Audits About The Interruptions In Power Supply Resulting From The Storm Occurred In The Western Region On Day 23 Of December 2009 And Compensation Of Damage Verified

Original Language Title: Realização de auditorias sobre as interrupções no abastecimento de energia eléctrica decorrentes do temporal ocorrido na Região Oeste no dia 23 de Dezembro de 2009 e ressarcimento dos prejuízos verificados

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PORTUGUESE COMMUNIST PARTY Parliamentary Group draft resolution No. 57/XI/1st audits about the interruptions in power supply resulting from the storm occurred in the Western region on day 23 of December 2009 and Compensation of damage checked 1.No 23rd December 2009 there was a thunderstorm, with heavy rains and winds of great intensity , causing the widespread destruction of various elements of the transmission and distribution of electricity in high and low voltage of electricity in the Western region (municipalities of Torres Vedras, Lourinhã, Cadaval and Alenquer), and the consequent interruption of supply, which remained in some cases to 28 and 29 December. The losses of these prolonged interruptions in power supply to enterprises, in particular in the agricultural sector, and other road users are evaluated in milhões de euros. Losses that add up to the EDP, owner and responsible for the electric power supply, arising from damage to the equipment, costs of intervention operations and replacement of the networks and many other material damage; 2. In view of the serious situation created for citizens, companies and many public services, were issued very different and contradictory opinions, which can synthesize in 4 plans: (i) the State of maintenance of the infrastructure of power supply, referring to insufficient investments in equipment modernization and conservation operations carried out in recent years, that determined the fragility and vulnerability of networks and equipment , "facilitating" the action with which the storm became inactive; (ii) the non-operated by EDP of recommended and necessary prevention measures against the "Orange alert" decreed by the National Civil Protection Authority; (ii) the delay in the response from the company, EDP, the replacement of the operating conditions of the networks, by insufficient mobilization of resources or availability of service and repair capacity in exceptional situations such as checked, leading to excessive extension of supply interruptions, for many hours and days; (iii) responsibility for the compensation of the losses recorded, intrinsically linked to the previous issues, intending to EDP away outright any possibility to take such charges.

3.2 the situation that occured in the West, and their consequences for the supply of electric power, became even more evident, if such was required, the essentiality of this right to the contemporary society. We don't even know we can live without electricity. Take care to ensure that the supply of those goods will be essential in continuity and conditions of assurance and physical and economic access appropriate and universally, is certainly a central task of any State, which implies:-the existence of centres and networks producers permanently trained and sized to a crescendo, consumption-an adequate response capacity to deal with exceptional situations such as ruptures/destruction of infrastructures of production/transport/distribution of electricity, as a result of natural disasters and other, restoring the supply in the "reasonable time". The problems in the West are a good opportunity for the country and Portuguese State assess safety and reliability you are suing the electricity supply in Portugal, with the survey and clearance of the State of the networks, the response readiness of companies and at the same time clarify the civil responsibilities of losses incurred in such circumstances. In view of the above considerations reported, in accordance with point (b)) of article 156 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and b) of paragraph 1 of article 4 of the rules of procedure, the Parliament recommends that the Government, through the ministries and secretariats of State supervision over the problems referred to, namely, the Ministry of economy, innovation and development, the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of Local Administration/Presidency of the Council of Ministers , take the necessary initiatives to carry out an audit on the problems of electricity supply in the West arising from the storm checked on day 23 of December 2009, which should be completed within 90 days from the date of publication of the order and to appoint Commission to that end, it shall take into account the following references : 1. The Committee appointed, in addition to the representatives of the ministries shall count on your composition with representatives from colleges and engineering schools, order of engineers, National Association of technical engineers, Portuguese Association for technical safety and Civil Protection (AsproCivil) National Association of Portuguese municipalities (ANMP), Portuguese Association for consumer protection (DECO), National Civil Protection Authority, national weather service , Instituto de Seguros de Portugal; 2. the Commission shall carry out a wide hearing of entities and institutions, public and private, of the worst-hit areas, in particular, municipalities and Parish Councils, associations, professionals and Union of the companies involved in the distribution and 3 conservation and repair work and energy services regulatory authority (ERSE); 3. the Commission should answer, among others the following issues orders: (i) the State of the networks and other infrastructure of the electric power supply before the climatic accident, the assessment of the quantitative and qualitative level of maintenance and repairs, the teams and the EDP's human and material resources dedicated to these functions, the investments made in the last 5 years with the responsibilities of that "State" in size and severity of the damage that has occurred; shall be assessed in particular:-the capacity of the area of the conservation and repair of damage Distribution of EDP in the provision of essential services 24 hours a day, including pickets, maintenance crews and dispatch of medium and low voltage (now working with 1 round instead of the previously existing 2);
-the framework of hiring contractors, that after the privatization of the company were replacing a process of "outsourcing" services, teams of workers from the EDP itself, in many of those maintenance and repair functions; technical and professional conditions of these companies for the

provision of services contracted by EDP; (ii) the reasons for the non-activation of prevention measures by EDP, if such has been provided for by regulation procedures, compared with the "Orange alert" decreed by the National Civil Protection Authority; (iii) the conditions in which processed the response of EDP on the replacement operation of networks, evaluation of response time and your compliance with current regulatory requirements, means mobilised with the reasonableness or not of these conditions in view of the exceptional situation verified, with the possible indication of recommendations to be taken into account to prevent similar situations; (iv) the problem of civilian responsibilities, if any, on the compensation of losses arising from the public and private accident with the downgrade of the current legal framework, the ability/inability of the current insurance systems, with possible indication of recommendations. In particular must evaluate the current quality of service indicators (regulations of the electricity distribution operators), with the corresponding amendments deemed necessary and the legal framework of existing concessions filed between the municipalities and the EDP for distribution in low; (v) the correlation between the current economic and financial management of EDP and the corresponding strategic options on private enterprise, and its obligations to provide essential public service which is the power supply to the country.

4 4. The report with its findings and recommendations, beyond your use to the convenient purposes, should be submitted to Parliament that will examine the competent parliamentary committees and take the initiatives deemed appropriate.
Assembly of the Republic, January 20 2010 Members, AUGUSTINE LEE; MICHAEL JAMES; BERNARDINO SOARES; JERÓNIMO DE SOUSA;