On The Problems Of Women Migrant

Original Language Title: Sobre a problemática da mulher emigrante

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c31684a4c33526c6548527663793977616e49794d5331595353356b62324d3d&fich=pjr21-XI.doc&Inline=false

DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 21/XI ABOUT the PROBLEMATIC  and Group PRACTICE DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 21/XI ABOUT the PROBLEMATIC of migrant WOMAN  problematic practice of equality of gender has a news indesmentÃ, being permanent target of µ s concern of the Social Democratic Party.

Μ s situation of discrimination and sexual violence are inadmissà available today and must be combated by all means, not being able to power Poland tico divorce of follow-up of this problematic.

Meets so develop policies that promote equality politically effective between men and women, without forgetting the issues µ s of professional insertion.

In this à ¢ scope, it is essential to consider the situation of migrant women is especÃ, uploaded as a rule in strangers, often fragile and seriously exposed to the most varied type of discrimination µ s.

Is ‰ so if recommends the creation of a program directed specifically at women migrants, through which it intends to take responsibility over the State to increase its collaboration with the most varied kind of entities linked to our communities, particularly the associative movement, for an action more effective and productive in defense of women's rights.

In this respect, the Assembly of the Republic decides to recommend to the Government the adopting of the following measures: 2 2 1. Should be created a program with the aim of defining a set of measures for the development of women's Portuguese citizenship living abroad.

2. Through this Program will be developed and support measures designed to: promote the effective equality) between men and women in the world of Portuguese communities in the world; b) Combat µ s situation of violence of gender; c) Develop procedures for the professional insertion of Portuguese women abroad.

3. Must be supported the following initiatives: a) seminars and µ s action of training designed to promote equality of opportunity between men and women; b) µ s action of labour practice carried out in enterprises involving females; c) studies and research µ; d) informational Initiatives Portuguese communities abroad and migrant candidates; e) sensibilizaà campaigns of the lias and young Portuguese family abroad; f) action informational and training in µ s à ¢ à ³ within the bodies of social communication.

4. The aid referred to in the previous point will have to address as a matter of priority to: the Federation of µ s), µ s associations and clubs of the Portuguese communities abroad; b) Community Schools and entities is professional training of Portuguese workers;

3 3 c) Unions and associations µ s professionals.

5. In the analysis of the submitted projects initiatives provided for in point 3, will have taken into account the following criteria of the priority weighting,: a) the incidence of action on prevention of µ s situation of violence of gender and discrimination; b) impact of the action on their labour market; c) number of women involved; d) the experience and ability of lifetime achievement by part of the applicant.

6. In the scope of each project can be supported the following action: the µ) Engage of lecturers, teachers and trainers; b) rental of spaces for the conducting of action µ; c) disclosure of the activities on social communication; d) Acquisition and preparation of didactic material is material, books and publication µ; e) overheads.

7. The development of this programme is the responsibility of the competent government monitoring of paw Poland tica on the Portuguese Communities.

Potala are Bento, 2 November 2009 Members