Elevation Of The Town Of Glasgow, In The Municipality Of Vila Real, Vila Real District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Lordelo, no município de Vila Real, distrito de Vila Real, à categoria de vila

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Draft law  º 706/X/4.  ª 1 GROUP Bill n.  º 706/X/4.  ª Elevation of Lordelo in the municipality of Vila Real, Vila category display of motifs I â € “ Brief Optical characterization of 1. Framing Rico ³ ³ the story story of Lordelo is lost in time. Lordelo already was the county seat, and there are some documents likely him. Has already been Village but, at the time of its integration in the municipality of Vila Real, became another one of its many villages. Had jail and Court Chamber, apart from pelourinho, which is today classified as a national monument. D. Manuel I gave it foral to 12 November 1519, at the inquirià of µ s Manueline.
On this date there were twenty-four couples and four means couples who paid various rights in money. But already in the time of d. Dinis, by inquirià of µ s for he arranged, if indicated the existence of Lordelo. According to the written Loyal pine, Lordelo is a â € œ town centre is very ancient, as it already was the € œ Lordellosâ €  â in time of King Dinisâ €  (King of 1279 to 1325). From one point and in the course of time, it was a fief of the Glasgow HAVE vora, where will took refuge in time of Marquà of Pombal. Was Crown property, improvement of the monastery of Jerà ³ anonymous, was still belong to the Abbey of Vila Marim, later standalone ³ noma Vestry and Parish Council. With the reorganizaà of the territory by administrative ³ River of 1835, which established the districts, the District of Vila Real has become the constituà for 30 counties, between the wanted to include the municipality of Lordelo. In 1836, by Decree of 6 November, were extinct 18 of these municipalities. Among the extinct was Lordelo. Long is the story ³ ria de Lordelo. Podà amos mention their live experience through the centuries, its origin, the µ s transformation by now, their donatÃ, their illustrious figures, their weapons and µ brasà es, etc. Can amos say that, and more, are today only ³ matter GROUP 2 portray realistically and with truth, which is thriving, of Glasgow life and pride of their children.
2. Situation and structural geogrà General Lordelo is one of the 30 civil parishes of Vila Real, lies on the southern slope of the AlvÃ, about 550 meters above sea level and its relatively small area, 5.16 km2.
‰ is bordered by the parishes of Borbela, our Lady of the Conception, Dinis and Vila Marim.
‰ is a parish with features only in the municipality of Vila Real, because it is a rural, suburban and urban simultaneously. In the parish which lies on the southern slope of the AlvÃ, the forest and the land of pastorà CLA and in his lusty veiga are land agrà glues based on very productive soils and abundant water. Lordelo is crossed by several rivers and streams, the most important of these, the ribeira da la Mason who maintains an extensive network of under irrigated cultivation. ‰ is served by a network viable, reasonable and adjusted to current needs of the parish. The entire parish is well served by water, basic sanitation, electricity, telephone network ³ nica and, in some areas, natural gas and cable tv.
3. the Structural demographic is the population of Glasgow has grown continuously and is today estimated at around 6000 inhabitants. In 1997 the number of registered voters was 1,987, and in December 31, 2008 according to the map with the number of registered players in the electoral census published in the diary of the Republic, II series, n° 43 of 3. March 2009, this number amounted to 2,418 voters recorded in this parish. With a population density in 1991 of 399/Km2., in 2001 this figure was already the 559/Km2. and currently around/Km2.. 1,163 the number of existing fires is about 2800, with trend to increase in the next few years ³.
II â € “ Optical characterization of ³ mica, social economic, cultural and PARLIAMENTARY GROUP 3 4 population. ³ mica economic activity, all sectors of activity are represented in the parish, with predomà domain for the secondary sectors and terciÃ. Lordelo is land of dynamic people, active and enterprising. In general the lordelenses seek constant evolution are ³ cio-professional and many are those who became an entrepreneur are enablers of wealth and jobs. By tradition it is also land of students which is by saying that it is the land of people of culture. For doors with Vila Real there is their main source of work, but the next ³ pria parish is the seat of many services and some industrial and commercial activity, apart from some subsistà agriculture.
5. Fairs and markets Important for the local economy is, without doubt, the cattle fair, fortnightly, on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, where trades livestock, garment, utensà lios agrà adhesives, furniture, plants, seeds, etc. Lately, in installation µ s well outlined and built from root to the effect, the Tuesday and Friday, the so-called Fair of Levante, à ¢ scope sub, which brought great dynamism is local life.
6. Museums, libraries and monuments in the parish church there is a Museum of religious art and the Lordelense Cultural Center there is a small library. As for monuments, is to highlight the Pelourinho, a national monument and a real ex-lilibris in the parish. Is ‰ still point out the Lord's Cruise of the afflicted, located in the chapel of our Lord of the afflicted, dating from the 18TH century, and the cruise of the independence, built in 1940.
7. religious Equipment there is only one church, the Chiesa Madre (mother church), completed in 1669 and several chapels: Chapel of San Roque, dating from the 17TH century (1602); Chapel of Santa Ana; Chapel of our Lady of SÂ Â ª free, GROUP 4 in the Laundry; Chapel of Senhor dos Aflitos; The chapel of the Lord of the Forsaken and the chapel of Â. Â ª of Conception in Cales. There are several shrines scattered over several locations of the parish.
8. Gastronomy, festivals and fairs Usually say in Lordelo all women cook well, making authentic identical miracles of cooking. Is ‰ traditional oven rice dish, enriched with roasted potatoes, accompanied with a tasty goat or lamb. The vast traditional two aria sweetness sweets are famous-toast cream and the sarrabulho. Santa Maria Madalena is the patron saint of Glasgow, although the most important festivities are in honor of our Lord of the afflicted, famous pilgrimage and very busy.
9. Villages the parish of Lordelo encompasses the following clusters: ï ‚ § Cales;
ï ‚ § Stump off;
ï ‚ § low Stump;
ï € ‚ Neighborhood of Cal;
ï € ‚ Ribada district;
ï ‚ § Conho district;
ï ‚ § Bacelar district;
ï € ‚ Neighborhood of the field;
ï ‚ § the Roof;
ï € ‚ Neighborhood of Barra;
ï ‚ § Neighborhood da Coutada;
ï ‚ § Place do Tojal;
ï € ‚ are the Lourenço;
ï ‚ § Petisqueira;
ï ‚ § Place the valleys;
ï ‚ § Urbanizaà § à £ o in u;
ï € ‚ Laverqueira district;
ï ‚ § Quinta da Veiga;
ï € ‚ Neighborhood of Watered: GROUP 5 ï € ‚ Lord of the Afflicted;
ï ‚ § Place the grass;
ï € ‚ Place Willow;
ï € ‚ Place in the Valley of the Lot;
ï € ‚ Neighborhood of the people;
ï ‚ § Place the Souto;
ï ‚ ï ‚ tread Place § § Place the Parker;

10. collective Equipment Lordelo µ and has following equipment: ï ‚ § Parish Council headquarters;
ï ‚ § Centro Hospitalar de back-os-Montes e Alto Douro, EPE;
ï ‚ § Oncolà ³ Center of back-os-Montes e Alto Douro;
ï ‚ § pharmacy;
ï ‚ § School of Nursing of Vila Real (UTAD);
ï ‚ § heat Building fair park Lordelo (cattle);
ï € ‚ Hemodià Analysis Center;
ï ‚ § Hospital veterinarian;
ï ‚ § Levante trade fair;
ï € ‚ trade fair of cattle;
ï ‚ § leisure park with Picnic Area;
ï ‚ § the Laverqueira tennis courts;
ï ‚ § MultiSport Souto;
ï € ‚ sports complex of crosses;
ï ‚ § Cemetary of Lordelo;
ï ‚ § School EB1 of Lordelo;
ï ‚ § childhood garden of Lordelo;
ï ‚ § cio's building of the Lordelense Cultural Centre;
ï ‚ § station of treatment of waters and resà duos;
ï € ‚ nursing home of Petisqueira;
ï ‚ § 100 of Day;
ï ‚ § Post public Internet consultation;
ï € ‚ neighborhood of Social Housing.
Perspective, in the short term, the construction/completion of the following equipment: ï ‚ § integrated school centre with Garden of childhood, 1., 2. º and 3. ° basic education and secondary Education;
ï € ‚ Home for the elderly;
GROUP 6 ï ‚ § Clan only long-term care hospital;
ï ‚ § Health Centre n. º 3 of Vila Real;
ï € ‚ Delegation of health and Laboratory ³ River of public health.

11. µ s Cultural Association, Sports and recreational Lordelo gathers in its territory by ³ River the following associations µ: ï ‚ § Lordelense Cultural Centre;
ï ‚ § Sports Association of Laverqueira;
ï € ‚ singing group in u;
ï ‚ § ADESCO;
ï € ‚ f. c. Lordelo;
ï € ‚ Drum group of Lordelo;
ï € ‚ youth group of Lordelo;
ï € ‚ Committee of the factory of the Church;

ï € ‚ Committee of Glasgow;
ï € ‚ ³ Folclà Rico Ranch of Lordelo;
ï € ‚ Theatre Group of Lordelo.
12. Public transportation Lordelo is served by the public transport network of Corgobus â € “ collective urban transport of Vila Real, with a periodicity of 8:00 pm 20 minutes. It also has a square of cheese with 8 cars will.
13. Trade, services and industry number of units by type of equipment: the Dwelling tourism ‚ € â € “ 1;
ï € â € “ Restaurants ‚ 6;
ï ‚ § cafes and snack bars â € “ 16;
ï € â € “ Bakeries ‚ 6 (4 with manufacture own ³ prio);
ï ‚ § Butcher and Deli â € “ 1;
ï ‚ § Minimarkets and grocery € 6 “ â;
ï ‚ § trade of gas â € “ 4;
GROUP 7 ï ‚ § Companies of civil construction € “ â 11;
ï ‚ § Companies of machines of earthwork â € “ 2;
ï € ‚ â € “ projects offices 1;
ï € ‚ Hotel/Accommodation â € “ 1;
ï ‚ § Jet engines supply station furniture € 1 “ â;
ï ‚ § repair workshops of ³ € “ auto mobile â 10;
ï ‚ § locksmith workshops and alumà domains € 2 “ â;
ï ‚ § carpentry and woodworking workshops â € “ 2;
ï ‚ § plant nurseries and gardening â € “ 1;
ï € ‚ µ s Hall of hairdressing and aesthetics â € “ 4;
ï € ‚ â € “ accounting offices 1;

14. Banking Network Although not possessing agency banking, Lordelo µ s has three automatic Boxes ATM policies.

III € “ µ s Completion â the elevation is a village of Lordelo in the municipality and district of Vila Real, apart from responding to the legitimate aspirations of the legà population, is based on important reason ³ µ s historical nature rich, social, cultural and economic ³ mica that were summarily described in the exhibition grounds. Thus, in accordance with constitutional and applicable regulations and in accordance with the provisions of law No. 11/no. 82 Â, of June 2, the undersigned Members of the PSD parliamentary group present the following Bill: single Article the town centre of Glasgow, in the municipality of Vila Real, is elevated village.

Members Ricardo Martins Rosà is  rules

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