Law Of 24 January 1864 For Yard Of Compturi

Original Language Title:  LEGE din 24 ianuarie 1864 pentru curtea de compturi

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LAW of 24 January 1864 for ISSUING Court of JUSTICE MINISTRY compturi AB IOAN i. With the mercy of vointia Jack Dumnedeu and national United Principalities.
All of sanetate and viitoriu fatia.
Report of the United Nations Secretary-General on the status of our Minister, Chairman of the Council Ministriloru under no. 122, on January 24, beauty consultant.
Vedendu votulu Adunarei sedintia to the 8th of this month, the draft law Curtei of infiintiarea compturi;
Vedendu as acelu statornicesce amendatu project meeting is to make appointments to that Court, after an assembly list PF-induoita;
Vedendu as art. 7 and 14 of the Convention give us new onl DK40 to appoint to posts of public administraţiunei tote;
Voindu gives a guarantee of dorintia more about our Earth multu as intrebuintiarea baniloru public supusse is an fia control Cadena seriosu atatu and on atarnatu times what any of the part insercinati inriurire agentiloru manipulatia budgetului with.
New aprobamu for it, and the only law, presintarea a induoite din partea Adunarei lists for appointments to the Court of compturi.
And gift intaritu intarimu and amu, promulgatu and promulgamu, which urmedia: infiintiarea LAW Curtei Compturi For the title of U about the IMPOSITION of CURTEI COMPTURI organisarea Curtei Chapter 1 article 1 is a High Court of compturi institue in Bucharest is tosen Romania.

Article 2 the Court of compturi is made up of: One Presiedinte.
Sophia members of judges.
One Procurore.
One Substitute.
Sophia Referendari.
One more Grefieru and staff aratatu josu Chancellery.

Article 3 the Court of compturi lucredia seu inpartita seu General Assembly in two sections of three members.

Article 4 Presiedintile Court in the General Assembly presida; asemine elu presida times that two sections will. It seems to be another section presida Rico Valdez dintra Members after more randulu numirei.

Article 5 section Incheiarile shall not be made of potu Cadena candu voru be fatia three Members. At the casu absence of a member, the section must be completed by-tr ' one Hispanic Member him-another section of numitu Presiedinte.

Article 6 the Court of regulatu Rico compturi tene putinu will second sedintie's septamana in the General Assembly, at the casu Presiedintile will you can of trebuintie has a summon and estra-ordinariu in the General Assembly.

Article 7 the Court cannot tene sedintia general meeting in more than five of its members putinu.

Chapter 2 About the admissibility in article 8 Presiedintele and Curtei of compturi members are irremovable and are numescu of Domnitoriu after the list of confirmed induoitu presentatie candidates, datu of peasants.

At the casu article 9 of vacantia if peasants will be in the paper Ministeriulu of Adunarei will refer this financie Cabral to proceed to completion of module Curtei Takahashi after most bogie; and if the Assembly is not going to be in the paper, then Domnulu will be called in loculu vacantu after the latter list has Adunarei presentatie.

Article 10 Procurorulu and substitutulu Curtei, were appointed by the Domnitoriu dreptulu give recomandatia the Minister of finance dnpa and revocabili.

Article 11 should be voru Members compared to 35-year-old Rico by putinu, and procurorile compared to 30 years.
They had naturalisati themselves Romanians Romanians fia tallow.

Article 12 Presiedintele procurorile depunu Curtei members and juramentulu in the hands of the Prince, iara Grefierulu referendarii on something, and it-other servants before Curtei.
Substitutulu juramentulu Ministeriului Lodge of finance before.

Article 13 members of potu Curtei compturi not be dinsii seu cuscri between relatives up to the fourth inclusivu spitia.
The function of precumu and loru procurore that is necompatibila with cualitatea of Deputatu, precumu and fiunctiune with what other times paid status.
They don't have directu seu interessati potu indirectu any inpiegati in any business enterprise supussa at comptabilitate seu catra Reading; SEU at any one of the public administraţiunile of which some are supusse revisuirei Curtei.
No unulu of Curtei of compturi it cannot be part of a research issues under scrutiny themselves, that would be interessatu, or elu seu vre a relative, his own, seu cuscru spitia untick fourth inclusivu.

Article 14 Curtei of compturi Members precumu and procurorele they are cassatiune you Curtei of litigants, and are given in judgment with all aspect of him and other senior officials.

Title U on COMPETINTIA CURTEI of COMPTURI and ITS PROCEDURE Chapter 1 About competintia Article 15 the Court is tasked with researching and decision socoteliloru atingatore Tesaurului revenue, General judetie cassieriiloru, administratiiloru regiiloru and contributiuniloru inchearea precumu and indirect, socoteliloru atingatore of chieltuielile comptabili made by all actors.
Income and chieltuielile, special funds and incassuirile isvorascu from judetieloru as confirmed by the budget mainly sefulu and research and precumu State licuidarea socoteliloru casseloru communal, municipal and districtale are also Curtei of conpetintia.

Article Comptabilii from 16 times what branch ought to be administraţiunei voru submit calculations loru atatu for gainful Cadena and for chieltueli, from Curtei in graft terminu three months after fia-esercitiu espirarea whose Article 17 Comptabilii cavities in terms aretate in art. voru precedinte not submit calculations, voru infetisiare is chiema towards Curtei indreptarile before and if not find voru loru is valid, it is a fine osandi voru in equal retribuţiunea loru from one month up to three.
The Court will at his chance stinks cera from Mobility loru's suspension acelasiu terminu suet and even dismissal loru.

Article 18 the Court will rule and will check the compturile who have presintate voru Ryti stated; It will fully establish through incheiare, through the final decision, if comptabilii are aciutati Tesauru catra seu if they Tesaurului seu advances paying videogames etc if i datorescu any amount.
In the d ' casuri she will anteiu doue pronuncia downloading final loru seu summeloru dinsii refund of advanced, and will require the cancellation of ipoteceloru seu secuestreloru averei made the supra loru, seu intrebuintiarea chediasiloru for the summeloru of loru caroru socotoli are determined by the Court.
In her third alu Cabral will condemn to pay debt Tesauru Rico multu loru catra in terminu three months from the date of hotărîrei.
The tote a copy of casurile decisions will be submitted to the Ministeriului financelor which will require bringing to fruition via loru sei agents.

Article 19 the Court will revisui a socotela you can call upon it will be a final decision, datu candu comptabilulu will ask for in adinsu and sustain it through the cerirea acquired from supporting piesse date incheiarei, seu candu will prove that in the judgement of a settlement was Carbajal a errer messges messag, an oversight, as the tallow trecutu twice in two parts a summa.

Article 20 If by checking the socoteliloru Court will acquire incredintiarea as in a socotela of comptabilu plastografii has an am, seu traces of bribery, tallow (sfeterisire) good money, she will immediately it's insciintia about Ministeriulu financeloru and that of the judiciary to give vinovatu Tribunaleloru competinte conformu in legiloru.

Article 21 Decisions in Curtei v. comptabililoru is put in the work of voru catra Ministers reapectivi, seu de administraţiunile catra interessate. Towards this sfirsitu, Curtei of procurorulu compturi, will take care of Ministeriiloru and copy legalisata tramite administratiuniloru question.

Article 22 Candu comptabilu seu chiedasiulu seu unu will be attacking a decision of Curtei of cuventu of compturi under breach of tallow, legei limestones of the form ' and will straighten cursulu catra cassatiune Court, without this recursu hotărîrei be inpiedeca Curtei pota execution of compturi. Terminulu of recursu to the Court of cassatiune is three months, in which SADA from diua was datu Curtei resolution copy of compturi in receiving military interessate.

Article 23 of The casurile recursu to tote the Court of cassatiune, procurorulu on infatisedie this lange Yard and supports interessele of revenue and public administraţiunei as represintante alu loru legalu; therefore recursu and Cassatiune from what the revenue side and celoru administratiuni will procurorulu Curtei address through them.

Article 24 the Court of Candu cassatiune will Curtei a decision of cassa de compturi, sake will return in the same court, cercitarea compturi, which date from the multu terminu three months it will infatisia again in her membriloru and complectulu Takahashi will pronunciation.

Article 25 If the Court decision continueth in earlier, part earasi stinks in interessata terminulu will legiuitu three months making the nuou recursu in Cassatiune. In casulu it will judge the Court of cassatiune in sections pronuntiandu and definitivu over motiveloru appeal, will back to sake tramite Court of compturi, which it will comply.

Article 26 nn in Court you can neither stretch his one jurisdicţiunea casu, on ordinatoriloru, nor summele you comptabililoru refusa voru temeiulu be platitu's a ordonantie rule, and intovarasita of personeloru in cuitantia atatu dreptu Cadena and piessele supporting ordonatorulu cavities will be recunoscutu as acuitarea that are trebuinciose to ordonantiari.

Article 27 regulamentu will cause One Ernest amanuntile of procedure in checking socoteliloru.

Chapter 2 About verificarei training socoteliloru and Presiedintele about inparte Article 28 rulings work fia-that section.

Article 29

One of the sections will delve far revenue from Takhar and precumu loans and General Administration at licuidarea compturiloru and administratieloru essercita and communal and district controlulu seu comptabililoru administratiuni tutuloru acestoru on the. Incheiarea compturiloru Curtei they will make through raportulu which will decide upon the general meeting definitivu loru.
It seems to be another section will take the responsibility to esaminarea and controlulu chieltueliloru, precumu registreloru and vigil of the public debt and pensiuneloru. At the casu of any difficulty, section raportulu do seu esemene catra yard, which will act on definitivu in the General Assembly.

Article 30 General Assembly Incheiarile, Curtei precumu and her decisions are absolute majority pronunciation membriloru Ibrahim.
Minoritatei members are still owe it to insert in the reasoned opinion jurnalulu majoritatei loru.

Article 31 Presiedintele Curtei receiving inparte them from calculations, secţiuneloru members; and the fia-which of them the cercetendu were ' incredintiatu, to refer to his chibsuirea secţiunei accompanied by observatiunele one with its referatu.

Article 32 If a judge verifivarea insercinatu with some trebuintia explanations will take of tallow by infatisiare acts on comptabilului through infetisiarea, seu ' and will do seu Presiedinte raportulu deslusitu catra and it will ask for the paperwork will chiema's comptabilulu sea.
Chiemarea will be done with a single citation.

Article 33 the Court has had to take Takahashi d ' always and is, most importantly is to cera, ave, essemplare outstanding of fia after budgete-which esercitiu after registrulu precumu of the public debt, and after lidta of farmhouses in Tesaurului task, as after his dinsele pota, chieltuelile revenues compare with regularity and loru.

Article 34 Defectile a seu potu scores look on tallow's mobility comptabilu mobility, on the inplinirea mat ordonatu Dominique de legiloru, particularly against the sea as the efectuatu budgetiloru be chieltueli over the edge of the crediteloru.
Gassindu also defects in the Court investigate whether a settlement it will enlighten the margins only through ' one jurnalu of chibsuire, which then supuie to remane Adunarei elective socoteliloru with presentarea.
Defectile comptabilu, privescu's calculations are not candu voru find dead after the rule, not the candu contained in ' portion of the proceeds themselves what they incassatu seu trebuitu incasuiasca, of its candu established penal ledgers from spending not be supported with prove voru indestulatore precumu and other times to failure.

Article 35 Referatulu the fia-which raportoru, Minister Scott for the comptabilu, we had three appraisals is cuprindie nature: 1. The privitore the scadiemintile the sea loads shall be presinta voru parutu diferitile as paragraphs and articles of socoteliloru.
2. The privitore primiriloru the compliance with laws and financial documentile and chheltueliloru with budgetile and creditile.
3. The atingatore of acteloru and validitatei appreciation dovediloru infatisiate.

Article 36 Candu Curtei will achieve the judgment of one of his comptabilu, jurnalulu chibsuirei will enlighten, if comptabilulu is refuitu, seu if remane datoriu; and at the casu this will decide messurile of esecutiune and inplinire precumu and terminulu in which inplini had to be the money.
While the Court in casu ' and will give Takahashi d ' always her decision in the form of sentintia and oranduiala will be casulu and the padi candu Court will not incuviintia an orderly and chieltuiala made by one Minister to another administration dip.

Article 37 copies of the decision are voru partiloru chiediasiloru da interessate and loru.
The Court is to issue legalisata datore copy, and even after the incheiarile why do they give in the form of voru decision tutuloru partiloru voru interessate, asking them to decay.

Title U III About advertisers on which comptabili Court of compturi has jurisdicţiune that article 38 Am compturi Court litigants: i. All cassierii judetieloru and General plasiloru.
II. All chiefs of biurouriloru inplinescu decay Takahashi once and functions besides those of cassieri biurouri.
III. All cassierii of special bodies tallow regimentu precumu and oficerii comptabili atasiati in addition to any military administration and cavities have a handling of public money.
IV. All economies of hospitals, monastiri and asedieminte of business.
V. All municipal cassierii.
Vi. All recipients of money from administraţiunea venituriloru.

Title U IV ministeriulu About accountant Procurorulu tene Article 39 a general list of all comptabilii you differiteloru ministries and public administratiuni.
Elu ingrijasce to cunosce and find out if they have infetisiatu terminulu prescrisu loru calculations in and demands the implementation of penalitatiloru in interdia against celoru of presinta why voru.

Article 40 Procurorulu privigedie esacta inplinire Curtei service, and the adressedia of neurmare, Masayuki cerirea to inscrisu to get Presiedintele catra mesuri straightening.

Article 41 the Procurorulu sedintiele Curtei and assista iea conclusiuni socote trebuintie elu of the candu is in fulfilment of the demands of the tote cunoscintie ave atingetore Curtei of competintia works and address Ministeriului financeloru, copy after her decisions tote.

Article 42 Candu investigate whether a settlement will be rad a suspicion of plastografie seu de sfeterisire in a Procurorulu against any comptabilu will be chiematu in the chibsuire room and the Court will not decide this you can nimicu in casu before taking his Procurorulu conclusiunile.

Article 43 in the absence of the Prosecutor, his functions shall be indeplinescu of catra substitutulu seu.

Article 44 trebuinciosi Writers in voru Ministeriului accountant, is Yes, Presiedinte copistii catra dintra Curtei Chancellery.

Title U V congedii Presiedintile Article About 45 will no longer grant congediu's stinks multu a month. Applications of higher congediu adressate financeloru be Ministeriului voru.

Article 46 Presiedintile Curtei won't you can grant Scott congediu for aperatu us doctorates necessarie and well established and the only one who fully Cadena absentia ' lu asks will not suferintia causa. At the casu candu congediulu will follow to be cerutu from Ministeriu, cerirea will need to be insosita of Presiedintelui statement that the service allows that absentia.

Article 47 or member will be missing without congediu, it will lose its lefa's tempulu lipsirei, who will enter the lefa savings; and if he lipsire will skip a month will be demissionatu.

Article 48 Any one congediu won't you can grant Cadena Rico multu for months in a cursulu doue anu.

Article 49 shall Not grant any congediu cumu stinks if you find five of Ibrahim voru numerulu membriloru Curtei.

Title U VI About graft and referendari agencies Referendari curtei article Curtei assista per Member in compturiloru research, give what you need Curtei and trebuinciose membriloru; and are required to do, and other works in ajutorulu Curtei after insercinarea will give them Presiedintile.

Article 51 shall be called Referendarii voru Domnitoriu recomendatia of Curtei of compturi after by mijiocirea Ministeriului of finance.
They should be compared to voru Rico putinu 25years and certificatu as they urmatu cursulu of administrativu sciintie the fulfilment of financial, tallow have servitu Rico putinu one tempu five years in any one Ministeriu. Voru preferintia shall choose dintra heads of sections and comptabili you acestoru heads of ministries.

Article 52 Grefierulu ball of 30-year-old ave certificatu urmatu cursulu like administrativu of the fulfilment of the financial sciintia and dip one date of service three years putinu part judecatoresca, mat will be called Kalma, after recomandatia Curtei, inducing Ministeriului of finance.

Article 53 the Elu will assista general assemblies to note opiniunile membriloru and redige incheiarile and Curtei decisions. Elu is insercinatu to tene different registers and alu precumu deliberatiuniloru Curtei him.

Article 54 Elu is caring for insercinatu for originaleloru padirea and conservation decisions, it is espeduesca after dinsele and appropriate communications esemplare preserve tote documents ' i am incredintiate and tote chartiile graft.

Article 55 Compturile depusse of comptabili ordinulu voru be recorded after dilei in number and who purchased Ryti stated.

Article 56 Curtei Graft will be open on Sundays except dilele tote and serbatorile ficsate of legal Presiedintile the cut off time.

Article 57 Presiedintile will note on the edge of originaleloru tutuloru membriloru name presinti decisions at sedintia.

Article 58 Originalu a judgment will be sub-Musu Members why they luatu part in the judgment, and grefieru, and copies shall be espedui under Presiedintelui voru and Registrar's signature.

Article 59 esecutorie Curtei of hotărîriloru Formula will be redigeata astu-feliu.
"We (Printiului Domnitoriu) with the mercy of Dumnedeu and National vointia Jack.
All health viitoriu fatia and Court of compturi the following resolution: the datu "hotărîrei Copy" Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu to all agents of proficient esecutare this decision, and to all police commanders and ofitierii to give concursulu loru candu voru be required legalu.
Towards incredintiare, judgement of fatia were under-Curtei of Musu presiedintile and grefieru. "

Article 60 Grefierulu will subscribe and will free protocolite and estracte certificates of acts from esite tote registry, archive and deposite, precumu and corespondentia also Curtei at the casu after de trebuintia.
Presiedintile will be called one of the registry for Alumina also works.

Article 61

Will be called by the Court after presentatia numerulu necessariu of the Registrar, inpiegati for government service.

Title U LIVE Dispositiuni article 62 in fia-compturi Court, which next year, a month before the ordinary deschiderei sessiunei Adunarei will be to draw up and publish datore through Monitorulu oficialu a espunere about her general works over anu, accompanied by one relativu socoteliloru status dashboard esaminate of dinsa.

Title U Dispositiuni transitorii VIII Article 63 of the publication of this law, those of five years is hereby granted the dispensation of condiţiunea diploma certificatulu articolii seu cerutu by 51 and 52.

Article 64 Ministeriulu control is desfiintieda; dossarile voru Tote books and proceed to Court, compturi.
Calculations of the old Tote aniloru past is immediately take voru Curtei research and enlighten is Rico in voru multu duoi terminu for years.
Towards this sfirsitu provisoriu is still adding duoi duoi referendari members and whose functions cease after this voru espirarea terminu.

Article 65 a camdata to d ' anteiu training listeloru shall not enter candidates for voru admits members of the Court of compturi, Scott persons shall be destinsu voru cavities through ' one service for five years, Rico putinu sema in voru financialu ramulu and cavities have arrived in erarhia until the service functions of the members of the Court of apelu Tribunaluri, presiedinti of courts, prosecutors, members of the former Comissiune, members of the former executives red deer tallow to scoleloru, directors of government departments, prefects (governors) of districts and Central cassieri.

Article 66 One will rule for hard regulamentu Gozi legei de fatia.

Title U-IX curtei retributiune About State and Article 67 Retribuţiunile membriloru Curtei ficsate of compturi am urmedia: after One Presiedinte cumu ... ... ... ... ... per month 3.000 lei, Sophia has 2.500 Members ... ... ... ... "" 20.000. One Procurore ... ... ... ... "" 2.500. One Substitutu ... ... .... "Sophia Referendari" of 1.200 1.200....... " "9.600. One Grefieru ... ... ... ... "Duoi 1.000." helpdesk registry of 700. . . . . "" 1.400. One Registratoru ... ... .... "" 600. Anu Archivistu ... ... ... ... ... " "the hiring of 600 300. Sophia ... ... ..." "One of the 2.400. Siefu usieri ... ... ..." "the Four Usieri 250.200........." "800. One Odaiasiu ... ... ... ... "" 150. — — — — — — — —-It was Bill 43.500 of the votatu General Assembly of Romania, in Sedintia from January 8, 1864, and was adoptatu with the majority of sese sese and so votes against four.
(Semnătu) Vice President, John.
| L. S. | United Nations Secretary-general, Paclenu.
— — — — — — —-Directorulu Chancellery, i. Capricorn.
Facemu cunoscutu and ordonamu as sigiliulu fatie invested with State and recorded in Monitorulu oficialu, adressate Curtiloru, is Tribunaleloru the fia and administrative Autorităţiloru as it entered in the registers shall observe loru, and is made to notice them, and Our United Nations Secretary-General Ministrulu status from the Department of Justice is publishing insercinatu priveghea loru.
Datu in January 24, Eleni Coundouriotis in 1864.
AB IOAN — — — — — — — — | S. D. |
--------Minister United Nations Secretary-General status, United Nations Secretary-General of Council of Minister Presiedinte n/a Ministriloru, Department of Justice, m. Kogalnicenu. A. Khalil Harian.

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