Exceptional Integration Of Teachers Recommended Contractors With More Than 10 Years Of Service

Original Language Title: Recomenda a integração excepcional dos docentes contratados com mais de 10 anos de serviço

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c31684a4c33526c6548527663793977616e49784d44517457456b755a47396a&fich=pjr104-XI.doc&Inline=false

Parliamentary Group 1 Group DRAFT resolution nº 104/XI RECOMMENDS the EXCEPTIONAL INTEGRATION of TEACHERS HIRED with MORE THAN 10 YEARS of SERVICE the explanatory memorandum to The educators and teachers hired in the Portuguese educational system have increased from year to year. It's clear the precariousness of thousands of education professionals, which every day perform their functions in a situation identical to those of the professionals. The opening of multiannual contests was justified with the need to establish a sense of continuity and stability in our schools and educational practices. The CDS-PP agrees in part this need, nevertheless allows that increasingly there are educators and teachers who have an unstable bond and that year after year, are in need of relocation to another school and away from their families. This is the reason for the instability of the teaching staff. 2 while the expected decrease of the population of school age go to decrease in the near future, on the other hand the extension of compulsory education to 18 years of age will increase the needs of education professionals including teachers. Furthermore, every year thousands of educators and teachers ask for various reasons the retirement, and the competitions only open a few hundred seats. This practice has been cyclical in recent contests, however deteriorated in recent years in which there is an increase of contractors to perform functions that aim to fill permanent needs. According to the data provided by the Ministry of education came out of the system by various reasons about of 5000 educators and teachers just in 2009 to join the frames for general national competition only 396 in new places. That there are currently about 15000 teachers hired, which shows that this is a financial option that the Finance Ministry will certainly require the Ministry of education. However data from the Ministry of education show that the number of contractors in total, namely permanent and transitory needs rise about 23000 educators and teachers. The Government has been giving teachers hired only are teaching work to bridge transitional needs such as medical or low birth licenses, however the numbers contradict this message of the present Government. There are about 8000 those for more than 10 years with work contracts, that every year is renewed in your vast majority of cases in schools of the same group of schools. The stability in employment and career is an essential element for a class motivated and a professional fitter to the desirable success of your students. The fact of having a different remuneration level of your colleagues with the same length of service is something that discourages even more the your performance and creates discrimination that makes the school environment and distorted work. 3 the Decree No. 6365/2005 (2nd series), allowed the access to professional training to teachers who did not belong to the frames and with over 6 years of service. This legislative act of the Government came as well to reaffirm the necessity of these teachers in the educational system and your professional experience as an asset to our teaching. This order led to the lull of expectations to all teachers who have been able to get professional training and have the conditions to be integrated in the frames of the Ministry of education. The professionalization and qualification that these teachers held show the commitment that dedicated to the educational system, looking to improve your training and giving answer to new system requirements. Because the Government has to give a reply to these teachers with more than 10 years of service may come in the frames of the Ministry of education, since your need is more than evidenced by the knowledge that today we have the reality of schools, as well as to create conditions for all teachers that, with the same length of service , have not had access to professional training, can do. The quality of public school that we all cannot be achieved with the instability and insecurity at work, nor with the precariousness of employment of teachers.

Therefore, the Assembly of the Republic, in accordance with point (b)) of article 156 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, decides to recommend to the Government: 1. exceptional Integration in the structure of the educational career of the educators and teachers professionalized teaching functions hired more than ten academic years, with a minimum duration of 6 months per academic year, for the purposes of integration and progression in the same by ensuring that this integration happens on deadline to establish trade union organizations of teachers and at most extraordinary Pageant to be held in January 2011; 4 2. Create the conditions so that within five years the educators and teachers in teaching functions to more than ten academic years, with a minimum duration of 6 months per academic year, with qualification and not professionalized, connecting to professionalization in order to be able to take advantage of the 1 point of this stipulated in the draft resolution;

Palácio de s. Bento, 7 April 2010. Members,