Recommends To The Government The Finance Service Of Viseu 2

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo a manutenção do Serviço de Finanças de Viseu 2

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 75/XI/1. ª RECOMMENDS to the GOVERNMENT the MANU 1 Group DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 75/XI/1. ª RECOMMENDS to the GOVERNMENT the MAINTENANCE ‡ is ƒ the ‡ the SERVICE of ‡ the FINANCE of VISEU 2 the Government decided, on a proposal from the Director-General of Taxes , the fusion of the two services of Finance of Viseu in a single service. This measure said the closure of the service of Finance of Viseu 2, eliminating an important service to the population of Viseu. The justificaà of µ s indicated by the Government for the closure of the service of 2 finance are inadequate for the reality of municipality of Viseu and the area is geogrÃ. Despite the number of users who use the electronic services ³ nicos of finance have increased, it is consensual access rate in this way dramatically decreases as we move to the inside and the resident population is presented in age ranges are more advanced. This is the case of Viseu and geogrà is area of influence, which realizes the valorizaà that exist of the face-to-face service by users. On the other hand, the number of users that recognizes the importance of the service of Finance of Viseu 2 is relevant, as one realizes by more than 5400 clients served in the month of January for this one. Actually, this is a number very similar to that implemented by other service of Finance of Viseu that account, however, with more employees to analogous service. In the past month of January were over 5400 users met at the service of Finance of Viseu 2, resulting in an average of about 2 300 users per day. These numbers attest, clearly valorizaà that is given by the population to the service of Viseu finance 2. In this way, with its 24 employees, the service can have an average of attendance per employee more than other similar services in the municipality of Viseu. This information allows us to identify the user, estatà racionalizaà of workforce that the Government advocates, already is currently being held. One of the challenges with that, currently, many cities face, relates to the need of creating dynamism in various areas will geogrà stay in the city. In this respect, the public services work, often as ncoras ¢ that dynamism, attracting users who make it possible, in your imediaà of µ, the existence of local trade. This is one of the µ s function that the service of Finance of Viseu 2 compliant, what particular features of relevà in the city of Viseu. The option of the fusion of the services of finance in Viseu will result in a decline of this effect diffuser and dynamic of the city that exists today. On the other hand, the fusion creates new problems in the city, with parking and mobility problems that surgirà and could be avoided with the maintenance of the two services of finance in Viseu. The consensus that the maintenance of the service of Finance of Viseu 2:00 pm operation took in the municipality is other factors. The force of argumentaà in defense of this service is that it allowed the approval in the Assembly Hall of Viseu, unanimously, a moà against the closure of the service. Thus, under the wrapping µ s constitutional and regulations applicable, the Parliamentary Group of the left bloc proposed µ and the following resolution : The Assembly of the Republic recommends to the Government the maintenance service of Viseu 2:00 pm finance activity.

Potala are Benedict, 20 October 2013. MEPs and the Members of the left-wing Block