Institutional And Legal Solutions Appropriate To The Full Exercise Of Voting Rights

Original Language Title: Soluções institucionais e legais adequadas ao exercício pleno do direito de voto

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DRAFT resolution No. 515/X institutional and legal Solutions appropriate to the full exercise of voting rights (I)-explanatory memorandum participation rights and suffrage enshrined in articles come from 48 and 49 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. In order to implement the principles and rights laid down in articles 48 and 49 of the Constitution, have passed legislation regulating elections to the organs of sovereignty, autonomous regional power and local authorities, of the European Parliament, as well as national and local referendums. The constitutional principles determine who are entitled to vote all citizens over the age of 18 years, except where provided for in the General Law on disabilities. With the essential characteristic of the right of suffrage, the personhood of the vote, is to emphasize that the right to vote is not transferable and guaranteed not to representation or proxy, and should work immediately from the expression of will of the voter, without intervention of any manifestation of will. This constitutional principle has not, however, the best match practice in the case of people with illness or disability due to lack of access to some of the appropriate conditions for this purpose. In fact, many are citizens with illnesses and disabilities that are limited in the exercise of this fundamental right that is the right to suffrage with autonomy and secrecy, including the blind, the visually impaired, people with Parkinson's disease, with dwarfism and Gigantism. Another dimension of this difficulty is the resulting also from the inaccessibility of some people with illness or disabilities to information disseminated during the election campaign, including the blind, visually impaired and deaf, hinders the formation of an informed opinion. Matter, therefore, know the universe of people affected by disease or limiting the election shortcomings and the best solutions, for the formation of the will and enlightened of the Act, in addition to the reply today adopted the appeal to vote accompanied as legally provided for in legal order solution of Portugal for some citizens with reduced capacity. II – thus, the Parliament decides, in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph (b)) of article 156 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, recommend to the Government that promotes: a) the identification of diseases and deficiencies that cause particular difficulties in the access to practice voting. (b)) the best institutional solutions and appropriate legal guarantee the full exercise of voting rights, with autonomy and secrecy of citizens with reduced capacity. São Bento Palace, 24 June 2009 (s) member (s)