The First Amendment To Decree-Law No. 28/2005 Of 10 February, On The Legal Regime Of Access To Invalidity And Old Age Pensions For Employees Of The National Uranium Company, S. A., And Establishes The Obligation Of Monitoring Avg

Original Language Title: Procede à primeira alteração ao Decreto-Lei n.º 28/2005, de 10 de Fevereiro, sobre o regime jurídico de acesso às pensões de invalidez e velhice pelos trabalhadores da Empresa Nacional de Urânio, S. A., e estabelece a obrigatoriedade de acompanhamento méd

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Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic Group – Palace of Saint Benedict-1249-068 Lisboa-Phone:-Fax: 21 391 7456 21 391 9233 Email: – draft law No. 92/XI AMENDMENT of Decree-Law No. 28/2005 of 10 February, the LEGAL REGIME of ACCESS to invalidity and old age PENSIONS for EMPLOYEES of the NATIONAL URANIUM COMPANY, S.A. the explanatory memorandum to the pension scheme for former employees of the uranium mines , which laboravam in the national uranium Company S.A., is specified in Decree-Law No. 195/95 of 28 July and Decree-Law No. 28/2005. These diplomas is defined who is entitled to make use of this Statute, and in that condition can enjoy.

Currently only is provided for access to the benefit that the diplomas mentioned above dedicated to workers who were in Office at the date of the dissolution of the national uranium Company S.A.

With this prediction of the standard are outside of this specification of invalidity and old age pensions for workers of the mines, or to support activities in mining areas and miners or attachments in the works and buildings related to the exploration, a worker who has ceased to labor in the company, regardless of how many years you have worked there, or when stopped there.

The performance of labour functions referred to above constituted conditions of painfulness, and are carried out in a very unhealthy environment above the average of other professions, being at the time in Portugal one of the most harmful work areas, and greater professional wear.

Any changes to the assignment is made conscious of invalidity and old age pensions of workers of the national Uranium Company, S.A., is always a negligible change in the universe of Social security pensions, then that is not called into question the way of ensuring their financing, which is a feature that should always be weighted properly when you change these rules.

In view of the foregoing, and pursuant to the constitutional rules, the CDS-PP presents the following draft law: article 1 the present law amends article 2 of Decree-Law No. 28/2005 of 10 February, which regulates the application of the legal regime established by Decree-Law No. 195/95, of 28 July, the workers of the national Uranium Company S.A. , which is replaced by the following: article 2 (...)

Are covered by this law the workers who assemble, cumulatively, the following conditions: a) Office or support activities of mining areas and miners or attachments in the works and buildings related to the exploitation of national uranium company, s.a., on the date of your dissolution or, in the case of termination of contract before the dissolution that have worked there for at least 4 years. b) (…)

Article 2 this Regulation shall enter into force with the State budget for the year 2010 Lisbon, São Bento Palace, 27 November 2009.

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