Establishment Of A Committee To Monitor If Any Politician Of The Phenomenon Of Corruption And For The Integrated Analysis Of Solutions With A View To Combating

Original Language Title: Constituição de uma comissão eventual para o acompanhamento político do fenómeno da corrupção e para a análise integrada de soluções com vista ao seu combate

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1 MOTION for a RESOLUTION paragraph 26/XI CONSTITUTION of an EVENTUAL COMMISSION for monitoring the PHENOMENON of CORRUPTION and for the INTEGRATED ANALYSIS of SOLUTIONS with a VIEW to COMBATING the explanatory memorandum to the Portuguese want to live in democracy. But often are dissatisfied with the quality of our democracy.

We must, therefore, while holders of sovereignty Parliament the responsibility to understand the signals that come from society and everything we do to tackle and overcome.

It is in this framework that the challenge of fighting corruption. A civic and citizenship combat. A battle that must be fought on behalf of the ethical dimension of democratic culture in favor of the moralization of public life and in defense of the institutions of our democratic State.

Corruption undermines and erodes democracy, and even one of the scourges that more puts people off of the democratic ideal and a sound and responsible policy.

Must therefore pay particular attention to the concerns of society and be firm in carrying out a policy that contributes to the annulment of this phenomenon.

2 the Social Democratic Party believes that the Parliament must take a consistent intervention in this matter. We cannot allow the Assembly's only stage individual interventions without consequences and that, unfortunately, in many cases are simply demagogic.

We must, therefore, the Constitution of a Commission possible exclusively intended for collection of contributions, the political analysis of the events and presentation solutions for the fight against corruption.

It is not, of course, interfere or press lawsuits in course, neither will have the mission to replace the recently created Council of the prevention of corruption.

It is a question of empowering the Assembly of the Republic for monitoring the phenomenon of corruption with the aim of creating, harmonize and strengthen the measures aimed at combating.

The Assembly of the Republic cannot ignore what is going on at present in our country in this respect and even has a duty to help build a society where corruption is harder and relentlessly fought so that there is no room for feelings of impunity.

In these terms, and following the announced on November 24, the Parliamentary Days held in Espinho, the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democratic Party has, pursuant to articles 166, paragraph 5, and 178, paragraph 1, of the Portuguese Constitution and article 37 of the rules of procedure of the Assembly of the Republic, the following draft resolution: 3 1-a possible Commission for monitoring the phenomenon of corruption and for the integrated analysis of solutions with a view to combat. 2-the Commission refers to the collection of contributions and the analysis of measures to combat corruption, in particular, among other legal instruments, in the context of the Penal Code and of the responsibility of holders of political office. 3-the Commission's jurisdiction over legislative initiatives relating to the matters that are the subject of its activity. 4-the Commission should conduct hearings of entities linked to the judicial sector as well as civil society, in particular personalities of the academic world, with recognized competence in the analysis of the subject of corruption. 5-the Commission will work for a period of 180 days. 6-at the end of its mandate, the Commission shall submit a report of its activities, which shall contain the conclusions of their work.

São Bento Palace, 3 December 2009 The members of GP/PSD,