Recommends To The Government The Implementation Of Measures To Encourage The Use Of Rail Transport In The Minho, In Particular In Barcelos At The Port And The Northern Line, As Well As The Extension Of The Intercity Train To Braga, Famalicão And Barcelo

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo a aplicação de medidas de incentivo à utilização do transporte ferroviário na linha do Minho, nomeadamente na ligação de Barcelos ao Porto e à linha do Norte, bem como o alargamento do comboio intercidades a Braga, Famalicão e Barcelo

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Draft resolution No. 533/X/4th Recommends to the Government the implementation of measures to encourage the use of rail transport in the Minho, in particular in Barcelos at the port and the Northern line; Also recommends the extension of the Intercity train to Braga, Famalicão and Barcelos.

The promotion of the use of rail transport is part, increasingly, proper mobility policy you want for our country. Unfortunately little has been done to achieve this objective, in particular where the railway infrastructure already exists and therefore well justified a more careful attention of decision makers at the level of transport policy. The line of Minho is a paradigmatic case of that neglect public, perpetrated by an inadequacy of timetables, which gradually gone by crystallizing, and for illegal pricing practices deceptively. As regards the Line of Minho the city of Barcelos is maximum exponent of abandonment on the part of the Central Administration. In fact the County and the city are served by the railway but the use of trains for the barcelenses is a bondage and not an option. Being a municipality with more than 124,000 inhabitants (the fourth most populous North of the Douro) does not have an adequate rail link to the city of Porto and Northern line. On average, Barcelos is served by fourteen trains on your connection to the port and, consequently, to the Northern line. Are eight regional trains (with change in Nine), five regional and one interregional straight to the port. The ticket price is located in 3.20 € (regional), € 3.50 (regional) and 3.75 € (direct inter-regional).

Naturally, the situation leads us to compare the city of Braga. Is served daily by trains to 25 accruing the four Alfas. The cost of the trip, with better quality of rolling stock, without the need to change trains and superior distance in 6 km from Barcelos-Port is 2,15€. Is this evidence that the tariff amendment approved by CP not corrected the injustices practiced on the link leading to the Port Barcelos-freak of trip cost 1,20€ Barcelos-Cambeses, cost now 2,30€. The cost is worsened in almost 100%. Of course, the solution to this situation going on for what, since the beginning of the withdrawal of the illegal tariff, the Social Democratic Party defended: integration in the Urban Service link port Barcelos-port. In addition to the tariff issue, the absolute disarticulation between the trains linking the city of Braga to Lisbon (Alpha-commuting) and the Minho. It is imperative that such trains do stop at Nine allowing adjustment of time (after Minho Line, that the Council be served by connections to Lisbon, taking the barcelenses this transportation from your city and not having to travel to Braga, Famalicão or the port. Of the above becomes clear the need to provide the population of Barcelos a suitable rail service to topicality in terms of mobility, in environmental terms and in economic terms. Becomes also necessary to serve the city of Barcelos, as happened in the early 90, with success, with the Intercity trains. Being a convoy targeted at young people and students, can't understand why Barcelos, Famalicão and even Barnes, not have Intercity links. As stated the "train" should be an option and not an entry for those who do not have alternative transport itself to the city of Porto or has, for example, to use buses that take about 2 hours of long journeys with stops in Póvoa do Varzim or Famalicão.

Is this unfortunate situation the city of Barcelos and Braga district, with regard to rail transport, for which in accordance with the rules and applicable central, the Parliament, meeting in Plenary, recommends to the Government the following: 1-to route integration Barcelos-Trains us Port of Porto, thus providing a tariff parity with the other three major towns in the district; 2-to Minho line connection in Nine trains that stop a Alpha station and articulating the secondary train schedules; 3-That the creation of the Intercity train to Braga, Barcelos and Famalicão.

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