directors-General seu LLB.
Copy of these is tramitu till 48 hours Underneath the rural municipalities-municipalities of the urban prefect, Prefect, to transmit to the Committee permanentu, and the orasie Interior Ministry septe.
Communal councils potu fix punishments for calcatorii regulamenteloru and ordonantieloru also, if loru punishments ' aru be decided yet, but they didn't beat it stinks of voru simple sentences.

Article 78 Consiliulu numesce: 1) officials of the times-why in the town of Shelby.
2) architects and inpiegatii insercinati seu edificiiloru conservation buildings with aldermen.
3) Directors and conservatives asiedieminte of public folosintie, seu de party, hanging from the commune, as well as members of the tutuloru consiliiloru what s ' aru ordain commune administration in sight.
4) Doctors, surgeons and veterinarians with what intretinu numescu of chieltuiala Consiliulu village comunalu, Consiliulu recognized ones dintra medicalu superioru with dreptulu to professiunea esercita loru.
5) Professorii and scoleloru maintained by trainers, is numescu of Consiliulu comunalu, Consiliulu recognized ones dintra superioru alu Instructiunei.

Article 79 Consiliulu seu inpiegatii cancel suspend paying Township and whose appointment is assigned. They call the comitetulu however potu permanentu.

Article 80 communal Councils of orasieloru Eleni Coundouriotis, Iasi, Craiova, Galaţi, Brăila, Ploiesci and Ismailu in casurile prevediute articolulu tote by more bogie and the following where the Councils are datore notification address is towards seu Comitetulu permanentu catra approval, shall address the voru Interior Ministry.
Stricandu Ministry acestoru refusandule consiliuri seu decision his approval, they address the Council be potu status and after the call at Consiliulu Ministriloru.

Article 81 Communes and loru voru keep old appointments. Preschimbarile does not do Lana potu after application of the commune of Comitetulu, permanentu, incuviintiata and approved by decretu Daniel.

Chapter 9 ABOUT PRIMARELE and ITS ATRIBUTIUNELE Article 82 the Fia-which the urban commune seu capulu, get into one numitu. Primarulu magistratu

Article 83 Primarulu commune in rural municipalities is chosen by the commune of alegetorii with the members of the Board and shall be approved by Prefectu; in the communes of urban numescu Kalma dintra those three advisers voru intrunitu be more votes in the election.

Article 84 esecutiva Power pick and advisors from Vince agiutore intereste to orasiele what remained of over 40.000 inhabitants, four orasiele up to 15.000, three for orasiele from 15.000 up to 6.000, duoi for townships from 6.000 up to 3.000 souls, and unulu for the smaller municipalities.

Article 85 Municipalities comuneloru and agiutorele re ' noescu loru of with the members esu jumetate, plusu from the years duoi duoi in urban communes, and one in the rural communes, anu conformu Art. 32. In urban municipalities are those Primarulu numesce nuoi conformu dintra elected Art. 83, while agiutorele dintra advisers.

Article 86 lots of members of what will be done, esu in public siedintia. This siedintia will anuntia Rico putinu with septe dile before tragerei lots of membriloru what esu.
Alegetorii does not call for elections stinks voru Scott over 15 after settling dile publishes esiti membriloru name. Members of esu voru work until will make election. nuoi

Article 87 Primarulu jayada insercinatu commune administration, elu can delegate part of the ins falls its one more of tallow agiutorii sei, or failing that to himself some of the members of the commune with the dritu of alegetoru.

Article 88 was once Primarulu and delegatu Takahashi alu one central administration, under the authority of the Government. Elu is one insercinatu with privigherea magistratu police, public order mantinerea with tutuloru mesuriloru privitore the good locuitoriloru condition and of the commune, and the takeovers with times-what other duties which was put by law. aru

Article 89 is Primarulu insercinatu with administraţiunei superior authority with the following duties.

the publication and execution) With legiloru and regulamenteloru.

b) carrying out public messuriloru of assigurare.

c) With communal police of public pietieloru of stradeloru etc.

d) With the conservation and management of the commune of proprietăţiloru and drepturiloru.

e) With articolile of indestulare.

f) search venituriloru, stabilimenteloru, and vigil with communal comptabilitatea.

g) With redactiunea budgetului and chieltueli socoteliloru of putting it.

(h) proposal catra) With the Council of Aldermen nuoi crearei of income.

I) With his consent targuriloru, Gen. contracteloru and award lucrariloru conformu Council, incheeriloru comunalu, in the outskirts of legiloru and regulamenteloru in fiintia.

infatisiarea drepturiloru k) with communal justice, as before reclamantu seu aperatoru seu as delegation, this awareness of catra people.

j) With dressarea listeloru.

Article 90 Messurile taken by atributiuniloru in its cerculu Mayor, are given in the form of dispositiuni.

Article 91 In orasiele which occurred over 3.000 inhabitants, populatiune of Domnulu dreptulu of incredintia has the vigil and maintaining public order police to a certain functionaru, which titlulu of the port police, and Prefectu in the it-orasie, Head of the Comissaru police station.

Article 92 is Primarulu insercinatu with civil laws may delegate to the unulu from the agiutorii unulu sei, tallow from advisers.

Article 93 is Primarulu insercinatu with contraventiuni simple trial of police, legei conformu of criminal instruction.

Article 94 potu Sri Not be any agiutoru, officials of the State-times image name, seu intreprindatorii of revenue and public works of the district.

Article 95 mayoralties and loru, potu agiutorii be suspend in the communes of catra josu Prefects of 3.000 more; and to those of greater populatiune catra only Interior Ministry.
Revocation of the townships more loru putinu 3.000 inhabitants, is made only by catra, Interior Ministry and the municipalities of what was passing over 3.000 inhabitants, only the Omoniyi catra.

Article 96 supra-Primarele has to be the guarantor of good ospiciiloru, biurouriloru facere, sculeloru, casseloru of inchisore of bisericiloru village, Cadena touches loru conservation and maintenance.
In this privintia, elu visitedia disele establishments whenever counts of cuviintia and abusurile EC Council shows descoperitu and inbunetatirile what am trebuitore.

Article 97 In casu de atrupamente rescola, hostile, of serious flicks made pacei other public evineminte, seu nepravediute, candu lowest intardiere aru can cause hazard to persons, damage to sea primarulu may make regulations and police ordonantie (out of orasiele where am Heads and Prefects, Comissari police) with the condiţiune to communicate them to the Council forthwith, and comunalu tramite immediately copy the Prefects , aleturandu ' i and reasons for credutu of the elu is the dispensation of having recourse to the Council. Esecutiunea will be able to be suspended under the sea-catra Prefectu prefectu. These regulations and immediately stop ordonantie voru to ave an effect, unless the Lisbon Treaty of Consiliulu voru comunalu be in the anteiu of his siedintia.

Article 98 Primarulu is insercinatu with care to protect and stop intemplarile what aru ocasionate furiosii could be mad of and let.
If necessary, the Primarulu may require the submission of a Bishop with tallow booby which padia and care has not been ' aru insercina family, in a home health Hospice, tallow with that of instiintia in inse termenu three Procurorulu dile on lange Tribunalulu judetiului.

Article 99 Primarele has debt by priveghea people and locuintiele data prostitutiunei. Mat takes due to messurile tote assigura health, morality and public tranquillity: Consiliulu do in privintia it counts them regulations trebuitore and folositore.

Article 100 Police spectacoleloru belongs to the Mayor; Elu can stop serious inprejurari times-what representatiune to assigura peace and moralitatei padia.
Primarele esecuta Consiliulu comunalu regulamentulu of paying videogames etc in privintia spectacoliloru.
Consiliulu priveghedia not giving any representatiune the contrary order of the student.

Article 101 Primarulu, seu agiutorulu lack delegatu ' mat, check once a month Rico putinu State communal house.
Elu verbalu procesu redigie one of the checks and submit to the Council ' lu comunalu.

Article 102 Primarele may suspend for one termenu what will not pass over septamani, inse SA on inpiegatii village, out of United Nations Secretary-General Ibrahim (alias) and perceptoru (strangatoru of taxes).
At the casu need to adjourn the unulu of these officials, the Council proposes messura Primarele it.

Article 103 Primarele priveghedia archivelor, titluriloru keep, documenteloru commune and civil registreloru and priveghedia as these documents are not to be herself, perdia seu instrainedie from depositu. One inventariu is done about indoitu tote these acts.

Article 104 regulations, ordonantiele, corespondentiele, be, be, be endorsed Mayor of catra primariu seu agiutorulu ' lu inlocuesce, and is contrasemnedia by the United Nations Secretary-General.
If the casulu hotaratu Council mentionedia it in publicaţiune and it-other acts.

Article 105 ordonantiele seu Regulamenetele and Council of the mayor shall be published by the Mayor's care through proclamatiuni and afisie.
Publicaţiunea in villages is done by reading the accountant at esirea of the Church and the parish house. These regulations devinu indatoritore fifth publicaţiunea di loru, after out of casurile termenulu determinatu Stephan will be through regulamentulu seu ordonantia himself.
These regulations are given in ordonantie and form the following: Primarulu (seu Consiliulu comunalu and Mayor in. .. judetiulu. .. hotarasce seu plassa orders. ..

Article 106 town halls are paying in your parish. Lefile hotarascu catra loru is Consiliulu of Comitetulu permanentu comunalu, inse is entitled to modify the câtimea weight proportiune loru functiunei and with midlocele. Voru Agiutorii sei was a daily allowance for dilele in which lucratu be voru.

Article 107 Semnulu Primariloru distinctivu of the aldermen will be ' a esiarpa with the national colors, "carried to cingetore.

Article 108 In casu de rescola, de atrupamente, seu de heavy flicks made public Primarulu seu pacei same what ' lu inlocuesce, will you can ask d ' dreptulu interventiunea puterei armed military authority of communal sea cavities of voru datore is being consistent on this application.
Cerirea will need to be inscrisu ever made.

Chapter 10 ABOUT SECRETARULU (SCRIITORULU) COMUNALU COUNCIL Article 109 The fia-which the urban commune is a United Nations Secretary-General, the fia-cara rural township is one Alias. This functionaru is numitu, suspendatu and revocatu of Consiliulu comunalu catra.
Appointments and revocations, the showers had to be incuviintiate of Comitetulu permanentu.
Suspensiunea can be applied to provisoriu of inse catra Consiliulu comunalu.

Article 110 Out of casurile de bola seu service student nesalariatu, seu candu absentia Secretary of writer will take more multu a month, who will be inlocuitu will enjoy salariulu seu.

Article 111 Consiliulu comunalu, with apreciatiunea permanentu, hotarasce salariulu Committee secretariloru and alu scriitoriloru.

Article 112 Secretarulu and is scriitorulu in insercinatu redactiunea processeloru Ernest with verbal and transcriptiunea tutulor deliberatiuniloru. Mat for this registry subkey tene one Musu and parafatu of Primarulu village.
Verbal Processele of the Mayor are transcribed and certified by the United Nations Secretary-General seu alias.

Article 113 Secretarulu (scriitorulu), is to be consistent with datoru instructions what ' i am given, either by the Council or by the Mayor of agiutorulu, seu ' lu inlocuesce.

Chapter 11 PERCEPTORULU or STRINGATORULU DARILORU ABOUT the COMMUNE Article 114 Consiliulu comunalu numesce, perceptoru rovoca on suspend seu, inse with apreciatiunea permanentu Committee.

Article 115 Consiliulu comunalu hotarasce onorariulu seu trebuintie other of the tax collector. Takahashi Consiliulu comunalu hotarasce what is the guarantee shall be required from dinsulu.

Article 116 Sri priveghedia as this guarantee, once determined, shall be filed and the fia, re ' at the casu de noita trebuintia.

Article 117 Perceptorulu is onl insercinatu on his responsibility, and to carry out recipes and communal seats, paid after regular chieltuielile ordonantiate till summele the fia-which special articolu budgetului seu alu alu Ernest credit.

Chapter 12 ABOUT COMMUNAL Expenses CHIELTUELILE comuneloru Article 118 is obligatory and optional in inpartu.

Article 119 Consiliulu comunalu is tenutu to be anualu budgetu chieltueli tote in those, how many are spoken of as obligetore.
Most of capitenie are the following: Maintenance of the premises of the Town Hall) and the Chancellery of the commune chieltuiala.

b) Chieltuelile of the trebuintia. TAFA

c the Official Gazette Abonamentulu).

d Chieltuelile for populatiunei) is important.

Chieltuelile e) for records, and the State tabeleloru civilu statistical privitore in the commune.

f) payment to the tax collector's Mayor, comunalu, and insercinatiloru with acsidieloru gathering.

g) payment of sergentiloru, guardistiloru, pompieriloru, the vataseiloru and the celoru-l-other functionaries of municipalities, rural urban sea.

h) payment and chieltuelile Office, comissariloru and inpiegatiloru, precumu police are determined by law.

I) Pensions and functionariloru municipal aldermen.

k) Expenses of rent and repairs of plasi place judecatoriloru (ocole), precumu and cumperarea and maintenance of furniture.

It Chieltuelile public instructiunei) conformu legiloru.

m) altoru preotiloru and Lefa servers bisericiloru, where churches have no own income indestuletore.

n) ospiciiloru, at the expense of maintenance and operation of the saraciloru copiiloru gesiti, powerless, to caseloru from poprela.

a large and Reparaţiunile) of edificiiloru, aldermen out of military buildings and edifices devoted cult, of which constructiuni it is necessary to form obiectulu of contribuţiuni estraordinarie.

p) Ingredirea cimitireloru, maintenance and relocation decided by loru casurile the laws and regulations of public administraţiune.

q) costs for lighting and paving stradeloru, water, gardens and public plantatiuni and other very similar.

r) Expenses for plans and alignments.

the expenses of the Council s) esperta in municipalities where they establish laws voru.

t) Contribuţiunile and payments laid down by laws, the averiloru and the venituriloru.

u datoriiloru caroru) payment may be required to pay; and in the S4 it tote-other expenses made by dispositiuni in the comuneloru task.

Article 120 Candu chieltuelile interessedia one of the more common obligetore, they contribuescu to densele interessulu proportiune with the image they have in ' lu, in casu de refusu seu proportiunei of misunderstanding over this sexy grils, and sarciniloru what am Comitetulu permanentu purtatu, hotarasce, lasendu and intervenes inse interessante Ministeriulu partiloru recursu catra. If obiectulu touches inse municipalities in counties, chuestiunea is hotarasce raportulu Jack Ministeriului after.

Article 121 In tote, communal councils and municipalities candu aru seeks to eschew payment obligetore what datoriiloru law put the burden of Valeriu mironescu, loru loru refusendu in totulu seu Comitetulu permanentu, in part after Consiliulu comunalu, ask me on to score ex-oficio chieltuela at budgetu in proportiune with trebuintia.
Consiliulu comunalu will be able to call at Ministeriulu.

Article 122 In orasiele, Eleni Coundouriotis, Iaşi, Craiova, Galaţi, Brăila, Ploesci and Ismailu, the entry will be made acestoru chieltueli ex-oficio of catra Ministeriulu. Consiliulu comunalu will be able to call on the Consiliulu Ministriloru, which will decide after you have avisulu Council status.

Chapter 13 ABOUT COMMUNAL INCOME Article 123 Consiliulu comunalu datoru anualu is to enroll in budgetu and specificendu-is precumu revenue, tote and those which the law ' i atribue ', that she and creasa again, and escedintele past aniloru.

Article 124 the Fia-which is the parish estraordinaru dreptulu inpune; It is hotarasce of Consiliulu comunalu catra, by an absolute majority of tutuloru membriloru.
New contributiune, before you put it in the paper, is afisiesa in those 15 dile at usia communal house, as to what you can cunosce of taxpayers ' aru calculator hit, tallow by new release tallow by cotisatiune, voru may advertise at Consiliulu comunalu.
Times-which is either on the Council decision acestoru reclamatiuni processulu, Consiliulu verbalu with what you will need to ' and finished about the new release, there will be the Committee's permanentu datoru tramite and tote requests and reclamatiunile to be primitu noueloru the counter reports.

Article 125 Nouele contribuţiuni not be voru stringe hdez stinks after avisulu permanentu Committee incuviintiatu will be gathering loru through the Ministry of Interior, the rural communes and ordonantia Domnesca, the urban communes.

Chapter 14 ABOUT COMMUNAL Consiliulu COMPTABILITATEA comunalu Article 126 alu fia-urban decay of the rural commune seu congregate in the fia-which anu 2 Kuba, to proceed to the start of the year provisorie socoteliloru trecutu.
Elu congregate at 1 Septemvrie, to deliberate on the budgetului chieltueliloru and venituriloru of the commune's ragunath year futur.

Article 127 comuneloru and calculations budget mainly depunu communal house is where the fia-which contribuabilu can get communication from them.

These scores are budgete and voru and publish posters and printed through whenever disele budgete voru be a sum that will go over 50.000 lei and neajungendu this figure, publishing is done only by afisie and glued to the usia communal house.

Article 128 and calculations shall be subject to the budget mainly from Sri aprobatiunei permanentu catra, and Committee for the Ministry of Interior orasie septe, incuviintiadia chariots with reserve of definitive cercetarei Ibrahim socoteliloru of catra compturi Court.
Times what a alocatiune optional for chieltuiala, which will be reduced from Comitetulu fostu permanentu catra, won't you can be Mayor of catra chieltuita without a new Council deliberatiune comunalu.
Communal councils are datore supunu budgetulu, candu and loru calculations at the aprobatiunea Committee permanentu, Ryti stated as they published and afisiate.

Article 129 Calculations had to be submitted by the fia-which anu permanentu Committee before July 1. Gotta be tramise budget mainly before 15 Octomvrie.
Comitetulu comissari's permanentu tramite compta will personally autorităţiloru aru intardiatu commune tramiterea be socoteliloru and with budgeteloru.

Article 130 Candu neprevediute, inprejuraru through administraţiune will be a communal recunoscutu need to make a chieltuiala that was not allocated in budgetu, it will make a special obiectulu Comitetulu permanentu catra requests.

Article 131 no communal payments from cash won't be able to do, in the power of a Scott alocatiuni contained in budgetu, permanentu, incuviintiata de Comitetulu seu creditu incuviintiatu of an Ernest Comitetu of the permanentu.
No one articolu from chieltuelile budgetului cannot be covarsitu and no one virementu can not be done without his consent the Committee permanentu.

Article 132 tote With these urban and rural councils do seu potu chieltueli reported by inprejurari neaparate and neprevediute, luendu in resolutiune, he reasoned that need to be immediately adressata Committee permanentu seu Interior Ministry for those larger septe orasie.
In candu casulu lowest intardiere aru ocasiona vederata Primarulu a loss, perhaps, under his responsibility, do trebuitorele chieltueli, with duty as inse as soon as consiliulu is comunalu incunosciintiedie which discuss whether primesce seu Comitetulu chieltuiala, reject and permanentu to approve. Mandates on the communal house, ordonantiate mayors had either underwritten by elu, seu de inlocuitorulu seu Secretarulu seu and countersigned by the scriitorulu comunalu.
DISPOSITIUNI Tote TRANSITORII urban and rural councils after new legiuire re ' is new in voru totimea cursulu alu loru punerei year in the work of fatie legei.
The Government will determine the ages in which had to be made of the relative electoral operations for listeloru, the meeting of adunariloru alegetoriloru anteia aldermen, alegeriloru, precumu and observendu the terms prescribed by art. 28, 29, 30, 31, inclusivu, listeloru and training art. 32, 33, to summon alegetoriloru.
At anteiele, in the orasiele of resedintie, Biuroulu principalu will presiedintele of catra presida CFI anteia instantiate. If you have multiple sections, voru, fia-which will be one of catra presidata Naveen from Tribunalulu of anteia instantiate.
in the communes where there are Tribunaluri of anteia, Biuroulu will instantiate presida of catra Rico in more years and catra priests.
For the other it is dispositiuni-voru notice forms prescribed by these laws.
Presiedintii and Board members Municipalu and Comunalu aste-di esistente, voru to ' fulfill the functions in legiloru previous contents until its candu voru conformu be replaced with current law.
This law was votatu by the General Assembly, at its meeting of 9 March 1864, and was adoptatu by a majority of four to three, with its four votes against.
| L. S. | (semnătu) Vice presiedinte l. Catargiu---------United Nations Secretary-General a. i. Arionu.
Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as those invested with sigilulu fatia State and the legiloru Bulletin (the Official Monitorulu), either adressate Curtiloru, Tribunaleloru and Autorităţiloru are administrative, as entered in the register shall observe loru, and is made to the United Nations Secretary-General, and Our Ministrulu status from the Department of Justice is publishing insercinatu priveghia loru.
Eleni Coundouriotis, Datu in March 31, 1864.
AB ION — — — — — — — — — | S. D. |
— — — — — — — —-Minister United Nations Secretary-General status from the Department of Internal Affairs, he noted.
Minister of State to the United Nations Secretary-General on Justice Department (ad interim).
P. Junior.

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