Recommends That The Government Carry Out The Evaluation Of The Criteria That Must Obey The Granting Of Exploitation Of Kaolin In Vila Seca And Martin And, In The Event Of Noncompliance, Your Withdrawal

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo proceder à avaliação dos critérios a que deve obedecer a concessão da exploração de caulino em Vila Seca e Milhazes e, em caso de desconformidade, proceder à sua revogação

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Group Group Parliament – Palace of Saint Benedict-1249-068 Lisboa-Phone:-Fax: 21 391 7456 21 391 9233 Email: – MOTION for a RESOLUTION paragraph 282/XI/second to assess the criteria that must obey the granting of exploitation of kaolin in Vila Seca and Martin, and if not to proceed with your withdrawal the CDS-PP Parliamentary Group understood to develop this initiative based on the fundamentals and contentious outlines supporting the petition n° 583/X/4th on the "Withdrawal of the assignment of the concession of exploitation of kaolin in Vila Seca and Martin, municipality of Barcelos", as well as the results of the sounding of the respective petitioners, entities and interested parties consider relevant to the assessment of this process, transferred however for the XI Legislature , and culminating in a final report produced by the Committee on environment, regional planning and Local authorities.

The kaolin is a mineral composed of hydrated silicates of aluminium, such as kaolinite and halloysite-a type of clay, which derives in general base rocks of the crystalline type such as feldspar, Eruptive Granites and basalts, and that presents special features which allow your use in papermaking, ceramics and paints and that for this purpose, has a great commercial interest.

The concessionary company of kaolin, the MIBAL has been involved, for several decades, and not always peacefully, on the holding of this ore, in the parish of Boatmen having however obtained the concession of the exploitation of the area of Herne Bay, in the parishes of Vila Seca and Martin, in the municipality of Barcelos, a process where arise many uncertainties as to the legality of your grant , among which are some examples:-the subject and real interest, in the kaolin (in percentages you're clueless about the true your extension, but suspected to be small), if the exploitation of sand (which 2 will represent the highest percentage of mine) and that it is not a good public domain concessionável;
-Lack of procedure of Environmental impact assessment on 42 ha of the concession;
-Exemption from compliance with the landscape with sand replacement recovery;
-Lack of decommissioning of space RAN and REN;
-Relevant Impacts on environmental descriptors, as are the dense river network, convergent in ribeira de Martin, complemented by numerous springs; in the local productive aquifer, with a very high groundwater surface, which favors, whether your use to the traditional economic activities through shallow wells (watering, use by livestock, etc.) or the ecological functions; improved soils along ancestral farming practices of fertilization and watering; in relevant archaeological heritage.

Aware of the content of the petition and the mainstreaming of the issue at hand, got the 12th Committee request additional information to various ministries and public entities with jurisdiction and supervision in this regard, current and previous executives right in the municipality of Barcelos and the Mibal mining company-Mines of Boatmen, SA, which holds the concession for the exploration of the kaolin.

Proceeded to a scrutiny of the problem on the spot, with a visit to the parishes of Vila Seca and Martin to observe in situ the reality of farms of kaolin.

This scenario of uncertainty that surrounds this process, with implications relevant socio-economic and environmental in the allocation of grant of kaolin, specifically in the parishes of Vila Seca and Martin, associated with the delay in the appointment of a platform for consensus, and notwithstanding the initiatives and information provided by the various ministries and organisations involved, has provoked an unnecessary social tension between , a population and their local representatives, who wish to see respected their rights to a healthy and ecologically balanced life, and on the other the MIBAL kaolin utility company, which relies on commercial and business interests.

Supported on the advice of a skilled technician, Manuel Abrunhosa, in the fields of mining geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, this States that "the exploitation of mineral resources is essential to the economy and development of Nations and must also be for the regions in which it operates. Corresponds to the exploitation of endogenous resources that we did nothing to create, but that we should do everything to, or preserve it for generations to come as a capital to accumulate interest, 3 or explore with maximum profitability of community and the companies involved, in compliance with the technical and environmental legislation. And also respect for the people who may be interested in some way or affected. Mining cannot contribute to the heavy environmental liabilities created in other times, nor to be focus of social conflicts ". So notwithstanding the legitimate interests of both parties, that the management of this process ensure the conditions conducive to the safeguarding of social peace in Vila Seca and Martin.

The CDS/PP parliamentary group, under constitutional provisions, and applicable rules the Government recommended:-That, based on information collected from several parties, with tutelage or interest in the process, the granting of exploitation of kaolin in Vila Seca and Martin (municipality of Barcelos), is definitely ascertained, the legality and the criteria which must obey this lease;

-That in the event of a negative evaluation, the immediate revocation of the assignment of the concession of exploitation of kaolin in Vila Seca and Martin, in the municipality of Barcelos.

Assembly of the Republic, 8 October 2010.