Amendment Of The System Of Foster Care Support

Original Language Title: Alteração do regime de apoio ao acolhimento familiar

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Draft law no 640/X/° 4 ' th change of the regime in support of ac 1 Bill n. º 640/X/4 ' th change of the system of foster care support display of Reasons the Decree-Law No. 190/192., September 3, the foster care, then the designed as a response to the social action promoted directly by µ s institution of social security in order to ensure that the child or young person a half are familiar “ ³ € â cio suited to your personality development in replacement of the family read natural. In the absence of a especà engine stand support for families of children and young people with they resided under your guard, this scheme provided further that these families could be considered family lia. For the same reason made extension also to relatives in 1. ° degree of the straight line and or 2. ° degree of the collateral line, the support was granted for the maintenance of the child or the young person in the framework of the ¢ foster care. In article 14. º, 2 point, neas b), c) and (d)) of Decree-Law No. 190/92., 3 September, was established the right of the family to receive the host lias institution µ s framework, the financial amounts of the retribuià for services rendered, the values of the subsà dios for the maintenance of children and young people as well as the amounts required is extraordinary expenses coverage on is health and education of welcomed. To meet the goal of reducing the number of children placed in institutions µ, the current Government approved the Decree â € “ ° 11 law/January 17, 2008, which establishes the regime for executing the foster care and the Decree-Law n.° 12/2008 Â, 17 January, which establishes the regime for executing the measures for the promotion and protection of children and young people in distress in the wild of life. With the Decree â € “ ° 11 law/January 17, 2008, the foster care is professional and, unlike what happened in Decree-Law No. 190/92 ', of 3 September, the read host family cannot have any relation of kinship with the child and the young in danger.
2 mirrored Government's attitude in these diplomas is entirely out of the existing reality, ignoring the features as well as the real needs felt by the family read providing a host service to children and youth at risk. This is because, first of all, the number of family read existing host by the end of 2006 more than half had ties of kinship with children received. These family lias are covered by measures of protection in the wild of life-Decreto-Lei n. º 12/2008 Â-losing the right to subsà dio that previously received automatically and having to apply for an eventual economic support ³.
-On the other hand, you might want to point out that the vast majority of children and young people at risk remains with the family read by a host perà odo exceeding two years, with strong emotional ties. To legislate in favour of the profissionalizaà of the family read the Government host, once again, acts in a way to float and disregarding the reality.
-Lastly, it should be noted that when removing that support being assign the most family lias, to bureaucratise the procedures for obtaining economic support ³, the white balance budget amental panache of the read family is affected, and the main affected are children and young people, not only in the economic plan ³ ³ mico but also the affective plan. There is still, through recent data, the child poverty rate has grown in most paà ses rich. Portugal is not other and children live with a risk of poverty higher than the rest of the population. ‰, without doubt, a Government's responsibility to protect children from poverty more acute during their years of growth and formation. µ Empire and, therefore, in tribute to the most basic criteria of Justice relating , a review of the system of rights of family childcare provided for in lias Decree-Law nº 11/2008 and the economic support scheme ³ mico laid down in Decree-Law nº 12/2008 in order to keep the support needed is action of who receives a child or a young person at risk.
In these terms, 3 The undersigned Deputies, under the wrapping µ s constitutional and procedural in force, present the following draft law: Article 1 (change to the Decree-Law Nr n° 11/2008 ', from January 17) article 20. º of the Decree-Law n.° 11/2008 Â, January 17, redacà the following of the : â € œ Article 20 (â € ¦) 1-â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € .....
2-â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € .....
3 â ” € The read host family have the right to receive the institution µ s framing: (â € ¦) (g)) the amounts needed is extraordinary expenses coverage on is health and education of welcomed. 4-â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € â €  ¦ Article 2nd (µ s changes to the Decree-Law Nr n º 12/2008 ', from January 17) article 13. º of the Decree-Law n.° 12/2008 Â, January 17, redacà the following: â € œ ° 13 Article 4 (â € ¦) 1 € ” households that receive children and young people at risk have m entitled to receive from the institution of a framework: a) Support and technical training contains naked;
(b)) the amounts corresponding à retribuià of the host service provided;
(c)) the values of the subsà dios for maintenance of hosted;
(d)) the amounts needed is extraordinary expenses coverage on is health and education of welcomed.
2 â € “ The figures is the monthly retribuià and subsà dio for the maintenance, in addition to neas b) and (c)) of the previous number is fixed by order of the Member of Government responsible for the area of labour and Social solidarity and are subject to annual update.
3 â â “ € € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € â € â € ¦ ¦ ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â ...
4 â â € “ € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € ¦ € ¦ € ¦ â â â € â € ¦ ¦ ... â €  3rd Article (entry into force) the present law shall enter into force on the day following is your publication the Potala are Benedict, January 15 2009.