Recommends To The Government The Creation Support The Mode You First What Works Under The Direct Aid To The Arts Awarded By The Ministry Of Culture

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao governo a criação da modalidade de apoio a ¿primeiras obras¿ no âmbito dos apoios directos às artes atribuídos pelo Ministério da Cultura

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 46/XI/1. ª Group DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 46/XI/1. ª RECOMMENDS to the GOVERNMENT the creation ‡ is ƒ the support MODE € œ OBRASâ € ⠝ 'S FIRST in the ‚ SCOPE of DIRECT AID is € 's ARTS MINISTRY ‰  of The ASSIGN by the RIVER of CULTURE exhibition statement the Ministry of culture , through the General direction of the arts, supports the creation and broadcast pedestrian artery which sticas pursuant to Decree-Law No. 225/2006, no. 13 of November, with changes µ s of Decree-Law No 196/2008 °, of 6 October, and through the process of regulated contests in Portaria. ° 1204-A/2008. Direct support to the arts by the Ministry of culture is an essential investment in culture, which promotes both the creation and access of user pedestrian artery which population µ is art. These supports include the areas of plastic arts characteristics, architecture, design, dance, photography, multimedia, music, theatre and pedestrian artery which crossover segment. The current legislation provides th four modes of support: yearly support biennial support, annual support and timely support. These methods of support respond to various models of organization structures and entities engaged in is creating and pedestrian artery which multicast feature, but exclude any consideration on the need of generational renewal. In fact, the tender procedure ends up, to put the young creators to compete directly with established designers, systematically penalize young creators, since it does not manage to compete in the high score on the currà centuries and proven quality pedestrian artery which feature and capability management. 2 this system has been an impediment to access to financing by young creators , serious problem for which have called the attention of sector professionals and that µ page and concerned the healthy and essential renewal of the pedestrian artery which Portuguese plastic fabric. The importance of support for € œ obrasâ € ⠝ 's first, and the need of your especà is the regulation, is already recognized in the framework of à ¢ à cinematic production, which, pursuant to Decree-Law 227/2006 of 15 November, explicitly enshrines. ‰ is necessary because this recognition should be extended to other areas pedestrian artery which characteristics.

Thus, in accordance with applicable rules and constitutional, the Assembly of the Republic recommends to the Government that: 1) Create the support mode € œ obrasâ € ⠝ 's first, in the framework of the direct aid ¢ the arts provided for in Decree-Law No. 225/2006 Â, November 13 with changes µ s of Decree-Law n° 196/2008. , 6 October; 2) Set the legal framework € obrasâ € â œ first  for the various areas pedestrian artery which characteristics provided for in Decree-Law No. 225/2006 Â, November 13 with changes µ s of Decree-Law No 196/2008 °, of 6 October, after ³ s hearing of the agents in the sector.

Assembly of the Republic, 22 December 2009. The Members and members of left-wing Block