The Government Recommends The Suspension Of The Er Reclassification Process

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo a suspensão do processo de requalificação das urgências

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ the Nr 106/XI/1st RECOMMENDS the Government SUSPENDED 1 DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ the Nr 106/XI/1st RECOMMENDS the Government to ƒ the SUSPENSION of the PROCESS of REQUALIFICAà ‡ ‚ of URGà Š is In September 2006 was an elaborate network of urgà proposal references the Technical Committee in support of the process of Requalificaà of the Urgà General string network , named entity in the direct dependency of the Minister of health of Correia de Campos. This proposal was submitted to the hearing public until November 30 2006 and was analyzed by µ s regional administration of health, Directorate-General of health and by the INEM-National Institute of medical emergency, IP, having also been listened to other entities, in particular, the mission to the Primary health care and the National coordination for the cardiovascular diseases. The final proposal of the technical Commission provided for the redistribuià of the geogrà is urgà points, typed in three modes: ï ‚ · 42 urgà services basic string (SUB); ï ‚ · 27 urgà services the medical-surgical rgica (SUMC); ï ‚ · 14 urgà services of general-purpose (SUP). The network proposal provided for the closeout 15 urgà hospital and desqualificaà experiences of other 15 that physician-surgical rgicas, would urgà basic references. 2 four years Later after ³ s the start of call â € œ Urgà th nciasâ € reform  is an evidence that there are serious flaws in your implementation, in particular to the level of the negative impact that the termination of the services of the urgà have been in µ s population. Also with regard to the rescue system and emergency building/hospital and, despite the growth has been in recent years, there are serious flaws in the implementation of the means intended to compensate for the closure of urgà services. The INEM as the first responsible for planificaà of transportation to and between the points of the network, created the means essential to respond to the closure of several urgà services. Lack the manpower, including nurses, and the necessary vehicles equipped for µ s situations of emergency. Μ s changes in the network of urgà references that have been carried out in recent years and the consequent removal of health care creates with the populace µ s a generalized and not feeling of understanding will. One example is the case of valena, the Paà s has been confronted in recent days with a strong contestaà by part of the population of this city that was closed the your urgà service basic string. Although the Government has justified the closure night valena SAP with the µ s obligation arising under a protocol signed in 2007, this has not been entirely fulfilled. Furthermore, valena changed however your administrative status and is currently a city, one of the main land borders with Spain, which substantially modifies the assumptions on which alicerà 3 § aram want to study the Requalificaà Commission of UrgÃ, wants the said Protocol. But it was not sane ³ valena which made echo their protests, also Keys, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Anadia, Vouzela, Oliveira de Frades, Esposende, and other locales throughout the Paà s, expressed your feelings of rebellion and asked for the reavaliaà of the urgà closing program, requesting the Ministry of health of the reanà process analysis. To create human and material alternatives, safe and permanent, ensuring the users imprescindà vel assistance in health, and in this sense, the Ministry of health shall immediately to a reavaliaà of the requalificaà programme of the urgÃ, having regard to the importance of dialogue with the elected representatives, representatives of the Timor legà populace µ s concerned.

In this sense, under the wrapping µ s constitutional and regulations applicable, the PSD parliamentary group recommends the Government: 1-the immediate suspension for three months of the process of implementation of requalificaà of the urgÃ, in order to carry out a reavaliaà of the global program. 2-the reavaliaà of the requalificaà programme of the urgà Sciences is performed in the wall joints with concerned authorities that are recognized certain regional specificities, in particular the affordability of µ s population is delicate rendering of urgà of alternative care. 4 Potala are Bento, 8 April 2010 members of PSD