Law No. 396 Of 31 March 1864 For Infiintiarea Consiliuriloru Judetiane

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 396 din 31 martie 1864 pentru infiintiarea Consiliuriloru judetiane

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Law No. 396 of 31 March 1864 for ISSUING infiintiarea Consiliuriloru judetiane MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Published in OFFICIAL GAZETTE of 31 March 1864 AB IOAN i. With the mercy of Dumnedieu and vointia of the United Principalities Dana national team.
All of the face and viitoriu health.
Vadendu raportulu Minister of Our status at the United Nations Secretary-General from among the Department, Council President alu, under no. 8675, lange has us on the supusu towards sanctioning the draft law votatu of Romania's General Assembly in sedintia from March 10, 1864;
AMU and amu interitu interimu, promulgamu promulgatu and what urmedia: Title I REPRESENTATIUNEA U INTERESSELORU ABOUT LOCAL JUDETIELORU Article 1 In the fia-which one is judetiu statornicesce Council periodicu and represinta gather local collective and economic interessele of judetiului.

Article 2 the Fia-which plassa (ocolu) how many members the tramite duoi Consiliulu judetianu.
Orasiele of resedintie cavities not been part of any plassa, voru lange is joined on the nearest plassa through ' a ordonantia Domnesca.
Stephan numerulu plasseloru in one judetiu will be five in magas Cadena is is not full of pota minimumu dece members then this will inpartindu numeru full on populatiunea in proportiune with plasi loru.

Article 3 the President of the Council is elected by the Council Judetianu from sinulu seu.
The Government's Comissaru alu lange Prefectulu judetiului Council.

Article 4 Consiliulu judetianu choose from sinulu seu Comitetu compusu one permanentu of three members. This Comitetu functionedia in the absence of the Council and shall be Prefectulu judetiului presida.

Article 5 on numerulu hotaratu membriloru lange alu Council, fia-which still pick one plassa Member supleantu; in order to fulfil the mandate in vacantiele cursulu intemplatore Consiliariloru.
Takahashi for this sfirsitu, Consiliulu choose also on lange permanentu active members of the Committee, and three alternates.

Article 6 on Consiliulu judetianu and Comitetulu lange permanentu functionedia one numitu, United Nations Secretary-General, Praneet presintati from three candidates of Consiliuiu judetianu.
Domnulu ilu may revoke only after the Council Committee cerirea permanentu seu.

Title U ABOUT JUDETIANU VOTERS and the ELECTORAL COUNCIL Article 7 Are direct alegetori Council judetianu intrunescu decay condiţiunele all those prescribed by law to take part in the elections to the Legislative Assembly deputatiloru.
Voters formed after that law and serve for choosing voru Consiliuriloru judetiane.

Article 8 Alegetorii fia-caria plasse formedia onl electoralu one college.
The same dispositiuni reguledia Deputatiloru elections to caries peasants, applies to election membriloru Consiliuriloru judetiane.


Article 9 colegiiloru, Summons to general election proceeds by members of the Consiliuriloru, is made by ordonantia Domnesca, three septamani Rico putinu before dilei ficsate for election; It is published by diarele and is afisedia in tote communes; She looks dioa, time and loculu in colegiiloru, precumu and unification numerulu Consiliariloru what have to be chosen by the fia that College.

Article 10 the convening of ordinary colegiiloru of ocole urmedia in the anteiu of his Nadine Moon Sunday.
Colleges shall summon and potu estra-Prince obinna in casu dissolvents of vre a Council judetianu, seu to fulfil vacancies.

Article 11 Alegetorii membriloru judetianu Council intrunescu resedintia is in the district, where ' and have domiciliulu politicu loru.
Votulu give the persona.
No one alegetoru cannot vote for Scott in ' one onl College.

Article 12 provisorie electoralu College Presidency is the oldest age of fatia dintra alegetorii; four of the youngest (with sciintia) indeplinescu provisoriu functiunele scrutatori and of Secretaries.
Biuroulu provisoriu asia is having a choice of format proceeds through one onl scrutinu with simple majority and the biuroului definitivu, compusu also one of Presiedinte, scrutatori and duoi duoi Secretaries.

Article 13 of the Electoral Colleges shall not occupy either side of potu Cadena only choices for cavities were convocatu. Times-cuventu-times that what discutiune seu deliberatiune policy dinadinsulu selloane, are stopped.

Article 14 Presiedintele Adunarei Police College has onl.
Nobody can enter inarmatu.
No power the army cannot be placed in localulu alegeriloru seu giurulu's. In casu de neorenduela, Presiedintele ajutorulu puterei may require armed inse.
Civil and military authorities are following cereriloru datore its privesce election.

Article 15 insciintedia's Presiedintele numerulu Consiliariloru and gathering of supleantiloru what urmedia to be precumu and choose the name aceloru what urmedia replace.

Article 16 numerulu Intemplandu votantiloru as a college to find her more Magar Scott jumetatea unulu summei alegetoriloru and registered in the official list, discontinue operation and choice are procrastinating until after three septamani.
Causa intreruperei insemnedia processulu is verbalu in which subscrisu chiaru in sedintia for all members of biuroului, it nemijlocitu tramite Prefect.
In the why why urmedia dile, Prefectulu is making a new datoru convocation of the College, built more forms observendu susu.
The three espirarea terminului septamani is a choice, or proceeds which would be numerulu alegetoriloru de fatia.

Article 17 For the candidates ' cavities would be dobanditu by an absolute majority of the voturiloru, one proceeds to the alu is duoilea scrutinu.
Those cavities at the GA scrutinu dobanditu duoilea alu voru in College the most votes, be even more jumetate and Scott putinu unulu of summei voturiloru spoken (relative majority) are elected.
In casu voturiloru parity will be decided by lots.

Article 18 Processulu verbalu preuna alegeriloru, from alu with tickets and chartiile atingatore of them, (which he is trebuescu stamp biuroului members and applicants) list of votantiloru and the sheets you have secretaries insemnatu votes database, such laws underwritten tote, in the sedintia of biuroulu intregu tramitu, permanentu Committee, is from preuna with the official list of alegetoriloru who servitu to apelulu nominalu.
Comitetulu subject to the acts, preuna tote from the list, the Council judetianu loru dioa deschiderei. Copy after processulu verbalu, biurou, verified by the Chancellery under-prefecturei plassei (district), in the resedintia judetiului at Prefecturei, where Chancellery times who will see it you can ask.

Article 19 Comitetulu permanentu intardiere alesiloru vestesce tutuloru choice without loru active members alternate judetianu seu Council.

Article 20 Times what reclamatiune in for an election, the Council shall adresedia judetianu titluriloru before verificarei.

Article 21 Only Consiliulu judetianu definitivu about operaţiuneloru decide the validity of the election, Scott colegiiloru privesce membriloru sei choice. And in Scott touches the definitive decision in the contestatiunele for dreptulu of alegetoru, it is esclusivu of competintia equipment.

Article 22 Eddy Consilierulu in many colleges, proclaims its permanentu Committee option, and neingrijindu to a news Council declare a judetianu, two titluriloru dile after verification; in contrary, casulu Consiliulu decided by lots that represinta not Consilierulu plassa ' would be the option to declaratu.

Article 23 In casu de vacantia through option, morte, demissiune seu almintrelea membriloru, Lana has active atatu and celoru alternates, elected by her cousins plassa, Prefectulu will meet respectivu in colegiulu terminu a month.

Article 24 In tempulu intrunirei judetianu Council, elu dreptulu has to receive the onl demisiunea sei membriloru, sessiuneloru, intervalulu and demissiunele in se permanentu notify the Committee.

Article 25 nobody can functiunele Council Member refusa judetianu where ' would choose, nor is demissiona before terminului the mandate of suet, Scott for the words following: a) the age of 60 years inpliniti.

b) Oranduire in the service of the State and mandatulu of deputatu.

c) fulfilment of previous functions of Consiliaru in those one terminu d'a randulu.

d trupesca), Bola and weakness seu another major proven fortia.

Consiliulu judetianu admissibilitatei cuvinteloru refusului hotarasce on the.
Times who, without legiuite of Consiliulu judetianu admisse words, would function refusa disele seu ' would terminului demissiona seu tenure before, it will indatora to pay a fine of 15 up to 50 coins in folosulu judetiului.
Câtimea globirei Consiliulu is judetianu of pronunciation, and incassuirea they are urmaresce of Comitetulu permanentu catra.
Apelulu Consiliulu catra is made for Reading.

Title U IV ABOUT Eligibility.

Article 26 Are eligible to Consiliurile judetiane all the Romanians in the age of 30 years, enjoying cavities tote civil and political rights, granted by law.
Towards the Eddy member you can be supleantu Consiliurile seu judetiane, the physician shall be declaratu with 6 months prior to alegerei as in privintia it is domiciled in judetiu politicu acelu seu.

Article 27 could Not take part in Consiliulu judetianu, Prefectulu, judetiului, Tribunal judges Sub-prefects (governors), Cassierii and Comptabilii all judetiului inpiegatii you Prefecturei, seu prefecturiloru Sub-judetianu, secretarulu Council, Engineers and architects in the service judetiului, Prefectulu and Comissarii, the military police service in the Saint judetiu and the monks.

Nobody may belong to two judetiane Boards.

Article 28 relatives approve, tatalu, bunulu and fiulu (mosulu) and nepotulu, unchiulu, cumnatii, brothers, do not be potu Takahashi in ' one aceluiasu judetianu Board members tempu.
The election also is preferitu acelu which has dobanditu votes, and at the casu parity, date more in election years, and prinu scrutinu succesivu, anteiu Rico affe.
What would his kindred intempla ' enter following Consiliari duoi alegeriloru, don't shoot the revocation of tenure loru.
His kindred are desfiintiata through socotesce who was the woman day.

Title U V judetianu About Consiliulu.


Article 29 Ordonantia Domnesca for convening the meeting which precedes the fia Council judetianu, three septamani Rico putinu; It is published by Monitorulu oficialu, Prefectulu invite Italians Consiliari through tickets from locuintiele loru.

Article 30 Consiliulu judetianu intrunesce sessiune is the ordinary 15 October of the fia which anu, judetiului in resedintia.
Out of the ordinary, sessiunea Consiliulu can summon and estraordinara in sessiune.

Article 31 Tote sessiunele are open and closed, the name of the Lord, Prefectulu judetiului.
Prefectulu provisoriu Consiliulu duoi presida, the youngest member of a witness camdata as secretaries.
After checking titluriloru, Consiliulu one proceeds in the election of the President, one Vice President and Secretary of duoi formendu seu biuroulu, asia-definitivu for sessiunele year tote.

Article 32 Dainuirea ordinary sessiunei is septamani; She can't abbreviate Lana intielegere prinu Council together with Prefectulu; You can insert extended Sophia dile in following a decision by the Council.
For greater extension, his consent is neaperata, she is asked by the intercession of the prefect.
In casu, the GA Consiliulu datoru is dealing, prior of budgetulu judetiului tote, if not yet ' would be votatu; under any one ordinary Word sessiunea cannot extend more than five septamani.

Article 33 Candu Domnulu summon any one Council judetianu in sessiune estraordinara, seu candu autorisa prolongation of an ordinary sessiuni, actulu convocarei seu mentionedia prolongation of the objects and the order deliberatiuniloru from esi Consiliulu cannot decay.

Article 34 Suspension and closure of sessiunei ordinary estraordinare before lucrariloru sessiunei savarsirei for Consiliulu convocatu who fostu, potu is Takahashi d ' pronunciation of Prefectu always.
The suspension covers the Interior through Ministrulu Consiliulu status hotărîrei statuedia upon which the prefect.

Article 35 the Assembly check the titles alegerei and membriloru hotarasce contestatiunele sei, which s ' would arise in gaze loru.
She may not deliberate unless am fatia Rico jumetate and unulu from putinu numerulu membriloru Council ficsatu for fia-namely that judetiu.

Article 36 after checking titluriloru, judetianu depuni urmatorulu Board members juramentu in the hands of the Commissioner: "obedience to the ruler and Juru credintia Constitutiunei and legiloru the Earth."
Any one Member may not take part in the deliberatiune up to not submit this juramentu.
Membrulu that it ' would be considered as refusa, dimissionatu, and inlocuesce immediately through one Member supleantu.

Article 37 Consiliulu determined by one module within t regulamentu essercita, whereupon conformu fatia, legei atribuţiunile incredintiate of his.

Article 38 is not public Sedintiele Council, out of deliberaţiunile have candu voting object budgetului and inpositeloru what urmedia to be judetiului precumu lay siege over, and putting summeloru.
Tote Cunsiliului published decisions in desbaterile and not be inserted.

Article 39 Consiliulu votedia with nominalu apelu glasu hard by sea through the siedere and novels, and all proposals for replying votedia, seu mat only by apelu nominalu.
Tote presentatiuni cestiunele people, candidates, appointments, dismissals, seu destituatiuni, purure through scrutinu is secretu crack ticklish.

Article 40 Times what the proposal, to be received in discutiune stinks, had to be supported by three members; Consiliulu insemnedia desbaterei dioa.
Consiliulu has dreptulu to sever times what proposal and i do amendamentu.

Article 41 shall be made with finishes Tote absolute majority of Ibrahim voturiloru membriloru.
In casu de inpartirea voturiloru, the proposal is rejected.

Article 42 shall be Sedintiele deschidu of inchidu and Presiedinte; they began by reading neaperatu processului verbalu alu, sitting, after the aprobatu of the Council of Presiedinte is subsemnedia of Secretaries.
The FIA-which Member has dreptulu to advertise in verbalu against processului. Most hotarasce.
Also, the fia-which Member has to ask dreptulu mencionare in processulu verbalu as avotatu for resolutiuni for a dip.

Article 43 Out of casulu of recunoscutu of urgentia, two-thirds of the membriloru of hotarasce order Presiedintele fatia, dilei, OLA tardiu di siedintei with a question, before once more anteiu to consultatu Assembly; dilei order of afisedia in the gym.

Article 44 the onl Adunarei police Presiedintele has. Sedintiele elu in may, after public chiemarea public adressata, the order of turburatorului and chiaru require the remoteness of his arrest on 24 hours without tempu prejuditiulu what punishment could follow the action Ministeriului accountant.
Police are to receive datore persona tramisa of Presiedinte at arestu, and a tempulu aretatu Ching in order of closed Presiedintelui.

Article 45 Council members don't take Scott potu cuvantulu after cerutu and lu have both were datu of Presiedinte.
Presiedintele rechiama to oratorulu cestiune's that departedia be it. Or what personality or what insult, or what inputare, bad intentiune, breach of order is socotesce.
In casu, the GA Presiedintele oratorulu rechiama's ordinu, at once more before the Assembly will be its esplicarile ask me.
Order Recheamarea mencionedia Ibrahim is at the vanilla bean-verbalu only majoritatei 1406/application.

Article 46 Functiunele membership judetianu Council not alu paid.

Article 47 the Fia-which the Council Member represinta judetiulu intregu, and circonscriptiunea which not only electoral ' Eddy lu.

Article 48 Any one Council Member alu cannot take part in a deliberatiune in which Kermit, seu a kinship has to approve, (art. 28) would have one interessu and clean directu.


Article 49 Consiliulu judetianu se tutuloru interesseloru esclusivu pronunciation over the local County, without prejuditiulu aprobatiunei required for the validity of its incheieriloru, casurile and prevediutu in the module capitolulu joy.
Elu is chiematu to be utter and tutuloru obiecteloru of the corpulu legiuitoru catra defera tallow catra Mobility.

Article 50 In the fia-which Consiliulu votedia budgetulu chieltuieliloru annual year viitoriu and the funds required to cover them; also cercetedia and summile chieltuieliloru venituriloru and concluded the year trecutu.

Article 51 judetiului conpunu Revenue is the accumulation of time;
1. trebuintiele contributiunele judetiului for additional, voted on by Consiliulu autorisarei judetianu marginele puterei in legiuitore contributiunea, lange's direct catra Reading.
These contribuţiuni are: a) to cover Obligetorie chieltuieliloru EC law puts the responsibility of judetiului.

b) for those Optional expenses, what would Consiliulu judetianu find way to vote, to do a intempinarea Abdu judetiului interessu alu.

2. from a subventiune from the proportiune State with cassa chieltuielile what remained of the Central Administraţiunea in the judetiului task. Subventiuni ficsedia this figure is on the fia-which conflicts of law financiala (Budgetu).
3. other income intemplatore what infiintia, potu trecatorea on chieltuiala with judetiului bridges etc.

Article 52 Chieltuielile judetiului am 1) mandatory, optional 2).
Chieltuielile are binding as law put the tote in the task judetiului and Consiliilu is neaparatu datoru passes them on to the fia-which conflicts in budgetulu judetiului.
They are more osebire with the following: 1. Rent and reparaţiunile localuriloru for Tribunalu, and Casarma Rangers, intended for judetiului; cumperarea and intretenerea trebuitoru furniture.
2. Lefile membriloru permanentu Committee, Council Secretary judetianu and the other inpiegati him what depindu precumu of this Council, and tote chieltuielile Chancellery.
3. Infiintiarea, candu voru, and get the tools until the rent premises, precumu and intretenerea and inchisoriloru judetiului civil furnishing, not cuprindu directu central prisons inse pendants at Reading.
4. Intretenerea drumuriloru poduriloru precumu and judetiane altoru, public works and what the law would put them in the judetiului task.
5. Lefile and chieltuielile of the roads up to figure what is going through a special ficsa dispositiune, of ingineriloru and of altoru inpiegati and sossele bridges in service judetiului.
6. Chieltuiala tiparirei listeloru of listeloru judetiului and juratiloru, it will infiintia Stephan institutiune.
7. Chieltuiala road membriloru Council ' would tramite of catra mat with any insercinare in judetiu.
8. Chieltuiala asediaminteloru, legei conformu instruction of public instruction, ajutorulu what would be given for the comuneloru poor primary instruction.
9. alcatuirei Jumetate chieltuiala tabeleloru from decimali for civilu State.

10. Intretenerea spitaleloru and asediaminteloru of judetiu, making of pendants chieltuiala intretenerei copiiloru fin (shed your whole way) and Scott smintitiloru, they would not find housing in the State of asediamintele judetieloru seu particulariloru fiintia of astadi in, and Scott was ' Council would recunosce seu permanentu comuneloru Comitetulu neputintia of the question to cover that chieltuiala.
11. Chieltuiala organiserei and intretenerei a scrissori post service, enter judetiului capital and municipalities.
12. A summa for chieltuielile intemplatore and neprevediute of judetiului.
The optional Chieltuielile is votedia by the Council in the edges of the mijloceloru image judetiului chieltuieliloru coverage remanu after obligetorii.

Article 53 Tote revenues and chieltuielile judetiului had figuredie budgetu is in judetiane and in semmile.
No stremutare of expenditure cannot be made from one at altulu nor tamojit Palit from a articolu at budgetului, altulu alu without prior Council judetianu and autorisare without the approval of the Lord.

Article 54 In the month urmedia closing sessiunei Council estractu semmiloru, judetiului, alu regulatu after venituriloru and chieltueliloru nature, shall be published in the Monitorulu oficialu, and shall be deposited in the archives of the Legiuitore Chamber.
It will also follow up and with the budget mainly in ' a month after approval by loru.
Semmile se depunu Takahashi once Chancellor voru permanentu Committee, where stands a month open tempu, or nail will look into them.

Article 55 Consiliulu judetianu hotarasce lefile tutuloru inpiegatiloru judetiu pay.
Elu numesce d ' cavities dreptulu inpiegatii primescu all retributiune from dinsulu.

Article 56 a Pat Board will establish in the fia-which resedintia of judetiu of Consiliulu judetianu catra, for his private inpiegatii.

Article 57 Consiliulu decides about public inbunetatirile infiintiarea and stabilimenteloru judetiu, of the aternate.

Article 58 Elu autorisa inprumutarile why would neaperata want to shrivel up on judetiului compta, disposal and change posseda judetiulu averei why would precumu and atingetore, transactiunele of this wealth.

Article 59 Elu autorisa turning the pursuit of privitore Tribunaleloru processeloru before the judetiului wealth, the fia to fia to defend its advertising without prejuditiulu glasuirei art. 88, aliniatulu 5, legei de fatia.
Voru processeloru tracks is done solo art. 106. Article 60 Consiliulu statuedia over constructiunei drumuriloru and poduriloru judetiane, altoru canaleloru and public works, what it would take to make tallow, Suet in totalu with chieltuiala judetiului.

Article 61 of the Urmendu is esecuta there a infiintiare, intretenere reparatiune, atingetore tallow several judetie, the fia-which is judetiu interessatu chiematu of unoru is also on the pronunciation cestiuni; in casu neunire, hotarasce of Government, after it ask me intempinarile fia-which the Council in view of the Council consultendu and part of reading.

Adopt draft article 62 Consiliulu, plans, devisurile (smeturile) caroru chieltuela those works are Frank votedie, out if completing it on would Comitetulu with parmanentu.

Article 63 Classificarea drumuriloru judetiane, as well as those of the State, shall be made by law, after shall be subject to prior Legiuitore socotintia Consiliuriloru judetiane room in question.

Article 64 Consiliulu esecutarei lucrariloru pronunciation over what interessedia Takahashi once more of judetiului, precumu and adupra equipment for chieltuiala what is appropriate to wear fia-which, after cerutu before socotintia Consiliuriloru question. It pastredia dreptulu to insert the advertisement at Consiliulu status, the Council hotărîrei judetianu till 40 notification hotărîrei dile.

Article 65 Consiliulu to cereriloru privitore infiintiarea over the desfiintiarea seu dileloru, change of judetiu in Srinagar.

Article 66 Consiliulu da socotintia its over proposed changes to circonscriptiunea (bounds) of judetieloru, of plasseloru (ocoleloru) and communeloru, precumu and residentieloru of designatiunei Prefecture.

Article 67 Consiliulu may unulu insercina's dip on several of the members gather at sei fatia sciintiele place that may be trebuintia in its atributiuneloru edge.
Elu can match with the established authorities and with civil servants to acquire such sciintie.
If after two requests, any findings by an administrative authority corespondintia subalterna urmatu n ' would be required to give sciintiele Consiliulu unulu seu may delegate on several of the sei to acquire them at the place, chieltuiala fatia's personal authority, dissei out candu she would prove that intardierea provenitu not his fault.

Article 68 Consiliulu judetianu may make regulations for the administration of interesseloru of judetiului, which he published in the form of prevediuta at art. 98 and 99 of the legei fatia to ensure enforcement of punishments may be steadfast loru elu banesci up to 200 lei.
These regulations do not touch items already inse potu prevediute laws and regulations are General, administraţiunei self desfiintiate once administraţiunea would act as a result of General on the obiecteloru regulamentate of Consiliulu judetianu.
At the casu hotărîrei administraţiunei of nemultiumire on the General, refers to Consiliulu status.

Article 69 Consiliulu judetianu can address d'a Ministeriului from dreptulu into Presiedintele through the suet, reclamatiunele what would find the need to make esclusivu and interessulu Ernest judetiului esprimendu localu alu, opiniunea and its dorintiele and diferiteloru Stara trebuinteloru, public services, privesce's acelu interessu Scott.
After closing the second fia di-sessiuni decay biuroulu Ministeriului, tramite from minutes of fully processele sedintieloru tote.
Up in a month after shutting down Consiliuriloru judetiane, Ministeriulu from fully to the Lord is present raportulu datoru seu lucrariloru acestoru Consilie results, precumu and trebuintiele dorintiele esprimate and districteloru of Consilie.
Frank proposes takha once Lord mesurile due to fix the defectuositatile work in the service of student judetieloru.


Article 70 are subject to the aprobarei of the Lord before you put it in the paper, incheiarile Council of the following: 1. obiecteloru Budgetulu chieltueliloru judetiului, the assets to cover them, precumu and judetiulu inprumutarile on s ' nevoitu would see them shrink, and not intrecu a anualu income of decime judetiului.
And those what would outdo that decime, is subjected to Room incuviintierei Legiuitore.
What debts would shrink one judetiu, dobandile, precumu and loru is neaparatu with scadentia floated solo loru (echeance) in the chieltuieliloru of the budgetului randulu-binding and are subject to tutuloru reguliloru for those chieltueli.
2. The creation of establishments of its use chieltuiala student's judetiului.
3. Cumperarile, trade, disposal and transactiunele judetiului, privitore at miscatore, the fortunes of which value would override a decime alu judetiului anualu income; for such acts relating to an amount below, approval of the prefect is ajunsu.
These acts and the candu privescu what am nemiscatore fortunes of a value greater than the third part of the Scott venitulu judetiului anualu alu, they are subject to the General incuviintiarei Adunarei.
4. Constructiunea of roads, bridges, canals and other public works, made in totulu seu chieltuiala judetiului with costulu totalu, candu loru passes over a fifth part of the venitulu judetiului.
For a lower value, it requires only the approval of the Commissioner.
5. privitore administration of Regulations interesseloru special judetiului.

Article 71 Domnulu approves obiecteloru aretate in deliberations over articolulu precedentu without modification i.e., asia precumu were votatu, seu repel them with totulu.
And if the Government would judge that the Council can amend incheiarea elu a turning back with its observarile and postpone the approval of the rejection until after another dip deliberation.
Domnulu can be inserted to refusa approval unulu seu articoli budgetului more judetianu incuviintiandulu you, for getting high.
If Consiliulu ' would enroll in totulu seu budgetu part of alocatiuneloru trebuitore for chieltuieliloru coverage obligetore what the laws in charge judetiului, punu seu unless ' aru ' meet seu aru sever without vote chieltuelile obligetore then Comitetulu permanentu, and in the absence of its passing, and Prefectulu debt (ex-oficio) in budgetu those expenses in proportiune with trebuintiele judetiului. The times what Cabral budgetulu lucratoru, inse gets only through ordonantia Domnesca.
If judetiului ' assets would reach to cover tutuloru chieltuieliloru obligetore, the Government proposes a Bill to Chamber cover by neajunsulu nuoi creation means.
No optional chieltueala cannot sign up for debt (ex-oficio) in budgetulu judetianu without Consiliulu more inteiu vote of judetianu.

Article 72 Incheiarile obiecteloru aretate Council on the art. 70 is considered by human rights, as endorsed by the Omoniyi, where 40 terminu dile from the date of inpartasirei incheiarei n ' intervenitu decissiune from the Government of a contrary, seu Rico putinu motivated by a ficsedia incheiare noulu terminu which is what trebuitoru to your pronunciation.

Article 73

In terminulu ficsatu in art. precedinte, Barry can cancel Consiliuriloru of laws judetie tote, cavities would be contrary interessului seu atribuţiunile S4 from esite loru.
Domnulu may suspend performance of bringing aceloru into acts, without one, ficsa terminu daru then the Government is to present one project datoru Bill corpuriloru Legiuitore.
Incheiarele Council judetianu why don't rescinded voru be sunny, Ryti stated in terminulu seu assupra aretatu, which, after the suspendatu, the Government ' would be presintatu a project of law sessiunea Legiuitoru body in the nearest, lucratore and devinu are no longer cancel potu Cadena in the power of Ender votu Chamber.
Ordonantiele Domnesci cuprindiendu incheiariloru Consiliuriloru seu suspension cancellation are reasoned and published in Monitorulu oficialu; in any one cuventu Consiliurile judetieloru not potu refusa to comply acestoru ordonantie.

Article 74 Times-why meeting of Consiliuriloru judetiane, which s ' would be and it takes out the tempulu and aretatu mode of distinctiveness Art. 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36, is unlawful.
Times what incheiare ' actu seu would do in such a meeting, it is considered that neurmatu and not having any one State potu.
Also, in casu Prefectulu trebuitore take mesurile for that Assembly to despartiesca immediately.
Elu redige processulu-verbalu about the intemplate ' lu Ministeriului and transmit student towards legiuita canalulu judecatorescu tracking.
Why voru Consiliarii be taken part in meetings nelegali voru inchisore is punished from 1 month till duoi years; Takano that the resolution may declare from judetianu's Consiliulu esclusi tempu till 4 years old from dioa condamnarei.
For Consiliarii inse cavities would prove as assistatu and have also not give undue meetings were inpartasitu at incheiari atribuţiunile seu esite vatamatore from Council interessului S4, Tribunalulu will be able to admit and mitigating inprejurari reduce the penalty.

Article 75 Any one Council cannot put judetian in corespondintie with Consiliulu a judetiu unoru Abdu Ali, of objects from its atribuţiunile esite, also can not do seu proclamari adresse catra.
In these casuri, Prefectulu has dreptulu to suspend Council deliberations until decissiunea.

Article 76 Domnulu maybe extending (amana) sessiune Council, begun on the three-month tempu and ' lu can and disolva.
In this latter Cabral are two months until the proceeds to a new choice.

Article 77 Consiliulu judetianu dorintie may be privitore the Government esprime interessele of judetiului.


Article 78 members judetianu is alegu on 4-year tempu.
Consiliulu is noesce on pre ' jumetate from duoi duoi years years in the pre ' anteiu noire is done therefore duoi sessiunei years after the start of anteia, casulu out of Consiliulu the dissolvents where ' noesce with totulu.
Sessiune inparte inteia Consiliulu in the members and alternates, sei, active in the second series by tragera lots, members will draw the decay inteiu numbers compunu series intended for esi before.
Esiti potu members be re-elected.

Article 79 Demissiunele Consiliariloru had to be address; CANDU it ' would be adunatu, permanentu Committee.
The prilegiu of the cancellation option through vacantia, demissiune, morte seu seu multoru a loss more conditions for the eligibility of any Member, a Saint immediately on Consiliarulu Comitetulu supleantu Mecca Eddy of nerepresintatu who remasu plassa.
If you would look once vacantia Takahashi and the Saint's membrulu and circonscriptiuni's supleantulu, a Prefectulu, inpartatirei judetianu in Council 1406 seu permanentu Committee colegiulu electoralu respectivu, summon to proceeds in two months to a new choice.

Title U VI About Council comitetulu judetiu permanentu alu.


Article 8

Judetianu Comitetulu permanent Council is made up of three members of the fia-which judetiu out the Presiedinte.

Article 81 Casurile of necompatibilitate for permanentu Committee membership functions are the same as for Takahashi members judetianu, with adaogire as the antey potu not be Takahashi in one service and vre in tempu a joint.
Not included in Comitetulu permanentu potu, duoi aceliasi plasse all members you have. After the election, people also that dobanditu more votes is prefer. In casu, sort of parity.
Committee members what ' would call of Mobility of any dip, at any service paid for, as soon as incetedia to be part of it, and to commit inlocuescu by unulu from the Council elected alternates.

Article 82 Supleantulu that esitu inlucuesce on one Member, functionedia till espirarea seu predecessor's term of Office, except if this cursulu terminu would lose its capacity of Consiliaru.

Article 83 alegu permanentu Committee members shall be for four years, terminu they pre ' noescu from the latter two in the latter two years; unulu to terminulu anteiu and the latter date. Membrulu image urmedia anteiu of the OLA esi terminu is determined by drawing the Council after anteia sessiune module prevediutu at art. 78. they functionedia until successoriloru installation loru.
Esiti potu members be re-elected.

Article 84 shall be granted Congediile membriloru Comitetu.
If a member s ' absentia would extend over three sedintie, elu inlocuesce tempulu is on the absence of one Member, through supleantu, after glasuriloru (1945) acquired on the election.
Supleantulu primesce jumetate absentu congediu member of the lefa on its inlocuirei, Takahashi tempulu and Anna intocuesce's lefa candu one Member absentu without congediu.


Article 85 Comitetulu is presidatu of Prefectu. Presiedintele has deliberativu, and at votu parity votu, preponderentu glasuriloru.

Subject to article 86 Comitetulu regulamentulu seu judetianu Council within t and then Lord for approval.
To discuss it, you can have the fia fatia, Rico putinu duoi elected Council members.
Times what incheiari is done by most glasuriloru.
Processele sedintieloru summare verbali of am, and after approval by loru is floated, under-signed by all members of the cavities have Ryti stated in inadinsu one-two fatia protocolu parafatu of Presiedintele judetianu Council.
You can't order up the dilei proceeds not to approve processulu siedintei verbalu alu.

Article 87-Member Fia primesce on that anu a lefa of 8.000 lei; and in orasiele, Eleni Coundouriotis, Iaşi, Galaţi, Brăila, Ploiesci and Ismailu as many 10.000 lei.
ATRIBUŢIUNILE Comitetulu permanentu Article 88 COMMITTEE is representantulu judetianu Council sessiuneloru in intervalulu.
Mat prepares the items and pick up what you need trebuitore for cestiunele what urmedia, submit to the Council at sessiunea urmatorie.
Mat ' and Yes socotintia tutuloru obiecteloru over what ' i am subject to the laws of the sea i defera of Mobility.
In tempulu sessiunei, Committee members elected by the Council does not incetedia to take part in its deliberations, and the tote in intervalulu, precumu and sessiunei in tempulu in dilele Comitetulu, deliberate on the times administration dilnica of interesseloru eselucivu precumu of judetiului local, and how esecutarei aceloru law, Mecca, calling upon the Committee of cavities.
Elu Tribunaleloru processele before, defend its started in contra judetiului, without waiting for Council deliberation judetianu, candu ' it would be adunatu privintia averei miscatore of The judetiului, elu chiaru processu may bring actions start, possesorii (property) and make conservation laws; They Tote inse staruintia and care by the prefect.

Article 89 The intervalulu sessiuneloru Council of urgintia in casu, Comitetulu permanentu can cestiuneloru and pronunciation more Ernest reserved notifies the Council of cunoscintia to bring in the anteiu Assembly.
This College does not extend to the budgetu and insert options judetiului, presintarile no appointments and candidates for the posts of Council, hanging precumu at destituirile, these cavities hotărîriloru tote remanu Council reserved, except for appointments and presintarile them would be delegated to the Committee.
In serious Comitetulu casuri, inse may suspend on one inpiegatu numitu Council of ' lu replace but only until the next meeting of the Council.
Consiliulu may revoke seu decissiunele autorisatu change articolulu of the Committee through fatia, Scott ' in them would still be made in this paper.

Article 90 Committee members do not take part in any potu directu, nor indirectu, antreprisa seu at any public works, adjudicare seu other cavities would aterna status, judetiu, seu de vre-o of judetiului.

Article 91 Comitetulu may insercina sei members alternates with active sea of judetiului atingetore interessele incentive-journeys with, whenever you ask for trebuintia.

Article 92 if the latter two successive invitari, supported by administrative authorities under corespondintia-alternate ' would be urmatu insercinariloru elu Committee one member can tramite alu fatia, the tallow on chieltuiala aceloru's personal authority, to gather lemuririle seu observarile required, and to put in the work prescribed by the Council mesurile seu de Comitetu.

Article 93 Comitetulu check by one Member State of venituriloru and sei chieltuieliloru judetiului whenever you find your way, and Rico putinu once next year.

Article 94

La inceputulu trilunii Ministeriulu fia, decay of finance put the dispositiunea tutuloru Comiteteloru of Consiliuriloru of permanent judetie, productulu dariloru taken in trilunia last inpiegatii catra sei on sema, judetieloru, precumu and summele what the laws allow State from one direction.

Article 95 cannot dispose of the money only on judetiului Scott randueli (seats) freedom of regulatu Comitetulu permanentu.
These had to be under randueli-by Presiedintele, all once one member of the Committee and of the United Nations Secretary-General alu, they are adressate Cassierului judetiului it will not be able to pay for the article Scott corespundietoriu budgetului edge judetianu seu alu alu relativu, credit votatu by the Council and aprobatu Jack legiuitore power dip, after competintia.
At the beginning of the month, fia-Comitetulu decay will address Ministeriului from summeloru into account, the required and paid in the last month of the judetiale.

Article 96 Cassierulu judetiului datoru tene is a special comptabilitate of funds judetiului, neamestecendu them under his personal responsibility, with State funds.
Comitetulu has dreptulu to make revisiunea cassei judetiane or cuviintia will find Stephan and Ministeriu in advertising against abusuriloru what would discover the part of Cassieriului.

Article 97 With septamani before deschiderei doue fia-sessiuni decay judetianu Comitetulu Council permanentu tutuloru, tramite membriloru lucrariloru urmedia curriculum which deals Consiliulu.
The fia-which anu, the opening of the ordinary Comitetulu sessiunei espune, situaţiunea judetiului Council, under the tote looks atribuţiunile his. This espunere will be published in Monitoriu.
Comitetulu may submit to the Council and chieltuieliloru summele venituriloru tote esersiciului precedinte, budgetulu chieltuieliloru and viitoriu year and the funds required to cover them, and summele and piessele budgetulu supporting tote.

Article 98 Art. 48 and 70 in casurile prevediute at art. 89, 73 and 75 of legei de fatia, apply and permanentu Committee.
In casulu prevediutu at art. 89, resolutiunile and will be published as soon as the Committee acts in the Monitoriu.

Article 99 of the Council regulations and ordonantiele juditianu, seu permanentu Committee endowed in susu, casurile more prevediute with the approval of Lord Legiuitore, seu Board shall subscribe for Presiedintele respectivu and is contrasemnedia by the United Nations Secretary-General.
Through the care they are Prefect published in Monitoriu in the following form: "The upshot of aprobarei (Lord of the room Legluitore DIP) seu conformu Art. legei infiintiarea 72 Consiliuriloru alu for judetiene.
Consiliulu judetianu (seu Comitetulu judetianu Council permanentu alu) judetiului seu orders concluded.. (urmedia regutamentulu seu ordonantia). "

These regulations article 100 and autorităţiloru ordonantie tramitu competinte is, binding and Sophia devinu dile after publishing Monitoriu, loru in addition to casurile where this would be terminu s ' scurtatu regulamentulu seu ordonantia by himself.
On publication in Monitoriu, lange Prefectulu can intrebuintia, if necessary, and Abdu Ali modu publishing.

Title U LIVE JUDETIANU and SECRETARULU COUNCIL ABOUT ALU PERMANENTU COMMITTEE Article 101 Secretarulu sedintiele assista tote judetianu Council and the Committee of the permanentu. Elu insercinatu redigerea is processeloru with Ernest verbal and testuriloru with deliberariloru in transcription protocole, that the Council be distinguished voru and Comitetu, altulu and unulu and inse numbered and initialled by the Presiedintele Council. Asia acts precumu and transcribed, originalile processeloru, intaiu of the United Nations Secretary-General is subscribe and then Presiedinte and all cavities in the deliberations have fatia Ryti stated.
In casu, Secretary of inpiedecare randuesce's Comitetulu one member of alu toward sea ' lu to replace it. Acts of the Council, and children, subsemnedia Chair, Secretaries and consiliari secretarulu Council, and those of the Committee, the United Nations Secretary-General and Prefectu. Sigiliulu judetiului stand in keeping the Secretary, and shall put on the tote espeditiunile.
Archive again stand in keeping the Secretary; datoru membriloru is to communicate to the Council and the Committee of the chartiile tote S'pore would ask. They don't insert them impossible potu Chancellery.
Elu submits fia-which one Member essemplaru times-what's ' on behalf of the Council would print the tallow.
Elu priveghedia Chancellery, under the National Commissioner and his conformu ordiniloru.
Lefa is 8000 lei anu; It is the capital of datoru resida judetiului.

Article 102 the suspension of disolvarea judetianu seu Council and Committee of the permanentu, don't shoot the functiuniloru cessation urmedia Secretary, which acts to counter sign atingetore of atributiunele conformu permanentu, Art Committee. 108. at the casu sessiunea, also in the following Consiliulu judetianu can maintain United Nations Secretary-General in operation Sea Lord presinta candidates for the appointment of a moon and the United Nations Secretary-General.

Article 103 Secretarulu may not occupy any other operation, consideration of Mobility, judetiu seu de vre a township.
He may not be as advocatu seu plenipotentu as in causes where judetiulu would have a interessu directu seu indirectu.
Dispositiunile art. 28, privitore to his kindred with the members of the Committee, and art. 81, privitoriu at inpartasirea a service to vre loru, antreprisa seu adjudicare, also applies to the Secretary.


Article 104 Prefectulu from preuna with the members of the Committee prior to ingrijescu of pregetirea lucrariloru what urmedia to obey the Council.

Article 105 Elu has dreptulu to the Council deliberations assista tote judetianu, out to what privescu to its semmiloru research atingetore of interessele of judetiului.
Consiliulu is the ' lu datoru listen candu asks cuventulu.
Prefectulu can make proposals to the Council that they would find its way without Consiliulu is to take pota refusa deliberation.
Prefectulu does not take any part in voting on the Council once; Consiliulu can ask presintia why the Prefect times deliberation.

Article 106 Prefectulu e onl insercinatu with incheiariloru enforcement Council and the Committee of the permanentu. Tote legal actions, privitore to interessele of judetiului, the Committee shall, on behalf of permanentu esercita through staruintia and the Prefect's care.

Article 107 If Consiliulu seu Comitetulu incheiari have atribuţiunile from paying videogames etc esite loru, seu vetama juditianu that would intereseulu, Prefectulu datoru recursulu is to make tallow, from Mobility to dile, and 10 to notify the Council of Second Committee-tallow di after the ' have it paying videogames etc.
Recursulu prefect Council suspend the Committee incheiarea seu tempu 30 dile from the date notificarei. Dara in this Government hasn't terminu ' pronuntiatu, incheiarea is lucratore.

Article 108 In casu dissolvents of judetianu Council, ordonantia Domnesca it once if that utters Takahashi dissolvents privesce only on the sea and on Board Comitetulu permanentu.
Desolvendu and it Prefectulu insercinatu, onl interesseloru remane local administration of judetiului up to Comitetu of installing the new Eddy noulu Council avendu a'i interesseloru give local administration futility of judetiului in this intervalu.


Article 109 Sub prefectulu datoru priveghia is the execution of incheiariloru followed by Consiliulu judetianu and Comitetulu permanentu.
When his Comitetulu incheiarile directu tramite want a joint, elu apprise Takahashi once and Sub-prefect.

Article 110 Sub prefectulu visitedia tote plassei communes, inspect its State registers and check the status of casseloru civilu, Rico putinu twice anu, and candu will find cuviintia, reportendu Committee or what irregularity, neingrijire seu abusu would discover.

Article 111 a month before intrunirei Council judetianu elu permanentu Committee, address one presumption about trebuintiele plassei inbunetatirile about what ' could enter and the times that the Council object atribuţiunile Patty.

Article 112 Also will make the Committee in January of next year, the fia-which one presumption about the condition of plassei in the cursulu trecutu year, the presumption of insocitu why would notitiele statistical pututu gather what was tallow would ask for Comitetu.

Article 113 till infiintiarea Consiliuriloru judetiene and Comiteteloru judetieloru are permanent, with prefects (governors) insercinati tote atingetore Works Council elections that are attributed to the Law Committee of fatia.
This law was votatu by the General Assembly of Romania in the Sedintia from March 10, 1864, and was adoptatu with five majority-so and three votes against one.
(Semnătu) Vice President, l. Marcius.
| L. S. | United Nations Secretary-general, Ant. I. Arion.
— — — — — — —-Directorulu Chancellery, i. Capricorn Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as fatia, invested with sigiliulu and tracute in Monitorulu State oficialu, Curtiloru, adressate are Tribunaleloru the fia and autorităţiloru administration, as are entered in the registers shall observe loru, and make them observe and Ministrulu Our status at the United Nations Secretary-General of the Department of Justice, is insercinatu of priveghea publication loru.
Eleni Coundouriotis, Datu in March 31, 1864.
AB IOAN — — — — — — — — | S. D. |
      --------Minister status United Nations Secretary-General United Nations Secretary-General from Minister from among the Department, n/a Priesedinte alu Department Council. Justice, ad-interimu.
            M. Kogălniceanu. P. Junior.


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